Dr.Roy’s ‘Treatment’ For Kiran

The next morning in Kolkata – Kiran was waiting at the visitor’s area of the private chambers of Dr. Roy. Dr. Roy was a famous counselor who deals with psychiatric problems. She had taken a prior appointment, and was fifteen minutes early for it. While she waited, she rehearsed in her mind what she wanted to say, and what she thought she should hide.
Off late she had been staying really upset. The guilt of cheating on Gautam had been very hard to bear, and that made her very absent minded. It was later when her mother advised her to visit a counselor that she gave it a thought. Though her mother didn’t knew what was upsetting her, she had simply given her the advice to get sorted whatever the matter was.
Initially Kiran had felt it a little absurd to talk to an outsider about her problem. But later she thought better of it, and decided to meet the counselor for whatever relief he could provide.
“Mrs. Chatterjee?” a voice woke her up from her thoughts. And as she looked up, she saw a young lady, probably the doctor’s assistant, calling out her name.
“The doctor will see you now” she said and then led her inside the chamber.
It was a small and cozy chamber. The assistant led her inside and then left them together. Dr. Roy, a man in his late forties, looked up at her and then greeted her with a broad smile. “Kiran, right?” he asked, “come, have a sit, be comfortable” he added.
And as Kiran sat on the plush chair in-front of the desk, the doctor took a notepad out and started scribbling something. He started by asking a few general questions, like her name, whether she was married, whether she used to work or not, etc. pretty general questions, and he scribbled those down on the notepad.

“So tell me, what brings you here?” he asked after fifteen minutes of general question answers.
“Actually doctor… actually I am having a problem… an issue actually… sort of a dilemma you can say” Kiran hesitated. She couldn’t find the words or courage to speak about her problem boldly.
The doctor realized her hesitation, and so he put down his pen, and then stood up from his chair and came across towards her. “Come, let’s be comfortable first” and then he led her towards a set of couch at the corner of the room.
“Let me tell you, the relationship between a doctor and his patient is just like a relation between a lawyer and its client. You must not hide anything. However difficult it may, you must tell everything. Knowing everything is very important to find the cure to its problem” he told her in an assuring tone. “Now lean back, close your eyes, and open yourself up” he added.
Kiran leant back, and then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She felt a bit relaxed now and slowly started finding words to narrate her situation. “Doctor, I had actually cheated on my husband a few months ago, I didn’t mean it, and it was an accident but then I couldn’t control it…” and she started narrating about her affair with Reddy.
Dr. Roy pretended to listen to her patiently. He was more interested in checking her out than to listen to her story. Since the moment he had seen her entering his chamber, he was awed with her figure and appearance and developed a sudden desire of getting close to her. And her story, the reason why she was there, gave him an excellent opportunity to get close with her.
Listening to her story, as much he could, he realized how naïve she was and quickly decided how he can come as close to her as that lucky Reddy of her story was. And when Kiran completed her story, he again pretended to be the keen listener who was analyzing her issue all this time.
“I don’t think there is anything for which you should be guilty” he said, once she had completed narrating. “Actually this is quite common in today’s world, there is really nothing to feel guilty of” he added, still thinking how he can make her get into a similar situation with him.
“Now, to help you with your guilt, I need to know what actually happened with Reddy on that first day, so that I can understand what you exactly felt, and whether it was natural” He said, “I want you to lean back, close your eyes and then think about that day, and tell me exactly what had happened” and Kiran did exactly what he asked her to do.
Dr. Roy: “So where was your husband that day?”
Kiran (eyes closed and body leaned on the couch): “He was away on an official tour”
Dr. Roy: “OK, and then how did this Reddy approached you?”
Kiran: “He didn’t, actually often my breasts get full with milk, due to the birth of our child, and I often end up needing to squeeze some of it out manually”
Dr. Roy looked at her huge breasts, they looked so inviting, and oozing with milk. He imagined himself suckling and licking them.
Kiran: “That day too, as I was in the gym, I felt the hardness and pain developed at my breasts. At first I ignored it, but soon it became unbearable. So much that I almost crumbled in pain, Reddy noticed it and came to my help”
Dr. Roy: “How? What did he do?”
Kiran: “I told him that I needed to be alone, and he took me to the massage room. At first he thought that I was suffering from some muscle tear, and asked whether he could help. And I was in so much pain that I needed an instant relief too.”
Dr. Roy: “So you let him help? And how?”
Kiran (took a deep breath): “I told him that I need his help to drain some milk from my breasts. Then I took off the clothes myself so that he can squeeze some of the milk out of my breasts”
Dr. Roy started at her breasts greedily, he imagined how those would look without the top she was wearing. He realized that he had already developed a hard on, and would need to fuck her at any cost.
Dr. Roy: “Ok what happened then?”
Kiran: “He… he started pressing my breasts, with both of his hands, squeezing the milk of my breasts”, she too had started feeling a little aroused, the rapid rise and fall of her breasts was evidence of her condition.
Dr. Roy: “Hmmm…. Then?”
Kiran: “Then he pressed and fondled my breasts for some time. And by the time I felt relieved from the pain, I was taken over by a much deeper passion, and craved for his touch”
Dr. Roy looked at her and realized that she too was slowly getting aroused. It made him feel a little bolder and he sat closer to her.
Dr. Roy: “So you craved for more, when he started massaging your breasts? How exactly did he touch you? Like this?”, and Dr. Roy suddenly placed his hands on her breasts and started pressing them.
Kiran was startled but she didn’t open her eyes. She couldn’t protest either, but spoke feebly. “What are you doing doctor? This is not right”, she said but very feebly. She was so aroused at that moment that she actually needed someone to touch her.
Dr. Roy: “I am just trying to understand what you felt exactly” and he continued pressing her breasts, now boldly as she didn’t protest much.
Kiran: “ummmmpppphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, she started moaning. She was already slightly aroused, and now Dr. Roy was making matters worse for her.
Dr. Roy: “And then? What did he do next?”
Kiran: “He… mmmfffffffffff… he then started sucking my breasts… my nipples became very hard from the attention, and he started licking and sucking those”.
And then Dr. Roy slowly pulled her top upwards, revealing her tummy and then her bra-clad breasts. He took it off her body completely, and Kiran didn’t protest. And then he removed her bra as well. For a moment he looked at her huge breasts greedily and then held them in his hands and started pressing.
Her nipples were erect, just as she had told they were during her first encounter with Reddy. And Dr. Roy leaned forward and started brushing them with his tongue.
Dr. Roy: “Like this?”
Kiran: “Mmmmmmmmmmmm…. Yessssssssssssssssssss”, she took a deep breath. Her breasts rising high, pushing them more towards him and he started sucking them like a mad dog.
Kiran: “Ummmmmmmmmm… yessssssssssssss… oooo yessssssssssssssss” she moaned.
Dr. Roy then slowly ventured towards her crotch, with his free hand. Kiran still didn’t protest as he pushed his hand inside her jeans and slowly started feeling her vagina, from over her panties.
Dr. Roy: “And then? Did he touch your cunt?”
Kiran: “y… ye… yesssss… he pulled my pants open and then started rubbing his hands on my pussy”
Dr. Roy smiled and then he went down towards her legs, and then slowly pulled her jeans off her body. Kiran had got so horny that she didn’t stop him. There was already a wet spot on her panties, evidence of her condition. She simply kept her eyes closed and allowed him to do whatever he liked.
Dr. Roy looked at the wet spot on her panties and smiled. And not wasting any more time, he pulled it off her body as well. Kiran was now completely naked, half lying on the couch of the doctor she had just met.
Dr. Roy too, took off his clothes. His cock was already erect and throbbing. He wanted to fuck her from the moment he had laid his eyes on her. But he didn’t realize that it was going to be so easy. And now, she was lying naked, ready to do whatever he wished with her. And he stood right next to her, with his throbbing cock, and a burning lust.

Kiran had her eyes closed. She had come to Dr. Roy to cure her feeling of guilt, she thought it will be difficult to discuss about such stuff with a counselor. But she had never imagined how such a plain visit to the doctor can turn out to be so thrilling.
Dr. Roy, made her very comfortable to start with, and then insisted her to narrate what had happened between her and Reddy. He wanted to hear everything in minute details. Kiran tried to be as explicit as possible, and then slowly she became aroused herself.
Dr. Roy took advantage of the situation and started touching her here and there. He started with her breasts, and as she told him how Reddy had fondled her breasts, he too started fondling them in a similar way. Deprived of a sexual pleasure for some time now, Kiran was hungry for it and so she couldn’t protest when the doctor took unfair advantage of her.
Gradually he had stripped her naked, and she didn’t protested at all. And then he had taken off his own clothes and got ready to fuck her. And now Kiran was lying, all naked, on the couch. Her heart was beating faster, her chest was rising and falling rapidly, and her cunt was already beginning to get wet. But she kept her eyes closed, whatever hesitation she had, she didn’t want to stop him.
“Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” Kiran sizzled and her body wriggled as she felt the doctor’s fingers probing around her cunt. She bit her lips and tried not to moan loudly. But Dr. Roy was making it difficult by rubbing her cunt nicely with his fingers.
“Did he do anything like this?” he asked, while nicely playing with her cunt. Kiran didn’t open her eyes but waved her head sideways in reply. Dr. Roy smiled in satisfaction but he continued teasing her pussy. He was rubbing his fingers on the skin that kept her vagina closed.
Gradually he brought his second hand at work too. He slowly opened her cunt by spreading her Labia Minora with one hand and then started rubbing around her vaginal opening with the other hand. Often he rubbed his fingers on his own tongue to taste her pre cum juices. It also made his fingers more wet and gave Kiran an added degree of pleasure which made her feel so crazy.
“Ahhhhh…hhhhhh… aaaaaaaaaa… hhhhhhh… aaahhhhhhh”, though she tried hard not to moan, but it was impossible to keep shut. Dr. Roy knew exactly how to get a woman off, and he was doing the trick right by touching her at the correct spots. He knew which were the most sensitive part in the vagina, and was massaging those gently.
He had already put his middle finger inside her cunt, through her vaginal opening. And he was now slowly fucking her with his finger. “Ahhhhhhhh… Mmmffffffff… Ahhhhhhh… Mmmmmffffffffff… Ohhhhhhh”, and she continued moaning and breathing hard as it had become difficult to control herself.
“You have such a nice vagina, so smooth and wet” he said, still fucking her with his finger. “I know how to cure your problem” he added and smiled, “I will give you such a pleasure today, so that you will forget that Reddy forever” he said and then pushed her legs wider to open her cunt even more. And then he continued fucking her with his finger.
She was no longer in control of her own body. She wanted to surrender herself fully to the doctor, letting him do whatever he wished. She straightened her body as much she could, and then threw her head back and moaned as he continued fingering her and bringing her closer to the first orgasm.
“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww” Kiran suddenly whimpered and her entire body shook in excitement. Dr. Roy looked at her and smiled, he had touched her G-Spot. He was not only fucking her with his finger, but was also exploring her from inside, looking for the G-Spot. It is a slightly rough, mushy spot, compared to the rest of the soft and wet vaginal wall. And as soon as he touched it, a shock ran down her body.
“Now… Now I will make you come even more than what Reddy made you to” he said as he started massaging her G-spot now. “Nooohhhhh… nooohhhhh… noooohhhh” Kiran started moaning harder. She was already getting close to her orgasm, and now this sudden rub on her g-spot was making her slip towards it faster than she would have imagined.
Soon she lost all control of her body, and was dying to come. She felt as if she was going to piss, but it was actually her orgasm. She held her hands in tight fist and braced herself for whatever going to happen. Dr. Roy continued rubbing his fingers on her g-spot and measured the effect from her expressions. He knew how close he was and just went on rubbing that rough, mushy spot.
“Ohhhhh… OHHhhhhhhh… OHHHHhhhh… OHHHHHHHHHHHH” she moaned out loudly as juices began to flow out of her cunt, and as Dr. Roy continued stimulating her cunt and her G, she began coming like the slut she was.
He no longer had to keep her pussy spread with one hand, so he used it to grab her neck and then held her tightly to her place as he rubbed her cunt vigorously with the other hand. “Ahhhhhh… Ahhhhhh… Mmmmffffff… Ohhhhhhh” she continued moaning and coming. She had never come so much before, not even with Reddy as well. She felt like a complete bitch.
Dr. Roy continued stimulating her cunt for many minutes to follow, until she had come continuously and became dry again. The climate wasn’t very hot, yet she was soaked in sweat when he stopped. She was breathing hard and her chest was rising and falling rapidly. Her face had a strange glow, and she was blushing and had a shy smile on her lips. And she completely looked like the bitch that had been tamed to do whatever it was asked to.
He looked at her large cow udders, they were swelling and the nipples rock hard in excitement. There were already few droplets of milk, which was discharged when she came so hard. Dr. Roy immediately grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed it slightly. And immediately, tiny drops of milk started appearing on the nipple. He smiled and then leant forward to taste some of it.
Dr. Roy took one of her nipples in his mouth and then gently started sucking. He also squeezed that breast with his hand, and immediately felt a sweet tasting liquid pour out in his mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” he appreciated as he continued sucking and tasting more of that liquid – the milk from Kiran’s breast.
“Sssssssssss… uhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Kiran felt a churning effect in her body. She closed her eyes tightly, but Dr. Roy continued sucking her breasts. He was making her restless all over again. She had just come a lot, but yet again he was making her wet all over again.
All the embarrassment and the shyness had slowly disappeared, and Kiran started feeling so slutty with the immense pleasure she was given. She ran her fingers through his hairs, and started caressing his hairs gently, while he continued sucking her milk.
Dr. Roy switched between her breasts and continued sucking. He really enjoyed the sweet tasting milk of hers. Gradually Kiran too started feeling bolder, and started wanting more. And then when he had had enough of her milk, she pushed her back on the couch and went down on her knees to return some of the favour.
Dr. Roy smiled as he leant back at the couch, he was naked and his cock erect and hard. Kiran knelt in front of him, and she took his cock in her hand and slowly started stroking it. It wasn’t as big as Reddy’s, but at that moment she was horny and utterly hungry for a cock. And so she took it in her hand and started stroking it nicely.
She went closer to the cock, and its strong odor filled her up. She took a deep breath to fill that strong smell deep into her lungs. And then she started sucking its head. Kiran remembered that she had never liked giving a blowjob to Gautam, but then how all that changed and she enjoyed taking Reddy’s big cock in her mouth, and then suck it nicely. She remembered the strong smell of his cock, and though the doctor’s cock was not as big as his, yet it made her crazy as she continued sucking it.
“Ohhhhhh… ohhhhhh… ahhhhhh” it was the doctor’s turn to moan now. Though he enjoyed so much, but he made sure that he was not going too close to the climax. He wasn’t done with the treatment yet, and wanted to finish with a nice fuck. Kiran too didn’t wanted to finish without a nice fuck, and so when the doctor insisted, she stood up and lied back at the couch, and opened her legs nicely.
Dr. Roy positioned himself between her legs, his cock was already hard and soaked in her saliva, and was shining. She then spread her legs even more to let him get closer and deeper. Dr. Roy paused a little, to adjust his cock nicely against her cunt, and then he leant forward, hugging her and pushing his cock deep inside her.
Kiran bit her lips to endure the initial moment of pain, and then started moving her body along his to enjoy the enduring moments of pleasure. Dr. Roy hugged her tightly, kissing her neck and shoulder while he kept fucking her. And often he licked and sucked at her breasts too, tasting the sweet potion of her breast.
“Mmmmm… ohhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhh… sssssssss… mmhhhhhhhhh” Kiran was moaning. Dr. Roy continued fucking her hard and deep inside, he also continued sucking her breast in between, making her milk along with come. It didn’t take her long to reach her orgasm again. One she was being fucked, two she was being milked too, so she reached her orgasm very soon, and started coming again.
Dr. Roy felt himself overwhelmed with her juices, yet he kept his cock steadily inside her cunt, and continued fucking until he too reached his climax. But not before Kiran had had another orgasm. And this time both came together, like two mad lovers – lying on top of each other and coming like a mad dog and a slutty bitch.
They were both soaked in sweat and their own juices. Kiran had come to discuss about her feeling of guilt from her discreet relation with Reddy. But she didn’t realize that she was going to be cured so easily and so effectively. After cleaning themselves up, the doctor advised her for another follow up visit soon, to see if she was doing well.
Kiran looked at her and smiled. Something in her told him, that she will be back. She will be back sooner than he expects.

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