electrician Soman

Vijay was asked to report at their Mumbai office to attend a conference with all data of the business they did this year. This is the first time Vijay is attending the conference after his promotion and he was very nervous. His ticket was booked for the morning flight for the next day. He brought his laptop home and was working on his figures for the whole evening.

Suma, his wife called for dinner at 9 pm and he ate a hurried dinner. She wanted to have sex, but obviously he was not in a mood for sex. She was only 23 and had a magnificent figure and her physical demands were just natural for a person of her age. She wanted it daily if possible.

But Vijay who was just 26 and had a good healthy body could satisfy her but now because he was preoccupied with his official work he could not take his mind off and his trip to Mumbai was very important for his further career. After dinner they went to bed, but the fan was not working. It was sultry and without fan it was difficult to get some sleep for both of them.

“You are going away and how am I to get an electriciian for repairing the fan” said Suma. Vijay said “dont worry I will ask make arrangements before I go to the airport, or I will call him from the airport and see something is done.” On the way to the airport he called the electric shop owner, who was his friend, to send an electrician home to repair the fan.

In the morning, Soman, the electrician came to the shop for some purchase and the shop owner told him to the house of Vijay and see what was the problem with the fan. Soman said “I am sorry, I am busy now, I will go in the afternoon or tomorrow positively” The shop owner insisted that he should go then and there and look at the fan, because Vijay sir, is his friend and a good customer.

Reluctantly Soman who was just wearing a lungi, put on his work shirt and took his tools, tester lamp, screw driver and a cutting player, wrapped them in some news paper and cycled to the house of Vijan sir, as per guidance of the shop owner. The problem with Soman is that he is too short in height. His 5 ft height does not impress his customers and they dont give him the respect he deserve.

When Soman rang the bell of the house of Vijayan sir, a young lady, may be his wife, opened the door and gave him a look of just annoyance. He said he had come to look at the fan. She said who are you and I have not seen you before. Soman told her that it is as per the instructions of Vijayan sir, who was on the way to the airport he came.

She immediately allowed him to come in and guided him to the bedroom. She told him that the fan is not working. She was amused at the short height of Soman and wondered how he will reach the ceiling to check the fan. Soman tried the switch, but the fan was not working. Somen asked whether she has any ladder so that he may climb and check the fan.

She said she does not have any ladder. He asked for a chair and a stool. She showed him a wooden stool and gave him a plastic stool. He folded the bed and placed the chair on the cot and positioned the stool on the top and checked whether it gave the required height for him to check the fan. But the chair was shaky.

He asked Suma, “chechi, please hold the chair and the stool so that I may climb on them. Most probably I may have to bring the fan down, for which I will unscrew the leaves one by one. You have to hold the chair so that it will not shake” She agreed, he tucked his lungi into half and climbed on the chair and then on the stool to reach the fan.

He had to stand on his toes to reach the fan. He held the leaf with one hand and with the screwdriver in the other hand was trying to unscrew the nut holding the leaf. In the meantime Suma was looking up holding his stool with both hands. Wow, what she saw was astonishing. The cock of Soman of 8 inch size was dangling with the ball pouch.

The fellow has not worne any underwear and his assets were revealing. Not only in length but its girth also was huge. She felt shy to watch a male organ. But she has to keep an eye on Soman who is balancing on his toe to unscrew the leaf of the fan. The cock was about three feet away from her eyes. In limp condition it showed such a huge size.

What will be the size when it gets erect, wondered Suma. Her life was centered around the 5 inch cock of her husband Vijayan. With lengthy and deep foreplay and oral sex and all he used to make her get climax. But there always was something deficient. Nowadays the frequency of sex also was less and she had to ask for it. But he used to be very busy and never used to concentrate on sex.

On many occasions he used to go limp during sex and she had to take it out and give a blow job to make it erect again. But with such a 8 inch cock how much pleasure Soman would be giving to his wife. Soman called her to bring her attention, he askedd what are you looking at, take this leaf and put it on the floor he said. He was sitting on the stool and his hand was stretched with the fan leaf.

But his cock was so close that it almost touched her face. Suma got back to hold the stool and Soman slowly got up and started to work on the second leaf. In the meatime, to her utter shock, his lungi was getting loosened and was just falling down. May be because he was holding back his abdomen muscles to stretch himself to reach the fan. The lungi fell on her face.

She shouted what is this, Oh. Soman said “Sorry, chechi, really sorry, my hands are dirty and now I cannot come down to tie the lungi. Just a little time more, please bolt the door so that no outsider will come and see me in this condition.” Suma remembered she did not bolt the door.

She left the stool and went and bolted the door and came back, to see Soman stading stark naked and looking at her. He apologized and she stood holding the stool and saw his cock in seme erect condition and pulsating and dangling. Every small movement of Soman made his cock to wobble widely. Suma saw it in full size and glory.

Cock slightly bent downwards and was getting fuly erect. The skin was slightly receded and the front aperture was clear. Soman when he looked down at Suma, he could see her cleavage which made him horny and his cock was erect. Suma was already very much aroused and her panty was dripping. Soman brought down the second leaf and gave it to her.

He was squatting on the stool so that she may come back and hold the stool to enable him to stand up. She saw the cock closely, all its bulged veins and smoothness of the skin. She just wanted to touch it, but Soman got up and started to work on the third leaf. This he did fast, becaue he tilted the fan and removed the leaf and brought it down and gave it to Suma.

But her eyes were fixed on his cock which was by this time fully erect. Instead of going for the leaf, her hands went to touch his cock. Soman was amused. He extended his cock to her and told her “See his taste, chechi, just see how he tastes” Suma opened her mouth wide and guided his cock into her mouth but she could not take it in her mouth because it was too big for her mouth.

Soman said, “wait chechi, let me come down and I will show you how to taste this fellow, please take this leaf and put it on the floor, let me bring the fan down” Somen tilted the fan and unhooked from the ceiling and bent low and placed it in her hand asking her to put it on the floor. It was heavy.

But by that time he climbed down from the stool and asked Suma to show her the bathroom since his hands were very dirty. Her hands were also dirty and they both went to the bathroom. He and she were washing their hands with soap, he asked her to wash his cock also since it had black marks on it. Suma, willingly applied soap on the cock and poured mugful of water and cleaned it.

Soman was walking naked and Suma was in her saree. They both reached the bedrom, they removed the chair and the stool, unfolded the bed and spread the sheet on it and then he said, chechi, please remove your saree. As she was removing her saree, he unhooked her blouse and bra. He undid her petty coat and she was just in her wet panty.

He just pushed her down and rubbed his cock on her face and asked her to open her mouth. Suma kissed the cock and opened her mouth wide. No, it could not go in. He asked her to lie down in the bed. She was naked and lied in the bed across. Soman just lied on her and took her nipple in his mouth and sucked it while his one hand was squeezing the other boob.

Her boobs were large and hard and the nipples were erect. Soman sucked the nipples alternatively. Suma tried to reach for his cock. She just asked him to rub his cock on her pussy. Soman stood up holding his erect cock in his right hand opened the cunt lips with the left hand and rubbed the tip of the cock from bottom to top.

Suma took the cock in her hand and rubbed it where she wanted it to be rubbed. Soman wanted to lick and such her cunt. But she said just put it in. She opened her legs wide and opened her cunt lips with her hand and asked him to fuck her. Soman put the tip into the hole and pushed it in, but it was not going in. He asked her to get some oil, any oil, for lubrication.

She ran to the table and brought some coconut oil. Soman applied the oil on the cock and some into her hole and then put the tip at the entrance and pushed it in. In one stroke about 2″ went in and in the second push half of the cock went in. But was very painful to both of them. It has never stretched to this extent ever for her and the foreskin was giving him too much pain.

But somehow he pushed and pushed, he pulled back and again pushed and finally his whole 8″ went in and tight fitted in her cunt. Tears were flowing from her eyes. Keeping it tightly in her cunt, Soman just lied on her and licked his nipples and gave her some pleasure. The pain subsided and then he slowly pulled back and again pushed it in.

She said it is ok, pain is very much less, start fucking slowly. Soman started to fuck slowly. The tightness was both pleasurable and painful for both of them. Slowly he increased his speed and asked her to say when she reaches her climax. She reached her climax within 15 minutes and he could feel her vaginal muscles pulsating. But he went on fucking.

The pain is very much reduced and she was enjoying very much by moaning loudly. By another 20 minutes she had her second climax. She looked into his eyes and asked him what about you. He said I will take some more time. It took another 20 minutes for both of them to reach climax.

He pumped into her huge amount of his fluids and she could feel that it goes directly into her uterus. Slowly he withdrew is cock which had not lost its erection. Both of them went to the bathroom and cleaned themselves. She said she did not have her bath and she will bathe and come. He said I also did ot take bath, let us bath together.

Both the naked bodies embraced each other and stood under the shower. Suma felt she never enjoyed sex as much as that day. Her cunt was paining. She applied warm water. She poured warm water on the cock of Soman. The lied in the tub and she tried to ride on him.

Soman was surprised that this woman is so crazy over sex. His cock entered her again and she was fucking him from top. Within 15 minutes both of them reached climax. She embraced him tightly in gratitude for giving her so much of pleasure. They got up, she wiped his body with a towel and wiped her own body and she wore a nighty and he went for his lungi and shirt.

Time was noon and she asked him to take food with her. She gave him her own preparation of food. He enjoyed it very much. He said he wll just go and give the fan for repairs and bring another fan as an alternative. The insatiable lust of Suma and Soman found expression on the day and night of the following two days. They did not sleep in the night.

They went on fucking in all poses. Suddenly Suma remembered it was one of her unsafe days. Perhaps his seed would have been impregnated in her. But who cares. They enjoyed fucking. But Vijan was expected on the following day. Soman asked him whether he will have to go when her husband comes. She told him to come during day time.

Soman asked her to introduce him to any of her friends so that he may do some business for livelihood. She gave him the telephone numbers of two of her friends and warned Soman that he should not go on fucking all the ladies, but come back to her only for fucking.

Vijayan came and was very busy as usual. He went to office and came home late. In the meantime Soman came and fucked Suma to their heart’s content. He went to the houses of the friends of Suma, but that is another story.

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