Exchange of Wives

Part 1:

“Kanaara? Did you say, Kanaara? Where in the hell is that?”
That was my dear wife Vani when I told her of my placement as new Development Officer of one of the prestigious Insurance Companies of India. We were a happy couple, married for one year. Now that I had finished my training as D.O. and she had cleared her B. Ed., we were out in the open to conquer the world.
“It’s a small town of sixty thousand, some 200 Km east of Vapi.”
“I don’t want to go in a remote corner where you have no life of any kind including no potential for growth.”
“There is such potential, You get on the job experience at a higher rate of salary. Besides it is right in the middle of mango zone.”
That did it, Vani could go miles even to smell a good mango. She put aside all the negative aspects of living in a small town and we moved to a modest house rented by the Company by the middle of May. Luckily she got a job of a teacher in local high college
No sooner we moved in than a bevy of neighbors poured in offering help, unwanted advice, guidance and such. They enquired about our background, profession, our income, our families, and expressed genuine concern of us not having a baby even after a year of marriage. By evening time I was expecting someone to ask me the size of my pecker and frequency of our fucking. Well, nobody did.

It did not take much time for us to settle. Being recently married sex was foremost on our minds. We fucked, masturbated self and mutual, tried different positions, variations, modalities described in the books and some more. Only things left out were incest, bestiality and group sex. We had several discussions on these subjects but in general we decided against them.
Pardon me, I forgot to tell you about us. My name is Vishok Shah. I am 28, five feet eight with weight of 160 pounds. I am muscular with deep chest, thin waist and tight butt. My dick when erect is eight inches long and almost two inches thick. The shaft is straight like an arrow with a mushroom head covered with foreskin. I have big balls in a tight sac; Vani loves to play with them marveling at their weight, shape and mobility.
Vani is slim five feet four weighing 120 pounds. She has darkish complexion with creamy smooth skin. Her face is oblong with big dark eyes and full lips. Her boobs are perfect hemispheres of medium size. The areolas and nipples are more darkish but very small in size and very sensitive to touch.
The best part of her body is her incredible chut, capable of milking my lund to orgasm in a matter of seconds. Her vulva is darkish and looks small for a woman of 25. The major labia are rather thin and the slit between them is only three inches long. Because of thin labia her clitoris appears prominent even when it is an inch long. Her chut is a wonderful affair. In spite of its petite size it has victoriously born the onslaught of my raging lund once, twice or sometimes three times a day for a whole year of our married life. Vani initially ignorant of the capability off her chut has learned a lot and learned fast. Now she can easily lead me to an orgasm by the milking action of her internal muscles on my otherwise immobile lund rooted in her delicious chut.
Both of us were virgins at the time of our marriage, though familiar with orgasm through masturbation. On first night we had straight fuck three times but nothing exotic. The experimentation started after about ten days when the wound in Vani’s chut was well healed. The first thing we tried was mutual oral sex. I loved it, she did not like it. We tried different aasanas of KamSutra. There again I like missionary position while she prefers rear entry. As a result every time we fuck, we do it in both positions, one after the other. We never openly talked about sex amongst our friends except few dirty jokes here and there.
In Kanaara the college reopened in the middle of June. By that time I was busy with some six Agents working in the field. We had less free time during the days but the nights and week ends were ours; my cock and her pussy would then work overtime.
One day one of my agents asked for my help in interviewing a rather difficult but highly lucrative client. He was a local businessman doing fairly well in stock and bonds. He was of my age, married but without children and totally uninsured. The agent was looking forwards to a fat commission by insuring him. Two other agents had tried without success.
We, that is, I and the agent went to see him at his residence in the evening. His name was Munir Ahmad Khurej. He turned out to be a very sharp and knowledgeable person. He received us warmly and discussed insurance for half an hour. In the end he agreed for a life policy of twenty lac rupees. The agent quickly finished the paperwork and we were ready to go when Munir Seth said, “Aji, aise kaise jayenge aap chai piye bina?” (How will you go without taking tea?)
We had to relent. We departed after tea.
A week after that I happened to run into him in the street. Vani was with me. I introduced them and after preliminary greetings etc he said, “Shah Sahab, kabhi tashrif laayiye hamare garib khane pe, bahenji ke saath.” (Shah saheb. be a guest sometime at our poor abode along with respected sister.)
Vani at this point smiled seductively and said “Seth Ji, first you be our guests with your wife day after to morrow. It is his birthday.”
He came rather late in the evening along with his lovely wife Nusrat Jehan bringing a gift of silk shirt. He apologized for being late and added, “But we are not in a hurry to go. Come late go late.”
Munir and Nusrat were a couple made in haven. He was hefty six footer weighing at least 160 pounds. His rugged features were source of attraction to women of all ages. To save himself from unwanted advances from females he kept his contacts to a minimal and was considered reserved and haughty. In fact he was just the opposite when in company of his well selected friends. Unlike other businessmen his interests were not limited only to the money; he was open minded and full of life.
Nusrat, his wife was a porcelain doll, petite in size, delicate and with transparent peachy skin. She had a baby face, big dark eyes, small straight nose and lips that did not require any lipstick. She would pass as a college girl but for her full rounded boobs and heavy hips.
That evening, after the other guests departed we spent four hours of wonderful time together, eating, drinking, joking and talking about everything under the sun, That lead to consolidation of a firm friendship during next six months. Vani and Nusrat also got along very well.
One year had passed of our stay in Kanaara. It was season of mangos again. Munir admonished me against buying mangoes, he took it upon himself to send us the best mangoes from his own farm. Vani was overwhelmed.
One day Munir came to my office for some information. I called in for tea. While shifting papers on my desk to make room I dropped some on the floor. Amongst them was a pictorial book of Kama Sutra of Vatsayana translated by Sir Richard Burton. Munir saw it, picked it up and asked me, “You are interested in reading such books?”
“Yes, very much so. I read them with Vani and put into practice what we can, Is there anything wrong in it?”
“Certainly not. In fact we, that is Nisi and me also do the same thing. But I don’t think I have seen this book; may I borrow it?”
“Oh yes, take it and keep it as long as you wish.”
That opened the door for exchange of ‘hot’ books and magazines. Vani was tickled to see pictures of some of the big cocks fucking young chicks.
(Clarification : This story relates to early sixties when CD was not known at least in rural India; video tapes had just come in.)
Our love making was by then losing its shine except on occasions when we met with Munir and Nusrat. An hour with them and I would be ‘new’ for another bout of fucking. Vani was sharp to notice this change. One might after regular fuck of half an hour she asked me, “You fantasize about Nusrat, don’t you?”
There was no point in denying. I said, “Well, yes I do.”
“I knew because you fuck with double zest whenever you have come across her during the day. Same thing happens when we go to a movie. You poke your lund in my chut but imagine that you are fucking Nusrat or the actress of the movie.”
“You are absolutely correct. But I am not alone. Every male has a tendency to fantasize.”
“Cut the bullshit, tell me, would you like to fuck Nusrat?”
“The question is redundant because you know I do. Do you plan to invite her to get fucked by me?”
“I may as well, Let me see what I can do.”
I was amazed, but asked her, “What about you?”
“What about me?”
“Don’t you fantasize for a different kind of lund, say a circumcised one?”
“You mean Munir’s?”
“May be.”
” Vishok Shah, let me tell you a secret which you will like. The other day Nisi and I were comparing our books. She told me that Munir was also behaving the same way as you do. He fucks her twice or thrice on the day when he sees me. He clearly admitted that he always fantasized fucking me. Moreover, she expressed her wish to see her husband fucking someone else and asked if I would oblige her by being that someone?”
“What did you say?”
“I said I would ask you.”
“What do you want? Want to get fucked by a circumcised lund?”
“Only if you promise to fuck Nisi.”
“O.K., I promise, provided both of them are willing.”
Next time I came across Munir he was with Nusrat. She could not look at me eye to eye. She stood hiding behind her husband with a smile on her lips. Munir came to the point straight away, “What do I hear Nisi and Vani talking about?”
“I also hear the same thing. It is very exciting. I would not mind trying. What do you say?”
“I am ready to do anything that pleases them.”
“Oh, it will be great fun, what do you say Begum Saheba?”
“Call her Saali because they consider themselves sisters.”
“O.K. Saali Ji, Aap ki kya raay hai? (Sister-in-law, what is your opinion ).
She peeked from behind her husband and with her face flushed pink she said, “Mein kya kahun? Aap log mard hein, chahe so kijiye. (What can I say? You are the men, do whatever you wish).”
I said, “We do not want to do anything you ladies do not want. Am I right, Seth?”
Munir agreed. With a smile, which sent my lund astir Nisi coyly answered, “Vani Didi se hi puchh lijiyega (Ask Sister Vani).”
I said, “Seth, why don’t you two come for dinner to day? Meanwhile I will ask Vani. If she agrees which I am sure she will, we shall make some plans.”
The talk had awakened my lund. To avoid embarrassment of an erect lund right in the center of a busy market place I hurriedly took their leave and rushed home. I wanted to give my cock a cold bath and a hand job if necessary. I had not expected Vani home but there she was in the kitchen working with some vegetables.
Disregarding her squeals of surprise and protest I lifted her up and headed for the bedroom. There was no time for undressing. I dumped her on the bed, lifted her saari and petticoat and mounted her slamming my erect lund into the depths of her vagina. I started at break neck speed and slowed down only when the lund sent the warning of impending orgasm.
I heard Vani saying, ” ….not going to run away. At least take off your belt, the buckle is hurting me on the tummy.”
Keeping the lund pushed in the chut I lifted myself and removed my belt and shirt. With some difficulty I managed to undress both of us. After a spate of eight to ten rapid and deep thrusts Vani asked, “When and where did you see Nisi?”
See? She has a knack of putting her finger right on the dot. By way of an answer I mashed her bhos by side to side movement of my pelvis. She in turn squeezed the lund in rapid succession by contracting her internal muscles. I could not take it any more. Ecstatic orgasm swept over me. The lund convulsed strongly ejecting seemingly endless jets of thick semen in her chut. She also climaxed with me.
After my breathing settled I said, “They are coming for diner to night. If you want to go ahead with cross fucking we shall make plans so that we may do it without anybody getting wiser on us.”
Naturally Vani was willing and ready. After dinner we discussed the various options and came to a simple plan.
We four would go to Vapi by bus as if on a shopping spree. From Vapi we would board a private luxury bus to Bakanaal, a holiday resort on sea shore, reaching there by about mid night. We would stay in a hotel for two days and enjoy. I offered the bus fare for all of us while Munir insisted on picking up the hotel bill.
When that was settled Munir said, “Vishok, my Nisi is still very bashful. We are married for a year but she still wants darkness while we fu….Pardon me, Saali Ji.”
Vani was not perturbed. She encouraged Munir saying, ” Carry on, carry on. My ears are not that delicate. What were you saying? You guys still fuck in darkness? Nisi, what do you say?”
Nisi had hidden her face. She spoke through her hands, “What can I do? I do not like it but I cannot overcome my shyness.”
A thought flashed through my mind. I said, ” Do you want to break the barrier of bashfulness? Are you ready to be absolutely shameless?”
Both of them eagerly said yes.
I said, “We shall see what we can do when we go to Bakanaal. Hopefully Munir, Nisi will be so shameless that you will have hard time handling her.”
“I do not mind. How much will be your fee Doctor?”
“Let the patient recover first. We shall talk about fee after that.”
Looking at me with a smile on his face Munir said, “Yaar, if you go to a sweetmeat shop they give you a sample to taste before you buy anything. Can we not expect something of the sort from the ladies?”
Both the girls cringed due to shyness. In effect Munir was telling them to make the first move in the game of spouse exchange. Nisi slapped him on the thigh saying, “Not now, it’s too …too… ” She trailed off because by that time my brave Vani had gone to Munir and was kissing him on the mouth.
Her bravery however evaporated to thin air once the kiss was over. Red in face and breathless she ran to me and hid her face on my shoulder. My hand moving up and down her back felt the goose bumps bursting out of her smooth skin.
Munir had a smile of satisfaction on his lips. He said, “Bravo, Saali Ji, bravo.” I clutched Vani to my chest and looked at Nisi over her shoulder. She was blushing heavily knowing that now it was her turn and she would have to kiss me.
I did not have to say anything. It was Munir who told her, “Did you see how bold Vani is? Now go and do your duty.”
Reluctantly Nisi got up and started towards me with bowed head. I said, “Don’t worry, Nisi, If you are not comfortable, I will let go my claim. We don’t want to force anything on you. After all we all of us are trying to enjoy. Are we not?”
Nisi did not falter. Reaching by my side she sank to her knees, closed the eyes, pouted her lips and offered her mouth for kissing. As my mouth moved to hers Vani shifted and turned her face. She held Nisi’s face in her hand while I kissed her. When the kiss was over, Vani turned Nisi’s face towards her and stuck her mouth to mouth.
Their kiss lasted longer than mine or Munir’s. When they separated they hugged before going their ways.
Munir suddenly was in a hurry to go home. I could see the pulsating bulge in his crotch with a patch of wetness overlying. I was equally excited and waiting for them to go so that I could fuck Vani.
I offered, “Seth, you can use our bed if you want to.”
He looked at Nisi who did not speak. It was Vani who led her by the wrist to our bedroom. Munir followed. Vani closed the door on them and rushed to me.
I was sitting in a chair. I had predicted her moves and hence had kept my lund ready, pulled out from my pajamas. Vani lifted her sari and petticoat and straddled my thighs. A little maneuvering here and there and my entire lund was engulfed by her sweet chut. When I was fully in I moved my pelvis back and forth to rub her clitoris on the shaft of my cock. I could have been spared the trouble, for her chut was already pulsating when she took the lund in. She however rocked her pelvis rather violently and had a strong orgasm within few minutes. Right at the time we heard a muffled scream of Nisi.
When Munir and Nisi came out and bid us farewell thanking us profusely my pecker was yet in Vani’s chut, undefeated, hard, thick and long. I said, “Pardon me, Seth, Saali Ji, I am indisposed.”
Nisi immediately turned around covering her face. Munir said to me, “Do not worry, take your time. I will see you tomorrow.”
We all would have loved them to stay for the night. But such things are not possible in small places like Kanaara where everybody knows everybody else. Besides, there are self appointed guardians of social morality who would raise hue and cry at the drop of a feather. We had to be very careful in what we were doing or what we appeared to be doing.
They left reluctantly. Nisi pinched Vani on her cheek on her way out..
I took Vani to the bed without dislodging the cock. Frantically we removed our clothes. Putting her on her back with her legs wrapped around my waist I settled between her thighs. While I lifted myself on my out stretched arms she put a couple of pillows under her head and shoulders so that both of us could see the inter play of lund and chut below. Even after so many months of regular fucking the sight of the lund entering the vulva had not lost its novelty and eroticism. Seeing the bulbous head of the lund opening up the lips of her wet vulva while nudging the equally erect clitoris had always been a strong kick to my lund. Similarly seeing her own vulva being invaded by my lund was enough to catapult Vani into an orgasm.
So with both of us looking down below I gradually pulled my lund out of her chut. The lips of her cunt closed themselves like shutters of a window. My lund thick, wet and ferociously erect hung swaying below my tummy, The cap was pulled up exposing purplish red mushroom of the head. A thick strand of slimy love juice ran from the cock head to her vulva.
Vani eagerly grasped the lund and gave it a couple of mighty strokes as if punishing it for some crime. Using its own love juice as lubricant she slid the foreskin on and off the angry looking head, drawing it at the same time towards her vulva. I held myself unmoving supported on my elbows and knees. We had played the game many times before.
I lowered the pelvis enough for the lund to touch the vulva. Holding it by the shaft Vani sort of ‘painted’ her bhos with the love juice from the cock head. Just touching the labium she ran the head front to back on one side and back to front on the other. After about five or six such strokes she took the head to the slit. The soft lips of her cunt gave way under the nudging by the blunt head which became wetter by the love juice flowing out of her bhos. She ran the head back and forth in the crack stopping at times to stroke the shaft of the lund.
Vani was getting excited fast and I was not far behind. Running the cock head in her dripping crack till her pelvis started bucking Vani drew the lund to her clitoris. By that time my pelvis also had started gentle rocking which helped in nudging the clitoris. The clitoris was however so sensitive that it could not tolerate sustained contact with the cock head; Vani had to break the contact on and off.

 Almost mad with excitation Vani ultimately sat the cock head in the mouth of her chut and left the lund alone. I bent my head to take one of her nipples for sucking, She pressed my head into her breast and gave a strong jerk with her pelvis. I reciprocated with similar jerk and the lund was sheathed to the hilt. A prolonged Aaah came out of her throat. I lowered my weight on to her soft pliable body.
A brief period of quietude followed during which we savored the feel of a hard thick lund in tight warm vagina. Then the fucking started like a steam locomotive; slow and steady gradually gathering speed. Vani clung to me with her arms and legs while I gripped her by shoulders, my arms going behind her through armpits. I could then deliver powerful thrusts bashing her vulva mercilessly. She could move her pelvis freely in all directions so that the lund would reach every nook and cranny of her vagina.
Soon I was on the brink of my release. My thrusts became irregular in depth and rhythm. Her vagina started fluttering. I grasped her tightly against my chest, sealed her mouth with my mouth, pushed the lund deep down into her pulsating chut and rocked my pelvis side to side mashing the clitoris with my mons. She immediately was caught into a shattering orgasm. She convulsed, thrashed around, scratched my back with her nails and let out a scream which I received in my mouth.
The milking action of her vaginal muscles was too much to bear for my poor lund; it burst forth into powerful jets of thick semen into the depths of her chut, each jet sending a wave of pure bliss coursing up my spine to the rest of my body. The pleasure was so intense that I lost contact with the world for some time. When I came to Vani was limp in relaxation saying something about breaking bones. I did not pursue the matter.
Deep slumber claimed both of us even before the lund came out.
Two days later we set forth on our swapping trip. We left Kanaara by bus at different times of the day but boarded the same luxury coach from Vapi. Munir and I were in pants and shirts, Vani had put on kurti pajamas while Nisi looked gorgeous in saari.
Before boarding and unknown to the ladies I took Munir aside and explained him a small plot for getting rid of Nisi’s bashfulness.
The coach was small and air conditioned. The seats were wide and deep with lots of leg room, two on each side of the central isle. I had booked our seats in the last row. When Vani and I reached the bus depot Munir and Nisi were there waiting for us. As per our plan Munir and I went first in the coach to scan the passengers for a familiar face. None was found. Then came in Nisi who walked straight to the seat by my side. Vani came in last acting perfectly as wife of Munir asking him to let her sit in the window seat. The switch of partners went on smoothly. The coach departed promptly at ten.
While Vani was comfortable with Munir with his head already resting on her shoulder Nisi was rather hesitant. She sat keeping some gap between our bodies.
Munir saw this. He leaned across the isle and I heard him telling Nisi in her ear, “Meri jaan, he is your husband from now on. Behave like a beloved wife. You will not get any pleasure unless you give him pleasure.”
After a moment’s hesitation Nisi relented and relaxed. She shifted towards me and sat with her thigh pressed against mine. She allowed me to put my arm around her shoulders. I put my other hand on her thigh. She covered my hand with hers and entwined her fingers with mine.
She had delicate tapering long fingers with painted nails. I caressed all the ten of them. I parted two of them like legs while fucking and rubbed the web with the tip of my finger moistened with my saliva. She giggled, clamped my finger between hers and said, “I feel tickled right up to … to … you know where. “
“In that case you do the same thing to my fingers.”
And she did but with a difference. She wet her finger in my mouth instead of hers. The act was ticklish to me also. It awakened my lund which rapidly became fully erect.
By that time the coach had left the city and entered the highway. Most of the passengers were dosing if not already asleep. The driver doused the internal lights shrouding us all in darkness.
I had a desire to kiss Nisi as soon as she would allow me. But she shifted a little and lied down on her right side with her legs drawn up against her chest and her head on my left thigh. She was still holding my hand. I thought that she wanted to sleep.
I thought wrong. She had no desire to sleep. With the gentle movements of the bus she imperceptibly shifted her head towards my crotch. Within minutes her head was nestling between my thighs with its back nudging my lund with every jerk of the coach. I was sure that she could feel on her head the hard pulsating column of my erection.
My free hand started caressing her back from the neck above to the wide hips below. She had put on saari blouse and petticoat made of thin cloth. I could feel the outlines of bra and panty. Besides her back was completely bare between the blouse and the petticoat. I tried to insinuate my fingers under the waist band of the petticoat as well as under lower border of the blouse but both places were too tight to admit my one finger. Similarly I tried to run my hand between the chest and her arm in search of her breast, She thwarted my effort by clamping the arm on the chest. I had to content myself with caressing her smooth cheeks and playing with silky tendrils of hair at her temple.
My hand roamed over her face like a blind man reading Braille. From her temple I went to her ear and then to her cheek. Lastly my fingers reached her mouth and felt for her closed soft lips. I ran my finger along the length of both lips before prying them open to let the finger in.
She closed her lips on my finger and caressed it with her tongue. I jerked the finger like a lund and did some in and out movements. She sucked on it like a lollypop. After some time I pulled the wet finger and smeared her saliva on her lips.
For a moment I glanced towards Munir and Vani. Not much could be seen due to darkness. However passing vehicles flashed momentary splashes of light when I could see Vani tightly cuddled with Munir with one of his hands under her kurti. The rhythmic movement of her hand showed that she was probably giving him a hand job
At this point Nisi did something unexpected. She surprised me by flipping over on to her left side so that now her face was turned smack into my crotch. You can imagine the state of my excitement when she nuzzled my lund with her nose. The lund gained couple notches in hardness and spewed out considerable amount of love juice. Taking deep breaths she inhaled the smell of my cock and opened her mouth to take in the covered shaft of my straining lund.
If we were at a different place I would have instantly thrown this doll on the floor and rammed my lund in her chut. I could not do that in a bus, I had to wait till we reach our destination before I could even see her pussy. Her teasing of the lund was not all together unpleasant to me; it added to my excitement too.
To make her task easier I pulled down the zipper of my fly and pulled the lund out not without difficulty. It turned out to be rock hard, dripping wet and rigidly pointing up and forwards. Its head was almost at the level of my belly button. I had to bend it a little and she had to adjust her head before her mouth could reach the tip.
It looked like Nisi had no experience with uncircumcised cocks; she probably had not seen one. This was evident from the fact that she licked my cock head and ran her lips on it without pulling up the foreskin. Even in her mouth the head remained covered with its cap while she ran her tongue all over it. The head was big enough to fill her sweet mouth to the capacity. Hence my love juice mixed with her saliva drooled out wetting the shaft outside. Also there was no room left in the mouth for in and out movements of the cock. After holding the head for some time, therefore, she started sucking on it earnestly applying negative pressure. At the same time she ran her tongue all over the head especially on the tiny slit. Waves after waves of ecstatic thrill originated in the turgid head to spread all over my body. She alternatively sucked and licked, sucked and licked…
While she was busy with my lund I sneaked my fingers to the front of her chest and captured one covered breast. It was firm and heavy, too big for my palm. I could not feel the nipple through the clothes.
The jerking of the lund increased in strength and frequency progressively with rising level of my excitement. My pelvis started moving back and forth as if to fuck her mouth, though not much could be accomplished in a cramped up place like a bus seat. Soon I was very near my climax. I bent down to kiss her cheek and said, “It’s enough, I cannot bear it. Let me pull out.”
Her mouth being full she uttered “unnnnn,unnnn” and shook her head. By that time the bus entered the city, the street lights started and the driver put on the internal lights. Nisi suddenly sat up to shield me from Munir and Vani ; she knew I will take some time to hide my rock like erection. She should not have worried because Vani was sleeping with her head on the window while Munir was flat on the seats with his head on her thigh. Presently we reached the bus terminal.
All of us were sleepy. By the time we reached the hotel we found that we were hungry too. When we were escorted to our rooms I remembered that I was not to sleep with my dear Vani. Munir also was reminded that for two days Vani was going to be his wife. We lost our sleepiness. The girls behaved as if nothing special was to happen and persisted asking for food.
Luckily the cafeteria was busy even at that late our. An hour passed by the time we ordered food, ate and prepared for the night. With our bellies full all of us were rearing for fucking.
Just for the show I asked, “Shall we all sleep in the same room? “
Munir winked at me and said, “Vani and I are going to fuck with lights on while Nisi is very shy and cannot tolerate lights. So we will have to use separate rooms. Right, Nisi dear? “
With her head bowed Nisi did not answer the question. Munir went to her, lifted her face and kissed her saying, “Enjoy my dear. See you in the morning.”
Munir left holding Vani by her waist.

Part 2:

Munir left holding Vani by her waist.
I turned to Nisi. She could not look at me eye to eye. In a low voice she said, “I am going to bathroom to change. Please Jiju, put off the lights.”
“Then how shall I see your beautiful body? “
“Jiju, Please. I feel very shy.”
I did not want to spoil the mood by displeasing her. So I said, “Okay, we shall do with the night lamp. Will that be alright?”
She reluctantly agreed and went into the bathroom. I closed the communicating door but did not engage the bolt as per my plan with Munir. I turned the lights off leaving the night lamp on. I changed to the night dress of shirt and pajamas but left the bottoms untied. I sat in the sofa waiting for Nisi to come out.
All along our friendship I had a strong desire to fuck Nisi. Many a times while fucking Vani I had fantasized of Nisi. Now the moment had arrived when my wish would be fulfilled. The thought alone was enough to rouse my lund. Add to that the fact that I had not ejaculated for last twenty four hours and what Nisi did in the bus and you will understand the condition of my poor lund. It was long thick and hard enough to poke a hole in Berlin wall. I was trying to pacify it with gentle stroking while sitting in semi darkness waiting for Nisi to come out.
While stroking my lund my thoughts veered to Munir and Vani next door. By now he must have kissed her, may be he was caressing her breasts or her cunt. I remembered our wedding night and how she allowed me to do those things. May be Munir’s lund was already in my wife’s chut. Friends, it is one thing to theorize exchange of wives, it is all together different to hold yourself knowing that her chut is filled up by someone else’s lund. A wave of strong jealousy besieged me and I almost got up to go and ‘rescue’ my Vani when Nisi and her breasts flashed on my mind. I forgot about Vani and stroked my lund to full erection.
Presently she opened the door a crack and peered out. Satisfied that the room was indeed dark she stepped out.
She had put on a night dress of silk shirt and pajamas and looked small and petit like a collegegirl. But the jutting globes on her chest did not belong to an immature collegegirl, they belonged to a mature woman. The way her boobs were swaying and thrumming with each step of her walk showed that she had worn nothing under the night dress. Even in the dim light her small pointy nipples could be seen trying to poke holes in her shirt. My lund had a short fit of jerking, spewing out a quantity of love juice.
She was looking so sexy and enticing that I felt a strong urge to grab her, throw her on the bed and mount her thrusting my aching lund in her sweet vagina. But I held myself because I had planned to lead her to a couple of strong orgasms by slow leisurely fuck. If I could do that.
She came to stand where I was sitting. She was surprised seeing my erect cock and said, “Oh, oh, Jiju you look ready for me.”
I held her hands and said, “You made me randy, my dear. Remember what you did in the bus?”
She sat down on the floor at my feet and went for my lund saying, “Yes, Jiju, yessss. I want to finish what I have started. May I?”
By the time I said, “Go ahead, it is all yours,” she had opened her mouth and taken the lund in. Even while it was fully erect, about half of it could go in without difficulty. The rest of it which remained outside, she held in her fist.
She waited for some time to get adjusted and then started sucking the cock. At the same moment she started stroking with her fist the part of the shaft outside of her mouth. Her warm smooth mouth and her sucking were highly ticklish and the lund started throbbing.
While continuing sucking action Nisi brought her tongue into play. It licked the head and the shaft that was inside the mouth trying apparently to find the notch which separates the head from the shaft: corona glandis. She could not find it simply because the foreskin was covering it as well as the entire head. Nisi however was not daunted. She started bobbing her head making the lund go in and out of her mouth. At the same time she continued stroking the part of the shaft which was outside. With every motion inward the foreskin got pulled up baring more and more of the smooth bulbous cock head. When the head was fully denuded of the foreskin and its notch exposed she ran her tongue all around the rim and over the smooth slippery slope of the cock head. She caressed the tiny slit with the tip of her tongue. The head swelled like a blooming flower and put out large quantity of love juice. Soon her small mouth was filled up by the distended head while her lips formed an O around the shaft.
Undaunted by the massive head filling her mouth Nisi started sucking on it. The lund became stiffer and longer if any. After some powerful sucking she brought it out, spit on it for good measure and gave it few fast strokes of her fist. I again felt her mouth on the head as she took it in.
This time I steadied her head with my hand and with free swing of my pelvis started fucking her mouth. She clamped her lips over the thick shaft. I gave few fast thrusts and then in one slow motion pushed the lund deep down her throat and held it there. Only four inches had gone in and she gagged and I had to pull out completely. Her eyes watered and her spittle flowed freely.
She recovered quickly. I thought that with bad experience of gagging she would not allow me to fuck her mouth. But then I did not know Nisi. She stroked the lund holding the shaft in her fist and promptly took it in. This time she herself moved her head to ‘swallow’ the lund. She could take in an inch more before gagging. She gagged again, I pulled out again.
She was not through with the lund yet. Now she nibbled and licked only the head with her lips and the tongue. When the lund started throbbing she repeated the cycle of deep throating and gagging, taking in more and more of the lund with each attempt. A stage was soon reached when all the length of my lund could go in her throat. By that time the lund had become so sensitized that I would have shot my load if I had not withdrawn it quickly.
Like wise Nisi continued torturing my lund. Inside or out her tongue licked it and caressed it. Time and again she slipped the hole lund out of her mouth gliding her lips along the shaft and over the slippery slope of the smooth head. She would then spit on it, spread the saliva around, open her mouth take the lund in and repeat the whole cycle.
Soon I reached the point of no return. Nisi was not far behind. I did not want to shoot my load in her throat because that would delay fucking her chut for which I had been waiting so long. I decided to take over the charge.
I disengaged myself gently and kissed her. I could taste my own love juice mixed with her saliva. Carrying her in my arms and with kiss continuing I took her to the bed.
I laid her on her back. I stretched out by her side. One of my arms went around her neck holding her head for the kiss. My other hand got busy with the buttons on her night shirt.
As soon as she felt my fingers on her naked breast she gasped in my mouth. I was craving to see those magnificent boobs but could not; I had to satisfy with touch only. I used my fingers to locate her nipples. Bending my head I took one and then the other between my lips and sucked. Whimpering sounds came out from her throat and she arched her back trying to push as if her whole breast in my mouth.
My lund had been sending me the messages of fast approaching climax threatening to shoot the load without fucking. I therefore did not dally for long on the breasts.
Without wasting time I zeroed on her pajama bottoms. One tug and the knot on the waist string was untied. Nisi held on my wrist but did not resist. She lifted her hips to help me pull off the pajamas. Her shyness over powered her even in the darkness. She covered her vulva with her hand and turned to her side away from me.
However even when she was excited as much as I and wanted the lund pronto, she thwarted my attempts to turn her around. My coaxing and cajoling did not work. She remained in curled up position with her knees drawn on to her chest.
When my attempts to turn her failed, I did a simple thing. Putting my hand on the globe of her buttock I forced open her crack. I wetted the fingers of my other hand with my own saliva and smeared the saliva on her but hole. She cried out, “Ooui Jiju, it tickles,” and jumped. In the process she turned on to her back and stretched her legs. I promptly threw myself on her and pinned her down by my weight. Breathlessly she said, “Jiju, not in the butt hole, I do not like it, it is very painful.”
I said, “In that case let me fuck your chut.”
She stopped struggling and spread her thighs. I settled in the V of her thighs my pelvis looming above hers with the lund hanging downwards pointing towards the cunt. Considering Nisi’s delicate built I bore my weight on my elbows and knees. She glued her mouth to mine and at the same time passed her hand between our bodies to grab the lund. She practically dragged the lund to the opening of her vagina.
As soon as she engaged the cockhead in the mouth of her chut the lund jerked to higher degree of thickness and hardness. I gave a strong shove and the whole of it was sheathed in her vagina. She uttered a prolonged Aaaaaaaaah and jerked her hips.
Tempestuous fucking started immediately setting aside my plans for slow leisurely fuck. For the time being I forgot the delicate built of Nisi and pounded on her pussy lustily. She turned out to be much tougher than she appeared. She could tolerate each of my powerful strokes which shook her body like a rag doll. She also actively participated in the battle by swaying her hips every other way as if determined to dislodge my lund from its roots.
Within minutes she hit her orgasm. Suddenly she clung to me rigidly with her arms and legs, the only movements being short jerking of her pelvis and milking action of her throbbing vagina. I could feel goose bumps on her otherwise smooth skin. He breathed irregularly and let out a sharp “Uiiiiiii” from her throat before relaxing equally suddenly.
Her vagina however continued throbbing. I could not hold on further. My pelvis pushed the lund in her chut as deep as it could go and held it there. The lund then jetted out thick semen in uncounted number of squirts. Each squirt was accompanied by wave of ecstasy bursting out of the lund and spreading all over my body. In the end the pelvis gave few short jabs before relaxing.
Both of us relaxed equally suddenly. The after shocks of orgasm subsided gradually. She unwound her legs from my waist. The lund started wilting. I kissed her sweet mouth and tried to dismount. She however held me on, running her hands on my back.
“Few minutes more, Jiju. I like your weight on me. When will you f … fuck again?”
Poor Nisi. In her innocence she did not know what Munir and I had in store for her. Anyway it was time to put the plan into action.
I snapped my fingers.
Suddenly the lights in the room went on flooding it with bright luminosity. Munir and Vani standing near the door clapped their hands saying, “Bravo, Nisi, bravo.”
Nisi was stunned for a while. Then she reacted. The same delicate arms which held me before, now forcibly pushed me off. She turned to her side in curled up position and burst out crying.
This was the plot which I had planned with Munir to cure Nisi of her shyness. Earlier when Munir went to his room with Vani I had closed the door between the rooms but had left it unlatched. While I and Nisi were in the throes of passionate fucking Vani and Munir had quietly entered our room. They waited till we climaxed and I signaled by snapping my fingers. That is when they switched on the lights.
The mood in the room sobered in spite of the fact that both Munir and Vani were as naked as we were. Munir stepped up to approach Nisi but Vani held him and said, “Let me handle this. You two guys keep away.”
Vani stepped up to her. The first thing she did was to cover Nisi with a spare bed sheet. She then leaned over her, put her hand on her shoulder and said something, which we could not hear.
At first Nisi shook her hand off but Vani persisted and continued talking.
Meanwhile Munir and I sat in chairs completely at home with our nudity. I was anxious to know how it went with him and Vani. I asked, “Did Vani give you trouble?”
“You will be surprised. Guess what happened.”
“What happened?”
“She sucked my lund.”
This was news to me. After marriage I had on several occasions tried to coax her into sucking my cock. She did it once only and then adamantly refused to do it again. So, when Munir succeeded in making her suck his cock I felt somewhat jealous and determined to fuck her in mouth at the next opportunity.
I asked, “No kidding? How did you convince her?”
“I guess she was fascinated by my circumcised lund. I did not have to do much. Little cajoling did the trick. I must admit that for a novice she did a good job.”
“I am glad that you ‘broke’ her.”
“She told me that she has not sucked you more than once?”
“True. After that first time she has been refusing stubbornly.”
“Don’t you feel jealous?”
“In fact I do.”
“You need not worry because she also said that she is going to suck you at the earliest. But I suggest that you wash your lund thoroughly well and offer it with the fore skin drawn up.”
By that time Vani was done talking with Nisi. Nisi had stopped crying and was sitting propped up by some pillows. Once again she was dressed in her night dress, a simple gown of silk this time. The cloth being thin could not conceal her heavy breasts with erect nipples. Lower down it took the shape of her lovely thighs and vulva complete with the central slit. A patch of moisture appeared over her pussy.
Vani called us guys to the bed. When we reached there Nisi clung to Munir who embraced her and said, “There, there. The sky has not fallen yet, my brave little tigress.”
Vani said, “Good news, my dear sister has consented to try fucking with full lights on.”
Nisi, “Before that I would like to know who had his brilliant idea.”
I came forwards and said, “I plead guilty, my dear. I apologize for the shock I gave you, but that appeared to be the best remedy for your shyness. Back in our village we had a swimming instructor. If a new comer was afraid of plunging into the water, the instructor would suddenly push him in the pool. He would then plunge himself in the pool and help the struggling boy out. This method of his proved to be sure fire cure of fear of water. I thought similar method would work on you. I am sorry.”
Nisi caught my hand and put it against her cheek and said, “Don’t be sorry, Jiju. You did the right thing and I am glad that it is you who did it. What do you say, Munir?”
Munir, “I agree with you.”
I asked, “Shall we all revert back to our partners? Nisi, what do you want?”
Nisi, “Whatever you boys decide is okay with me.”
Munir, “In that case, I propose you two carry on. You are his for to night, Nisi, so let him finish what he has started. Come on Saaliji, let’s go, we also have a long way to go, remember?”
Vani, “Yes, I do. Good fuck dear.”
The last was addressed to me accompanied by a very wet and prolonged kiss on my mouth. Did I taste Munir’s lund? Probably.
Once again Munir left holding Vani by her waist. I closed the door and bolted it this time.
When I turned to her she put out her arms to welcome me. I gently gathered her in embrace and asked, ” You are not mad at me, are you Nisi?”
“Oh no. Not at all. But wait a minute, what are you doing?”
My fingers were searching for the ties of her gown. She held my wrists. I said, “I am trying to remove your gown. See, I am completely naked; it is unfair you should be clothed. Want me to put off the lights?”
She released my wrists and said in a meek voice, “No, no. Leave them on. But, Jiju I still feel very shy of you.”
“We will take care of that too.”
“Jiju, you will have to tell me what you want me to do.”
“For a starter, I wish to hear from these sweet lips of yours the words like cock, pussy, cunt. Then I wish to see in full light Munir’s lund fucking your pussy: and if it is okay with you, I wish to see you writhing in sweet ecstasy under the onslaught of two cocks at a time, one in your chut and the other up your ass. That is all I want of you.”
“Oh my God, yours is a tall order. And the language you speak. Can Vani didi hear such words? I get funny feeling on hearing them “
“Oh, she not only can hear but also speak them. Does Munir not speak dirty while fucking?”
“He does of late. But I get tickled when he speaks dirty.”
“Those words are meant for tickling you. Tell me where exactly you feel tickled?”
“You know very well as to where, why have you to ask?”
“Yes, I know but I wish to hear coming out of your mouth.”
After much cajoling she hesitantly whispered in my ear, “In my cunt….”and giggled.
“See, it is not that difficult. Now say, cock, lund…”
She reluctantly started. As she continued verbalizing dirty words she got excited. There were frequent eruptions of goose bumps on her body. Hearing from her was very erotic to me too. My lund, which had wilted after last ejaculation started getting stiff once again. She clung to me throwing her thigh across mine. She rocked her pelvis and rubbed her vulva against my thigh. She felt for my hardening lund and grasped it in her fist.
We had all the time in the world, there was no hurry. Both of us had an orgasm recently and hence were able to take things easy. As if on a cue she lifted her face and I kissed her smooth cheek.
In fact I kissed all over her face. She turned her face this way and that presenting to my mouth the part which she wanted kissed. I varied my kisses from simple pecks to deep slobbering ones. In the end she brought her mouth to mine.
Nisi had a rosebud mouth befitting her petite built. While her lower lip was full and fleshy the upper one was projecting a bit forwards giving the mouth an appearance of perpetual pout asking for kiss. Both were soft and delicate and of course, sweet.
The kiss started a simple peck of lips on the lips. Even then it proved to be highly erotic. Our excitement escalated fast and so did the force of kissing. Now the lips mashed with lips rubbing from one corner of mouth to the other. I brought out my tongue and with its tip painted my saliva on her mouth. She gladly opened her mouth when I tried to insinuate the tip between her lips.
My tongue entered her mouth like a lund entering the chut. Her warm silken mouth closed up on it again like a chut griping a lund. The feeling was so sweet that we stopped struggling for a while.
I withdrew my tongue after roaming about inside her mouth. Now it was her turn. She made a shy entry in my mouth. I closed my lips over it and sucked on it. When she withdrew I picked up her lower lip with my teeth and gently bit on it. That ignited a small battle of mouths involving lips and teeth and tongues with saliva from both sides flying freely around.
Need to breath terminated the fierce kiss. Our mouths were wet and swollen. Nisi shuddered and said, “Oh my God, jiju , it looked like you were trying to eat me.”
“I did, my dear. You are so sweet. Wait till I start eating your bhos.”

“Haay haay Jiju, aisa mat boliye. Mujhe vahin par gudgudi ho jati hai.” (Oh, oh, Jija Ji. Do not spek like that, I get tickled there.”
While the mouths were busy kissing our hands were not idle. I caressed, fondled and kneaded her firm breasts. On her part she dealt with my lund equally delicately making it thicker longer and harder than ever. There was out pouring of lot of love juice, both from the lund and the cunt.
After her breathing settled Nisi bent her head and kissed my chest. Pecking here and there she zeroed on to my nipple. As soon as she touched it with the tip of her tongue the nipple rose to full erection and a wave of shivering burst out to spread all over my body. I knew that there was a connection between nipples and pussy because kissing the nipples had been a sure fire stimulus for Vani. What I did not know and learned first hand that night was that a similar connection existed between nipples and the cock. Nisi then almost pushed me over board when she sucked on my nipple while stroking the lund at the same time, The lund started jerking frequently and forcefully. Even though it was extremely pleasant I had to push her mouth away from the nipple to avoid immediate climax.
I now changed our positions. I made her lie down flat on her back with her head supported by some pillows so that she can view down her body including her vulva. Lying on her left side I untied her gown and started pulling it down. Nisi blushed heavily and chewed her lip but did not resist. When her breasts were exposed she covered her face with her hands with a smile on her lips. I threw my leg across her thighs and lifted myself on my elbow to view her beautiful boobs.
There before my eyes was a pair of most wonderful breasts. Like a child in a candy store I was overwhelmed and for some time did not know what to do. I just stared at their beauty till Nisi tried to cover them with her hands. I gently moved her hands away and lowered my head for a light kiss in the valley between them.
Nisi was slim and petit like a college girl. Her boobs were way large for her size. Perfectly spherical they were sitting high on the chest wall. A well demarcated dark areola of two inches in diameter sitting at the top adorned each breast. The areola was centered in turn by a tiny delicate nipple not unlike a raisin in texture and in taste. Even while Nisi was on her back her boobs were firmly standing erect without any sign of sagging.
Gingerly I touched the under side of one of them with my finger tips. Nisi jerked saying, “That tickles…”
I put the flat of my hand on the right one and closed my fingers. I had expected her boob to be soft and yielding but no, it was firm and resilient to my squeezing, may be because of excitation. In any case my hand could not cover her entire breast and hence I resorted to caressing with my fingers only. Starting at the base of the mound I ran the fingers up towards the nipple at the summit. The otherwise smooth skin of her boob immediately turned rough due to goose bumps. By the time I reached the top her nipple and areola were already engorged and erect as if craving for my touch. How could I disappoint them? I picked up the tender bud of her nipple between my fingers and tugged a little. That pulled up her areola too. Both became stiffer than ever. I could not resist the temptation of tasting the nipple on my tongue. Bending down I took the nipple and the areola in my mouth.
Nisi could not hold herself from writhing. She arched her back pushing forward her boobs and at the same time pressing my head against it. The breast flattened on my face. I rolled it by circular motion of my head and Nisi practically jumped off the bed. She tried to push my head off her breast and I did ease the pressure but did not let go the nipple. With the areola held between my lips the nipple was deep inside my mouth and my tongue was alternatively licking and sucking on it.
Nisi could not bear the assault. When I let go the nipple my hand was already holding the other breast and I latched to its nipple and areola. Nisi removed my mouth from it by pulling me by my hair. She lifted my face to hers for a fierce French kiss.
My hands replaced my mouth on Nisi’s boobs. There was frantic holding , grabbing, squeezing and mauling of the breasts one after the other and I am sure I left some bruises under the skin. Nisi was whimpering Ah and Oh and Usss either out of pain I was inflicting or out of extreme excitement. Later on during the day she complained that her nipples were so sore that she could not put on her bra.
The kiss this time was quiet and sweet and I just licked and nibbled her lips. Nisi seemed to be lost in it. My hand now left her breasts to descend on the flat plain of her tummy. There was enough space for my hand to roam about and enjoy the smooth creamy skin. I caressed her belly button with a finger wetted with my saliva. She felt tickled and firmly removed my hand without interrupting the kiss.
My journey southward continued and soon I reached her high mons covered with trimmed curly silky hair. She squirmed and caught my wrist. I stopped in my tract to see if she tried to move my hand away. She did not. If anything, she moved her pelvis to push her bhos against my exploring hand.
Thus encouraged my fingers trailed down the gentle slope of her cunt. Right below her mons where the labia meet my fingers encountered a sensitive spot. As soon as they touched it she jerked her pelvis and crossed her legs. Possibly that was her clitoris buried in the thick cushion of swollen labia.
I broke the kiss and sat up leaving her flat on her back. Her creamy white thighs were straight but crossed. I ran my hand on both of them from knees below to her cunt above and gently pried them open. With some reluctance she allowed me to widen them. I shifted myself to sit between her legs and lift them to my shoulders. I turned my face side ways and kissed her inner thigh on one side and then the other. Goose bumps erupted all over her thighs immediately.
I trailed my kisses up towards her pussy. Each kiss was different in force and duration. Some biting and licking also was involved. The only common feature was my saliva, each kiss was a ‘wet’ one with lot of slobbering with my spittle. All along I could smell the intoxicating aroma wafting out of her cunt.
As I inched upward her thighs required more and more spreading to accommodate my big head. By the time I reached the Garden of Eros her legs were splayed to the maximum yet, surprisingly her vulva remained closed and the labia did not separate.
At this point Nisi propped herself up with some pillows behind her back. She reached out and grabbed my head by hair. It looked as if she was trying to remove my head from her bhos but no Sir, it was not so; it was to guide my mouth to the place which she wanted kissed. Thus guided I showered multiple kisses on her pussy, thighs and lower tummy. In her excitement she left my hair to fondle her boobs and pinch the nipples.
Even though we had been naked for some time I did not have a chance to really look at that beautiful flower between her thighs. When Nisi released my head I lifted it and there before my eyes was the beautiful bhos of Nisi.
It was a pussy incredible in appearance with thick swollen bigger lips enclosing a crack which started at the mons and disappeared between the thighs at the lower end. There was a dense growth of curly soft hair over mons and outer sides of big labia. Like a well maintained garden the hair was close clipped.
However, the most impressive feature of Nisi’s bhos was its heady aroma. It was difficult to say if that was her normal odor or one mixed with the odor of sexual arousal. Whatever it was, it was highly effective in setting sweet fires in my veins and rousing my lund.
Nisi spread her thighs to the extreme and tilted her pelvis bringing her bhos forwards. As I lowered my head to a kiss she once again held my head and directed my mouth to the small area between the openings of the chut and the ass hole. That is the place where the two bigger labia curve and meet in the midline.
I applied my tongue and licked. I swiped the tongue along her left labium from behind forwards being careful not to encroach upon the slit. It required five to seven strokes before I could reach the mons. There, I went very near the clitoris but did not touch it even when Nisi tried to steer my mouth there.
I repeated the process on the right side, the difference being the copious love juice that was by then secreted by the vulva.
Needless to say that Nisi was highly excited. Next time I lowered my head she guided it straight to the general area of her clitoris.
I could not locate the clitoris, it was buried in the cushion of engorged labia. At this point Nisi herself put her fingers on her bhos and spread the labia apart. That widened the crack. Immediately I licked it from back to front and my tongue knocked on the erect clitoris at the extreme front end of the crack. I could better feel the clitoris on my tongue than see it. As soon as my tongue touched it her hips swung suddenly, back and forth in jerks. Fresh love juice oozed out flooding the crack.
I was lying on my belly with my head on Nisi’s vulva. My rampart lund was caught between the bed and my tummy, its tip almost touching my belly button. I was as much excited as Nisi and my lund had created a big patch of wetness on the bed. My pelvis also was doing thrusting movements rubbing my lund on the bed in a manner of masturbation.
Keeping the tongue on the bud of the clitoris I introduced, one by one three fingers in her chut. They could go in easily and were gripped immediately by her internal muscles. Titillating the clitoris on the out side I worried her G-spot internally and Nisi cracked into a mind boggling orgasm.
Her body at first stiffened then convulsed and finally went limp altogether. Her legs straightened trapping my head in between, I lost the contact with the vulva. Her bhos gushed out large quantity of love juice.
I left her alone to ride out the orgasm. She went limp but recovered within few minutes. Catching me once again by hair she dragged me up. I lifted myself on all four and walked like a docile predator up along her inviting body. My lund thick and heavy hung below my tummy swaying every other way and dripping love juice. I lowered myself on her soft pliable body and held those breasts once again in my palms. With her thighs still splayed apart she wriggled to settle my lund in the crack of her vulva.
She moved her pelvis and said, “Jiju, You did not cum, did you? I can feel your … your lund.”
“You are right, my dear. Would you like it inside your pussy, thick and long and hard?”
Nisi was in the throes of extreme excitement despite her recent orgasm. In a voice trembling with urgency she said, “Yes, yes, yes.”
There was no need to wait, no patience to wait. I lifted my pelvis enough to align the lund for penetration. Nisi spread her thighs to the widest and lifted them. My hips started coital movements, which resulted in pocking of her vulva by the thick blunt cock head, My hands were both full of her boobs. It was she who had to pass her hand between our bodies, catch hold of the hanging lund and direct it to the mouth of her chut. One powerful stroke and all eight inches of my cock slithered into her vagina making her gasp followed by long moan of “Aaahhh…”
Having sheathed the lund to the hilt I stopped the movements and just savored the pleasure of warm velvety vagina along the whole length of the cock. After few minutes she squeezed the lund by contracting her internal muscles. The lund throbbed powerfully and spewed a fresh quota of love juice before I could pull it out. After one minute’s silent inactivity Nisi said,”Chaliye na, Jiju. Ruk kyun gaye?” (Come on brother in law, why have you stopped?) ( Chaliye literally means walk on — Author)
Deliberately I asked, “Kahan jana hai itani raat ko?” (Where to? at this time of night?)
She slapped my butt, squirmed under me and contracted her chut and said, “Kyun satate ho? Shuru kijiye na.”(Why do you harass me? Bigin please)
“Kya shuru karun? Kya chahati ho tum?” (What do I begin? What is your wish?)
“Cho…haay haay…Jiju..chodo na.”(hesitatingly, fuck me)
“Saaf saaf bata kaise chodun?”(Tell me clearly how do I fuck )
She dragged my head down to hers and spoke in my ear, “Jiju, apane lambe mote lund se meri chut bhar kar chodo mujhe. Apane viry ki bochar se mita do meri chut ki aag.” (Jiju, fuck me filling up my vagina with your thick long cock. Douse the fire in my vagina by spraying your semen inside). She giggled and her chut contracted. I was more excited than surprised to hear these words from ‘shy’ Nisi. My pelvis suddenly moved pulling out and pushing in my lund in rapid succession some four to six times. That was the start of my fucking my dear Nisi, the wife of the guy who at the moment was busy fucking my wife.
Initially I fucked Nisi at slow rate but using full length of the cock. I would slowly and tantalizingly pull out the lund till only the head was left in the mouth of her chut, wait for a few seconds and then slowly sink it in at crawling speed savoring every inch of its entry. When the whole lund would be engulfed I would mash her mons with mine by side to side movements. This last maneuver invariably teased the clitoris, hidden or not, sending waves of ecstasy through her body.
In this manner I fucked Nisi for about ten minutes. Gradually our excitement was increasing. The lund felt thicker and harder than ever while her chut milked the lund by frequent contractions. After some time I changed the pattern of strokes. I now gave shallow and rapid thrusts using only two to three inches of the lund to alternate with deep and slow thrusts.
I asked, “Have you ever seen Munir’s lund fucking your bhos?”
“Jiju, kaisi baat karate hein aap? Vo koi dekhane ki chijh hai kya?” (Jiju, wehat are you talking about? Is that something to be seen?”)
“Yes, it is very erotic to see your own bhos being penetrated by a thick lund. Come on let me show you.”
She vehemently refused saying, “Na Jiju, abhi nahin. Mein sharm se mar jaungi. Fir kabhi dekhungi.” ( No, Jiju, not now. I will die of shyness. I will see sometime later on.)
I said, “Okay, Do not see if you do not want to. I am going to have a good look at your cunt while being penetrated.”
With “Haay, haay” (Oh, oh) she covered her eyes as I lifted my upper body from hers with my lund pushed deep down into her chut. I looked down between our bodies. Nothing much could be seen, my mons was firmly pressed on hers, pubic hair mingling.
Slowly, ever so slowly I lifted my pelvis. The monses separated and the shaft of the lund slick with love juices could be seen sliding out from her bhos. I pulled out about two inches and quickly pushed it in only to repeat the movement but pulling out greater length of the lund. Gradually I pulled out and pushed in greater and greater length of the lund. It was highly erotic. The local tingling in the lund increased in force and throbbing occurred strongly.
My attention was riveted on my lund and I was unaware of Nisi peeping through her spread fingers. A stage was reached when I had pulled out the whole lund and was about to re enter when I heard gasp from her throat. Immediately she dropped her head on the pillow and closed her eyes with a smile on her lips. That was when her vagina milked the lund strongly and I came to know that she was peeping.
I said, “You wily girl, having a sneak view? I am not going to enter your chut unless you uncover eyes and boldly look down.”
After some hesitation she relented and lifted her head. I made her spread open her labia with her hands and entered the cockhead in her chut while we were observing. By the time the lund was fully in her pelvis was bucking. She pulled down my head.
Nisi captured my mouth in torrid French kiss and wrapped her legs around my waist. I improvised by hooking my elbows under her knees and pushing them up till they touched her ears. This maneuver lifted her pelvis off the bed giving her considerable scope for movement. It also changed the inclination of her vagina allowing the deepest penetration combined with clitoral massaging.
Our fucking now had entered in to next higher stage. My thrusts were now rapid and somewhat irregular. Nisi was now moving her pelvis freely so that her vagina could take in the lund from all directions. The lund could also go in to the fullest. Both the bhos and lund were drenched in the watery slimy secretions making the sound like puch puch with every stroke. Up stairs the French kiss however sweet could not be continued uninterrupted. Nisi in her arousal was writhing, tossing her head all around. While I was grunting under physical strain she was making cooing sounds of ecstasy.
She climaxed suddenly. This moment she was swinging her pelvis the next moment she was like caught in a tornado. She let out a shrill squeal and arched her body. She convulsed and thrashed about. She sunk her teeth on my lip and scratched my back with her nails. Clinging to me with her arms and legs she jerked her pelvis repeatedly trying as if to engulf me along with my lund. Equally suddenly she went limp, spent and exhausted. In whimpering voice she said, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.”
I could hold the fort through the tempest in Nisi’s vagina. I had stopped pistoning keeping the cock buried deep inside. Once the after shocks of the orgasm subsided I asked, “How is my precious saali? Is her chut safe?”
Languorously Nisi opened her eyes, looked around to get oriented and said, “Oh Jiju, bahut majha aaya.” (Oh, brother in law. This was very pleasant.)
So saying she contracted her muscles milking the cock. That was the final straw for me. Uncontrolled by me the lund jerked several times jetting out thick wads of semen in the deepest part of her vagina. Liquid ecstasy arising from the lund coursed through my veins. I crushed Nisi in tight bear hug and stabbed her chut with the dagger of my lund by short repeated swings of my pelvis. My mind being engrossed in my lund I lost contact with the world for some time.
When I came to I found myself slumped on the petite frame of Nisi. She was saying something about my lund. She was asking me, “Jiju, you are circumcised, are you not?”
“No, my dear, I am not.”
“Then how come it looked like one when … when you were about to enter me?”
“What looked like what?”
“Haay haay, Jiju Kaho na. Aap ka vo…vo…lund sunnat kiya hua dikhata tha.” (Oh oh Jiju tell me. Your that….that ….cock appeared circumcised.)
“Oh,” I said, “Voh aisa dikhata hai kyun ki chut men ghusate vakt lund ki topi khinch kar upar chad jati hi aur chadi hi rahati hai jab tak utaari na jaay. Let me show you,” ( oh, it looks like that because at the time when it enters the vagina its cap gets pulled up and remains pulled up till it is bought down.)
I dismounted pulling out my limp lund from her chut. A quantity of semen gushed out from the chut which she collected in bedside towel. I went to the bathroom, peed and washed my lund thoroughly well.
I laid down and showed Nisi the different parts of my lund. She was fascinated by the play of foreskin over the head of the cock. She picked up the lund and toyed with it covering and uncovering the head with the foreskin. In spite of recent orgasm the delicate touch of her fingers roused the lund.
When the lund was sufficiently hard she gave it a short but strong hand job and said, “Haay re, Jiju, ho jay fir ek bar? Bada mast hai aap ka ye lund.” (Oh, Jiju, shall we do it once again? Your cock is magnificent.)
“Now you will be able to fuck with lights on?”
“Oh yes, definitely. I did not know that fucking can be so exciting with the lights on. Ek bar fir se chodiye na mujhe.” (Fuck me once more.)

How can I refuse? We fucked slowly, tantalizingly for about half an hour. We had simultaneous orgasms which left us utterly exhausted. Sleep took over before the wilted lund came out of the chut.

Part 3:

When my eyes opened next morning the room as suffused with bright light of the day. I groped for Nisi to appease my morning hard on but found the bed empty. Then I heard the sound of shower and Nisi singing.
I went to the bathroom with an intent of fucking Nisi in shower but she had locked the door. I could do nothing but wait for her to come out.
When she came out with only a towel wrapped around her torso. I jumped and grabbed her in a bear hug. She protested and extricated herself from my arms saying, “Abhi nahin, Jiju. Pahale un dono ko milenge, chay nashta karenge, kuchh sunenge kuchh sunayenge , baad men chodenge. Samajhe? Tab tak aap ke ghode ko pakad rakhiye.” ( Not now, Jiju. First we shall see those two, will take some tea and breakfast, exchange notes and then will fuck. Understand? Till then hold your stallion.)
What could I do? To salvage the situation I said, “Let me go and bathe. We will surprise those two by going to them naked. What do you say?”
“I say, you have a dirty mind, Jiju”
I showered quickly and came out naked. I approached Nisi and picked up the corner of her towel saying, “Allow me, please” , she blushed like a collegegirl having been touched on her vulva. I pulled off the towel and there before me stood one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. My lund instantly saluted her by standing up stiff.
Looking at the lund she blushed but did not hesitate in grabbing it and giving it a squeeze. She said, “Haay, haay Jiju, you are still stiff. Are you not satisfied looking at my body?”
“No, I am not. Is Munir satisfied?”
“He has yet to see.”
“Yes, let’s go.”
Holding her by wrist I knocked on the door between our rooms and opened it on hearing, ” Open” from Munir.
Both, Munir and Vani were in bed stark naked. Munir’s face lit up in surprise seeing his bashful wife completely naked. With eyes opened wide he put forth his hands to welcome her.
Nisi however cringed out of shyness and turned about covering her face. Munir quickly got up but Vani restrained him and herself went to Nisi. With squeals of joy they hugged each other. Then
surprise, surprise. they stuck in a French kiss.
They separated within few minutes and with that glint in their eyes which you see in a well fucked girl turned to their respective husbands. Surprisingly both of the girls were feeling shy like on their wedding night. Vani buried her face in my chest and Nisi cuddled with Munir, all of us on big bed.
He asked, “How is my gulbadan? Is her pussy safe and sound?” (Gulbadan used as an endearing term literally means one with body like a flower – Author.)
Nisi like a fifteen year old darted a glance towards me, blushed heavily and said in mock innocence, “I am alright but my p… p…pussy is sore. His lu…lu…lund beat it badly.” She tittered.
Munir in equally mock seriousness, “We shall punish that lund of his and take away all its stiffness.”
Nisi, “Didi, How did your night go? Munir boasts about his lund and its capacity of holding off the climax for long period of time. Did he perform as well as he boasts?”
I, “Leave aside boasting part. Let’s all hear his account of last night’s tryst. Vani, dear, you would not mind, would you?”
Vani, “I would not mind but first I would like to hear from Nisi how you enjoyed.”
Nisi, “I feel shy. Vishok , you tell.”
There was no point in going back and forth. So, I told about my fucking Nisi. (See Exchange of wives Part 2 –Author). Now it was Munir’s turn. He started with some hesitation. I said, “Munir, let Vani sit with you. Nisi dear, come to me.”
The girls changed their places. I reclined on a bunch of pillows and took Nisi in my lap cupping her magnificent breasts from behind. Munir, likewise sat Vani in his lap and captured her breasts. He started after a couple of kisses……………..
Holding by her waist I led Vani to our room. As soon as Vishok closed the communicating door I gathered her from behind, my hands reaching for her enticing breasts. Goose bumps erupted on her smooth skin when I kissed her on the neck.
She blushed heavily and made half hearted attempt to free herself from my grip saying, “Jiju, what is the hurry? We have whole night at our disposal,”
The short struggle that followed only brought her closer to me. She must have felt my erect lund on her buttocks for she gave it a short massage by moving her ample bottom while my hands caressed her breasts rather forcefully. A prolonged Aaaah came out of her throat.
My lund had been up since we were in the bus and Vani was sleeping like an innocent child unaware of what Nisi was doing with Vishok’s lund; as a matter of fact they also did not know that I knew. I had embarked on the venture of exchanging the wives boldly but when it came to seeing your dear wife suck your friend’s cock jealousy replaced the boldness instantly. For a while I had asked myself, did I do something wrong? The answer was, of course no, because my dear Nisi wanted it and I on my part wanted to fuck Vani.
Now that delectable Vani was in my arms how could I wait? Besides, in the next room only, few feet away my friend’s mighty cock possibly was filling the mouth of my dear Nisi. The thought itself sent my lund on war path. How could I, why should I wait?
Accordingly I lifted Vani in my arms and took her to the bed. Impatiently I started unhooking her kurti and in the process broke a couple of hooks. With bashfulness which her darkish complexion could not hide she said, ” Slow down, Jiju, slow down. What is the hurry?”
Taking her hand I placed it on my rampant lund and said, “This is the hurry.” I then told her what Nisi had been doing in the bus. She was surprised to hear it, She said, ” I wonder how she could do such dirty thing.”
Ignoring her comment I added, “This poor fallow has been erect for last two hours and is not going to wait any longer.”
Without waiting for her response I pushed her flat on the bed and pinned her down by throwing myself on her. As our mouths glued into a deep French kiss her arms went around my neck, I got busy untying the knot holding her salvar. As soon as the knot was undone she kicked the salvar down and off her legs. Surprisingly there was no bra, no panty.
While her tongue was invading my mouth she lifted her legs and widened the thighs exposing her defenseless cunt to my attack. I quickly settled between her thighs and holding the lund in my hand ran its head through the slit of her vulva. Expectedly her bhos was not wet yet. However the lund was spewing out large quantities of love juice which I could use to lubricate her bhos. I engaged the cock head in the mouth of her chut only after it was slick and slimy.
I remembered to be careful in penetrating Vani’s chut. Vishok had told me that her chut was like that of a virgin in spite of having been fucked at least once a day during one year of their married life. Accordingly I went in slow and easy till the time the whole lund was engulfed in her vagina. But the effort turned out to be the limit of my tolerance.
I could give her but one slow stroke, then after I lost control. I suddenly got so excited that I started fucking Vani with rapid deep powerful strokes. Luckily there was out pouring of enough love juice by her pussy to make easy the coming and going of the lund. Each of my strokes rattled her body and pushed her upwards a couple of inches. Her magnificent breasts were juggling like plastic bags filled with water. My mons was banging against hers with loud noise thupp, thupp, thupp.
It did not take long for me to reach the climax. The lund released large quantity of thick semen in powerful jets; each jet accompanied by a wave of incredible pleasure emanating from the lund and spreading all over my body. For a while I remained motionless with the lund pushed in Vani’s chut as deep as it could go.
When I came down from cloud seven I felt throbbing of her chut on my wilting lund indicating that she also had an orgasm along with me. Her body relaxed and I slumped down on her. For few minutes there was no sound in the room except that of our breathing.
When we regained sanity after few minutes I raised my upper body on out stretched arms keeping the lund embedded in the chut and looked into her eyes. She blushed heavily and closed the eyes. She unsuccessfully tried to control the smile by chewing the lower lip before I lowered myself to kiss her. I asked, ” How was the fuck? Did you enjoy?”
With her face pink with exertion and bashfulness she said, “There must be some magic in your lund, Jiju. I already have two orgasms yet my pussy has not stopped tingling. Do you fuck Nisi like this?”
“Yes and no. Yes, my lund works the same way it did with you. No, because we always fuck in dark, not in full light as we are doing now.”
“Why? Does she feel shy of you?”
“She is shy only when light are on and during the daytime. She freely allows me to do everything in darkness. I have felt her body with my fingers but have not seen her naked yet.”
Meanwhile the lund had wilted and slipped out of Vani’s chut. Both of us went to the bathroom and washed ourselves. The talk continued once we settled in the bed.
Vani, “Nisi is young and beautiful, available to you whenever you want. Yet you desired to fuck me. Why?”
“I still do not know. It just so happened when I saw you for the first time that my cock started squirming. Same night when I was fucking Nisi you were on my mind. I then hoped to get from you that which I was not getting from Nisi. But before I could say anything to her she out right told me that she wanted to get fucked by Vishok. I immediately said yes because I love her very much and I want her to enjoy life every other way be it fucking with Vishok or anything else. She in turn told me that I could fuck you like wise if you agree. And here we are.”
“What do you expect of me?”
“You will not feel bad if I tell you?”
“Certainly not. Tell me.”
“For one I would like to see your pussy. I have yet not seen any, not even Nisi’s. Except, of course, in porno films”
“What else?”
“I want to taste your pussy and see if it is different from Nisi’s. Lastly I would like you to suck my lund, if it is okay with you.”
While we were talking my hands were roaming over her naked body. Again and again they went to her magnificent breasts. What a pair of breasts she had! Perfectly round, smooth yet resiliently firm. The nipples and areolas were small but were puffed up due to excitement. Her hands were busy playing with my soft lund.
In a bashful voice she said, “Yours is tall order. What shall I get in return?”
“Anything you ask for with services of my lund thrown in.”
“Is that right? What do you want me to do first?’
“How about sucking the cock?”
She stiffened in my arms apparently shocked at my proposal. She said, “No, I think it is very dirty. I do not like it.”
“Have you not sucked Vishok’s lund?”
“Yes, once. It tasted so bad that I felt like throwing up.”
“Oh I see. I don’t blame you. Because the problem is with his uncircumcised penis. Lot of dirt including some urine collects under the foreskin giving it a bad smell and taste. Next time you ask him to wash his lund thoroughly before you take him in the mouth. But as of now would you like to try on my lund?”
She blushed heavily and squeezed the lund in her hand. With a bashful smile on her lips she said, “Haay haay, Jiju, your talking dirty makes my cunt tingle. And yes, we can try.”
Now one thing common between the two girls was the willingness to try new things, like new dishes to eat, new places to visit, new dresses to wear etc. Here each of them was enjoying a new lund and Vani was ready to try my lund in her mouth—a novel experience.
To assure her I said, “We shall stop whenever you wish and I will not unload myself in your mouth.”
“Jiju, you will have to guide me.”
“It will be my pleasure. Do like this……”
According to my advice she sat up by my side. The lund was wilted to small size. It was soft dry and clean. Vani held it like a flower and smelled it. Once she was convinced that my lund was not smelling bad she looked up to me with a smile on her face.
“Smells good,” she said.
“Now lick the head with your tongue and see what happens.”
Hesitatingly she put out her tongue and licked a spot on the cock head. The cock jerked and started filling up. She licked another spot and then one more. Soon she swirled her tongue all around the head. Volleys of liquid fire set forth from the hardening lund. My hips started swaying as if trying to fuck her in the mouth.
I said, “Open the mouth ……ohh……aahh….easy, Vani, easy”
Before I could say anything she had opened her mouth and eagerly taken the lund in. Almost half of my half erect lund could go in. Once inside it was assaulted by her tongue which ran over the smooth surface of the head. The lund continued growing and soon became fully erect under the effect of her warm mouth and caressing tongue. Vani’s mouth was filled to capacity by the bulbous head and a couple of inches of the thick shaft, rest of the shaft had to come out drenched with her saliva.
Vani started stroking the wet shaft even as she sucked on the cock head like a lollypop. The lund became thicker and stiffer than ever and spewed out love juice like a fountain.
After some time I pulled out. Vani was highly excited. Her face was flushed, her lips swollen and her breathing strained. Breathlessly she said, “Jiju, I had no idea that cock in the mouth would be so exciting. It felt as if it was in my chut.”
“Mouth has an advantage over the chut. The chut can squeeze and massage the lund while mouth can in addition suck and lick with tongue and lips.”
“Now I understand why Vishok wants his lund sucked.”
“Does my lund taste bad?”
“No, it does not. Come on, Jiju, don’t waste time.”
” Where would you like me to cum? In your mouth? Or face? “
“Please cum inside of my chut.”
This time I made her lie flat on her back with her head raised on pillows. I straddled her bearing my weight on my knees on either side of her chest. As I leaned forwards my heavy cock hung from my crotch pointing directly to her mouth. Grabbing it in her hand Vani licked it all around before opening the mouth to take it in. For me the position was excellent for thrusting and I made full use of it.
I started with slow rhythm sliding the lund slowly in and out of her mouth. In the beginning I could not push more than a couple of inches without making her gag. As I went on fucking she could take in more and more of the lund comfortably. In the end I could deep throat her for few seconds at a time. She could then take the whole lund in her throat for few seconds without gagging. I would then come out completely, give her some time to recover and then repeat the whole cycle.There was free flow of love juice from the lund and of her saliva from her mouth.
I fucked her mouth till out of extreme excitement Vani herself pulled the cock out and pushed me down between her thighs. She held the lund and directed it to the mouth of her chut. One deep stroke and the lund was sheathed to the hilt and Vani was catapulted into an orgasm.
Without pause I went on fucking her through her orgasm only to slow down when the storm was over. I was nearing my climax when I heard the muffled scream from Nisi next door.
Hurriedly I told Vani, “Nisi just had an orgasm, let’s go to their room.” and dismounted.
I hurriedly told her about our plan to surprise Nisi
I put off the light in our room and quietly opened the communicating door. Their room was dimly lit by the night lamp.
Taking Vani by the wrist I entered the other room. I could see rapid up and down movements of Vishok’s hips between raised thighs of Nisi. Soon Nisi went into another orgasm. Once it was over they relaxed for some time. Then I heard Nisi saying, “Few minutes more, Jiju. I like your weight on me. When will you f … fuck again?”
That is when Vishok snapped his fingers. That was the signal, I switched on the lights.
Suddenly the room was awash with bright light. We were standing near the door. We clapped hands saying, “Bravo, Nisi, bravo.”
Nisi was stunned for a while. Then she reacted. She forcibly pushed Vishok off. She turned to her side in curled up position and burst out crying.
This was the plot which Vishok had planned to cure Nisi of her shyness. Earlier when we went to our room he had closed the door between the rooms but had left it unlatched. While they were in the throes of passionate fucking we quietly entered their room and waited till they climaxed. Then Vishok signaled by snapping his fingers. That is when I switched on the lights.
The mood in the room sobered in spite of the fact that all of us were stark naked. I stepped up to approach Nisi but Vani held me and said, “Let me handle this. You two guys keep away.”
Vani stepped up to her. The first thing she did was to cover Nisi with a spare bed sheet. She then leaned over her, put her hand on her shoulder and said something, which we could not hear.
At first Nisi shook her hand off but Vani persisted and continued talking.
Meanwhile Vishok and I sat in chairs completely at home with our nudity. He asked, ” Did Vani give you trouble?”
“No, she did not. You will be surprised. Guess what happened.”
“What happened?”
“She sucked my lund.”
Some what crest fallen he asked, “No kidding? How did you convince her?”
“I guess she was fascinated by my circumcised lund. I did not have to do much. Little cajoling did the trick. I must admit that for a novice she did a good job.”
“I am glad that you ‘broke’ her.”
” She told me that she has not sucked you more than once?”
” True. After that first time she has been refusing stubbornly.”
” Don’t you feel jealous?”
” In fact I do.”
” You need not worry because she also said that she is going to suck you at the earliest. But I suggest that you wash your lund thoroughly well and offer it with the fore skin drawn up.”
By that time Vani was done talking with Nisi. Nisi had stopped crying and was sitting propped up by some pillows. Once again she was dressed in her night dress, a simple gown of silk this time. The cloth being thin could not conceal her heavy breasts with erect nipples. Lower down it took the shape of her lovely thighs and vulva complete with the central slit. A patch of moisture appeared over her pussy.
Vani called us guys to the bed. When we reached there Nisi clung to me. I said, “There, there. The sky has not fallen yet, my brave little tigress.”
Vani said, “Good news, my dear sister has consented to try fucking with full lights on.”
Nisi, “Before that I would like to know who had his brilliant idea.”
Vishok came forwards and said, ” I plead guilty, my dear. I apologize for the shock I gave you, but that appeared to be the best remedy for your shyness. Back in our village we had a swimming instructor. If a new comer was afraid of plunging into the water, the instructor would suddenly push him in the pool. He would then plunge himself in the pool and help the struggling boy out. This method of his proved to be sure fire cure of fear of water. I thought similar method would work on you. I am sorry.”

Nisi caught his hand and put it against her cheek and said, “Don’t be sorry, Jiju. You did the right thing and I am glad that it is you who did it. What do you say, Munir?”
I said, “I agree with you.”
Vishok asked, “Shall we all revert back to our partners? Nisi, what do you want?”
Nisi, “Whatever you boys decide is okay with me.”
I, ” In that case, I propose you two carry on. You are his for to night, Nisi, so let him finish what he has started. Come on Saaliji, let’s go, we also have a long way to go, remember?”
Vani, ” Yes, I do. Good fuck dear.”
The last was addressed to her husband accompanied by a very wet and prolonged kiss.
Once again I left holding Vani by her waist.
This time I closed the connecting door and bolted it. Vani immediately grasped my lund and sat down on the floor. She wanted to suck the lund while I wanted to fuck her chut. I allowed her to suck for some time and then said, “Vani dear, let me fuck your chut. I don’t think I can hold on for long. I may shoot anytime and you do not want it in your mouth, right?”
She took the lund out and laying down on the bed asked me, “I thought you wished to see my pussy before fucking.”
“That is what I am going to do. Now, come up to the edge of the bed and open your legs.”
She lifted up her legs and spread them. Still bashful she managed to say, “Okay, here is my cunt. You can have a look at it.”
I sat on the floor to look. Vani’s bhos was looking small and dark. She had her pubic hair trimmed. The bigger labia were rather thin and touching each other like closed double doors hiding the internal delicate parts. She opened her pussy by pulling apart the major labia. I was amazed to see the beautiful bhos of Vani which was also emanating a kind of soft intoxicating aroma. She pointed out the different parts like smaller labia, clitoris and opening of the chut. It was incredible that such a small and delicate part could take the beating of the cock and generate so much intense pleasure. In fact the very sight of the vulva set my lund throbbing.
The heady aroma did the trick. I could not resist my urge to taste Vani’s pussy. Quickly I pushed her up and lied down on my belly with my head between those creamy thighs of hers and my face smack on her bhos. It was yet swollen and wet from recent orgasms. I put out my tongue and touched her bigger lip on one side of the slit.
Vani had not expected this from me. She jumped up to half sitting position, asking, “Jiju what are you doing?”
I said, “My dear, let me have my way. You just relax and enjoy.” and once again lowered my mouth to her pussy. I had general idea about licking pussy from the porn I had watched. I knew how it would taste, having
sucked Nisi’s pussy many times before. With Nisi however it had been a blind affair while here before my eyes was a beautiful flower ready to be smelled, licked and sucked.
Accordingly I started licking by plying the tongue on the outer sides of bigger labia: from before backward on one side, from back to front on the other. After five or six swipes I did similar licking in the shallow furrows between big and small labia on two sides. At the front ends the two furrows meet round the clitoris. I was very careful to avoid touching clitoris; I would deal with it later on. Vani was getting aroused; she was wriggling her pelvis and her bhos spewed out large quantity of love juice.
In the end I sought out the central slit of her bhos , the one which was flanked by violet-pink delicate smaller labia. This time I could not avoid clitoris because it was right there, thick, long, stiff and throbbing. Her slit appeared deep burying the clitoris but that effect was due to swollen labia. It was drenched with love juice which I found sweet in taste. I laved the whole slit and ran the tip of my tongue swirling around the clitoris. I could feel the throbbing of the clitoris on my lips. I nibbled on it and took it between my lips before sucking.
Apparently it was too much for Vani to bear. She squirmed and jumped and cooed and whimpered. She was holding me by my hair and instead of removing my head from her vulva she was guiding it to the spots she wanted kissed. She was fast approaching an orgasm.
At this point while sucking on the rigid little nub of her clitoris I introduced two fingers in her vagina and hit the g-spot. A little rubbing there and Vani catapulted into one more orgasm.
The tempest lasted for a full minute. When the storm passed away she removed my head from her vulva. Her vulva and especially her clitoris had become so sensitive that she could not bear the touch of my lips.
She pulled me up by my hair till our mouths met. By giving her a French kiss I sort of made her taste her own juices. She said, “You are fantastic, Jiju; I had no idea that tongue can work such wonders.”
She drew up her legs and my pelvis settled between her smooth thighs. My lund almost on bursting point was seated snuggly on her vulva the under surface of the head directly in contact with her twitching clitoris. Pelvic movements were not necessary, each jerk of the lund nudged the clitoris and set it twitching. A little movement to and fro and she would move her pelvis to massage the clitoris on the lund.
Vani was besides herself in excitation and said, “Jiju, ye kya kar rahe ho? Chodana nahin hai? Aise to bahar hi jhad jaoge. Dal do na apana lund meri pyasi chut mein. (Brother in law, what are you doing? Don’t you want to fuck? This way you will shoot out side. Push your cock into my thirsty vagina.)”
I did not need another invitation. I lifted my pelvis and the heavy lund hung below my tummy pointing down to its target. A couple of short jabs and the head got engaged in the mouth of her chut. Just to tease her I stopped moving, neither going in nor going out. She waited for some time and tried to take the lund in by moving her pelvis. The lund moved like a joy stick of a video game but did not enter the chut. In exasperation she gave me a slap on my butt which caused a sudden forward lunge of my pelvis sending the lund to the deepest recesses of her vagina. A sharp “Uiiiiiii” came out of her throat
Once in I stopped again. She said, “Kyun satate ho? Mein tumhe pasnd nahin hun kya? Meine kuchh galat kiya? (Why do you tease me? Do I not plese you? Did I do anything wrong?)”
I felt that she was on verge of crying. In an out burst of passion I smothered her in a barrage of kisses even as I started fucking her lustily saying, “It….was…aah.. a play….I like….oh oh … … very much.”
She responded by kissing me back and swaying her pelvis every other way as if bent up on uprooting the lund, her excitement escalating sharply. I was not far behind. I could feel the lund getting stiffer and thicker, oozing as if pleasurable juice from its whole length. My thrusts became more and more forceful, deeper and deeper and faster than ever. Vani seemed to relish my ravaging of her chut as she matched thrust to thrust of my pelvis. As the lund gained in thickness and hardness her chut squeezed it by milking action of her internal muscles. If the lund poured out a quantity of love juice her cunt was not to be left behind, she also secreted equal amount of love juice if not more.
Twice during this rigorous fucking Vani shuddered uncontrollably and went stiff her vagina fluttering like a butterfly, goose bumps bursting out all over her delicate body. I did not alter my tempo during her orgasms, just continued pumping like an express train.
The pressure in my lund built up rapidly and I became frantic to extract as much pleasure as I could from her chut, her breasts, her lips, her smooth rounded thighs and her cunt. I grabbed her boobs, mercilessly pinched her nipples; I opened my mouth to take in her both lips to suck and bite. I lifted her legs till her knees touched her ears and went on pounding her cunt rotating and gyrating my pelvis so that the lund would not leave untouched any part of her vagina.
A moment arrived when the dam burst. My thrusting reduced to short jabs of deep seated lund synchronous with the jet of white hot semen and a wave of pure ecstasy engulfing my whole body. I had her in my embrace and I almost crushed her. She however bore my onslaught bravely allowing me to take my pleasure of her. Later on she told me that she found my rough handling very erotic and it gave her as much pleasure as it did to me.
I do not know how long my orgasm lasted. I returned to mother earth when Vani tried to push me off her body. Reluctantly I dismounted taking out from her chut my softening lund.
I promptly fell asleep.

Part 4:

By the time Munir finished his story all of us had changed our positions. Now Vani was sitting straddling Munir’s thighs. Her arms were around his neck and legs around his waist. She was rocking her pelvis back and forth and Munir was supporting her with his hands under her ample butts. Clearly his lund was engulfed by her chut. Both of them were highly excited and with Vani claiming his mouth for kisses on and off Munir had hard time keeping a track of his narration during the final part.
Nisi was sitting in my lap facing me and her legs on two sides of my hips. With her arms around my neck she was partly hanging and partly sitting. My cock however had not yet entered her chut, it was standing upright pressed between my lower tummy and her wet and swollen vulva. With gentle rocking movements Nisi was enjoying the play of her clitoris on the hard slippery surface of the lund. My arms going around were crossed on the back of her chest. Her delectable breasts with nipples erect like small pebbles were flattened on my chest.
It is highly erotic to see your own lund going in and out of your wife’s chut. But still more erotic is watching someone else’s cock drilling her pussy. Munir had been very graphic in describing his tryst with Vani. That in itself was enough to fill up my heart with jealousy and a vicarious desire to actually see his lund goring Vani’s chut.
When Nisi had enough clitoral stimulation she lifted herself , poised her chut on my cock and slid down. Few ups and down on the vertical lund and her chut started fluttering. Seeing her husband fucking Vani nearby she asked, “Didi, how do you like Munir’s cock so far?”
“Delicious. How is Vishok’s?”
“Oh, very sweet. Want to see it in action? Jiju, you would not mind showing, would you, now?”
Vani said, “Then Munir will show his mustang goring my hole. Would you not, Munir Miyan?”
The girls were talking as if we boys were not there. I said, “Munir, what do you say?”
Munir said, “I have never seen Nisi’s chut till to day, so I don’t know. But I would like to try.”
Vani, “Vishok?”
I said, “Whatever pleases you ladies, my dear.”
Nisi, “Munir, turn a little on this side. No, no, you don’t have to pull out, keep on fucking, just turn a wee bit.”
On our part Nisi made 180 degree turn about keeping my lund in her chut. She now had her back to me. She reclined on my chest and tilted her pelvis to bring forward her bhos. The whole of her vulva was visible to Munir and Vani. I could only see the mound , the upper swells of her bigger labia and the erect clitoris in between them. Half of my lund came out and half remained in stretching open the mouth of her chut. She did short ups and downs with her pelvis showing the coming and going of the lund without dislodging it.
Munir and Vani were watching us. Munir said, “By God, Nisi, it is surprising that your cunt small as it appears can take in such a thick lund as Vishok’s. Vishok’s cock is really thick and you can take him easily. Wonderful, wonderful. Vishok, when can I get her back?”
Vani gave him a light slap on his buttock and said, “Not before you are done with me. Right, Nisi?”
Nisi, “Yes, Didi. Miyan, you will have to wait.”
Munir, “In that case, Saali Ji, I will fuck you till you beg me to stop.”
Apparently the sight of Nisi’s chut being rammed by my lund gave a kick to his arousal because he started fucking Vani like a man possessed.
Vani caressed his back and said lovingly, “Slow down, slow down Miyan. Mein aur Nisi bhag jane wali nahin hein, aram se chodo aur luft uthao. ( Neither me nor Nisi is going to run away. Fuck at leisure and enjoy.)
Munir slowed his pace but his thrusts remained as forceful as before and rattling Vani’s body.
I said, “Munir Seth, it is your turn now. Show us how your mustang fucks.”
Hurriedly he took Vani to the bed and put her on her back with her legs towards us. Vani lifted and spread wide her thighs giving us an excellent view of her cunt. As expected it was swollen and wet. Her inch long erect clitoris could be seen easily.
Vani’s cunt was no stranger to me having seen it on and off fucking. But seeing it waiting for Munir’s lund gave me special thrill. “Is this the bhos I have been fucking almost daily for last one year?” I asked myself.
Munir could not wait, he hurriedly mounted her but kept his thighs spread wide. His lund was hanging down pointing towards Vani’s chut. It appeared formidable, very long, very thick and dripping love juice. His balls were tightly drawn up on two sides of the root, as a result the whole length of the shaft was visible. The bulbous head and terminal inch of the shaft were suffused red.
Then there appeared the delicate hand of Vani. It grabbed the lund and directed it to the mouth of her chut. One consistent thrust by Munir sent the whole lund into the depths of Vani’s chut.
Munir said, “Vishok, Pardon me; I cannot hold on.” And he started fucking with rattling deep strokes.
Vani’s cunt was ready to take the onslaught; it was swollen and wet. The mouth of her chut was stretched open to an “O” by the thickness of the shaft. Her bigger labia cushiony thick and wet were hugging the lund on the sides. Periodically a thick ridge appeared along the under surface of the lund making it thicker and further dilating the chut. The fit was tight. Each penetration pushed her cunt inwards while withdrawal pulled it out.
The sight was erotic in extreme for both me and Nisi. Both of us were highly aroused. Her chut was fluttering almost continuously while my lund was throbbing powerfully. All along I had been fucking Nisi unconsciously. I came to earth when Nisi started showing signs of exhaustion.
I gently pushed her away from me and on to the bed flat on her face. I moved along with her keeping the lund all the while in her chut. We ended up on the bed, she below and I on top of her. She spread her thighs and tilted the pelvis to ease my entry in her chut. I passed my hand to the front of her chest and captured her breasts.
As I nuzzled on the side of her neck she pulled me down and said in my ear, “Jiju, meri gaand maroge? Bahut din ho gaye Munir ka lund gaand men liye. (Brother in law, will you fuck me in ass? Many days have passed since I received Munir’s lund in my ass.)”
I was surprised at her request though I welcomed the opportunity of trying something new. I left her to get condom and cream. Munir and Vani were lost to the world.
Nisi knew what was expected of her. She lied down on her back and pulled up her thighs and held them wide. She tilted her pelvis to bring up her ass hole.
Nisi had a cute little ass hole about an inch behind the mouth of her chut. Puckered and hairless, brown colored hole was sitting deep between her cheeks. For a moment I doubted if she would be able to accommodate my lund. As soon as my finger touched it the muscle contracted to close the opening. Applying cream over it I massaged the area before trying to insert my finger. The muscle relaxed with the massage and my finger went in. I applied more cream and dilated the hole by circular motion of the finger. By and by the anal canal of Nisi dilated to a degree sufficient to admit without distress four fingers of my hand.
I asked her, “Are you ready, dear?”
She said, “Yes, yes. Please make haste, I cannot wait,” and immediately went for my lund which by then had wilted to semi erect state. She insisted that she put the condom on me. Holding the lund in her fist she stroked it to full erection and was about to roll the condom on. Having had no experience with uncircumcised lund she had not pulled the foreskin up. I said, “Nisi dear, pull up the cap and expose the head before rolling the condom on.”
Once the lund was ready with condom and cream Nisi took doggy position. With her shoulder and head on the bed she raised her butt to the level of my lund. She spread her butt cheeks with her own hands. I applied liberal amount of cream on her hole.
Putting the tip of the lund on the hole I applied gentle pressure. Her ring muscle relaxed to welcome my lund though it was a tight fit. Once the head slid in I stopped and waited for some time for her muscles to get used to the intruder. Then I pulled out for half an inch before pushing it in. When I was two inches in I stopped again and repeated the maneuver. Thus I went in step by step, inch by inch.
Once the whole lund was in Nisi relaxed and flattened down on the bed taking me on her back. She said, ” I have found this position very comfortable for ass fucking leaving all the work to do to the guy on my back. So Jiju, I am all set, I am not going to move. Ab chahe jaise mujhe chodiye. (Now you can fuck me as you like.)”
I said, “Jaisi teri marjee. (As you wish.)” and started at slow and deep leisurely pace. The fit was tight and I applied fresh quota of cream to ease the movement. I soon realized that she had not included her internal muscles in “not moving.” They were actively milking the lund. I asked her, “Do not squeeze so much, I may climax sooner than you want.”
“Jiju, mein kuchh nahin karati, apane aap ho jata hai jab aap ka lund ghista hai andar. (Jiju, I do not do anything, it happens of its own when your cock rubs inside.)”
I had partially taken my weight on my elbows and knees so as not to crush the delicate body of Nisi. When she realized that she insisted I fully lie upon her back, She said, “Jiju, aap ka bojh achchha lagata hai. (Jiju, your weight feels good.)”
What could I do? I passed my left hand to the front of her chest to hold her left breast while my right hand passed around to her cunt zeroing on to her slippery clitoris. Only then I lowered my weight on her body. My face came to her face and I showered kisses on every part of her face and neck I could reach, my pelvis all the while rocking leisurely making my lund go in and out of her tight ass hole.
Soon our excitement reached the level of no return. She started moving her pelvis while my speed increased. Nothing could be done for the depth of penetration , the anal opening sitting deep between her ass cheeks.
To remedy the situation we changed the position. She turned on to her back and lifted her legs as far as she could. She spread open her butts with her hands and I re entered her hole. Almost the whole on my lund could go in. Hooking my arms under her knees I pushed them up so far that her pelvis was off the bed by six inches bringing up her hole for easy penetration.
Applying a fresh quota of cream on my lund I fucked Nisi with deep and vigorous thrusts. With the rising arousal my speed increased. What with my fingers tormenting her nipples and clitoris she was swept into a glorious orgasm within few powerful strokes.. My lund was no match for her internal muscles which squeezed it rhythmically and dragged me into an equally intense orgasm. I jetted out my load inside of her butt and slumped down on her prostrate body without making any effort to withdraw the lund. She held it in till it wilted. Then she expelled it out and went to the bathroom.
I was asleep even as she reached the door.
Next day morning everybody was refreshed and in jovial mood.
After tea and breakfast we went on a site seeing tour. We returned in the evening had something to eat and were ready for another session of fucking.
I had seen Munir’s lund fucking Vani’s chut, twice. I could not forget the scenes. For the whole day long the image of Vani’s pussy being pounded by Munir’s lund alternating with that of my lund disappearing into Nisi’s chut played like a cinema show on the screen of my mind. My lund as a result remained semi erect all along. By evening I was fit to climb a wall, I could not wait to fuck my dear wife.
Accordingly when we reached the rooms I dragged Vani by her waist and threw her on the bed. By the time she uttered one word my lund was kissing the cervix of her uterus. Surprisingly her vulva was wet enough to ease the entry of the lund.
Munir and Nisi looked on without doing anything till they saw my lund drilling Vani’s chut. Nisi then made the bold move of grabbing Munir’s lund. It appeared that Munir was just waiting to see Nisi’s reaction to our fucking. He did not require second invitation. Soon they were also engaged into serious fucking.
I must admit that fucking that day turned out to be extremely pleasant to both me and Vani, second only to our first fuck of our wedding night. After our mutual orgasm I slumped down on the soft body of Vani without withdrawing the lund from her pussy. After some time when it started wilting Vani worked miracle on it by her fluttering chut and within seconds I was as good as new. The second fuck lasted longer and second orgasm proved to be more intense. This time I had to withdraw because my lund and her pussy were highly sensitized, when I went to bathroom my lund could not tolerate the touch of my fingers.
Munir and Nisi had similar session, as they told us over the dinner. Nisi said, “Jiju, are you forgetting something?”
I asked, “Like what?”
“It has something to do with your cock.”
I suddenly remembered and said, “Oh. You want to see my uncircumcised lund. Right?”
Nisi assisted by Vani forced me flat on the bed. Both the girls played with my limp cock pushing the foreskin up and down over the head. Nisi kissed the tip and said, “Kitana pyara hai?/ (How lovable it is?)”
Delicate ministration by those fingers had predictable effect on the lund: it became fully erect in no time. Nisi exclaimed,” Wow, how big it is? Now it looks simply majestic. Haay haay Didi,mein munh men le lun? (Oh oh Sister, shall I take in my mouth?)”
Vani before replying turned around looking for Munir. He was there, right behind her holding in readiness his thick erect cock.
Vani said, “Go ahead Nisi, he is all yours. I have here an equally magnificent cock to suck on.”
There followed a period of most delicious half an hour during which the girls gave us excellent blow jobs. Nisi did it in traditional way of keeping me on the bed and bobbing her head up and down on the lund held high while Vani knelt on the floor in front of Munnir right near my head.
Munir was holdingVani’s head in his hands and was fucking her mouth with slow strokes. Her mouth was wide open and she had put out her tongue so that sensitive under surface of the head was gliding over it. Every few strokes Munir pushed the lund deep down in her throat till she gagged. However gagging did not deter Vani from taking the lund deep, she seemed to relish it. Both the girls later on told us that feeling of the thick lund in the mouth and deep down in the throat was as exciting as deep vaginal penetration.
On my part Nisi was licking slobbering sucking and milking my lund. She deep throated herself after every few moments of sucking.
Suddenly Munir stopped as if frozen in mid air. Almost whole of his lund was pulled out, only the head was gripped by her lips like a cork in a bottle. Munir threw his head backward and climaxed uttering a prolonged Aaaaahhh. I could see his lund twitching and shooting semen in her mouth. She shuddered in her climax and received the load without spilling a drop from her mouth.
As soon as he withdrew she let out a big load of Munir’s semen from her mouth. Munir held his turgid and wet lund in his hand, squeezed out the last drops of his semen and rubbed the head on Vani’s mouth. She opened her lips and ran them on the glistening surface of the head, Thick strands of semen mixed with her saliva hung between the lund and her mouth and dripped down on her breasts. She looked upwards into Munir’s eyes and smiled. Munir lifted her up and kissed her swollen lips wet with his own semen. Reluctantly he released her to go to the bathroom.
Nisi and I were intently watching the love play between Munir and Vani even as I was fucking Nisi in her mouth. When Vani went to the bathroom Nisi pulled my lund out of her mouth much in advance of my ejaculation. She continued caressing it by licking stroking and squeezing and led me to a wonderful climax. finished the job using her fist directing my jet on to her chest. She held my lund and used it to spread the semen on to her nipples and areolas and bring herself to a climax.
Sweet sleep claimed all four of us. I had Nisi with me, Munir had Vani; all naked. We fucked and slept, woke up, fucked some more and slept again.
After two days of frolicking and fucking in every other way we returned to Kanaara looking forwards to many sessions of cross fucking. But the fate had surprise waiting for us.
There was a letter from our Regional Office. It praised in no uncertain words my professional success in the field. Then it offered me a five per cent raise in my salary with immediate effect provided I accept immediate transfer to Kantavadia.
Where in the heck is this Kantavadia, I wondered. 

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