Family secret

Jamela was a 36 year old housewife and mother of three children that most men found attractive, with 36D breasts, slightly curvy belly and her best feature, a firm wide bottom with strong muscular thighs. These features were obvious to the eyes of discerning men, even though she never deliberately dressed to show them off. She wasn’t old fashioned but her normal attire was the traditional Indian shilwar and qameez. 

Her husband was a successful entrepreneur, owning a successful import-export company, which provided him with a substantial income to keep his family in a comfortable lifestyle and to keep his wife happy. He was very active in his business and he frequently made business trips both inside the country as well as abroad, so he was often away from home. The couple had three children, a 14-year-old daughter Sadaf and two sons, Jamil 12 and Salman 10, all of them usually out all day in college.

Jamela’s husband had a cousin named Jawad, who was admitted into a college in the city where they lived. He lived with his parents in a small village, and they thought that it would not be comfortable for Jawad to live in a hostel, as he had lived all his life in the village and wasn’t used to city life. Consequently, they asked Jamela’s husband to arrange for him to board somewhere and he kindly offered to let him stay in their house, as they had a spare bedroom. 

The time for Jawad to attend college came and he moved into their house. He was about twenty-three years old, six foot tall and physically fit with an energetic and muscular body. He had jet-black hair, and large eyes; from the first time Jamela saw him, she thought she saw a deep lust and desire in those eyes. He was a really good-looking young man with a very charming face, knowledgeable about many different topics, and very talkative by nature, telling some good jokes. Overall Jamela was very taken with his personality and liked him very much. As time went by, he became more comfortable with everyone, and very soon he was accepted as a member of the family.

The children would quite often visit their grandma or play outside with their friends and if her husband was out of town on a business trip she would have lots of time to herself, but now Jawad would keep Jamela company. He always used to help her in the kitchen, and he liked to chat with her. She became comfortable talking to him and quite often Jawad would pay her compliments. These conversations happened quite regularly, and his sense of humor and frankness excited her. They used to have wonderful talks together and he told her that he had always wanted to have an older woman like her as a friend. A number of times she thought she saw him staring lustily at her, but then thought it was just her imagination and thought no more about it. Jamela became used to having Jawad around and she missed him whenever he went home for two or three days.

Jamela began to be a little careless about her dress at home, usually wearing the loose cotton qameez and shilwar that just showed the shape of her breasts and the fullness of her ass under the thin fabric and more than once found him peeping and staring at her curves. At first, she thought she might have imagined it but when she watched him more closely she saw that it was true, and in a strange way it excited her. After all, she thought, he’s probably a sex-starved young man and she did not give it much thought after that.

Jawad was a good cook, so it made sense for him to help Jamela in the kitchen, helping her cook, clean up the kitchen and wash the dirty dishes. She noticed that while he was working with her he frequently brushed up against her body and she also found him staring at her breasts on a number of occasions, especially while talking to her. When he realized that she had seen him staring at her, he would be embarrassed and try not to look again, but after some time, his eyes would return to her boobs.

Jamela was beginning to realize that Jawad was lusting after her; she didn’t encourage him, but at the same time did nothing to show that any advance he made to her would be unwelcome. In actual fact she started to tease him a little with her body, sometimes intentionally leaving off her bra, so that when she bent to give him tea or drinks, he would get a good view of her luscious tits. On these occasions his eyes would automatically drop down and get fixed on her hanging boobs. She also started to flirt with him a little, and he would follow suit. She knew she shouldn’t have been playing with him like that because as a young man he was likely to be unable to control himself from crossing the line, but she seemed unable couldn’t stop herself.

As a result of these flirtations Jawad became bold enough to give her those lustful looks whenever he was around her. His eyes were sending her those “I want you” messages, and Jamela couldn’t help noticing that his cock became hard many times when they were alone and how he seemed embarrassed as he tried to hide it. She was fully aware of the effect she had on him while they were together could only mean that he was dying to fuck her. Jamela could not ignore that, for she admired his body, and soon realized that she was as hot for him as he was for her. She felt like this because her own sex life was not satisfying as her husband only considered sex a routine process. He tried to please her in bed but he was never able to bring her to orgasm. Being a very shy man, he didn’t find sex particularly enjoyable or pleasurable. He would always kiss her and when he was aroused he would fuck her without any foreplay. When he came, he would turn over and go to sleep, without paying any attention to his wife’s needs. Jamela badly needed to try something that wasn’t just a routine to get real satisfaction; she and her husband never tried oral or anal sex, or even tried different sexual positions other than the simple missionary position. All these years since they married her sex life was unexciting and she was always starved for sex, but as a married woman in a respectable family Jamela never tried to get sexual satisfaction from outside her marriage.

Ever since Jawad entered her life, she started to find her heart beating faster when she thought about him. She was now growing closer to him and now started to think about him whenever she was alone and especially in night when she was in bed. She felt her pussy become wet whenever he was near her, and started paying more attention to him. She wondered why she would have responded like this to him, and although she knew that her looks and her open nature would have encouraged him, she couldn’t stop herself. She wondered if she didn’t respect her husband and family any more, or if she was in love with Jawad. Did she really want to have sex with him? Was Jawad really making her break her wedding vows?

These thoughts drove her crazy and she was even having nightmares about Jawad, until she finally decided to put an end to the situation, not wanting to continue with the confusing thoughts she had in her mind. She decided to talk with Jawad about it and the opportunity came when her husband was away on a four-day business trip, and the children were at their grandma’s house. That afternoon while Jawad was in the kitchen with her she told him that she needed to talk to him about a very important matter.

“Of course, Jamela Bhabi, I’m always ready to listen to you,” he replied.

She really wanted to address the subject head-on, but she was very nervous about it and she broke out into a cold sweat. So rather than come directly to the point, she started by asking him rather naughtily, “What do you think of me, Jawad?”

Looking directly in her eyes Jawad replied, “In my eyes, you are the prettiest woman in the world!” 

She was rather embarrassed by his answer, which she never expected. She reached for his hand and said, “I realize you like me, and I like you too. We have had some good talks together, and I especially like how you are so frank and honest with me. I think of you as a close friend, but we need to be careful not to get too close, for that wouldn’t be right for either of us.” 

After a few moments of silence, Jawad smiled and looked at her with a mischievous expression on his face as he replied, “It really is a pleasure to have a beautiful Bhabi like you as my best friend, but I don’t know what you are trying to say. Can you explain what you mean?” 

She looked away, but noticed out of the corner of her eye that he was still sneaking little peeks at her, so she came straight out and asked him, “Tell me what you want from me, Jawad. Why are you always staring at me when we are alone together?” This seemed to take him aback as he was not expecting such a direct question from her. He paused for a while and just looked at her, she asked him again, “Come on, Jawad, tell me! Why do you always try to brush up against me when you are in the kitchen with me?” 

Jawad looked drawn and was silent, so she continued, “Don’t be shy. You can talk to me frankly as there’s no one around. I need an honest answer from you.” 

Jawad needed no further prompting, so he asked, “Where do you want me to start?”

“I want you to tell me honestly what you think about me,” was Jamela’s reply. Before she knew what was happening, Jawad had his arms around her in a bear hug, which really shocked her, and she tried hard to release herself from his grip, her breasts heaving. “What the hell are you doing, Jawad?” she screamed, “Please let me go right now!”

“Jamela, I just want to kiss you. You’re a very beautiful woman and I think you should be loved the way you deserve. Please let me kiss you at least once!”

Although she was trying to escape from his grip she wasn’t able to compete with his strength, so to appease him she said, “Just one kiss? You promise you won’t try to do anything else?”

“I won’t do anything that you don’t want me to do, I promise you,” he replied.

She didn’t know what to reply to this, but to please him she said, “OK. I’ll let you kiss me but not now, Jawad. Please let me go!”

“But why not now, Bhabi?” Jamela was silent for a few seconds, and the next thing she knew was she felt his mouth covering hers. It happened so suddenly that Jamela didn’t respond at first but soon she found herself responding, initially in a tender and loving way but then it quickly turned more passionate and demanding. Their tongues were dueling together in a dance of lust, and Jamela began to lose control of her sexual feelings, passionately licking back at his tongue as they deeply kissed each other. He pulled his tongue from her lips and started licking her neck, his warm breath and wet tongue triggering a deep sexual desire inside her. 

Somehow she managed to break away from his kiss and told him, not very convincingly, “Jawad! I’m a married woman and we shouldn’t be doing this! Please stop now, you already got more than you wanted!”

Jawad responded by whispering in her ear that he was having trouble controlling himself because she looked so hot and he was sorry that she didn’t want him, but he also understood her feelings. Jamela felt sorry for him and didn’t really know what to say, especially as he was taking her rejection of his advances so well.

Jamela told him that it wasn’t that she didn’t want him, but she was married and had her own family to think about.

He pleaded with her, “Please let me kiss you, Bhabi. I promise I’ll stop whenever you say,” adding, “It’ll be a new experience for both of us.” 

As good as it had felt Jamela knew she couldn’t hold out much longer. One part of her wanted to stop it, but deep in her heart, she wanted to kiss him again. Her heart won the inner battle raging inside her, and almost instinctively she told him she would allow him to kiss her again, as she didn’t want him to be disappointed. 

Jamela opened her mouth to feel his tongue once more, and she was just getting ready to break away again from his kiss when he said to her, “Let’s go into the bedroom, Jamela Bhabi!”

Jamela couldn’t believe that Jawad had the nerve to suggest going into the bedroom, but deep in her heart, she wanted to go. After a few mumbled comments like, “oh no!” and “how can we?” Jamela couldn’t resist any more as Jawad grabbed her hand and led her towards the bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom, Jamela began trembling all over, her heart racing, but slowly she recovered. They were standing in the middle of the room when he took her hands and gently began to stroke them, asking her, “May I kiss you Jamela Bhabi?” 

Jamela told him, “You kissed me before, so why are you asking my permission now?” 

Jawad’s response was to grab Jamela and hold her in a powerful embrace, his body held tightly against hers and she couldn’t help noticing how well her breasts were fitting against him. Jamela started to feel horny as her breasts rubbed all over his massive chest. She couldn’t talk, as she was feeling such a rush of sexual excitement like she had never felt before even though she knew it was wrong. His strong grip on her body held her tight and she was unable to pull away, and her whole body tensed as his warm lips touched hers. His lips were not like her husband’s, and although she knew she shouldn’t be doing this, Jamela opened her mouth and they began kissing, their lips melting together as if they were becoming one. Jawad pushed his tongue into her mouth and pulled Jamela close as he began fondling her ass, and this felt so good to her. 

However, Jamela knew she had to stop him before things went too far. She tried to pull away from him but the strong embrace made it impossible, and she was beginning to lose her will to resist. She passionately licked his tongue back as they started to kiss deeply. Jamela didn’t think about her husband or anything else, as she was so turned on by these incredible sensations. Jawad started exploring her body and she felt him rubbing her back, before his hands reached her breasts and cupped them. When he began gently stroking her tits through the soft material of her blouse, it felt so good and made her knees go weak. His hands continued to rub, caress and even crush her breasts; they have always been very sensitive and any stimulation of them always makes her horny. Jamela worried that what they were doing right now would lead to more wrongdoing, but she was enjoying it so much that she thought she would let him play just a few minutes longer and then she would stop him. She wasn’t too worried because she knew she could just stop him anytime, as he wasn’t being at all forceful but still acting like a gentleman. Jamela convinced herself that it was just a little harmless petting, just a little harmless thrill and that her husband and family would never know. Jawad slid his hand under her qameez, circled her breasts with his hand, and began tweaking her hard nipples with his fingers; this felt so good that she let him continue.

After some time, Jamela asked him, “Please stop now, Jawad. Please stop it, we shouldn’t have gone this far. We’ve done already enough more than we should have.” Jamela was trying to pull herself away from this carnal experience, but by this time he had pulled up her qameez and started kneading her breasts over the bra. He grabbed both of her tits, squeezing them, and then he moved up the bottom of her bra, exposing her nipples, gently rolling them between his fingertips. He unclasped her bra, releasing her full ripe breasts into his full view; they looked so beautiful and inviting and he started to lick and suck them, startling her again. He began sucking her nipple harder and faster, driving her crazy with need; she started to pull away from him so he increased his sucking to a point where it felt too good for her to stop him. He moved over to the other breast and slowly began tonguing it before taking that nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard and fast on it just like he had with the other, causing her to throw back her head in pleasure, moaning out loud, and holding him tightly, pulling his head into her bosom. 

Jamela just couldn’t believe what was happening and her mind was racing so fast. Her knees started to get weak and she had to sit down on the edge of the bed and Jawad knelt down to take one of her inflated nipples into his mouth. His warm tongue licked across her swollen nipples, and while he sucked softly on one of her puffy pink nipples he began to caress and rub the other one, sending her into a state of sexual confusion, her body filled with passion. Jawad had sucked her nipples to the point where they were fully erect. Her succulent breasts looked huge in proportion to her waist and Jawad licked her breasts up and down and was having his way with her, her cunt becoming swollen and wet as he sucked her tits like they were his lifelines.

Jawad slipped his hand down to her belly and then slowly inched lower and lower, gently caressing his way down to her inner thighs, caressing the silkiness of her inner thighs. Jamela wanted to stop him but she couldn’t resist as she felt him softly massaging her pussy through the material of her shilwar. His hands pushed her legs farther apart and the feel of his strong hands were driving her mad, sending chills up her spine and turning her blood into warm honey that stirred and pooled in her belly awaiting release. It felt so good and Jamela thought she would let him do this for a few minutes more and then she would have to make him stop.

“Can I see your pussy, Jamela Bhabi?” he asked in a husky whisper. His finger never stopped moving, although it was maddeningly slow. His crude words only aroused her more. Her husband had never spoken to her that way and she didn’t know exactly how to respond, but she knew she needed direct contact.

“But only to look at it,” she said, her words belying her true need.

Jawad unknotted her shilwar, and pulled it down over her thighs. Jamela felt like this was her last moment to stop this erotic adventure. “Jawad, we have to stop now, please! I’m getting so hot, we mustn’t continue any further!” 

Jawad responded by laying her down on her back, and sitting between her legs to look at her pussy. “I bet your pussy is sweet: I must taste it. Can I taste you Jamela Bhabi? Would you like me to eat your pussy?” Jawad bent forward and moved his mouth down her stomach, until he brushed his lips over her clit and then kissed her pussy. The touch was electric and Jamela bucked her hips against his face. He stroked her hips and thighs, smoothly spreading her legs to gain better access to her treasure spot.

“Oh yes! He’s going to eat my pussy, something my husband has never done!” Jamela thought. Jawad slowly dragged his tongue slowly upwards over her slit, again touching her clit. Jamela didn’t want to go any further, so she tried again to stop him, telling him, “Please stop now, Jawad, we’re getting carried away and I don’t want to go any further.”

Jawad said he understood and again promised her he wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want and promised her no one would ever know. Jamela simply moaned that he shouldn’t carry on further and should stop once he finished tasting her pussy. With that assurance, she lifted her hips to let him pull her shilwar the rest of the way off. As Jawad took it off completely, the erotic feeling of being totally nude in front of a man who was not her husband sent a shiver up her spine as instinctively her legs spread open. Jamela was dying to feel the sensation of his mouth on her opening.

Jawad smiled at her and bent his head closer to her. He began to press his mouth over her pussy, as Jamela lay back and Jawad began to kissing the area around her labia before he began to lick her pussy lips and clit. Her legs were spread wide; she was completely open to him and at his mercy. Jawad took advantage of this, running his tongue up and down her moist pussy, making her tremble. Jawad opened Jamela’s pussy lips, and sucked on her clit. He was taking the time to suck and lick each of her hot wet pussy folds. She was in ecstasy as it was everything she imagined it would be. Jamela compared Jawad with her husband; Jawad really knew just what to do with a woman. Noises were starting to escape her lips, her hands pressing down hard on the bed, helping her hips lift against his mouth. He started chewing her pussy, slowly at first, then plunging in like a starving person. The pleasure was too much, too intense and she started screaming out loud. She was breathing fast, her chest heaving and her crotch bucking wildly as he feasted on her sex, sucking and licking inside her love hole. Jamela surprised herself at how vocal she became

That’s it, lick Bhabi’s clit. Lick it good. You like Bhabi’s cunt, don’t you?” Jamela said lustily. Jamela thought she was going to explode as Jawad took in all she had to offer. As he licked her deeply, her pussy felt on fire, her body quivering and instinctively she started bucking against his face. Jawad was licking and sucking her pussy and she was overcome by the sensual feelings erupting inside her. She had never felt like this before; her pussy went in spasms, as he sent her body into a sexual frenzy with his face buried in her drenched pussy. Jamela looked forward to the release that had been building for so long. Her husband very rarely made her cum, so she was really looking forward to it and told herself she would stop afterwards. Jamela needed to cum too badly to stop now. She was getting so hot, because while he was eating her he continued to pinch her nipples.

Jamela was moaning very loudly and didn’t even notice when he opened his shilwar and pulled out his member. Jamela was stunned when she saw his cock; it was at least eight inches long, and must have been two inches thick. She trembled at how huge it was, for it seemed like his enormous tool was nearly twice the size of her husbands’ prick. 

At that moment, it crossed Jamela’s mind that she was a married woman, and this man was her husband’s cousin. She knew it was wrong for her to be naked in her bedroom with him, yet how could anything that felt this good be wrong? Jamela was getting wetter and wilder and couldn’t stop now, even if she wanted to. She watched helplessly as Jawad positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy, rubbing it teasingly up and down the damp slit, and as he began to push the fat knob of his cock head into her, Jamela screamed, “Jawad no, stop, we can’t, you promised me you wouldn’t do anything like this!” He didn’t appear to hear her objections and shoved his hard cock roughly into Jamela’s pussy, giving her no chance to adjust to his enormous size. Her cunt was already well lubricated with her juices though, and he was soon ball deep inside her. 

Jamela was already starting to cum as he sank deeper, stretching her pussy lips wider apart, already more than she had ever been stretched before. She simply couldn’t control the passion she felt: her body was erupting, her tits swollen with passion, her love mound was quivering and her pussy was begging his dick to ram her. Just the thought of having this gigantic cock inside her made her shiver, and her body betrayed her will to resist as her hips began to push and move against him as her orgasm built. Jamela couldn’t even speak, but could only moan as Jawad’s engorged head entered her; she could feel her cunt stretching. Jamela had never had another man fill her like this, for until this moment Jamela had been true to her husband and had never let another man enter her. Jamela briefly thought about the sanctity of her marriage and how her husband’s pleasure hole was being invaded by his cousin. At this point, it didn’t seem to matter, for all she could think about was how Jawad’s gigantic and fully erect cock was pulsating inside her. She was swollen and wet, but still he had to pull back and push forward a couple of times to stretch her tight cunt, resizing her husband’s custom fit hole. He thrust in and out, sinking deeper into her pussy with every push until finally his entire cock was into the hilt, filling her up completely. Jamela started to mouth a protest again when and she felt his huge cock push even deeper, until it touched her cervix at the opening of her womb.

Jamela exploded in the first real orgasm she had ever had and thought she was going to pass out, as wave upon wave of pleasure went through her body. She screamed with ecstasy as Jawad’s huge cock easily went past her husband’s territory and slid deeper into its own. Her legs were pointing straight up in the air and her fingernails dug into Jawad’s muscular arms as he pistoned his rock hard cock into her pussy. When she finally recovered from her climax, she realized her pussy had adjusted to his huge size and his massive cock was sliding smoothly in and out of her wet slit. All thoughts of betraying her husband were gone, for now Jamela was in love with the feel of Jawad’s huge cock, as he slid it in and out of her, their bodies making a slapping noise as they collided with each thrust. With each smack, Jamela let out a moan as she felt his cock head hit her cervix.

Jawad put both of her legs on top of his shoulders and grabbed hold of her shoulders, as he kept slamming harder and harder into her pussy, and Jamela knew he was having fun playing with her pussy. She still had on her qameez with her bra pushed up over her breasts which he still tweaked occasionally, and when he pinched her nipple, Jamela told him, “Come on Jawad, eat it! Suck your Bhabi’s nipples!” She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and sucked on his neck, whispering in his ear, “Jawad, let me tell you honestly, I love you. Please don’t think badly of me, but I’ve wanted you, and waited for this moment, for so long. Oh, yes! Please, please, don’t stop fucking me, it feels so good! Oh, please don’t ever stop.” 

Jawad said, “Yes! I knew you wanted it and you like it, like this. You teased me enough, so now let me fuck you good. You’ll think twice before you tease me again, with your succulent tits.” He bent forward and taking one nipple in his mouth started to suck it.

She said, “Yeah! Teach this pussy a lesson. Teach your Bhabi Jamela. Fuck her pussy hard, she deserves a rough fuck!”

Jawad replied, “Say my name, Jamela! Say my name!”

Jamela moaned, “That’s it! Fuck me Jawad! Ahhh… Jawad! Fuck me, Jawad! Fuck me good! Jawad! Fuck my pussy good, Jawad! Oh, my husband, why aren’t you my husband, Jawad?”

“I am, I am your husband!”

“Yes! You are!”

“Pinch me, Jamela Bhabi! Tell me I’m not dreaming! Is this really happening?”

Jamela pinched him and dug her nail in his ass and said, “Oh Jawad! This is not a dream! You’re really fucking your Bhabi! Fuck your Jamela Bhabi, fuck me! Fuck me!” She was panting and moaning in his ear, begging him, pleading with him, for more. “Just a little more, please, oh please, don’t stop!” Jamela sucked in her breath, her head rolling from side to side. She wrapped her legs around his back and bucked up her hips to take him even deeper into her willing pussy. He started pumping his cock still faster into her, in and out like a steam hammer. Jamela slipped one hand between her legs and started to stroke her clit while she grabbed hold of Jawad’s swinging balls with her other hand, pulling and squeezing them. “Oh, Jawad! That feels so good! I’m going to cum again soon! Don’t stop!”

Jamela bounced and bucked so hard she thought his thick prick would rip her in half. Her body finally had what it had needed for a long time. Jamela was moaning as Jawad slammed into her, bucking with the pure pleasure that his cock was giving her. It was fantastic having such a large, powerful cock in her pussy, and tears of joy flowed down her cheeks as she begged him to split her in half. Jawad started to pant and groan himself as the bed creaked and lurched under them, and realized that their coupling would have been heard by any one in the house if anyone had been there. He slowly pulled back and forth to cover his thick cock with her joy juices to further lubricate it. Jawad wasn’t holding anything back now and strongly ripped open her cunt with his rock solid cock. He pumped her fast and hard and Jamela felt as if she were going in and out of consciousness as he fucked her. Soon she felt her second climax building up inside her and quickly knew that she was going to cum again! She also felt Jawad’s thrusting get stronger and she realized that he too was about to cum.

“Oh, Jamela Bhabi, I can’t last any longer! I’m cumming!”

Jamela yelled at him, “Jawad, please cum in me! I like it! I want it!” Then she felt it, the feeling that Jamela had never felt until that moment. His whole body lurched forward and Jamela felt the tip of his cock smash against her cervix. Jawad groaned loudly and shot the first spurt of his cum deep within her pussy. His hands were holding her down and he was pushing into her with all the strength and intensity of his orgasm. It felt so incredible to Jamela! What really surprised her was that she could feel Jawad’s hot sperm literally shooting into her, while her husband’s cum just seemed to dribble out of his cock.

At the very same moment that Jawad filled her up with his pent-up passion juice she also felt herself cumming again, and yelled, “I’m cumming, Jawad!” as her hips involuntarily again began to push hard against him. Her cunt was pulsating as her body fought to ingest all of his love cream. The most intense orgasm she ever had hit her as he continued to thrust and all she could do was grab his ass and pull him further into her. Her mind was solely focused on the pleasure she was now feeling between her legs and she screamed at the greatest sexual experience of her life. Wave upon wave of ecstasy went through her body as she wrapped her legs around Jawad and pulled him deeper into her. It was wonderful as Jamela felt his seed pouring out of her and down the crack of her ass as he continued to spurt into her, unable to believe he was releasing so much cum. Jamela came so hard she felt like someone let the air out of her. 

They just lay there holding each other, trying to catch their breath, his cock still inside her, her cunt twitching around it, as she got tighter. Jamela could hear his breathing, and feel the warmth of his body on her. The mixed juices from their lovemaking were trickling out of her, down over his balls between her legs onto the bed. Jawad lay on top of her, catching his breath. “Oh! Jamela Bhabi, that was amazing, you were tight as hell!”

Jamela moaned and smiled at him. “You were really hard. You were wonderful. You have really blown my mind, Jawad!” As she lay on the bed Jamela opened her eyes and looked at Jawad’s cock still partially inside her. He continued to slowly pump his now shrinking cock, as he looked into her eyes, and she could feel more of his cum oozing out of her swollen pussy. They were gently kissing and caressing each other, and Jamela was rubbing his cheeks, kissing his forehead, and eyes.

When Jawad finally rolled off her and pulled his cock from her swollen pussy, Jamela slowly sat up on her elbows and looked down at how totally fucked she looked, her pussy swollen and red and her pubic hair matted and soaked with his cum. Jamela got up to go to the bathroom to clean herself up. 

When she returned she saw Jawad lying on the bed as if he belonged there, with his wonderful snake of a cock lying peacefully across his belly. Jamela lay down exhausted next to him, still without her shilwar but wearing her qameez. They just lay there with their arms around each other for the first time, and it felt so good to finally be able to relax together.

Jamela whispered in his ear, “I’m in love with you, Jawad. You’re the only man I’ve ever loved or wanted. Besides my husband, you’re the only man I’ve ever been with.”

Jawad took Jamela into his arms, hugged her passionately, and pulled her hard against his body. He started kissing her very gently then pulled up her qameez and bra again and began softly licking her nipples. He grabbed her hand and placed it on his cock, and to her surprise she could feel it was beginning to get hard again. Jamela wondered how this could be because in all the time they were married her husband had never been able to get a second erection once he had cum. 

He asked her, “Can we do it again Jamela Bhabi? I’ve wanted to make love to you for so long and I don’t want to stop now.”

“No, I don’t think so,” she replied. “The children will be home soon. I want you to understand that we’ll do it many more times, but we’ll need to be careful as I’m a married woman in a respectable family and the mother of three growing children.”

“You don’t need tell me that Jamela Bhabi. I know all that and I promise I’ll be careful, but I want you once again now!”

“Maybe tomorrow.”

“But what about this?” he said, pointing at his hard cock. “My cock is hard!”

“You’re young and this can stay hard all day! I’m an old woman and can’t match you!” Jamela laughed.

“But we shouldn’t let it go to waste,” he argued, rubbing her tummy as he continued, “Let’s do it again, just one more time, please, Jamela Bhabi?”

She sat up, his strong cock facing her, bulging so hard that no fabric in the world would be strong enough to hold it in. Jamela was looking at the biggest cock she could ever have imagined, getting her hornier by the minute. Jamela looked at it now with more passion, and then they looked into each other’s eyes, and smiled at each other. Jamela closed her eyes as he bent over her and they kissed. She reached for his cock and rubbed the palm of her hand over it, squeezing it gently, and it felt really good to her. Jawad put his hands on her ass and pulled her to him, still with his hard cock in her hand. He forced his tongue between her lips into her mouth, for a deep passionate kiss. 

Breaking away from the kiss, Jawad asked her, “Jamela Bhabi, why don’t you kiss my little penis?” Jamela really wanted to do it but had been too shy to suggest it herself. She smiled and without another bent down to put her mouth by his cock, then parted her lips, surrounding the head of his cock, not touching it, but just breathing over it. He moaned when she did this, begging her to just taste it.

Jamela gripped the base of his cock and slid her hand slowly upwards, pulling it towards her mouth. She stuck her tongue out between her lips and touched the head of his cock with it as she brought it up to her lips. She first circled the tip of his cock, and then slid her tongue down the entire length of his shaft. She was surprising herself how easily she was doing this, as she had never done it before in her life. She slowly closed her lips around his hard cock and hummed slightly, feeling the vibrations on her tongue, her lips and his cock. She pulled her mouth back, feeling the ridges of his penis slide against her tongue. She licked every inch of his long dick then closed her lips around the head of his cock, her tongue finding that little spot just at the base of the head, where the head meets the shaft. Jamela then took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, until she felt the tip tickling the back of her throat.

Jawad reached down with his hand and started to play with her clit, her juices already flowing, making her receptive to the touch of his fingers. As he started to slide his finger inside her cunt, her mouth became like a vacuum, sucking his cock in deeper and deeper, even feeling it touching the inside of her cheeks. She lost herself when he played with her clit; licking and sucking him until he had to beg her to stop for fear that he’d cum right then. She let it plop out of her mouth, licking it then giving his cock a quick little kiss, for she now wanted that throbbing cock deep inside her, tearing her apart.

Her voice went lower, almost whispering, “OK, Jawad, do me, do whatever you want to do to me.” She looked into Jawad’s eyes, and saw in them the love he had for her.

“Oh, yes, Jamela Bhabi, I want to fuck you once more.” 

She asked, “How do you want to do it this time?”

“I want you on top of me, Jamela Bhabi.”

She was pleased to hear this, for this was a position she had always wanted to try and had never done this with her husband. .Jamela slowly slid herself up the length of his body until she was straddling his thighs. She watched his face, looking to see if he realized that she was straddling someone for the first time in her life, thinking that no one would believe it. She cautiously lowered herself closer to his cock, and she wasn’t sure if it was for her own pleasure or because she wanted this experience at least once in her life. She felt the head of his cock brush against her ass and moaned slightly, but still being careful. Reaching down between her thighs, Jamela found his throbbing, hard cock with her hand and brushed it up against her pussy lips, and then her clit, feeling the soft, round head coming into electrifying contact with her clit. She raised her hips slightly and felt his cock head at the opening of her pussy, and then slowly lowered until she felt his cock just inside her lips. She let go and then clenched her pussy muscles, rocked slightly back and forth, up and down, feeling him move in and out, just barely enough to penetrate, until she couldn’t bear to wait any longer.

Jamela lowered the entire weight of her body onto his hips, feeling his cock penetrate deeply into her pussy, and tightened her muscles repeatedly, enjoying the hard shaft inside her. His hands reached up and found her nipples, alternating between flicking and pinching them. Her hips rose up from his and, as she felt him slide almost completely out of her pussy, Jamela slid down again. She already felt she was getting close to another orgasm, and her muscles start contracting before the first wave hit her, and she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out as the next orgasm swept over her, like a jolt of electricity passing through every organ, every muscle, and every fiber. 

Jamela slowed down out of sheer exhaustion, and then another orgasm hit her, this one striking right in her clit, and she felt her own cum running down the inside of her thighs. Jamela put her hands on Jawad’s chest to hold herself up, slowly riding him while he lay there, caressing her breast and pinching her nipples. Jamela felt her body grow tense as she had yet another orgasm, but this one was not as intense as the others. Jamela knew that Jawad needed to cum too, so she kept riding him until he bucked up against her and started to come. When she felt his cock spasming and the cum spurting inside her, she relaxed and collapsed on top of him. He was rubbing her back, and squeezing her ass, running his fingertip around her anus, which was slippery with their juices. This made her giggle and wiggle her ass, and when he pushed his fingertip into her anus Jamela gasped and pressed her hips down, contracting her pussy tighter around his dick. The further he pushed his finger into her rosebud the more she squirmed on top of him, until he finally pulled it out.

Jamela asked him, “Are you happy now?” 

He answered, “Yes, I’m more than happy,” as he kissed her forehead. Jamela didn’t want to let him go, as she closed her eyes, still on top of him, his cock still inside her but getting limp and starting to slip out of her. 

Jamela whispered, “Jawad, you can’t tell anyone about this. If it gets out it will totally ruin both of our lives.”

Jawad replied, “I know Jamela Bhabi, I’m not a fool. But I’ll be very happy if we can do it again soon?” 

Jamela smiled at him and said, “I promise you we will! I’ve never enjoyed fucking so much as I did this afternoon and I want to do it over and over again!” They hugged and kissed each other, in a more relaxed mood, and finally they each went to take a shower.

Jamela’s children came home just after her shower and after having dinner they all went to bed. As Jamela lay in bed, she started to feel disgusted with herself. She could hardly believe that she had actually let Jawad fuck her, even though she had wanted him for so long. He had also told her he wanted her too, and he was so eager for her they just couldn’t help themselves. As Jamela recalled what had happened it seemed like he was made for her, and how wonderful it felt as his rigid cock slid into her wet pussy hole. Once she felt it in there, she had never wanted to take it out. 

Jamela suddenly realized what she was thinking and told herself to stop thinking like that, what she did was wrong, for he was her husband’s cousin. Her mind was running wild: she knew she should have been stronger, and kept her desires for him under control, but she had not been able to do it because she had wanted him for so long. She started to feel dirty and used, like some slut, or a street corner hooker. I should have known better, but I just couldn’t help myself.”

Her thoughts raced to her husband, “Oh!” Jamela thought, “If my husband ever finds out I was fucked by his cousin he will surely kill both of us, and who would blame him? If he did kill us, and my children find out what I did they will lose all respect for me, and think that their mother is nothing more than a cheat and a whore. They wouldn’t understand how I felt about this other man. How could they?” She was starting to feel sick in her heart as if she wanted to die. She wished she could go back and change what she did, but there was no way she could change it. What was done was done, and there was no undoing it, no matter what I do. She started to come to her senses as she asked herself, “What is wrong with me? I took advantage of that young man and he took advantage of me.” He took the gift from me that I should only give to my husband or the man I love.” All of these thoughts were running through her mind until she finally fell asleep.

The next morning when the children were having breakfast, they noticed that Jawad hadn’t joined them as he usually did. Jamela’s eldest son Jawed went to ask him why he didn’t come for breakfast and Jawad told him that he felt ill and wasn’t going to college that day. When Jawed told them what he said, Jamela smiled, as she immediately knew what his problem was. After the children went to college Jamela took a cup of tea up to his room. When she went into his room he pleaded, “Jamela Bhabi, please, please forgive me! I’m so sorry about what I did to you last night. I shouldn’t have done it and none of it was your fault, it was all my fault. I’m the one to blame.”

Jamela put her finger on his lips to silence him and said, “Hush, hush, you did nothing wrong. Here, take your tea,” as she handed him the tea and sat on the bed beside him. “Jawad,” Jamela said, “you’re not to blame that you wanted me. I could always see the sparks in your eyes for me, and I always wanted you. It’s no one’s fault and no one is to blame. Jawad, I have a secret that I’m going to share with you.” Jamela continued. “I was really afraid that if we hadn’t done what we did, I probably would have tried to find someone else to take care of my needs because I couldn’t tolerate it any more. If I had tried it with someone else, our family life probably would have been ruined. This way we can keep it in the family and be safe.”

He stared at her for a moment, not quite understanding, and then asked, “What do you mean?”

“My husband has never made me feel the way you made me feel. He never makes me cum! So we’ll take care of each other’s sexual needs and make ourselves happy whenever we get the chance, OK? We need to be very careful to keep it secret, however. We cannot afford to have anyone know about us. My husband will kill us both if he ever found out!”

Jawad nodded understandingly as she cuddled up against him. He put his arms around her, looking at her with that love in his eyes. Jamela kissed him and he responded by kissing her passionately once again, showing that he wanted her again, and she wanted him too. Jamela rolled over on her back, pulling him on top of her, and she could feel his hard cock pressed tightly between their bodies. It felt so good to Jamela to be under him, but what she really wanted was to have his cock inside her pussy. 

“Put it in me, please!” Jamela begged.

How could he refuse her? He badly wanted to do that too! He leaned back on his knees, with his feet under his ass. He opened her shilwar knot and slid it down her thighs, while Jamela pulled up her qameez to reveal her breasts to him, as she had not yet put on a bra that morning. He bent over and quickly kissed her nipples, then nipped them with his teeth, first one then the other. She was giggling, when he did this, but then jumped as he cupped his hand over her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and shuddered as his fingertips touched her clit. She started to breathe heavily through her mouth as he played with it, then spread her pussy open with his thumbs and looked into her pussy hole. Jamela didn’t resist when he pushed his middle finger into her cunt and she lifted her hips as his finger went into her. 

She lay there with her eyes half closed sighing as his finger slid in and out of her. Jamela moaned and begged,” Please put your cock in me now!” He pressed the head of his cock at her pussy opening, and Jamela gasped as he pushed forward, spreading her wide open and filling her with his hard morning cock. She arched her back, lifting up her hips as he pistoned in and out of her. They were so hot that it didn’t take long for both of them to cum, as Jawad’s hot sperm blasting into Jamela’s pussy took her over the edge.

They rested in each other’s arms, cuddling, and Jamela whispered to him, “When I woke up this morning my pussy was tingling and wet. All I could think about how good you felt in me. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

As Jamela got dressed, she asked him, “Are you coming downstairs for breakfast?”

“OK, but let me take a shower first.”

“Are you going to college today?”

He laughed and winked at her, then told her; “No, today you are my teacher!” 

Jamela went downstairs to make breakfast for Jawad, and soon afterwards he came into the kitchen and started to eat his breakfast while talking with Jamela. After he finished his breakfast, she started preparing lunch, with his assistance. While he helped her with the cooking they were also kissing and hugging, until they became too aroused to continue and were ready for anther session of love. 

Jawad held Jamela from behind and she felt his cock pressing in the crack of her bottom as he held both of her breasts. His hand slid downwards to her belly to untie the string of her shilwar, which slipped down to the floor. He bent down to pick it up as she stepped out of it and he began running his hand over her calves, causing her to moan ever so slightly. Soon Jawad’s caresses had reached her thighs, and as his fingers found their way between them he rubbed her thigh with one hand as he ran the fingers of the other through her pubes. She took a sharp intake of breath as he sought out her clit. As he plunged a finger in her wet pussy, he used his thumb on her clit. In a matter of minutes she was humping slowly on Jawad. Jamela groaned as she watched him remove his finger from her and lick it clean of her juices. She didn’t know just what he had in mind, but she spread her legs wide apart. Jawad burrowed his tongue through her pussy and zeroed in on her clit, moaning himself as he sucked her clit between his lips, and it seemed the harder he sucked the better she liked it. 

When Jawad ran his tongue across her asshole it elicited a whole new barrage of language from her. “Oh, you dirty bastard! You licked your Bhabi’s ass! I bet you’d even tongue fuck your Bhabi’s asshole, wouldn’t you?” Jamela hissed at him. Jawad responded by rapidly stabbing his tongue in and out of her puckered hole, and Jamela just groaned and humped harder. When he returned to tonguing her clit, she knew she was getting close, so she entwined her fingers in his hair to hold him there. When he sucked on her clit once again she went over the top. 

Jamela screamed, “I’m cumming, Jawad! Tongue fuck my pussy! Stick your tongue in deep!” Jawad did as she instructed as he held onto her nipples. When she fell back against the kitchen stool, panting from her orgasm, Jawad stood up and slipped off his clothes. Jamela smiled as she saw Jawad’s thick cock again as hard as it had been before. 

Jawad spun her around and bent her over the stool. He grabbed her ass and told her, “Jamela Bhabi, this is the ass I have been lusting for ever since I met you, so now let me see it and enjoy it!” as he pulled her ass cheeks apart and plunged his throbbing cock deep in her sopping pussy. It slipped in easily as her pussy was already saturated from the stimulation of his tongue. 

Jamela arched back when he pushed deep into her and she gasped, “So you want you fuck your Bhabi’s pussy like a dog, eh? OK, then! Fuck it hard with your big hard cock!” Jawad alternated between caressing and smacking her ass as he plowed into her pussy from behind. His big dick filled her completely and was stretching her pussy to its limits, something Jamela knew that her husband would never be able to do. She had no idea sex with another man could feel so good. He was doing all this like an expert and she was enjoying every bit of it.

After a few minutes of frantic fucking, Jawad turned her around and sat her on the stool. She leaned back and placed her elbows on the counter top. Jawad held her legs in the crook of his elbows and once again plunged deep in her pussy. As he leaned forward to suck and chew her nipples, his movement pulled her legs farther apart, and he took this as an open invitation to slam into her pussy for all he was worth. The sound of their wet genitals smacking together was enough to drive them over the edge, but instead of cumming in her pussy, he pulled free at the last moment and spurted his load all over her heaving belly. 

When his cock finished jerking his hot cum over her, Jamela grabbed a nearby towel to wipe off her belly and pussy, and then clean off Jawad’s shrinking cock. When she finished that, she bent down to pick up her shilwar to put it back on, but Jawad stopped her by saying, “No Jamela Bhabi, don’t put your shilwar back on!”.

“Why? You already fucked me twice in two hours and I’m not giving it to you again!”

“No, Jamela Bhabi! Now I’ve seen your naked ass, I’ve decided I’m going to fuck it!”

She was actually very happy that he wanted to fuck her ass, but all she said was, “No, Jawad, this is not the time for that!”

“Ok, we’ll wait half an hour!” Jawad replied with a smile, and then went up to his room. Despite what she said, Jamela followed his instructions and did not put her shilwar back on and continued preparing lunch still bare ass naked.

The next half an hour passed by excruciatingly slowly, but eventually her wait was over when Jawad came back into the kitchen. He sat on the stool and then reached for Jamela, pulling her by her hand to sit her on his lap, with his cock already hard again. Grabbing her by the ass, he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, and then he noticed she couldn’t sit still as his cock was sandwiched between the crack of her ass. 

“Let’s go to the bedroom, Jamela Bhabi. We can’t do this here.” Jamela stood up without a word and giggled as Jawad slapped her ass as they went up to her bedroom. Jawad went into the bathroom and found a jar of Vaseline, and when he came back into the bedroom, Jamela was lying across the bed on her stomach, wiggling her ass in a most inviting way. Jawad sank to his knees and buried his face between her ass cheeks, and she let out a low moan and pushed her ass back into his face. Jawad inhaled her fragrance as he found her pussy with his tongue, making long slow swipes from her clit to her asshole and back again. His chin was soon dripping with her pussy juice, as his attention to her clit was making her hot and ready again. 

As he placed a hand on each of her ass cheeks and spread them apart, she said, “You’re going to tongue fuck your Bhabi’s ass again, aren’t you?” Jawad just moaned a reply as he slowly sunk his tongue in her tight virgin ass. As soon as she saw Jawad was going to spend some time in her ass, she slipped her hand underneath and began to stroke her clit herself. She couldn’t believe how great it felt to have a hot slippery tongue up her ass while she fingered her own clit. When Jamela began to hump against her hand and Jawad’s tongue, he pulled his tongue out of her ass.

“Why did you stop, Jawad?” Jamela asked.

“Because now I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to do since I first met you! I’m finally going to fuck this great ass which I have lusted after for many nights!” he replied.

Jamela looked back at him and saw he was greasing his thick cock with Vaseline. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time too, but I’ve never done it. I’m not sure about this, Jawad. A tongue is one thing, but a hard thick cock like yours is another!” Jamela said.

“Relax, Jamela Bhabi, and leave everything to me,” Jawad said soothingly. He spread some of the Vaseline on her ass hole, and as he reached beneath her with his left hand, his right hand went to work rubbing the grease in and around her asshole. His left hand took over rubbing her clit, and soon Jamela was humping her clit against one finger while another was gently probing her ass. A little more lube and Jawad got two fingers buried in her ass. 

“If you keep this up I’m going to cum in your hand!” Jamela told Jawad. He moved both of his hands from between her legs and told her to get on her hands and knees. She did as she was told and then Jawad knelt behind her and took hold of his cock, aiming it at her well-lubed ass. As he pressed against her, she tensed up, and Jawad also felt this. Just a few tugs on her nipples and some stroking of her thighs and ass soon had her relaxed again and Jamela whimpered a little as Jawad’s big cock head slipped past her sphincter muscle. Jawad remained there for a few minutes, as Jamela grew accustomed to him, and he spread more grease on his shaft before pushing it further into her ass.

“Fuck me, Jawad! Fuck my ass, I can’t believe how good it feels! It’s making me weak in the knees,” Jamela exclaimed. After a few more short strokes Jawad had buried his cock all the way up her ass, and when he began fucking his cock in and out, his balls slapped against her clit with each stroke.

“Oh yeah, fuck your Jamela Bhabi’s ass! Fuck it good! Your big balls are smacking my clit. Butt fuck me harder!” she was shouting.

Jawad pulled her upright, so they were both on their knees with Jawad’s cock slamming in and out of her ass. Jamela braced herself by pushing against the wall at the side of the bed, so Jawad didn’t need to hold her up, freeing both of his hands. After pulling and twisting her nipples, he placed both hands back on her hips and pounded into her ass mercilessly. Jamela collapsed on the bed when she reached her orgasm, but somehow she managed to keep her ass high in the air. Jawad continued pounding her ass through her orgasm, and soon felt his own approaching, and as he came it felt as if his cock had swelled up to even bigger proportions, and judging by her shrieks and moans it did! Jawad was soon moaning loudly as he pumped jet after jet of hot cum in her ass hole.

Jamela was urging him on, saying, “Shoot your load deep in your Jamela Bhabi’s ass! I can feel it! It’s so hot, Jawad! Fill me up with it!”

Jawad kept fucking slowly until he was too tired to continue and collapsed on the bed beside her. “Jamela bhabi, I’ve wanted to do that for years,” he told her.

“And I wanted to try it all my life!” Jamela replied.

“Thanks, Jamela Bhabi, for letting me do it.” 

“Well, was it as good as you imagined it would be?” she asked.

“Better than I ever thought!” said Jawad, “but I hope it won’t be the last time either.”

“Oh, Jawad you have given me all I have wanted all my married life that my husband was never able to give me!” It was true: Jawad had fulfilled all of Jamela’s fantasies in less than twenty four hours!

Jawad did not go to college at all the next few days while Jamela’s husband was still away and they did nothing but fuck from the time the children left for college until the time they came back. It was an incredible few days, for they screwed in every imaginable position in every room of the entire house, and at least one time Jamela leant over the kitchen counter and begged Jawad to fuck her again in the ass! Of course, his huge thick cock was up to the task, and he ended up cumming all over her back! 

Their relationship continued until Jawad finished his education and went back to his village. Shortly afterwards he got married but whenever he visited his cousin’s house he and Jamela would always find an opportunity to make love.

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