Encounter with my friend`s Wife

I am Shiva from Bangalore i am very slim and i m used to porn and sex. I love sex very much. I had lot of sex experience in my life which i m gonna share here one by one. First i want to share an experience of my encounter with my friend’s wife.My friend Gokul and his wife Sowmya are married for the past 3 years. They are happy couples. I always used to fantasize and masturbate Sowmya. Sowmya has been fucked by me in my dreams more than 1000 times. I’m sure that even Gokul would have not fucked her that much time.Sowmya looks very sexy and her figure is 36 28 36.I always used to visit their house and have some drinks in weekends. One day when i went there at evening they told that they have planned to go to theme park the next day and they invited me too. I also agreed to go with them and stayed there along with them that night. Sowmya was hot with a blue silky nighty. Her body was so soft and the nighty just showed me her structure and her body through the nighty that made me hornier and my cock was just making a tent in my pant. I was hardly trying to cover the tent by having a pillow on my lap till my dinner.Around 1 p.m. I just went to the kitchen to drink some water and i heard some noise when crossing their room. I was sure that they are having sex so my devil mind told me to just peep in. I just went and saw through the key hole and found Gokul was fucking her very hard but she was just opening her leg and lying without any expression.On seeing that sight i removed my shorts and started to stroke on seeing my sexy dream girl naked. After 10 mins he just lied next to her i came to a conclusion that he has finished. Now Sowmya got up and switched off the lights. I thought the game was over and i planned to take my shorts and go back to my room but i was shocked when the door opened.I saw her naked and she saw me masturbating. We both were shocked and i was feeling awkward. She just opened her mouth in shock and closed the door and she saw my cock. She said “what is this Shiva. Don’t you have any sense you are peeping the privacy of your best friend. I did not expect this from you”.I was feeling ashamed i don’t know what to say. Now she saw my cock and she said “you are really big down than my husband.”I asked her “what do u mean?” She touched my cock and she was just stroking slowly very slowly. She said “my husband fucks me daily but he is very small and he is not at all satisfying me”.Now i got some courage and said “you can try me baby”.Now she bent down and kissed my cock head. When she was kissing her mangalsutra was hanging around her neck. She was now sucking my cock so softly and her tongue was just rotating in my cock that was making me hotter. She was giving me a good blowjob. I just told her that I’m gonna cum now she started to suck hard and she gagged my cock so that when i shot the load of cum it just went to her throat.After that i made her to sit on the kitchen slab and i opened her leg and now i was just eating her pussy. She was shouting she was holding my hairs and was pushing my head towards her pussy and said that “Gokul has never done this to me mmm mm sssss yeahhhh fuck meeeeee……”.I couldn’t believe the word fuck me. I was just eating her pussy. She was getting so hot and now she said mmmmm sssssssssssssss hhmmmmm mhhmm yeaahhhhhh and now a gush of her cum was leaked.Now she again took my cock and started to blow. Now my cock was erect and i made her to stretch her leg again on the slab and inserted my dick inside her pussy. It was really tight and i was inserting my 8 inch cock inside her pussy. I was just fucking her and she opened her leg and she was just screaming. Her husband would not be hearing it as he was in deep sleep.I was fucking her really hard and hard she was just putting her nails mark on my back. My cock was just entering inside like a piston. After 15mins of hard fucking she had 2 orgasms and now i was about to cum and she said that “come on cum inside me please my wimp husband was not able to satisfy me. I want cum and your baby comes on; make me pregnant.”After hearing this i was not able to control i just leaked all cum inside her pussy. We both were sweating and we were very hot. Now she got down from the slab and sat in the dining table chair and she told that “this is the first time i m experiencing a fuck. My husband never does that. You are a real man and i need your cock every day.I said “i m ready my dream queen.” after that we had 2 session till morning and then she got pregnant with my baby.After 10 months she gave birth to a baby girl. Her husband was thinking that it was his baby but only I and Sowmya know the truth.

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