Fiance’s sexy best friend

I met her in her university i.e. ARID university Rawalpindi. I went there with my fiancé. She is my fiancé’s best friend. Her name is Almas. She is a pretty girl 5′4″ and 34-26-34. She is very nice.
Now it happened when we met each other at the uni. We became very frank and exchanged our numbers. I used to call her everyday and soon we were familiar with each other very well. I used to share everything with her and she also did so. I used to talk about sex very openly and she never felt bad about it. We were falling in love as the days passed. One day she called me to a restaurant. We decided to meet at KFC in Saddar. I went there she was looking extremely beautiful. I asked about her health and then got some zingers. We were talking and then she held my hand and said that she is very depressed and wants my help. I said that I would help her. She started weeping and said that her boyfriend left her. I asked her to calm down and kissed on her hand. She said thanks u r the only person I can trust. Then I took her on a long drive to daman-e-koh and pir sohawa. We stopped at a calm place and got out of car. It was a romantic sight of mountains and greenery. Then I held her hand and said don’t worry I am always with u. she smiled and I kissed on her cheek. She felt shy and was looking very beautiful. Then I held her from her waist and again kissed on her neck. She liked it and shortly she became hot and started moaning.
I lifted her in my hands and brought her to my car. We drive back to city. I kept her hand in my hand and kissed her on cheeks and neck. She was responding positively. In the mean time we reached Marriott. As my friend is working there as a staff member so I got a room very easily. Then I asked her to relax and lay on the bed. I offered her cold drinks and we started chatting. Then I asked what she wanted from me. She said that she loved me and wanted to be with me. Then she got up and gave me a tight French kiss. I replied and lifted her in my arms and then we both went down on the bed. She was laughing and I was getting out of my senses. We were kissing madly and then I started fondling her soft boobs. She started moaning and I was enjoying her moans. Then we started removing our clothes. I was completely overcome by her body fragrance. Soon we both were lying naked side by side. Then I started sucking her milky white boobs. Her nips were pinkish brown and extremely sexy. Then she kissed on my belly button and then kissed the head of my cock. Then I put my finger in her hot and wet cunt and finger fucked her. She started moaning loudly. Then she said please don’t torture me and fuck me quickly. I said be patient. She said that she has to attend the birthday party of her friend so plz be quick. I said ok and then I kissed on her cunt. Licked it for few seconds and then placed my dick on the opening of her love hole. She giggled and said now plz do it. I applied some force and I was in heaven. She started to cry like a bitch and said it’s paining. I said don’t worry u will feel better in few minutes.
After some time she was performing with me and I was enjoying it very much as it was the first fuck of my life. Then I got into a tempo and fucked her like a machine. Very soon she got her orgasm and started trembling I was enjoying the sight and it stimulated me so much that I nearly shot my load in her. I took out my dick and ejaculated on her soft boobs. She was relieved and me too. Then I kissed her and we went to take a bath. There I fucked her once more and this time I came in her mouth. I also drank her love juice which was salty in taste. Then we left the hotel and I dropped her at her place. She gave me a good bye kiss and hugged me tightly.
After that day we fuck each other every second day and my fiancé is not aware of this. At the moment she is sitting on my lap with my dick in her cunt. I love her very much and we will continue this till our death. Almas janu I LOVE U.
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