First Experience With Doctor

Hi everyone! I am Deepali . I am 24 year old. Sometime i read story on ISS site. I feel very excited when i read stories in office sex column. Here i am going to narrate the incident which happened with me six months before. After lots of confusion whether to write or not finally i decided to narrate it. I am a very average looking girl. My assets are 34 28 30. I am working in a private company.
Before this incidence happen no man has touched me. I never had male friends. This incidence had changed my life. It has converted me from shy girl to bold girl. Six month before during monsoon i got fever. I avoided it for 2-3 days which lead to weakness and more fever. I visited a doctor near my office area because by the time i reach home all clinics in my area gets closed. There was no much patient in the clinic. One of his assistant was there he asked me my name and told me my number mine was third number. Two patients were before me. My number came and that assistant showed me direction to doctor cabin. The doctor was handsome. He may be 38 -40 year old with 5.8” height good personality.
He asked me what happened to me i told him about my fever. He asked other health related thing he pulled my chair near him and asked me to show tongue. He checked my eyes. His face was near my face. His perfume smell was very good. Then he asked me to lie down on examination table. One girl was there in that examination room, she was doing something with the instruments may be she was cleaning them. I lay down on the table. He came near me with stethoscope. He then adjusted my dupatta which has covered my boobs and put it near my stomach .He started checking with stethoscope by softly pressing to my boobs and near cleavage. He asked me to breathe in and breathe out because of breathing my boob’s size increase from its actual.
Something was tickling in my stomach with the feeling of his touch at my boobs. His finger was touching my boobs from side of his stethoscope. He then put his hand near my stomach and pressed it 2-3 times and asked me that is it paining. I said no.
He then asked me to get up and came out of the examination room. I adjusted my dupatta and come out. He asked me to do some blood test and prescribe medicine for 3 days and asked me to see with the reports after 3 days.
While coming to home i was just imagining how his finger pressed my boobs his hand on my stomach. I imagined so many things in dream with the doctor. I get my all test done. With the medicine he prescribed my fever got cure. I left with no reason to visit him again but i decided to go and show the reports .The day was Saturday i used to wear short kurti and jeans on Saturday. It was raining that day since afternoon.
When after my office i reached his clinic i was wet due to rain. Though i had umbrella with me but as we all know umbrella don’t save us completely. His assistant told me doctor is free i can go as there was no patient. I knocked the door and went inside. Because i was wet my kurti was just stick to my body and my bra was clearly visible. I sat in front of him and gave him all the reports. My all reports were normal i too know but i wanted to have something so something was disturbing my mind. He asked me about my fever and asked me to continue the same medicine for 2 more days and said my reports are normal and nothing to worry. I thought what he will not do any check-up i will not get his touch. Suddenly i told him doctor will you not examine me today. He said he don’t feel it’s required but he can do if i wish and he gave wicked smile.
I think being a doctor he was smart enough to judge my intention. He asked me to go to examination table. I went inside that girl was not there. I asked him he said due to rain left early today. He locked the door. And come near me he started checking with stethoscope asked me to breathe in and out. I purposely did deep breathing so that my boobs get more enlarge to him. He observed that. I was looking at his face he was observing my boobs. He then hold my left boobs from downward and push upward and put the stethoscope there with his touch sound of moan “aaaaah” come out from my mouth. He did the same thing right side. I saw he was purposely touching and holding my boobs. But i dint resist because somewhere at back of my mind i too wanted him to do so…he then said he can’t hear my beats properly so can he move my kurti upward because may be because kurti is wet he was not able to hear my beats . I immediately nodded my head for yes.
He said he feels i have a cough in my chest and if i wear a wet cloth it will be further accumulate and it’s not good for my health. He pressed my boobs in all direction with his hand pretending as if he is examining. I was getting mad with his pressing i closed my eyes. While pressing and purposely put his fingers from side bra and touched my bare boobs. With his touch i was getting mad. Friend you can imagine i never had such experience. I shouted aaaahhhh he asked me what happened. I said it’s paining him again asked me where i hold his hand and put on my left boob and presses softly. I wanted him to squeeze it hard. He got my signal. He asked me to turn back for examination when i turned he unhook my bra. Took out from my body and throw it on table. He then said let me examine properly. I asked him if his assistant or any patient comes then he said not to worry clinic is closed and his assistant left.
He holds my both boobs in his hands and started squeezing it. He put my left boobs in his mouth. He bite on my nipple very hard tears comes out from my eyes. He said sorry and then again started the same thing my hands were in his hairs i was going mad. I was pushing him towards my boobs. I did acting of stopping him but he dint stop.
One of my boob’s in his mouth and other in his hand. He started to unzip my pant. He unzips it and out his other hand in my panty. I was wet by then. He started rubbing my vagina… Then slowly he put his finger. I was like i am on heaven; i could see his pant his rod was hard and about to come out from pant.
He asked me to come down from examination table. He removed his pant and put his hard rod in my mouth i was so new to it. I dint know what is to be done. He holds my hand and was pushing my head in and out. It was so big for my mouth i was latterly crying but he was not stopping i was trying to stop him. I was feeling it is my punishment. He then took is rod out and release his all cum at floor. Before i could settle down he hold my right boobs and stretch me towards him. I was in pain. He then kissed me at my cheeks my necks my ear he was not saying a word .He was doing all this as if he was hungry for this from so many days. He kissed my lips we did deep lip locking i enjoyed it.
He then asked me to lie on the floor he comes above me. I was enjoying his weight on my body. He was rubbing his rod on my vagina. And he was kissing me biting my nipples. He then adjusted the tip of his rod towards opening of my vagina. I got afraid i was resisting but he was now in no mood to listen anything he said nothing will happen. I tried to push him but he holds my hand very tightly; though i was enjoying it. His rod was not going inside because of my small and tight vagina he then rub his finger pushed his one then 2 and 3 fingers inside i was wet. He then removed his fingers and pushed his hard rod inside in one stroke it got half inside i shouted he locked my moth with his so that sound don’t go outside. With 3-4 try it got in completely he pushed it in out for about 5-7 min and then we both cum. I was feeling very restless.
He then licked all cum from my boobs he squeezed and bite it many times during this. He then cleans himself and asked me to clean and come out. I got up clean myself my body has mark of his bite. He then squeezes my boobs and said i did enjoy.
I smiled and come out from his clinic. This was my first experience i never visited to that doctor again.
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