2months before my brother was married to divya ,she is very sexy with 34 30 36 figures she is 5.6 height,fair ,very sexy face.she was very friendly with me as she was my collegemate and was my senior.everything was going well and i didnt had any bad thoughts in my mind about her as she was a good friend to me more than bhabhi.recently my brother got job in canada and he left to canada living her alone here promising to take her soon once he got settled over there.

i and divya had ur rooms in first floor and my parents in ground floor she used to cum to my room for chatting with her husband through internet since the pc was in my room ,after chatting with her hubby she used to chat with me for sumtime casually and ask me how is the college now and about my gal friends as she knew everything about me.

after few days she used to cum to my room in the middle of the night saying tat she was not getting sleep and its boring she used to wake me up and start chatting with me since both of us didnt had any bad thoughts we used to sleep in same room sumtimes,but this made me too much uncomfortable cause i used to watch all pornsites and bluefilms and sumtimes do nude webcam with my galfriends at night .cause of my bhabi i started to miss all these and was not getting sleep at all .

i dont know wat happened she started to cum to my room daily to sleep this made me very uncomfortable even though i refuse she used to make sum pretext and slept in my room .tat day my friend had given me a new blue film i was very eager to watch it, but my bhabhi was sleeping in my room and i was very afraid to play it .but on other hand i was not able to control myself since i hadnt watched any bluefilm and masturbated from past 15 days so without my sense i started playing the movie ,forgot everything and was in my own world enjoying it i wanted to masturbate there itself but my bhabhi was sleeping so,after the movie was over i went to bathroom to masturbate .i masturbated twice thinking of tat movie and i came out and slept in bed soon with my bhabi .

i think after sum 15 minutes i heard sum loud moaning noises and shakes in my bed which woke me up i was shocked and lost my senses ,my bhabhi had removed her nighty,with her panty to her thighs and was fingering and rubbing her pussy very hard. she had closed her eyes and was enjoying she didnt knew tat i had woke up and was masturbating vigourusly i too could not control seeing tat i opened my cock out which was rock hard by this time. she had finished her session and had discharged her cum which i could see on her fingers and i could c a satisfied expression on her face she slowly opened her eyes with still her fingers doing its work slowly and was shocked to see me with my rock hard cock in my hand .at this point of time both of us lost ur senses and was shocked i broke the terror by just going over her hugged tightly,we both didnt speak a single word ,pulled her panty completly and started to kiss her on her lips she was still not aware of wat is going on.

first she resisted a bit by pushing me as i hugged her and was sitting in such a way tat my cock was touching her belly she too responded slowly by touching my cock slowly then she had totally melted to me she kissed on my lips we kissed passionately each other, i started to press her boobs through bra and she was playing with my cock i started to insert ,y hand inside her bra and my hand was moving through out her body exploring her inch by inch ,i removed her bra slowly and she stripped me naked within no time .she too was horny by this time.she asked me to suck her boobs slowly and i started to play with her nipples ,pinched them a bit she tried to scream i locked her lips with mine….pressed the other boobs with my left hand she moaned a lot………

she was continuelsy massaging my hard cock in the mean time,i licked her belly and slowly moved downwards and made her to spread her leags wow wat a site it was it was cleanly shaved pussy with pink clitors which wet as she had already ozzed her cum…i started to insert my fingers inseide her pussy started to give her finger fuck she was very hot and high by this time she ws bitting my lips and was running her fingers in my hair and was twiriiling in bed saying cum over me fuck me now she was begging me to fuck her but i wanted to take her still high so said u need to wait little more …….. she pulled my hand out of pussy and asked to suck her ……she pushed my face to her pussy and i started to lick the clitors slowly as i sucked her pussy wildly she forced and pussed my head and buried in her pussy and i began to explore her pussy deep inside with my tounge……..she said sh is cumming and within no time she cummed on my face and she hold my hairs pulled me up pushed to bed and came on top of me kissed me passionately again and started to lick my face ,kissed my chest and started to lick my nipples and then she atrated to kiss my neck and bit my ears, she moved down and started sucking my cock slowly she was a real bitch she sucked my cock in such a way.she sucked me for 10 minutes she licked it like a lolly pop from top to bottom she was very hungry and was taking it fully in her mouth she often sucked my balls and bite my cock tip and made me very uncontrablle she said its now turn to tease u my man she made me cum in her mouth and took it out and she rubbed it on her pussy and to boobs she was behaving like a slut……….

she said she cant wait anymore and pulled me on her she spread her legs and i slowly started to enter her it was very tight as my brother had fucked her hardly 5 times and it was very hot inside she guided me in slowly…..she was asking me to enter slow as it was paining her ………she used to moan a lot and was twirlling like a snke in bed as i was fucking her she hugged me tightly and her nails were diggin me ,after few moves my 8″long and 3″thick cock got the rythm and started to fuck her hard with my lips locked to her and my hands pressing her ass cheeks and slapping them after 25 minutes to hard fuck i reached climax and said her tat iam ready to cum shall i pull it out she said its ok i cummed deep inside her pussy ………..and i didnt take my cock out we were tired we kissed each other and slept hugging the whole night like tat only……..

my bhabi woke me up in the morning with coffe in her hand i smooched her and she served me coffee and said she loved wat happened last night and asked me to take my brothers place untill he returns to which i accepted the proposal with pleasure and now i fuck her daily night before sleeping like his husband ………..
how my brother came to know this
how we both do webcam for him 
how i gave her the child

well after that she went away smooching me i too got ready for college and went away wishing gudbye to everyone at home…..i just could not concentrate on my studies cause of the last night incident. now sexual desires on her started to grow ,whenever i closed my eyes her naked body would appear in front of my eyes and make my cock rock hard it was very uncomfortable ,i wanted to fuck her once again…so i gave a call to her cell to check wat she was doing, as soon as i heard her voice my cock began to grow ,i explained to her tat iam not comfortable and want to fuck her again she said she was busy preparing lunch for my parents and was expecting the call from me and will call u soon .

after 15 minutes she called to me and asked wat i was doing as i had no interest in going to class i just said iam in browsing centre watching sum pornsites she was angry and said ok cum to pvr we shall go to sum movie.she arrived there after half an hour and by that time i had taken the movie tickets .she had came to the movie with black jeans and black top with her hairs left on her shoulders she was looking damn sexy in that dress and her sweet perfume was arousing me too much .it was an english movie(a) we both entered the hall ,took the last row corner seat and the movie started we both didnt had any intention of watching the movie,as soon as the lights went off we both kissed each other passionately and ur lips locked for about 10 minutes…she was very busy in exploring my hard cock in my pant and me pressing her boobs .

soon she asked me too put her hands inside her top and to play with her nude boobs i obliged and to my surprise she wasnt wearing any bra this showed me she too was already preapred for the play i just started to press her boobs hard and she was moaning………. and my other hand was rubbing her pussy through her pants she slowly adjusted herself and removed the buttons and zip of her pant and pushed my figers inside ,it wasnt much trouble for me too explore her pussy and to enter inside it was already wet and hot i had the feeling that i had entered sum burning chambers .as soon as my fingers went inside her pusssy she tightened her holes and felt my fingers inside her .she hugged my fingers with her pussy clitors….

started to finger her slowly with one finger then with two and with three by this time she cummed in my fingers and i could see the satisfaction in her face.by this i understood that how much sex starved she was and my brother had not given her what ahe wanted and they both missed each other i sucked her boobs with her top on and she opened my trouser zip and inserted her hand into my briefs and was amazed to feel that i had my erection to my ultimate level since it was my first sexual act in public she opened my cock out completly and start to stroke it……it was rock hard and we both were breathing heavy and could feel the heat of each other ….she gave me a blowjob voluntarily and was sucking like a mad bitch ….i cummed in her mouth within 5 minutes without warning she had no other option she just drank my cum completly and gave a kinky smile …

there were other college gals sitting at the other end of the row and was watching all our action from the begining my bhabhi saw this and guided me to move to home as its no comfortable we both just passed in front of those gals they were goodlooking and they just exchanged the smile with my bhabhi ,and i was encouraged and manage to rub my hard cock to her face while moving in front of her, she replied by kinky look and waved hand to each other and moved out.went to a resturant had lunch togther and she promised to give me a nice fuck tonite.we moved to home in different vehicles

reached home and wished each other as if nothing had happened and we went to ur rooms and slept off i woke up in the evening my parents had gone to walk and my bhabhi was alone sitting on sofa and talking with my brother on phone i just went near her saw the number in caller id and decided to play with her right that moment…i just started to remove ur top bottons of her nighty she was not able to talk but was pushing me away and signalling me to wait and begging with her eye to go away but this made me very arousing i straight away pulled her to me pulled her bra aside and started to suck her boobs started to lick her nipples softly ..it straightened got erect wat a view it was milky white fleshy boobs with medium sized browmn nipples..she was trying a lot control her moans as her hubby would not get any doubt but as soon as i pinched her nipples she screamed and i locked her lips with mine and was squeezing her boobs she stopped talking and was enjoying now suddenly she pushed me back to sofa and started to talk with her hubby on phone.

he asked her why she screamed and was moaning he had already smelt a rat but bhabhi replied to him saying that as there was no one at home and was alone she was just fingering herself as she was horny by talking with him and convienced him ……………….
after she ended her call…..i told her that i have a fantasy of fucking her when she is on phone call with her hubby to which she refused first but later agreed ..immediately i gave her my mobile and she called to him my brother disconnected and called back to my mobile and they both were on line this made me very hot at that moment my cock was hard i removed all my clothes within no seconds and was naked in front of her she smilled at me and took my cock her hand started to carres it with her smooth hands. u know her kinky looks with her sharp eyes kills every man…she was showing her lust in that looks… she kissed my cock in pretext of kissing her hubby…this sluuty act of her made me very horny and i pulled her dress out she wasnt wearing any bra i started to suck her boobs and pinch her nipples mean while she was chatting with her hubby erotically and mentioned that she was fingering actually she was moaning to my sucking and boob massage.

i slowly moved downward removed her gown made her completly nude and made her to sit on my lap and started to kiss her neck ears and her chin with my hand exploring her boob and other encircling her belly and pussy region she began to moan louder my fingers started to rub her clitors and then slowly enter her hot hole…man u belive it r not its like entering sum iron furnace ..she was very horny and was pinching my thighs as she knows that i cant scream….**** which i slapped her thighs loudly and she gave a huge cry out……..slowly i started to finger fuck her mean while she was giving me a hand job and sum smooches to my lips we both were high at this point and very horny my bhabhi asked my brother to call later and kept the phone on sofa…
and i pulled her on to floor pushed my hard cock into her mouth she understood and gave a good blowjob…i tried to spread her legs and enter her pussy but she stopped and asked me to suck her this time she was behaving like a real slut she started to moan ur my man cum on suck me harish…….eat my pussy ..taste ur bhabhis hot pussy and was pressing my head with her head towards her pussy so that i such her deep hard…she screamed iam cumming and i sucked to cleaned her pussy well. we both were breathing heavily and was feeling the heating of others we wasted no time i entered her tight pussy slowly inch by inch and strated to move my hips this time she took was liftting her hips to my co ordination which helped my cock to go deep inside her …
slowly started to increase the pace and fucked her to my content for 30 minutes mean she took cummed manytimes and i came twice inside her pussy………we both were totally exhausted so we hugged and relaxed there itself on the floor for two minutes meanwhile she reveled the secret that she done the nude webcam with me before marriage and had fantasy of getting fucked by me..i was great fan of her round sexy ass and said have fantasy fuck ur ass hole to which she said u can do tat tonite ..

after relaxing for few minutes we both went to bathroom cleaned each other started to carres her and we both kissed each other again i asked her that i will take ur few nude pictures in mobile so that i can view it when u r away to which she nodded and i came outside to take my mobile.i was shocked to see that by mistake my bhabhi had not ended the call at all…my brother was online all this time and was hearing everything that we have talked and all moans of her wife when i was fucking her and all rubbish talks.now i got scared and eneded the call but didnt say anything to bhabhi ……i took the cell to bathroom and was ready to take her pictures when immedtly the cell began to ring again..it was my brother calling…. i took the phone and reached to bathroom she saw the number and received the call saying hai honey………..but was shocked to get the scoldings from my brother without stop he was continuesly scolding and abusong her …tears started to roll of her eyes ….i pretended as if i dont know anything and asked her why she was crying and why he is scolding her like that..**** which she said that ur brother suryaa has came to know about ur affair..and she disconnected the phone ………she was totally down and upset she started to cry and sat under the shower in bathroom itself..i couldnt see her in this stage i went near her sat on the floor next to her and appolized with her that this is all because of me and asked her to forgive..

to which she started to cry loudly and said it was accident and leave it i tried to console her by putting my hand on her shoulders and patted her she hugged me tightly and started to cry i could feel the softness of her boobs pressing to my chest but i was in no position to do anything to her we came out of bathroom got dressed sat on the sofa and started to talk with each other after much talk she came back to normal position but at that moment the phone rang and it was my brother again..

this time i took the phone…he started to charge on me i too lost control and screamed at him saying that s i fucked …so wat happened be happy atleast i fucked ..wat if sum one else have taken as adavantage and used and moreever u have neglected her and she is unsatisfied and struggling here but ur enjoying over there with other females whats wrong in giving her what she likes.(he had sent photos of female with whom he used to fuck to tease me to my mail)by hearing this my bhabhi got angry and took the phone and now she started shouted on him saying that u have no right to scold me .even when u were here also u didnt satisfy me, with ur small dick luckly managed to enter my virgin hole …..then i came to know that my brother was not satisfying her and she had know my brother potential and capacity ..was desparetly waiting to get fucked by other man she became bold and said everything about me about my stamina ,capacity and my tool and said iam much happier and enjoying with him and please be braodminded and gave the phone to me……….

well all three of us didnt knew wat to do there was silence all over after two minutes when my brothers angry got down he said to me well iam far away iam helpless even if i say to stop this affair u wont she has already known the taste do as it cums to ur mind and he kept the phone ….after that i went outside cause of sumwork and came back in evening…….had dinner went to my room for sleeping …my bhabhi came to my room and said that my brother wants to talk sumthing with me so i called him and was surprised to hear sum sweet things from him he said me that my bhabhi had called him and said everything wat has happened and it all started accidentally and not intentionally so he said ok enjoy with her safely and he got aroused hearing ur sex session and liked it he had already masturbated thinking about us how me made love to eachother …….by hearing this me and bhabhi both were very happy and thanked him we promised him to keep this as secret and will share each and everything what will happen between us…………

me and my brother started exchange everything i used saw and everything wat we do and used to saw about his affair going on there in canada later he asked me that he wants to c how i will have sex with my bhabhi so we arranged the webcam and i fucked her with webcam on…………….this is how my brother came to know about ur affair………………..
we both doing webcam for him will be posted in next part only after ur encouragement………………………….and replywell that we both slept like that for three hours and in between when ever we used to wake up we hugged each other tightly and adjusted urself…she used to press her juicy wet hot pussy lips to my cock in sleep and feel my erectness inside her….i woke up at 5am in the morning it was still dark and none had woken up in the house …i woke my bhabhi up and said i want to fuck u now in ur ass……she gave anaughty smile and said ru horny so early in the morning…so we both tried to got up but my cock was inside her pussy all night and i pulled it out now i could see athick layer of cum was formed…..we both went to toilet cleaned eachother by this time my cock was rock hard and ready to screw her i made her to sit in doggie style and tried to enter her slowly………but could not this was her first time in ass…

she asked me to put sum cream and try and after applying vaseline to my cock i slowly kept it at the opening of the hole and started pushing it in it started to move in slowly since it was paining for her and by the time i entered my half cock in she screamed that she cant take it in any more this made me horny caught hold of her hair and pushed my cock hardly my cock completly went inside it was great feeling for both of us…i stayed there for few moments and then started to jerk it slowly …after few movements it gained sum rythm and her ass hole allowed my cock to move easily…now i started to fuck her bit hard …it asked her whether i was paining for her to which she replied yah but iam enjoying…

now i had already fucked her for ten minutes and now it was going and cuming out easily…now i started to bang her ass hard…my thighs were colliding with her thighs and each time when i bangged her my enter cock was going in and cuming out….my balls were full of cum and hanging outand was banging her ass checks when i was entering her hole…..she was moaning with pleasure and i was rubbing her cunt with her hand…looking this i stopped fucking her ass to which she started to move her ass on my cock and started to fuck me…..i fucked her in her ass for 15 minutes and banged her ass very hard and i cummed inside her ass and we both were tired and slept there till 8 am in the morning …..later she woke up and kissed me on my lips ….and went to prepare breakfast and to do housewold things….

my brother called me at 8.15 am iwas still sleeping he asked me to get up …**** which i replied iam tired fucking ur horny wife…he was laughing and praised me that iam a good fucker and have fucked her to her satisfaction and he too licked my way of fucking and using her completly…i then said that i have fuked her ass ..**** which he said u havent spared anything for me u have used all her holes and her body completly…it would have been better if u were married to her than mee…later he asked me to do webcam show daily and asked to maintain secrecy….now even my brother had known but the only worry was my parents…they were doubted cause my bhabhi started to move very close to me..****ed to sleep in same room …and hear moans sumtimes and lights were on till 3pm and all…so they started to enquire manythings indirectly……

me and my brother thought of this and wanted to be free from my parents so that i can enjoy with her all day with out any disturbance…so we both planned and sent my parents to delhi where my another brother stayed …..he was unmarried and we sent them there so as that it will be a good company for him and change for them ….for the next 4 months i and my bhabhi fucked day and night each other…we used to watch bluefilm and fuck ….we had sex in bath room, kitchen ,hall,in terrace,all will be cuming in detail in next part .well tell me shall i continue r stop……
why no response….is it boring u….

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