Enjoying my sexy servant

I was a sex starved guy till last December. Staying in a rented accommodation and preparing for competitive here in Delhi. I used to masturbate almost every day often two three times a day. I get a hard on very quickly as you find lots of hot chicks around in Delhi.

But they are selfish. they just show their curves, cleavages, buttocks and make you hot. But are not generous enough to share their cunt with us. Last December my room mates went home and I was all alone. My dick was as hard as an iron rod even after masturbation.

so I was standing in balcony in 2nd floor and cursing my fate. Then I saw the young but married maid who works in our neighborhood passing by. She was there in my fantasy couple of times as she is attractive. Though a maid she is beautiful with a nice and fuckable physique.

Her age is around 26, mothered a child 2 years back and stays in nearest slum with his bihari husband. I called her in the pretext of offering her work. We never hire maids before. I thought what’s wrong in making a try. she came upstairs. I told her to come inside.

I asked her how much she charges for cooking, cleaning utensils and cleaning rooms. she told she doesn’t do it for bachelors staying together as there is lot of work but little pay. then she asked how many of us staying in the room.

I was not in a mood to talk with her as I have no intention in hiring her for the work. She is a clever and smart lady and could get my intention it seems. Then she asked me for some water to drink and I told her to sit in the sofa. I gave her water and sat besides her.

Then I put my hand on her thighs. She didn’t react. so I moved forward and kissed her. I started moving her hand throughout her body on her dress. She was not even reacting. I got frightened up. Then I asked whether she likes this. She replied me in eyes.

It was for the first time that I got the opportunity to touch a woman like this. I was too hot. I got confused what to do, where to start. She was sitting still with all her dresses on. then I pressed her boobs and started exploring her cunt.

She holds my hands and told not to touch it as she was in her periods. I got disheartened as I feel I am losing a chance to fuck. I was pressing her boobs and freed it from the clutch of her bra. By that time she removed my shorts and was playing with already hard dick.

I asked her whether I can fuck her cunt. She told it is no possible now but will make me happy. She was playing with my dick so nicely that I had cum there standing besides her. She teased me for this early cum and told she feels the rich and educated people don’t cum so soon.

I told her that want to see her completely naked. She removed all her clothes and also napkins (for her period) and also made me completely nude. I had a hard on again. We slept on the floor facing each other and She took my dick between her thighs and squeezed it

and told me to hump. I have enjoyed that thigh fucking and had a cum. This time little longer. Then I asked her if I could pay her for this. She kissed me and told me that I need not pay in money and want to fuck me instead in future.

She told she will come after four days and to get ready by noon. Another condition was that nobody should get the trace of this. It was different kind of feeling that day and I have been things about her body all these days. She finally came.

We had a great fucking session till afternoon. I had cum three times. I can’t narrate all my feelings. She is so smart, so sexy a lady you can’t imagine. She has so many sexual fantasies. She doesn’t like to have it with his husband. She made me a slave of her cunt.

I had to change my room and rented a single accommodation. We used to have sex at least twice a week and it’s always wild. She often ties towels or chunri on eyes and fuck me blindfolded. She has some wonderful believes.

She never allows a single drop of cum on earth. She either gulps it or has it in her pussy. She is so creative… you just can’t imagine. I never had any masturbation in last six months.

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