factory maid

This incident happened when I had visited my native place after my 12th exams. It was our every year routine to visit our native place. I was at my uncle’s house and was very much enjoying my vacation.

My uncle had a factory which he said I should visit so I can know how it works. I agreed and the next day I accompanied him to the factory. It was a production cum packaging factory with around 10 to 12 rooms for different purposes. When we reached there not many of the staff members had arrived as we were a bit early.

Uncle and I were sitting in his cabin where my uncle changed to his factory uniform and was ready for work. He asked me to sit in the lawn and headed towards his work. In the meantime other members of the staff started arriving, it was 9 A.M and almost everyone had arrived. I was sitting in the lawn and wondering what to do when my uncle came and told me don’t worry I will show how the factory runs once everyone is settled an got back to work.

I was still sitting in the lawn alone by myself and my eyes went straight towards the gates of the factory as a lady entered the premises. As she came nearer to me I got attracted towards her though she was not pretty or very beautiful but an average looking girl with wheatish complection, but her assets were promising which was the reason for my attraction.

She must be around 27 years of age. At first I thought she was a senior staff and may be one of the head of some department. She looked at me and gave a formal smile and went further and I was left staring at her buttocks. I was a very shy person at that time and would not dare to mingle with a person without being invited to do so.

After some time my uncle called me to his cabin and when I entered I saw that lady standing there. My uncle told me get in touch with her if I need something to eat as she manages the kitchen within the factory. I was feeling good as atleast I would now be able to talk to her. I was also a bit shocked to know that she is just a maid and not any head of the department, how dumb was I.

She went to the kitchen which was in the last room of the factory and I was again sitting in the lawn. Sitting there I was just fascinating about her when she came to me smiling and gave me a glass of water. I found her very sexy in her chudidar dress which was fitted to her body very well and desperately wanted to touch her, but was tinking how should I do that and really hated my shy nature.

After some time she again came to me and said your uncle is calling you in the cabin. I went to the cabin and uncle told me to have some breakfast and tea. She was serving us breakfast and tea, I don’t know from where I got guts and I gently touched her fingers while she was serving, she looked at me and this time gave me a naughty smile.

After finishing the breakfast my uncle told me to come with him and he will show me the factory, he took me to enery room and explained me the working of machines and other things. There were around 10 rooms to inspect and at that time I was not at all interested as my focus was somewhere else. Every minute passing was like an hour for me and I was desperate to talk to my fantasy.

When factory round up was over uncle got to his work and asked me to explore a bit more and ask anything to the staff regarding the working of the factory. I told to myself that I am just interested in one staff and straight away went to the kitchen but was not sure as to what will I say to her. I reached there and she was staring at me which I thought was in a seducive manner.

To pretend that I eas not there intentionally I asked her where was the bathroom and she smiled mockingly and instructed me the way to the bathroom. I went towards the bathroom ofcourse not willingly but what to do and was wondering how will I get enough time to talk to her.

A few minutes later I again went to the kitchen and was standing there, she asked me what I want and I said nothing and was just standing there, she was giving me attention and was smiling, may be because I was a relative of the owner. She then asked what was my name and I replied, she told me her name was Asha and was working here from couple of years now.

Then she asked about me and I said I was from Bombay and had came here for my vacations. Now I was feeling much better as shyness form my mind had waded. A few moments of silence and all the time I was thinking of her. Due to her reactions I was getting ideas that she knew I was fascinated by her as the way she was talking and smiling, an normal women would not do the same way.

I kenw that if I apporached her she will not mind, but due to my nature was not able to express it. She then started preparing lunch for uncle and me and asked what I would like to have. I was muttering in my mind that I wanted to have her apart from anything else at that time. I asked her that was she married? and she told no, I was delighted with the thought that how fresh she must be and my fantacy got much more intense.

Any ways I left her as she was busy preparing lunch and I was scared that if anyone finds out me talking with her so long, what will they think and how will my uncle react. So I went to my uncle’s cabin and started reading some magazine related to machineries which was bouncer for me.

After half an hour or so my uncle also came to the cabin and told me get ready for lunch and in the meantime my dreamgirl also arrived with the food. Again I got some chance to touch her hands and arms for which she didn’t mind. Every time I was taking care that my uncle should not notice all this.

After finishing the lunch Asha picked up the utensils and went to the kitchen and my uncle and I followed her as the washroom was also near the kitchen. After washing hands my uncle went to his work area and I was pretending to wash my hands as I wanted to go to the kitchen. When uncle had reached his room I entered the kitchen and Asha was washing utensils.

Her back was facing me and for a couple of seconds thought of holding her from behind came to my mind. But as usual it was just a thought in my mind and I was standing there until she noticed me. She asked me I want something and I said no, just don’t have anything to do and others are busy so I am standing here. Again she gave me a mocking smile and said she has to clean the premises.

After cleaning the utensils she got ready cleaning job and I was just following her. In the meantime she asked me various questions about myself and the life in Bombay and stuffs like that. Though I was interested in answring her but was more interested in becoming intimate with her.

We reached the godown which was quite big and various types of unused machines and packs of goods were kept there. The godown was not lit properly as it did’t had any big ventilation except for some few small windows which were not able to get enough sunlight for the big godown and it was so dim that one cannot make it out instantly that someone was there.

The lights and the fans were off as I had no idea where the switches were, and Asha must have not put it as to no one should come to know that I was with her in that room (atleast I thought in that way). The godown was very hot and I was standing very close to Asha while she was dusting the racks. She suddenly stopped as she was tired and was facing to me.

I could see drops of her sweat going down between her bit visible clevage which was enough for intensifying my fantacy much more, but I was just standing quitely as I wanted her to start or encourage me as I didn’t had the guts even now. I was also sweating very much and she asked me if she should switch on the fans but I said no its fine. I was enjoying seeing her getting wet by her sweat.

She then started cleaning the floors and I was getting the view of her ass and sometimes her clevage this time a bit more deeper as she was bending herself to clean the floors. In the meantime I wondered what she was thinking and why is she not apporaching. I was confused by the thought that is she interested or she is just mocking me, and due to this I was getting nervous.

She continued her chat with me and in between giving me those mocking smiles which I had started hating now, because I wanted action. I desperately wanted to hold her breast and ass and was dying to fuck her which I had only done in my dreams and not in reality till now. I used to masterbate but had never fucked any girl before.

So this oppurtinity was making me crazy and didn’t wanted to lose it. You can imagine the situation when a shy fellow cannot express hi feelings and the horny girl though according to me knew everything was not making the first move. I expected her to make a move first as she was quite older than me but nothing happened and I didn’t came to know when she finished cleaning the whole premises and when we were in the kitchen again.

She told me that she is preparing tea as it was already 4.30 P.M. Now I was irritated as I thought I had lost the oppurtinity as it was only possible in the godown and only if I had the guts. For me I had ruined everything and lost the chance of fucking her. I straight away went to my uncle’s cabin annoyed with her and without informing her.

After some time she came with the tea and my uncle had also arrived, she was smiling at me but I was having the feeling to slap her on the face. After finishing the tea my uncle told me to get ready as factory will get closed in half an hour or so and we have to leave for the day. I got up and came to the lobby, I just kept looking here and there and was very frustrated.

At 5.30 everyone came to the lobby and were punching their cards for the day and my dreamgirl was last to do so. She punched her card and I was sitting besides her, she looked at me and shook her head in such a way as we do while expressing pity on someone. I was very much angered by this and was cursing myself as what kind of a dumb I was.

She went away and with her my fantasy also closed the doors. Uncle and myself came home and I was disturbed the whole evening. I went out with my cousins for some fun and after a couple of hours we came back and had our dinner. We played cards till late night and every one went in their rooms bidding good night to me. I was alone in my room and was not able to sleep due the incident.

I masterbated in the name of my dream girl and I don’t know when I slept. In the morning my uncle again asked me if I would like to join him and my reply was instant. We arrived at the factory and I was egarly waiting for my fantasy to arrive. My patience was not long and she arrived today in a sari, she was looking much more sexy and again she gave me a mocking smile.

But today I was prapared to teach her a lesson. The routine started and she offered me tea and breakfast which I finished and then everyone was onto their routines. At around 11 my uncle asked me to accompany him to the bank and I was not at all interested but had to go with him, but it was good for me as uncle had informed Asha that we are going to have our lunch outside and she dosen’t have to prepare it.

By the time we were back she had started cleaning the other rooms and my uncle went on to do his routine work. I asked Asha to come to the godown as I had some work there. She was also aware of my intentions and she had cleaned all the rooms except the godown. after few minutes she arrived and closed the door, when I asked her she said don’t worry godown door is usually closed the difference is just that it is closed from inside.

I was breathing heavily and also sweating at the same time. She came to me and said why I had called her. I was silent for a moment and then I confidently asked her that don’t you know why I called you here. She smiled which was an indication for me and I hold her hands and pulled her closer. Now she was also breating heavily and the smell of body was like fresh air for me.

Within no time I took her into my arms and started kissing her neck and she was pretending that she was very shy and trying to push me away from her, but the animal within me had aroused and I was in no mood to let her go. I started caressing her back and bottom and she started moaning slowly.

Then I took her to a corner which has a small window above which gives enough light so I can see her assets closely. The corner is not visible from outside, if in case anyone enters the godown. I slowly made her sit on the floor and I was sitting besides her touching and squeesing her boobs and her hand was slowly getting on my cock. It was full hard by now and she was holding it from outside.

At that very moment I that very moment I pulled her face closer to mine and kissed her lips. It felt so good that I started kissing her deeply and our toungs started geeting into each others mouth. Now we were face to face and kissing passionately and I was pressing her boobs simultaneously.

Both of us had aroused completely and I started taking off her sari and in the meantime she unbuttned my shirt. Now I was topless and she was in her blouse and peticoat. I quickly removed her peticoat and was fondling her thigs which were very attractive. I started kissing and licking her thigs which were salty due to the sweat.

She was messaging my back and I pulled down her panty and also removed my other clothes. Now I was completely naked and she was just in her blouse and bra. There was a thin layer of hair around her pubic area and I was touching her pussy and caressing it, she was holding my lund and stroking it softly.

Then I took off her blouse and bra and the main attentive area of her body fell out in open, I immediately grasped both her horny breasts and was pressing as hard as possible as if I am not going to get it after that day. I got mad and was just pressing her boobs kissing her lips and pulling her closer to me. In the meantime she got very horny and started kissing me passionately.

After some kissing I spread her legs and was about to enter my dick when she requested me to lick her pussy. It was wet and I was not interested in licking her pussy which was wet but I gave it a try and when I kissed for the first time she gave a big moan and I also started to like licking her pussy which was also giving me aroma of her liquids.

I continued it for some time and I asked her to return me the favour. She took my dick and started kissing it and after few seconds my dick which was hard and swollen was deep in her mouth. She was sucking it as if she was a proffessional. I was enjoying it very much and after some time I asked to remove it as I would have cum if she continued, which I was not willing to before I have penetrated my dick in her pussy.

She removed my cock from her mouth and we again started kissing like lovers. I asked her to lie down after putting some empty cartons on the floor. I spread her legs so I can give my cock access to her pussy. I held her thigs and kept my cock on her pussy and she guided me to insert. within no time my whole cock was inside her pussy and she started moaning heavily.

For me it was like never before experience and I thought it is the best gift to we humans. I started her stroking very hard as it was my first time and just knew that I have to stroke her harder. She was moning and she kept saying please do it, do it, let it go much deeper in my pussy and I was fucking my dream girl lovingly.

I also started moaning loudly and said Asha my love, my darling Tujhe chodne me mein bahut maaza aa raha hai ( Its a very good feeling to fuck you) and was stroking and pressing her boobs. In a few minutes I said Asha I am going to cum and she replied She has not finished yet and I should continue fucking her.

I was not able to control my self and I ejaculated my loads inside her pussy and gave a deep kiss to her and was relaxed. But she told me Aapka to ho gaya ab amera kya (You have been satisfied what about me). I said do not worry and started kissing her and pressing her boobs, then I inserted my middle finger in her and started stroking her with it.

As she also had her part of foreplay with me and my finger storking aroused her once again aroused her and I kept on saying Asha I love you, you are my fantasy and I will fuck everytime we meet and all the bad things which aroused her further and all this resulted in her getting a good orgasm.

We layed naked in each others arms for few minutes and I again kissed her and was pressing her boobs but gently. She promised me that she will always fuck with me whenever possible as she had liked even though it was my first and will make me more perfect in the act. I asked her was this her first and she told me that she had enjoyed this with few more men in her locality and I was the youngest among all and she really liked getting fucked by me.

I was happy and told her that every year on vacations I would visit the factory and we will do the same thing till the time we both can. I had sex with many more times after my first fuck which I will narrate to all in my next postings.

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