He was dressed in a gray suit. His red striped tie was undone. The sleeves of his coat were rolled back, and he held a pen over a large book. He pushed back his black leather chair and waited. 

The girl was dressed in tight jeans and a loose T-shirt. She was about nineteen, tall and well built. The jeans accentuated her long legs and her shapely buttocks. Her light brown hair was shoulder length and framed a perfectly oval face. Her eyes were large, limpid blues, the eyebrows highlighting them. 

“Hello, professor,” she murmured, sashaying over to where he sat.

“Hi, Sonia,” he answered, lowering his hands to the zipper of his trousers, aware of his hard cock straining to be free of the trousers.

“Let me do that,” she breathed, tossing her large purse onto the desk and walking towards him.

“Be my guest.”

He propelled the chair around; it revolved quietly so that it was now facing away from his desk. He dropped the pen on the book, resting his elbows on the arms of the overstuffed chair.

She dropped to her knees. She was so tall; you could see the top of her head over the table even after she knelt.

He groaned when he felt one of her hand cupping him between his legs as she skillfully unzipped him. She did not bother removing his belt; instead, she merely reached inside his trousers and pushed her hand through the opening of his underwear.

She looked up at him, smiling dreamily, pulling out his erect cock.

“My God,” she whispered, holding his cock at the base with her fist. “You are so big!”

He laughed. “You always say that.”

“Because you always are so big,” she taunted, moving her fist up and down on his swollen shaft, reaching inside the underwear with her other hand to bring out his heavy testicles.

“With you around, I can’t help it, can I?”

She bent down, her silky hair blocking his view. He groaned again as he felt the tip of her tongue swiping from the base of his cock to the tip.

“Oh my God, Sonia. That feels so good,” he murmured. He reached down and thrust his hands inside her T-shirt from the top. She pulled her shoulders together to allow him complete access and moaned when she felt his large calloused palms grasping her huge mammary.

She took him in her mouth when he pinched her nipples. She began to bob her head up and down over his shaft. Continuing to suck on his shaft, she began to pull her T-shirt up over her shoulders.

She disengaged and he withdrew his hands from her tits, watching with glazed eyes as she whipped the T-shirt over her head and tossed it onto the floor beside her. She wore no bra; she never did whenever they planned to meet. To them, it was an obstruction. Neither did she really need a bra – her breasts, though extremely large, did not have any sag.

She bent down over him again, this time holding his cock in both her hands. He thrust his hips upward after her moth engulfed him again.

She was one of the best cocksuckers he had come across. Too, one of the youngest. So far. She did not merely suck him up in her mouth. She also used her tongue cleverly. 

Now, as he thrust his hips back and forth, her tongue lashed the underside of his shaft. He was always amazed at the amount of saliva she produced. A minute later, and his cock was already wet. Now, as he thrust his hips back and forth, her tongue lashed the underside of his shaft. He was always amazed at the amount of saliva she produced. A minute later, and his cock was already wet.

He reached down to push her hair back over her head. He always liked to watch her suck his cock. She seldom closed her eyes when she sucked him. She would either be looking down to where his cock pushed in and backed out of her mouth; or, whenever she could, she would be looking up at him.

Tucking her silky hair around her ears, he took hold of her tits again, holding them in his palms as if weighing them. 

She pulled his cock out, looked at him and said, “Talk, professor, talk to me…you know how it makes me so randy to hear you.”

He laughed harshly, mauling her tits, thrusting his hips faster after she took him back into her mouth.

“Oh yes, bitch, suck my dick, oh yes, like that, suck it harder, you slut, give me more tongue, oh yes, I like fucking your mouth, bitch, oh god, its so hot and wet, I feel like filling up my juice in your mouth right away. But I won’t, not now anyway…you are going to fuck my cock with those tits of yours, these tits, oh god, they are so big and soft and hot…yessss…like that, my bitch whore, take in your throat…”

“Ummmm…” she moaned, now beginning to move her head forward whenever he thrust in and backing away when he did. 

“Your mouth is a cunt, slut, I love fucking you like that, oh god, yes, yes…slurp on that cock, baby, suck faster, get me wet, wetter now…”

She hummed her tune around his cock, which was sliding in and out of her mouth, his sac hitting her chin when he buried it deep in her throat.

“Now, slut, now, take it out and fuck it with your jugs,” he groaned.

She pulled back and still on her knees, raised herself. She was tall all right, and that brought her huge tits right in front of his glistening cock, wet with her saliva.

She maneuvered the upper part of her body, holding the side of her tits and leaned down again, trapping his erect dick within her cleavage. He groped for the drawer on his desk, pulled it out and brought out a tube.

She watched his cock nestled between her tits, as he squeezed the lotion out of the tube, liberally dousing her tit valley with the smooth stuff oozing out. He threw the tube back into the drawer and rubbed his cock into the jelly. She moved from side to side, allowing him to smear the jelly between her tits, using his cock like a paintbrush.

Satisfied, he held her shoulders and began to thrust up and down as she pushed her tits together.

“Oh god, that feels so fucking good, fuck my tits, oh god, yes, fuck my tits, faster now, faster, you sonofabitch, harder, oh yes…”

The smacking of his hips against the underside of her tits and the wet sound that filled his office increased his excitement as he now began to really fuck her tits hard. 

She bent down again, her whole body jerking up and down against his hips and lowered her head. Still holding her shoulders, he rose from his chair and stood hunched over her, without interrupting the rhythm.

“Hold my tits for me, Professor,” she whimpered, letting her hands go down over her body. He obliged by mashing her tits together around his cock, watching her as she fumbled with the buttons of her jeans.

She pushed down her jeans. He wasn’t surprised that she wore nothing under it. Panties, like bras, were mere impediments.

Her jeans resting on the floor around her knees, she pushed one finger into her pussy, rubbing her clit with the other hand.

“Oh god, yes, yes, fuck my tits, fuck my tits, Ooohh…” 

“I am going to splatter my milk on your tits, you little bitch. Oh yes, they feel so good around my cock, it feels so fucking good fucking your huge tits, oh god, yes, fuck your cunt with your fingers, whore! Shove another finger inside…”

She added a second finger inside her pussy, sliding them in and out to keep time with the rhythm of his cock spearing her tits.

She bent down again and lowered her head. He shivered as he felt her tongue licking the top of his cock every time that it came out from the top of her cleavage.

He thrust up and held his position to allow her to wrap her luscious lips around the shaft, then backed down again. 

“Oh, yes, my bitch, my little, bitch, suck that cock as I fuck your tits,” he said, repeating his little series of thrusting up, holding the position for awhile, then backing down rapidly.

Her fingers were beginning to increase pace, going in and coming out faster than his cock was fucking her tits. She shoved her other hand down and attacked her clitoris with the fingers.

He hunched over her, watching her fingers fucking her cunt, rubbing her inflamed clit, and he pulled out of her tits. He twisted his hips from one side to the other, in effect, letting his cock rub all over the insides of her cleavage. 

“Oh please!” she begged, “Don’t do that, please, fuck my tits with your cock, please don’t tease me any more.”

His harsh laughter seemed like he was gurgling, as he complied, putting his cock back between her tits and continuing his movements.

This time, he didn’t pause on the upstroke; he decided he had enough of her mouth for now. He wanted to splash out his boiling seed, relieve his cock of the intense heat that it had built up. 

His hands went around her shoulders again and he began moving up and down, grunting with every stroke. Faster and faster till…

“Aggh…ugghhh…I think I’m going to cum now, you bitch…here it is, take it, you whore, take it now…”

She began to move her body up and down urgently as she realized he was going to come. Her fingers increased speed, fucking her pussy faster. She bent down and flicked out her tongue to lick at his glans every time his cock poked up from her tits. 

Suddenly, he jammed his cock up her tits, clutching her shoulders. Hurriedly, she reached for her tits, squeezing them against his pulsating cock, her mouth wide open.

He let out a strangled cry as his semen gushed out. It flew into her waiting mouth, and then splashed her face, finally collecting in puddles between her tits. He pulled her closer, his hands digging into her back. She assisted him by pulling him by his taut buttocks. 

They were gasping now, their heads thrown back in the throes of their climax. He flopped back into his chair, his legs wide apart, his cock still shuddering. She grabbed the arms of the chair and pushed herself closer between his legs, bending down to take the limp cock back into her mouth, running her lips over the wet shaft.

He watched her as she slurped on his flesh. Lovingly, he caressed the top of her head as she smacked her lips, drinking the leftovers of his spunk.

Later, he was back at his desk, his trousers zipped up, and pen in his hand. He watched her getting back into her jeans and T-shirt. She was looking at him, a sultry smile playing at the corner of her lips.

He glanced at his watch. “Ten thirty, young one.”

She gasped, grabbing her purse. She pecked his cheek before moving towards the door. “Gotta go, or I’ll be late for class.”

“See you in the afternoon, honey,” he called out.

At the door, she turned. “Yeah, sure. Afternoon,” she replied. And then, as she stepped out, she looked back and waved at him.

“Bye, Dad.”

The woman leaned against the balcony, her arms lying alongside the metal railings. From where she was standing, the people and the vehicles ten floors below her, looked like tiny toys. She shivered when a sudden blast of cold air blew from the vast expanse of the forest in front of the building and around her and she pulled her housedress closer around her lithe body.

Next week, she would be turning thirty-nine. She looked like she was twenty-five and felt like she was eighteen. Unconsciously, she glanced down through the top of the housedress. It was a simple, white cotton number, barely reaching to her thighs and simply wrapped around her body with a matching white belt. She could see the top of her own breasts, so taut and firm, stark white in contrast to the bronzed skin above them. The swell of her breasts looked enticing enough and she was aware that even without the support of a bra (which however she was now wearing) they jutted out like a teenager’s. 

She clasped her arms around her and drew back slightly to peer down at her legs. Not very long, but they were perfect. She grinned to herself when she remembered with what her husband compared her legs to.

“They look like a bark of a young banyan tree,” he would tell her.

She almost screamed when she felt two powerful arms go around her waist and wet lips at her neck.

“Hi there,” his voice was deep and husky.

“Oh god, Vinod,” her voice was unsteady. “You scared me.”

“Only scared, huh?” his voice was teasing. 

She clasped his hands with hers and leaned to her side to allow him to nuzzle the hollow between her shoulder and neck. She squealed when he dragged his wet thick tongue across the expanse of her skin.

“Besides a lot of other things,” she replied, pushing her buttocks back to press against the front of his body.

He laughed, hunching down slightly and press himself into her body and she shuddered when she felt his hard crotch grind against her buttocks. His arms were so long that when he wrapped them around her waist, he could touch her right breast with his left hand and her left with his right hand. He did that now, squeezing her firm breasts over the housedress.

“Let’s get inside, honey,” she whispered dreamily as he began to fondle her breasts and undulate the front of his body against her back.

“What can be done inside can be done here as well,” he murmured, leaning toward her. She felt his hot breath against her cheek and turned to him. Her mouth opened as he kissed her lips. 

She felt his tongue rubbing over her teeth, over her gums and then over the rooftop of inside of her mouth. He then licked her tongue, which she allowed to duel against her own, before, finally closing her mouth over it. She began to suck on his tongue now, and it felt to him like she was sucking his cock. 

It was almost as if the nerve endings of his tongue were connected to his cock, because he felt his cock growing harder; which was amazing considering that he knew it was already at full mast.

Like him, she also smelt of fresh toothpaste and coffee. She had also apparently powdered her body because the smell of talc filled his nostrils. She moaned when she felt his palms spread over her breasts, still clad in the housedress and bra. He squeezed them, beginning to now move his tongue in and out of her warm mouth.

The wind howled around them, whipping her long black hair behind her and pushing his into her face. She let her hands drop down from his arms and pushed them between their bodies. He was wearing a pajama, which was held by an elastic band at his waist. 

She thrust one hand inside the band and was delighted that he wore no underwear. When her fist closed over his throbbing shaft, he groaned into her mouth, drawing back slightly to allow her to hold him there.

She began to push his pajamas down over his hips and felt his hands rise above her breasts to slide her housedress off her shoulders. He unfastened the front opening bra expertly, and she shrugged her shoulders so that he could push down the bra to expose her tits.

She whimpered when he grasped her naked and swollen tits. He began to pinch her large stiff nipples between his thumb and forefinger. She jerked her hand way down his hard cock, feeling the skin peel off the head. With one hand she lifted the hem of her housedress over her hips and thrust her now naked buttocks against his rampant cock.

She pulled her mouth away from his. “Oh god, Vinny, fuck me now!”

He let go of her breasts to bunch her dress up to her hips, looking down at her naked buttocks and her tiny fist grasping his huge cock. He watched her legs drift apart, and he slid one hand down her belly to push one finger in her soaking cunt.

“Ahh!” she screamed, pulling on his cock with renewed vigor. “Now, baby, now, fuck me! Put that long cock of yours inside me, please…”

He backed away one step from her, one hand still at her cunt, the other continuing to maul her breast. She thrust her buttocks back to him, bending down slightly from her waist. Her hands gripped the balcony railing; her head was thrown back, eyes closed.

He slid his hand from her cunt, across her waist and brought it between their bodies. Holding her by her breast, he grasped the base of his cock and guided it into her cunt from behind. 

She moaned when the cock head entered her cunt. He paused for a while, bringing his hand up to capture her other breast, then, in one swift movement, he thrust all the way into her cunt.

She cried out, “Ooohh good god! You fill me up, baby, oh god, fuck me now, fuck me…”

He paused intentionally, partly to control himself, afraid that he would come all too soon, and partly to tease her. 

“Please, Vinny, quit screwing around and push your cock inside me!”

He slid his hands down to hold her dainty waist by the sides, and then, slowly withdrew till only the tip of his cock remained embedded inside her. Then, just as suddenly, he thrust back again.

His movement shoved her against the balcony railing and she gripped it harder with her hands, afraid he might push her over it. 

“C’mon, you stud, c’mon, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…”

“OK, ok, here goes, hold on now,” he said hoarsely, as he pulled back again and swiftly jammed back into her; loving the way she cried out and pushed her buttocks back to meet his savage thrust. 

He looked down, his eyes widening as he saw his cock, wet with her juices, slamming in and out of her.

“Faster, faster,” she chanted. “Harder, harder. Rip my cunt, you big bastard, rip me apart, now, now, fuck, fuck…”

He slid his hand down around her waist, holding the small of her back, now, with both his hands and began to pull her up every time he shoved in; which was whenever she said, “Fuck,” and that was a lot of times.

“Take this. And this, and this, this, this…” he rasped out, slamming into her, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks.

“Give, oh yessss, give, give, give…” she replied, her voice a strange mixture between a banshee’s shriek and a widow’s wail. 

He concentrated on holding himself back, wanting to keep his cock in a constant state of overdrive, and began to think about other disconnected and mundane things in life not at all associated with their delightful coupling. He thought of things like a lost cricket match, of stale pizza, warm coke and the dreadful questions he had tried to answer in his recent class tests.

She suddenly froze, her movements arrested and he thought she was going to come. He was surprised when she neatly jerked her hips forward so that his cock was disengaged from her cunt.

“Let me get on top of you,” she whimpered, spinning around and pushing his chest, pushing him back, back, until he was lying flat on the floor. The tiles felt dreadfully cold against his bare back, and he pushed his underwear completely off his legs.

She stood over him, her legs on either side of his prone body. She unfastened the belt and peeled away her housedress. She shrugged aside the bra, which was hanging on one shoulder and it joined the dress on the floor.

The two of them were now gloriously naked and each enjoyed feasting their eyes on one another’s bodies. 

She was smallish in a sexy sort of way. She had narrow shoulders, a narrower waist, but gradually filling thighs and buttocks. Her long dark hair fell almost to her waist framing an almost perfect oval shaped face. Her almond shaped eyes had a hint of brown in them, set off by perfectly arced eyebrows upon them. Her nose was small, and slightly upturned and she had a full mouth. When she smiled, as she did now, she revealed perfect and symmetrical teeth, whiter than a marble. Her breasts were neither too large, nor too small. He knew she wore a 32 size, C-cup, and they were as firm as a teenager’s.

He was tall, almost six feet, with large square shoulders. He was a strong boy, a top athlete and a very good cricketer. His silky brown hair kept falling with an almost irritating regularity over his forehead. As far as looks went by, there wasn’t much to talk about; just an average good-looking guy. But it was his towering personality that drew more than two looks from envious friends and awe struck girls at the college. What was a standout feature, however, was the size of his cock. It was well over seven inches long, and as thick as her wrist. The glans below was equally impressive, as massive as a pair of hybrid eggs.

than two looks from envious friends and awe struck girls at the college. What was a standout feature, however, was the size of his cock. It was well over seven inches long, and as thick as her wrist. The glans below was equally impressive, as massive as a pair of hybrid eggs. than two looks from envious friends and awe struck girls at the college. What was a standout feature, however, was the size of his cock. It was well over seven inches long, and as thick as her wrist. The glans below was equally impressive, as massive as a pair of hybrid eggs.

“How do you want it, stud?” she asked him, standing there, hands on her hips, legs still wide apart, revealing her sloppy pussy to his eyes.

“French fuck, me, baby,” he croaked, stroking his cock casually.

She turned around, her back to his face, and planted one foot on either side of his body. Her cunt now hovered directly above his cock.

Slowly, almost deliberately, she lowered herself onto his cock. This time, she reached down, took hold of his erection after pushing off his hands, and guided him inside her.

“Oh Jeeze! Your cunt is so hot and tight,” he groaned.

She reached behind her and laid her palms flat on his chest bending her knees so that her ass rested on them when his cock was completely inside her cunt.

She exhaled as his cock impaled her to the hilt, and waited awhile, savoring the moment, soaking in the beautiful heat, till she felt his hips begin to move gradually, but impatiently.

She sighed now and raised herself and when he was still half buried in her, sat down again. That was the way she liked it: short, furious and fast. He lay back contentedly, letting her control her movements, setting her pace. Leisurely, he reached out and took hold of her firm jiggling tits, mauling them, as he knew she liked them to be mauled. His fingers began to gently pinch her erect nipples. He watched one of her hand move towards her own crotch, and as she moaned and began to increase the speed, he knew that she was rubbing her clit.

He slipped one hand up, probing her mouth with the forefinger. She opened her mouth and immediately began to suck on the digit.

Up and down she rose and fell over him. The elongated shadows on the wall of the balcony looked weird to him. It looked like a ten feet woman was fucking him. He felt the beads of her perspiration begin to fall on his belly and realized that she was indeed sweating.

“Oh my god, you have such a long dick, oh my god, it feels like its fucking my mouth from my cunt, oh god, Vinny, so good, so good…”

He felt the first wave surging within him and knew that he could no longer fight his urge to come. His hands slid down her body and he gripped her ass cheeks. He began to move his hips up and down, meeting her thrusts with equal force, matching the pace set by her.

“Oh my god, oh my god, I…I. am…I am coming!” he yelled; his legs stretching, now as taut as coiled springs pulled apart.

“Come, come now, come you beautiful mother fucker, come…”

He suddenly jerked up, holding the position and pushing her so that his cock sprang out of her cunt. She spun around, still on her knees and bent down over his enormous cock that he was now rapidly jerking to and fro.

“Ahh…oh, yessss, here I come, oh shit, here I blow…” his back arced upward, his fingers now a blur on his cock.

She leaned over his cock, bringing her hands up to grab his heavy balls. And then he was coming, the juice shooting up in the air, over her head, the first drops raining down on her hair, the rest splashing on her face. She grabbed his cock and directed the stream to her open mouth.

Drops after drops shot out into her mouth and she was swallowing as much as he could give. 

“Oh my god, oh my god, you drain me, you pull my milk from me, oh god…” he jerked spasmodically.

She gulped his juice down and then buried the now flaccid dick into her mouth again, sucking on it as if she was still trying to coax out more juice out of it. Then, satisfied that there was no more to come, she drew back and flopped down beside him, curled up in such a way that her head lay on his thighs.

“God, Vinny, you are good, really good…”

He laughed weakly, fondling the top of her head. “And you, you are the best mom that a son could hope to have.” HE WAS twenty WHEN HE FIRST NOTICED THAT SHE was just as curious about sex as he was.

She was careless; he had found one of his books (borrowed from Rohit) under the mattress on her bed. He was usually very careful about the books and always kept it locked in his desk. That day, he had been summoned by his father to attend to mundane chores he was supposed to have completed last week. It was a Sunday, and he was curled up in bed reading the smut book and had stuffed it under his pillow before going out to the yard to mow the lawn.

Later, after dinner, when she was still watching TV in the sitting room, he looked under the pillow and found that the book had disappeared. It took him less than ten minutes to find it hidden under her mattress. 

He found himself looking at her more often, wondering what the stories in the book would be doing to her. She was eighteen, but for her age, she was well developed; too well developed, he thought. He found himself looking more often at her chest (she was very well endowed in that department). Whenever she wore skirts, he would be feverishly wishing that she would bend down, because when she did that, he could see her strong thighs and those smooth legs. 

Rohit was his cousin, a year older than him and he had a very good collection of porno. They were cheap books, available on the pavements at Bombay’s Flora Fountain area. Vinod himself couldn’t bring himself to buy them – he was too damned embarrassed to be doing that. Rohit didn’t care a damn, because, well, he was that kind of a guy. Moreover, Rohit had already promised Vinod that he would soon be able to ‘pick up’ a video off his father’s closet!

When Vinod realized that Sonia too was growing, he would often fantasize about her. He wondered how she would react if she knew what he would be thinking about during his ‘jerk-off’ times. 

Consciously, he began to ‘forget’ locking his desk. He started to borrow from Rohit, books featuring stories with incestuous relations. And there were quite a few of them.

He began to use her bras and panties to masturbate into. As most young boys of his age, he had also fantasized about making it with his own mother. And why not, he thought. Even Rohit had commented about how beautiful and sexy his mother looked. Not that Rohit’s mother was less sexy; however, his own mother looked a lot younger than her age, while Rohit’s mom looked her own age.

It happened on a Sunday morning. Their parents had left early in the morning to catch a morning show of an English movie with Rohit’s parents. Rohit and his sister Asha (an year older than Sonia) were to come down to their place in the afternoon. Sonia was down in the kitchen listening to some music blaring from the TV. He was lying on his bed, book in one hand, cock in the other.

She had entered the room, apparently in search of a book she wanted.

“Jeeze, Sonia, don’t you know how to knock?” he stammered, trying to stuff his erect cock back into his shorts. 

“What are you doing?” she counter questioned, her eyes staring between his legs.

“None of your damned business,” he answered, succeeding in pushing his hard on inside his shorts.

“You are awfully big there!” she exclaimed, now stepping inside the room, not at all over awed by the situation.

He was surprised at her brazen attitude. He had expected her to be equally embarrassed, if not more, than he was. He suddenly became aware of her lush and coltish body; she was dressed in cut off jeans that reached to her mid-thigh and clung to her round ass. Her tight sleeveless T-shirt accentuated her firm tits jutting out in front of her.

“You are not exactly small there,” he told her gesturing at her chest with his hands, which still held the book.

She looked down at her breasts and grinned. “I know. My friends tell me that I am the biggest not only at class but the whole damned college. And like you, all the guys there can’t keep their eyes away from them.”

Who said I keep looking at them?” he asked her, gaining in confidence now that he realized that her reaction to the situation was remarkably cool; in fact, he began to feel his erection grow, and he withdrew his hand that had been covering his crotch, letting his legs spread apart, no longer trying to hide the bulge from his sister’s view.

“Don’t crap me,” she said. “We girls are blessed with a special instinct, you know. I have caught you stealing glances at my chest and legs on a number of occasions.”

“Big deal,” he snorted.

“Hey,” she said, her voice falling to a whisper. “Please show me your cock, will you?”

He was shocked, and strangely thrilled. The way she said ‘cock’ sent a hot surge up his cock, and he was afraid that if the situation continued to develop in this direction, it would burst out of his shorts.

“Sonia, you are kidding,” he replied, his voice weak and hoarse.

“No, I’m not. Besides, it isn’t a very unusual request, huh? I have lately been reading quite a lot from your library…” 

“So, I have noticed,” he told her wryly.

“…and your choice apparently points out toward those special relations within relations!” she continued as if he had not spoken, “so, Vinny, what about it? I’m dying to see your cock.”


“Well, it’s so damned frustrating, realizing that you are jerking off in your bed under those covers, not more than ten feet away from me. I often dream of how you do it.”

“Shit!” he groaned, “I didn’t know I was that obvious.”

She giggled, revealing her pearly teeth. “Please, Vinny, show it!”

“What do I get to see in return, Sonia?” he questioned, his heart thumping wildly in his chest, his lips dry.

“What would you like to see?” she smiled slyly.

“I would like to see the whole of you without that damned T-shirt and the jeans” he blurted out.

She laughed, and then in a swift single move that surprised him, whipped out her T-shirt over her head. Without pausing, she bent down, hooking her fingers in the waistband of her jeans and pulled them down over her legs. She straightened, kicking away the jeans, and clad in just bra and panties, she faced him, her hands hanging loosely by her sides. 

His eyes widened when he saw almost half of her large tits bulging out from the top of her bra and her long shapely legs sticking out from under her pink panties. Looking at her, almost nude, he felt himself comparing her with a recent centerfold he had seen in a Playboy issue at Rohit’s place. 

“What…what size bra do you wear, Sonia?” he asked huskily, still lying on his bed, his eyes fixed on her tits.

“36,” she replied matter-of-factly. “Now, show me your dick.”

“You’ve been reading too many of those books,” he grinned, now, having thrown all caution and embarrassment to the wind and getting into the situation, trying to match her mood. God! He thought to himself. I have a brazen slut as my sister. The excitement in him was reaching its peak, and having decided to approach the matter in hand as coolly as she was doing, he merely lifted his hips and pulled down his shorts, letting his hard on leap out, erect and throbbing.

She ran a wet tongue over her lips.

“And what size is that, Vinny?” she croaked. 

He grinned, throwing the book to the floor and resting both his hands on the bed beside him. “I didn’t measure.”

“I bet it is at least six inches long.”

“Maybe it is,” he replied, watching her eyes fixed on his throbbing member. He looked back at her jutting tits, and then his eyes slid down her surprisingly lush feminine curves.

She took three steps toward him till she was now standing beside his bed. She was so close; he could easily touch her if he wanted to by merely reaching out his hands and too, he could smell her perfume.

“I said I wanted to see the whole of you without any clothes.”

Dumbly, her eyes still on his cock, she reached behind her to unsnap the hooks of her bra. When she did so, the pressure on her bra caused her nipples to poke against the flimsy material. She drew her shoulders together to pull off the skimpy cloth and he shivered when her naked breasts tumbled out. Her nipples were a rosy pink and she was so close, he could see that they were erect. She bent down, her tits dangling below her, and pulled off her panties. When she lifted her legs one after the other to wriggle out of the panties, he could see the lips of her pussy, covered sparsely with hairs. 

She stood up now, completely naked. Her chest heaved as she breathed deeply, obviously from the excitement. Throughout all this time, her eyes never wandered away from his prick.

Slowly, almost tentatively, she reached out one hand, bending slightly from her waist and her fingers brushed his cock. He shuddered when she touched him, then groaned when he felt her fist quickly wrapping around his cock.

“Oh God!” he muttered. He was losing control now and before he could say anything, he found his hands groping for her heaving tits, grabbing them and beginning to squeeze.

All at once, she was falling down and he was moving to accommodate her beside him on the bed. She lay to his left on her right side and he turned to face her, and in this position, he awkwardly put one arm around her shoulders and drew her face towards his.

His mouth covered hers as her hand snaked down between their writhing bodies to grasp his cock back in her fist. She threw her other hand over his shoulders and moaned into his mouth, opening her own, pushing her tongue against his, arching her body when she felt his large palm close over her left breast.

He knew that they would not fuck; atleast for now. That had nothing to do with the fact that she was his sister; but, god, he still needed time to think about it.

It was as if she too knew it. Because she immediately started to move her hand up and down, squeezing his erect cock in her fist, thrusting her hips against his fingers, which had slipped down from her shoulders to search for her secrets between her legs.

They kissed each other ferociously for almost two minutes, tongues darting into each other’s mouths, lips locking hard, driving them breathless. Then, almost reluctantly, she drew back and crouched at her waist so that she could look down at her jerking fist.

“Please rub my cunt,” she whimpered, jerking his cock furiously.

He felt thrilled when she used the word, and pushed her till she was lying on her back. He lifted his head and bent down sideways to take her nipple in his mouth, sucking hard on it. His body was still on its side, so he slipped one hand under her shoulders and grabbed her right breast, continuing to suck on the left nipple. He slid his other hand down, over the flat of her belly, till his fingers cruised through her sparse bush and reached her pussy lips.

She let out a soft scream when his finger found her clit, and her legs went taut as he began to rub it in a circular motion. She reached down with her other hand and cupped his testicles, continuing to masturbate him. 

“Oh god, Vinny, oh god, do me, yes, do me, Vinny, faster, oh god, yes,” she whispered hotly into his ears, “Suck my tits, oh god, yes, Vinny, Vinny, Ooohh, ugghhh, yessss….” 

He began to lick her breast, mauling the other with his rough hands. There was no finesse, only a sense of urgency, as they both moved closer to their impending release. 

She came first, her fist on his cock suddenly going still, legs arching out, knees spread apart and raised off the bed. He looked at her, continuing the ruthless fingering of her clit. Her eyes were shut, lips drawn back into a snarl, her long brown hair covering most of her face.

“OOOHH, OOOHH, yessss, oh shit, oh god, VINNY…”

She suddenly went limp; disappointed that it had ended so soon for her. Aware that he had still not climaxed, she turned her attention to his cock, which was now rubbing the side of her leg. She slid back, and then took him with both her hands.

It was his turn to lie on his back. He bent down and watched her hands jerking his cock up and down, up and down. His cock head had become deep red and engorged. The sight of her dainty hands on his thick cock inflamed him. He grasped both her tits in his hands and began to move his hips back and forth to counter thrust her movements.

He began to groan when he reached the point of no return. His hips began to work faster than the movements of her hands. He suddenly let out a howl and scrambled on top of her body, hands clutching her tits, mouth covering hers and thrust his tongue inside her mouth.

She felt the globs of his semen spurting on her belly, lighting up little sparks of fire as they landed there. Amazingly, without his now touching her there, she felt a small orgasm rip through her body and she realized that it had come merely because she had made him cum. 

And later, they lay beside each other, drawing deep breaths, satiated for now. The TV blared out rock music on the music channel, but neither heard it. In stead, they were hearing their own music. 

She was about to ring the door bell when the door opened.

“Hi, mom! Off to your music classes?”

“Hi, baby. Yes, I’m running late. How come you are back so soon?”

“No classes today afternoon. No lab.”

“Great. Lunch is in the fridge. I’ll be back in the evening.”

Her mom was dressed in her music class attire. A dark blue sari, worn just below the navel, the border draped over her chest and pinned to the blouse at the shoulder. 

“You look great, mom,” she told her.

Her mom laughed. “Go on, inside. Vinny has just had his lunch.”

“I hope he is still hungry,” Sonia grinned.

Her mom was still laughing when she got into her car. Sonia waited till the car disappeared around the lane, and then entered the house, shutting the door behind her.

“Vinny!” she shouted, throwing her purse on the sofa and stepping off her shoes.

“Yo ho, honey, I’m up here!” He was in his bedroom, and she could hear the soft strains of The Moody Blues from the stereo.

“Yo ho yourself, you lout! C’mon down here. I need company.”

She walked to the kitchen, opening the fridge and lifting lids off the pans, peering inside them to inspect what was there for lunch. She heard him coming down the stairs as she selected a plate of chicken with freshly cut salad garlanding it.

“Hey, how come you are in so early, baby?” he asked her, flopping down on the sofa, automatically reaching out for the TV remote.

She slid the plate in the micro oven and set the timer.

“No lab. The last two classes were off. It isn’t like you. You always seem to be having long vacations.”

He laughed, adjusting a channel on the TV. Then, he got up, walked over to the TV and pulled open the drawer below it. 

She walked into the sitting room carrying her plate and lowered herself on the sofa. Sliding the plate onto the table in front of the sofa, she watched him rummaging through the drawer.

“What are you looking for, Vinny?”

“Dad brought a new tape yesterday, baby. It must be somewhere over here…ah, gotcha!” 

She laughed, picking up the warm chicken and taking a small bite at it.

“Mum was looking real great. You guys make out in the morning?”

He laughed, sliding the cassette into the VCR. “You bet! And I am sure you got Dad at his office.”

“Well, nights like yesterday, and you know that I usually do.”

“No. You always do,” he said, walking to the sofa and lowering his large frame beside her, the remote in hand.

He pressed a button and the TV screen came to life. Casually, he lifted his hips and slid his shorts down his legs. He wasn’t wearing any under wear, and his semi-flaccid cock jumped out.

Nibbling on the chicken that she was holding in one hand, she reached out for his cock with the other and fondled him. “You are always horny aren’t you?”

Get out of your clothes, Sonia. I hate watching fuck films fully dressed up. It’s like a blowjob without losing the juice.”

She giggled, and then putting the piece of chicken back onto the plate, rose. Deftly, she undressed till she was stark naked and took her place on the sofa again. 

He slid one arm around her shoulder and palmed her naked breast, feeling the nipple stiffening. She reached down and took his cock back into her fist. 

The movie on the screen was shot abroad a luxury yacht. On board, were eight people, including the crew. Five men and three women.

“These fuck queens always have big tits and big asses,” he commented, caressing her breast.

“Just like those porn kings have large cocks,” she answered.

A red faced man and a Negro were apparently the crew. A sandy haired bull of a man with a busty brown haired girl sat around an oval shaped table, talking to a slightly built Italian guy who had a raven-haired girl sitting next to him. Sitting around another table, a few feet away from the foursome, was an exquisite couple; they looked like either South Americans or Egyptian. He was a handsome, tall man with long black hair, parted in the center; she was blonde. 

Sonia slid closer to her brother, gently manipulating his cock with her hand and pressing one tit against his shoulders.

“How was it today morning?” she asked. He knew how much she liked to hear about such details. Also, she loved relating her episodes to him.

“We fucked in the balcony. I got her pussy from behind, and then she rode me. Wow, it is simply great the two of you fuck!”

“I gave a tit job to Dad.”
“He’s crazy about tit fucks isn’t he? Well, with those boobs of yours, I wouldn’t blame anyone wanting to sink their cocks there.”

“Ever since he saw you fucking my tits, he always insists on doing that to me,” she laughed.

He leaned into her and grabbing her hips, he swung her legs over the couch. He pushed her till the small of her back rested against the over stuffed arm of the sofa. She lay there, watching him with glazed eyes as he positioned himself on the sofa so that he was facing her.

He slid forward and she spread her long legs, drawing her knees up, accommodating him between them. He sank down on top of her, burying his face between her tits and licking her cleavage. She hunched her shoulders, leaned down and grabbed his now hardening dick in her hand, beginning to stroke him as he focused on licking one nipple with long, gentle strokes of his tongue. 

“Ahhhhh, Vinny, lick them, baby, suck on my nipple…” she told him.

He took her swollen nipples into his mouth and began to fondle both her tits, occasionally squeezing them, and then pinching the nipple that wasn’t in his mouth. She twisted her head to look at the TV screen and when he felt her doing so, he too glanced at it. The camera was showing a sea storm gathering in the background; and even as the sounds of the howling wind increased, the players were beginning to get into an orgy.

She pushed him back so that he was lying sprawled out on the sofa, and then she rose. He looked at her naked body as she stood beside him. He smiled at her, fondling his cock, watching her as she now, languorously lay down on top of him, her head at his feet, her pussy settling on his face. 

She moaned when he buried his tongue inside her cunt, grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her body closer to him. When the tip of his tongue rubbed against her inflamed clit, she opened her mouth to take his cock inside. 

“Oh, shit,” his voice was muffled as she began to grind her pussy against his mouth. “Suck my cock, baby, oh god, yessss…”

Her head began bobbing up and down as she swallowed him till his balls touched her lips. His tongue speared inside her cunt when she drew back.

They thrust their bodies against each other, engrossed in the sixty-nine. He began to lift his hips up to shove his cock deeper and she ground her pussy harder against his face to let him slide his tongue inside her. He reached down and grabbed her tits; she groped for his heavy testicles.

“I want to fuck you, Sonia,” he muttered, “Before I fill your mouth.”

Swiftly, she got off his body. He sat up, exactly at the center of the sofa, spreading his legs apart. His cock was engorged and fully erect now, the glans glistening with her saliva. 

She straddled him, placing her hands on his shoulders, her knees on either side of his body. She shifted up, adjusting the height till she felt the tip of his cock rubbing against her pussy. She reached behind her, grasping the base of his cock and guiding it to the opening of her cunt.

With a sigh, she finally lowered herself. He groaned as he felt his cock sliding into her till it was completely embedded inside, right up to the hilt. His hands never stopped mauling and squeezing her tits.

She began to move up and down on him. It began slowly, with her, rising up until just the tip of his cock remained inside, and then gently sliding down to sit on his knees, his cock completely buried in her.

“Oh God, Sonia, you are so hot and tight, my god, take my cock inside you deeper, baby, ooohh yessss…like that honey, fuck me, fuck me…”

He leaned forward to run his lips over her bouncing tits, squeezing the mounds from below. She let one hand crawl down over his body, fingertips grazing his skin, till she was cupping his testicles, gently, pulling at them, and then running a finger over the underside of his cock when she rose. 

Slowly, ever so gradually, she began to increase the speed, clutching his shoulder with one hand, the fingers of the other, now fluttering over his cock. Her long hair fell over her breasts, flying back to reveal his face when she came down on him. 

“Give it to me, Vinny, fuck me back,” she shouted.

He began to move his hips, synchronizing their movements with hers. Their bodies slapped against each other.

“Oh yes, like that Vinny, shaft me, oh yes, fuck me,” she pleaded.

He slipped his hands over her breasts and grabbed her shoulders.

“Here it comes, baby,” he muttered, rolling her over the sofa. She squealed as he pushed her onto her back on the sofa, without disengaging, and then he was between her.

He grasped her legs, pushing them apart and she lifted them high above her. His hands slid down till he was holding the back of her knees. He now crouched over her as she held her own tits, head thrown back to rest against the sofa, her eyes riveted to the spot where his cock had penetrated inside her.

“Yes, yes, Vinny, oh my god, yes, now, now, fuck, fuck, fuck me.”

He started to ram into her. There was no slow build for him; he simply started to fuck her in short rapid strokes. He had to bend slightly at his knees since the sofa was low, but he still banged into her effortlessly.

“Oh yes, baby, play with your tits, oh yes, squeeze them for me, god, I wish I had another pair of hands so I could do that too while fucking you, oh, yes, baby, I’m going to fuck the crap out of you.”

She assisted him by pushing her buttocks up when he thrust in her and letting them rest on the sofa when he pulled back, but soon gave up because she couldn’t match his speed.

The TV speakers were blasting out the sound of wind, now interpolated with the screams, moans and groans of the people partaking in the orgy. She managed to look at the screen.

The brown haired girl was on her fours, kneeling over the blonde. The black man had stuffed her mouth with his large dick, while the Egyptian was fucking her from behind. The blonde was licking the brown haired girl’s tits. Additionally, the girl also was jerking two cocks, one in either hand. By their side, the two other men had sandwiched the remaining woman between them, their cocks buried in her pussy and ass holes. 

Sonia turned back to look at her brother. He was sweating profusely now as he slammed back and forth into her. She felt her orgasm beginning to rise and with a loud moan, wrapped her legs around his back. He realized that she was cumming and began to jab into her in fast and furious jerks.

“Oh, god,” she wailed, “I’m cumming, oh yes, fuck, fuck me, I’m cumming, oh Vinny, ugghhh….” 

He kept pumping into her long after her legs collapsed off his body. Satisfied that she was finished, he drew back, pulling his cock out of her cunt. He straightened and pushed his hips at her, in effect, thrusting his cock into her face. His hands were a blur on his cock.

“Here I come, baby, here, take my spunk on you, honey…”

“Give me a bath, please,” she croaked out, reaching up to push his hands away from his cock. She held it in her hands, masturbating him. He groped for her tits, opening his mouth to let out a hoarse roar and then, he erupted.

The first blast landed squarely on her nose, the second in her open mouth and then it sprayed all over her face and hair. She kept her eyes open, watching and feeling his cock jerk in her hands.

He always came by the buckets, and she loved to bathe in his hot juice. She directed his cock over her face, trying to coax out as much of the juice as possible. All too soon, it was over.

He slumped down on the floor, landing on his back, his chest heaving as he drew lungful of air. His breathing was ragged, he knew that, but the feeling after the jism drained out of him was unbelievable. 

For both of them, this feeling of emptiness was heaven. 

The Saga of A Family Ch. 04
Chapter 4: Yesterday – The Man & The Daughter

HE NEVER KNEW WHY HE HAD WOKEN UP THAT NIGHT. He was always a sound sleeper; but that night, something had woken him up. He had fumbled for the night lamp, snapped on the switch and glanced at the table clock. It read exactly 12:00. Midnight. 

He looked at his wife, sound asleep by his side, and deciding not to disturb her, he had switched off the lamp, and soundlessly made his way to the bathroom. Perhaps, he thought, I need to have a leak and the body mechanism must have woken me up.

He froze when he was about to push the bathroom door open. He was sure he had heard a sound. Not that kind of sounds that go thump in the night; the sound was a groan, and he recognized it to belong to his son. What the hell, he thought, what was Vinny doing at this time of the night?

Silently, he padded to the children’s room, the floor cold against his heels. He hadn’t worn his slippers.

The door to the kid’s room was ajar, and dim light filtered out through the crack. It was dark, and he groped towards the dim light. 

He peeped in, and suddenly the floor was no longer cold. What he saw, took the breath away from him and sent his blood pulsing through his veins. His eyes bulged out at the sight that greeted him.

Sonia was sitting on the edge of her bed, stark naked, and Vinny, also buck naked, stood in front of her. His hands were pushing together her tits, and his cock was between them. Her hands covered his, as if helping him to hold her tits together tighter around his cock. Vinny was fucking his sister’s tits!

For a moment, he was rooted to the spot. His children, and depraved? What the hell was this? He thought of storming into the room and clubbing both of them till he would knock them cold. 

But, his eyes remained riveted at the sight. Sonia was eighteen, but holy shit, was she a big girl, or what? Those tits of hers were amazing! He knew that they were large, but naked they looked monstrous! And Vinny! His cock, moving back and forth between those tits had to be at least seven inches long! 

He watched her manipulate her breasts as his cock slipped out of the cleavage, and then, she scooped it back between them, twisting her body to align his cock in position. She would pull apart her tits, snuggle closer towards him, and then wrap them over it again.

Vinny’s cock was big all right, but her tits were so big, it disappeared completely within them. She was looking up at him, a smile on her lips, her long hair bouncing as she slid up and down, masturbating his cock in her cleavage. 

The man watched from the door, rooted to the ground, as she whispered something to her brother. Vinny threw back his head, grabbed her shoulder with one hand, put his other hand behind his back, and started to increase the tempo of his wild thrusts. 

Even if the man couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other, he could hear the dull, wet plopping sounds as the boy’s cock rapidly fucked her huge tits.

He didn’t know how long he had watched them; but suddenly became aware that Vinny was now jerking spasmodically, his hands reaching down to take hold of her breasts again.

And then he saw the semen bursting forth from his son’s cock, hitting the girl’s cheek. She bent down, opening her mouth to swallow the second salvo, which hit the back of her throat. She pulled back her tits, allowing his cock to pop out, and then, took the entire length of the flesh in her mouth.

The man suddenly became aware of his own hard on. He contemplated the scene for a while, watching his son lean down, apparently exhausted, as he kissed his sister’s hair.

The man turned around abruptly and headed back to his room. His cock was now rock hard. He bolted the door behind him, walked to his bed and flipped on the night lamp. In the dim light of the lamp, he looked at his wife, lying on her side. She was dressed in her blue skimpy one-piece nightdress; it was a kind of a teddy. It was pretty hot in the room, so she had thrown the blanket aside. 

He glanced at her tits, bulging out from the top of the dress. The hem had ridden up over her legs, revealing her panties. He pulled out his robe in a hurry. Underneath, he was naked and he glanced at his cock protruding out, the glans swollen and red. It seemed to be unusually hard today. He wet his palm by licking it with his tongue and then rubbed it over his cock.

He got into bed, crawling on his knees towards his wife. He realized that he had never thought of fucking her tits, and suddenly, he felt the urgent need of doing it.

Her dress was buttoned at the front, and swiftly he snapped them off. She murmured in her sleep, stirring, but not changing her position. He opened the flaps of her dress, revealing her tits.

Holding his cock in his hands, he crawled further up the bed till his cock head was rubbing against her nipples. Her eyes fluttered open.


“Hold on honey,” he murmured to her, “I just had a hell of a dream. And I want to do it in reality. Now.” His voice was hoarse and urgent.

She looked down, the sleep still in her eyes, but nevertheless, she smiled. Her husband was a horny man, and she was thankful for that. At thirty-seven, she felt she was at her sexual peak. Though he was well over fifty, his sexual prowess was amazing. She bent down, thinking that maybe he wanted to put that monster in her mouth.

She was surprised that he didn’t. Instead, he lifted one of her breast and slid his cock under it. Then, squeezing her tits together, he began to hump his thighs to and fro. She realized that he had formed a tunnel between her tits through which he could slide his cock back and forth.

The thought excited her. He had never done it like that. She felt herself blush when she recalled how many times she had been tempted to ask him to do this to her. 

She slid down the bed, still curled up on her right. She reached out with her hands to press his cock inside her cleavage from the top so that it wouldn’t slip out.

“Yes, darling, fuck me there!” she breathed.

He began to thrust furiously, throwing back his head.

“Wait,” she said. She licked her palms for a while, then, drawing back, spread the saliva between her tits. She pulled his cock back between them and said, “Now. That will help”

He started to rock to and fro, his hands mashing her tits together. He felt her soft skin sliding across his cock as he grunted and groaned.

A vision of Sonia’s tits flashed through his mind. He imagined those big tits (they were much larger than his wife’s) bouncing up and down, her face turned up and that sexy smile on her lips. He looked down at his cock fucking his wife’s cleavage, and suddenly, those tits were replaced with Sonia’s.

He came in a deluge, his sperm shooting up to hit his wife’s chin. She felt her body sliding further down, and then shuddered as her warm mouth engulfed him.

As he slumped down on the bed, he suddenly realized that his daughter had possessed his body.

All that had happened yesterday. Today was another day, and he had pretended that he had a severe headache when he had waked up in the morning. He knew he had to do something about what he had seen the previous night. All through that night, the vision of his big-breasted young daughter had tormented him. 

Vinod had left first; he had heard the roar of his motorcycle fading away down the street. His wife had fussed over him, and had wanted to miss her music classes; he had insisted that it was nothing serious, and would be disappointed if she would miss her routine.

Sonia had popped in the bedroom. “Hey Dad, what’s this I hear? You got a headache or something?”

Under his robe and the blanket covering him, he felt his cock harden at the sight of his voluptuous daughter. She was wearing her standard dress: a short skirt and a frilly white blouse. When she had bent down to touch his forehead to check if he temperature, his eyes were drawn to the top of her tits, restrained in a bra, and he thought he would cum.

“Nothing wrong, baby-doll,” he answered weakly. “Do me a favor, will ya? Your mom’s going to her classes. Just go with her to the chemist and get me some aspirin.”

“Don’t tell me there’s no aspirin in a doctor’s house,” she had laughed mischievously. 

“No, I checked. I took the last two-yesterday night. Now, go on and be a good girl. And hurry back. My head feels like it’s splitting”

He knew that it wasn’t his head that felt like splitting, it was his cock.

After the woman and her daughter had left, he quickly shaved and had a shower. The image of Sonia’s tits aroused him, and he had to jerk himself off in the shower. He watched his juice spurt out before he had rubbed his cock three times. Oh God!

He had his plan in place. He had pulled on his short bathrobe, the one that reached to his knees. He fastened the belt around it, tighter than usual so that it was wrapped around him like second skin. 

Sonia returned when he was in the kitchen making coffee.

“Hey, let me do that. You go and rest, Dad,” she had protested walking into the kitchen. Her presence so near him, the smell of the perfume she had applied, made him uneasy. Amazingly, in spite of just having jerked off in the bathroom, he felt his cock beginning to erect. 

“That’s okay. You fill up the cups; I have made one for you too. Get the coffee in the living room, will you?” 

“Sure thing, Dad. Here. The aspirin you wanted.”

He tried not to look at her chest when he took the tablets from her hand. Hurriedly he walked out of the kitchen to the living room and settled onto the sofa, crossing his knees, primarily to hide the bulge, which was now, quite prominent. He had had his share of women, but strangely, Sonia had turned him on more than anybody else had. Or, he mused, was it her body?

Incest, he knew, was socially unacceptable. Here was his Sonia, his little daughter, and the same one whom he had bounced on his knees when she was a baby and the same one, whose gurgles and smiles had absolutely floored him. He remembered carrying her little body in his arms throughout a particular night when she had been down with measles. He knew it wasn’t right on his part to think about her in this way; yet, the sight of her, completely naked, her glorious lush body dripping in sweat had completely changed his attitude. 

He felt reckless. At the same time, he was scared. What, he thought, would be her reaction? A brother was okay, he guessed. After all, hadn’t he, as a callous young youth, experimented with Sanika, his own sister? Short of actually fucking his own sister, he had done practically everything else with her. 

He jerked out of his thoughts when she walked into the room carrying a tray. “Here we are,” she announced, bending down to set the tray on the low table in front of the sofa. His cock jumped when he glanced at her bunched up tits straining against her bra inside the blouse.

“Sonia,” he began, picking up his cup and watching her do the same. “I think we need to talk” His voice sounded hollow to him.

She lowered herself on the chair opposite the sofa and looked at him, her eyebrows lifting. She began to sip her coffee.

“Mmmm. This coffee’s good. You always could make a good cuppa! What do we have to talk about, Dad? Please, not the college, ok?”

“No, not the college. It’s something extremely important.”

She smiled, crossing her knees, balancing the cup in one hand and sipping the coffee from the saucer. 

“Go ahead, Dad,” she said.

“It’s…it’s…” Words failed him. He had it all worked out, but realized it wouldn’t be so easy.

“Oh c’mon, dad. Whatever you are going to tell me, I will understand. Haven’t I always?’

“And you have always obeyed me, Sonia'” he said.

“That’s because I trust you, dad.”

He felt a twinge of guilt coursing through him. Then, deciding to come to the point, he blurted, “It’s about yesterday night.”

She froze, the cup in her hand shook. “A-about…what?” 

“Yesterday night.” His voice was firm now. He plunged on.

“How long has it been going on?”

She seemed confused. “How long…how long, what’s been going on?”

He looked into her eyes. She shifted her glance to the floor, twitching in the chair.

“C’mon, Sonia. I wasn’t born yesterday. That which is going on between your brother and you?”

She was shaken badly, that he could see, because she set the cup on the table and leaned back against the chair. She began to fiddle with the hem of her skirt, pulling it down over her knees.

“What…what, did…did you see…uh, I mean how…?”

“You were careless. I didn’t mean to spy on you, but I saw it.”

She blushed a deep red, the color rising to her cheeks.

“Saw? S-saw w-what?”

He decided to be more direct. “Well, my little girl was stark naked and sitting on her bed. And an equally naked Vinny was standing in front of her,” he retorted.

She shuddered, closing her eyes. “Dad,” her voice had dropped to a whisper, barely audible. “You shouldn’t have…”

“Shouldn’t have? Good god, girl, any other Dad would have burst into the room and beat the shit out of you two.”

She looked at him, saw his eyes fixed on her, and then closed her own eyes again. “T-then, w-why didn’t you?”

The question took him by surprise. He just wasn’t expecting it. It was not in his script.

There was quiet in the room as he contemplated her question. Then, in an voice, just as subdued as hers, he muttered, “What I saw was just amazing, Sonia. I didn’t realize that the two of you had grown up so much. What would you expect me to do?”

She looked at him sharply. “What do you mean?”

It was his turn to blush. “Look, Sonia, I am supposed to do the questioning around here, not the other way round.”

“I trust you, dad, and I have said that before,” her voice was stronger and more confident now that she realized that she could do very little about it. They had been caught, period. And they had to face the music whether they liked it or not.

“What do you want us to do, dad?”

He fidgeted, pretended to look away, as if in deep thought and then looked at her again. “How long has this been going on?”

“Just a month or so”

“Month!!” he exclaimed, his eyebrows rising in astonishment. “My god, that’s quite something! Here we are, living together under one roof, and I don’t get to learn that my own children are playing adult games with each other for a month!”

She looked down at her knees, again, pulling at the hem of her skirt.

A long pause ensued, and then, he asked her, “Tell me something, Sonia. And I want the truth, ok?”

She nodded.

“Do Vinny and you, I mean, do you…er…actually do it?”

She blushed, still looking down. “No, dad.”

Inwardly, he heaved a sigh of relief. Thank god for small favors, he thought. “From which point of view did the two of you take that decision?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Was that based on legal circumstances or moral?”

She thought about it. She had always been very open with him about everything. In fact, when she had menstruated, she had asked him to do the explanation, not mother.

“I guess that was the right thing to do. We just sort of…er…relieve ourselves, if you understand me.”

He felt his cock stirring inside his robe. “I don’t really know what to say, or do, Sonia.”

“Dad, it is harmless. We just…” her voice trailed off.

“Yeah, I know. You sort of relieve yourselves. How did it lead to this?”

It took her about fifteen minutes to fill him in with the details. She was, without realizing it, giving a pretty graphic representation of what had transpired, in the process, arousing him. On a few occasions, four letter words inadvertently slipped through her, but she was quick enough to retract them and soften the vocabulary.

After she had completed her story, they sat silently, only the sound of the ceiling fan filling the room. She was back to pulling the hem of her skirt, and he was staring at some point in space, his knees crossed, aware of the painful erection between his legs.

“Dad,” she finally said, “Look, we are awfully sorry about the whole thing, OK? But honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as we haven’t fu…uh, done it actually.”

“How long would it be before you would be tempted to do it? Actually? That’s the problem. And what when you eventually do it? And, what would your Mom think of this situation?”

She hesitated. “Dad, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure. I don’t guarantee any answers, though.” 

“Do you think it’s un-natural? I mean this relationship that I’m having with Vinny?”

He thought about it for a long time. “Well, to be perfectly honest, this kind of a relationship sometimes becomes inevitable. This subject is taboo, socially and morally. One doesn’t really expect a brother and sister to be sexually involved in each other. It’s happened before; history is replete with these kinds of relationships. I would put it down as curiosity and chemical attraction, or maybe, the need to, as you so succinctly put it as relief.”

She smiled for the first time since the interrogation had begun. “So, you understand, dad?”

He frowned. “I guess I do. I would look at it this way, baby. Supposing it was some other punk who’d manage to get into your pants, actually do it, and then scoot? You might have ended up with having to visit a doc and maybe involved with an abortion or something like that.”

She leaned toward him and took his hand in hers. “Thanks, dad. Thank you so much that you understood.”

He became aware of her deep cleavage, revealed through the top of the frilly white blouse as she leaned, and suddenly, his cock jumped inside his robe, as if an electric current had just been applied to it. He clamped his knees together and managed a weak smile.

She noticed it. Her eyes went wide as they strayed to the bulge, now plainly visible in his short, tight robe.

“Dad?” she whispered.

He pretended that she hadn’t noticed and tried to sound as nonchalant as he could; which, considering the circumstances, wasn’t much.

“Yes?” he looked into her eyes.

He saw the beginning of a sly smile on her lips. And suddenly, he was afraid. Was he trying to cross a barrier that he would perhaps regret later on? Would it affect the family and the relations they shared?

Sonia was no longer a baby, and that he admitted to himself. She was a young lady now, blessed with the lush body of a woman.

“Dad, can I tell you something?” she whispered.

“Go ahead,” he croaked.

“You have a hard on.” She said it matter-of-factly. 

He drew back his hand, feeling hot under the robe. He remained silent.

“Do I turn on my dad that much?” she continued, relentlessly.

His eyes locked with hers. She did not look away; instead, she reached out to take his hand in hers again. After what seemed to be an eternity, he slowly said, “Yes. My baby turns me on.”

There! He had finally said it, he thought. 

“What would Dad want his little girl to do for him?” she muttered.

He was tongue tied as he continued to look in her eyes.

“Would Dad like for his little baby to hold his cock for him?” His cock jumped once again when she said ‘cock’, his heart was thudding and he thought she could hear it and the heat inside his robe became unbearable.

“Would Dad like for his little girl to jerk him off?” she was cooing, now, her confidence, and apparently sky-high.

If she was going to continue like this, he was sure he would come in the robe; she wouldn’t have to jerk him off.

“Or maybe he’d like for her to suck on it? And drink his milk from it?”

He stared at her, speechlessly and, he thought, helplessly. His cock was now throbbing and he could feel the blood coursing through the shaft.

She released his hand and slowly got to her feet. She stood there, in front of him, just the table between them. Her eyes never left his, and he could see that she too was breathing just as hard as he was.

hing just as hard as he was.

“What would Daddy like?” she whispered coquettishly. To him, her skirt appeared to get shorter and her blouse skimpier. She was so close to him, he could smell her perfume.

Finally, he spoke: “Daddy would like to see his girl’s tits!” It came out harshly though he didn’t mean to be harsh. 

She smiled and he watched as her hands went up and began to fumble for the row of the tiny, golden buttons in front. His mouth opened in astonishment as he watched her slip out of the blouse, revealing the tiny bra, which barely managed to hold her breasts inside it.

“Anything for daddy,” she said to him softly, as she reached behind her and expertly unfastened the hooks. He could hold his breath until she shrugged off the bra; after it fell to the floor, and as her tits tumbled out, he breathed out mightily.

She brought her hands up to cradle her giant tits, cupping them as if she was weighing them up. She rubbed her palms over the flesh.

He could not help, but groan. And then, he moved.

Before she realized what was happening, his leg thrashed out, the table thudding across the floor against the wall, and he was on his feet. Two strides towards her and she gasped as he grabbed her shoulders, pulled her hard against her body and mashed his mouth against hers. Her tits mashed against his hard chest, and when she reached to put her arms around his shoulders, she was surprised that he had already stripped off his short bathrobe.

Moaning, she slid her tongue into his mouth and slipped one hand down between their bodies. 

“UHHHHH!!!” was all he could manage when her cool fingers closed round his hard shaft. Out of control now, his hands grabbed the waistband of her skirt and pulled. No sooner it had slid around her ankles to the floor, her panties followed and they were naked. He drew back his head and grasped her big tits, looking into her eyes.

“Ooohh god,” he said hoarsely, “Daddy wants his girl to tit fuck his cock…daddy cannot forget how his girl can fuck with her tits…”

She didn’t waste any time. She was horny, all right, and she knew that if he were hornier than her, he would have already come.

He grunted and his hips unconsciously jerked forward when he felt her tongue sliding all over his cock. She held it in her hands, thrilled at its hardness and amazed at the angry red cock head poking out at her.

She bent it against his stomach and let her tongue go wild against the underside, in the process also wetting his heavy testicles. Then, she pushed it down between his legs so that she could run her lips across the front. Finally, feeling his hips beginning to rock, she slid the length into her mouth. 

He thrust forward, reaching down to hold her tits. She gagged when she felt the tip touch her throat. She put her arms around his ass and held him there, beginning to bob her head to and fro, letting her tongue wash the whole of the flesh.

His hands left her tits and clutched the sides of her head, sinking into her hair. He began to earnestly fuck her face, almost as if it was her cunt. She uttered another moan, a longer one than before as she relaxed her throat muscles and felt the tip of his cock entering inside.

Suddenly, he drew back, sliding down to his knees. Kneeling down like she was, he kissed her mouth once, hard, and then backed away.

He sank onto his back on the thick carpet. “C’mon, girl, fuck me with your tits!” he commanded.

She crawled onto his body, on her fours. Her knees were on either side of his body as she slid forward. His cock grazed her hair, then her face beginning from the top of her forehead, down over her nose, her lips and her cheek. Finally, he felt her heavy breasts against his glans.

He looked down with dreamy eyes. His cock rubbed her erect nipples, and then her fist took hold of it. She jerked on it a few times, looked up at him, smiled and slid it in her cleavage.

“OHHHHH GOD!! Ooohh baby, it feels so fucking good!! Fuck me now, baby, fuck me with your big tits, oh god, yes…”

He pillowed the back of his head in his arms so that he could watch her. She grabbed the sides of her breasts and pushed them together, trapping his cock between them. Even as he chanted, she began to move to and fro over him. He reached down one hand to hold her hair back to prevent it from hiding the movement of his cock in her cleavage from him. Then, he groaned again as he felt his slick cock rub the sides of her fleshy tits. 

She lowered her head and began to flick her tongue over his glans on her backstroke. She looked up at him, his eyes locking into his, then whispered, “Fuck my tits, dad, fuck them hard. I am your bitch, your slut and I want to feel your cock fucking my tits, oh god, yes, harder and faster, oh, fuck, fuck, I want you to splash all your milk over my tits and give me a bath, oh god, fuck, fuck my tits…”

Her words aroused him to the point of no return. He wanted to hold on, to prolong the pleasure that she was giving him, but her words, her voice and the way she demanded from him what she desired, fuelled his passion further, until, he could no longer hold back.

His hips went taut, his hands reached down to clutch her tits hard, and his hips thrust up one final time. And then, he erupted.

She gasped when the first salvo hit her chin. And then the second, the third and the fourth, shooting out almost simultaneously. Then, she was rising, pulling her knees under her, holding out her tits as he grasped his prick and pointed it at them. 

His body shuddered and went into a spasm as he drained out, leaving streaks of his white jism over her chin, her face and her tits. And then, he slumped down on the carpet.

“Oh, god, baby, that was unbelievable…I didn’t want to come so soon, oh god, I wanted it to last longer…”

She pulled herself up over his body. “No problems, dad. There’s all the time in the world for us…”

She kissed his mouth. It was Sonia’s idea. It was the idea that laid the trap and the trap was sprung.

“Mom’s got to know about it, dad. Sooner the better for everyone”

“Have you told about us to Vinny?”


“How did he take it?”

“He had little choice. At first he acted sort of jealous. But when I began telling him the details, he ended up horny!” she laughed.

“The two of you share a very special relationship, don’t you?” he tried to keep the envy out of his voice, and failed.

“Oh c’mon, dad! It’s just like between the two of us. Now, what’s wrong if you tell mom?”

“I don’t know, doll. She might hit the roof or she might get buried. There’s no telling”

“If you tell her like you told me, you can pull it off.”

“I wish I felt as confident as you sound.”

“It’d rather be you to tell her than her finding it out on her own or being told by some body else…”

“What do you mean somebody else?”

“I mean, maybe she’d suspect…maybe we might get careless…”

“What do you suggest?”

“Dad, supposing you push her to Vinny?” she sounded hesitant.

“Wh-what???” he roared.

“Oh dad, you are doing it to me, Vinny is doing it to me, and you think that if mom were to get it on with Vinny, that did break rules?’

He flushed, feeling guilty. At the same time, he felt terrified at what his wife’s reaction would be if he she was to find out that he were fooling around with their daughter.

“Tell you what, dad, why don’t you give her a show?”

“Come again?” he was confused. He had realized, that not only was Sonia blessed with a body that should belong to a mature lady, her mind too was just as developed.

“If the sight of Vinny and me got you to raise a hard on, and if you were to play your cards right, I bet mom too would get horny if she were to see Vinny and me get it on together. After all, what you have told me about mom so far, is enough to prove that I get my genes from her in that department.”

He smiled. “Maybe you are right. And if Vinny gets to see us doing it, or if he watches your mom and me together, that would break the ice.”

The more they talked about it, the more plausible it seemed to them that they were thinking along the right track.

And so it was on that bright Tuesday afternoon that he told his wife about having watched Vinny and Sonia playing with each other.

As he had guessed, she was stunned. “What the hell? Are you serious?”

He had nodded solemnly. 

“And what did you do about it? Wait till I get hold of them…the, the bloody perverts…”

“Now, now, darling…” he was placating her, trying to control the situation. “You can’t really do anything about it. Just think about it for a while. Vinny and Sonia have grown, and he has become so big, he could pick you up in one arm and throw you down…let us try and think straight, OK?”

“How can you think straight? Oh my god, I have given birth to a pair of fucking perverts…my god, what has that boy done to her?” 

He wiped away the tears from her eyes. “Look, honey, think about it this way, I have. What if some other nasty punk were to get into our daughter’s panties, screwed her and vamoosed? Telling the whole world that he’s laid one hell of a babe, and that she was great as long as it lasted? Sonia’s grown up, faster than you and I would have liked her to. We couldn’t possibly have prevented her from meeting up with another guy to satisfy her curiosity, could we? Besides, from what I saw and heard, they aren’t actually fucking each other, I mean, he hasn’t and yet got his dick in her pussy…”

“Stop it! How can you speak like that? In this kind of gutter language? What the hell has got into you?”

“So, OK.” He was frustrated. They had been at it for almost an hour. “Tell you what, you handle it yourselves. Let us see what happens. Don’t blame anybody if the two decide to cut loose.”

She stopped weeping. They were in their bedroom. The kids were out, probably college. Finally, in a weak voice, she said, “What do you think we should do?”

He congratulated himself. “First things first. I say, let us watch them over the next few days and conclude whether this is a regular thing between them or it was just casual. Let’s first get to the extent of their involvement. I am certain that the boy’s got a good head on him and he won’t actually fuck her…”

“Your language!” she exclaimed.

“You don’t mind it when we are fucking together,” he shot back.

She blushed. “But honey, they are our children.”

“Yeah, that they are. And what they are doing isn’t exactly playhouse either. I saw them with my own eyes. He was sliding his big boner up and down between her monstrous tits.”

She blushed again, an image of Vinny doing it to Sonia. She felt a chill run up her spine and a sudden gush of wetness between her legs. She cursed herself; she was being dirty for thinking about them in such a way, she thought.

“Besides, honey,” he continued. “I told you that among my first experience was getting jacked off and sucked by Sanika. And if I remember right, your brother and you were also into it pretty heavy.”

That ended the conversation. 

Plans were made to stay up on one of the nights, with the lights off. They would creep to the guest room next to the kids’ room. He would install a one-way mirror in the guest room. That would take less than a day. Those kinds of mirrors were available off the shelf. 

It did take him less than a day. In fact, the opening in the wall was made in an hour and a half by a locally available mason. The mirror was delivered to them when the opening was being made. And he had managed to complete the installation within an hour. The mirror had delighted the kids, and he had not told even Sonia about the fact that by removing the painting hung in the guest room, it was possible to see the entire room on the other side. He had only told her that the day of reckoning would be arriving soon. 

Plus, he had planted a couple of low-cost microphones, which would pick up the sounds and transmit them to a small speaker concealed in the back of the painting.

A brilliant job, he though to himself, and said so much to his wife. She was apprehensive throughout all this time. But he was rushing her now, scared that she might back out. 

That night, when they were seated around the table, having dinner, the kids had no idea what lay in store for them.

“Gee, dad, you should have seen his face when the ball uprooted his stumps!” Vinod told them wolfing down his dinner. “The guy had no clue where the ball landed and how it went past his bat. It was perfect!”

“Yeah, and boy! Was I delighted! That guy was hitting you all to all the parts of the ground!” Sonia joined in.

He smiled watching his children and then stealing a quick glance at his wife. 

“Something wrong, Dad?” Sonia asked, “I mean you seem to be quiet, today”

“Uh, its nothing, kids. Had a very busy day at the lab today,” he replied hurriedly. From the corner of his eyes, he saw a faint blush crossing over his wife’s face. 

He was pretty tired. Sonia had come earlier than his wife and Vinod had. As soon as she realized that he was alone, she had locked the door, pulled down her blouse, yanked up her bra and knelt on the floor in front of him. Before he knew it, she had unbuckled him, pulled his trousers and underwear down over his hips and wrapped her tits around his cock. “Quick, dad, fuck my tits,” she had breathed. “Mom’s having a talk with a friend of hers down the lane. She’ll be home any minute.”

In fact, Mom had gone out to pay the guy who had delivered the mirror. But the sight of his daughter, blouse down to her midriff, bra up her tits, had given him an instant erection and he had obliged her by thrusting in and out of her cleavage with amazing speed.

“I’m tired too,” their mom was saying, rising from the chair. 

The kids continued their idle chat, ignoring the parents. He finished off first and rushed to his room, murmuring his goodnights to his wife and kids; a few minutes later his wife joined him.

She switched off the main light and keeping on the night lamp, slid into the bed beside her husband, after slipping into her nightie.

“They are going up,” she whispered to him. He was lying on his back, smoking his cigarette. 

“Good,” he muttered. “Let’s give them five minutes and then crawl into the guest room.” He was getting hard just at the thought of spying on them with his wife. 

“Do you think they will do it?” she asked him, lying on her back beside him, and her voice was small and scared.

He reached over with one arm and patted her shoulder. “Relax, baby. There is no other way. Trust me on this, ok?”

Five minutes later, they were in the guest room, door locked behind them, the painting on the wall lying on the floor. They sat on the bed looking into the one-way mirror.

There was a sound of splashing water and that explained why Vinny was seated alone behind his study desk. Sonia was in the bathroom.

Vinny was dressed in shorts and nothing else. No vest. He was running his hands through his long hair, rocking to and fro on the low chair, humming tonelessly. 

They watched their daughter enter the room, losing the bathroom door behind her. She was dressed in a plain short green robe. 

She gasped when she realized that her daughter had not buttoned up the robe; instead, it was open and swung back as she walked to her brother. Under the robe, she was naked!

She clutched her husband’s arm and he patted her thigh. Her nightie had risen above her legs revealing her naked thighs.

“Hush, be quiet, I think they are going to do something.” They continued to gaze through the mirror at their children.

“Hi baby,” he greeted her. His voice sounded tinny coming through the tiny speakers.

“God, Vinny, I am wet!” she whispered to him, sinking to her knees. He spread his legs and she wiggled her way in between them.

“Yeah, so I notice,” he laughed, reaching down to grab her large tits even as she eagerly began to unbutton his shorts. “I’m feeling fucking horny myself, have been feeling so, ever since that game ended.”

“Take my wicket,” she grinned, pushing down his shorts.

“I’m gonna ram my stump in your hole,” he answered, raising his hips so that the shorts could be slid down over them.

She gasped involuntarily when she saw her son’s cock. My god! He was almost as big as her husband!

“Ahhhhh, shit,” he groaned, as without much ado, she bent down and slid his cock into her mouth.

He fondled her tits as she sucked his cock. She made loud sucking and slurping noises as she sucked him. She drew back and licked the underside of the shaft, and then slurped his balls.

“Oh yeah, baby, get me all wet,” he muttered, pinching her nipples.

She licked the inflamed head, holding herself in balance by clutching his knees. Abruptly, she opened her mouth and jammed him inside, making him squeeze her tits harder.

As they watched, he noticed his wife pushing her knees together, clenching her fists. She was breathing quite heavily and he could see her braless tits, covered by the nightie, rise and fall. A film of sweat stood on her forehead and she nervously licked her lips. 

He was in no better position himself. He felt his cock erecting inside his pajama. Slowly, almost tentatively, he put one arm around his wife.

“Fuck my tits, baby,” Sonia breathed.

Vinny laughed and scooting to the edge of the chair, he allowed her to maneuver his cock till it nestled in her alluring cleavage.

Perhaps she knows we are watching, he thought. She knew he was a sucker for tit fucking, and with her, he always insisted on one before doing anything else.

His wife gasped again when she saw their daughter beginning to move her entire body up and down. She could see his cock sliding back and forth between her tits. Sonia was holding her tits by the sides, pushing them together, and wrapping the flesh around the thrusting cock.

She felt her husband’s hands on her own tits, cupping the firm flesh, and idly stroking it. She wanted to run out of the room, wanted to shake off his hands, which was so brazenly fondling her tit. But something rooted her to the spot where she was.

She knew she was getting turned on. Her daughter’s astonishingly big tits, her son’s enormous young and hard cock and the thing that they were doing were finally getting through her. At the back of her mind, she slowly realized that her husband had been enamored by this very act only since recently. She wondered…

Suddenly, she felt her husband’s palms grasp her rounded tit and she shuddered. Through the mirror, they watched their son getting up from the chair and lying down on the floor, urging his sister to get on top of him. For a moment she thought that he was going to ask his sister to fuck him, but then, his voice croaked through the speakers.

“Get on top and fuck my cock with your tits hanging over them.”

Sonia began to climb on him. He stopped her.

“The other way, honey. Put your cunt on my face and wrap my cock in your tits.”

She was amazed and shocked at the language that her son was using. She saw Sonia turning around and lowering her cunt onto his face. She then bent down and gathered her tits up, sort of bunched them around his throbbing cock.

The boy began to fuck her tits from below, raising and lowering his thighs, sliding them up and down the floor. He lifted his head and put his open lips over her cunt and his tongue flicked out, licking the slit.

By now, she had surrendered to her husband’s groping, allowing him to shove the top of her nightie down to her waist. He gripped her wrist and guided her hand towards his bulge in the pajamas. Without thinking, she squeezed his crotch.

He was suddenly standing on the floor and fumbling with the pajama. She saw the pajamas fall to a heap on the floor around his knees, his naked cock jumping out, almost hitting her face. She looked up at him and saw the lust in his eyes.

She rose, and then knelt on the floor. It was as if he had issued an order. They were sideways to the mirror and they kept glancing through it to watch their children in the adjacent room.

She pulled her breasts apart and felt his cock touching her flesh. She grabbed it and pressed it into her cleavage. She wasn’t as big as her daughter, so she had to pull her shoulders together to squeeze her tits against each other. It was as if the size of her cleavage had increased. Even then, she had to clasp her fingers together over her tits to prevent his cock from slipping out.

As they watched Sonia jerking back and forth over her brother’s cock, he bent down and commenced to fuck his wife’s tits. 

“Finger your cunt!” he told her and blindly, she pushed her nightie up over her thighs and began to rub her clit.

It was strange, she thought, that they came together just as Vinny exploded all over his sister’s tits.

* * * * * *

SHE RAISED HER FACE TO THE SHOWER AND LET THE WATER cascade over her naked body, two fingers of one hand probing away at her cunt. She was sliding the middle finger up and down between her tits. Her eyes were closed and she couldn’t keep the image of her son’s cock away from her mind.

Ever since the day her husband and she had watched their children together, she was like a woman possessed. She began to get impatient, waiting for her children to get into their room. She would literally drag her husband to the guest room so they could watch.

The kids got their gratification in every which way except the actual act of fucking. And she had to agree that they were inventive.

Though their favorite was tit fucking, they played a variety of other games. She would often trap his cock between her legs, just below her cunt lips so that the cock head peeped out from behind and between her legs. They would imitate the act of fucking with his cock sliding back and forth across her pussy lips. 

At other times, he would stand behind her crouched body, placing his cock in her armpits where she would grip it between the side of her arm and the side of her breast. He would rock in and out and she would bend across to lick the bulbous head every time it appeared in front.

Sometimes they merely masturbated, watching each other. They would squat on the floor, or the bed, facing each other. He would start to stroke his dick and she would begin to rub her clit. Most of these times they would keep a steady flow of conversation going. 

Then there was a time when he had asked her to bend her knees so that he could wedge his cock in the crevice formed between the back of her knee and the back of her thigh. Or she would lean her head to one side, allowing him to slide his dick between her shoulder and her cheek.

They had an amazing repertoire and they were very, very inventive.

As she showered now, the images flashed through her mind, arousing her to such an extent that she suddenly realized that she had pushed two fingers inside her cunt and was kneading her tits till she was hurting.

She was just beginning to feel the first wave of her impending orgasm, when she heard a knock at the door.

She jerked off her hands, feeling flushed, breathing in short and heavy gasps, suddenly embarrassed. Her heart thudded against her ribs; there was no one in the house when she had entered the bathroom. Her kids were away as was her husband. Who could it be?

“Mom, you there?”

It was Vinny.

She had told her brother that their mom had also watched them and continued to do so from behind the one-way mirror. Strangely, he had been scared when she had revealed about Dad having spied on them. But when she told him about mom, he had felt his cock getting hard inside his trousers. Especially when Sonia revealed to him that their parents did to each other while watching.

He desperately hoped that his mom would begin to get horny for him. And so it was that he had started playing those sexual games with Sonia. He took every opportunity to remain naked when he was in their bedroom. 

His dad had still not confronted him. They had kept up their normal ways, going through their daily routine as if nothing had happened. Often, they would glance at each other and Vinny would be the first to look away. 

This day, Sonia had managed to enter the house without announcing herself, using the back door. She had crept silently up the stairs and had peeped through the parent’s bedroom. Her mum was in the bathroom, vaguely revealed through the glass cubicle. She had not locked the door; there was no need because she knew there’d be no one home.

Sonia had called up Vinny on his cell and had asked him to rush home; mom was getting horny while she showered and this was an opportunity for him.

“I heard her muttering your name, Vinny!” she had informed him.

She had slipped out when he had entered, also through the back door.

“All the best,” Sonia giggled, skipping away.

And so it was that he found himself staring at the diffracted vision of his naked mother in the shower, rubbing her cunt and tits, moaning and groaning as she did so.

He had already become erect; he could feel his cock straining inside his pants, staring wordlessly at his mom’s nude figure behind the glass. He could see the tips of her nipples, the bush between her legs as she continued to play with her cunt and her tits. He knocked sharply.

“Mom, you there?”

There was a brief silence, and then her voice, unsteady and harsh came through the door, muffled, “Vinny, what are you doing here?”

“That nut of our professor is on leave and Rohit preferred to take in a cinema. I was feeling kinda bored and decided to come home. I thought I heard noises; didn’t know you were home,” he explained.

“Okay, Vinny. I’ve no music classes today and watching the TV. Decided to have my bath late, so here I am.”

“Cool. You want some coffee? I’m making some for myself.”

“N-no, that’s okay,” she replied, “Just give me a minute and I’ll be there with you.”

He turned away, beginning to walk out of the room.

She was in disarray and she knew it. She also was feeling reckless, besides being horny. And she decided to plunge on.

“Hey, Vinny, will you hand over my towel? Thought I was alone and didn’t carry it with me inside.”

“Sure, Mom,” he replied, “Where is it?”

“I think it’s on your dad’s table,” she told him.

He found the white Turkish towel and picked it up. He carried it to the shower cubicle, located in one corner of the bathroom.

“Here, mom.”

She cracked the door open and peeped out. He could see her bare shoulders as she put out one hand towards him to take the towel.

He let the towel slip down and said, “Damn!” when it fell to the floor instead of her hand.

Instantly, they both bent down to retrieve it and somehow, his shoulder hit the side of the door, forcing it to open further in the cubicle.

He looked up sharply and her eyes locked on his. He could see her naked body, water dripping from her face onto her tits, down below her belly and legs.

“Oh god, I’m sorry, Vinny,” she moved to close the door, but his shoulder was in the way.

He remained rooted to the spot, gazing at his beautiful mother. “Why are you sorry?”

She flushed. “I-I mean, I…” her voice faded.

There was a long silence during which neither moved. He continued to gaze at her and she looked down at the ground, covering her pussy with one hand and folding her other across her tits.

You are gorgeous, mom!” he finally said.

She blushed, “C’mon, Vinny,” she chided him, “Thanks anyway. Now give me the towel.”

He gripped the towel in his hand and slowly got to his feet.

“On one condition, mom,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Come off it, Vinny,” she exclaimed.

“Let me dry you, mom,” he said.

She glanced into his eyes and saw the sudden longing and desire in them. As it was, she had been on the verge of an orgasm. Plus, she had been thinking about him. She had asked him for the towel when she easily could have fetched it after he had left the room. 

It was time, and they both knew it. She had sometimes thought that he knew he was being watched. She was also pretty sure that he had been watching her through the glass long before he had knocked on the door.

Silently, she stepped back into the cubicle. She watched him, her mouth dry and heart hammering, as he followed her in.

She stood, her hands still covering her vital parts. She closed her eyes and felt him walking around the cubicle till he was standing behind her.

Her body jerked convulsively when she felt the towel against her bare and wet back. 

He gently rubbed the towel against her glistening back, mopping up the water there. Slowly, inch-by-inch, he lowered the towel till it reached her taut ass cheeks. He heard a gasp escaping her lips when he squeezed the ass cheeks through the towel.

The towel lingered for quite a while on her ass, first mopping the cheeks, and then, slowly rubbing her between them. It slid down further and was now against her hips.

He knelt down on the wet floor and began to dry her legs. He could smell her and peeping from the side could see her cunt. The sparse pubic hair was matted.

“Vinny…” her voice was weak as it trailed off.

“Yes mom?” he asked her in a hoarse voice. His hands stopped all movements and he looked up at her.

“W-we b-better stop before its too late…” she murmured in a shaky voice, looking down into his eyes.

His hold on the towel, and on her hips tightened. “It’s already too late, Mom,” he said.

She threw back her head and closed her eyes, unable to continue to look at him. She shivered as she felt the towel sliding down over her hips and heard the rustle when it fell to the floor. 

His hands felt her naked skin, the barrier of the towel no longer in place. Her hand with which she was trying to cover her pussy flew involuntarily towards her left breast; the other hand was already on the right. A low and long sigh escaped her clenched teeth when his hands wandered slowly over her hips, onto her waist and then to her armpits. 

He had twisted himself so that he was kneeling directly in front of her. Holding her armpits, he stared at her pussy and then, taking a deep breath he plunged his head between her legs.

“OHHHHH GOD!” she gasped when she felt the tip of his tongue flicking over the slit.

“Ahhhhh Vinny, please,” she implored as he thrust his tongue in her wet cunt.

His hands slipped to her breasts. He forced her hands away and captured her tits, kneading the flesh urgently, rubbing and pinching the erect nipples.

On their own volition, her hands groped down till she was holding his head, guiding him deeper between her legs and pushing against him.

He opened his mouth wide and put it over her cunt trying to cover as much of the area as possible and she groaned. 

His heart thumped madly against his chest and his blood raced through the veins. He did not realize that he had closed his eyes; all he wanted to do was to taste her and to breathe in the musky fragrance that emanated from her.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, don’t stop, please, don’t stop,” she screamed, grinding her cunt against his face.

He felt a warm wave crashing onto his lips and tongue. He didn’t know whether it was her juice or water off her body. Her buttocks and hips were taut and high strung.

“Ugghhh…oh god, Vinny, oh god, I’m cumming, oh shit, I’m cumming…” She was incoherent. 

He continued to tongue her, lick her and suck her. His hands slid down from her tits and grabbed her ass, pressing her closer to him. He felt her hips clutch him around his ears and all noises were shut off as she suddenly began to hump ferociously, rubbing and grinding her cunt over his face. 

She was stunned that she was coming again!

“Oh, stop, baby, stop please!” she wailed, pushing his head away. She surely would have fallen had he not supported her body, which collapsed down, as if without any strength, after her second orgasm. As it was she came to a stop onto her knees directly opposite him.

She looked into his eyes.

“Mom, you are beautiful, mom, I…”

She grabbed the back of his head and brought him down hard to kiss him on his mouth. She forced her tongue into him and he grunted when he felt it washing the insides, as if she wanted to taste herself there.

Though he was fully dressed, she pushed him back so that he fell onto his back on the wet floor. Her mouth still fused with his, she reached down and fumbled with the belt and buttons of his pants. 

When he tried to help her undress him, she pushed his hands away. He had to only lift his waist, and then his legs as she pushed his pants and his underwear down over his hips. She used her feet to push it completely off his body.

She pulled her mouth away, rolling off from the top of him and lying on her side, her naked body pressed against him.

“Oh god!” he gasped when he felt her hand grab his erect cock. His hands went up between their bodies to clutch her tits as she jerked his cock to and fro.

She slid down and he shivered when he felt her hot and wet tongue lick his shaft.

“God, mom, that is so good, oh god, yes, mom, lick me…”

Her tongue swiped him, fast and furious. When she licked the base, she felt the tip hit her forehead; then, she licked his enormous balls, sucking one, and then the other.

“Please, oh please, mom, suck me, please take my cock in your mouth!” he exclaimed.

She did. Suddenly and without warning, she did. At first, he thought she would deliberately lick around to tease him, but then, all of a sudden he felt his cock trapped in her mouth.

She sucked voraciously. She didn’t take him in her throat; instead, she slipped her lips up and down the turgid shaft as if she were licking a Popsicle. 

He reached down and held her shoulder and the back of her head.

“Oh, god, mom, yes, fuck me with your mouth, oh yes,” he said, thrusting his hips back and forth.

The sight of her lips gliding on the skin of his cock and the way her firm tits jiggled as she moved over him caused him to groan again and he surrendered to the power of her mouth.

Laying his hands on the wet floor, he suddenly arched his body up, squeezing his eyes shut and hollered, “Oh, shit, oh god, oh, Jeeze, I-I am cumming, oh yes, oh yes, I am cumming in your mouth, oh god…”

She felt him spurting in her mouth. She sucked one last time, keeping her lips locked around his cock, determined to swallow his juice and not allow any of it out of her mouth.

He raised his head and watched her. His legs had somehow spread wide open and she was lying between them. Her wet hair was plastered behind her, her dainty hands holding his cock like she would hold a bat and her eyes were fixed upon his.

He watched her cheeks hollowing and bulging; her throat muscles worked furiously as she struggled to swallow his load. 

Slowly he brought his legs together over her shoulders, clamping down on her till her face was buried in his crotch.

She was trapped and they both knew it.


His mom still had the towel wrapped around her, and seated on the edge of his bed the towel had risen above her knees, exposing her slim thighs. She was sitting, one knee over the other, and arms around her chest as if she wanted to hide the enticing view of the top of her tits poking out of the towel.

“What have we done?” her voice was soft and barely audible. The question was directed at Sonia who was seated beside her.

The girl smiled, casually putting one hand around her mother’s shoulder. The woman was startled at the gesture, almost as if she wasn’t expecting it. To him, Sonia’s gesture seemed to be highly erotic given the fact that she had just announced that she had watched them together ever since they had started in the shower cubicle.

“Come on Mom,” the girl said in a voice that was supposed to be soothing but which came out harshly.

He rose from the chair. Clad in his shorts, he walked over to the bed and lowered himself beside his mom.

“Mom, what I think we have done had to happen. I mean, it may not be exactly the thing commonly done in other families, but I look at it as pure sex. And what’s wrong with it?”

She suddenly seemed to come out of some trance and jumped up from the bed. She held the towel around her and lowered herself on the chair, which Vinny had been occupying, leaving the two on the bed. 

“Honestly,” she began, looking at her children, “I don’t know. But some thing strikes to me as being wrong. I’m your mother and I can’t change that, can I? Sonia, you say that you waited outside the room and spied on us. That’s not fair.” She was blushing.

“Aw, come off it, Mom,” the girl replied. “That’s quid pro quo.”

She gasped, her eyes wide with shock. “What did you just say?”

Sonia had a smile playing on her lips. “We know you watched us.”

She felt dizzy and closed her eyes. Her lips quivered and she tightened her grip on the arms of the chair. She crossed her knees again.

“Mom,” Vinny said, “We somehow know you have been watching us. If you wanted to, I reckon you could have stopped us a long time ago. You didn’t. Mind telling us why?”

There was silence and she began to gently rock on the chair, her eyes still shut.

“What is it you liked to watch, Mom?” Sonia whispered from the bed.

She opened her eyes and watched her children. Then, shutting her eyes again, she raised her face to the ceiling.

“Mom?” Vinny insisted on a reply.

“Alright!” she hissed out through clenched teeth. “I watched you. I have been watching you. I never thought my kids would grow up so fast. At first, I was shocked, but later…” her voice trailed off.

“Later?” Sonia prompted.

Her eyes still shut tightly, she answered in a high-pitched voice, the words coming out so rapidly, that it surprised the two.

“God damn it! Ok, then, here’s the truth. The sight of the two of you playing around started to affect me. I’m human, for God’s sake!”

“Affect you how?” Sonia persisted.

“Just the sight of Vinny’s large c-c-cock, damn it, yes, cock thrusting between your tits, him straddling you,” she ignored the noise of the bedsprings, “you holding your tits together and his cock pumping in and out between them,” she did not, or, chose not to hear the noise of the bed, “his hands diddling your cunt, and then fucking, yes, fucking your mouth, oh god, oh god, that sight just drove me crazy…”

She heard the rhythmic squeak of the bedsprings and her eyes flew open. Her jaw dropped in astonishment when she saw…

Sonia was lying spread eagled on the bed, blouse and bra pushed up her tits and skirt bunched up at the waist. Vinny’s shorts were at his knees and his cock was nestled between his sister’s large tits. Even as she spoke, he was fucking that cleavage. The two of them were looking at her as they acted out what she was talking about.

She froze and without realizing it, her knees uncrossed and legs spread slightly open. Her eyes were riveted on them.

“Like this, Mom?” Sonia breathed heavily, now wriggling her lush body up and down the bed sheets, her hands gripping the side of her tits to crush them together.

She watched him slide a pillow under his sister’s head so that she could now flick out her tongue and lick his cock head every time it appeared from the top of her tits.

She continued to gaze at them. She was breathing heavily now, aware that her chest was heaving with the effort.

“I need some help here, Mom,” Sonia said plaintively. 

She couldn’t move, she felt like she was rooted to the chair.

“Mom?” Vinny called out to her, rocking back and forth over his sister’s body. “Please Mom, I really liked the way you sucked me in the shower. Please?”

She never knew when she rose from the bed. Her hands lay limply by her side and they couldn’t tell whether she had realized that the towel had slipped off and she was naked.

She walked up to the bed, her eyes fixed at the sight of his cock moving within those monstrous tits. She fell to her knees when she reached them and continued to stare.

His hand reached out and she felt his palm on the back of her head. Slowly, he pulled her head towards Sonia’s tits.

She whimpered then, and growled. Her hands swiftly came up and she tore away Sonia’s hands from her tits. She watched his cock, not completely buried in the cleavage, but just sliding above and between her tits and then, with an animal-like cry, she buried her face between them. She followed her instincts now, first letting her tongue sweep up and down over the top of his cock and then, when he pulled out, taking the head into her mouth, sucking on it just as furiously as she had less than an hour ago in the shower cubicle.

The children watched; Sonia’s mouth was wide open in amazement; his eyes were glazed with lust. He had always been particularly fascinated by sex with multiple partners but he had never in his wildest dreams ever thought that he would be doing this with his sister and mother, the two ladies that he had so often dreamt of in his masturbatory fantasies. But even in those fantasies, he had never conjured these two as his imaginary partners: rather, he had, for some strange reason, always conjured images of his cousin sister and her mother. 

“Oh god, mom, that feels so good, oh yes, suck my cock, ah yes, like that, mom, faster now, please, oh god,” he groaned, beginning to thrust his hips in counter movement of his mother’s head.

Sonia watched this for a while and then, tentatively, groped for her mother’s tits that were jiggling not more than a couple of feet away from her face. 

She gave no indication that her daughter was now kneading her tits; she was concentrating on sucking on his throbbing prick, sweeping the flat of her tongue over the engorged shaft. 

She glanced down in time to see her daughter reach out and take her hands. She let Sonia pull those hands and direct them to those huge tits.

“Make me happy too, mom,” Sonia whimpered in a small voice.

She drew back her head, letting his cock hit her forehead and looked at her daughter. In frenzy, she bent down and put her mouth on one of Sonia’s nipple, feeling her daughter forcing her hands to squeeze the young large tits.

“Oh God!” hissed Sonia when she felt her mother’s mouth sucking on her nipple. It was her first experience with another woman, if those innocent games she had played with her friends in her childhood were to be discounted. Her mother was all woman, experienced and mature. The very thought, and now the sight of her mother sucking on her breast made her cry out with pleasure and she felt her knees drift wide apart on their own volition.

He was going crazy with lust, rubbing the tip of his cock over Sonia’s tits, and then over his mother’s face. He had pushed one hand down and the other behind and felt the women squirming as he found their wet pussies. He found his mother’s clitoris first simply because it was so prominently swollen. He heard her moan as he began to rub it in circular movements.

With his other hand, he began to finger Sonia’s clit. His sister grabbed his erect prick in her hands, arching her tits towards her mother, lifting her hips to meet his finger. She started to jerk off his cock.

She switched her attention to Sonia’s other breast, beginning to nibble on the nipple and then swallowing as much of the flesh as she could.

“God, mom, that is so sexy, oh god, this is fantastic,” he groaned.

She looked up at him, her mouth coming off Sonia’s tit.

“Vinny, please, please, will you fuck me?”

This blew his mind. He had never fucked before and the thought that he would be losing his virginity to his mom was way beyond his fantasies.

“Oh, god, yes, I want to fuck you, mom, I want to put my dick in your sweet cunt, oh yes, mom…”

Sonia felt a shiver run up her body. Thus far, her brother and she had done pretty much everything, except to fuck. 

Nimbly, she extracted herself from their bodies and slipped out of the bed. “Oh yes. I’d love to watch, yes, mom, I would like to watch you fuck with Vinny!”

She knelt there, her hands slowly moving up and down over his cock. He was still kneeling at the center of the bed, his hands fondling her tits and his eyes took in the sight of his excited sister standing naked beside the bed.

“Vinny, shall we fuck?” his mother asked, her voice gruff and quivering with lust. She could have stopped this if she wanted to and she knew it. But the build-up leading to what was happening at this moment had been gradual and intensely erotic. She had long ago realized that it would eventually boil down to this from the moment her husband had fucked her tits while they had watched through the one-way mirror at the sight of Vinny doing the same to his sister.

Now that her mind had broken all barriers, she was suddenly feeling reckless and wanton. She felt that she was a slut, a whore and a nympho; and the thought of asking her own son to fuck him no longer felt like a big deal. She was a woman, horny and hot for cock. He was a virile man, with a large and enthusiastic cock backed up by a very inventive mind, no longer that awkward and gangling youth of yesterday.

“I told you mom,” he replied hoarsely, his hands squeezing her tits. “I want to fuck you, oh yes, fuck you, I want to feel my cock sliding in and out of your cunt, oh my god, yes, please, please mom, come on now and fuck me! I have never had my cock in a cunt, mom, please.”

She suddenly felt as though she were the leader, not the other way around. The kids had more or less dictated terms up to now and she felt a wave of power surge through her loins.

“How do you want it, baby?” she cooed, rather sexily she thought, leaning forward and rubbing the side of his hot shaft against her cheek.

“How will you do it, mom?” he asked her, heart hammering like a trip hammer, eyes half-closed and glazed with lust.

“Well,” she was remarkably in control of the situation now. “Well, we could fuck in the missionary, you on top of me and my legs around you or I could bounce on your cock” She was relishing the words now, the very words she had admonished her husband by when he had used them. 

“Or,” she continued, “I could make like a bitch and you could put your cock in my cunt from behind doggie style.”

“Let him lie down and you fuck him!” squealed Sonia, now rubbing her own pussy lips, her tits heaving.

In a flash and with surprising strength considering her slim body, she had wrestled him so that he was lying flat on his back on the bed. She climbed onto his shuddering body, her knees on either side of his legs.

“Bring your legs together, honey,” she directed, reaching down between them to grab his throbbing erection. She cupped his balls with one hand, positioning herself on top of him. 

“Hold your cock with your hand now,” she commanded.

“Let me do it for you,” Sonia said, going down on her knees on the floor beside the bed so that her face was scant inches away from their groins. 

She smiled as she watched her daughter taking hold of his prick. She reached down to open her own cunt lips.

“My god,” breathed Sonia, her eyes widening at the sight of her mother’s gash. She bent down and quickly swept her tongue over her mother’s cunt lips making the woman whimper.

“Now, baby, put that cock of his inside my cunt.”

With fingers that were shaking Sonia complied. She directed his cock to the nether lips till a quarter of it was inside. He began to thrust his hips forward, impatient now, wanting to feel the warmth of her cunt engulf him. The initial contact made him groan and grunt and he reached up to grasp his mother’s tits.

“Easy, boy, easy. Just relax and let mummy do it for you,” she said, wallowing in the role of the teacher.

She raised her body further and pushed back her hips, feeling his young cock inch into her hot cunt.

“Now!” she exclaimed, suddenly slamming her hips down.

“AARGHHH!!” his breath exploded form him as he felt his shaft sucked into her hot and wet cunt. Sonia hastily pulled her hands away when she felt her mother’s thighs reach down.

“UHHHHH!!!” she screamed when she felt the whole of his cock jam into her pussy. She felt it throbbing inside her and it was a whole new feeling for her. Her son’s virile and strong cock inside her own sucking pussy! By god, he filled her up! She worked the muscles of her cunt and heard him gasp as he felt her milking his cock. 

She raised her hips ever so slowly; her palms flat on his chest, till again, the tip of his cock remained embedded inside her. 

This time she lowered herself slowly, savoring every inch of his cock as it disappeared into her cunt. She bent her head down to look at the spot where his cock had impaled her. She shuddered and raised herself again, wanting to see his naked cock, and as soon as she saw it, wet and glistening with her juices, she sank back.

Sonia knelt by the bed gawking at the sight inches away from her. She was kneading one tit and rubbing her own clit with the other. Unable to look away, she pushed the breast she was kneading up towards her face so that she could lick it herself. 

“Oh my god, it’s so beautiful,” she breathed.

She suddenly became aware of her daughter. She smiled even as she raised herself off her son’s body. “Come on, honey, sit on his face.”

Sonia wasted no time. She straddled his head, knees on either side and lowered her wet cunt on his mouth. She heard him grunt and she moaned when he opened his mouth and slid his tongue inside her.

“Fuck me, mom, fuck me now,” his voice was muffled, but the urgency in it was clear to her.

Leaning forward to kiss her daughter right on the mouth, she began to ride him, gradually increasing speed. Sonia thrust her tongue inside her mother’s mouth, closing her eyes when she felt the woman suck on it.

His hands left her tits and reached to grab his sister’s hips. He began to lift his hips to meet his mother’s pussy, at the same time, pulling Sonia down against his mouth.

“UHHHHH, oh god, ahh, I can’t hold, oh mom, oh god…”

She drew her head back from her daughter’s mouth. “Go on, Vinny, come now, boy, come, spurt that juice of yours, just let me know when”

His body twisted furiously and he was chanting, “Now, now, now, mom, oh shit, now, I’m cumming, oh god, I’m cumming…”

She pulled back allowing his cock to burst out of her cunt and in the same movement, slithered down over his body.

She took hold of his jerking cock and shoved it into her mouth. 

Sonia bent down, realizing that he was going to come, continuing to grind her cunt against his face. Her lips kissed her mother’s cheeks and then urged her to release his cock from her mouth. He felt Sonia taking him in her mouth, and then it was his mother again.

Back and forth they traded his cock between them, sucking on the flesh desperately, each one trying to be the one to make him ejaculate.

It was when his mother was trying to stuff him into her mouth that he hollered one last time and let his juice erupt from his cock.

With heavy lidded eyes, he watched his juice burst out in long spurts, watched the two women trying to swallow whatever came their way. He shuddered and his body shivered uncontrollably as he emptied his lust, feeling tiny sparks run through his body.

Sonia was licking his shaft and his mom was licking his belly where a few drops of his semen had fallen. Together they lapped at him, till his juice was cleaned up and those areas now glistened with their mingled saliva. 

He knew Sonia had come; he could tell it by the way she was grinding her pussy over his face. He glanced below and saw them kissing each other. Strangely, Mom had suddenly become the aggressor. She had cupped Sonia’s cheek and was forcing her daughter to open her mouth so that she could slide her tongue inside.

He watched their tongues duel against each other, occasionally entering the warmth of a mouth and then licking lips. His cock, temporarily satiated, had shrunk considerably when he had erupted; now, as he watched his mother and sister together, he began to feel the stirrings again and he thought it was remarkable.

He wanted to see them together, so he managed to extricate himself from between their heaving and twisting bodies and walked unsteadily to the chair. He sat down, his legs apart, hands stroking his wet and slimy cock as he watched the two of them.

His mother sat on the bed, cross-legged, in a classic yoga style and Sonia lay down on the bed, her head cradled in her mother’s lap. 

“Time for your food, honey,” his mother cooed, bending down and offering her breasts to her daughter.

Sonia did not have to raise her head since her mother had bent down low. She merely opened her mouth and engulfed one tit, caressing the other. She moaned when she felt her mother’s hands drifting down her naked thighs before coming to a rest between the legs and on her wet cunt. Her legs drifted apart and she almost bit her mother’s nipple as the woman gently began to slide her finger up and down the slit.

“You have such beautiful tits, darling,” she said throatily, letting one hand come up to grasp one of her daughter’s heavy tit, pinching the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. 

For an answer, Sonia’s legs lifted involuntarily as if she wanted her mother’s finger deep in her cunt. She inhaled the musky fragrance of her mother’s just-fucked cunt and couldn’t resist sliding one hand to push a finger in the hot opening.

“Ooohh,” sighed the woman, finding her daughter’s clit and beginning to rub it gently in circles; clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

Sonia hummed around her mother’s tit, transferring her mouth to the other and rotating her hips against her mother’s fingers.

“I want to taste my sweet daughter’s pussy,” she said suddenly, pushing away Sonia so that she fell onto her back on the bed. 

He watched from the chair as the woman turned, then straddled her daughter’s face, and leaning down to put hers against the cunt she had been rubbing and teasing all this time.

Sonia lifted her legs and wrapped them around her mother’s neck, opening her mouth to cover the woman’s pussy. 

It felt incredible to him, watching the two women in his life, engrossed in the sixty-nine. Tits mashed against bellies, bodies humping and squirming, the two women moaned, groaned and made animal-like noises in their throats as they sucked and licked each other.

He could no longer control himself and didn’t want to waste his juice by merely masturbating himself. He rose and walked gingerly to the bed, stroking his cock with one hand.

His mother saw him approaching and smiled, before resuming her sucking activities. He joined Sonia and together the siblings began to suck and lick their mother’s pussy, making the woman scream and whimper with pleasure.

“Oh god, yes, yes, lick me, oh yes, shove that tongue into my pussy. Now! Oh god, yes, lick my clit and make me come, oh yes.”

They increased the tempo and she reached down to take hold of her son’s shaft, beginning to stroke it and jerk it. Having already come twice so far, he knew he could hold back this time.

When their mother’s orgasm came, they heard her scream. Her hands reached up to grab her own tits, squeezing them and she threw her head back. With demonic strength that surprised them, she pressed her cunt against her daughter’s face, pulling him by his cock till he was standing in front of her and engulfed him in her mouth. She sucked him deep, her chin rubbing her daughter’s cunt as her body tensed and jerked spastically. 

He pulled out of her mouth, rubbing his shaft against her face. 

“I want to fuck you again, mom,” he said.

She looked at him with blazing eyes. “My God!” she breathed, “I have raised a couple of sex maniacs!”

Sonia had rolled over to the other side of the bed, her breath now coming in short gasps.

“Why not me?” she asked her brother.

“Yes. Why not her?”

The deep voice stunned them and their heads almost simultaneously spun to the door that they had left open.

Vinny gasped.

Standing in the doorway, arms folded and a cigarette dangling from his lips stood his father.

There was initial shock, shame and fear for her at the sight of her husband standing in the doorframe. For a long moment, it was as if someone had pressed the ‘Pause’ button on the remote of the VCR. 

Vinny, who had been rubbing his cock head over her face stood there, standing beside the bed, his hands frozen on his erection. She had one hand cradling her son’s balls and another fondling her daughter’s tit. Sonia had her finger on her mother’s slit. In short, it was a hell of a tangle.

The shame and fear gradually dissipated from her when she saw the enormous bulge in her husband’s trousers. Also, he had a wry smile on his lips and there was no anger in his eyes. She realized that there was only lust there.

“Dad!” Sonia gasped, her hands now quickly coming off her mother’s pussy. “How long have you been there?”

“Long enough, baby,” he smiled, strolling into the room and walking slowly to the bed till he stood on the other side of the bed opposite his son. He glanced at Vinny’s cock.

“Quite impressive that,” he remarked.

Though the siblings knew that he knew that their mom didn’t know much about what had happened so far, they were truly shocked. As to their mother, she was nonplussed; her eyes shifting from her husband’s face to her son’s cock that hung inches from her face. His balls suddenly felt much more heavier in her hand and her daughter’s tit much more bigger. 

Lazily he bent down and reached with one for Sonia’s tits, squeezing it, almost casually, while with the other hand, he massaged his wife’s wet pussy.

“As I was saying,” he drawled, “why not?”

A slow smile played across her lips as she studied her husband’s movements. “You knew it would all boil down to this, didn’t you?”

He nodded. “We have been watching them for a long time now, honey. What the hell! When was the last time you remember us fucking together seven days a week and twice a day? They are no longer just kids now. Especially Vinny, now that you have given his cock a taste of your succulent pussy. It’s time now for Sonia to get what she desires, and it wouldn’t be fair if I don’t do to Sonia what you did to Vinny, huh?”

His words and his attitude was slowly easing the tension in the room and not surprisingly, Sonia’s heart began to thump wildly at the thought of what could ensue. She covered his hand with hers and urged him to squeeze her tits harder. “Oh yes, dad, oh god, yes. I’ve been aching for a fuck for so long now. And watching mom do Vinny has got me all heated up.”

“Stand up, baby,” he muttered hoarsely, flipping the cigarette butt on the floor and crushing it with his shoes.

Vinny sank down on the bed next to his mom and watched his sister obey their father. 

They stood beside the bed, facing each other. He reached out again and grasped her tits in his hands making her shiver in anticipation. Her hands automatically reached for his belt as he pinched her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

By the time he bent down to kiss her mouth, she had expertly tugged out the belt, unzipped his trousers and reaching inside had fished out his hard throbbing erection.

They watched from the bed, wide eyed and fascinated as Sonia opened her mouth against her father’s, her hand jerking his shaft to and fro, trying to pull him against her.

Vinny, by now emboldened, shifted up the bed and let his cock rub across his mother’s lips. She opened her mouth, accepting the tip of her son’s cock and began to gently suck on it, continuing to watch her husband and daughter fondling each other.

When his trousers fell down to the floor, he moved, kicking them aside and pulling his shirt over his head. “There,” he murmured, “Now I am naked as well.”

Naked, his cock looked monstrous. Almost perpendicular to his body, they could clearly see the large veins crisscrossing the entire length of the pulsating shaft and the drops of pre-cum oozing from the tip.

When he pulled Sonia into his embrace, his cock pressed against her flat belly, and she twitched and wriggled as if to masturbate him there. His head bent down to capture one nipple while his hands went up to take hold of her large tits again. She moaned loudly, her hands creeping below to grab his hard on. 

With an effort, she pulled back and whimpered, “Oh god, dad, please fuck me, please put that cock of yours inside my cunt, oh god, please fuck me.”

He glanced at the bed and saw Vinny shoving his hips to and fro, fucking his mother’s mouth as her cheek hollowed and puffed with the efforts. Vinny had buried one finger inside his mom’s cunt and was moving it in and out in time with his thrusting hips.

“Let’s face the mirror,” he told his daughter.

They faced the mirror he had installed and saw their reflections stare back at them. It was erotic this way, her hands fondling his cock, his fondling her tits and in the background, Vinny plunging his cock in and out of his mother’s mouth.

There was a certain let go, a bowing to the inevitable and a sense of freedom at finally finding themselves together. There was desire in the air, and lust too with a certain amount of euphoria at finally playing the scene that each had conjured for so many days. 

Finally, they were them in the real sense. The excitement was building up after the days of wanting, aching and longing.

He slipped down to the floor, lying on his back, his cock pointing to the ceiling. 

“Face away from me baby,” he said gruffly. “Look into the mirror and lower yourself down. This way you can control your own movements.”

He had desperately wanted her to face him, to see her huge tits bouncing as they fucked, to be able to suck them. But he had other ideas.

“Vinny,” he called out to his son. “Pull that cock of yours outside your mother’s mouth and get in front of your sis. I want to see you fucking her tits when I fuck her cunt.”

Vinny obeyed with alarming alacrity. There was a ‘pop’ when he withdrew his cock from his mother’s mouth and he hurried across the room. 

His father had spread his legs wide apart and was holding his cock in his hands. Sonia, each foot planted on the floor, straddling her father was slowly lowering herself onto his body. She was holding the lips of her cunt apart with her fingers.

“Slowly now, baby,” her father grunted.

Vinny was now rubbing his cock head over her face, trying to adjust his knees to get his cock to the right height.

She gritted her teeth, closed her eyes tight and felt the tip of her father’s cock touching her cunt.

She felt the shaft enter her, bit by bit. She supported herself by laying one hand flat on his chest and began to lower down further till she felt him reach the obstruction.

“Gently does it,” he murmured, his hands going around her waist to hold her tits by their sides. 

She stifled a scream and bit her lips with her sharp teeth, tasting blood. She fought back the pain, but continued with her efforts relentlessly.

He groaned as his cock began to enter her tight pussy. God! It was hot and wet. And it was so tight!

Vinny looked at his mother who was now sitting up on the edge of the bed, her eyes glazed, staring at the trio. She had two fingers inside her own pussy and her other hand was squeezing her own tits.

Suddenly, letting out a cry, Sonia sank down in one swift movement.


“UHHHHH…” her father responded, bucking up his hips, feeling his cock enveloped by the tight sheath of her cunt.

Sonia wiped the perspiration off her face with one hand and opened her eyes to see Vinny’s cock swaying at her tits. She felt her father’s hands clutching at her tits and she reached out to grab her brother’s dick.

“Does it hurt?” her father asked, breathing hard.

“Mmmmm…” she countered, pulling her body up before slamming down again, making him cry out in pleasure.

“Squat over me baby,” he muttered. “Let me fuck you. Just stay still.”

She obeyed him, aware now that there was some blood combined with her juices. She looked into the mirror and sure enough, it was true.

He began to move his hips up and down, plunging his cock furiously inside her cunt. He skewered his body around so that he could watch the mirror.

“Fuck her tits, damn it,” he shouted at Vinny, startling him.

Planting his feet on either side of his father’s knees, he bent down and directed his shaft to his sister’s breasts. When his cock was between them, he saw his father push them together. He adjusted himself again so that his cock lay between her now bunched together tits and then began to move up and down.

He looked up and beckoned his wife to join them, which she did quickly. “Kneel beside them and suck her tits. Lick his cock,” he said.

He was going berserk and he knew it. He just couldn’t get enough of them and it was as if he wanted to fuck them all together.

She knelt beside her husband and bent her head down, licking her daughter’s tits, sliding her tongue over her son’s cock whenever it appeared above those monstrous tits. She felt her daughter slip one finger inside her cunt and she moaned.

Looking at the mirror, he felt as if his body was on fire. He began to speed up his movements, slamming in and out of his daughter’s cunt.

Sonia began to wail: a low and long noise emanating from deep inside her throat. She was on the brink of insanity and was aware that there was no love here, no romance, and no feelings. Just plain, raw and animalistic sex. 

She felt herself go rigid, sudden waves of pleasure coursing through her entire body, beginning from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. She had climaxed a number of times to know that she was coming now, but there never had been a feeling more intense as this, none to match the flashes of pleasure now racing through her.

“Ahhhhh!!!! Oh god, oh god, dad, I’m cumming, oh god, yes, deeper, dad, harder, yes there, yes, yes, oh, fuck me, fuck me, oh god, I’m there, oh god.”

Vinny too increased his pace. The thrill of fleshy tits gripping his cock was not unfamiliar, but strangely, this time around, it was inspiring him further, egging him on to fuck them faster.

When Sonia screamed out her climax, her body jerking convulsively, her father pulled out his cock, pushed her aside and grabbed his wife’s head, pulling her down and guiding her face between his thighs.

“Drink my juice!” he commanded harshly and she opened her mouth to allow him to slip his cock inside. She smelt her daughter’s cunt on him and she thrilled when it thrust deep into her mouth.

Vinny laid his sister beside their parents, straddling her chest and beginning to now fuck her tits in a flurry of swift sure strokes. Sonia was totally zapped by the occasion, her eyes closed tight and she didn’t realize that she was now assisting her brother to fuck her tits by moving her entire body up and down on the floor.

“Ugghhh, take it, take it, suck it and drink it,” he chanted, his head grabbing his wife’s head and pulling her deeper between his thighs.

As she swallowed his come, Vinny grunted and shot his juice, watching it arch over his sister’s tits, making sure it landed on her face before directing it onto her tits.

Temporarily satiated, they lay in a close huddle around each other.


They were in the eye of the storm.

Outside the desolate cabin, the remains of the crashed jet kept shifting away from its site as the winds in excess of 50mph howled across the angry sea; the waves slamming repeatedly against the rocky-mountains sloping away from the tiny island. The dark skies looming above were heavy with clouds threatening to crash into the torrential rains that they had already experienced during their short stay.

Sushil stared gloomily at the scene from the small window, which they had nailed down with wooden slats. He knew that this was it: there was no escape now. 

That they had lasted for so long was thanks due to the enormously stacked kitchen of the jet, the sweet water river that flowed from one side of the cabin and the cabin itself. 

God knows who had built this cabin, he thought wistfully staring around the small cubicle of rooms where the others were cavorting. 

There was still enough fuel in the diesel generator throbbing in the basement; he had made it a rule that it would be used only for lighting. Though he knew he was being too optimistic, he had advised the others that they would need lighting more than hot water till a rescue team would find them.

Too, there was plenty of gas for the heaters where they would cook the fish they caught when they got tired of the tinned stuff they had dragged out of the plane. 

Sure there was plenty, thanks to that someone who had visited this tiny island off the Long man Point about a hundred miles from the eastern coast. He knew that there was not a chance that they would be rescued. No one would fly over this tiny piece of island; at least not in this weather.

The guys in the tower at the airport must have given up by now. It had been more than a week after they had crashed. Hell, if he were to be the controller, he would have never initiated a search party in this weather, leave alone ask the guys to give it a try. Sushil had ignored the pleading of the controller. Damn it, they needed a break. Especially after they had rediscovered themselves.

The guys in his company must be having a great time, he mused. With the boss away on a vacation to an area that remained a secret, who was to prevent them from unwinding? 

And he was the mutt who had initiated this wild party.

“Guys, we are going on a holiday for a week,” he had announced after one really good session in the sprawling living room of his mansion.

If only he had kept his mouth shut and continued with the fun, he thought for the hundredth time. 

“A penny for those thoughts, darling.” 

He was startled when he swung around the tiny chair and looked at his wife smiling at him.

“Hey, Sneha,” he said with forced enthusiasm, reaching out and pulling her to him. “Having a good time?”

“And wondering what happened to you suddenly,” she replied, taking hold of his soft cock.

He palmed her large tits. “Just taking a break, honey,” he grinned, tweaking her erect nipples, noting that her tits were covered with dry and caked cum.

“Even when you do take a break, your cock is never like this,” she said, beginning to jerk his shaft up and down in her tiny fist.

He laughed, bending down to quickly lick her stiff nipple.

“That’s true,” he admitted, straightening again on the chair. “I guess it’s just one of those times.”

“Tired? Or worried?” she asked him.

He glanced over her shoulders at the children and looked back into her eyes. 

“Both, I reckon.”

She peered through the window and he too looked out. Streaks of lightening flashed through the sky, accompanied by the loud sounds of thunder.

“Think we are going to get out of this?” she asked softly, turning around and lowering her still sleek body on his lap.

He put his arms around her and cupped her swollen tits even as she reached down between their bodies to resume fondling his cock, which was by now, under her administrations, slowly beginning to erect.

“Lets just say fifty-fifty at this point of time. We have enough food for survival, and hell, why don’t we just forget it and have a good time?”

She turned to look at him and smiled. “That’s what I thought. And that’s why I came over. Even if it looks bad, we are having fun, aren’t we? Just look at the kids.”

They looked at the kids; their kids and their spouses. Son Vinny, daughter Sonia, daughter in law Sony and son in law Chet. 

Sonia was on her fours, facing a large chair, while Vinny, laughing delightedly, held onto her hips and thrust his cock in and out of her cunt from behind. Sprawled on the chair, his legs wide apart, Chet was watching her suck his cock to keep time with her brother’s thrusting movements.

Sony, her hair tied behind her in a pigtail, was lying on the floor, a pillow beneath her head, which allowed her to leisurely suck and lick her husband’s cock and her sister in law’s pussy as well.

The kids were pretty vocal, and Sushil knew that his wife and he were no better.

“Ah, this cunt never ceases to get loose!” Vinny sighed, his balls smacking loudly against his sister’s thighs.

“My wife’s talents go beyond that,” Chet supplemented, “If her cunt is tight, man, you know her fucking mouth! Go on, baby, give it some more tongue. Ahhhhh, yeah, suck that cock, baby, suck it!”

Sony had thrust one hand down between her stretched legs, sliding two fingers in and out of her wriggling cunt. She was making loud smacking noises as she licked and sucked: now, letting her tongue wash Vinny’s dangling balls, and when it slammed inside Sonia’s wet cunt, letting the tongue quickly lick up and down the gaping slit.

“I was watching the storm come in,” Sushil said to mum as she contrived to bend over and run her tongue over his cock. “So I figure I didn’t get to see what you were doing there before you joined me here.”

Sneha looked up at him, momentarily ceasing to lick his cock head and shuffling to let him knead her ample tits.

“I was standing on the arms of that chair and letting the boys eat me out. Where else do you think could I have accommodated myself?”

He gave a short laugh, pinching her hard nipples. “Baby, you can accommodate yourself anywhere and you know it! Why, you could have been kneeling over there on the floor and eating out our dear daughter in law! Poor girl, just look at her! She’s the only one who doesn’t have a cock in her hole.”

Sneha rose to stand in front of him and drew him to her tits, letting him suck on them alternately. 

“Why don’t we set it right then?” she whispered.

Forget about the storm, thought Sushil, nodding his head and standing up. “I’ll fuck Sony and you do what you can wherever you can find accommodation,” he joked.

He walked over to the writhing foursome and knelt on the floor between Sony’s legs. He grabbed her knees and pulled them apart, shuffling closer, his cock by now erect and rampant thanks to Sneha’s mouth and tongue.

“Ooohh, Uncle!” Sony whimpered, pulling her head away and looking down with her heavy-lidded eyes.

“Spread and lift, baby,” Sushil told her. “Put those legs on my shoulders. Uncle is going to fuck your cunt with this cock!”

“Oh yes, please!” she cried out as Sushil grasped his cock, lined it up and slammed his hips forward, watching it impale the girl’s wet cunt. She had been fingering and fucking herself; so her cunt was already wide open. Yet, as Sushil felt it bottoming into her, he realized that she was very, very tight there.

Sneha knelt beside her daughter, managing to get her head close up to the girl’s. 

“Fuck my mouth too, Chet! Its just as tight and you know it!” she cooed. 

“Alright! One for you and one for the wife,” Chet laughed hoarsely, shifting his hips like a pendulum on the chair. His cock popped out of Sonia’s mouth and Sneha gobbled it into her own so quickly, he could never have guessed that there were two of them now sucking on him.

Sony gasped when she felt Sushil hammering into her. He was like that. No slow, long, luxurious thrusts to begin with, especially when his need was urgent, as it was now. His cock, already primed by Sneha, needed no time to get used to the rhythm he set almost immediately after it fucked into Sony’s cunt.

“Oh yes, uncle! Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, ahh, you brute, your cock is so thick, it fills up my cunt, ah yes, like that, quick and hard and deep! Fuck me!” she moaned, lifting her hips to meet his and pulling them back when he lifted his up. 

“Take it, pretty bitch,” he muttered, thrusting wildly, holding her thrashing legs firmly to his shoulders. “My cock is thick, huh?” he asked.

“Yes, yes!” she answered.

“Hard and long?” he asked.

“Oh god, yes, uncle, it is so thick and hard and long! Fuck me with it, oh yessss…” 

“Will somebody shut her up a while? I want to enjoy mum and Sonia sucking me off,” Chet said.

Vinny obliged, pulling out his cock from his sister’s pussy, much to her disappointment, and shuffling back to slam it down into Sony’s open mouth.

“Hmmmm…” his wife hummed as she began to suck his wet cock, glistening with Sonia’s juices, clutching her father in law’s cock with the muscles of her cunt as he drove rhythmically into her. 

Quickly, Vinny pulled out and effortlessly plunged his cock back into his sister’s cunt. He began doing the continuous switch with ease: from cunt to mouth, back and forth, to and fro.

“Don’t lower your legs, baby,” Sushil grunted to Sony, letting his hands slide down her hips to grasp her large tits, kneading and fondling them.

It was a delightful coincidence that all the three women were endowed with quite generous tits. He and his son were obsessed with them. Chet did like tits, but his lust for them wasn’t as much pronounced as the father and son duo. 

Pinching and tweaking his daughter in law’s engorged nipples to make her moan and arch her back up, he increased the tempo of his thrusts into her pussy. Sony blindly reached up to cradle her husband’s cock that was slamming furiously in and out of his sister’s pussy. 

Sonia whimpered, “Oh god, Chet, I want your cock in my mouth when Vinny gives his to Sony to suck!”

Chet craned his neck to watch his cock wallow in Sneha’s mouth. He waited till Vinny drew out of Sonia’s cunt and transfer it into Sony’s puffed up mouth. Simultaneously, Chet thrust his cock into Sonia’s open mouth.

“Clever girl, my daughter,” observed Sneha. “She’s making sure she has a cock in her all the time.”

Sushil watched the proceedings as he pumped in and out of Sony’s cunt, his hands mauling her tits. His daughter on her fours, sucking Chet’s cock while her brother fucked her from behind; his sweet wife kneeling by their daughter, sucking on Chet’s cock and licking her daughter’s cheeks when she wasn’t sucking. On the floor and underneath his son, Sony got her face fucked by her brother in law and her pussy fucked by him, her father in law.

Christ! Are we sick? But, he admitted to himself, this was a foregone conclusion. This had to happen. It was only that he was finding today’s orgy to be more frenetic and fast-paced than before. Perhaps it was the unspoken fear that the impending storm had instilled into them, that there was this dramatic transformation from leisurely and casual fucking to hectic fucking: as though this was the last day.

Was it, really? 

“Open your legs wider, mum. I want to fuck your cunt with my fingers,” Vinny said, sliding his hand down his sister’s back and around her tits till he found his mother’s pussy.

“Ah god, yes,” Sneha hissed, spreading her bent knees further apart as her son stuffed his middle finger into her moist and hot cunt.

With his other hand, Vinny reached down and grasped Sonia’s swinging tit, settling down to squeeze it. Chet saw him doing it and in turn, he put his hand out to grab his mother in law’s tits, squeezing them alternately, rolling the nipples between his fingers.

“I’m about to cum, Vinny,” Sonia cried out when Chet’s cock was in her mother’s mouth. “For god’s sake, stop letting Sony suck you and sock it to me!”

Sony was not at all disappointed; in fact, she pulled her head to one side, bucking and heaving as Sushil slammed in her, and pushed her husband’s buttocks up towards Sonia’s pussy.

“Oh god, yes, yes, fuck me, Vinny, fuck, fuck harder, baby, aahhhh, ugghhh, that is it, deeper, faster, oh yeah, fuck, fuck, oh god…” she wailed, grinding and thrusting her back to him.

Aware that her daughter was focused on attaining her orgasm and that she wouldn’t be needing Chet’s cock, Sneha leaned forward and swallowed her son in law’s cock right down to the hilt. Chet groaned. No one, he thought, could give head the way his mother in law did. He felt his glans thrust past the tonsils and enter the constricted passage of her throat. And amazingly, her tongue just did not quit as it continued snaking up and down the throbbing shaft.

“Oh shit, yeah, aunt, yes, suck that dick, oh god, yes, yes, lick it like that, faster, faster, ooohh…” he chanted.

“I’M CUMMING, UGGHHH, YES, YES, YESSSS…” Sonia thrust her buttocks hard against her brother’s cock.

Vinny pulled out his finger from his mother’s pussy and grabbed Sonia by her tits, stroking his cock faster and faster into Sonia’s cunt. He could feel her body going rigid, her hands grasping his over her tits and then, she shuddered with a moan. He could also feel her hot juices surround his thrusting dick in the confines of her pussy, which clamped like a vice around his shaft.

Sonia rolled off, slipping down to the floor, her massive chest heaving with exertion, her juices dribbling down the inside of her thighs. Her eyes seemed to have rolled back in her head and she watched them through hooded slits, running her wet tongue over her lips as if to moisten them up.

With his sister now out of the way, Vinny swung around and concentrated on fucking his wife’s mouth.

“A one and a two and a three…” Sushil began to count, keeping time with their thrusts. Sony bucked and writhed under the dual assault of her father in law’s throbbing cock sawing in and out of her cunt and the swollen cock that belonged to her husband and now fucking her face mercilessly. 

Chet hauled Sneha to her feet effortlessly; he was a big man and it was easy for him to push his mother in law to her knees between his outstretched legs.

“Suck on my pole, my dear aunt, yeah, suck my cock. I want to fuck your face, oh yes, god, yes, yes!”

Sneha carefully swung one leg around the almost semi-conscious Sonia’s face as she bobbed her head up and down Chet’s cock. Her daughter may have seemed to lose most of her consciousness in the aftermath of her explosive orgasm; but that didn’t prevent her from wrapping her hands around her mother’s buttocks and raising her head to clamp her lips on her cunt.

Chet glanced at his wife being double fucked on the floor. She was lying on the floor, legs up in the air and wide apart, heels digging in Sushil’s shoulders, raising and lowering her hips for her cunt to swallow and loosen its grip around his shaft. At the same time, Vinny, facing his father was moving up and down on his bent knees, poking his cock in and out of her mouth.

A ten and a eleven and a twelve…” chanted Sushil.

Chet began to thrust his cock in and out of Sneha’s mouth in time with his father in law’s count. Unconsciously, Sneha too was grinding her cunt lips against Sonia’s face in the same rhythm. 

“Oh fuck,” Vinny cried out, almost at the top of his lungs. “Oh fuck, Sony, oh fuck! Give me more tongue, you little tease, more tongue, aahhhh yes, like that! Feel my cock fucking your throat? Uh? Feel it? Want more? Huh? More, huh? Here, take this, and this, and this, oh my god, I want to cum!” 

Sushil continued counting without his mind really in it. Of course he could feel the powerful waves of lust coursing through every nerve of his body as he pumped his cock faster and faster into the depths of Sony’s cunt. 

He could also see the length and the width of his son’s cock dipping in and out of the girl’s mouth, making her puff her lips out and then pull her cheeks in. Just as the juices were running from her cunt on to her hips, he could also see Vinny’s cunt juice and saliva-slicked cock spitting the liquid back over her face.

He had to merely raise his eyes to watch his wife expertly and with a rising sense of urgency, bob up and down over Chet’s cock. Through the tunnel of his daughter’s tits, from below, he could watch Sonia lapping away at her mother’s cunt.

Sure as hell, Sushil realized, there was a storm coming up in the room. Very shortly, he knew that there would be the men’s semen flying around and smearing the women over their bodies. 

But he was also aware of the rising sounds of nature’s fury as the storm outside the cabin kept closing in. He could almost see their jet being dragged away into the fiery sea, the waves steadily pounding the rocks increase their amplitude, the black clouds slowly beginning to crack up to turn into the torrential outburst of tropical rains. 

“Oh my god, here I cum!” yelled Chet and Sneha hurriedly pulled her head away from him, grabbing his cock and pulling on it till he had to leave the chair on which he had been sitting. Sneha slipped down on the floor to lie beside her daughter.

“Give it to us, Chet!” she told him in a shrill voice. “Bathe us with your lovely hot spunk!” She masturbated his cock furiously as he hunched over the two women.

Sushil and Vinny swung around simultaneously to watch the scene unfold and almost as if on their own volition, began to increase the speed of their thrusts into Sony.


His juice erupted from the tip of his throbbing cock and Sneha directed the head as she wanted to. He threw back his head and howled; and then, looked down to watch his semen spurt into his wife’s mouth. Sonia was gulping it down eagerly. Then, Sneha was shifting his cock, still jerking on it and this time his cum landed on his mother in law’s upturned face.

One, two, three, four… He lost all count as his cock swelled and bucked and reared, spewing its contents over the women’s faces.

“I don’t know about you son, but I’m going to go in faster!” Sushil murmured.

Sony was just going through the throes of her climax and whenever she came, she had this habit of clenching her cunt muscles. It was that which set off Sushil and he knew she had climaxed by listening to the sounds becoming liquid-like with each plunge into her cunt.

“To hell with the speed, dad,” replied Vinny, pulling his cock out of Sony’s mouth and shuffling forward to lay it between her tits. He plunged back and forth after wrapping her tits around his cock, aware that his ass was hitting her chin when he rocked back.

“Take this!” he gritted through clenched teeth, pushing her tits together so hard, she had to cry out.

His juice shot out of the tip, landing almost on her belly and then he was pulling back, cradling her head and socking his spurting dick into her mouth, making her swallow the hot liquid even as most of it dribbled out of the corner of her lips.

Sushil roared, rising above the girl and pulling her hands down, forcing her to grab his shuddering cock. He howled again when she wrapped both her hands around his cock and jerked his skin back and forth over his shaft. When he gasped, he found that his cock was spewing out his semen. 

“Out of the way, boy,” he yelled, straddling Sony’s belly. 

He slid his erupting cock between her massive tits and this time she held them together around his spitting cock, allowing the juice to shoot up to her chin and then collect in a hot pool on top of her cleavage.

The winds howled outside the cabin and they heard the splats of the rain falling on the rooftop.

There is always a calm before the storm. 

Sushil knew that there was also a storm after the calm.

Was this it? Please, he thought to himself, gasping and shuddering as he coated his daughter in law’s tits with his juices, please give us more time.

Time enough to recollect the events that had led to what was going on at present. 

Chet was a big guy all right. About six feet three, a hundred and eighty pounds with most of the weight equally distributed throughout his firm young body. And he knew that he made the impression, and so he flaunted his body.

His kid sister, Sony was more like Sonia. Strong in the hips and legs, wide of the shoulders and enormous where it counted the most: her tits. 

Within an hour after they had reached the house, Vinny had driven away to the cricket field; Chet begging off his cousin’s invitation saying that he was tired and needed to get some rest. 

Sushil was to drop Sonia to her college on the way to his office and that left Chet and Sony with Sneha at the house. 

Sneha showed them the room that they were to share. The room that Vinny and Sonia had shared and from where it had all begun. 

This room that Chet and Sony were to share had initially belonged to Vinny and Sonia, but her kids had moved to the adjacent room. They had nicknamed the room as the P. T. room and the acronym stood for “Peeping Toms”

The kids wanted and got the P. T. room from where Sushil and Sneha had first watched their children involved in a heavy petting session, which had ended up with the husband and wife imitating their children. Sneha had convinced Vinny to hang a large painting over the one-way mirror so that any one visiting the room wouldn’t get wise to the fact that there was a one-way mirror in it.

“Of course, if you and Vinny want to share a room Chet, you can do that. I’ll ask Sonia to get her things in this room.” Sneha told her nephew.

“Aw, no problems, aunt,” Chet drawled. “We can think about the permutations later on. Right now, I want to get some sleep.”

“You don’t worry, aunt,” Sony assured. “It’s just that we are awfully tired. We can work it out later on. I’m tired as well and if you don’t mind, I’ll have a nap myself.”

Sneha laughed. “Okay. You kids figure it out. I’m off to the kitchen. Sonia has asked me to make some…oh no, it’s supposed to be a surprise! So there, go ahead.”

After Sneha walked away, Chet casually remarked to his sister, “Gee! Aunt looks damned sexy, huh?”

Sony giggled, closing the door and locking it.

“You have a dirty mind, Chet! But yes, she looks great. I guess there are some women who get sexier as they grow older.”

“Right now, I am horny,” he told her, lowering himself on the bed and spreading his legs apart. He began to unbuckle his pants, his eyes on his sister.

“You always are,” she replied. She looked around the room and deciding that the huge chair, placed a foot off the bed, would do, she sat down on it. 

She was wearing a simple one-piece frock that hung loosely around her voluptuous body. 

“God, Sony, its been a long time,” Chet sighed, lifting his hips to push his pants down over his hips to expose the huge bulge inside his shorts.

It had been almost thirty-six hours and for them this was indeed a very long time. The train had been crowded and they had found no privacy whatsoever to indulge in some mutual fingering.

Sony spread her legs wide apart, placing her heels on the arms of the chair, hurriedly pushing her frock up over her legs. Her thighs exposed, she raised her buttocks up to push the flimsy and already wet panties down over her shapely legs. 

“All through the journey, I kept staring at the hard on inside your pants,” she said.

“I know,” he replied, his shorts already on the floor, his hard cock pointing up at he ceiling as he grabbed it.

“And you were staring at my tits,” she told in a hoarse voice.

“Shall we begin as usual?” he asked, beginning to pump his cock up and down in one fist and cradling his heavy balls with the fingers of his other hand.

“Yeah!” she gasped, opening her pussy lips and gliding a finger inside the hot opening.

Naked from waist below, he pulled up his t-shirt and began to masturbate, staring at his sister’s finger plunging in and out of her cunt.

“Oh shit,” he muttered, “Your pussy never ceases to amaze me! Just looking at that cute little cunt with that neat little patch of hair above it gives me the hots!”

“And look at your dick! Oh my god, it’s so big and hard! I can almost feel it ripping my hole apart.”

“You sure we go the usual way? Or do you want this to be a straight fuck?”

“No. I want to start it like we did,” she breathed. She shrugged the frock down her shoulders and his eyes widened when he saw her huge tits straining against her skimpy bra.

“Haul those tits out, baby,” he said.

She laughed huskily, wiggling her shoulders to let the little piece of cloth that restrained her tits fall away.

His eyes dimmed with lust when he saw those large and firm tits tumble out and unconsciously, he began to stroke his erect cock faster.

“Shag that cock, brother,” she cried out, imitating his rhythm and moving her finger in and out of her cunt to keep time with his masturbatory movements.

“Oh yeah, baby, yes, oh god yes, what do you want to hear about this time, honey?”

Her knees spread wide apart, her finger furiously fucking her cunt, she dropped her head down and flicked her long tongue over her up-thrust and swollen nipples.

“Tell me about that time you made it with Mrs. Banerjee,” she whimpered.

“Ah yes, that slut! Mom’s pal! That voluptuous little whore!”

“Yes, yes, that slut!”

“Well,” he said, grinning as he stroked his cock, “that bitch always had the hots for me and when I went to her house to deliver mom’s letter, her wimp of a husband was out as usual on a tour. Imagine leaving that hot bitch by herself for a week! There she was, dressed up in this tiny silk gown, her legs sticking out from under and her huge tits almost falling out of that flimsy thing!”

“Oh yeah, I can imagine,” she rasped out, now adding another finger in her cunt. “Her curly hair falling over her face, her big eyes ogling at your bulge between your legs, her rack almost out of her gown, oh yes, brother, I can imagine!”

He slowly lay down on his side on the bed, facing her, continuing to pump his shaft with his fist. He propped himself on his elbow, watching her fingers shove in and out of her cunt. The pre cum from the tip of his cock oozed out of the slit on the top and he used it to lubricate his tender flesh.

“Shit, sis, I tell you, one moment I’m handing over the letter and the next thing I know, she’s got her cute little hand cupped over my crotch and her lips on mine, tongue fucking my mouth!”

Sony rose and hurriedly stripped off the frock, simultaneously pulling out her bra and panties to reveal her lush, voluptuous body that he was yearning to see.

It felt more delicious to watch the sexy girl emerge from her plain clothes. Her tits seemed to be larger than they really were, her legs longer, thicker and stronger and her entire body more voluptuous. 

She approached the bed and he shuffled behind to allow her enough place to lie down on her side. She lay, as usual, in the reverse position; her face about a foot away from his cock and her cunt the same distance from his face.

“Don’t stop,” she gasped, sliding her hands down to once again begin finger fucking her cunt. They could smell each other and Chet, his hand pumping his shaft, looked down and knew that her tits were so large, that if he would shuffle just a couple of inches forward, her nipples would punch against his chest and belly.

“I wasn’t about to back out,” his voice was a croak: low and husky as he inhaled the fragrance of his sister’s pussy and watched her fingers moving in and out, making squishy sounds.

“As I fucked her mouth with my tongue, Mrs. Banerjee expertly unzipped my pants and hauling out my dick, began to jerk on it: up and down, back and forth…shit, that bitch was really hot! She actually carried my hand to her gown clad titties and you can bet it didn’t really take me long to tug down top and let those torpedoes tumble out. Man, were her nips erect and hard! Why, they looked like a pair of kids’ cocks! Fucking her mouth with my tongue, jerking my hips up and down to let her fist my dick, I grabbed those tits and mauled them!”

Without realizing it, he had begun to jerk on his cock faster and faster, pulling the skin back and then pushing it up to cover the glans.

Sony was moaning now as she watched her brother jerk viciously on his cock. “You are so rough with it!”

“Yeah, you make me do that, baby. Rub your clit with your thumb while you fuck your cunt with your fingers.”

She managed to do it; corkscrewing her fingers inside her cunt and spreading her thumb wide apart to rub her engorged clit.

“Shit!” he croaked. “I can see your juices running out of your hole! Faster baby, faster! Oh yeah, fuck your cunt faster! Oh Jeeze, this is incredible!”

“You always say that,” she said. She leaned forward slightly and licked the tip of his cock, tasting his pre cum, making him groan. His body stiffened.

“I’m going to shoot, honey!” he warned, pumping his cock so fast now that his fist seemed to be a blur. The episode with Mrs. Banerjee was forgotten, as the two of them got closer to their boiling points.

“Yes, yes, cum for me, brother! Let your spunk wash my face! I want to taste it!” she cried out. “And I’m cumming too!”

“I can tell by the way your legs are stretched out, baby! Cum, baby, cum. Your brother wants to taste your nectar, and you know there’s only one way to do it.”

She knew what he’d be doing to taste her nectar and so she raised one leg high in the air, pulling her hand away from her pussy.

As his sperm began to explode from his cock, he bent forward and buried his face between her legs. She brought her leg back down to clamp him in place, moaning when he thrust his tongue deep inside her cunt. 

She allowed the first two bursts from his cock splash over her face. The warm liquid anointed her cheeks and her nose. And then she was leaning forward, taking his spasmodic cock inside her mouth, running her lips over the shaft and gulping down the semen that raced through it.

His hips thrust forward as he tried to stuff his entire cock in her mouth just as he opened his mouth on her cunt, sucking the tender flesh.

Chet also managed to hook his leg around her shoulder and her back and the two pulled each other closer, writhing and moaning as they climaxed.

They rolled over so that he was on her top and after remaining in this position, with him thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth; they rolled around the other way. Furiously, she bobbed her head up and down, grinding her still spasming cunt into his face.

Finally, after they were sure that they were completely dry, he spun around and lay on top of her, kissing her open mouth. Their tongues dueled within the confines of her hot mouth.

“God,” she whispered when he had drawn back and pushed his head between her large tits, “it always feels sexier doing these things on a strange bed!”

He raised his wet face up from her heaving tits as she wrapped her thighs around his buttocks.

“To hell with the permutations, baby. I’m going to tell aunt that we’d prefer to share this room. I’ll tell her that it would be a lot of trouble lugging Sonia’s things into this room. I’d die of a perpetual hard on if I wasn’t fucking with you everyday!” You’d be surprised to know, Vinny,” Chet said, sipping his beer.

“And when I tell you my story, I bet you’d fall out of that chair,” replied Vinny.

They were seated at the darkest part of the bar. It was still early in the evening and there were hardly any people in the bar.

“So, make me fall down from the chair,” Chet grinned.

“You go first. After all you are the elder cousin.”

They had been making small conversation and inevitably, the talk got down to sex, which was perfectly natural for boys of their age.

“Alright,” Chet replied, dropping into a whisper and leaning forward. “Sony and me do it to each other.”


“Don’t shout, pal. You will have the people surrounding us. What’s more,” he continued, a grin plastered across his lips, “Mum and Dad join us too!”

“WHAT? This time, Vinny’s shout had the barman look up at them from the newspaper he had been reading.

“Pipe down!” Chet said harshly, looking apologetically at the barman before turning back to his cousin. “And mind you, this is just between us. One leak and I’ll plaster you!”

“B-but…” Vinny stammered.

Chet laughed. “I know what you are going to say. And I know you are shocked. Incest is taboo. It isn’t right for a guy to fuck his mom and sis and it isn’t right for a guy to fuck his daughter. And yes, it isn’t right for a woman to go down on her daughter and let her daughter go down on her. But hey, let me tell you, this is fun! You don’t have to try and get pussy and face possible rejections when you got all the cunt you want whenever you want it!”

“I-I wasn’t shocked and I don’t think about it that way at all, Chet,” Vinny replied, recovering his composure. He felt his cock harden inside his jeans as he thought of a naked Sony and a naked aunt Sanika cavorting with Chet. “The secret I wanted to tell you is somewhat similar.”

“What!” This time, Chet was the one who was taken aback. He almost spilled the beer he had raised to his lips.

Vinny smiled mysteriously. “You are right, buddy. When you get the greatest pussy at home, why the hell hunt for pussies elsewhere? Mom and Sonia are the best lays I’d ever had. And when Dad is around, we have some of the best orgies a guy would ever hope to have!”

The two cousins sipped their beers in silence, each contemplating a naked cousin sister, a naked uncle and a naked aunt. 

“This is awesome!” Chet finally whispered.

“What do we do, Chet?” Vinny asked in a small voice. A vision of the buxom Sony riding him sprang into his mind.

“What do you mean what do we do?” Chet replied, always the boy with a ready answer. “We get our pretty little sisters together. I always wanted to fuck Sonia and I bet you have the hots for Sony!”

“What about my parents?”

Chet thought about it for a moment. 

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, Vinny. Right now, I can’t wait to get into Sonia’s pants. I overheard 

Aunt Sneha telling Sony that she and uncle have to attend some party tonight. That gives the four of us the time and the privacy to get acquainted.”

Vinny stared thoughtfully into the beer.

“What the hell you waiting for, buddy?” Chet said, smiling hugely. “I got a fucking hard on and I bet so do you. Let’s go!” 

The two of them were in such a hurry that they paid an extra ten over the bill.


They were in the room that was temporarily occupied by Chet and Sony. The girls were seated on the bed, Chet was sprawled out on the chair and Vinny was pacing the room like a caged tiger.

The girls had taken the news pretty calmly, and Vinny suspected, almost like they were expecting it.

Vinny glanced furtively at Sony from time to time, taking in her huge rack, concealed behind a rather tight blouse with a plunging neck line. Sony’s skirt reached just to her knees and every time she crossed and uncrossed her legs, it rode up over those strong hips, revealing the creamy flesh of her thighs.

The crossing and uncrossing of her legs gave revealed that Sony was indeed horny. She too kept stealing at Vinny.

Chet didn’t bother to hide the fact that Sonia had heated him up. He was openly staring at the voluptuous girl, taking in her curves and the lines. She was wearing a one-piece dress held together by thin straps over her shoulders. She had tied her hair in a ponytail and that gave her a girlish look despite of her womanly body.

“How did it start for you guys?” Vinny asked, breaking the silence.

Chet laughed, spreading his legs further apart and making no effort to conceal his hard on that bulged almost obscenely from his pants.

“We have all the time to talk, buddy. That can wait. But I figure it’s about a couple of hours before your parents will be back. So, we have a limited time to do things.”

Sonia blushed when her eyes caught his though she smiled daintily. Already, she could feel her nipples poke against her dress like they wanted to punch a couple of holes into it. 

Vinny leaned against the painting that concealed the one-way mirror. A faint smile crossed his lips as he noticed the reaction that his cousin was having on his sister. 

“Hey Vinny,” he drawled, rubbing his crotch, his eyes still on Sonia. “I guess I always wanted to fuck your little sister.”

Vinny glanced at his sister who was staring openly at Chet’s bulge and then he looked at Sony.

“And I always wanted to fuck yours!” he said, looking pointedly at Sony’s heaving chest.

“What the hell is keeping us?” Chet said, casually unzipping his pants and pulling out his large and erect cock.

“I don’t know,” Vinny replied, still leaning against the painting and reaching down with one hand to pull his cock from his pants.

The two girls were breathing heavily as they watched the boys begin to fondle their dicks.

“Come on, Sonia,” Chet said, jerking his cock slowly in one fist and pushing his pants down his hips. “Let us see that beautiful body of yours.”

“And I hope you join in too, Sony,” Vinny added.

The two girls, as if by pre-arranged signal, rose from the bed and their eyes on the thrusting cocks, they began to strip out of their clothes.

Chet watched with his breath coming out faster now, as Sonia pulled the straps of her skirt down over her shoulders. The skirt wasn’t too tight and it slipped down her body to the floor, revealing her small panties and an equally flimsy bra. Chet’s eyes widened, taking in the bulging tits and the creamy legs.

“Shit! Your tits are just as incredible as Sony’s and mum’s!” he exclaimed, beginning to jerk on his cock faster as Sonia slowly walked up to the chair.

When she was barely a couple of feet away from him, she bent down from her waist to peel off her panties and this made her heavy breasts strain against the little bra.

When she rose, Chet’s eyes widened: she was completely shaven there unlike Sony who kept a neatly trimmed triangle of soft hairs over her snatch.

Sony hadn’t bothered to undress; instead, she went down on her knees when she reached Vinny and looking up into his eyes, gently pushed his hands away from his prick. 

He grunted when he felt her soft and hot hands grasp his cock. He cradled her face with his hands, watching the girl lean forward till he could feel her warm breath on his shaft.

“Oh god, baby,” Vinny croaked, his hips thrusting forward instinctively. “This is so good! For god’s sakes, put it in your mouth and suck it!”

Sony did exactly that. Carefully holding his cock between two fingers at the base, she bent down and swallowed the entire length, surprising him with the finesse and ease with which she did so.

As she sucked him in, she fumbled for the belt of his pants and he assisted her to unbuckle it. She pushed down his shorts after the pants fell to the floor and he kicked away the pile.

Looking down at her lush lips sliding up and down his throbbing prick, he crouched down and pushed his hands inside her blouse. As expected, he encountered no bra and she moaned when he spread his hands over her big breasts, fondling them, even as he thrust his cock to and fro, fucking her mouth.

On the chair, Chet had leaned forward, burying his face between his cousin’s legs. Sonia held the back of his head, pushing him closer towards her pussy.

“Oh god, yes, Chet, lick me there!”

Chet didn’t have to be told. His tongue peeped out of his mouth and began to sweep up and down the protruding slit. He clamped her hips with his hands, feeling the satin-smooth creamy thighs going rigid in response to the onslaught of his tongue on her.

“Lick my clit!” she cried out, pushing her hands down to take hold of his prick. When his tongue sought out her erect bud, she clenched her hands on his shaft, making him grunt with pain and pleasure.

He used two fingers to part her pussy lips and slid a finger inside her wet opening, making her gasp. She lowered her bare buttocks on the edge of his knees and still clutching his prick, leaned back from her waist, spreading her legs wide apart to offer him access to her pussy. Relentlessly, he licked the knob even as his finger slid in and out of her pussy.

He peered up but could not see her face because she was leaning way back. Instead, all he could see were her firm tits with their hard and erect nipples and all he felt were the juices gushing out of her pussy.

Sonia’s pussy felt tighter than Sony’s, or perhaps, he thought, Sonia had that ability to clench her pussy muscles together over his probing finger.

Sony had pushed Vinny’s cock back against his belly, licking avidly at the underside of the shaft till it was glistening with her saliva. He had pushed her blouse down to free her lush breasts and he cupped them, caressing the soft spongy flesh. 

Sony held his cock in her fingers and licked at the tip, trying to shove her tongue into the small opening in the fiery glans. He groaned when she took the cock head back into her mouth, applying suction steadily until he was pushing his hips forward to bury more of the shaft inside her oral cavity. She took him in her throat with surprising ease and he began to rock to and fro, fucking her mouth, now pinching her aroused nipples with his fingers.

“Oh my god, Chet, put that thing inside me now,” Sonia cried out, sliding her legs further up his hips. He drew back from between her legs and straightened to lean back against the chair.

Grabbing the small of her back, he yanked her towards him and as his cock buried inside her cunt in one smooth motion, she uttered a sound that was a cross between a gasp and a wail. She bent her face down and kissed his mouth.

“Hmmm,” he whimpered when his cock sank inside her warm pussy. He slipped his hand down and grasped her buttocks, pulling her closer till his balls smacked the insides of her thighs.

Her hands encircled his shoulders as she thrust her tongue into his mouth and began to rock to and fro on his hips. His cock stretched her pussy walls and he brought his legs together as she spread hers further apart. Her buttocks glided back and forth over his hips as his cock fucked her wet pussy.

He tore his mouth away from hers and leaning down, captured one swinging breast in his mouth, sucking the succulent flesh as they fucked furiously.

“Let’s fuck, baby,” muttered Vinny, pulling up Sony by her arms. His cock slipped out of her mouth as she rose. He continued to lean against the painting as they stood facing each other.

“Yes, yes,” the girl panted, sliding her skirt down over her smooth hips. He pushed her panties down with the toes of one leg and she stepped out of them.

He was taller than her, so he cupped her buttocks and grunted, “Hop up and wrap those legs around my waist.”

Again, she obeyed him. Naked, she hopped up, her legs going around his waist and she looked down to watch him guide his tumultuous cock in her pussy.

“Fuck, oh god, fuck me!” she said as he eased his cock inside her open pussy.

“Ugghhh,” he uttered when his shaft entered her. She pushed her buttocks forward, letting more and more of his flesh enter her till he was inside her right to the hilt.

He leaned back against the wall and thrust his hips out so that she could clamp her heels into his buttocks. He started to move; slowly at first, letting his prick come out just till the glans were inside and then pulling her down on him till it was buried deep inside her again.

And so the cousins got together. While Sonia rode Chet on the chair, he sucking avidly at her tits, Vinny held Sony by her buttocks, standing against the wall and shoving his cock in and out of her.

After perhaps a few minutes, Vinny, with Sony held in his hands, his cock inside her pussy, walked over to the bed and laid her down on it. He pushed her legs up and apart, holding them by the knees and began to plunge into her.

“Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me, Vinny, fuck me! Yes, yes, harder now, oh my god, yes, fuck, fuck!”

“Oh yes, baby, take my cock inside you, oh god, you are so wet and hot, oh my god, oh shit, push your ass up, babe, yes, like that, yeah, fuck me back!” Vinny panted.

Chet glanced at his sister being pounded on the bed and suddenly he wanted to join the couple on the bed. He rose off the chair, carrying Sonia with him, like Vinny, keeping his cock impaled inside her. 

The only difference he made was to lie on his back and not push Sonia down. He wanted the hot girl on top of him and she understood.

Straddling him and bending down to proffer her breasts to his hungry mouth she began to ride him again, watching her brother lying beside them, fuck Sony. 

They were lying quite close to each other and without interrupting the rhythm of their coupling; Sonia turned her head so that her brother could kiss her mouth. Watching them, Sony too turned her head to let her brother’s tongue push inside her mouth.

The circle was complete. The cousins were as one.

And it was just the beginning.


It was Vinny who popped up the question of his parent’s status vis-à-vis their involvement when they were in the midst of their fourth session. 

They had decided to give ‘special’ attention to Sonia that afternoon. She lay spread-eagled on the divan in their room, her head hanging down over one edge and her legs down the opposite edge. Vinny was crouched over her head, his cock moving in and out of her mouth as he bucked his hips back and forth. Straddling her belly and facing Vinny, Chet was plunging his cock to and fro in the scrumptious valley of her tits, which he held together by his hands. To round up Sonia’s special treat, Sony knelt on the floor at her cousin’s legs and was lazily licking the bald pussy, using her fingers to play with the protruding clit.

Vinny, who was holding his sister’s head as he stroked his cock in and out of her sucking mouth suddenly paused and said, “Hey, two questions, Chet.”

Chet pulled his cock out of Sonia’s cleavage and rubbed his cock head over the erect nipples, steadying himself as she tried to push him closer, signaling him not to stop, by pulling his buttocks towards her.

“Yeah?” he asked, releasing one breast and reaching behind him to fondle her clit that Sony was licking.

“One,” continued Vinny, pumping his hips back and forth lazily, his eyes on Sonia’s lips that were gliding along his stiff shaft. “You never did tell us how it all started between Sony, you and your parents. Two, how the hell do we let my parents into this?”

Sonia pulled her face away from her brother’s prick, grasping it with her hands. 

“Do we have to involve Dad and Mom?” she muttered before taking Vinny’s cock back again in her mouth.

He watched as Sonia bobbed her head back and forth, her cheeks hollowing and puffing out. He began to move his hips again in counter thrust to her movements and then glanced at Chet’s cock disappearing back within the valley of her breasts.

“Look,” Chet said, bucking his hips back and forth to send his cock gliding in and out of Sonia’s firm breasts. “Maybe we got to take this one thing at a time. How Sony and me got along with our parents is a different story. Right now, I think your mom is damned sexy and I would really like to make it with her!”

There was silence for a long time, save for the slurping sounds that emanated from Sonia’s mouth and the wet noises that Sony was making as she licked her cousin’s pussy.

“Ugghhh!” yelped Sonia when Sony suddenly put her tongue out to suck her clit. She wrapped her legs around the girl’s head, mashing her pussy into her face.

“Oh God! I am going to come!” Vinny gasped, driving his cock furiously in and out of his sister’s mouth. He cupped her cheeks, fucking her mouth like it was her cunt.

“A few seconds, buddy,” Chet exclaimed, beginning to thrust his cock between her cleavage, pushing her tits together harder around his cock. “Let’s both give her a cum-bath”

Sony was chewing on Sonia’s clit, her hand beneath, sliding a finger in and out of her own cunt.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Vinny yelled, pulling his dick out of Sonia’s mouth, allowing her to reach up and begin to jerk him off. Chet followed suit, pushing his cock through her cleavage and letting the cock head enter Sonia’s mouth, who, had raised her head even as she jerked furiously on her brother’s prick.

Sonia wrapped her legs around Sony’s face as she jerked on both the cocks aimed at her face.

“Come on, cum for me, cum for me, oh yes, fuck, fuck, cum, you jerks, cum on me and bathe me!”

Her encouragement acted as a catalyst for the two boys. They simultaneously let their juices fly off their cocks. While Vinny’s juice splattered all over her face and hair, Chet allowed the first drops to enter her mouth and then shuffling back, let the other explode over her heaving tits.

Sonia herself had come, her body lifting off the couch and mashing against Sony’s face. She screamed as her orgasm hit her and heard Sony scream too, the voice muffled. 

Sony had climaxed as well, her fingers now a blur as they plunged in and out of her gaping pussy.

“Whew, that was awesome!” gasped Chet, rubbing his cock over Sonia’s nipples.

“You are great, sis,” Vinny added, letting her take his cock back into her mouth to lick off the juices.

It was almost five minutes after they got back their breath. Sonia and Chet, flopping down on the couch, while Sony and Vinny lay on the floor beside the couch. Sonia was rubbing her chest and her face with a wet towel after Sony had licked off as much of the cum there as possible.

This was when Sony spoke up.

“We were talking about parents, guys. What would you say if we go over to them and tell them that we are interested in getting married?”

A long silence ensued.

“You mean I get married to you and Chet marries Sonia?” Vinny finally asked.

“I really like you, Vinny and hope you like me too. And hopefully, Sonia and Chet like each other. I mean, apart from all this fucking and the rest, don’t you think there are other areas as well?”

“Well, well! I will be damned! That’s a brilliant thing you have said, sis!” exclaimed Chet. 

“I think I should personally have a word with mom and Sonia with dad,” Vinny interrupted, rolling over to Sony and rather chastely kissing her mouth. Sonia had risen off the couch and had her mouth glued to Chet’s.

And that’s how they approached Sushil and Sneha.


They had decided that Chet and Sony take a morning drive so that Vinny and Sonia would be alone with their parents.

Sneha was in the kitchen, having just had her bath when Vinny walked over to her. As his mum was busy with the pancake, he stood behind her, pressing the front of his body against her back.

“Mmmmm…somebody’s hot!” she murmured, leaning back against him and letting his hands creep around her to take a hold of her breasts.

He buried his face in her lustrous hair before moving his mouth to kiss the side of her neck even as he kneaded and fondled his mom’s tits through the gown she was wearing. He thrust his hips out to rub his cock against her back, setting up a slow up and down movement.

“Vinny,” she gasped, pushing her ass back against him. “There’s still a lot of work left…”

“Oh c’mon mom,” he whispered, licking her ear after pushing her hair over it. “It’s been ages since we got together. In fact, we haven’t got together ever since our cousins have come here. They have gone out for a drive and that gives us time.”

She twisted her head to one side and let him kiss her mouth, opening hers to accept his tongue gleefully. She moaned when his fingers, expertly undid the buttons of her gown in front and pulling it down, filled his hands with her taut tits by sliding them down the front of her bra.

She turned around in his arms and slid her arms around his shoulders as they kissed. He had pulled down her bra by now and she had to gasp when he kneaded her naked breasts, rubbing the erect, inflamed nipples. 

“Aahhhh, Vinny,” she cried out hoarsely, sliding her hands down to cup his formidable bulge. It was obvious that he wasn’t wearing anything inside the Bermudas by the way his stiff cock dangled in the loose garment.

She lifted the bottom of his Bermudas to expose his erection. Cradling his sacs with one hand, she fluttered the fingers of her other hand along the length of the shaft, making him groan with lust and tighten his hold on her tits.

She tore her mouth off his and slowly slid down to her knees.

“I need this thing in my mouth, sonny. Mama’s hot for you,” she whimpered.

“Yeah, mom, take it in your mouth! It’s missed you!”

She unbuttoned his Bermudas and let it slide down his hips to the floor. He held her hair on top of her head as she leaned forward and took the length of his cock inside her mouth in one quick movement. His buttocks tightened when he felt the tip of his cock hit the back of her mouth and he realized that neither his sister nor his cousin could ever hold a candle to his mom when it came down to sucking cock. 

It took all of five seconds for her to take him inside her throat. There was no gag reflex as his cock entered her throat smoothly and to the hilt, her nose in his pubic hair. He loved watching her red lips slide down over the shaft and then retract till only the tip remained lodged between those sexy lips.

He had to crouch to keep her tits encased within his palms even as she began the rhythmic movements that he so loved.

He bent down low now, lifting her gown up over her creamy thighs till it was bunched around her waist, exposing her crotch. He was delighted when he noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Naughty, naughty, mom,” he reprimanded her, his hand cupping her cunt. “No panties, huh? Meant for me to go there directly?”

She moaned around his cock when she felt her son’s finger thrust swiftly in her wet sopping cunt.

“Ugghhh!” she cried out before going back to sucking his cock again.

It was an awkward position for him. Crouched over her, leaning down to stroke his fingers in and out of her cunt while ensuring that his cock followed suit in her mouth.

He drew back, almost pulling his cock out of her mouth. Afraid that he had changed his mind, she grabbed his hips and moved with him, her mouth following his cock. He hadn’t meant to abandon his plans of getting sucked: he was merely adjusting his body so that he could vary the angle of his cock fucking her mouth and too, his fingers to sink in completely inside her pussy.

They began again. She rocked the top of her body to and fro, taking him deep inside her mouth, letting her tongue wash his hardness as she bucked her hips up to meet his probing fingers.

“Let’s carry on in the bathroom, mom,” he panted. “That way, I can have a shower too.”

The pancake was forgotten.


She was kneeling down on the wet tiles of the bathroom between her father’s legs.

He knew what he always wanted from her. From the beginning, he had always been crazy about her tits. She remembered the first time and it had always been like this. The tits first, always the tits and wrapping the fleshy globes around his hard prick had always been the priority.

Their bodies were wet in the aftermath of the shower that they had together. Now, her back to the wall, knees on the tiles she let him slip his inflamed cock between her heaving breasts. She held them together, lifting one when she pushed the other down. And so it continued. She stroked his cock between her tits, rubbing the fleshy globes around it. His gaze was fixed to the spot where the tip of his cock emerged every time that he thrust up. He grabbed the top of the small window above them, preferring for her to manipulate her tits and fuck his cock with them. 

During their shower, he had gone down on her, bringing her to an explosive climax, his tongue sweeping up and down her slit and then thrusting it inside the warmth of her wet pussy. All through the session, she had kept up fondling his prick and balls. 

She had held on to the edge of the sink as he had kissed and licked her hot pussy, the water falling down on them from the shower. 

She had arched her hips out at him when he fingered her clit without interrupting his sucking.

“Aahhhh, Dad!” she cried.

He had concentrated on giving her the orgasm she so badly needed, and ignored his hard cock brushing the side of the king-sized tub.

She had encircled his shoulders with one leg, keeping the other firmly on the tiles. She looked like a ballet dancer would: one feet wrapped around his shoulders, the other lifting her body up to mash her pussy against his face. Unlike a ballet dancer, she had screamed like an animal when she exploded into her climax. 

Now, as she knelt on the tiles, she was determined to make it up to him.

“Oh yes, Dad, yes! Fuck my tits, dad, fuck them, ah yes, like that, oh god, oh fuck, dad, it feels so good!”

She had tilted her head up to look at him, and continuing to thrust his cock in and out of her large cleavage, he bent down and kissed her mouth.

She rubbed her tits frenetically against each other, shoving her tongue into his mouth.

That was how Vinny and Mom found them when they entered the bathroom. Her hand was fondling his stiff dick and he had encircled her waist with his hand, fondling and kneading the ripe, juicy tit.

They were stark naked.

“Oh-oh, what have we here?” Vinny murmured, his cock stiffening further at the sight of his dad’s dick coursing up and down his sister’s enormous tits while they kissed.

Sushil merely turned to glance at them. “Join in and shut up.”

So they joined in. Sneha turned on the shower and urged Vinny to lie down in the tub. He spread his legs apart, resting his heels on the edges of the tub while she climbed in to join him. She slipped to her knees, and then was laying full length, on her belly in the tub between his legs. Grabbing his cock, she pulled herself over him so that she could take him back in her mouth.

Her tits flattened against his thighs as she began to suck him again. He glanced to his side and watched his dad thrusting his hips up and down to fuck Sonia’s tits faster and faster.

Vinny reached down to spread his palms over his mom’s tits and she pulled back so that they hung down like cantaloupes. She jammed his prick deep inside her throat when he squeezed her tits, before reaching up to pinch her engorged nipples.

“Hmmmm,” she murmured tonelessly, sucking on him harder, letting her head bob up and down.

Sushil glanced at them, pausing. Sonia moaned her disapproval, pressing her tits around his cock harder and juggling them. 

“Lets get into the tub, honey,” Sushil said. 

Gasping, they made their way to the giant tub.

“I don’t think you need to spread those legs of yours so wide together, son,” he said, as Sonia climbed in.

Immediately, Vinny pulled his legs off the edge and instead, wrapped them around his mom’s shoulders.

Sonia lay beside her brother now, watching dad get in as well. Sushil straddled his daughter, his knees jammed against her armpits.

This time, he pressed her tits together to wrap his cock between them. He began to shove to and fro.

Sonia let her head drop to her left. Vinny got the hint and craning his head aside as well, he kissed his sister on her mouth.

Sushil was always inflamed by the sight of the siblings exchange french kisses. He began to increase his pace.

Sneha was busy sucking her son’s cock. Now, she let it out of her mouth, bent it back against his belly and licked the underside of the shaft. She buried her face beneath his cock, licking his balls, taking them alternately in her mouth to suck gently. His cock twitched when she did this.

Vinny tore his lips away from Sonia’s. 

“Oh god, mom, please take it between your tits when you suck it!” he pleaded.

Sneha rose slightly, drew back and brought her tits together with his cock between the globes. It was easier for her to do this, because when she was on top, her tits hung down. She bent her head down and when he thrust his hips to drive his cock up her cleavage, she opened her mouth so that the tip entered. She fluttered her tongue over the throbbing shaft and he was pulling back again, getting ready for the next assault.

And so they continued. Sushil straddling his daughter and moving back and forth urgently, the tip of his cock hitting her chin every time that he slammed up. Beside him, his wife was moving to and fro as well, their son’s cock trapped between her tits, the top of it lodged firmly in her mouth. The siblings got back to their kissing.

“Wait,” Sushil rasped out, slithering down his daughter’s body. “Push down, baby, that’s right. This way, I can attend to your mom as well.”

Sonia had to pull her mouth off Vinny’s to slither down the tub, till her chest was right beside her brother’s cock.

Sushil speared her tits again, holding them firmly together. Sonia moaned under the assault and watched him lean sideways to bury his head between Sneha’s legs from behind.

“Oh god!” Sneha moaned, spreading her legs, continuing to fuck her son’s cock with her tits as her husband’s wet mouth opened over her heated cunt.

“Yeah, mom, yeah! Faster, now, faster,” Vinny panted.

Sneha began to move faster, slamming her hips back against her husband’s mouth. She felt his tongue swiping up and down her slit: when it swept upwards, it crossed over her inflamed clit, making her shudder with anticipation.

It was a wonder that they almost came together. Sushil initiated it, growling deep within himself as his sperm spewed out, landing between Sonia’s tits, before he rose and turned to his wife. 

Sneha, still moving up and down over her son, raised her face and quickly took her husband’s shuddering cock into her mouth, swallowing the last of his juices.

Vinny watched it, thrusting his cock up and down, feeling his mom’s tit flesh tighten around him. Sushil cupped his wife’s buttocks, now that his hands were free, and he savagely sucked her moist pussy.

Sonia, with sperm running over her tits, rose quickly and buried her face in her brother’s groin. His cock was at a crisis now: it throbbed as it fucked through his mom’s tits. Sonia added her tongue now and Vinny cried out as his cum exploded.

Mom and daughter shared his cum, Sneha directing it like she was handling the gears of a car.

The shower continued, unabated. “Oh my god, what the hell are you kids telling us?” Sushil said, struggling to remain calm.

Sneha was taken aback as well. Not that the children were fucking together, it was more of the marriage thing that they were talking about that surprised her.

“They are your dad’s sister’s children, Vinny,” she said calmly. “I’m aware that the four of you have made up your minds. As to the fact that Chet and Sony fuck with their parents, I don’t see any problem there. We do it as well. I guess this kind of thing is getting more and more common these days.”

“Remember what I had said?” Sushil asked. “With such a heavy premium to pay in the social circles when your daughter is out dating a guy, this kind of thing is inevitable. But damnit, marriage is a serious kind of thing! Never really could imagine Amit and Sanika getting it together with their kids. That guy is so straight, it feels kind of weird to know that he and his wife fuck with their kids!”

“Maybe that’s what they will think about us when they come to know,” Sonia said sardonically. 

“When did the four of you start?” Sneha wanted to know.

“It’s been four days now, mom,” Vinny replied.

They were sitting in the living room. Sonia had a towel wrapped around her while Sneha had got into a short robe. Sushil and Vinny were in their shorts.

A long pause ensued, and then, Sonia muttered, “Well, mom, Chet thinks you are damned sexy!”

Sneha blushed, unconsciously pulling the hem of her robe down, to no avail, because it was way too short.

“And Sony can’t wait to get it with you, dad,” Vinny added.

“She’s a sexy thing,” Sushil murmured, aware that his cock had stiffened. “And I wouldn’t blame Chet for thinking about his aunt the way that he does. Your mom looks ten years younger, and ever since we have got together, she’s not only looking greater, but she’s also become some kind of a sex freak!”

“Sushil!” Sneha pretended to be shocked, but was aware that what he had just said was true. 

“Not a sex freak, dad,” Vinny laughed, sliding his hand across his mom’s waist and pulling her to him. “A nympho!”

Sneha lightly slapped the bulge between Vinny’s legs. “Stop it, you two,” she said.

“So, dad, what do you think?” Sonia asked, cuddling up to Sushil, sliding her hand through the waistband of his shorts to take a hold of his erection.

“We will have to ask Amit and Sanika. Since you guys have made up your minds, we have to refer to them as well.”

“That’s okay, dad,” Vinny said, his hands already busy with his mom’s tits, which he had exposed by opening the robe. “What about Chet and Sony joining us?” 

“Careful, Sushil,” Sneha cautioned. “Are you sure they aren’t bragging? I mean what if Amit and Sanika are not really involved?”

“Oh c’mon, mom,” said Vinny, kneading her swollen tits. “Chet is on the real here. He wouldn’t crap us with this. And so is Sony. As a matter of fact, they were going to let us have the juicy details tonight.”

“We can do better things tonight,” chuckled Sonia, jerking slowly on her dad’s cock. “Let’s get together and have a fuck party.”

“Aw, Sonia,” Vinny muttered. “It’s just ten, now. Why put off something for the night that can be done in the afternoon?”

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