Divya aunty

She is from Rajasthan, 32 , married, 2 kids staying in A.P for the past 8 years. She learned to speak and understand Telugu (native language). Her family moved into independent house in the year 2009, when i 1st saw her i was bit shocked to see her, fair, 5’4, assets 35-30-38 i thought she might be some college student and she given me a smile and replied back with the same. My mother told me about her that she is married and mother of two kids. I masturbated thinking about her every night in bathroom. After few weeks, i have seen her in her balcony (our houses were constructed such that we both share balcony on the same side with a wall differentiating our houses) she asked about me i answered all her questions she said that she is a house wife (i was in my 1st year of engineering)My college works for 5 days a week as a result Saturday and Sunday was holiday for us. I spoke for few mins on Saturdays, on Sundays it is not possible for me to talk with her because its holiday for her husband, this went on for few yrs. On fine evening when i was coming into my house i have seen Divya aunty in house and she was weeping her tears later i came to know that her husband is not good with her, my mother and our family began to scold her husband for being rude to her. She became very gud friend to my mother she comes to my house for at-least ones in a week. I remember that day, my mother had gone to her sister’s house for some puja i was alone in my house (me watching TV). There was a somebody knocking the door i muted the volume of my TV and opened the door and i was so happy that somebody is Divya aunty, she asked about my mother i said she went outside she was disappointed and went back even i was disappointed because she went early i stare at her when she speaks with my mother(i gathered courage by reading all the stories from ISS) and after half an hour she again came to my house and this time she said that she wants to come in so that she can wait for my mother i said no problem and i bolted the door we sat and started to watch TV and i asked her which channel she would prefer to watch, she answered she doesn’t like to watch TV. Suddenly she placed her hand on my thigh and said son I’m feeling very sad my bro began to grow by her activities and she called me beta i was confused and i started to listen to her i felt very sad for her and i said that these are common for every Indian wives u have to stay stronger kinda like that she spent 15 mins and she left saying that her husband is about to come, i said bye aunty and went to bathroom and masturbated twice. We started to talk each with other and she began to discuss about her problems i was confused because i don’t know about her intention.One day i was walking in the street, i have seen her and this time she was very close to me putting her hands on my shoulders etc.. I began to shiver she said beta don’t be nervous these are all common know a days and i gathered some courage and put my pressed her boob in the street, she ‘not here somebody will see us’ and we left from that place, i was shivering, feeling nervous and some strange thoughts are going in my mind that she might tell this to my mom and kinda stuff like that i went to home little late and found everything was normal i came to normal state. From that day onwards she smiles at me with enthusiasm i understood that she wants more than pressing boob. One afternoon when my mother was sleeping and she invited me into her house, i readily accepted her invitation and i went into her house, we were alone and we sat on two chairs nearby and she started to ask me some other things i was feeling nervous and I’m staring at her boobs she removed her chunni(she always wears chudidars) and i suddenly pressed her boob and she shouted and i said sorry and i was shivering a lot (in my mind i knew there was a fight between my lust and virtue atlast Divya aunty was supporting my lust it won easily).She said that its normal these are very common in these days, suddenly i stood up by seeing aunty said no don’t leave and even she stood up, i hugged her very tightly and pressing her buttocks she guided me to her bed room. I kissed her on lips, she kissed me back and we together sucked our lips wow her lips was best, she placed her hand on my tool it was 5.8 inches she was caressing my it i was unaware that she removed my pant it was a night pant, now i removed her pant and i can clearly see her cunt it was hairy she was on petticoat now I’m pressing her boobs very hardly, i was searching her body with my two hands, she was moaning loudly and i seen her cunt it was already wet and i cleaned her cunt with my tongue and i started to explore her cunt it was a pleasure doing that she said her husband never did that and i asked her to take my cock into her mouth she didn’t do it and i was in a hurry to put my cock in her cunt but i wanted to increase her desire more i was doing more foreplay,I was kissing on her mouth, forehead her cheeks and her navel at the same time i was pressing her boobs she started to moan loudly and when i inserted my finger in her cunt and i started to explore the pleasure full cunt, bad luck suddenly there was a knocking from main door we both were shocked and she quickly wore her clothes and went to door and opened it she found my mom, she was unable to speak, my mom asked that she was hearing different sounds from her house (my mother taught that her husband is beating her) after few seconds aunty said that she was in sleep and had very fearful dream my mom said to come into her house so that she feels good I’m listening all their conversations and i began to wear my cloths. Aunty asked her two mins so that she can arrange things quickly and come to my mom place hearing it my mom left the placed and after departure of my mom, i kissed on her cheeks and i left from that place. The next day she came to my house and said to my mom that her husband was transferred to Delhi and they are leaving the next day. She took my email address and left saying we’ll be in touch i felt very bad and i still masturbate thinking about her.

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