Discovery of sex by Sadhana

I was transferred recently to a distant place within the country of course to organize the work schedules. My work mate, Sadhana was also transferred. We both travelled together and reached the new station by train. Since this was a new station nobody came to receive us and we had to take care of ourselves. Sadhana wanted to go to a working women’s hostel.I dropped her there and I went to a hotel near my proposed office. After finishing my morning chore I reached the office and looked around for furniture, machines etc. There were two or three junior employees waiting for orders from me. Sadhana was not to be seen. I called her and she replied that she will come within half an hour.I made the boys to move the furniture according to an office plan, shelves, almirahs etc. I called the computer company and asked them to instal the machines as per the sketch. finally Sadhana came with all her bags etc. I asked her what happened. She said there are no room there. I have to come with you and think of the alternative later. I said ok.Sadhana and I were working together for the past two years. She is a good worker, knowledgeable and efficient. Actually she was to be in charge of this office and I to work under her. Though she was not exceptionally beautiful et all, she w was good looking and had a good body structure.In the previous work place she was staying in a ladies hostel and with their recommendation she came here to try for accommodation. But she was not successful. At noon we both went out for lunch and then came back and the computer was being fixed. We got busy and we worked till evening and somehow we finished the arrangements of the office.Both of us were tired and we went to the hotel where we stayed. The hotel fellow said except the double room I occupied there are no other rooms available. I and Sadhana went to my room. It had a buge double bed and chairs etc. Sadhana just placed her bags and went to the bathroom and had a wash. After she finished I too went and had a bath and changed into my pyjama and kurtha.She was also in a pyjama and kurthi. We sat for discussion with the sketches in my laptop about office arrangements. We both went to the restaurant and took our supper. Sadhna was looking strangely at me. After food, I met the hotel manager to give me an extra mattress. He said sorry none was available. We came to our room and again started to discuss.Although Sadhana was sitting close to me I never looked at her with any other motive. It was 10 pm and we both were sleepy. I told her that I will sleep in the settee which was quite big. Sadhna said she will sleep in the settee. Argument followed and it was decided that nobody will sleep in the settee and both will sleep in the bed. It was too chill and I put off the a/c and the fan.Sadhana was totally wrapped up with a bedsheet and I cannot stand so much of cold. I went and opened the window towards the balcony, but it was drizzling and only cold wind was blowing. I came back and saw Sadhana totally wrapped lying facing the wall and sleeping soundly. I was cuddled into a ball and tried to sleep, I just dozed off.In the middle of the night a bed sheet was put on me to cover me up to protect me from cold. In the early morning I could feel the body of Sadhna touching me. I woke up and found that she is sleeping lying very close to me throwing one hand and leg over me. I was surprised. I had to change my position and lied facing her and I too hugged her.She moved further closer to me in her sleep and her boobs were pressing against my chest. Time was about 5.30 am. I put my hand over her ass and pulled her towards me. I had a full erection and the sweet body smell of Sadhna was very intoxicating. We never had any talk about sex or sleeping together. We talked only official matters.Now she was squeezing me with her hand and leg. I had to do something. I just placed my hand on her boob and pressed it mildly. I then took my hand down to her crotch and placed it over her pussy. Sadhna suddenly opened her eyes and kissed me on my cheeks. I had to reciprocate. I kissed her on her lips and sucked her lower lip.With both of her hands she hugged me and I had to get on her. I just unbuttoned her kurthi and found she did not wear any bra. Her medium sized boobs, very fair with pink coloured nipples were very inviting. I just lower my face and licked them. Sadhana was moaning softly. she untied the rope of my pyjama and pulled my erect cock out.She put both of her hands on it and was looking at it closely. I hurriedly undressed her and she removed my pyjama and kurtha. we both were fully nude. She was shy and covered her pussy with her hand. I just kissed her on her cheeks, and then on her nipples and then on her belly button and then my mouth came in search of her pussy.Her pussy has some clipped hairs and it was nice to look at. I kissed her pussy. I lifted her knees and made them wide. I opened her pussy lips and saw her tiny clitoris. I just touched it with my tongue tip. Sadhna enjoyed oral sex very much and pressed my head down into her pussy. I went on licking her pussy and clitoris for a long time and she came into her orgasm twice.When she orgasms it is a fun to watch her. Her whole body shakes and she utter incoherent sounds. It takes time for her to get over the pangs of orgasm and again she get ready for the second orgasm. I asked where she has ever been fucked before. She said no. So are you a virgin, I asked. She said she is not a virgin, she never had so much of sex before.I told her to be prepared for a big sex. She was looking surprised. I got up and placed my cock in her cunt and pushed it in. It was not going in. I took it out and placed a finger in her cunt and made circular motion so that her hole may expand and become bigger. Then I placed my cock and pushed it in. It went in of course with full tightness.As it entered in she was experiencing a new sense of pleasure bigger than the previous one. I pushed and pushed so that myentire cock will be in. She said she is experiencing pain. I said just wait for some time you will ask for more. I started to fuck first in slow pace and then faster. Sadhna was enjoying sex.After about ten minutes of fucking we were both arriving at the threshold of orgasm. I pulled out my cock to take my fluids outside in the bedsheet. Sadhna said it was heavenly and she never had it so much. I was 7 am when we finished our sex session. We both went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. I went through my morning chore and we both had our combined bath.Again we fucked in the bathroom under the shower. Sadhna suddenly had flood of idea of sex enjoyment and she wanted to do lot of experimentation. I told her wait we have ample time. She took my cock in her mouth and tried to give me a blow job. I said not now later. Now finish your bath and we will go out for a walk and then for breakfast.When we come for lunch we will have a short session of sex and then full session after supper. Sadhna like a child nodded her head and we both finished our bath and moved ahead. Sadhna said it is for the first time she ever had sex with a male. She used to have lesbian affairs with several girls but it is not full satisfaction.Girls sucked her cunt but not fully as she experienced now. Sadhna said it a new world of pleasure opened up for her. We stayed in the hotel for a week and then we moved into a flat in an appartment block. It was our official residence and fully furnished.We took food from outside and came back and watched new clips of porno in the laptop. Sadhna will jump and pull me for sex. Or she will stand nude with legs apart and ask me to lick her cunt. It was sex and sex nothing else mattered.

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