First Swap

Hi my name is Anshul and my wife’s name is  Sonia ,Im 34 years old , 5’9” ,70 kgs , moderately hairy with a cut 6” cock, my wife is 29 years old ,5’4”, 55 kgs, smallish breasts but a big nicely shaped ass , her  nipples are pinkish brown in colour….we stay in  India and both of us work for a living. After nearly 8 years of marriage things were getting dull and we needed to spice up our sex life , we discussed the issue with an open mind and realized that we both were keen on swapping with another like minded couple and wanted to experience pleasure with the same gender as well.
We got looking ..not easy as there are so many things to consider ..most importantly our privacy and the credentials of the couple whom u want to swap with. We finally met one couple over a cup of coffee , Rohan and Kirti , and it seemed that things had gone off well. They were our age, Rohan would have been  6’0” tall,  he had a good body, was hairy and had a good sized tool, the wife had big breasts and was a pleasant lady.
We decided that things have to proceed and what follows next is a true account of our first swap..we have not had a better sexual experience and we wanted to let people know that if u r open enough with your partner a lot of things can be accomplished. What follows is a blow by blow account of our first swap…and our first bisexual experience……hope u like it… On a Saturday evening my wife and me reached their house, we had decided to try out every one of our fantasies tonight , we knew what to expect as we stepped into their house….i was dressed in a pair of  blue jeans and a white t shirt and my wife was wearing a black dress , a little below her knees.

Rohan was wearing shorts and a t shirt  and his wife Kirti was dressed in a pair of jeans with a salwar top…we got comfortable over a few drinks and then Rohan asked my wife to come and sit next to him…she walked up to him and tried to sit down next 2 him but he pulled her and made her sit on his lap with his already hard cock poking her ass…he turned her around and start kissing her mouth and lips and neck…he lifted her dress up and removed it…now she was in her bra and panties only….I could see her shivering in anticipation ….my heart was pounding too at the sight of me wife being openly pleasured by a man whom we knew from just two meetings …he removed his shorts and stripped to his underwear through which one could see the raging erection…Sonia gingerly removed his underwear ..took his raging hardon in her hand , the dark big cock looked huge in her petite white fingers and she ran her hand up and down his shaft …she rubbed the pre cum on his cock head with her thumb.
She then brought her mouth to this massive beast and started licking all over his cock with her tongue and then took the engorged head in her mouth and started sucking , slowly at first , a little unsure of herself but after a few moments her lust and excitement at playing with another man’s cock with her husband watching her took over and she started sucking like this was the last cock left in the world…her saliva was all over Rohan’s cock and balls and she made it dripping wet.
He yanked open her black lacy panties and bra and started licking and sucking her pussy like a mad man…he pushed one finger into her tight asshole..she was moaning in sheer sexual pleasure and excitement and talking dirty, ‘Oh Rohan how good ur tongue and finger are. he was really horny now and got between her legs and with Sonia’s fingers holding him and guiding him to that love hole of her which till now had been my exclusive domain, Kirti and me stared at this erotic adventure as Rohan’s thick cock gently stretched my wife’s pussy like it had not been done before.
My cock was a little longer than his but his cock was definately thicker than mine , Sonia’s eyes were closed in sheer delight and she was moaning softly with each thrust of his, she was saying that she has never felt this full before and was responding to each of his deep thrusts, he increased his pace and with my wife’s tight pussy squeezing on his thick cock he soon brought her to the verge of a earth shattering orgasm,
He announced aloud that he was ready to shoot and my wife started to feel a big orgasm building up, Rohan fucked her harder now and with a scream he came inside of her filling her up till she could hold no more , Sonia also had a massive orgasm and you could plainly see her cunt convulsing in pleasure around that big meat sausage. In the meantime I asked  Kirti to come and sit next to me …i had removed my jeans and t shirt and was sitting in my undies…she removed her saree and came towards me in her petticoat and blouse……her big boobs were jutting out ..inviting me to fondle them and suck them.
She sat next to me and we start French kissing ..our tongues fighting for each other’s saliva….i removed her blouse n petticoat…she was looking like an angel in her bra and panty…i remove them and her trim bush came into view ..Kirti now removes her bra…her huge boobs and brown nipples were jutting out in all their glory….i fondled her boobs like a man possessed…crushing them in my hands…her moans filled the room…..she took my cock in her hand and put it in her warm moist mouth bathing me in her sweet saliva…my cock is shining with her spit on it…i gently rubbed Kirti’s  lips and fingered her clit…she was wet like a river and her juices werer all over my face….I was super horny by now and turned her around and started fucking her.
Her cunt was not as tight as my wife’s as Im sure Rohan’s cock had stretched it to the max …but she had a wonderful technique and I could feel her milking my cock with her cunt …the pleasure was just too much and I started cumming inside of her, her wonderful cunt squeezed the last drop of my cum and we then lay down on the bed …relaxing in the afterglow of this hot fuck … We then decided to switch partners…the girls wanted to put on a show for us…Rohan and me got off the bed  and sat next to each other on the sofa fondling each other’s hard cocks which were wet with saliva from the other person’s wife…the girls walked up to each other…my wife was fascinated with Kirti’s big tits and gingerly held them with her fingers ..feeling their large nipples…twisting the nipples and sucking on them.
Kirti held my wife in her strong arms and lifted her up from her ass…not forgetting to slide in a finger up my wife’s tight asshole which was already lubricated from Rohan’s saliva and finger fucking …Sonia moaned in pleasure and wrapped her legs around Kirti’s waist…the two women were moaning and sucking on each other’s tongues….She then laid down my wife on her back and climbed over her…  They started rubbing their cunts together..their love juices made their thighs wet and slick…Kirti went down on Sonia..licking her pussy with her strong tongue …nibbling on her clit and licking her all the way from her asshole to her pussy..she then inserted one finger into my wife’s cunt..then two …and then three wife was squealing in pleasure around ur Kirti’s fingers …Kirti upped the pace and my wife could not hold on any longer…she came and came and came ..Sonia’s juice was  flowing over Kirti’s face and fingers.
Kirti then withdrew her fingers and climbed on top of Sonia’s face and sat with her pussy on Sonia’s wife started licking and sucking her like a bitch on heat …she was screaming that this is the best tasting pussy she has ever tasted …Kirti was grinding her pussy against her face…my wife’s face started shining from the pussy juices of Kirti’s pussy….Sonia caught hold of Kirti’s clit and sucked and nibbled on it till Kirti orgasmed in a river of juices on Sonia’s face…Both of them now lay down on the bed taking deep breaths, their bodies intertwined ..Rohan and me started clapping at the sight of this very erotic show and decided that it was time for us to do our bit..but we were wrong ..they had not finished ….Kirti lifted my wife up and put her in a missionary position on the bed.
She then put on a strap on dildo ,lifts Sonia’s creamy legs over her shoulders and gently started pumping my wife with her huge cock…she set up a rhythm…she plunged into my wife till their pubic hair was rubbing each other and then withdrew completely and then repeated it wife was in the throes of pleasure and was squeezing Kirti’s boobs and nipples and sucking on them…Kirti increased the pace and was now fucking Sonia like a train in full flow….she then flipped my wife over like a bitch and started pounding her from behind wife could not  hold her pleasure  and she orgasmed like a fountain…Kirti  pushed in and out one last time and came out…the dildo was glistening with the juices of Sonia…..the girls now came onto the sofa and both of us moved to the bed to entertain ourselves and the ladies.
Rohan and me went to the bed holding our raging hard ons…he grabbed me by my head and brought it to his mouth..his tongue was inside my mouth …felt a little strange intially but the mere thought of what we had seen a few minutes back and the fact that I was getting on with a man in front of my wife was just too exciting and soon I got into the whole game..i was literally sucking on Rohan’s tongue..he started kissing and licking my neck and start chewing on my nipples and sucking them and making them wet…I nestled my head against  his hard and hairy chest and start nibbling on his hard man nipples and boobs ..licking the hair around them.. he lifted me up and placed me on the bed and came over my face and started feeding me his raging hard and thick cock..i have never tasted a cock before and I was  overwhelmed by this feeling of a cock in my mouth.
I started to suck on it as if my life depended on it making it sopping wet with my saliva ..i tongued Rohan’s balls and sucked and rolled them in my mouth…I turned Rohan around now and started licking and tonguing his tight hairy asshole…i licked and I licked till Rohan started moaning in pleasure …I wet my fingers and gradually inserted two of myfingers into his tight man pussy and started finger fucking him……he was obviously turned on by this as he started pushing his ass against my fingers …I did this for around 5 minutes and then he made me lie down on the bed  and took my cock in his hands and moved his hand up and down my shaft..Rohan started  sucking my circumcised  cockhead into his mouth and sucked on it like a pump ..he went up  down an licking my balls ..Rohan then raised me from the hips and brought his hot tongue to my love hole and started licking and tongue fucking me.
I was moaning in pleasure..he then bent me over like a dog and pressed his hard cock against my tight puckered hole..Rohan applied pressure and his  cock head slipped in past my  tight sphincter..i moaned in pain and asked him to go slow..Rohan held the position for a while and then start pushing in gently and pulling it out…soon he got into a rhythm as I relaxed and he started taking out his entire cock and plunging it to the hilt again till his balls slapped against my ass..i had never felt this kind of pleasure before and was moaning in sweet pain and pleasure…Rohan started fucking my ass in a nice steady rhythm.
Not too hard and not too soft..i was moaning like a woman..Rohan turned around and asked my wife if she liked seeing her husband getting fucked by a big hard cock and my wife could only nod in agreement….Rohan turned me around and got into a missionary position…he lifted my legs and pushed them over his shoulders and came on and started fucking me ..his right hand was on my cock and he was wanking me …the sight of a man fucking me in front of my wife  was just so exciting and I started ejaculating ….seeing me cum with his cock inside my ass excited Rohan a lot and pushed him over the edge …he  started cumming and sprayed his hot jizm inside of me …I could feel his cock jerk and shoot his hot spray deep inside me.
He did not remove his cock from my ass , I could feel his cock gradually becoming soft inside of me and then he finally pulled  out…Rohan’s cum was running down from my asshole and my wife was at hand to lick it all and then give me full mouth kiss ..both of us reveled in the taste of Rohan’s cum..and our saliva.
My wife was now really turned on and wanted to feel the hard cock which fucked her husband…I went and sat on the sofa wid Kirti ..Kirti held my cock in her hands and started to suck it …making it hard again…we then stopped and started to look at Rohan and my wife Sonia Rohan picked my sweet horny wife in his arms and their tongues met and were soon eating each other like mad…Rohan put his head down and start sucking on my wife ‘s boobs …the nipples became hard like stones and were shining with Rohan’s saliva….he sucked them till they turned crimson red in colour…my wife was squealing in pleasure …she then sat on the bed and Rohan stood in front of her..his giant cock was all over her face ..his precum is so tasty she said and Rohan rubbed it all over her face and tits.
She took Rohan’s cock into her warm mouth and she started sucking on him..She was giving a blow job which was really erotic in nature she wanted to taste his virile seed in her mouth and I could sense that urgency and excitement in her sucking …she kept alternating between Rohan’s cock and balls till they were both dripping with her saliva…Rohan started fucking her mouth and with a grunt he filled up Sonia’s mouth with his steaming hot sperms.
He shot string after string of cum into her mouth and she rolled it around in her mouth and then swallowed the whole thing…ooh what a sight it was ..then Rohan turned her around in the doggie position and started licking her asshole and pussy…she squirmed in pleasure..Rohan’s lips and tongue were making her so wet that the bedsheet below was soaked with her juices.
In the mean time Kirti and me joined them on the bed …i started sucking her ample boobs and big nipples and she was moaning in ecstacy…her one hand was  on my cock and balls, constantly fondling them…her 1/2 inch nipple were hard and shining with my saliva…we got into a 69 position with Kirti on top..her beautiful pussy was dripping wet with her juices and I just started licking it like a dog…Kirti dove onto my circumcised hard cock and licked it and sucked the exposed head of my cock with her tongue and lips pre cum coated her mouth in a glaze..she went down below and started sucking my balls into her warm and wet mouth. We did this for 10 to 15 minutes and I licked her asshole completely and and then get into a missionary position.
I pushed my hard cock inside Kirti’s cunt and she moaned in pleasure..i started fucking her like a piston and she was trying to squeeze my cock with her cunt muscles..ten minutes of this action and I was ready to burst  and I grunted and came inside her pussy filling her up with my cum ..she orgasmed as well and her cunt juices coated my cock….we lay like this and finally i pull out of her cum was slowly coming out of her and we start kissing my wife came over ..licked Kirti’s pussy juice and my cum ..collected it in her mouth..went over to Rohan and started french kissing him.
Putting my cum and her saliva into his mouth…oooh what a scene…this excited Rohan a lot and he bent Sonia over ..spat some of that cum and saliva onto his cock and immediately shoved his hard cock inside her waiting pussy and started ramming her..he must have fucked Sonia for a good 15 minutes when he suddenly shouted and filled her cunt with his cum…she could  feel the cum hitting her womb inside…and she climaxed around his hard thick cock..twitching with extreme pleasure…I dont think I have seen Sonia ever Orgasm like that and I felt happy for her…all 4 of us then sat down on the sofa tried to get our breath back…we decided to carry on with our adventure in another half an hour!

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