Elder Sister Ki Chudai

Hello friends,This is Prasad from hyderabad. This incident happened on 1-1-2008. I am aged about 38 married with 1 kid. I have an elder sister who is about 43 married but does not have kids. On Jan 1 i went to her house to convey new year greetings. As i wanted to give her a surprise i entered her house from the back side as i peeped inside what i saw was mind blowing..my sister was standing under the fan wearing only a petticoat and blouse and enjoying the fan breeze and squeezing her breasts and moaning to herself. I kept watching and i did not know what to do. Slowly she started to rub her pussy from above the petticoat i could see the petticoat tucked between her big buttocks. Then she opened her blouse and turned around and put on a nightie. She was not wearing any bra but i could only see her fleshy white back. Then i knocked the back door. She came and opened the door and her fist question was how long have you been here and why did you come from this sid I said i wanted to give her a surprise so this side,. Then i slowly said its about 10 minutes i came here. She was looking puzzled and did not say anything. I asked her about her husband she said he is gone to vizag on business trip in the morning flight. Then she asked me what i brought for her new year gift ? I said i would like to give you a good kiss. She said ok do it I said not here i want to kiss you in the bed room. As we walked into the bedroom she said ok now kiss me fast. I said not so son first go and lock the door from the front side and put a lock on so that people would think you are not at home. She asked me why ? I said you want your gift or not ? She did accordingly and came into the bedroom which was very much dark as she had maroon colored curtains on. She put her hands on her hips and said ok if you kiss me fast i will go and make tea for you. I removed her hands from her hips and made her hug me and said hug me tight and i also hugged her very tight and kissed her cheeks and then her eyes nose neck and slight licked her ears and placed my lips on her lips and said do you like your new year gift. Then suddenly i got courage and said i will want to see you happy and i will do what ever it takes to see a smile on your face. Then i said i had watched her acts under the fan. She just clung to me and said prasad dont tell to anybody please. I said you did nothing wrong to go tell others . During talking to her i placed my hands as though unintentionally on her buttocks and then started massaging and pressing her soft bouncy bums. She did not object i said akka i love you.
She said she always knew that. During the course of talking to her i pulled up the night along with the petticoat up and i understood there is no panty inside her petticoat. I pulled the nightie up to her waist and placed my hands on her naked buttocks. She said please it is not right. I said nothing is right and nothing is wrong if i want to see my sister happy. I said if you allow me to do it.I want to fuck you She was speechless and looked into my eyes. Her naked bums in my both hands then i said you want to get fucked i know that just forget i am your brother and think i am your lover. Then i said and told her how i fucked sujatha my brother’s wife. Sujatha and my sister are very good friends. I told her nothing is wrong in being happy. Rajesh is not able to fuck her so i am fucking her. Your husband looks not too good at sex so i want to satisfy your sex hunger. Then she admitted, he is a very loving husband giving her everything in life except sex. He had told her to get a boy friend and have sex but to keep it a secret. Anyway i did not agree as i was afraid of our family values. So i am living like this only. I turned her around and found she was still not really willing. Then i told her let us change names. I will become your husband dinesh and you become my wife anjali. She was surprised and said how the hell you know all this dinesh? Then i said i will tell you later on. Anjali darling you are fabulous today. I want to enjoy each and every part of your body. Dinesh after so much of time you have come ……….. Please Dinesh…..immediately i disrobed her and made her stark naked in the bed room. I opened all my clothes and my 8 inch dick in all its glory was staring at her bushy cunt. She kept her eyes closed and still trying to do some resisting. I put on the tube light and made her forcibly open her eyes and look at my dick… She was pleased to see it then i started to kiss her passionately and kissed her from the hair on her head to her feet and all the while took her name as anjali. Ultimately i knelt on the floor looking up gave a kiss on her cunt and started to lick her pussy. She was aghast and taken aback and said what is this you are doing. I said let me do this for some time you will want me to do it again darling. I said please then she agreed. I was surprised to her juices flowing right upto her knees and went on licking the juices and after a good lick of her pussy i pushed anjali on the bed and spread her legs to invite my dick. I asked her to use some vulgar language and she went on saying Dinesh nannu dengu raaa please dengu raa lanja koduka please dengu raaaaaa. I said i liked it and it helped my keep my erection. It was a bit difficult but i managed to send the entire 8 inch cock into her cunt amidst her aaaah and ooohs and crying of pain. Then i did the in and out rythm in the missionary position and in 3 minutes i came in her cunt. She went into the bath room and washed her self she was about to put on her nightie. I told her that wont be necessary. The house is locked from outside and we are inside. She said she wanted to make tea. I told her today you do all your works normally but without clothes. She was taken aback but as i told her i wanted to see her bouncing buttocks in all their glory and see her every inch of curves move about then she agreed and tied her hair in one round bun and went to the kitchen i was flirting with her all the time touching her bums mostly and pressing them. As she was making tea i knelt and went for her cunt in the kitchen and she reached an orgasm and again i licked it offff completely and once the tea was ready i was sipping tea in the kitchen and she was sucking my cock in her mouth. We had a fast lunch (Bread omelette) and then again into the bedroom. This time she put on a DVD (Pleasures of the flesh Part V) and wanted to get fucked like that on the sofa. After fore play in the bedroom we went to the living room and had sex like that on the sofa. She was really satisfied and said i really made her happy. I fucked her again 2 rounds and in the evening at about 5 PM we had a bath together. After the bath it was one more round of 69 position on the bed. Now i take her out to outings to resorts etc., and try to put her on display and the attention her body gets i love to see it. I know one thing for sure with this fuck is that I love and am good at fucking and making love to women between 43 to 60. Any women in hyderabad in this age group can send me a mail (Younger women excuse but its alright if you have heavy bums). My email id is prasad_komakula@yahoo.co.in Thanks for your time best of fuck…..

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