Forever Again

“So how have you been Vala? It’s been… what? Two, maybe three months since I saw you last?” Asked Else Lindermann.
“More than that I’d say. You were still expecting when last I saw you and baby Freda is now almost three months, right?”
“True enough. She’ll be three months in a few days.” Else said as she picked at the wood of the rough dining table with her fingernail.
They were seated in the kitchen of Else’s comfortable, if small and sparse, home that was on the outskirts of the village. Vala had stopped by to visit with her long time friend and see the baby as she had been promising to for weeks now.
The two women had been friends since they were both little girls when Else had lived on the next farm up the road from Vala. The two of them had spent many a day playing in the fields, swimming and braiding each others hair while dreaming of far off places and wondrous sights, of beautiful castles and handsome princes.
Two years ago, Else had married a farmer’s son, Gerrald Lindermann, and moved to this small farm further up the road to start her own family.
Since the death of her second betrothed and the reactions she now got from many of the villagers, Vala found that she came to the village center much less frequently now and as a result, saw much less of Else. A small smile passed Vala’s lips as she looked at her friend. “I’ve missed you Else.”

Else smiled back. “I’ve missed you to Val.” She said. Else always used that shortened version of her name and hearing it made Vala smile.
“So how do you like being a housewife and a mother?” Vala asked.
Else’s smile faded a little and she turned to look out the window. It was in a quiet, almost regretful voice when she said, “It’s not like when we used to dream about it when we were girls Val. Not at all.”
Vala’s eyebrows came together and she asked “Why?”
Else sighed and looked to the bassinet beside the table and the small baby girl who was sleeping quietly. “It’s hard Val, harder than I ever imagined. Sometimes at night when I’m awake with her I… it’s just hard.” Looking down at her hands she added almost too softly to hear, “And being married can be… well, it can be hard too.” She seemed to shake herself mentally then looked up and forced a smile. “But it’s not all bad. Really. You’ll see someday.”
It was Vala’s turn to look out the window now. “Someday.”
Else caught the look and reached across to grip Vala’s hand. “It’s just a spot of bad luck you’re having Val. Sure enough that the dea…” She broke off then started again. “What happened to those two boys wasn’t your fault at all. Just coincidence, that’s all.”
“Maybe. I’m not so sure anymore.”
“Nonsense.” Else said with a huff. “Don’t you be listening to what those miserable old women are saying. It’s all just superstition and nonsense.”
Vala turned and looked at her a little sharply. “What are those women saying now?”
Else looked away and hesitated, perhaps realizing she had said more than she should have. “Oh. Um, it’s… it’s nothing. Just old women talking.”
Val sniffed and looked out the window, “A year ago they were calling me an ‘Ill Omen’. How much worse could it get than that?” When Else didn’t answer Vala looked over at her friend, “How much worse?” She asked again.
Else was just opening her mouth to answer when the baby awoke and started crying. Else jumped to her feet and made an inordinate fuss of getting the baby out of the bassinet. Vala suspected she was stalling but decided not to push the issue for the time being.
After the baby had been fed Else fussed about the kitchen for a bit, making small talk over her shoulder but deflecting any attempts to draw her back into the conversation about the old women’s talk.
“How about a picnic?” Else asked. “Maybe over by the Old Mill?”
That made Vala smile. She hadn’t been up to the Old Mill in years. “Sounds like fun.”
An hour later they were settling down onto the mossy rocks that covered the banks of the old mill pond. In truth, although everyone called it the Old Mill, there wasn’t really any mill left to speak of. The dam, a stone foundation and raceway were the only things left. The mill itself had burned down years before Vala was even born and the new one had been built a ways downstream, closer to the center of the village. This pond was set far back in the woods and not really close to anything except a few of the neighboring farms so it was rare to see any of the villagers up here. About the only people that came up here anymore were children playing or the occasional family out for a picnic. They ate and talked some more about life in the village, friends and family.
They talked in low voices so as not to wake the baby who was sleeping again in a basket by Else’s side. As they talked Vala studied her old friend more closely. Else had long, curly brown hair with deep brown eyes perched over a small nose. She was about two hands shorter than Vala and a little heavier overall. Vala also couldn’t help but notice that since she had the baby her already ample bosom had also swelled very noticeably.
Vala suddenly realized she was staring at her friend’s chest and forced herself to look away. She took a small bite of the piece of cheese she was holding but was unable to control her wandering thoughts. She was acutely aware of the warmth that was slowly building in her core at the thought of seeing Else without her clothes on.
As Vala looked out across the pond a sharp chill ran up her spine and the world seemed to slip out of focus for the briefest of moments. She blinked several times and shook her head a little. Slowly, a smile she didn’t recognize spread across her own lips and she had the oddest sensation that she was suddenly looking out of someone else’s eyes. Her entire perspective had changed in some subtle yet crucial way that she couldn’t quite pinpoint. It was almost as if she had been pushed backwards in her own mind, no longer at the forefront, no longer in control. Her entire body felt increasingly distant and remote. Even the sound of the wind in the trees seemed to be coming form a great distance. As odd and unsettling as it was, there was also something eerily familiar about the feeling, as if this wasn’t the first time she had experienced this but try as she might, she couldn’t recall a specific time when it had happened before.
“Let’s go for a swim.” Vala heard herself say, the words ringing in her head with a hollow echo. Her mind reeled with shock at the unexpected words but her body didn’t react at all. She hadn’t meant to speak, hadn’t willed her mouth to move… it just… did.
Else seemed taken aback. “What? Now?”
“Sure, right now.” Vala heard her voice again. The landscape abruptly moved around Vala for a confused instant before she realized that the movement was her body standing up while pulling Else up with her. A strange almost giddy feeling ran through Vala’s mind as her body led her friend down to the water a few paces away. She didn’t really know what was happening or why she was doing this but she suddenly wanted it more than anything. Some part of Vala’s mind registered that she shouldn’t be having these thoughts and that she shouldn’t be doing this, that it must be some effect of the dreams but that part of her mind didn’t seem to be in control at the moment. In fact, she wasn’t sure what part of her mind, if any, was in control. That was what was so familiar she realized. Her complete lack of control over her actions was just like what happened to her in her dreams.
Vala recalled some of the old women’s tales she had heard as a child about people being possessed by evil spirits. The people that had been possessed had always been made to do terrible things before the evil spirits were banished. Vala wondered if this was what it was like to be possessed and if it was, would she now do terrible things? She distantly thought that perhaps she should feel panicked or even violated but strangely what was happening to her somehow didn’t feel like some kind of invasion. In fact, somehow it felt familiar and almost… comfortable. The implications of that scared her even more than actually being possessed, or whatever it was.
“But… but…” Else stammered looking around nervously, color rising into her cheeks, “Someone might see us.”
Waving her hand around, Vala heard herself say, “Look around, no one ever comes up here anymore. No one will see us.” She felt lips spread into an impish little smile. “Come on.” Vala’s mind reeled with yet another shock as she felt herself pulling her own dress off over her head.
Else looked at her friend for a moment, then looked around the pond. Seeing no one she giggled then bit her lower lip in a girlish gesture. “We haven’t swum naked up here since we were little girls.” She started pulling her dress off as well.
Finally free of all of her clothing Vala took a few running steps and jumped into the pond. The pond was fed by the same stream that ran behind her family’s farm so the water was just as cold as and she gasped slightly at the shock. The cold water brought Vala back to herself a bit and the distant feeling started slipping away. Paddling to stay afloat she spit out a mouthful of clear water and turned to see Else. Vala felt her chest tighten but it had absolutely nothing to do with the frigid water or the invasion of her mind.
Else stood at the water’s edge completely nude. It was true she was indeed a little heavier than she had been when Vala had last seen her but it in no way detracted from her beauty, in fact quite the opposite was true. She stood there as if unsure of herself, hands vainly trying to cover her. The hand between her legs did a fair job of concealing the tuft of curly brown hair nestled between her wide, womanly hips. A few of the curls covering her mount could be seen just peeking out around the edges as she swayed and fidgeted nervously. The fidgeting also gave a Vala a better perspective of her friend’s deliciously curved backside. Vala found her heart throbbed painfully as she studied the way Else’s hips and bottom tapered in to a narrow waist that displayed a network of fine stretchmarks around her middle.
If the hand trying to cover her sex did only a fair job, the hand trying to cover her breasts failed miserably. In the hands defense however, Vala had to admit that it was an awful lot for one hand to cover. Vala could hardly tear her eyes away from Else’s chest. Else had always had a big chest ever since they were little girls but now… now her breasts were absolutely stunning.
“You don’t need to cover yourself Else.” Vala said, trying to sound like she was teasing. “We’re the only ones here.”
Looking around, still obviously nervous, Else none the less let her hands slips down slightly.
It was all Vala could do not to gasp. Else’s nipples had changed along with the rest of her breasts. The pale pink rings with the small, almost flat little nubs that Vala had seen some many times when they were younger were gone. In their places were large dark circles with prominent points each as large as Vala’s fingertip.
Else was the absolute picture of young womanhood, beautiful, lush, and fertile. The paragon of female sensuality.
“Else, you’re beautiful.” Vala heard herself whisper breathlessly. Even as she spoke she knew that it was really her that had said it. Whatever had taken over her body had now completely slipped away, leaving her in control once again. That realization shocked her almost as much as the bloom of hot passion in her core at the sight of Else’s luscious form.
“Val!” Else admonished self-consciously as she blushed, her cheeks coloring a deep red. Vala noted that even Else’s chest turned a little pink. Quickly she jumped into the water and paddled out beside Vala. “I don’t think I’ll be able to take this for long. It’s freezing!”
The heat in Vala’s core continued to build and with it she felt suddenly very brazen. With a sly grin she said. “Well perhaps Gerrald will warm you up when you get home.”
“Val!” Else’s eyes widened and giggled with a scandalized grin. “What’s gotten into you?”
Ignoring Else’s protests Vala continued “I bet you get a little ‘warming up’ every night, don’t you?”
Else’s smile faded instantly and she turned away, her eyes now deeply troubled. “Well…. I…” she trailed off.
Seeing her friend’s sudden discomfort, Vala’s smirk disappeared and the brazenness withered. “I’m sorry Else, I was just teasing you.”
Else turned and swam back to the shore. She pulled herself up onto a moss covered boulder a little ways from the shore where their blanket was spread and sat hugging her knees.
Vala looked at her for a few moments before following her to shore. She climbed out and sat down next to her longtime friend. “I’m sorry. I was just teasing.”
Else shook her head, “It’s not you. It’s me.”
“What do you mean?”
“Gerrald hasn’t touched me in… well months. Not since I started to show when I was with the baby.” Tears were welling up in her eyes. “I think he just doesn’t want me anymore. He thinks… he thinks I’m ugly.”
“What?” Vala asked. “How could that be? You’re beautiful.”
“Then why won’t he… well, be with me anymore?” Else whined.
“I… well, I’m not sure Else. Maybe the baby scared him off. I’ve heard of that happening. Or maybe he thinks you’re just not ready or something. Men can get some strange ideas in their heads sometimes.”
Else sniffled. “But what if he just thinks I’m ugly?”
Vala pinched Else’s chin with two fingers and made her look up. “Else, don’t be silly. You’re very beautiful, you always have been and you always will be. Now stop talking like that.”
“Do you really think I’m beautiful?” Else sniffled, looking up at her friend.
Vala smiled back, “Of course you are. Have I ever lied to you?”
Else sniffled again then flung her arms around Vala, hugging her tight. “Thank you Val. You’re always so good to me.” She sniffled a little more then let out a girlish giggle. “I’m sorry to be such a… well, a ridiculous old cow.”
Vala was again intensely aware of a building tension in her center fueled by the touch of her friend’s naked body on hers. The returning heat brought that strange boldness back with a rush, now even stronger than before. Vala shivered with a feeling of exhilaration that she had never felt before.
“Well,” She chuckled, “You are a bit of a cow with these huge new udders.” She reached up and gave one of Else’s full breasts a firm squeeze.
Else jumped at the unexpected contact. “Val?! What are you doing?!”
Vala’s audacity continued to grow and with it that feeling of detachment. Vala again had the feeling that she was only a visitor in her own body and that someone else was in control. She watched through her own eyes as she bent over and whispered in Else’s ear in a conspiratorial way, “Well, if Gerald’s not going to warm you up, someone else will just have to do the job.” Her words seemed as sweet and thick as honey dripping in to Else’s ear. To Vala’s mind it didn’t even sound like her own voice. It seemed as if someone else had spoken through her lips. Else seemed to shiver at that moment, either from her words or the chill of the air Vala couldn’t be sure. Vala moved her hand down to Else’s large, dark nipple and gave it a firm pinch.
“Vala…!” Else gasped but didn’t move away. Her eyes became dazed and out of focus. “Stop… please…” she whispered.
The heat in Vala’s core was building so rapidly now that she was starting to pant with excitement. She had no idea what or why she was doing this but somehow it just seemed right, like something she was born to do. She smiled and whispered in Else’s ear again with that same syrupy voice, “Don’t you feel warmer already?”
“Val…” Else mumbled numbly.
Vala gave her friend’s nipple another firm pinch and began to roll the hard nub between her fingers. She was elated when Else shuddered and made a quiet sigh. Vala bent her head lower and kissed the side of Else’s neck. When her friend didn’t move she kissed it again, and again, finally giving her one long suckling kiss that made Else shudder again.
Without removing her lips Vala gently laid her friend back onto the moss covered stone and moved to kneel beside her.
Else seemed to come back a little at the movement and she tried to push Vala gently away. “Vala, we can’t. I mean… I’m married and we’re… we’re both… well, it’s, it’s just wrong.”
Flush with her arousal, Vala wouldn’t now be denied. Ignoring Else’s feeble protests she shamelessly reached down and pinched both of Else’s nipples, rolling them in slow, steady circles. They seemed huge in comparison to her own small, pink buds and the dark skin even felt different, somehow… thicker.
Else’s eyes closed and she gasped. Her hands came up to grab Vala’s but she didn’t make a move to pull them away. “Nooo…” she moaned. But even as her voice protested, her back arched pushing breasts out as if offering them to Vala.
“But it feels so right, doesn’t it Else?” Vala cooed as she lifted one leg over her friend to sit astride her belly. She looked down at her friend and her lips split into a wide, predatory smile. Tugging gently on her friends nipples she said, “Doesn’t it Else?”
Else hesitated, her cheeks burning red with both her shame and rising passions. But when Vala gave another twist to her nipples she gasped “Yesss…”
“Yesss. It does feel wonderful, doesn’t it Else.” Vala hissed as she moved her hands down a bit to knead her friend’s full breasts. “But I know how to make you feel even better.” She took one hand and moved it to trail teasingly over the tuft of dark hair between Else’s legs.
Else jumped under her. “Val! Stop… we can’t! I need to get up… please…” She clutched at the hand on her breast and tried to pull it away. As she struggled her legs parted slightly. It was the opening Vala had wanted and she wasted no time sliding a finger deep into her friend’s already wet sex.
Else let out a startled gasp, her eyes snapping wide open at the unexpected invasion. The gasp quickly turned to long, low moan of pleasure as Vala started working the finger in a slow steady rhythm. Thrusting in quickly then sliding it back out slowly. After several seconds Else let out a louder, more passionate moan as her head rolled to the side. “Vaaal…nooo…” she moaned.
Vala slid off and lay down beside Else, her fingers never faltering in their work. “Yes Else?” She cooed in her ear.
“Noooo…” Else groaned. “This is wrong…so… so wrong…so… “
With her thumb, Vala found Else’s clitoris and started to rub the sensitive little bump, making Else moan even louder. “It’s not wrong Else, its right. It’s all so right. Isn’t it Else, can’t you feel it?”
“Yesss…” Else hissed between clenched teeth. Then her body shivered with a small paroxysm.
Smiling lasciviously, Vala bent her head down and wrapped her lips around one of Else’s nipples. She knew her friend’s nipples were now large, startlingly large actually, but even so she was still surprised at how huge and firm the dark nub felt in her mouth. After a moment she belatedly realized why they had changed so dramatically. With her first pull, Vala tasted something slightly sweet on Else’s skin. She remembered with a shock of euphoria that Else was nursing and that her breasts must be full of milk. Vala took another, harder pull on Else’s nipple and was rewarded with a spurt of hot, sweet milk from her friend’s bosom. She moaned to herself and greedily suckled for more.

After Vala had swallowed several mouthfuls, Else must finally have realized what her friend was doing. “No Vala… please don’t…don’t… ” Else gasped but even as she protested, her hand raised to pull Vala’s head harder into her breast.
Vala smiled to herself at her friend’s reluctant submission. She moved up from Else’s breast and gave her friend a hard kiss on the lips. When she gasped in surprise, Vala slid her tongue into her friend’s mouth, wondering wickedly if Else could taste her own hot milk. As they kissed Vala started working her thumb on Else’s center faster and more deliberately.
Within moment Else’s moaning became sharper and more urgent. She panted out, “Oh Val… Val… oh…please… yes…”
Vala broke their kiss and moved down to worry the side of Else’s neck. She wrapped her legs around Else’s thigh and began grinding herself into the smooth flesh. She relished the way her friends leg quickly became slick with wetness. Else must have sensed what Vala was trying to do because she spread her legs farther apart, pushing her thigh hard into Vala’s sex, making her groan.
Vala moved her lips back to Else’s nipple and took another long, hard pull, groaning with pleasure at the taste of her friend’s sweet milk. As Vala suckled it became apparent to her that the longer she drank, and the more aroused her friend got, the more easily Else’s milk flowed. She wondered what would happen when Else reached her climax. The thought made her moan.
A bird chirping somewhere close by was the only other sound to be heard besides the moans of their passion. Their sounds gradually became more and more intense as the end drew near.
Vala slid up and placed her lips near Else’s ear. “This is what you always wanted Else.” She whispered, the sticky sweet words flowing into her lover’s mind. “This is want you will always want. You love other women. You love it when another woman touches you and you touch them. You love the way another woman makes you feel.” She kissed Else’s ear, “You love me.” Vala felt Else’s body tighten in her arms.
“I… I… love you …Vala!” Else gasped then gave a long, keening cry. The buxom girls back arched upward and her knees thrust wide as her sex contracted hard around Vala’s fingers. A sharp bark of frantic pleasure filled the air, followed by another, then a long, loud scream of pure bliss.
Vala saw the exquisite agony on her friends face. It was the look of pure ecstasy, the pinnacle of womanly passion and it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. For the briefest of instants her entire core contracted, locking her breath in her lungs. Then it was as if a sluice gate inside her had been ripped open. A shattering, utterly irresistible rush of rapture surged into every corner of her being as she went over the edge.
The long, loud moans of Else were joined by Vala’s own cries of passion as their naked bodies writhed. Finally completely spent, they sagged onto the soft, mossy ground and lay in each other arms, panting and sweating in the cool air.
“Val… I… I can’t believe how that felt.” Else said quietly after a several long minutes.
“I know.” Vala said, snuggling her face into Else’s full breasts again, savoring the feel of the smooth, firm mounds. “We should have done this years ago.” As she spoke, Vala moved her face over and wrapped her lips around Else’s other nipple, taking a long hard suck before her friend could stop her. She delighted at how easily the hot, sweet milk now flowed into her mouth. The milk seemed to flood over her tongue and she relished the taste as well as the soft moan from her friend.
“Oh Val…” Else groaned and placed her hand on Vala’s head, holding her to her breast. “Yesss…”
Taking several long, slow pulls on the Else’s sensitive nipple, Vala savored her friends taste. With her hand, she clutched the breast she was suckling and kneaded it gently, trying to force even more milk. She was rewarded by an even greater flow with her next draw. Not swallowing, she filled her mouth with the milk, enjoying the sweet creaminess of it. Pulling off she moved to Else’s mouth and gave her a hard kiss, forcing her tongue between her friends lips and allowing the milk to flow into her.
With a moan, Else swirled her tongue around in her mouth with Vala’s. The two women sharing her milk before she finally swallowed it. Else sucked on Vala’s tongue trying to get more of the sweet liquid.
Breaking the kiss, Vala looked Else in the eye. “How did you like that?”
Eyes filled with passion, Else said dreamily, “It was delicious… so good…” She closed her eyes and shuddered. A little sighing moan escaped her lips.
“We can do this all the time now Else. Do you want to do that?” Vala asked then wrapped her lips back around Else’s nipple. “Would you like that Else?”
“Oh yes Val… yes… every day… yes… please…”
As Vala suckled, something caught her eye. Across the pond she saw movement. She twisted her head slightly and caught sight of two boys on the far shore. They were each staring in what Vala imagined must be complete shock. Something in her made her smile and she thought “Yes, get a good look boys.” She made a show of parting Else’s legs again and stroking her friend’s sex, driving another loud moan from the prone girl.
Before Vala could push her fingers into Else’s sex again, there was a small cry from a few paces away.
Else groaned in disappointment but sat up almost immediately. “Sorry.” She said sheepishly, “But she’s probably hungry.” Else pushed herself up and started making her way over to the baby’s basket.
Vala watched, enjoying the way her friend’s backside swayed as she walked. She indulged in a luxurious stretch then sat up with a smile, savoring the warm afterglow that still flowed through her veins.
After a few moments the rush of what had happened began to recede and with it, the strange boldness she had felt. As the feeling retreated a realization of what she had just done suddenly slammed into her and she gasped in shock. Her eyes snapped open wide and she looked about on the verge of panic. Her eyes darted around the edges of the pond but the two boys were gone. Anxiety began to gnaw at her heart as she wondered what they would do. Would they would say anything to anyone? Would anyone believe them?
Vala turned back to Else who was quietly nursing her baby, a look of blissful happiness on her full lips. She must not have seen them, Vala thought. Should she tell her? No. Vala thought. Don’t worry her yet, if something is to come of it she will find out soon enough.
The trip back to Else’s house was decidedly strange to Vala. Her thoughts and emotions seemed to be torn in several different directions at once. Worry about what would happen to them if word got out. Wonder at why she had even seduced her friend in the first place and that strange feeling that had come over her. And finally, a strange and unfamiliar feeling of strong attraction to the soft curves of the woman walking next to her, holding her hand. Vala tried to reason out her thoughts and make some sense of them but it was like trying to follow one leaf blowing in a windstorm.
Before she could figure anything out they had made it back to Else’s farm. As soon as they walked out of the woods and into the clearing, Vala knew trouble had found them.
Gerald stood there holding an axe and looking about as angry as any man she had ever seen. Else saw the look to and a realization bloomed in her eyes. “Oh no… he knows…” she whispered, squeezing Vala’s hand tight.
“Yes.” Vala said, squeezing Else’s hand back. The boys probably came running back and spread the gossip to everyone they met. Vala wondered what would happen to her and Else now.
“Else, get away from that witch.” He brandished the axe menacingly.
Witch. The word hammered into Vala like a physical blow. So that’s how it was to be. The town’s people had always suspected that she was something evil, now in their eyes she had just confirmed it with an act of forbidden debauchery. She could see it all plainly now, the people would think that she had seduced Else with her evil magic. “Go.” She said quietly to Else.
“But…” Else protested.
“No, go now. It will be alright.” She hoped with all her heart she wasn’t lying to Else.
“Don’t say another word you damned witch!” Gerrald yelled, raising the axe and taking a step closer. “I won’t have you corrupting my wife anymore! Else, get away from her!” He took another step, albeit a small, almost timid step that seemed out of character with his harsh words.
Vala realized that besides the anger she could see something else in Gerald’s eyes, fear. He really did believe she was a witch. Vala had known Gerrald for all of her life and knew him to be an mostly decent, hardworking if slightly dim man. For him to believe she was really a witch, and be afraid of her…
A tear of realization rolled down Vala’s cheek and she said quietly, “Good bye Else, I love you.” With that she turned and bolted into the woods.

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