Frank's Present

Frank is my little 80-year-old neighbor at the cottage. His wife passed away a long time ago and he spends most of his days alone. A month or so ago Frank watch as I had sex with several men, including the neighbor’s son that lives on the other side of my cottage. When he approached me about it, I ended up letting him eat me out and fuck me. I also gave him a blowjob. That is when he told me he had not had sex for 20 years and that he never gave or got oral sex in his life.
I created a photo album of me in various stages of dress and performing several different sex acts. I actually made this for my husband but decided to give it to a few others that I thought might like to watch it. I thought that I might give one to Frank. It is my hope that it might make his day. I also plan to help keep his time between fucks shorter than the last one. I have told my husband that I plan to take a disk over to Frank’s with my pictures and some videos of me on it. I also tell him that I plan to have some fun with Frank while I am there. He tells me that he is sure Frank will love it.
On Sunday, I get ready to head over to Frank’s house. As I am getting in the shower, my husband asks me what I am going to wear. I tell him I have not picked anything yet, but if he wants to, he can pick something out for me. I head back into the bedroom after my shower. My husband has picked out an outfit for me. The outfit looks like it came right out of the fifties. He has picked some silk stocking with the black seem up the back and a heavy garter. He gives me a cone shape bra like the kind the pin up girls used to wear. I have no panties to wear. My shirt is a tight button up angora sweeter with a nice deep v neckline. He also provided me with a short pencil skirt.

The only part of the outfit he picked that was not from the fifties was my shoes. I have a pair of saddle shoes that have a platform bottom and extra high heels. I tell him I think the outfit is great and I would not change it a bit. I do up my hair with big curls and add some white face powder and very red lipstick to complete the look my husband was going for.
I then head out to the cottage on my own. I tell my husband I do not think Frank is looking to have an audience. He tells me that he is ok with that. He tells me he has work to do around the house.
When I get to the cottage, I can see Frank is in his normal chair out by the water. I walk over trying out my best model walk. I give my ass a little extra shake as I move up the walkway. When Frank notices me coming up the walk he gets a big smile on his face. He asks me if that is Elizabeth Taylor coming to visit. I tell him he wishes. I tell him it is only his poor lonely next-door neighbor stopping by to drop off some goodies.
He says that he does not see a basket of goodies in my hand. I hold out the disk I brought him. I tell him he will have to look at what I brought him. Afterwards, he can decide if what I brought is a goody or not. He tells me I will have to set it up for him. That his son got him a laptop for Christmas but he only used it a few times. I tell him to show me where it is and that I should have no problems getting it going. I also tell him I will be disappointed if after today he does not use his laptop more often.
Frank takes me into his house and then into the study where he has the laptop. Frank asks me if I would like a drink and I tell him sure. I tell him I would love to have vodka on ice. He asks if I would like anything in it and I tell him no just strait. He returns with my drink, which to me look more like a triple than a single shot.
We sit down on the sofa together so I have to sit turned to my right to look right at him. I am wearing the very tight pencil skirt so I have to keep my legs close together. I put my right leg on the couch folded under my left leg that is up tight to the sofa. As I do this, my skirt has moved up my thigh several inches.
I can see the reinforced top of my stocking sticking out. I am sure Frank can clearly see above my stockings. We are sitting so that both are knees are touching.
We talk for a while and he complements me several times on my outfit. I tell him my husband thought that he might like it. I finished my first drink and he goes and gets me a second. When he returns he is sitting much closer to me. His left arm is on the back of the sofa behind me and his right hand is resting on my knee. I adjust myself so that my right leg drapes over his knee. This has caused my skirt to move up another inch or so.
We then spend some time talking about the type of relationship my husband and I have. I tell him how we have always had a very open relationship. I tell him to us this just makes life fun. He tells me about how his wife was very old fashion. He says they had a good life together but only had a very limited sex life.
That is when I ask him what he thinks about what goes on next door during our parties. He says that as long as no one is getting hurt, it is ok with him. He says that he finds my girlfriends and me very attractive. He has watched us several times and wished that he were taking part in the fun. He tells me that it seems like we are having a lot of fun.
As he is telling me this, I can feel his hand sliding up and down my thigh. I feel him slide up to the clips holding up my stockings before moving back down. He spends some time playing with the clips. I lean my head back onto his arm and move my right arm behind him so that I can sit closer.
Frank must have taking that as a clue to move on because he his next stroke up my leg goes all the way to my pussy. He looks a little surprised that I am not wearing any panties. I let him run his hands up and down my leg a few more times and play with my already wet pussy lips. I ask him if he would like to see the slide show I brought him. He looks a little disappointed about removing his fingers from my pussy.
We move over to the desk and I work on starting up the laptop and getting the slide show ready. Frank is standing right behind me. He is rubbing my shoulders. I tell him how that feels good. I ask him to work his way down my back. I undo a few buttons on my sweater and allow it to open up so he can pull it off my shoulders. He then continues to rub down my back.
I start the slide show that my husband and I made. It is set to change to the next picture every 20 seconds or so. The first shoot is of me in regular shirt and skirt. As the slides change, I lean forward and let him work on my back.
The next has me standing with my shirt open and shows me in a black sheer bra with rhinestones on it. Frank has now moved down my back and has undone my bra strap. I undo the rest of my buttons on my sweater. The third picture comes up and it has me bent over and pulling off my skirt. I am in my sheer black skirt with my ass facing him.
The slide show goes for a few more pictures until it gets to the one with me leaning back on my elbows and one of my tits is out of my bra. At this point Frank moves his hands to my tits. He is rubbing them through my bra in the beginning. I can feel his fingers rubbing and pulling on my nipples. He then pushes the bra away from my tits. Then he starts to play with my exposed nipples.
After a few more pictures flash up and the one with my bare ass showing the red marks from my whip is showing I turn my chair around and start to play with Frank’s cock. I undo his belt and pants. I allow them to fall to the ground. Hs cock is already hard. I suck his cock into my mouth and play with the head of it with my tongue. I continue to give him a blowjob until I hear the video start of Jay fucking me with the dildo.
At that point, I stand up and lean over his desk next to the laptop. I undo my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I tell Frank to fuck me. He works his cock into my pussy. Once his cock is in me, he takes hold of my hips. Then he starts moving slowly in and out of me. I tell him how good his cock feels in me. The video is at the point where Jay is fucking my ass. You can hear me telling Jay to fuck me harder. I tell Jay how his cock feels so good inside of me. The oldest man that ever fucked me, is now fucking me while I listen to a video of the youngest man that every fucked me. Frank is picking up his pace and is now pulling my hips back into him with each stroke.
The video ends and the screen moves to me lying on my back with me fingering my pussy. I tell Frank to hold on. I roll onto my back. I then hold my legs up and pull my pussy lips apart. I tell Frank to grab my ankles and hold my legs up while he fucks me. I tell him I want to watch his face as he cums inside of me.
He takes my legs and hold them open wide and moves in close to me. I grab his cock and help him stick it into my pussy. As he is fucking me, I start to play with my nipples. I take turns licking one nipple and then the other. I can tell that I am going to cum soon.
I move my hand down to my clit and start to rub it as fast as I can. As I am cumming, I kept telling Frank to fuck me harder. I tell him I need to feel his cum in me. He continues to fuck me and I continue to rub my clit until I have my second orgasm. That is when I feel him letting his load pour into me. He lets go of my legs and leans down to give me a kiss.
When he recovers a little, he stands up and helps me up off the desk. I sit him down in a high back chair with no arms. I stand in front of him with just my garter, stockings, and high heels on. I give him a deep kiss and pull his hands up to my tits. As he is playing with my nipples, I ask him if he ever had a lap dance. He tells me no, that he never had the courage to go to one of them places. I tell him just to sit back and let me show him what he was missing.
I go over to his laptop, start up my Pandora account, and turn on a dance channel. I then put my shirt back on but leave off the bra. I start to dance around him at first running my hands over him. I straddle him and rub his face with my cleavage. I then turn around and push his legs open and sit down so his cock is in the crack of my ass. I start to work my ass back and forth over his cock. I lean back, take his hands in mine, and run them up my body and over my tits. I turn my head, lick his ear lobe, moan, and tell him how hot he is making me.
I can feel him pushing his cock into me. I stand back up and pull my shirt off. I start to play with my nipples right in front of his face. I lick and suck one of my nipples and then other. I hold my nipple with my teeth and pull on it.
When I let it go, I lean forward and rub my other nipple into his face. When I feel him suck it into his mouth and hold it with his teeth, I pull back so that it stretches out as he continues to suck on it. When it finally pops out of his mouth, I sit down with my pussy right on his cock. I grab the back of his chair so that I can lean back. I jack him off using my pussy lips. I ask him if he can feel how wet my pussy is. He tells me how it feels so good on his hard cock.
I let his cock slip into my pussy and I fuck up and down on him for a little while. I stand up and then kneel in front of him. Using my hands, I wrap my tits around his cock. I use my tits to fuck him. Each time the head of his cock comes up, I let it slip into my mouth and then back out.
When a new song comes on, I put my hands behind my back and tell him to hold them for me. He grabs them with his hands and holds them like handcuffs. I take his cock into my mouth and slide the whole length of his cock into me. I then let it slide all the way back out. When he is ready to cum, he lets go of my hands and holds the back of my head tight. He keeps his cock firmly in my mouth while he cums. When he is done cumming I lick his cock like an ice cream cone until I have all of his cum cleaned up.
When I get back up, I ask him if he enjoyed his basket of goodies. He says that it was better than anything little red riding hood ever gave out. He then thanked me for thinking about him. I tell him he can keep the slide show but that he should not tell anyone about it. He tells me he will keep it safe and is sure that he would be watching it often.
Once I am dressed, he leads me to the front door. We kiss good-bye and he tells me to stop by anytime I want. He also tells me to say thanks to my husband for letting me come over.
When I get home, I am surprised to see Jason, my husband’s nephew car in the drive. I get in the house and find my husband lying on his back with Lisa, Jason’s wife sitting backwards on my husband with his dick in her. Jason is fucking her face. My husband has his laptop open and my slide show is on the screen.
I watch them both working their cocks in and out of her. Lisa is now almost 4 months pregnant and I can just see her tummy sticking out. I move over to Jason and start to kiss him. I let him play with my tits while he keeps fucking his wife’s face. When Jason cums. He pulls his cock out of Lisa’s mouth. He then shot cum on her face and tits. I lean down and lick her face clean. I then give her a nice deep kiss. I stand up and Jason and I both watch as my husband and Lisa keep fucking.
My husband switches position and now has Lisa on her hands and knees and is fucking her ass as hard as he can. After a few minutes of pumping her like this, he pulls his cock out of her ass and cums all over her back and asshole. All three of them get dressed. My husband tells me that they stopped by, so he gave them their copy of my slide show. He say while they were watching it they had a little fun.
I tell them all about my trip to Frank’s house. I tell Lisa if she is up to it that maybe her and I can go over to Frank’s house during the 4 th of July holiday. We could give him his first three some. She says sure and that maybe she could bring her friend Kelly along. We could make it his first foursome.
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