For Your Swapping Convenience

Pete and Karen sat side by side in the sand playing their made of game of “would you”. The rules were simple; whoever walked by was rated by “yes I would” or “not on a bet”. Not that either of them had ever followed up but it did make for some interesting foreplay talk.
Their sons were having a great time at the water’s edge with the two other boys they had just met. Karen elbowed Pete; “Now here comes a definite for you” as both of them admired the dark haired woman walking to the water. She had on a one piece suit that displayed her more than ample cleavage. Karen knew her husband had always been a tit man and that her A cups still gave him pleasure but his eyes always went to the biggest tits around. Her dark hair was long and naturally wavy falling nicely over her shoulders. Her hips may have had a few extra pounds, but she had that built for comfort look.
As it turned out the dark haired beauty was the mother of the other two boys. Just then a short stocky guy trotted up next to her, clearly her husband.
It was Pete’s turn to tease “bet you’d really have to spread wide for him and from the look in your eyes you would!”
“Yeah sure, you’d turn me over to the devil to get to those tits.” laughed Karen.

Pete was right about Karen finding something about him sexually attractive. This thick body, olive skin, black wavy hair and just the way he moved gave off a powerful presents.
Joe and Rose watched the couple approach; she was a tall blond, at least as tall as Joe at 5’8″ her hair cut very short in a man’s style. Her body long and lean with no extra fat, long legs and an ass that looked sculpted from stone. He was 6’2″, a full foot taller than Rose and looked like the tri-athlete that he was.
Introductions took place while being splashed by the four now wild little boys as the adult headed for drier ground and some shade. The men headed for the beach front bar to get some adult refreshments for the four of them. While waiting for their order both men kidded about some of the hot women at the bar. Carefully acknowledging to each other that their own wives were also very hot women.
Rose and Karen formed an instant bond and both lamented the lack of privacy there double rooms gave them and how the nights were wrestle matches to keep their horny husbands at bay. They also agreed that they too would enjoy some vacation sex but with the boys in the same room it was out of the question.
After the second round of umbrella drinks the men were freer with their ogling of each other’s wives. All four of them were enjoying the flirting and added sexual tension that alcohol and bathing suits allowed.
The afternoon passed quickly and that evening the group went to dinner together. The four boys now inseparable. The whispered talk back in each room was leading to even more frustration. Joe could not keep his hands off of Rose, touching and feeling every inch of the body he knew so well. For Rose this was a rare treat. Joe’s MO was more of the slam bam take no prisoners type of sex. He had long gotten over Rose’s big soft tits and headed right for her pussy. Rose had named his cock “The wedge”; it always drove its way in!
“Easy baby.” cooed Rose, “I know whose ass you’re thinking of.”
Joe’s stumbling replies made Rose laugh as she kissed him deeply. “Its okay baby Karen does have a killer ass but as you noticed I have the tits Pete is drooling for. You guys are so easy.”
Karen and Pete were having no easier time of it in their bed. Their kids in the next bed held their passion at bay, but just barely. Just like Rose, Karen was much more open about the sexual teasing that had gone on all day. Her hand snaked down and began stroking Pete’s already throbbing cock.
Karen cooed in his ear “Thinking about Rose’s tits you naughty boy, aren’t you.” her thumb sweeping over the head of his cock spreading his precum down the shaft.
Pete’s barely coherent untrue protest only added to the fun Karen was having taunting her husband. Karen’s pussy had been damp during the afternoon of teasing and now it was in full flow. With graceful ease she straddled Pete and guided that well known cock into her open pussy. Neither of them moved at first, listening to the quite in the room and then Karen began small circular movements of her hips. Not a word or moan escaped their lips as their bodies searched for relief.
Karen signaled her climax with a small moan and a shuttering of her hips forcing more of Pete into her; that was all he needed. A full day’s build up of cum blasted in to his wife’s willing, eager pussy. The first spurts of hot cum caused Karen’s moan to build in volume as she jammed her mouth against her husband’s neck to muffle them. Only that relief helped them fall asleep to even more sex filled dreams.
Rose and Joe tossed and turned in sexual frustration. Rose knew that if she even weakened a little Joe would have had her, legs over her head and jammed full of cock, kids in the room or not.
The next day during breakfast the tension coming from Rose and Joe was so apparent that Karen offered to watch the boys while the couple returned to their room to “straighten” up a little. Joe was back in twenty minutes, with a big smile, Rose followed ten minutes later walking a bit slow.
Rose quickly offered to watch the boys while Karen and Pete “straighten” their room and was surprised when Karen winked and said it had already been put in order. The two husbands went off to play with their sons and the wives basked in the sun.
“You know I can’t walk normal all because of you and your tight ass.” needled Rose to Karen.
“And you don’t think Pete wasn’t going tit wild last night because of those mountains you are sporting.” teased Karen right back.
“Bet they would run for the hills if it was offered to them for real.” added Rose.
“Don’t count on Pete running; he’s smitten with you and he knows I know.” Karen threw back.
“Then I guess we both better look out because Joe isn’t capable of turning down ass!” Laughed Rose. The women fell silent for a couple of minutes.
“It could be fun.” Karen broke the silence.
“Oh shit – that’s just what I was thinking.” Rose giggled.
A waiter dropped off their first afternoon tropical drink and Karen proposed a toast “To two horny sluts and their soon to be pleased husbands!” the plastic cups touched to seal the deal.
“Now what the fuck are they up to.” said Joe motioning towards the two wives.
With their agreement in place the women began to work out the details; after all, even wild sex sometimes requires planning. The news would be broken to their husbands tonight at bed time. As Karen put it “Sometimes men are more talk than action.” This would give everyone a chance to back out without bruised egos. A coin flip would decide the order with a one hour limit. The “couple in waiting” would keep the children occupied on the beach.
That night Rose had no doubt about Joe’s desirers; he would have handed her over to a football team to get his hands on Karen. In a way it injured her feelings even as her pussy creamed thinking about Pete. Karen could hear a little hesitation in Pete’s whispered responses but his hard cock pressed against her outer thigh
“Tails” called Rose as the unaware waited flipped the coin. Karen turned beet red as the quarter revealed its head. Joe was ready to go right then but corralling the boys and getting everyone to the beach took more time than any of them planned. Of course that built tension beyond belief.
Rose noticed Pete staring out to sea as Joe and Karen faded from view. Letting her bathing suit straps fall from her shoulders she stepped in front of Pete. His view now filled with her twin peaks and tantalizing valley, her nipples still in hiding. A quick glance down reassured her; as Pete’s loose fitting bathing suit began to resemble a tent pole, that all would work out.
Two steps into the room and Joe was on Karen, her bikini top yanked down exposing her tits and pinning her arms to her sides. “Door” she gasped as those powerful arms engulfed her; Joe released her and kicked the door shut and never missing a beat, turned and sucked her hard nipple into his mouth.
There was no doubt that this was not going to be slow sweet sex. Karen was about to be fucked! The animal in her sprung into life as she struggled her arms free of her top, her hands gripping the back of Joe’s head as he moved from nipple to nipple. No kissing was needed nor wanted here.
Joe’s hands completely covered her ass and it was as tight as he dreamed it would be; he lifted her and her long legs right off the floor. Karen wrapped her powerful legs around his wide body her cloth covered pussy now pressed tight against Joe’s thick hard cock. A couple of steps and Joe slammed Karen across the nearest bed; he pushed free of the lock her legs had on him and now stood between her open legs.
Karen was stunned as Joe yanked his bathing suit off and the thickest cock she had ever dreamed of sprang free. This had to be a dream, it couldn’t be real, there was no way a woman could fuck his thing pulsing in front of her.
“Suck it bitch!” pulled her back to reality “Suck it bitch!” No man ever talked to her like that! Joe reached down and pulled her up; she was now face to face with his cock. With one hand on the back of her head and one holding the base of his cock Joe’s cock now pressed hard against her lips.
“God damn it, I said suck it!”
Karen opened her mouth wide. Her teeth scrapped over Joe’s cock head as he took over her mouth. “Don’t bite – suck it!” growled Joe.
She opened wider as his hand pulled her head forward. “That’s it – fuck – I knew you were a cock sucker.”
Karen gagged a little but now there was no doubt in that room that she was in fact a cock sucker and loved every second of it. Karen’s hand came up and began cupping Joe’s large balls as her mouth fucked his fat cock. The more he cursed at her, the more turned on she became. Karen wanted his hot cum and sucked his cock as if it was all that mattered in this world. Her long thin fingers caressed his balls as her other hand gripped the base of his cock keeping time with her mouth.
Karen was gasping for breath as Joe abruptly pulled his cock free of her sucking mouth. “Time for that cunt of yours to get stretched baby.” Joe curtly announced, as he easily reached down and jerked her bikini bottom off, and just as quickly turned her face down on the bed.
“On your knees slut!” Karen’s body complied rising up on all fours offering Joe her pussy.
Karen, the liberated woman, was not in the room, replaced by an all out slut now on her hands and knees wiggling her tight ass as her pussy begged for cock.
Joe stood behind her slowly dragging his cock between her ass cheeks, teasing the slut now under his control. As soon as his cock head began to part her pussy lips a low moan escaped Karen’s lips. Joe rubbed his cock along her slit teasing first the entrance to her body and then roughly over her swollen clit. Her hips bucked and pushed back wanting that cock to take over her inflamed pussy. Joe’s cock pressed into the opening of Karen’s pussy and then he held still.
“You want it bitch – work for it!” he commanded denying her the pressure need to force his thick cock into her tight married pussy.
Karen’s body began to push back but now a little fear entered her lust filled brain as that ring of tight muscle met the wide cock head. Joe felt her hesitate and slapped her ass hard, half shouting “Fuck it bitch!” she pushed back harder.
Rose didn’t have to see what was happening to Karen, she knew, Joe was a one trick pony when it came to sex. All out and always rough; her dream for today was that it would be vastly different with Pete. Rose continued to flirt and tease Pete as their children romped on the beach.
Pete’s cock was as hard as it had ever been; the thought of Karen fucking Joe was driving him wild and that damn sexy Rose was teasing him to no end. “Shit, I’ll come in two seconds at this rate.” he thought.
The one closer to the two second climax was Karen as her body pushed back impaling herself on Joe’s cock. Every inch of cock was forcing her cunt open as never before. Even Pete’s wild two fingers fucking of her had never felt like this. With only three inches of new cock in her Karen shuttered with her first climax; another sign of her submission to Joe’s cock. Joe felt her cumming and grabbed her hips jamming almost every inch of his cock into her tight pussy.
Joe’s weight and sheer force made her body collapse forward onto the mattress. He had her hard body at his mercy and his lust took over. That mean streak that Rose would call him on had no limits now. Karen’s cry of surprise/pain only added fuel to his cruel lust. His hands now gripped her shoulders as his cock began to use her pussy. Joe shoved the thick wide base of his cock passed the last resistance of Karen’s pussy. His belly pressed on the twin globes of her ass as his large balls soaked in her flowing juices.
It was Joe’s turn to be amazed as Karen’s muscular body pushed back to meet his assault as an equal, cumming for a second time as his cock was crammed inside of her willing body.
Rose brushed her tits on Pete’s arm, “Does this suit make my tits look to big?” she cooed as Pete reddened. His cock tented his bathing suit and a wet spot of pre cum began growing.
A long low moan escaped Karen’s lips as Joe began to move his engulfed cock from side to side pushing her cunt passes it limits. Each move caused her clit to be tugged at, increasing the pleasure her mind and body wanted and needed. When Joe began to pull away Karen whimpered, her ass lifting to follow the cock she ached for. His driving plunge back inside her drove a squeal of delight as her pussy welcomed it home.
“Oh fuck, fuck, oh fuck me you bastard!” pleaded Karen as Joe’s cock used her pussy.
The housekeeper in the next room froze in place as the sounds of fucking filled the air. This was a family style resort so hearing someone fucking was so rare that it stunned her at first; quickly replaced by heat. She eased down onto the unmade bed leaning towards the common wall between the suites. Her coco colored hand slid under her loose fitting uniform dress.
Joe had slowed the pace down, drawing his cock almost all the way out of Karen’s flowing pussy and then very slowly pushing it back taking full advantage of her still very tight pussy. Karen for her part; confidant that Joe’s cock wasn’t deserting her, match his every move, letting her inner slut rule her heated body. She had always wanted a big cock and right now it was all she had dreamed it would be.
Next door, her ear now pressed on the wall, as the loud couple slowed their pace down, her fingers continued to caress her own pussy, her thin panties soaking wet. The ragged breathing and small moans coming from the woman mixed with the male grunts of satisfaction made it though the wall and deep into her ear.
Both women felt the change, Karen in her whole body, and next door in her inner ear, as Joe’s tempo began to increase. The long strokes began to be shorted and jammed back in with more force. The slapping sound of two bodies meeting grew steadily louder. Joe was in full male mode, his balls seeking relief and Karen’s body was now just that; something to be used.
Karen called on every toned muscle she had to lift her ass and pussy to meet the pounding cock. Joe’s hands left her shoulders and now pulled her hips upward giving his cock even a better angle to ravish Karen’s very willing body. There was no longer any side to side movement, just plain in and out fucking. Karen wasn’t even aware of her own moaning and pleading as she urged that thick cock to cum. Lust and nature reigned supreme in the room.
On the bed next door, long fingers pushed panties aside and sank into a soaking wet open pussy. The sounds coming from the other room no longer mattered, just the need for release. The feeling of doing something against all normal rules added to the lust as her hips lifted off the bed and her own fingers fucked her. The climax that followed was short and intense, exactly what she needed.
Joe grunted with every thrust as the sounds of a submissive Karen pleading for his cum drove him to the point of no return. “Take it you fucking cunt!” he roared as the first explosive burst of cum fled his cock head.
Karen’s body thrashed with an equally explosive cum of her own as that hot cum seared into her womb. Only “oh, oh’ oh” escaped her clenched teeth. Her body collapsed once again under his weight and the release that comes with cumming.
The room fell quite as the two spent bodies lie on the bed. Joe’s cock still filled Karen as ever diminishing weak pumps of cum joined in soaking her insides. In true Joe fashion he pushed himself upright, his cock leaving a void in Karen’s cum filled pussy. He broke into a wide grin as he looked down at her once tight pussy gapping open with his thick white cum oozing out on to the bed spread.
“Great fuck babe!” He threw out, as he grabbed for his bathing suit. “See you on the beach.”
Karen didn’t move at first and then began to laugh at what had just happened. “Holy shit” she thought, “What an ass hole. But what a great fuck!” Her pussy ached, as did other part of her used body, cum just seemed to run out of her pussy as she sat up. It would take some very long minutes before she even dared to stand and even longer to get redressed in her bikini, stopping often to blot more of Joe’s cum as it dribbled out of her.
Joe shoved the house keepers cart to the side as he strutted away from the room. “That guy?” thought the house keeper, “That’s not his room – – oh, damn; not with that nice lady.” She kept an eye on the window as she collected herself and returned to work; sure enough she spotted Karen walking a little wobbly heading for the beach area.
Pete spied Joe first, with a big victory grin on his face, as he headed towards them on the beach. As soon as Rose saw him she grabbed Pete’s arm and half dragged him towards the rooms. There would be no polite banter to struggle through and that was a major relief to Pete. Besides; Rose’s big full tits were pressed tight against his arm.
Karen caught a quick look at the couple as she walked slowly to the beach. Her bikini bottom had a wet spot as still more of Joe seeped out of her still open pussy. Pete’s face was already bright red, he gets that way as he gets turned on.
Pete fumbled with the room key but finally the door swung open, he busied himself making sure the door was locked and the “Do not Disturb” sign hung on the door knob.
When he turned around there stood Rose, her bathing suit on the floor, “Is this what you wanted to see?” she purred cupping her tits and lifting them as an offering to him.
“Oh wow!” was all he could mutter as his eyes devoured the nude woman in front of him. Rose stepped forward and the couple melted into each other’s arms.
Rose was on her tiptoes as their lips and tongues’ welcomed each other. Her bare tits press into his taunt stomach. Pete’s kisses were hungry but gentle as his hands explored first her back and then eased down onto her ass. There was urgency in their passion but also the wonderment of someone new. Rose’s hand sought out Pete’s raging hard on; still covered by his trunks. Pete eased back just a little to give her hand the room it needed. Her fingers traced his cock’s outline at first and then began to free his cock from the suit blocking her way.
Pete gasped as Rose freed his cock, her fingers wrapping around its slender length. As a single unit the couple found the bed and now laid side by side, their mouths full of each other and Rose’s hand caressing Pete’s cock. Again it was Rose who made the first move, pulling her mouth from his she slid down his body leaving no doubt as to where her mouth was going. 

With a firm grip on the base of Pete’s cock Rose didn’t hesitate to engulf as much cock as she could into her mouth. Pete’s body bucked upward as the hot female mouth took control of his cock. Flashes of memory competed with the feel of Pete’s cock in mouth. Rose has always enjoyed cock sucking and there had been others long before Joe came along.
Rose slowly drew her mouth upward along the shaft and then plunged down quickly enjoying the taste of Pete’s precum and that feeling of control her mouth gave her over a man. Unlike Joe’s mouth cramming cock Rose now had room to use her tongue and lips, at times just holding Pete’s cock head in her lips and using her tongue to caress it, and then changing the tempo and mouth fucking her bed partner.
What at first was to be a warm up for fucking became all that mattered to Rose. When Pete’s hands began to pull her hair up and away so that he could watch her cock sucking her lust drive went into high. She absolutely adored being watched by a man as she sucked his cock. Pete made a feeble attempt to slow her down, he hadn’t even felt those big tits yet, but her plea of “oh please!” freed the volcano building in his balls.
Pete’s eyes were glued on Rose’s sucking mouth as the first blast of cum hit her throat. Her cheeks drew in as she sucked even more as wave after wave of hot sticky cum filled her mouth to overflow. Her head bobbed up and down as cum leaked out of the corners of her mouth. Pete thought that he saw her cum as her body shivered as she gulped his eruptions into her belly.
Now it was her turn; Pete’s mouth covered her’s as he kissed her deeply showing his approval of the gift she had just given him. Joe never kissed her after even a warm up sucking. Pete’s mouth began that traveled path down her body; first her neck, then between her twin mountains, over her small belly and to where her juices flowed. He took his time, kissing her inner thighs as he savored the aroma of her pussy. Rose drew up her knees and opened herself up to Pete.
With his hands cupping each cheek of her ass Pete’s tongue began to tease her very open and sopping wet pussy. The tip of his tongue traced first her outer lips, flicking across her swollen clit and then began to probe her inner lips just teasing the opening of her cunt without attempting to enter. As a treat he would flatten his tongue and lap from rear to front bring pressure to her clit. Rose bucked like a bronco with need.
One quick move on Pete’s part pushed Rose’s legs up high as his tongue moved to her asshole. Rose tensed; Joe had been after her ass for years, cock, fingers’ dildo but she never gave in. Pete’s tongue didn’t attack her but began to caress her asshole; never trying to enter her; she relaxed. Oh and it felt so good. Rose wiggled her ass as a sign of approval.
That talented tongue move back to her pussy. Pete tasted the difference and his mouth and tongue felt the difference. Rose was fleshier; both her outer and inner lips splayed open in soft velvety welcome, the entrance to her body offered no resistance to his probing tongue. Her hips moved in small movements as he sensed her climax getting closer. The louder, brassy, Rose came in soft moans and quiet whimpers her hips shaking to the tune of Pete’s tongue.
It wasn’t until Pete moved up next to her that he realized that he was hard again. Their kisses were long and intense; his hands roaming over her back and ass. Rose felt that welcome pressure of a hard cock and pressed Pete onto his back. With practiced skill she swung her leg over him, gripped his cock and lowered her body, impaling herself on this new cock. There she sat, a long cock in her soaking pussy and her tits on full display for Pete’s enjoyment.
Their fuck fest had taken a playful turn now that both of them had enjoyed one climax. Pete’s long cock filled Rose without strain or pain and she rolled her hips to welcome it. Attempting to move while jammed with Joe’s cock was near impossible but now she reveled in the simple pleasure of riding Pete’s cock. Of course, with Rose playing cowgirl, Pete had what he had longed for spilling out in front of him. His hands moved quickly to have those globes.
Rose watched Pete’s face as he began to feel her tits. For so many years and quite a few guys Rose and her tits had been the center of attention but Joe had passed them by lately giving them a “husband” squeeze on his way to fucking her. This felt so good, a pussy full of cock and a man worshipping her tits. Pete felt her pussy flex as he gave her large nipples a little tug. Rose pushed down a little harder enjoying the freedom of movement being on top was giving her.
Now Pete began to play, first drawing a nipple into his mouth and nursing on it and then without warning giving that nipple a little nip with his teeth. Each time the pussy engulfing his cock twitched and flexed adding to his pleasure. Rose was leaning even more forward putting more pressure on her clit clutching at Pete’s head as he pleased not only her tits but delighted her soaking pussy. Her pussy creamed with lust and soon had the balls pressed up against her coated.
Rose’s legs straightened as another climax began to approach, her tits now smothering the man under her as her body tensed in anticipation. Pete’s hands now gripped her ass adding more pressure to her clit. Whimpering as the first wave of her climax struck Rose rode Pete cock with all of her being. Pete’s body rose to the occasion bucking upward to insure his cock stayed firmly in place.
The woman on top of him became limp as her climax receded, her breathing ragged; Pete in one motion rolled the two of them over, his cock still firmly in place. Now he was on top, her legs together and his legs straddling hers and he began fucking Rose. He leaned up on his arms to better view her big tits shaking with every thrust of his cock.
Her body responded as a sexual being and wiggled and moved to increase both of their pleasure. Her legs together increased her tightness for both of them as Pete fucked her as men will during that drive to cum. Wave after wave of mini climaxes raced through her body as her body bounced on the mattress, that long slim cock probing deep inside of her.
“Oh! Fuck! Yes!” gasped Pete, as his cock erupted for the second time that hour.
He pressed into Rose as her body welcomed his hot cum. The couple held each other tightly as their pounding hearts began the slowing down process. Pete’s limp cock slipped from Rose.
“Stay right there Rose.” as he lifted up off her fucked body.
He took the couple of steps to the bathroom and returned with a damp wash cloth. He softly opened her legs exposing her pussy to his gaze. Pete was always turned on by the sight of cum oozing out of a woman, and this gave him the perfect excuse to indulge himself. Rose drew her knees up and closed her eyes as the warm cloth began to bathe the inside of her thighs, but not yet touching her seeping pussy. Pete watched as his cum dribbled out of the open pussy before him. After a time he let the cloth cover her pussy.
The couple dressed side by side; now feeling just a little strange or overwhelmed at what had take place in the room. They walked together to the beach. Karen saw them first and gave both of them a kiss and a hug, they reeked of sex.
Joe nodded to Pete.

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