Freedom From Clothes Party

Monday (20th March) was an experience of a lifetime. We were invited to a great party for holi. My husband told me in advance that it would be a nude party. But he did not have an idea what it would be like. We flew down to Delhi the day before just to attend the party. The host was a rich man but not very well known. I only once attended such a party in Calcutta, which ended in an orgy. But that was at the end, more or less result of drunkenness. It was not a very enjoyable one for me because I don’t enjoy open multiple sex. I was a little apprehensive of this nude party and was not sure what to expect. Understanding my uneasiness, my husband called up the host on Sunday to find out more. The hostess talked to me on phone and assured me that everything would be in good taste. She asked us to come over half an hour earlier so that I could be put to ease. She told me to put on something very casual, as dress was rather unimportant!
Next morning, the host’s car picked us up and we were there nearly forty-five minutes early. Both host and the hostess greeted us with open arms, in a literal sense of the term. The host, a tall handsome bald man in his mid-fifties, hugged me really tight and kissed my cheeks, forehead, ears and finally my lips, lightly of course. I instantly liked the man.
The lady was almost the same age as her husband and very graceful. She was very tall, about 5’10’’, fairly trim and had beautiful straight knee-length salt and pepper hair. She was wearing just a colourful very short kurta (just covering her hips), which fitted a little tightly and her legs were bare. The curves of her breasts and hips showed so prominently that I felt she had no undergarments inside.

She was so sexy and the dress made her so provocative that I was scared that my husband may have such an erection that his shorts would not hold! She very lightly pecked my cheeks and then hugged my husband. She directly kissed my husband’s lips and it was longish. I realised that my hubby had a real good time and his erection did show a bit (or, was it my imagination?). The lady took me inside and the men were left in the drawing room.
She took me to a large room, which looked like a gym-cum-dressing room. It had a few fitness equipment, an elaborately equipped dressing table, a couple of wardrobes, a massage table, a few cushioned chairs, a huge bathtub and a few large mirrors, strategically placed, so that one can see full images from anywhere.
Her name was Rukmini and she asked me to call her Ruku. She said all the servants were sent on leave and every thing was self-service for that day. She said, to start with, I should undress and remain in the nude for some time, so that I get used to nudity. While telling me this, she took off her dress and I was right, she had nothing inside. She was even more beautiful in nude. She had a lovely skin, very long limbs, and not a trace of any excess fat. Her breasts were in very good shape, 34B, I guess. Her belly and the belly button were some thing to look at. Her pubic hair had turned partly grey and was thick but well trimmed. It was in the form of a perfect triangle, which was only possible by expert shaving. Her entire body was silky smooth.
Though I am at home with nudity, I was hesitating a little to undress in presence of this unknown woman. She came forward and said that nudity is enjoyable and she will make me feel that. She pulled out my tee shirt from the jeans and pulled it over my shoulders. She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled it down to my feet. As I stepped out of the jeans, she did not wait at all to unhook my bra and pull down my panties. In a moment, I was standing stark naked in front of this stranger.
She tied my shoulder length hair in a clip to make a pony tail and tied her very long hair into a bun. She took care to fold my clothes and neatly placed them on a hanger in one of the wardrobes. As she was keeping my clothes with her back (no longer covered by her knee-length hair) turned towards me, I noticed that back side was wonderfully shaped and she had a nice oval shaped black mole on her right buttock, close to the parting line. As such her buttocks were very inviting and the mole on her fair skin made it sexier. I was tempted to kiss her on the mole but resisted myself.
She said, “You will now feel comfortable and appreciate freedom from clothes. Let’s get ourselves some drinks.”
She took me out through a rear door, which opened into a lawn. It was a beautiful, well-manicured lawn with flowerbeds. At one end there was a small pool. The water level was low, about chest deep. Ruku said this would be used today for bathing. We went to a well laid bar and helped ourselves with beer. We went back to the room and settled down.
Ruku was watching my body for some time. She came close to me and made me stand up and placed her hands on my breasts and then moved on to the belly and thighs. She turned me round and moved her hands over my back and my buttocks. She knelt down in front of me and watched my pubic area from close proximity. She also ran her fingers through my pubic hair.
She then commented, “You have a nice body, but could do well by getting rid of a few more inches from your waist line.”
I watched her waistline and realised that despite being 10 years older she had a thinner waistline than I did.
She sipped her Beer and said, “ For many years now, I go to nude resorts whenever I am abroad. I wanted to practice naturalism in India within a close group and that’s why I arrange for such parties. I try to get most liberal minded people and I have succeeded to some extent. Only thing is, as we are not used to nudity people become interested in sex. Particularly men, get easily very charged up and there erection show. Ladies don’t have such problem, but they also feel like having sex. More over, alcohol is unavoidable (no body would otherwise turn up) and that adds fuel to the fire. Since people are all basically gentle types the party never goes wild. This is far from what true naturalism is, but this is what we can have. The benefit is that the people remain without clothes for long hours and gets some taste of naturalism. I am sure you will enjoy my party.”
She took another long sip and said, “I believe that one should keep the body in such a good shape that it becomes a matter of pride in a nude party. Not only that, if a woman has to enjoy sex it is important to attract men to her and that needs a beautiful body. I have the privilege of having enjoyed sex with many men both in India and abroad. I am sure you also have such experience. You will agree that mainly physical beauty of the body attracts a man. I enjoy sex and I know I can continue to enjoy as long as I am in good shape. I have had a close look at your body and I suggest that in addition to playing golf you do a little work out and lose a few inches in your tummy so that your figure takes a prominent hour glass shape. Your breasts are in good shape, your limbs are fat free, thighs are slightly large but that gives you a more feminine look. My thighs are a little athletic, but I prefer your type. Men prefer that, you know. I will show you a few exercises and I strongly recommend that you do these every day.”
She showed me three very simple exercises. As she bent down with her legs spread out, I could see from behind a little bit of her inner pussy and that made me very warm.
After she finished she said, “ Another thing. You have nice natural pubic hair, which covers your genital; that’s good for nudism. But I must say your pubic hair is too bushy and needs to be dressed up. You possibly never shave and that’s why your pubic hair does not look rich enough. I, for one, used to shave very regularly since my teens till early thirties. Never bothered at the objection of my husband and, for that matter, of a few other men also. I stopped shaving when I started going to the nude resorts. But regular shaving made my pubic hair very thick and rich. Even after stopping shaving on a regular basis, I observe a ‘clean shaving fortnight’ every three months. During that time, I shave clean very frequently, four or five times over fifteen days. That makes the growth fast and makes the hair rich and strong. As you can see, even at this age my pubic hair is not sparse at all and except for the patches of gray it’s all jet black.”
This was an eye-opener. I took this opportunity to touch her pubic hair closely and I felt that she was right. Her pubic hair was very dense and thick. She now made me lie down on the massage table, folded my legs and spread them apart. She placed me on the table in a manner that she could stand at the lower edge of the table and in between my legs, having full access to my pussy. She took a pair of scissors and trimmed my pubic hair with expert hands. Then she put a little shaving foam and took a barber’s razor and shaved my pussy from the sides.
I had a fear that she would shave me clean but had no chance to protest. I felt a little reassured that she used the scissors very lightly except near the lips (where hair is very long) and the razor was used along the border only. She also took care to shave clean the lowest part below the pussy which extends to the asshole. To get access to my asshole she placed my legs on her shoulders. She made me clean in that area which became smooth to the touch. The whole thing was over within a few minutes and she placed a small mirror between my legs for me to have a view.
As I could see in the mirror, the pussy acquired a well groomed look and looked clean. I stood up and went in front of a long mirror, watched my pussy carefully and felt that this was definitely an improvement. It was now a nicely shaped triangle and trimming did not take away the blackness of the dark pubic patch. The clean shaved part was hidden and could not be seen anyway.
After I approved of her dressing she put me back on the table and gave me a light shave in my armpits, legs, thighs and after turning me round she cleaned up the very thin hair that I have between my waist line and the top of the buttocks. The razor was so sharp that I was all the time scared that there may be nicks or cuts on my skin. But she was really an expert and I felt nothing other than a tingling sensation. Anybody else would have messed it up.
Finally, she applied some cream or moisturizer all over my pussy, along the shaved borders as also all the shaved areas. She virtually covered my entire body with cream. I felt cool and wet and there was no feeling of irritation from shaving. She took a long time to nurse my pussy with cream and in the process, her hands brushed my pussy repeatedly. Ruku appeared to be doing the whole thing in a clinical manner but brushing of the pussy started getting me wet. As such Ruku’s body had warmed me up already. So I could not help getting moist as her hands touched me.
She felt my wetness and commented; “You are a very sensitive person! Aren’t you?”
She stopped at that and made me stand up after briefly wiping the moistness of the pussy lips with a small towel. This was a confirmation to me that last thing she was interested in was sex with women. It was a little disappointment as I now always crave for sex with women and a perfectly shaped woman like Ruku would have been really great.
As it was time for the guests to arrive, Ruku wanted me to get ready. She lent me a kurta very similar to hers, which I slipped on. The kurta was her size and that too tight fitting. So, the length was a little comfortable, at least covering top part of my thighs. But my breasts and hips were virtually bursting out of the soft material. I also realised that the material was very thin. I looked at the mirror and felt that it was worse than being nude. I was thinking of taking it off but then thought that it was better to have some cover when meeting so many strangers. Ruku read my mind and said that I look very sexy in that tight soft dress and that’s the best for meeting people for the first time.
She put on a simple golden chain in her waist, which had a large diamond hanging from it, just above her pussy! She really had the resources and the idea to make her look sexy. I was wondering how did she manage to get the jeweler to adjust the length so fine. She then slipped on a similar dress and opened the bun to let her silky waist long hair loose.
Ruku said our husbands would stand at the entrance of the house to welcome the guests and guide the to the lawn. She and I would stand at the lawn and greet the guests. She would greet each one in her own way and introduce me to them. I should show them to the bar and serve them drinks, if necessary. She put on a pair of designer sunglass and also lent me a pair. She untied the bun and let her hair fall free. We stepped out to the lawn. My husband came to the lawn and gave an amazed look at Ruku. He just rushed to her and gave her a hug and a kiss, which she lovingly reciprocated; he appeared to be quite reluctant to go back to his duty at the entrance.
Now the guests started to come in. They were all in couples and were in different age groups. They all appeared to be from the higher strata of society and very sophisticated. There were eight couples and they all arrived over a span of fifteen – twenty minutes. Ruku kissed each woman lightly on the cheek and gave each man a very tight hug and a passionate kiss on the lips. Most men reciprocated more passionately. Some fondled her breasts; a few squeezed her buttocks and some just wanted to prolong the kiss. One chap did a funny thing. He went behind her lifted her kurta and kissed the mole on her buttock. Seeing him another man repeated this. Ruku appeared to be familiar with most of them sexually and was really enjoying herself.
I was introduced to every guest as a new friend from Calcutta. The women appeared friendly and hugged and kissed me on the cheek. The men did not take much liberty and stopped at kissing me in the lips, mostly lightly. Only one guy (a foreigner) kissed me real hot, fondled my breasts & buttocks and his crotch was pressed on me. He did it decently, so I didn’t mind. As I was guiding the guests to the bar helping them with drinks I was getting to know them. Drinking and chatting went on for some time and I found that most of the people knew each other well.
Groups were all mixed; men and women were huddled together very close. Ruku and her husband Jay were circulating and looking after the guests. My husband was nowhere to be seen. Finally I located him engrossed in chatting with three women, his arms around two of them.
At this stage I heard a clap. It was Ruku drawing every body’s attention.
She addressed the crowd with Jay beside her, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am extremely pleased to welcome you all to this ‘free from clothes’ party on the occasion of Holi. I am sure you will enjoy freedom from clothes more and have little time for Holi. That’s why I have not made much elaborate arrangements for colour, but there is enough available for you. In any case, we must not delay the hour of freedom and it’s high time we get rid of our clothes. As the hosts, Jay and I will take off our clothes first.”
As she said this she took off her kurta and revealed her beautiful bare body. Jay was also prompt in taking off his clothes.
She kissed Jay, fondled his cock, patted his bum and continued, “ I suggest that men show their chivalry by taking the lead in baring their bodies, as the women folk enjoy. The ladies may please help them in keeping the discarded clothes in the clothes racks kept at one side of the pool.”
There was a flurry of activity and the men were naked in a few minutes. So many naked men with their cocks (in all sizes) dangling (or standing?) was an amazing sight. I was dazed watching them. While women were handling the clothes, many of them were hugging, kissing and touching the men in right places.
At this stage Ruku announced, “Ladies, I can see many of you are enjoying the male bodies. But I can tell you, it would be much more enjoyable if you also earn your freedom from clothes. I am sure the men folk would spare the ladies of the task of undressing on their own and help them in taking their clothes off.”
Most women were dressed casually, only a few had sari or salwar kameez. Men were over eager to help and I could see many bare asses, breasts and pussies. I was so absorbed in watching I did not realise that someone was standing right behind me.
It was Jay, who said, “let me have the privilege of baring you beautiful body.”
He took my glass from my hand and kept it on a table. He held my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. He hugged me and held me close on his naked body; my head on his hairy chest. I could feel his strong erect cock on my belly. Holding me in that position he held the bottom of my dress from behind and slowly pulled it up, baring my ass and my back. He moved out a little and pulled out my dress over my head and said, “ now you are having the right freedom.”
He caressed my naked body for some time more. I was in such a dazed condition that I did not respond to his caress, though I was enjoying his affection. After a while I came back to senses and realised that what was happening was real. I kissed Jay on his nipples, and hugged him close moving my hands all over his back and the hips. I detached myself from him and bending down on my knees gave him a short blowjob. His erection showed that he was enjoying. After a while, he said that as a host he has to move around and excused himself.
By that time, the initial euphoria of mass nudity had died down. People were back to drinking and playing a little bit with colour. I decided that I must not miss the opportunity of observing the naked bodies with good attention. It was difficult to do so as people were circulating and changing groups. So, I stationed myself at the bar counter and started serving drinks. This gave me a chance to see everyone closely and have a second round of introduction. I made a mental note of every man and woman’s naked body. Here is a list of guests in the order in which they came to the party. I am putting down their ages and body statistics, as guessed by me:
Shankar( Tamil) – 35, Dark skin, 5’ 6”, stocky, well built, very hairy, very large and thick cock 9inches! Sandra (British) – his wife, 40+, 5’ 6’’, lean body, tight hips, smallish breasts but prominent cylindrical nipples, 34A-26-36. Tanned skin with wrinkles, very prominent tan lines. Pubic hair not shaved normal growth. The man appeared to be a favorite with many women. His cock was seen to be “womanhandled”.
Amar (Punjabi) – 50+, 5’ 8”, bald, very fair & hairy, very fat, short cock (3”) almost hidden below the fat tummy. Rashmi (Punjabi) – his wife, 45, 5’ 2”, very fair & oily skin, sweet plump face, thick & juicy pink lips, large fat tummy, huge hips, large drooping breasts with flat nipples (38D), clean shaved pussy. The couple looked very sophisticated when they came in. But looked rather crude in the state of undress. Amar is the one who kissed Ruku on the bum, followed by Shankar.
Subho (Bengali) – 40+, 6’+, brown skin, athletic build, bright intelligent eyes, silky hair and trimmed beard with streaks of grey. Moderate hair on chest, medium cock (6’’). One of the most attractive among men. Ranjana (Bengali) – his wife, 35/36, 5’ 4”, exquisitely beautiful face, very fair and silky skin, the body had excellent curves, well shaped conical breasts with large juicy nipples, large hips made the waist line look thin, very sexy belly and well shaped thighs. 36B-30-40. A large dark patch of silky pubic hair, looked like a bikini bottom. This couple, to me, was the most attractive of the whole lot. I wished I could have sex with both of them.
Albert (French) – 45+, 5’ 10”, with beard, lean face, athletic body, tanned skin with clear tan lines, very hairy body, medium cock (5”). Murli (Keralite) – living together with him, 22/23, 5’2”, pretty face, thick kissable lips, dark skin, large nipples, waist long hair, nice figure, 34B-24-36 very bushy pubic hair, even under arm not shaved. This appeared to be an unusual couple, very keen to enjoy sex. Albert was the one who was aggressive with me at the first introduction. 

Rajive (Kashmiri) – 35, 6’, very fair and handsome, well built body with wide shoulders and strong arms, hairy chest, large cock (7 ½ – 8”). Sally (American) – his short-term companion, 20, 5’ 10”, typical American youngster, tan line free body, 38C-24-38, clean shaved pussy.
Andrew (British) – 24, 5’ 10”, dreamy blue eyes, lean face, athletic built, hairy chest, medium cock (5 ½’’). Another attractive young man. Mallika (Konkanese) – his short term companion, 45+, 5’ 6”, very pretty face with chiseled features, very fair and silky skin, body well maintained for age, well shaped breasts, nice long nipples, sexy belly, 36C-32-40, thick pubic hair well trimmed and in perfect triangular shape, pussy mound fairly heavy. She looked very attractive as she came clad in a sari. Looked especially sexy in the nude.
Yousuf (Punjabi Muslim) – 35, 5’ 6’’, fair skin, well-built, a little stocky, large circumcised cock (7”), only man with shaved pubic hair. I saw a circumcised cock for the first time but did not like it. Shameem(Punjabi Muslim) – his wife, 30, 5’ 3”, dark skin, nice well proportioned figure, well formed small breasts, 32B- 28-34. Clean shaved pussy.
Sandeep (Marathi) – 35, 5’ 8’’, dark skin, hairy body, medium cock (5”). Jasweer (Sikh) – his wife, 30, 5’ 7’’, fair and healthy skin, large rounded breasts, thin waistline, rounded hips, 36C-28-40. Thick & dense pubic hair, unshaved armpit. She had certain freshness in her body that made her very attractive.
As I was standing in the bar I could see all the activities going around me. Ruku appeared to be a star attraction and every man was trying to get close to her. All of them were hugging and kissing her by turn and she was warmly reciprocating. To almost everyone she was giving a light pats on the bum and a caressed the cock. But she was not allowing any one to go much beyond hug & kiss and the accompanying fondling of body. Her mole on the buttock also was a great attraction and many tried to kiss her there. But she did not hang on for long with any one and was moving around.
I noticed, with a feeling of envy, that she was particularly partial to Subho and spent a long time with this very attractive man. She managed to bring him out of the clutches of three admiring women and gave him a real affectionate hug and a long kiss. His hands were moving on her back and hips as the kiss went on, I could see his left hand parked on her buttock and his fingers feeling the mole.
As the kiss finally ended, Subho held her by the slender waist took her aside and made her sit on a wrought iron bench. He sat beside her and bending his head started kissing her nipples. Ruku bent her head backward and her eyes were closed in enjoyment. Her hands were clasping his hair. Subho shifted his head from one breast to another and this continued for long. From the movement of Ruku’s hands on his head I could feel the ecstasy she was having.
As Subho finished with the breasts, he made Ruku stand up on the bench and put his mouth on her pussy. He was holding her with his arms on her hips as she was shaking uncontrollably. Finally, the action came to an end and I am sure, Ruku must have had a great climax. At this stage, Ruku realised that she was drawing a lot of attention and was impatient to leave. But before that gave ‘thank you’ kisses on his lips, nipples and finally bending down on his cock. I was sure that Ruku was going to have sex with Subho. I felt a competitive urge in me and decided that I must make love to this man before that.
In the mean time, lot of action was on –
Murli, the young Keralite girl was having a great time with Rajive, the handsome Kashmiri. He was licking her bushy cunt, her breasts and finally her asshole.
Amar, the fat Punjabi, was pouring colour on Sally, the young American girl. He took care to make her breasts and pussy totally red. In return, Sally gave him a blowjob on his tiny cock.
Three ladies, Ranjana the beauty from Bengal, Mallika the sophisticated Konkanese lady and Jasweer the Sikh girl looked to be the hot favourites. Men were pouring colour on their breasts, pussy and hips. All three were giggling away. After a while, they got down into the pool and cleaned themselves. They came out fairly quickly and traces of colour could still be seen on their bodies.
Albert, the Frenchman was busy with the British woman Sandra kissing her ass. His cock was being sucked in turn.
Shankar, the Tamil was giving a good suck to Shameem on her shaved cunt.
My husband was found to be pursuing Jasweer. He was sitting besides her alternately fondling her breasts and playing with her pubic hair. She was holding his erect cock and playing with it. I knew that he is a little shy about public sex and was wondering if he was enjoying fully.
Yousuf’s foreskin less large cock caught fat Rashmi’s fancy and she was alternately caressing it with her hands and mouth. He was fondling her large breasts.
Sandeep the Marathi had caught hold of Ruku. He was kissing on her nipples. Ruku’s hands were on his bum, her finger s playing at his asshole.
Mallika was seen with none other than the host Jay. She was holding his baldhead on her breast and Jay was sucking her nipples. His hands were on her large pussy.
Andrew, the young Brit was engaged with Ranjana giving her a long kiss. She was looking ravishingly attractive as the drops of water on her body shined in sunlight. She held his head and brought it down on her breasts. After finishing her breasts, Andrew brought her along to the bar to fill her glass. As they came in, Andrew gave me a light kiss and held me by my arms.
He gave me an admiring look and said, “ There are too many beauties at a time and I am getting lost.”
I was delighted that he made this comment despite being with Ranjana.
She also endeared herself to me by saying, “The attendant has increased the attraction of the bar.”
As I poured drinks for them, three of us sat down together and instantly became friendly. Andrew noticed that my glass was almost empty and filled my glass. He brought the glass to my lips and I drank from his hand. I felt it was a nice affectionate gesture. Andrew was holding on to my glass and I continued drinking like that. I took Ranjana’s glass and held it at her lips. She gave me a surprised look and took a sip. She, in turn, did the same with Andrew.
Andrew from time to time gave two of us pats on the thighs and later on the breasts. I told Ranjana that her body was wet and should be wiped dry. I managed to get hold of a clean piece of towel and got up to wipe her. I wiped her back first and then coming to the front noticed that there was very little water left. I still made her stand up and wiped her neck and shoulders. Then I wiped her belly and the waist and finally reached her breasts.
I cannot tell you what was going on inside me as I was touching her wonderful body. I bent down to wipe her thighs and legs. I mustered enough courage to reach her pubic region and I was dying in excitement as I was taking my hands through her silky patch. I kept my cool and looked casual. I lifted her arms and wiped her under arms, which had a light patch of hair. I also dared to go behind her and wiped her buttocks. Her ravishing beauty and softness grew on me and my mind was working fast thinking of how to have sex with this exquisite woman. It appeared virtually impossible because she showed no sign of any excitement and looked totally relaxed. Andrew was watching us and I could see his manhood rising to attention.
He stood up and declared, “ You ladies are really driving me crazy and I can’t wait to make love to both of you.”
I was so pleasantly surprised but was wondering what Ranjana’s reaction would be. The next set of conversation went on like this – Ranjana – you are not proposing a threesome, are you? Andrew – don’t you fancy that, my dear? Ranjana – I really wouldn’t mind trying but never done this before. In fact, I am not sure what the reaction of the crowd would be if we three disappear together. Andrew – Oh, don’t bother. Ruku told me it’s totally free for all. Me – I think it’s too early for the bartender to disappear. Why don’t you go and have a twosome and if you have enough energy left after that call me to join you. Andrew – don’t you worry about my energy with two such great Indian beauties. Ranjana – that’s not a bad idea at all. After so much of excitement I will not so easily get exhausted. (In a hush tone, told me) In any case, I would not like to miss your great body.
Andrew kissed me deeply, fondled my breasts and said, “see you ”. Ranjana came close and gave me a good hug and kissed me on the mouth.
As they disappeared, I was wondering what to do next. At this moment, my heart skipped a beat. Subho was walking down to the bar all alone.
He came to me with an enchanting smile and said, “I was waiting so long to get hold of you all alone.”
He looked at my glass, which was almost empty and took it from me. He filled his own glass and mine. He, after giving the glass to me, placed his own glass on the counter and held me at the waist with both hands. Holding me at a distance he moved his eyes from my head to toe. I could see a strong desire in his bright eyes. I also looked at his tall slim body and it was irresistible. His body was just right in every respect His manhood looked very strong, though it was not very large it was thick. It had a part erection and looked very natural. He was extremely manly and had a very charming smile. I was totally mesmerised by his virility and was unable to speak.
He said, “You are a wonderful woman and I would like to pay my respect to your wonderful body. I hope you will allow me to do so.”
He planted a deep passionate kiss on my lips. His lips were so strong and warm! I was just carried off my feet and didn’t know how long it continued. When it was over I was in his strong arms.
He said, “I wouldn’t like to do anything to a precious person like you in public gaze. Let’s get down to the water and get a little cover.”
He held my hands and we got into the pool. We moved to the deeper side. Water was up to my neck and up to his chest. He drew me close and moved his hands all over my body. He was slowly exploring my body and feeling every part of it. He caressed my breasts and tickled the nipples. Moved his hands over my back, buttocks, and my belly. He put his fingers in my deep belly button and played for a while. Finally his hands went down to my pubic region and he only explored with his hands but never put his fingers into it. He kept his hands around my pussy for a long time and his fingers played with the hair.
I was initially a bit dazed by his gentle and charming way of handling my body and stood quietly enjoying the coolness of the water. After a while I placed my hands over his chest and moved around. I touched his nipples and placed my mouth on them. I initially used my lips and tongue. Then I started giving light bites. I moved my hands over his long back and pressed his firm buttocks. Then I came to his pubic area and hovered around his manhood, running my fingers through his pubic hair, playing with his balls and moving around his asshole. I held his cock with both my hands and enjoyed the warmth of his full erection.
He suddenly dipped his head under water and placed his mouth on my breasts. He licked all around my breasts and then sucked my nipples. He said that water was not convenient enough though very comfortable.
We got out of the pool and he said, “Let’s look for some privacy inside the house. Though many people must be inside I am sure we can find some empty room in this mini-palace.”
I did not realise earlier how big the house was. It had many rooms but most of them were locked from inside. We finally found one room on the first floor. Jay and Mallika emerged out of it and Jay signalled us inside. Jay looked at our wet bodies and told us that we could find fresh towels inside the cupboard in the attached bathroom. We went in and locked the door.
Subho said, “ I would really like to enjoy your cool wet body. If you agree, we will skip the towel. We shall use the soft carpet instead of the bed and use the towels to protect the carpet from our wet bodies.”
He laid two towels on the carpet. He started action with his tongue and lips all over my body. He was everywhere on my body. He sucked and licked my armpits, breasts & nipples, my belly, bellybutton, my thigh joints, my asshole and finally my pussy. I was shaking in pleasure as his tongue worked on my pussy and I came very fast. Many men licked my pussy in the past but he was possibly the best tongue-artiste I ever met. As I climaxed, he held me on his chest and I was not in sense for some time.
I then lied on his wide chest and applied my tongue and lips all over his chest. I played hard on his nipples with my tongue, lips and also my teeth. I moved down and attacked him below the belt. He had a manly aroma in his pubic area and I explored every corner of it. I made him fold his legs and worked on his balls and below, in the hairy stretch near his asshole. As I licked on his asshole he screamed in joy. I took his manhood in my mouth and enjoyed its throbbing.
After a while he stopped me and mounted me. As he entered my slippery pussy I had a feeling of shiver down my spine. He started stroking me very gently and slowly. I started getting warmed up very fast. He continued slowly but I was getting ecstatic. I came again very soon but was disappointed to see that he hadn’t come. As he again continued his strokes I was lying inactive waiting for him to come. But he increased his speed and that again warmed me up. He kept on stroking me hard and I reciprocated stroking him back. This excited him more and he was ravaging me as I was screaming in pleasure. Finally, we both came together.
Can you imagine, three times in one session! As we finished, we had a shower together and he took care to soap me and dry me with a towel. At this stage, there was a knock at the door. It was Ruku calling us for lunch.
It was a simple biriyani lunch in the dining hall. I was so hungry that I hogged a lot. After lunch I reclined on a sofa and fell asleep within minutes. As I woke up, I found my body covered with a sheet. I saw no one around except Jay and my hubby sleeping on the carpet. Ruku walked in and asked me if I had a good nap. After a while, Subho emerged from somewhere. I felt that two of them had a satisfying session. I went around and found that most of the guests had left except Ranjana, Andrew and Mallika. Mallika was sleeping in one of the rooms. In another room, Andrew and Ranjana were seating cozily.
As I saw them my desire for Ranjana was back. They both said, they were waiting for me to wake up. I was feeling fresh after the nap and smiling at them I bolted the door. I was dying for Ranjana’s body and lost no time to hug and kiss her. I was really excited and ran my hands all over her body to feel her. Her breasts were simply wonderful and I caressed them fondly. I took her juicy nipples in my mouth. I tell you it was a wonderful feeling. The way she reciprocated to my affection showed that she was also attracted to my body. As I was busy enjoying Ranjana’s body, Andrew joined in and started fondling both of our breasts. We adjusted our position to accommodate him and continued our lovemaking.
I made her stand up and kneeling down in front of her, felt the lustre of her pubic hair with my face. She smelled of perfume and I enjoyed it. I turned her round and parting the cheeks of her buttocks I placed my tongues in her crack. At the same time, Andrew took a position from the side and sucked my nipples. I turned to Ranjana’s pussy. Parting her lips I placed my mouth in it which was dripping wet. She was in great excitement soon and I made her lie down on the bed as I continued with her pussy. She came soon with a scream.
As I finished with Ranjana, Andrew mounted me and entered me. We had a slow session but it finished quickly as both of us came together. I was fully exhausted and lied down watching Andrew and Ranjana in sixty-nine position. After a while Andrew mounted her and they went into frenzy. They came almost together.
Like all good things the party also came to an end after dressing up we departed. On the way back, my hubby said he had two sessions, with Jasweer and with Malllika. At the end when I was with Andrew and Ranjana he had a half session with Ruku. He did not have the final go, as he was too exhausted. Now when I think about this I find it hard to believe that we actually had this party.

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