First Swap Of Shy Wife

This is a real story of our first swap. if you like the story or any married lady wants to contact me then please mail me. This real incident happened 5 years back. First i will tell you about us. i am 6 feet fair good looking man with good tool. She is 5 feet 1 inch and curvy; short in height but she is fair, curvy women of 34C-28-36. She has a bit bigger ass. She has shoulder length hairs, hairs are bit curly. She wears small nose ring which adds sex appeal of her. She has round butts (gol chutad). We were already married for 3 years at that time.
I started fancy her with some other male.I started clicking her semi nude pictures and uploaded many on net, where I created a new profile for swapping. Initially my wife was hesitant and never wanted her body to be seen by any other male. She was virgin at marriage and never had any affair before marriage so even thought of another male made her angry but I started showing her XXX films .whenever she watched the movies
She got more excited and we had wonderful sex many times in one night. To cut short, I convinced her that the other couple will only watch us which will be like watching porn live and nothing else .If it’s ok then other man may kiss and touch her but nothing more.. She was hesitant that what if in excitement that other male do something but i assured her that I will be near and in same room so nothing will happen and we will find a couple who agrees for this condition..with few hesitancy she agreed..

I started searching, after talking and chatting with many couples, one night I chatted with a couple from Goa, who were in early 30s. He was akash and she was anu. Akash was 5 feet and 10 inch height. He had wheatish complexion and was slim she was 5 feet 4 inch in height. She was wheatish but had good boobs of 36D. We saw each other on cam and decided to meet in Goa. We agreed to travel from Delhi to Goa and they will arrange for room.
we took an early flight. the day before the flight she prepared herself, she visited beauty parlor. we did not do sex for 2 nights prior so that she has the fire in herself left for the meet. in my heart, I was expecting a bit more to happen rather than just touching. we landed at right time and were eager to meet them , after collecting the bag, in which she was carrying saree, skirt and night dresses..we had planned for 3 days and 2 nights. on that day my wife , kamini was wearing a yellow pajami and red suit . i always liked her in pajami.
We came outside and met them. He was wearing normal pant and half sleeve shirt and she was wearing purple pajami and sleeve less white suit. I could see her big boobs from the top. She had cute round face and juicy red lips suiting her wheatish complexion. We took a taxi and kamini sat in rear seat between me and anu and akash sat with driver. We reached hotel but one problem came up as since we reached in early morning so both rooms were not ready and we had to share one room for 3 hours till 1 pm. We entered room.
I could see aakash looking at kamini & her body occasionally and i was also trying to see anu and her body. so in room we settled on the bed, one corner, he with his wife n on another side, me with kamini. We kept chatting and started touching our wives. Kamini pressed my hand to be slow. I winked at aakash and he asked his wife to lie down while kissing n started pressing her boobs. Kamini too got comfortable and excited, she turned towards me and we started kissing each other. Tongues traveled inside mouth. We kissed likes sucking lips of each other.
Room started getting noisy with the sounds of kissing. We kept looking at each other and started undressing our wives. On same bed so close to each other, 4 nude bodies. It increased the excitement a lot. Shortly aakash’s shirt was open and anu was in her black panty and white bra, hugging aakash & holding his head. Akash was busy in kissing her neck. Anu lifted her back to let aakash open her bra which freed her boobs.
Aakash took time in admiring those boobs and started sucking one nipple keeping other hand on other nipple. Anu had large round breasts with blackish nipples. She started making noise..uuffhhh…aahhhh….hummm…. anu had closed her eyes and she was now only in her panty . i asked kamini to turn on her stomach and then i started kissing her neck, travelling downward. i reached her red panty ..She kept looking at game of aakash and anu and lifted her butts a bit as this is one of her most sensual region.
I clinched waist of her panty with my teeth’s and pulled it down helping with my hands. Now kamini was nude with only red bra on her body lying with face down .i started kissing her legs inching up to her thighs and kissed her ass (chutad). i removed my all clothes n got complete nude. i lied on her with my dick touching her ass n my hands caressing her back like in a massage.
I opened her bra and asked her to turn ..kamini was now complete nude..use nanga kar ke mujhe bahut acha lag raha tha.. she hugged me . now we were both complete naked..!
I slipped my hands in her thighs n touched her soft clean shaven pussy. It was already wet n hot . One finger slipped inside and kamini’s voice came out…aahhhhh…muhhh…uuuhhhh…aahhh…hummm..I started fingering her. i am very good in fingering and kamini can’t sustain before she comes i signaled aakash to move ahead..aakash also removed all clothes of him n her. Anu was also totally shaved n had clean pussy.. wetness was visible on her.
We laid our nude wives beside each other and parted the legs of our wives to put our tongues to them that got them wild. Kamini started lifting her in excitement and anu was more vocal with sounds..aahhh…ufffff….hummmmm….haann….haaannn…at this point of hot thing i asked akash can we touch each other wife a little , he looked at anu and i looked at kamini. Both agreed. Kamini whispered in my ear that thoda…& i told akash that he can touch her anywhere.
He immediately touched her breast and tweaked kamini’s nipple. Kamini closed her eyes..
Aakash hand traveled to kamini navel and touched kamini pussy lips…that little touch send shivers on kamini body. i touched silky body of anu …i touched her ass..i could not touch well as she was lying on her back but i also felt her boobs but could not even hold one boob in one hand. It was full like mango. I itched to kiss it but had to wait. Now we positioned us to fuck our wives. I opened kamini’s legs and inserted my dick in her wet dribbling pussy..Aakash’s dick was thicker than mine but mine was longer as i have 7 inch and he had 6 inch.
Kamini closed her eyes and i started thumping between i kissed her boobs. Aakash decided on same missionary position …He also parted anu legs and penetrated her..Anu’s mouth opened. Which was sealed by aakash’s kiss…the room got noisy with anu and kamini sound..Since we were close while fucking so we touched other wife also..As i touched thighs of anu when she was getting fucked and aaksh pressed kamini’s boobs..We fucked for 4-5 minutes only ..Aakash came 1st and laid on anu and then went to bathroom.
I was still fucking kamini and she was saying..aaahh….ooohhh….hummmm…….aaaghhh…anu was watching my hip movement..dick was moving inside her cunt like a piston rod..i myself never felt so horny that my actions are being watched by a women. Kamini nailed my back and her body got tight. Her mouth opened, eyes closed. Then she shuddered ..shook ..she reached her orgasm..Now I could also reach orgasm..I increased my pace and held her both legs on my shoulder ..thap..thap…thap… was full of sex noise. I bent forward and kissed her lips while I shooted my load in her she received the load she again clasped my hands…and her body shook for second orgasm. i lied on kamini kissed her lips and went to bathroom to clean….

After the first session of soft swap in same room, where we fucked own wives in front of each other and we could touch wife of each other for some fractions..I covered this in my part – I. So we all dressed up n started talking once again sitting on bed. Kamini was avoiding eye contact with the other couple…Aakash and Anu …I was afraid if kamini liked and want more or not.
I asked her…are u ok? She replied by nodding her head in affirmative…
I asked my wife softly, Can we do a bit more also?
She asked me ….What?
I said that he touches your complete body and kisses you and you hold his dick in your hands. That’s all.
She looked down and said…ok but nothing more and I won’t kiss him on lips. My dick again started hardening at thought of Aakash touching my wife. They were also discussing in low voice.
I told Aakash, yaar, as we have seen each other nude and probably we all 4 are compatible so I think now we can start touching other’s wives. If you guys are ok…
Aakash looked at his wife and Anu smiled at him, closed her eyes and hugged Aakash, giving her acceptance..I was excited at thought of opening his shy wife now. Aakash said…ok we can do this..
I said, well, so now you undress kamini, my wife and I with Anu will watch and then I will undress Anu and you both watch. You take bed with Kamini and I with Anu will go to the sofa…
I came to sofa and Anu sat near me. I started caressing her shoulder and asked her…can you sit in my lap?
Anu sat in my lap with her side toward me. We both started looking at bed where kamini lied down on bed on her back and Aakash then went near kamini and put his hand on her thighs near knee and asked kamini …ok? On this Kamini nodded in yes and pulled pin on her hair and opened her hair.
Aakash moved his hand up. While doing so, Kamini’s suit also lifted above her thigh and showing side lines of her panty in pajami.. Aakash moved his hand to her boobs over the suit and started pressing them one by one. Kamini closed her eyes. Aakash was watching Kamini reaction keenly. He looked like an experienced player. I was sure that he will be able to open up kamini n seduce her …Aakash kissed her neck not leaving any inch on her neck. He put his tongue to her ears, where Kamini slightly moaned….
He brought his lips closer to kamini’s lips…they touched briefly..Kamini turned her face to side .Aakash kissed her cheek and used tongue on her cheek..Akashi’s one hand was still on her boobs pressing massage. Now Aakash slided his hand a bit down and started pulling her suit. Suit reached her navel and now her bare stomach showing flawless skin was seen….as his hand touched there, he put his hand inside her suit and now I could see shape of his hand over her boobs in suit, massaging them while his mouth was still kissing her neck and cheeks.
.then abash took his mouth to side and planted a soft kiss on kamini’s lips. She did not respond..but after few seconds while kissing he brought his lips closer to kamini’s lips and planted a soft kiss again this time he did not move his lips away but kept his lips there for some seconds..feeling her lips…now kamini turned her face back towards Aakash..looked at him…I was afraid probablly she did not like the kiss as she had already told me..n I should have stopped him…
She lifted her head and planted a kiss herself on Aakash’s lips, soft kiss…It surprised me..I was happy too and excited also to see this..Aakash got bolder after this and when kamini’s head returned to her position, he brought his lips again on her lips and this time he tried to push open her lips. Which she obliged and they kissed sucking lips of each other. Aakash sucking kamini’s lower lip and kamini sucking upper lip of Aakash. His hands also started moving fast on her body, her boob and now suit of kamini was lifted to her bra and her bra was visible…We could see Aakash hands over the bra, squeezing her boobs.
Kamini in excitement had folded her knees and her legs were moving I knew she is getting excited…her eyes were again closed and she was deep in kissing Aakash ..Aakash bought his hands down on her pajami briefly touched her nada and then slided down to touch her inner thighs and touched her pussy from over the pajami….Kamini on this spread her legs a bit with knees still bend..He started massaging her pussy over the pajami ..
Now Aakash moved his hand up, holded her suit corner and tried to pull it up signaling Kamini to remove..Kamini lifted her half body and removed the kamini’s red bra was seen..Aakash did not waste time ..and at same time took his hands behind her back and opened hooks of bra..bra got loose and then he laid Kamini back…and slowly removed bra from over her boobs..
Here, I was massaging thigh of Anu when we were watching Aakash and Kamini..In between I kissed her neck and cheek also..My hands were travelling on her back and then I felt she is also getting excited at the show put up by my wife and Aakash..I moved my left hand up on her boobs…ohh..They were really big…when I pressed them..Anu looked at me..Her eyes had question and desire…I immediately kissed her lips..I tried open it with my tongue but she hugged me and I could feel her breast pressed against my chest. We started kissing each other face n neck wildly.
I sensed my opportunity and slided my right hand under her suit and straight went to bra hook and opened it. My left hand parted the hug giving space to reach her boobs under the suit. It was awesome….She had wonderful boobs..My one hand was just able to grasp one boob..I started pressing them..Anu also closed her eyes now and started enjoying it..Underneath, my dick was fully erect and she could sense it when it was touching her thighs..
Thee on bed, now Kamini was half nude with just her pajami on her body and her upper body nude open to Aakash..Now kamini’s body had turned toward Aakash leaving her back toward us..Aakash was sucking her boobs one by one..When he sucks one then his other hand was pressing the other boob..Sometime sound of sucking was reaching to us..Whenever he used to pull nipples by sucking…Kamini slided her hand under shirt of Aakash and was touching his chest and back with her left hand..Now Aakash asked Kamini for something he whispered in her ear..
Both sat up on bed only and Kamini started opening button of his shirt..Aakash was looking at kamini’s boobs..When the last button opened, Kamini moved her both hands on his body outward removing his shirt…and touching his hairy chest..Aakash was not wearing any vest..So now Aakash and Kamini were both nude at upper part..Aakash pulled Kamini toward him and both hugged …kamini’s boobs crushed on the part hairy chest of Aakash..Both were enjoying the nude touch..
Here I removed anu’s suit also and since I had opened her bra earlier so her boobs got free from her suit …and were near my mouth. Immediately I pressed her right boob with my left hand and started sucking her right boobs…nipple were medium size and brownish. Anu was moving hand in my hairs and I increased my pace of sucking her boobs. I smelled her body too.
I kissed her boobs, all area near her breast and then I lifted her armpit and kissed there…now. I sized her ass with my hands. It did not seem as small as it was looking. So my right hand was touching line between her butts…despite tight nada, I could get my hand inside partly and touched her butts but could not reach ass hole .I also removed my shirt in which Anu helped and we also were naked from top. She was still in my lap.
There on bed, kamini was made to lie still on her back and Aakash raised her hands with his one hand and with another hand, pulled her nada of pajami. Pajami got loose, on this, he unholded hands of her and slided his right hand inside her pajami. I could see his hand movement in her pajami. He may be touching her pussy. Now he slowly removed her pajami. Kamini helped him by lifting her butts a bit. Now she was in her panty only of red color and that was wet near her pussy area.
Aakash hugged her sliding his hands to her back downwards to her ass and then touched the crack of ass. Ha caressed that for some time while sucking her lips one by one. Kamini was pulling his head by moving her hand in his hairs. She was moaning slightly. To my surprise, her hands went to his pant and touched his dick over the pant. The bulge was visible. Aakash whispered again in her ear probably to ask her to open his pant. She sat up. He got on his knees. She unbuttoned and then starting unchaining. Half way down, the dick’s black top came out like spring touching her hand. She unzipped and then slided the pant down. Aakash was nearing any underwear also. Probably after first sex, while wearing clothes again, he deliberately avoided it for fun. A smile came on kamini’s face on his this naughtiness. She did not touch the dick but lied back again.
Aakash hugged her complete body with his dick touching her thighs. Only one panty was in between those two nude bodies. Kamini’s fairish complexion was more glowing in wheatish body of Aakash. His dick was fully erect. He came over kamini while kissing her boobs. He parted her legs and started kissing her face, neck. In this manner, his dick touched her panty. It was stroking her over the panty. He came down kissing and grabbed hold of her panty .Kamini stopped his hands. A realization came in her. She looked at me and said “ab aap log bhi aa jao “
Anu got up and we moved to bed. Aakash created space and moved to the half of bed but did not loose control on Kamini now kamini’s face was towards the other vacant half of bed to see the action and Aakash was behind her with his dick touching her ass and one hand on kamini’s boobs. In between he was kissing her neck and her back.
I laid Anu on her back and removed my pant and underwear myself and came on top of her touching my dick in between her ass crack. Her top was bare and then I touched her back with my chest. I kissed her neck and put my tongue to her ear. She closed her eyes. She moved her ass in excitement. I wanted to remove her pajami from back so that I can see and feel her ass.
I took my hands under her belly and unknotted her nada pajami got loose. I started kissing at her back downward when I reached the curve of her spine. I started pulling her pajami and panty together. I did not want to give a chance for her also to say no to it. I was moving very slowly, kissing her each part, relishing the soft flesh of her butt. I kissed her ass crack. Then my nose went past her pussy. The smell was too good, I softly gave a kiss to her pussy lips and moved down to her thighs.
Aakash slided his hand inside kamini’s panty and his fingers on the hot vagina of kamini. She looked at him Aakash sealed her lips with is kiss and slided his finger in her wet hole. She gasped and moaned. She arched her back to his penis.
Seeing this, I turned anu over and lied beside her and planted a wet French kiss on her lips. While kissing her, I slided my hand in hear pelvic area and my finger in her pussy. One, I have long fingers and second my wife Kamini says that I am very good in fingering. So I wanted to get her reach her 1st orgasm now.
I started exploring her inside with my finger. I moved it in circular manner. I touched her inner walls, slided another finger and started fingering her with two fingers. Her moan got louder. I was moving my fingers like a dick also and was caressing her inside of her pussy with flexibility in my fingers.
It was only 2 minutes when she clinched her thighs and pressed my hand with force I knew she is about to come so I grasped her boob and started sucking that. She came like volcano. Her juice started flowing on my hand, she came in shuddering . She opened her eyes and kissed my lips in thank and then she regained her consciousness and in shyness smiled and looked toward Aakash.
Aakash has slided the panty of Kamini down now and she was enjoying the fingers. She hinted in her eyes that she wanted to come near me.
I said to Aakash “Shall we exchange our wives for final fuck? “
He reluctantly agreed as when kamini moved toward me his hands touched her back. Anu went near him. He was fully excited and he slided his hand in anu’s pussy and without wasting time, came over her. He parted her legs and slided his thick manhood in her wet pussy. She was ready for second time and started cooperating they whispered something in between themselves. I used this opportunity to ask Kamini my first question kaisa laga? “ she said in moaning voice “ bahut acha aur apko ?”
I said “ mujhe bhi “ since we speak sex words in hindi also, I asked her “ uska lund kaisa laga ? “ she just kissed me on my lips “mota “ I opened her legs and I got too horny to wait. She smiled naughty to me and like a porn star, she opened her legs wide signaling me to enter. I placed my long dick on her pussy lips and slowly entered her wet hot hole. She moaned..aah..uuhh..hummm..she put her hand on my shoulder I started pumping two..three and the pace thap ..thap ..
It was so horny and exciting to hear 2sounds of fuck in same room so near in bed. After fucking for 4 minutes in this position, I changed to my favorite position, Doggy position. Kamini got on all fours and ached her back opening her ass and pussy open for fuck like a bitch.
I holded her love handle and pushed my dick in her pussy ..She said pain. It always pains her whenever I do in this position as the penetration is deep with my long dick. I put saliva on my fingers and touched her anal. I pushed one finger inside as kamini likes both holes to be filled. Within one minute she came thuddering her juice started coming out. Her pussy walls clinched my dick ..I increased my pace and when she was done, I slowed my pace.. but did not leave her. She regained her consciousness and came back on all four to support me in fuck.
I started pumping her mercilessly.
Anu and Aakash were in still missionary positioned he was fucking her with full force. After 10 minutes of fuck he came on her. I increased my pace and kamini was shaking with the push of dick.
Her body was cooperating with mine. Kamini can get more than one orgasm I knew it. So I told her “come with me” and I unloaded my cum in her pusssy. It shot inside her she also reached her orgasm with me..aaahhhh..loud noise. Her pussy lips retracted, clinched my dick like squeezing it. We came together. I remained over her body with my dick inside her for 1 minute, kissed her and moved to bathroom to clean.
Aakash was also cleaning…we came out and kamini and anu went together to clean. I told Aakash “ yaar, good fun “ Aakash said “ maza aa gaya yaar”.

We met and had two session of soft swap in same room in a hotel but the real thing happened in third session. After the session of soft swap in same room, where we undresses and kissed other wives in front of each other ,In evening, we decided to go for a walk on the beach where we discussed on our night plan. First I asked him that if we can move ahead and he was ready then we both were worried about our wife agreeing for full sex. We decided that if in the heat of moment, they agree then we can let the fuck happen and we males won’t object. But in the case, the ladies don’t agree then men wont fuck but it will not be on reciprocal basis if kamini agrees that Aakash can fuck her whether anu agrees or not and same if anu agrees.
We went back to our wives who were chatting sitting on the sand. I asked kamini for a walk and Aakash sat near anu. Kamini was visibly very happy. She was blushing in presence of Aakash. She was wearing jeans n top. I spoke about Aakash, she said that he is ok till now. I asked her if we can do more. She said a firm NO. I could not think of asking her further as I did not want to spoil the today’s night. I asked her what about orals, she said,” I am OK with him but I won’t suck”. I said it mean that he can lick you , she did not say anything and agreed avoiding eye contact, probably at thought of Aakash moth on her pussy.
While coming back to hotel room, I discussed issue with Aakash again and he said that his wife also denied fuck but is ok with anything else like oral. We planned to have the diner in our room at 8 30 pm and then have the next session there. Then we discussed about the dresses. I asked him that in which dress, he would like to see kamini in night. He said that either saree or skirt. I told him my first choice as skirt or a nighty.
Ladies were walking in front of us and we were looking at their wriggling ass. They have jelled up well with each other. To make things hotter, I asked Aakash,”which panty color does u want kamini to wear” he thought for a while and said “black bra and white panty if possible”. I knew kamini has both colors so I said ok then I said you also let anu wear black panty and bra if possible. He said that he will try.
We came back to our room and they went in their room. It was 7 pm when we reached back room. We ordered tea as kamini collapsed on bed for some rest. I sat besides her moving my fingers in her hairs I know what all must be going in her mind. I need to keep her relax. She asked are we doing correct thing? I said,” don’t think now, just enjoy. We are here for 2 nights only and then we will fly back so why think anything let’s explore the sexual fun.i am here with you” and I kissed on her lips. We had tea and then she decided to take a shower. I told her that Aakash wants to see you in saree and if not saree then skirt.
She replied,” saree!! I can’t wear right now, haan skirt pehan loongi” I asked her if you want him to be dressed in anything. She said anything except jeans. She chooses a knee length black skirt and white sleeve less top. I told her panty n bra choice also. She did not say anything but just collected the same from beg and moved in bathroom. We both were ready by 8 15 pm and waited for them. We switched on TV. They knocked at 8 20 pm and they came in. anu was wearing a long skirt of dark blue colour and pink top. Her boobs were heaving with her each moment. We called for dinner. It was difficult to eat properly as the anticipation and excitement was too much. I think nobody ate properly. We waited for room service to clear the table. I closed the door from inside after putting a tag of no disturb outside.
I said, “ we have already waited quite a lot and I think we can start with the other partners if you guys don’t have problem “ Aakash and Anu looked at each other and then Aakash got up and went near kamini who was sitting on bed’s right side. Anu was on sofa. I offered my hand to anu to help her stand. All were smiling and shyly laughing.
Aakash went near kamini and she looked towards him. Aakash lowered his face to her face and kissed on her lips. Kamini also responded by kissing back. Soon they were sucking lips of each other. Kamini’s hands holded his head and her fingers moving in his hairs. She looked better prepared. While kissing, he made her lie down and lied himself beside her. He was wearing pajama and T-Shirt. His bulge was visible now as prolly he was not wearing any underwear. Kamini could feel his dick on her thighs. He moved his one leg over her thighs and started kissing her neck and cheeks. While moving his leg, her skirt lofted further showing her fair creamy thighs. Kamini had closed her eyes and was moaning with pleasure. Her Aakash’s hands were on her boobs. He was pressing her boobs one by one over the top. His half body was on her body. His chest crushing her boobs and his fingers intermingled with her fingers. His both hands were holding her both hands away from her body and his face buried in her bosom and neck area kissing each part.
On other side, Anu got up holding my hand. I hugged her to make her comfortable. I kissed on her cheeks and then on lips. She hugged me back tightly. I could feel her breasts on my chest. I was wearing a short and T-Shirt. My hands traveled on her back. I sat on edge of bed so that she remains standing. I started lifting her skirt. I wanted to feel her thighs and ass. I placed my hands inside her skirt and touched up till her ass feeling her panty lines. She was moving her hands in my hairs in pleasure. She was looking at the Aakash and kamini’s play. Then I also stood kissed her lips once more and moved her to bed. I lie beside her. Now we all were on bed in this position… Me – Anu (Aakash’s wife) – Kamini (my wife) – Aakash.
Aakash started opening buttons of kamini’s top. She loosened her hairs a bit. Aakash saw black bra and whispered thanks to her ear, licking her earlobes with his tongue. They both started lips kiss again this time more passionate Aakash pushing his tongue in to kamini’s mouth. Kamini was also responding with equal passion. Aakash removed his T-Shirt and again came on kamini’s body to kiss her. Now Aakash’s upper body was nude. His hairy chest was touching bare skin of kamini. He opened her bra and made her nude from top. Now Aakash and kamini were nude from top. Aakash looked at kamini for a while before crushing her boobs with his chest again.
He started rubbing his chest to her breasts.
On this side, I kissed on anu’s lips. My one hand moved on her boobs..I love her boobs..Handful. She started responding to my kisses. She also kissed me and giggled. I sucked her lower lip in my lips. I kissed her cheeks, neck , earlobes..One hand kept pressing her boobs. Then I turned her towards me facing me. Now neither of us could see kamini and Aakash. I guided her hand to my dick. She felt it over the half pant caressed it. Dick had grown big and had made a tent in the half pant. I started removing my T-Shirt looking at her face. She was shyly gaining heat. I removed her top; her boobs were bulging out of her bra. I removed her bra too while kissing her cleavage. As soon as her bra was removed her boobs presented an awesome sight. I could not control but put my mouth on her nipples. She started breathing heavy. She was making sound,” hum..sshhhii….ahhuumm…” I sucked one boob and pressed another. Now we all four were naked from top, I was buried in the body of Aakash’s wife and he was penetrating passions of my wife. What a scene, the room was turning into.
There Aakash went near the toe of kamini and lifted the leg, her skirt lifted till her white panty was visible and so was visible wet mark on her panty over her pussy which shows how excited she was. Aakash kissed her toes and started kissing upward. He kissed her calf, her knee, folded her leg n now kissed thigh. He stopped there giving full attention to thigh. Kamini was looking at him. Her breathing was again increasing. He lifted her skirt completely. Aakash saw the wet spot on her panty and placed his nose near that smelled it and then planted a soft kiss.
He started pulling her panty down with his both hands looking at kamini face. Kamini did not say anything but even helped him by lifting her butts. Slowly he removed the panty from her legs and smelled it before throwing to sofa. She was only in her bundled skirt. She removed it herself. Now she laid in front of Aakash completely naked. Her shaved pussy and white creamy complexion was inviting wheatish body of Aakash. His dick was visible in his pajama. He went near kamini. Kamini got up sat on bed and now her face was in front of his pajama. She touched his dick over the pajama. She started pulling his nada. She slided down his pajama. His thick dick was erect in front of her eyes. She grasped the dick, sized it prolly and looked at Aakash. She was moving her hand on his dick. Now they both got completely nude.
Here, I lifted her skirt completely and my hands were on her ass cheeks pressing them one by one. I was sliding my hand down her ass crack over her panty. I moved my hand to front removing her panty a little and touched her love nectar. She was smooth and then further sliding down my fingers touched her pussy. I massaged it with my hand first before opening it with my fingers. She was completely wet. Liquid was oozing out of her pussy. Finger slided well inside. She holded me tightly, closed her eyes and her mouth opened with sound,” aahhhhh…hummm…” I placed my lips on her lips. Soon my tongue was exploring her mouth. She also responded by her tongue and soon we were French kissing. I slided two fingers inside.
First I moved them in circular manner, sometime exploring her inner walls and sometime fucking her with fingers like a dick. Kamini tells me that my fingers are like magic on her. I was eager to see her response to it. She did not take 2 minutes also. She immediately squeezed my fingers and my hand with her thighs. Her body got tense. To increase her orgasm, with my second hand, I started pressing her boobs. She exploded inside. It was some time before she regained where she was. She was nude in my arms and my fingers inside her pussy. She gave me a thanks kiss on my lips. She looked in my eyes. Her eyes were telling me that she is grateful. But night has just started, I thought in myself.
There, Aakash and kamini were lying side by side total nude. Aakash got a bit slow now and was pressing her boobs, playing with her nipples and looking at her face. In between, he will kiss her boobs or suck them and then return to be on one elbow. Other hand was playing with her boob. She was getting a bit restless. Her legs were pressing each other. I know this is the time when she wants to move ahead. But Aakash was taking time. Prolly making her wants more.
Atmosphere in room lowered down a bit now, after anu’s orgasm and Aakash slowing down. So we asked each other, “all ok”. Anu said yes. Aakash said yes but kamini said that she want to exchange now. I knew it that she is saying because she did not like him being slow and want to have with me. So I now came to kamini and he went to anu. I wanted to ask her experience so we started whispering. I asked her,” kaisa laga”.
She replies,” thik tha, but slow hai”
I asked,” kya acha laga?”
She replied.” Uska boobs ko chusna, usme bahut maza aaya”
I said,” wooh slow tha to aap fast ho jati “
She replied ,” main aise nahi kar sakti. Now leave it na” and she planted a lips kiss.
I removed my short and got complete naked with kamini. She started shaking my dick. I inserted my fingers in her wet pussy. She was totally wet. I started fingering her in same manner. I digged in her pussy, explored its wall. She started breathing heavily. I did not want her to reach orgasm with me as I know if she does then she won’t go to Aakash and then I won’t be able to see her taking more pleasure from Aakash so I used to slow down in between. Aakash had undressed anu completely and anu was shaking his dick. Now our positions on bed had changed. Now it was.. Anu – Aakash – kamini – me. So Aakash and my wife kamini were in center. Since bed was not very wide so bodies were touching occasionally of Aakash and kamini. Kamini was facing me so her back was toward Aakash.
Aakash was busy in his wife but was looking at kamini in between. He was lying on his back and anu was half on his body letting him suck her boobs and she was holding his dick sometime and sometime caressing his chest. Kamini was excited again now. I was kissing her neck, cleavage, underarm and fingering her also.
I asked her in whisper,” uska penis kaisa laga? “
She said,” thoda chota hai par mota hai. Waise maine jyada dhyan se nahi mahsos kiya “
I said,” to abhi kar lo. Mujhe bahut ahca lagta hai jab tum uska lund pakdti ho”
She replied,” abhi rehne do , unhe apna kar lene do “
I took her hand in my hand and guided it to Aakash’s dick. At same time, anu also touched Aakash dick. So both ladies had their hand on his dick. Kamini pulled her hand back and whispered ,” main nahi karti, usne pakda hai and aap kyun mujhe pakdne ko keh rahe ho. Aakash ka man karega to use initiative lene do na”. They can’t listen to our conversation as TV was also and we were talking very softly. Aakash looked at me and I signaled him towards kamini’s back and winked at him. He understood that I was conveying to him to take initiative and kamini is ready for more with him.
Actually I felt kamini want more from Aakash. He kept going with anu but moved his one hand to kamini’s ass and started caressing her ass. He groped her ass cheek with his palm. Kamini’s kiss became more volatile with his hand on her ass and my dick in her hand and my mouth on her mouth doing French kiss. It was positive sign from her. I moved kamini more towards inside towards Aakash. Now Aakash’s body was touching kamini’s back.
Aakash stopped kissing anu and whispered something in her ear and turned towards kamini. He hugged kamini moving his hand to her boobs through under her arm which she lifted to provide him better access. Aakash dick was touching kamini’s ass now. Anu also hugged Aakash from behind rubbing her boobs on his back. Scene in room started heating up again. Aakash was kissing kamini’s neck and pressing her boobs. Aakash was trying to move his lips closer to kamini’s lips to kiss, he reached cheeks but I was already sucking her lips so he was not getting chance. So I stopped kiss and immediately Aakash turned her face toward him and gave a lips kiss.
Kamini also responded back. Kamini moved her hand to his dick and started shaking it. I got up from there and moved to other side of bed to go at back of anu who was hugging Aakash. I went near anu and hugged her from behind. While hugging, I placed my dick in crack of her ass. I buried my mouth in her neck and she lifted her arm to give me access to her boobs. Anu’s grasp on Aakash loosened and she turned towards me gave me a kiss of life time. She was moaning and fully heated now.
I turned anu facing down and I came on top of her back. I removed her hair and started kissing at her neck. My dick was still touching her ass and inches away from her pussy. I started kissing down not leaving any part on her back and sometime using my tongue also. I reached her ass, parted her ass cheeks saw her hole n planted a kiss there. She moaned. I went down in between her legs and saw her pussy so closely. It was shaved totally wet and a bit dark outside and reddish inside. It was a bit difficult for my tongue to access her chut from here so I lifted her butts in doggy position. Now her pussy was in front of my eyes. I digged my mouth over that, parted her pussy lips, inserted my tongue and started licking and slurping. She collapsed on the pillow. Her boobs were hanging like ripe mango. Her ass open and inviting. She buries her face in the pillow in excitement and moaning like, “ aahhh…huuummmm…mmuuhhh….haaaiiiiii…uuuhh” .
There when Aakash kissed kamini, she turned towards him facing him. She was still holding his dick. She put her leg on his legs and got close to him. She was dominating and taking initiative now. It increased Aakash’s confidence and he started kissing her body all over like a wild man. He reached her belly and then her pussy and without waiting he parted her legs to start licking her. He sat near her feets and uplifted her butts to lick her in depth. He was inserting his tongue deep. Kamini started moaning, I thought something can happen now. I said,” since we all are nude and a drop also may become problem so why not we man wear condoms. Anu did not say anything. Kamini said,” Let’s change “I said ok we will change but 5 more minutes. We both wore condoms and came back to previous positions.
Aakash kissed her lips and then went down to her pussy again started licking deeply. He will lick then go up till boobs and then come back to pussy. When he used to go up his dick will touch her pussy. He was slowing down in between so that kamini does not reach orgasm. Kamini was nearing orgasm but it was not happening. She was becoming desperate. Aakash was doing it deliberately I know and I also wanted it to continue. So her eyes became half closed in pleasure. She was at his mercy. She closed her eyes. He came up kissing uptill her boobs and took in his mouth, started sucking her boobs. His dick was touching her pussy. Suddenly he placed his dick at edge of her pussy. Kamini opened her eyes looked at him and moved her head in no. he pleaded. ,” bas thoda touch karne do please”.
She did not say anything. Suddenly he pushed it inside. She opened her eyes in shock, anger and pleasure mix. He took out and pushed again. She mildly pushed him away. Then 3rd time pushed inside. Her resistance started melting. She looked at me. I assured with my eyes. She looked back at Aakash and closed her eyes. Aakash started pumping her slowly. ,” thup..thup…thup..” she moaning in pain and pleasure mix. His dick was moving in her pussy like a shaft. She came fast.. held his arm. He realized and responded with a kiss and slowed down the fuck. Her body became tense and she reached orgasm.
It was a scene to see, my wife kamini nude with a nude male and his dick inside her pussy and she has hugged him. Aakash did not slow down for long. He started pumping again slowly slowly. This time kamini kept her eyes closed. Here anu and me, we both saw what has just happened in front of us. I looked at anu , kissed her and she realised what is going to happen. She opened her legs. Nobody spoke anything. I placed my dick on her pussy and slowly inserted it inside. She closed her eyes, bite her lip. Her face expression was of pain and pleasure. I started increasing speed slowly. She started moaning loudly with the increase in pumping. Her sound filled the room with,” aaaahhhhh….mmmmmaaaahh…huuumm…uuuuhhh…” her breast were bouncing like balls. Her nipples hardened. Her body stiffened with loud moan,” oohhhaaaa..” she reached her orgasm.
She hugged me tightly. I slowed down speed. Now I lifted her legs and folded them which made her pussy open for better fuck. This time I inserted full penis in her. It touched her inner wall..She felt pain for a while then started enjoying. I turned anu to doggy position. She did that readily. I placed my hand on her waist to lower her upper half and her ass and pussy opened in front of me, inviting my long penis which was already dripping with her love juice. I holded her love handles and started pumping her standing beside bed. Penetration was deep. In between I holded her with her boobs while pumping.
There Aakash was pumping kamini in missionary position. After 10 minutes, Aakash reached his orgasm. He lay on kamini for a while. They both kissed and then he removed his penis from her pussy and went to bathroom. Kamini looked at us, where I was still pumping her in doggy style and then moved in bathroom. After 15 minutes of pumping I reached orgasm along with her and I pulled out my dick from her dripping pussy. We all washed one by one. It was 11 30 pm in night. This session lasted almost 2 hours. We were exhausted and horny too. All returned to their senses. Wore our clothes and decided that we must go to bed. They went in their room and when they left then we had a session between husband wife this time so as to reach normal.

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