I am Jos, 24, having done my engg. working in a local software company. They gave me a flat for occupation in a apartment complex. Some of the other occupants of the flats were NRIs. In the floor where I stay there were a few ladies who stayed with their small kids and sent them to colleges and wanted for their return.
My immediate neighbour was Fatima aged about 23 with very food features, fair and beautiful lived there with two small children. Her mother or sister used to visit her once in a week. She was very beautiful and I pitied her and her husband for having had to live separately at this young age. From the corner of my kitchen windows I could see her bedroom and watch her in various poses of unrest.
Unless solicited I cannot offer her any help and She occupied my mind most of the time. One late evening there was power shut down unusually and we never had any candles or emergency lamp in our flats. Suddenly there was knock on my door and when I opened my neighbor was standing there asking for a candle. I told her I dont have any and I was going to buy and I will buy a packet of candles for her.
I locked my door and rushed down by the stairs. I went to the shop and bought two packets of candles and two packets of match boxes and came back. When I reached my flat it was already dark and Fatima and her children were eagerly waiting for me. I gave her the candle packet and the packet of matches.
Since her children were scared of darkness and clinging on her she asked me to come inside her flat and light a candle and keep it on the dining table. She was moving very closely to me and the fragrance of a female was very enchanting to me. I took out a candle and lit it and placed it on the dining table. The sudden light calmed the atmosphere.
She asked me to light one more candle and keep in her kitchen. When she came close to me I saw that she had huge boobs and big asses. Her waist was narrow. She was clad in a churidar and with a dupata over her head. She asked me to be there as her children are very much scared of darkness. I asked jocularly whether the children are scared or whether you are also scared.
She laughed nervously which indicated that she was also scared. I told her not to worry, I will be back within a few minutes after changing my dress. I told her I am Jos and my mobile number. She asked me take food with her. After five minutes I returned to her flat. When there was no power there was no TV, or computer or wifi and it was total disconnection.
The time was just 7 pm and she made her children sit on the dining tabel and she served them food and asked them to go to bed early. She sat with them and urged them to eat fast. I was sitting in the sofa and watching the whole scene. I telephoned the care taker who told me that they are looking into the problem and there may be some delay in reinstating the power supply.
Fathima wore a worried look and she made her children eat fast and took them to their bedroom and put them in their bed. There was no a/c. She told them the switch is on and as soon as the power comes the a/c will start working. She came back and sat with me in the sofa and told me that she is also scared of darkness right from her childhood.
She requested me to sit with her till the power is restored. She said she is getting food for me ready. I told her that I usually go to a hotel for food and told her not to bother. But she said I have to be there in her flat with her till the power comes. I said ok. you get ready. She asked me to stand at her bedroom door when was changing inside.
I said no, when you are changing your clothes how can I be with you. She said at least be at the door. I said ok. She went inside with a candle and I could see ther undress and putting on a nightie. She wanted to have a wash. I told her keep a candle inside the bathroom and have your wash. I will be here at the entrance of the bed room.
Reluctantly she went inside the bathroom, kept the bathroom door open, kept a lit candle inside and undressed completely. I could see her image reflecton in the full length bathroom mirror. She had a fantastic body. Her boobs were both straight and her navel was flat. There was no hair in her pussy and her behind was big, round shaped and raised. I was having a good erection.
She was washing herself with a handshower. With one hand she opened her cunt lips and directed the flow from her handshower into it. She wiped herself with a towel and dried herself. Without putting on her panty or bra, she put on her nightie. Before being caught redhanded, I moved away from the spot and stood away from the door.
She came out of the bathroom and took the candle and placed it on the dining table and asked me when she can serve me food. I told her I take food at 9 pm and it is still time. She went to the kitchen and asked me to be with her in the kitchen. I went to the kitchen and stood behind her. Her projecting ass tempted me to just to touch them, but I controlled myself.
Fathima made some additional food for me and I could see that because she did not wear any under garments, her boobs were shaking uncontrollably at her every body movement. Finally she carried the food to the table and spread the plates on the dining table. On one occasion when she came very close to me, I just touched her shoulder and she did not seem to mind.
Her soft welvetty body seem to be begging me to take it in my hands. But I thought I will wait till supper. She said the plate opposite to mine on the table. I asked her why not we sit side by side so that we touch each other while eating. She came over to my side and sat in the chair next to me and stood up and started to serve food.
I could not resist, I put my hand on her back and brought it down to her ass. But my acton did not seem to disturb her. with a smile on her face she said why not wait for the supper to be over. I said supper we eat everyday, but just a chance to lick your nipple is a rare chance. She said you are so impatient, and opned the button of her nightie and took out her boob and projected her erect nipple for me to lick and suck.
I just gave one lick and one suck, and she pulled back and said no more, let us get busy eating. Shamefacedly I started gobling the food, which was delicious. She had fish curry and mutton fry with basmathi rice. I too little time to finish off the delicious home made food. After food she gave me a cup of ice cream taken out of the fridge.
Since there was no power, there is no question of sitting watching TV. She went to the bedroom with a burning candle, readied the bed and then went to the bedroom of the children, they were deeply in sleep. She came back and asked me where I will sleep. I told her I will sleep in the sofa. She said no, you sleep with me in my bedroom sharing my bed.
I told her this is the first time I am sleeping with an unknown woman. She said does not matter now that we are known, you sleep by the side of the wall and I will sleep at this edge. With a candle I went to the bathroom, used her toilet, washed my cock and then came back.
She then went to the bathroom, kept the door open, sat in commode and passed urine, washed with the help of the hand shower and then came back. I went around and put out all the lit candles and kept one in the bedroom. I lied in the bed on one corner and she took another corner and she turned to face me andkept smiling. She had a beautiful smiling face.
Do you have any girl friends, she asked. I told her I did not have any girl friends. I have never had any experience in sex and this is the first time I am lying with a women. Youo may have to teach me the basics. She said I wont believe you, you are such a handsome man and how come that you dont have any gril friend. I told her that what I am telling is truth.
She said ok, remove your clothes. I removed my t shirt and the lungie. My 7 inch cock was stiff like an iron rod. I went near her and unbuttoned her nightie and removed it over her head and she was fully nude. Her pussy was hairless and her boobs were full and erect. She then asked me whether I had ever seen the pussy of a women. I said no.
Then she called me closer and showed me the geography of the pussy. She said my cock is the biggest she had ever seen since her husband had one with 5 and a half inch size. We came closer and she hugged me and her boobs were pressed against my chest. She asked me whether I want to go for fucking or shall we do some play around. I said as you please.
Fathima came closer and took my cock in her hands. She bent over and took the top of my cock in her mouth and licked it with her tongue. Looking at my face she said it is too big to contain in her mouth. She ran her hand over my ball sac and then asked me to kiss her pussy. Her hairless pussy gave a good smell. I licked her pussy lips and then she guided me to her clitoris.
Opening her cunt lips, I found her tiny cunt which I licked with the tipof my tongue. Soon it began to grow in size and Fathima started to moan. I sent on licking it with my rough tongue. She was moaning loudly and pressing my head into her head. The candle got extinguished. She made me to get up and she took my cock and guided it into her fuckhole.
It was total dark and the candle light burnt itself down. With the light from my mobile camera. I put the light against her face so that I can see her facial expression when I fuck her. Closing her eyes, she was moaning loudly as I pushed my cock deep into her. Her hole was full of slippery liquid and the walls gave me a tight feeling. But supporting my body on both of my hands.
I bent and took her nipple in my mouth and sucked them. He gasped and was moaning heavily. She lifted her knees and held them wide and I was going on fucking her. I asked how was it, did she enjoy the fucking. She said yes, very much, go on increase your speed.
I made my speed go fast and She said she is reaching her orgasm and her breathing speed increased and she hugged me with both of her hands and wound my body with her legs. Finally she collapsed having reached her orgasm. But mine was not yet ready. I went on with my fucking. She resumed her second session and was helping me with upward strokes.
After about five minutes, I told her that I am also cumming. She held me tight and she too came along with me and I sprayed my cum into her cunt. We both slowly got up and I removed my cock from her cunt and went in the light of the mobile to the bathroom. She followed me.
She washed my cock and she washed herself dried with the towel and she hugged me and kissed me and said this is the best sex she ever had. Even her husband could not give her so much pleasure. Time was 11 pm and suddenly the power came and the lights in the bedroom blazed.
A/c started to function. I looked at her face. She was extremely beautiful and in her nude condition she was charming. I asked her whether I may go. She said no, no question of your going. You sleep with me every night and go to your flat in the early morning. We will fuck and fuck everyday. I will never forget those days of darkness.

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