devar Aashish

I am Aashish (name changed) nick name Aashu, Just a graduate with an additional foreign language diploma, not English, so I am expecting that my mistakes of grammar and vocabulary will be excused by wonderful readers of this site. This is my experience of my first sexual intercourse with my Bhabhi, my elder brother’s wife, and her name is Tripti( name changed).

Before getting to sexual experience straight away, I would like to describe the environment in which all this happened as it was just not lust or desire which bought us close, this did not happened in a second or minute or in a day, it took plenty of time. And to describe everything which bought us together, I have to take readers into my past.

You can say I was just a kid when my elder brother got married with her, Tripti Bhabhi was really beautiful, or I should say that according to me she is most beautiful female I have ever seen, and the one who has made my life beautiful with her love. Anyways, I was studying in class 10th when my brother got married with a fair and good looking female, Tripti, and truly speaking I never thought about her in that way.

Tripti Bhabhi got adjusted very easily in our family of four people, my mother, elder sister Shruti, me (Aashu) and the eldest child of our family, Ravi Bhaiya with whom she got married, as my father expired when I was in 8th. In next couple of years Tripti Bhabhi became heart of our family and she was my and my sister’s best friend.

Rather whole house was depending on her, and she was doing everything with perfection, I was preparing for my boards, my sister was doing her graduation and Tripti Bhabhi was helping me as if she is my friend, my sister, moreover I will not hesitate to say that she considered me her son and prepared me for my boards, getting up at 4 and making me study, sitting with me for hours just to talk,

just to motivate me to do well in exams, preparing food for me in odd times, and she did everything which she could do to make me study and to make me realize that how important is education. On the other end my sister Shruti was doing her graduation and after her graduation her marriage was round the corner, simultaneously Tripti Bhabhi was working on that also,

she was teaching cooking to Shruti, and various things which could help her to settle down in some other family environment. And apart from all this Tripti Bhabhi and Ravi Bhaiya, were saving money very seriously, as both were working Ravi Bhaiya was working in one private firm as an Accounts officer and Tripti Bhabhi was Hindi teacher in public college, though I didn’t knew this at that time,

and I came to know later when this money and all there preparations came in our vision. Anyway time moved a bit and after high college I cleared 12th too very convincingly and started my graduation in sciences as Bsc, by that time my sister Shruti was graduate and on one fine day her marriage got fixed in a very good family and everybody was happy, and Tripti Bhabhi was happiest among all.

But our happiness did not lasted for a very long time, after few months my brother met with an accident and he passed away on the spot, it was disaster for us, and I cannot write what we all were feeling at that time, everything seemed into dark, and none of us came in senses for long time, including Tripti Bhabhi.

Suddenly whole perspective of our life changed, and as expected in next few months everything got messed up. Apart from the sorrow of loss of our soul of the family we started facing financial problems, Shruti my sister tried to find a job but she remained unsuccessful in the beginning, as she was getting married soon, (though date of marriage was postponed,

and exact date was under consideration) and will be leaving town and nobody gave her a chance, moreover Tripti Bhabhi did not wanted her to work as it is a normal Indian mentality to get conscious for a girl who is suppose to get married in short time. Now everybody was afraid of time, Time was running and with every passing day marriage date was coming near,

many times my sis Shruti cried in Tripti Bhabhi’s arms while saying that she is not going to marry, and wants to cancel but Tripti Bhabhi handled her with patience. As far as Tripti Bhabhi is concerned, I cannot dare to write, what she was going through as it is beyond my ability, Tripti Bhabhi almost forgot to smile,

she got busier and busier as she started taking tuitions at home for children up to 5th for almost all subjects, and she use to get free by 8 or 9 in the night. Time moved further, after some time we received some amount as my brother’s saving (P.F. and all) and initially we thought that now with that money we will live with ease,

but Tripti Bhabhi made us live like as we were living assuming we have not received anything, restricting us into very tight budget, and truly speaking as a immature boy at that time I use to get irritated by this, the way she use to write small expenses and use to ask about each and every penny.

After some efforts my sis Shruti got one job, but she was restricted to come home by maximum 6 by Tripti Bhabhi and that is why she remained unsuccessful to retain that job as distance between her office and home was bit too much. Tripti Bhabhi did not give any importance to Shruti’s job and remained unmoved on her decision.

Soon Shruti got another job of lesser salary near our house, now like Tripti Bhabhi she was also teaching, but she was teaching French, which she learned in her collage as a subject. Inflow of money improved but not our life-style, we all were feeding just our basic needs, that’s it. I remember one of my mistakes of that period for which I almost got beaten up By Tripti Bhabhi.

In the night around 11, I was laying on the couch reading erotic stuff while keeping it inside my register. Suddenly Tripti Bhabhi appeared from the door behind me and found me reading something other than my courseware. Actually I was not expecting anybody from that side, even she didn’t knew that I am laying here, as I use to sleep with my mother and Shruti my sister and Tripti Bhabhi use to sleep in the other bedroom.

I don’t know when she got up and went out from the back door, into the veranda to get the dried clothes from the rope which is tied outside and came in from this door as she saw that main door is unbolted. Anyway she came closer to me in curiosity to see that what I am reading while keeping it in my register and took it from my hand and as she saw a Hindi erotic stories with bit of hand made nude sketches,

in which boy and girl were having sex and penetration is shown, she banged that book on my face very hard and went inside. I was in shock and before I would have done anything, Tripti Bhabhi came back after putting clothes which she bought from out side and picked up that book from the floor and went inside kitchen and after a minute she appeared again and crossed me while going out to veranda with that book which was burning.

Tripti Bhabhi set that book on fire and threw it out and then went inside her bedroom. After that I was in strange mood, I did not talked to her for next couple of days. I was little afraid of her, also bit angry on her, mainly because of that knock of the book which she made in anger.

Once again after few more days I was studying in the drawing room and everyone else was sleeping, my sis Shruti in her bedroom and my mother in other, Tripti Bhabhi came and stood bit far from me and continued watching me study. I got bit uneasy and this time with sarcastic expressions showed her the side of register on which notes were written, just to make her sure that I am not reading that stuff.

Her expressions did not changed with my act and she remained calm, and after a minute she came bit closer and sat on central table which was kept near the couch on which I was laying. I got up and looked into her eyes as if I have not done anything wrong. “Aashu, don’t misunderstand me” Tripti Bhabhi spoke in very soft voice, I continued looking at her,

“I am expecting a lot from you, and I am depending on you” her voice was very soft, then again she spoke, “I want you to study very hard, so that we can live better, everything depends on you and your hard work” (whatever she spoke, she spoke in Hindi and I have translated it into English).

Then after a pause she spoke again, “I am sorry for what I did at that time, mujhe gussa aa gaya tha” and by the end of the sentence tears started flowing down from her eye as lot of water was already floating in her eyes. And she got up to go and before turning she caressed my cheek with her soft hand and went inside her bedroom.

I was speechless, I did not had anything to speak, I was unable to gather courage to say even sorry to her. Suddenly I realized that Tripti Bhabhi has become lot older than her actual age and in no time she is changed a lot. Finally after some more time the marriage day came and everything went much better as it was expected, that day I realized that why Tripti Bhabhi always insisted us to remain in tight budget,

as it was marriage and in India marriage means hell of expenditure and it was Tripti Bhabhi’s efforts that she managed everything so well that all our relatives were shocked to see everything going so well. Finally my sis Shruti departed with her husband and now Tripti Bhabhi got bit relaxed, but it was not over, lot of money was spent on this occasion and she did not had much now, situation was once again same.

Tripti Bhabhi continued working like she use to and now she use to spend time me, started motivating me to work hard in my studies, she use to discuss my career options with me and started searching post graduation courses for me, and use to talk to me about different courses and all.

By this time I knew that what she was getting as a salary and what she is earning as an extra income by giving tuitions at home, and knowing that it seemed impossible to me to go for further studies with good career options, but Tripti Bhabhi was really very enthusiastic to look forward.

It was not that she was not realizing that whatever she is thinking is really very difficult to attain, even then she wanted me think about that, may be just to keep my moral high. Time moved and finally I took a way to learn Chinese language and while doing my graduation final year I started learning Chinese expecting a reasonably good career as an interpreter.

Anyway life moved further and by now I was dam serious about my career and I cannot write what feeling and what place Tripti Bhabhi was having in my heart, I had something for her which cannot be defined in words. I wanted to see her happy and I was working hard just to give her comfortable life.

I could see that she was working and just working from last few years, I could see dark circles and aging lines under eyes and face. Don’t know when her beautiful face became dull. As such I had only one thing in mind that I have to earn lot of money to give her comfort and happiness. And for that I was studying hard, day and night and once again Tripti Bhabhi was supporting me, and finally I was successful in clearing my final year exams.

I continued learning Chinese, and almost one more year passed, as it was 2 year diploma, and financially I was still depending on Tripti Bhabhi, but by now my mind set was changed, even I was very conscious about spending money and Tripti Bhabhi was realizing this change in me and she stopped directing me for money and always gave me more than it was required,

I tried to look for part time job as I use to have plenty of free time, but once again Tripti Bhabhi stopped me to do anything, and told me just to focus on my studies and on regular intervals she insisted me to go for a movie and all and many times we saw movie together. Particularly In this span of time. I was getting closer to her,

I don’t know what it was truly speaking I never use to think about her in that way, unknowingly I was taking care of her, I started helping her in her work, sometimes use to cook before her arrival from college, sometimes use to prepare breakfast and I think even she was getting closer to me, and started sharing her past life with me which she spent with my brother and told me that they

( Tripti Bhabhi and Ravi Bhaiya) had a plan a of baby after my sister’s marriage and everything turned around in a fraction of second, that night we were sitting in living room and Tripti Bhabhi cried a lot in my arms, even I cried with her. Like that life moved further and the incident which bought me and Tripti Bhabhi further close occurred.

Tripti Bhabhi was working as she was working, as I said life was bit relaxed now, and finally I was on the verge of my final exam of foreign language, and exactly around that time Shruti my sister was here for few days. And this was the time when something happened and unknowingly going through many feeling like sorrow, anger, fear, mental stress we came closer and closer and finally had sex.

Anyway in those days I use to sleep in living room after studying very late at night, and as earlier Shruti use to sleep with Tripti and Mom use to be in her room. I remember it was Shruti’s last night here on this trip as she was leaving next day evening and my mom insisted Shruti to sleep with her, Shruti tried to say that she will stay with mom till the time she fells asleep and then she will go back to Tripti Bhabhi’s room to sleep.

But mom insisted Shruti to sleep with her as I use to sleep on couch those days. I remember at that time Shruti stared into Tripti Bhabhi’s eyes and Bhabhi replied from her eyes to her and Shruti just said ok to mom, it took my attention but I took it lightly, as such there was no reason to think much about that.

By eleven everybody was into there bed and today Shruti my sister was in mom’s room at my place and Tripti Bhabhi was alone in the room. I studied till 1:30, and between that time span Shruti came out number of time, once to get water to drink, once she went inside Tripti Bhabhi’s room and came out after 5-6 minutes, and then went inside kitchen and before that asked me if I want to have tea,

I said ok to it and she made tea for me, Tripti Bhabhi and for herself. While having tea she sat with me to chit chat and indirectly asked me that for how long I am planning to study. And couple of more things happened which were very odd for me, as she was residing with us from last 2 days and she never walked out get water and more over we never use to have tea after dinner.

I was feeling really very strange as her gesture was not normal and somehow she was keeping an eye on me, am I still awake, or sleeping. Finally after1 when once again Shruti came out with some lousy reason to see me, I decided to pretend sleep and asked her while putting up my book on central table that if she can switch off the main light. She switched it off and went inside to sleep with mom.

I was well awake but I pretended to sleep. Some time passed, nothing happened, for a fraction I thought that it was mere my suspicion, but I was wrong. After around 10-15 more minutes once again door opened and Shruti came out. I immediately closed my eyes. Shruti walked towards me, came closer,

leaned over me to confirm that I am sleeping and then walked back but towards Tripti Bhabhi’s room and gently knocked her door and door opened and Tripti Bhabhi asked her on the door itself, which I think was (because she spoke in whisper), “Aashu so gaya?” and Shruti replied with yes by moving her head and then Shruti went inside the room and Tripti Bhabhi closed the door.

All this made me very uneasy, I tried to divert my mind but nothing helped me and I got up, gave a thought to it and went out into the veranda and through thin passage went behind Tripti Bhabhi’s room, I tried to peep inside and from the corner of the window I got a glance of things happening inside.

I could see from the corner of the window and more or less Tripti Bhabhi’s whole bed was visible from there, when I peeped at that time as such nothing odd was going on, Shruti and Tripti Bhabhi were laying on bed bit far from each other,

Tripti Bhabhi was laying on the left portion of the bed facing roof and Shruti was laying somewhere at the joint of the double bed with the support of her elbow facing away from me, for a fraction I annoyed myself to think dirty,

but don’t know why I kept on staring inside may be because from that place I could see bit of Tripti Bhabhi’s legs as her saree was folded up, but it was well below her knees, I could see the flesh she had below her knee joint and her fair skin was looking beautiful.
Tripti Bhabhi spoke something which I could not hear; Shruti replied once again I was unable to hear that too, for her reply Tripti Bhabhi just moved her head in yes with bit of smile. Suddenly I saw while laying on her elbow Shruti extended her other hand and moved her palm into Tripti Bhabhi’s legs and gently moved inside towards her thigh and exposed her legs as

Tripti Bhabhi’s saree got folded and now I could see Tripti Bhabhi fair skinned legs till her knees and then Shruti moved further her hand went inside, between Tripti Bhabhi’s fleshy thighs and Tripti Bhabhi closed her eyes as she felt good. After a minute Shruti got up bit and lied beside Tripti Bhabhi in her arm and continued moving and rubbing her hand over Tripti Bhabhi’s thighs.

Tripti Bhabhi was feeling good, her eyes were closed and couple of times she opened her mouth to moan, but I could not hear her moans. Gently Tripti Bhabhi embraced Shruti and they were in hugging position sideways and Shruti was moving her hand under Tripti Bhabhi’s saree. Moreover from the place I was peeping I could not see much things happening,

I could see Shruti’s back, she was laying sideways facing towards Bhabhi, and her hand was moving inside Tripti Bhabhi’s saree, I could just see her arm moving up and down, but I could see Tripti Bhabhi’s facial expressions almost clearly as she was facing towards me now, her eyes were closed and she was enjoying Shruti’s tender touch over her bare thighs.

After a minute or so, Shruti got up from Triti Bhabhi’s right arm, by now Tripti Bhabhi’s saree was just below her waist and I could see my Bhabhi’s fleshy milky white thighs clearly along with her dark color panty. I was really getting very uneasy, while watching my sister and my Bhabhi in intimate act and I thought about moving from there, but I could not move as something was holding me back, my be my lust.

Anyway Shruti got up and holding Tripti Bhabhi’s hand she tried to make her sit and Tripti Bhabhi got up. Shruti took off her pallu from her shoulder, and Tripti Bhabhi’s big breast caged in blouse, came bit in my vision as Shruti’s shoulder was coming between my views. Shruti continued to take of Tripti Bhabhi’s saree and to get off from saree,

Tripti Bhabhi got up and stood on bed and now I was having unobstructed view of her big breast in blouse. While sitting on bed Shruti pulled Bhabhi’s plates of the saree and next moment Bhabhi was standing just in blouse and petticoat. Till now in so many years, from the time Tripti Bhabhi got married with my brother, I have always seen her in full clothes,

and today I was watching her getting naked, and I was getting mad while standing there. Tripti Bhabhi sat down, Shruti started unhooking Bhabhi’s blouse and I could not believe on my eyes, Tripti Bhabhi was sitting in from of my eyes just in linger and her milky white jugs were bursting in tight white color bra.

Shruti got up and went behind her, whatever she was obstructing by sitting in front of me got unhindered to me now. Bhabhi’s breasts seemed very luscious and milky to me making deadly cleavage as both the breasts were tightly fitted in bra. Next moment Shruti unhooked her bra but did not removed it completely, bra was still covering Bhabhi’s breast but I could see that the strap on Tripti Bhabhi’s shoulder got lose,

and Shruti started kissing Bhabhi’s bare neck and Bhabhi moaned while closing eyes and gradually Shruti moved her hand from behind to Tripti Bhabhi’s front and took her breast in her hands, and started squeezing them and that pleasured Tripti Bhabhi more and she continued moaning nicely.

From where I was peeping, I could see Tripti Bhabhi’s front, her bra was hanging in her arms and in between I was getting glimpse of her fully ripped melons, and Tripti Bhabhi’s facial expressions in pure pleasure were crystal clear from there and for me things were going beyond my believe. I was watching my Bhabhi getting naked, and into a lesbian act with my sister.

And next moment Shruti took off her bra and Tripti Bhabhi’s large and heavy luscious breasts were hanging clearly in front of my eyes. Tripti Bhabhi was fair in color and her internal body was even fairer and her breasts were sagging a bit with long nipples in large, dark brown aureoles, wow her jugs seemed full of milk to me.

Once again Shruti held them from behind in her hands, though they were really very big to hold in palm, and once again she squeezed them with some power and then Shruti bought them together and once again crushed them hard. Tripti Bhabhi enjoyed that and once again moaned with an opened mouth. I could see that Tripti Bhabhi was breathing heavy and gradually her breath was getting heavier and heavier.

Shruti started playing with Tripti Bhabhi’s nipples from behind, she took both of them between her fingers and crushed them too but gently and kissed on Tripti Bhabhi’s cheek from behind and spoke something, or may be asked something, something like, “Bhabhi, mazza aa raha hai?” for which Tripti Bhabhi just moved her head to say yes.

Then again Shruti spoke something and once again Tripti Bhabhi replied and once again she got up and stood up on bed and turned around. Now from the place I was watching all this, I could see Tripti Bhabhi’s bare back and widely spread ass mounds packed in bit tight petticoat., and Shruti was sitting behind her.

Next moment Shruti tugged the string of Tripti Bhabhi’s petticoat and after loosening it she pulled her petticoat down. My God, Tripti Bhabhi was standing just in panty, her fleshy thighs were fully exposed to me and Dark red color panty was looking gorgeous on her white fleshy thighs and above those fleshy thighs her lovely ass cheeks imprisoned in tight panties were in bursting phase, as they were keen to set free from there cage.

And before I would have thought about that it just happened, my sister took off my Bhabhi’s panty and now Tripti Bhabhi was standing stark naked in front of my eyes, I could see Tripti Bhabhi’s plump as mounds, it was broadly spread and huge….D shaped and looking so sexy. Once Shruti pulled her hand and spoke something and Tripti Bhabhi sat down on her knees.

Shruti tried to push her further to make her lay down but Tripti Bhabhi spoke something, and tried to take off Shruti’s nighty, but Shruti stopped her and spoke something, I could not hear anything, it was just there lip movement which I could see and rest was my assumption for the conversation they were having.

Once again Tripti Bhabhi spoke something and caressed Shruti’s cheek with her hand and then tried again to lift her nighty and this time Shruti did not stopped her, rather she got up a bit so that Tripti Bhabi can take off her nighty and next moment Shruti my sister was just bra and panty.

I was getting obstructed view of Shruti’s half naked body as Tripti Bhabhi was in the middle, but it was enough for me to go crazy, and just then I realized that I was rubbing tip of my cock with my hand, and I was feeling pre cum on the tip of that, it was well wet now, seriously friends I don’t know when I started doing that, for me it was hard to believe that my sister and Bhabhi who were almost naked, busy in intimate act and I was masturbating while watching them.

And next moment Tripti Bhabhi hugged Shruti and I could see Shruti’s face clearly and she was holding Tripti Bhabhi’s bare back in her arms, as Tripti Bhabhi was facing away from me. And on very next moment they got separated and with that Tripti Bhabhi took off Shruti’s bra after unhooking in that hugging position.

My elder sister, who was nearly 4 years elder to me, was topless and now I was getting glimpse of her nicely shaped medium sized boobs too. Tripti Bhabhi started playing with her breasts by caressing them and squeezing them, as Tripti Bhabhi was sitting in such a posture that she was in the middle of my view to Shruti, I could not see Shruti’s breasts getting squeezed,

but from the movement of Tripti Bhabhi’s hands I could see that she was playing with my sister’s breasts nicely and my sister was enjoying, as her facial expressions were clearly visible to me. Next moment like Bhabhi Shruti stood up on the bed and Tripti Bhabhi pulled her panty down, woof….it was unbelievable, my sister was naked and I could see her fuckhole clearly,

It was utterly smooth and hairless, her thighs were also thick and fleshy, as she had put on some weight after marriage, but still they were not as fleshy as Tripti Bhabhi’s thighs. Once again Shruti took her place and sat down on the bed. Now both Shruti and Tripti Bhabhi both were totally naked and I was eagerly waiting for there next step.

And Shruti pushed her gently and I think spoke something, and Tripti Bhabhi lied down on the bed, and Shruti came over her and adjusted herself so that her pubic zone can touch Tripti Bhabhi pubic area. From the portion I was watching them, I could see them sideways, as I was on there right watching them from there toe and I could see Shruti’s lovely ass mounds.

Her pelvis was resting on Tripti Bhabhi’s spread legs over her pelvis and from the time they came in touch Shruti was moving to and fro very slowly, rubbing her fuckhole on Tripti Bhabhi’s fuck hole. Further ahead I saw Shruti Kissed Tripti Bhabhi on her lips for a fraction and then came on her breast and started sucking them, Tripti Bhabhi embraced Shruti and moaned in pleasure,

as I was getting glimpse of her facial expressions too. Shruti continued sucking Tripti Bhabhi’s nipples one by one for some time and then moved down to her lower chest, then to her abdomen and the between Tripti Bhabhi’s thighs and then I think she kissed Tripti Bhabhi’s fuckhole. Tripti Bhabhi folded her legs to give Shruti full access of her cunt.

From the place I was watching them, I could not see much of there body parts, Shruti’s ass mounds and Tripti Bhabhi’s milky white jugs were somewhat clear, in between I was getting glimpse of Shruti’s breasts also, as she was facing Tripti Bhabhi leaning over her lower abdomen.

Next moment Shruti buried her mouth in Tripti Bhabhi fleshy thighs and Tripti Bhabhi went through electric current for a second and she stretched her body in pleasure. While sucking Tripti Bhabhi’s wet fuckhole, Shruti was sitting between Tripti Bhabhi’s folded spread legs, she continued sucking for a may be minute and in that one minute I could see that Tripti Bhabhi was roaming somewhere in seventh cloud.

I could see that Shruti was not in comfortable position to do that, and gradually she was trying laying down on her stomach, but for that bed was too short, so holding Tripti Bhabhi’s thighs Shruti pulled her and made her lay down diagonal on the bed and again started sucking Bhabhi’s fuckhole. Wow, what a view I was getting now.

Tripti Bhabhi was laying in a way that for me her spread folded legs were making big W or V, and at the center of that V or W, I could see my sister’s head, as she was sucking that center which was Tripti Bahbhi’s wet, moist fuckhole. And in continuation I could see my sister lying comfortably on her stomach, and now Shruti’s lovely round shaped ass mounds were very close to my eyes, hardly 5-6 feets away or may be bit more.

Holding Tripti Bhabhi’s thighs, to keep them apart while sucking her cunt, Shruti was also moving bit to and fro, as she was rubbing her cunt on the bed in excitement. At my end I was jerking my rod to masturbate while watching this erotic thing happening between my sister and my Bhabhi.

Tripti Bhabhi was in extreme pleasure, as she was also moving her heavy bottom up and down in rhythm to get it sucked by Shruti. From the time I was watching all this, it was only Tripti Bhabhi’s cunt somehow which remained out from my vision, as most of the time someway Shruti was in between, even at that time Tripti Bhabhi’s fuckhole was very close to my eyes, but Shruti was sucking it, so I could not see that.

By now things were getting bizarre at both ends, as outside room I was enjoying erotic live show and inside Tripti Bhabhi was getting crazy in pleasure, now she was partially sitting in her elbows with widely spread legs, may be to see her fuckhole getting sucked, and as she got up a bit, I could see her face very clearly and could see in extreme pleasure,

she was moaning nicely and I could hear them a bit, though voice was very less but I was able to hear Tripti Bhabhi’s pleasure cries. Suddenly her facial expressions changed and by now she was in more or less crying state, as I looked at Shruti, along with sucking she was fisting Tripti Bhabhi’s cunt very fast, and now in that posture I was getting glimpse of my Bhabhi’s fuckhole.

I could see Shruti’s elbow moving back and forward in good speed. I tried to look into the room from bit different angle and succeeded a bit but even then I failed to see Tripti Bhabhi’s fuckhole getting penetrated by Shruti clearly and I was dying to see that like Tripti Bhabhi was dying to get it more and more.

Excitement was rising and rising, and suddenly Shruti got up, and tried to stretch Tripti Bhabhi’s legs even more and in that she kept one of her leg on her shoulder and continued fisting even harder, and that was all I needed at that time, I could see Tripti Bhabhi’s fuckhole clearly while getting continuously ragged with three fingers of my sister.

But that scene did not lasted for long as Tripti Bhabhi was on the verge of her burst and suddenly she tried to hold Shruti to stop her but failed as Shruti continued pounding Bhabhi’s fuckhole, she could see that Tripti Bhabhi was about to meet her orgasm, Keeping Bhabhi’s one leg bit forcibly apart with her leg,

and other one holding in his hand while keeping it on her shoulder Shruti was fisting Bhabhi like a machine, and from there I could see that Shruti’s lips were moving, she was saying something may be something erotic to arouse Tripti Bhabhi more and more. Suddenly I saw Tripti Bhabhi stopped breathing for a fraction and just then fall down on bed on her back as earlier she was rising on her hands and elbows again and again in excitement,

and started trembling like a fish without water, and that loosened Shruti’s grip on her body, Tripti Bhabhi was already holding bed sheet in her hands and she just pulled that bed spread and almost whole bed got uncovered from the sheet, and it got further crushed as Tripti Bhabhi got nothing except that to hold in excitement.

Tripti Bhabhi’s body arced into a bow shape for a while and then she rammed her buttocks on bed and repeated this rising and ramming her ass on the bed couple of more times, as Shruti was still hammering her love hole with her finger, and Tripti Bhabhi continued shivering in orgasm and moaning with broken breath.

From there I could see my dearest Bhabhi going through shattering orgasm, she was tightly holding sheet and crying in pleasure, though her moans were low, she was trying to hold her voice but with bit of concentration I could hear Tripti Bhabhi’s gasping voice which was full of sexual pleasure.

By now Shruti was moved from there to give Bhabhi enough space to enjoy orgasmic shivering and for me it was the best view to look at now, I could clearly see Tripti Bhabhi’s sweet clean shaven cunt, over flooding her love juices.

Tripti Bhabhi shivered for next couple of minutes over her abdomen because of which she was breathing with difficulty and because of that there was bit of trembling on her breast as her sagging breasts were also getting jerks and whole view for me was something like a dream. I was holding my rod in my hands and jerking and could not move eyes from the window, slowly Tripti Bhabhi’s shivering stopped but I was still looking at Tripti Bhabhi’s cunt.

It was a beautiful, her lovehole was heavily soaked in her love juices, and slowly it was flowing down to bed. I looked at her satisfied and she was looking at Shruti who was sitting beside her and then she closed her eyes, and spoke something which I could not hear, may she would have said, “mazza aa gaya” or just “Thank you” to Shruti.

Shruti also lied down, again on her elbow and started caressing Bhabhi’s hairs and spoke something or may be asked something, for which Tripti Bhabhi replied with closed eyes.
Shruti kissed Bhabhi on her forehead after that and continued looking at her satisfied face for a while.

I was at hardest of my life and wanted to cum, but I could see that I was no way near to my ejaculation and for that I had to go to the bed as I use to masturbate on bed from the beginning, but I could not move from there as Tripti Bhabhi was still laying naked in front of my eyes and beside her I could see my sister partially laying and her pendulous breast were hanging in front of my eyes,

I was expecting more action from them, assuming that now Tripti Bhabhi will pleasure Shruti, and she did that. Tripti Bhabhi got up and spoke something while facing towards her, I think Shruti tried to say no to it, but Tripti Bhabhi once again caressed her cheek and spoke something, and then Shruti lied down and Tripti Bhabhi started sucking my sister’s cunt,

and as Tripti Bhabhi Shruti started enjoying, but I could see that intensity of Shruti’s pleasure was very less, from there like before I could see Tripti Bhabhi’s fleshy ass mounds as she was sucking Shruti’s fuckhole in doggy position, Shruti was laying straight with spread legs and more or less I could see her facial expressions and keeping her big fleshy bottom high Tripti Bhabhi was kneeling from front,

continued licking and sucking my sister and then fisted her till Shruti went through her orgasm. Though Shruti also shivered as Tripti Bhabhi but intensity of her orgasm was not that high and she regained from that just in few minutes, unlike Tripti Bhabhi. Now both the females, one my dearest Bhabhi and other my lovely sister were resting and I think it was ideal time for me to move back to my place,

but I was glued to that window and did not realized that I may get caught. After a minute of conversation which I failed to hear again, Tripti Bhabhi got up and wore her nighty without wearing anything underneath and went out. I thought that she will go to toilet, but just then I realized that now she will not find me on the couch and exactly that happened.

Realizing my mistake I ran from there for my place, expecting that she would be using toilet first before looking at my couch, but I was wrong, as I was crossing that thin passage between backyard and veranda, I saw Tripti Bhabhi, she was looking at me only. I Just got scared and went further ahead and saw her facial expressions, she was stunned and I think she was more scared than me.

I calmly crossed her in strange mental state and lied over my couch facing away from door, towards the resting back of the couch. Tripti Bhabhi came in after me, bolted the door and slowly went inside her room. Don’t know what she spoke to Shruti, I was expecting that she will talk about this with her.

Just after a minute or so I heard noise of door getting opened and then few very light foot steps, and then again door getting opened and getting closed. Shruti was now back to her bed beside my mom and Tripti Bhabhi was alone in her room. I was in strange mental state through out night, though I masturbated and cummed nicely after that but this whole thing messed up many things in my thoughts.

It was the time when I was admiring Tripti Bhabhi with in myself, I was having lot and lot of respect for her, rather she had a special place in my heart and suddenly I saw her in such a erotic act in which she was sucking my sister’s fuckhole and before that she got sucked by my sister and enjoyed that thing up to max. it was really strange feeling,

and I don’t know why this made me think about Tripti Bhabhi very negatively, I know it was my immaturity that I started hating her for a while, forgetting everything, everything which she has done for me, my sister and my family. I was somewhat sure that she would have shared this fact with Shruti also that I have seen them doing all that and now in the morning environment at home will be intolerable for me.

I hardly slept that night and remained awake till 4 at least, and yes I masturbated twice in the whole night. By 6 I got up, decided to go out as I mentioned earlier I was on the edge of my diploma exam, by six thirty I was planning to move out and by the time I came out after bathing and all, I saw Tripti Bhabhi working in kitchen.

She started at me for a fraction, our eyes met and then I moved into my room to get my clothes. Shruti was sleeping there beside my mom. I opened my Elmira, and with that noise, Shruti got up a bit and saw me and then slept again as she saw me looking into Elmira with a towel tied around my waist.

I took out my clothes, used the attached bathroom to wear them, wore my shoes and came out and started collecting my books from central table. Tripti Bhabhi was standing behind close to the kitchen, once she spoke “Aashu Chaye” she told me that tea is ready, I turned to see her, she was already looking at me, into my eyes,

Tripti Bhabhi seemed embarrassed as she looked down when I looked back and I tried to look into her eyes. Without a single word, I just went out from the house. Tripti Bhabhi’s voice followed from behind like, “aashuu…..” but I ignored and continued walking got away.

I called my friend from the nearby bus stand and asked him if I can stay with him for some days, just to study in piece for my exams and he said ok, as he use to live alone on a rented single room flat, while working in the town.
Tripti Bhabhi tried to talk to me on my mobile, but I disconnected line, she dialed again and again I disconnected. Don’t know what was driving me, anger, agony, jealously, I really don’t know what made me think like that, for the lady who has given her precious years to make me independent, to make me confident.

Through out the way to my friends flat I was abusing Tripti Bhabhi with in myself; I was taking her as a bad female. I thought about all this in peace and decided just to focus on my studies. Later in the day when I was sure that Tripti Bhabhi will not be home, I called on our LAN line and informed my mom that I am staying with one of my friend to study without any disturbance.

Initially my mom scolded me that why I just went away without informing anybody, but I managed to convince her. I stayed at my friends place for more than one week. Though on the same afternoon I came home once to get my clothes and met my mom and again came back to my friends place. In the beginning in first two days, I got couple of sms from Tripti Bhabhi,

asking how I am and all, I ignored responding to that, couple of times she called me, but I missed those calls too. Don’t know what kind of prejudice was driving me; I was angry over Tripti Bhabhi. But later after appearing in my exams when I got some time to think over this I found myself thinking from Tripti Bhabhi’s angle, and slowly that angriness towards Tripti Bhabhi started subsiding, and I started missing her.

I did well in the exams in both the parts, written and vival and I was sure of good grades, and more than that I went for one interview from there with one of my friend’s father reference, and I got job, starting around 14 thousand per month with a promise that they will increase it after some time. I was really happy, but I was sad too and in last 10 days I was thinking about that incident, in other way.

now I wanted to go home, to give this good news to my mom and especially Tripti Bhabhi, but I was hesitating, I was annoying myself for my behavior with her, though ideally whatever she was doing with Shruti was wrong, but now I was not thinking it from that perspective, I was realizing that it is a need of every body and Tripti Bhabhi was starved for that from years,

she was just working and working from so many days, without any rest and when she got a way to pleasure herself she took it. And now I wanted everything like before but to do that I was going with a tussle with in myself, I was really feeling ashamed of my deed, firstly for the act in which I peeped inside Tripti Bhabhi’s room and then for my behavior with Tripti Bhabhi.

Somehow I prepared myself to face her, I did not had anything in my mind that how will I talk to Tripti Bhabhi, and fortunately something stroke me, I had some money, I borrowed some from my friend and bought new sari for Tripti Bhabhi and got it packed, thought it was very simple sari, not at all expensive, but it was her favorite color, I knew this.

That day I reached home around 10 in the night. Don’t know why, Tripti Bhabhi was in veranda only and as she saw me she looked into my eyes and then looked down, and then again looked up. I could not utter a single word, not even hi or just I am sorry. Anyway I came inside; mom was in her bedroom, preparing to sleep.

I met her and talked to her about my exams and sat there with her for couple of minutes. Once again Tripti Bhabhi appeared on door, and stood there and listened to me, whatever I spoke to my mom. I looked at her and she asked me in a soft voice, “khana khaya” means “did you had the food” I just moved my head in no and she went inside kitchen to prepare something for me.

The news that I have a job now was still up to me only, I wanted to tell Tripti Bhabhi first but I was really very hesitant to talk to her. After couple of more minutes my mom lied down and told me to get fresh and have dinner, and took my clothes for the night and went inside toilet, and I came out of the bedroom changed and saw Tripti Bhabhi in kitchen, she was busy there,

as she saw me coming out she looked at me, I moved to the couch and waited for her to come. I was preparing myself to start the conversation but could not decide from where to start. Suddenly Tripti Bhabhi appeared on the kitchen door again and looked at me from the distance and spoke in very soft voice, “Aashu I am sorry” and then again entered inside the kitchen.

I could see that she was in very delicate state, tears were floating in her eyes, but she was trying to control. Truly speaking I really felt like committing suicide at that time, I got up and went inside the kitchen, Tripti Bhabhi was making chapatti for me, and she turned her face to see me, and then continued working.

“I am sorry” this time I spoke and that busted Tripti Bhabhi in a cry and tears started falling down from her eyes. I went closer to her, and tried to hold her and Tripti Bhabhi instantly hugged me and started crying bit louder. Once again I said, “Bhabhi I am sorry, please mujhe maaf kar do, for whatever I did” Tripti Bhabhi moved her head in no while crying and then spoke,

“nahi, galti meri hai, mujhe wo sab nahi karna chahiye tha, whatever I did was wrong”. “have you spoke to Shruti about this, that I have seen both of you” I asked back, In Hindi, and once again she just moved her head in no and said, “nahi, usse bahut tension ho jaati” Finally after couple of more minutes, we got separated and Tripti Bhabhi was almost over with making fresh chapattis for me she was packing up and just then I casually asked her,

“did you had the food” and once again she moved her head in no. I insisted to make it for her and we had dinner together without a word and after that Tripti Bahbhi got up and cleaned up everything and went inside her bedroom. I could see that lot more was buried inside her, she was hesitating while making eye contact with me, I wanted to make things like before and for that I had to talk her a lot, to make her feel as before.

I took out that gift and my appointment letter and went inside her room, door was not bolted, and Tripti Bhabhi was sitting on bed arranging dried clothes of the day. I gave her that letter and she read it and suddenly started crying again, she was really very happy and this time she cried a lot and while she was crying I tore off the wrapping paper of the gift pack and gave her that sari and that made her cry further and she hugged me while crying.

After a minute I tried to clean her tears and kissed her on her cheek, I could taste her salty tears, and spoke, “bas ab rona band karo, every thing is alright, sab theek hai, forget about everything now” then again I spoke, “see this is your favorite color”. Tripti Bhabhi was looking at me, into my eyes, and spoke, “Aashu I am sorry, mujhse galti ho gayi, mujhe Shruti ko manna kar dena chaahiye tha” and she started crying again,

I was speechless, Tripti Bhabhi was very uncomfortable with a fact that I have seen her doing that, and she was really feeling bad about that. I was looking at her face, she was looking so innocent, it was a moment which really carried me away and I kissed her on her lips very lightly.

She didn’t realize what I have done, once again I kissed her this time bit better and she stopped crying and cleaned her tears and opened Elmira to put in the clothes, keeping my gifted sari on the bed. Tripti Bhabhi was facing away from me, I picked up the sari once again and tried to turn her towards me and asked her, “aapko sari achhi lagi?” (means do you liked the sari).

“Haan bahut achhi hai” ( it’s very nice) Bhabhi replied without looking into my eyes. “Bhabhi, ek baat bolun, bura to nahi maanegi?” ( means, should I say something, please don’t mind) I asked her while looking at her face, “bolo” She replied and looked at me for a fraction and then continued arranging clothes in the Elmira.

“Bhabhi aap shaadi karlo” ( you just get married) Tripti Bhabhi looked at me and then spoke after few seconds, “nahi, mujhe nahi karni shaadi” ( I don’t want to get married) then again she spoke, “main yahin rahungi”, ( I will live here only) then again turned her face to Elmira and continued her work, friends, I don’t know how I replied to her, to this statement, it was just a fraction of and I spoke without thinking,

“haan mujhse” (means yes with me), Tripti Bhabhi turned again and looked at me, into my eyes and then turned back and spoke while closing Elmira, “go and sleep”, and then took her nighty and went out of room into the toilet to change. I too came out and settled down on couch; from there I could see the door of the toilet.

Tripti Bhabhi took bit long to change, and finally came out, I was just looking at her and she was avoiding looking into my eyes. She asked me if I want to have tea, I said ok. Tripti Bhabhi went inside kitchen, I tried to stay there but could not control myself and got up and went to kitchen, by this time I was bit confident and I want to say whatever I had in my mind and heart.

She was washing mugs, facing away from me, I bought further courage with in myself and went closer to her and wrapped my hands around her waist, and kissed her on her cheek from behind and spoke, “I love You Bhabhi” she removed my hand from her waist and came closer to the boiling tea, and spoke, “please go, main chaye lekar aati hun” “mujhe chaye nahi chahiye” I replied,

“then what do you want” Tripti Bhabhi turned and asked me in bit rude tone as if I am disturbing her. “I want my Bhabhi, as a wife” and my exact words in Hindi were, “Mujhe meri Bhabhi chahiye, as a wife”. I could see that she was getting irritated with all this, and I was not ready to leave the topic because I knew that I will never be able to start this matter again if it will end in between,

Bhabhi got bit more irritated with that reply and in that frustration she spoke again, “Aashu pagal ho gaya hai kya?” ( have you gone mad) then again she spoke, “bahar jaa, aur mijhe chaye banana de” ( you just go out and let me make tea) by this time I was even more confident and I just turned off the gas stove and spoke, “I don’t want to have tea”,

and as Tripti Bhabhi saw that I have turned the gas off, she just walked out and went inside her room. I followed her and as she saw me entering in her room she spoke again, in frustration and bit crying mode “Aashu I don’t know what are you thinking about me, but I want to tell you that I am not going to die without sex, so please mujhe maaf karde, mujhse galti ho gayi, it… just happened”?

I moved forward and bought some more courage and tried to hold her face in my hands and spoke “Bhabhi, I really love you, That’s all what I want say, and please stop saying sorry for that, just forget whatever happened…… just forget”. And with that I came out, and went inside kitchen to make tea, I took it to boiling and poured them into mugs and gave one to Tripti Bhabhi and came out with my mug and had my cup of tea on couch.

After around 10-15 minutes Tripti Bhabhi came out with a empty cup and went inside kitchen and then came to me and sat beside me and asked me, that from when I have to join that company, I said after 15 days, then she asked me few things about my job profile and whatever I will get as perks.

I replied that also. Finally she spoke for which she was here beside me, and her words were “Tell me what you have in your mind,…….please…… jhoot mat bolna” before I would have said anything just after a second she asked in continuation, “you want to have sex with me…hmmm…”? I was just speechless, couldn’t speak anything and continued staring her.

“darr mat, sach sach bol kya chal raha hai dimag mein” Tripti Bhabhi asked me while looking into my eyes, “nothing, I just know that I love you, that’s it, it just came in my mind and I just talked to you” I replied then again I started, “I mean you have given everything to us, you have sacrificed yourself for me and Shruti, and I never thought about you,…….” “and that day when I saw you and Shruti doing that,…. initially I was really very angry over you,

but later I realized that you to have a right to live happily and for that you have to marry again, and……and..” I just stopped after saying “and” as I was short of words, “and what?” Tripti Bhabhi asked me while looking into my eyes and this time I was avoiding direct eye contact with her.

“and I want to be that person, I can’t see anyone else as your husband, just because you are mine” and in that continuation I spoke again, which just came out of my mouth, “and yes I want to have sex with you, because I love you” truly speaking I really don’t know how I spoke that much, with such confidence, I think it was result of long thought process, I went through for more than a week while staying away from home and Tripti Bhabhi.

Tripti Bhabhi was staring me, she remained calm, and tried to hug me and I went into her arms, from her aspect it was not that hug, I could feel it, she hugged me as if she cares for me, but I was melting in her arms and I embraced her tight, and then tried to get away lightly and she released me, and I looked at her face and thought about kissing her lip and next moment kissed her and this time I tried to suck her lips.

She did not responded to my kiss and pushed me a bit, I tried to continue and sucked her closed lips for one more second and she stopped me and spoke, “Aashu this is not right, we cannot justify this” once again I tried to Kiss her and kissed her as before, Tripti Bhabhi did not replied to my kiss, I just sucked her lips for 2-3 seconds and spoke,

“I don’t care” and then again tried to kiss her, this time Tripti Bhabhi responded to my kiss but very less, she too sucked my lips for may be 3-4 seconds and as I tried to make it proper kiss she stopped and got away and hugged me and spoke, “I wish, this would be true” and her exact words in Hindi were, “Kash aisa ho pata” and after that she got up and spoke,

“now you just sleep, nahi to tu apne saath saath mujhe bhi pagal kar dega” as she turned to go I got up bit and held her wrist and tried to pull her back, Tripti Bhabhi turned and looked at me. I continued pulling her lightly as if I am telling her to sit back and she sat back, once again I tried to kiss her and this time I kissed her with my full affection,

I continued kissing and sucking her lips, her lips were closed, Bhabhi was not responding but I continued and leaned over her a bit and finally her lips opened and we had a proper kiss and sucked each other thoroughly, we continued kissing like that and it was a wonderful feeling. I further bent my head and pushed Tripti Bhabhi bit more to make her back resting on the couch and continued kissing slowly and once again my tongue slid between her warm,

moist lips and explored her mouth. Her arms went around my shoulders and she caressed my back sexily. I took Tripti Bhabhi in my arms properly and we kissed hungrily, our tongues were in each other’s mouths and we could taste each other’s saliva. Tripti Bhabhi’s hands were on my back and she was holding me firm, I was more or less laying on Tripti Bhabhi and I could feel the softness of her big milky melons under my chest.

We enjoyed kissing for at least 5 minutes and the got apart. I was still lying on her top and we were looking in each other’s eyes. Light was very dim, most of the portion of the room was into dark. Once again I tried to kiss and we kissed again nicely, but hardly for few seconds. I caressed her hairs and spoke while looking into her eyes, “Bhabhi I love you, and I mean it”.

Tripti Bhabhi pushed me a bit and got up and spoke while adjusting her nighty, “Aashu please stop it, mujhse ab ye sab control nahi ho raha, I will go mad” and with that she got up and went inside her bedroom. I stayed there for some time; I saw light of her bedroom getting off. Finally I got up to go to sleep with my mom and just to see whether it’s bolted or not I pushed Tripti Bhabhi’s bedroom’s door.

It was not bolted and when I saw inside Tripti Bhabhi was laying on bed, and she was well awake looking at the door, and as she saw me, she turned to other side, facing away from me. I don’t know what type of magnet was driving me that night, and I just got attracted once again and came on the bed behind her and lied down with a support of my elbow and kissed Tripti Bhabhi on the back of her neck.

She moaned a bit “ Aashu chala jaa, yahan se, nahi to kuch ho jaayega” Tripti Bhabhi spoke without looking at me. “I love you Bhabhi” and with that I tried to turn her towards me and she turned and once again we looked into each other’s eyes. “Bhabhi, don’t you love me” I asked again,

“I don’t know, mujhe bas ye maloom hai that this is not right” then she spoke again, “and you are provoking me to do that,…..main bhi to insaan hi hoon” “Bhabhi jo hona hai, usse ho jaane do, and I admit that I want to have sex with you” ……..then again I spoke, “forget everything and lets just do it, baaki sab baad mein sochenge” and with that once again I placed my lips on her lips and we started kissing. In a way this was real kiss,

we both were Kissing like real lovers, exploring each others mouth completely and I was feeling something happening in my belly, some sort of tingling. Our lips met again and again like that and we continued long kissing with some breaks, my hands slid over her body over Tripti Bhabhi’s breasts over her nighty,

I just touched them and Tripti Bhabhi held me bit tighter as she was getting excited with my touch over her soft milky jugs. I was partially over her, just my upper half was covering her and I was on the support of my elbows, and Tripti Bhabhi was laying straight. The fever rose, her desire grew and spread through her body, pulsing in every vein,

I felt her hardening hunger as she was breathing heavy now and shivering a bit may be with a fear that whatever she is doing is wrong. But I could see that she wanted to do it. I think long break into getting physical love sharpened her lust, which was rising now in her, in me too but along with that Tripti Bhabhi was uneasy even more than me who was doing all this for the first time in his life.

I slid my body to my right and tried to come over Tripti Bhabhi top and Tripti Bhabhi adjusted herself and I was laying on her top and continued kissing. It was much better and comfortable position now, Bhabhi’s legs were tied together and I was lying on her top, loving my dearest Bhabhi like a man.

She was holding me, from my back, my left hand was on her forehead as I was caressing her forehead in between while kissing her and other hand was over her left breast, I was just holding her mound very lightly and feeling her breath getting heavier and heavier. Our kissing continued for few more minutes and we just looked into each other’s eyes after that.

and then again I started kissing and brushing my lips around her neck and ears and that really made Tripti Bhabhi moan in real pleasure. I was licking and sucking her flesh which was around her neck and ears and Tripti Bhabhi was trembling in pleasure while moaning and that think was making me crazy and I continued doing that till she tried to stop me as she could not bear that pleasure anymore.

Once again we looked in each other’s eyes. We both knew that whatever we were doing was wrong but we both wanted to do it. with uttering a word I got down on her right and tried to lift Tripti Bhabhi’s night and touched her bare skin till her knees, and she held my hand to stop me, I looked into her eyes, she was already looking at me, “Bhabhi, nighty utar do, aur jo main kar raha hoon mujhe karne do”

I got up and tried to make her sit down by pulling her hands and she sat down, I moved forward and tried to take off Tripti Bhabhi’s nighty and after bit of hesitation Tripti Bhabhi lifted her arms and I just took off her Nighty. Tripti Bhabhi was sitting just in Bra and panty, utterly white skin of her breast seemed one the seven wonders to me and the way her tight bra was making a deep cleavage, it was really breath taking view for me.

Tripti Bhabhi was feeling bit embarrassed as she was almost naked in front of me, in front of the boy who has always addressed her Bhabhi. And she has always adored him as her younger brother, that night that young boy was going to make love to her as a man. Knowing her mental state, I immediately removed my upper and got half naked and then got up and took off my lower and now I was just in my underwear and my bare body was visible to her.

I was really getting nervous and could not decide what to do, I could feel my hands trembling a bit, but I tried to cover my fear and sat beside her and we kissed again and with that I moved my hand to Tripti Bhabhi’s bare back to unhook her bra, but I failed, and my hands and fingers started trembling with some sort of fear, fear of getting treasure of life, that is my Bhabhi’s body.

I was breathing heavy and trying to unhook Tripti Bhabhi’s bra while sitting, and Tripti Bhabhi was sensing my condition, she could feel my shivering over her back. She extended her hand to her back and unhooked her bra herself and with those trembling hands I took off my Bhabhi’s bra and Tripti Bhabhi’s bare milky jugs were hanging in front of my eyes, her nipples were erect in excitement as if they were waiting for me to get sucked.

I got down a bit and took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking them, I could feel the rise in excitement in Tripti Bhabhi too, she was also some what shivering like me, but apart from being uneasy we both were in extreme pleasure. I pushed Bhabhi to make her lay down and she lied down on her back, I sucked both of her breast for a while and Tripti Bhabhi enjoyed that,

she was holding me firm, and I was on top of the world while feeling her hands on my bare back. At my end things were really getting bizarre and after sucking Tripti Bhabhi’s milky jugs, I just got down and tried to take off her panty. Initially she did not moved, I looked at her she was staring at me, our eyes met again and she closed her eyes and lifted her bottom, so that I cane take off her panty and I took it off immediately.

Tripti Bhabhi was laying stark naked and I could not believe whatever I was doing. Once again I leaned over her and loved her breasts and took off my underwear while doing that and tried to part her fleshy thighs. Initially she held them tight, but holding her left thigh I continued pushing her that leg apart lightly and once again looked into her eyes and kissed her on her lips and Tripti Bhabhi drifted her leg apart.

I looked down, there were very tiny hairs on My Bhabhi’s cunt, and it was looking beautiful, totally wet and leaking down a bit to bed. I touched Tripti Bhabhi’s bare cunt and Bhabhi moaned in pleasure, her eyes were closed and enjoying my tender touch over her body, I was laying partially on Tripti Bhabhi, as I was also naked, she could feel my penis on her thigh, it was in semi erect state.

Further I came on her top to make love to my Bhabhi and Bhabhi welcomed me by adjusting herself and took me in her arms. My pelvis was resting on Tripti Bhabhi’s abdomen. I got up a bit holding my rod tried to insert it in Tripti Bhabhi’s fuckhole, but I failed. Tripti Bhabhi folded her legs, and made a big W to give me better access to her love tunnel,

and I tried again by coming further on her top but I failed again, I was not well erect, rather I was losing my erection, neither I was hitting it right area as I could not spot the Tripti Bhabhi’s exact entrance. Tripti Bhabhi was looking down at me, whatever I was doing with her body, she was breathing really heavy as she was about to get penetrated after a long time.

I moved my finger on my Bhabhi’s love crack and inserted my finger to locate her love opening, and as I inserted my finger, Tripti Bhabhi trembled in different manner, she enjoyed that and in a way that thing took her breath. Excitement was rising in Tripti Bhabhi and her excitement was making me nervous. I wanted to go inside my Bhabhi just then to calm down her sexual urge,

but I was not erect, even then I was trying to insert it and failed couple of more times as my rod got folded. We both were breathing really heavy, I was close to what I wanted I could not get it, it was really very embarrassing situation for me and I was losing myself. Tripti Bhabhi was sensing my condition and finally she made a move and pulled me over her and rolled me down and came on my top and kissed me, nicely.

Sucked my nipples for few seconds to make me moan in pleasure and then looked into my eyes, and spoke, “nervous matt ho, aur apni Bhabhi ko pyar kar, I am all yours, and I love you too”, and then Tripti Bhabhi parted my legs and placed her cunt over my pelvis and holding my rod rubbed her cunt over it. My god, that pleasure was really beyond my power to tolerate.

Just in few seconds I was well erect and few more seconds of that genital rub would have made me cum. I moaned in pleasure and Tripti Bhabhi also made lovely moans which excited me a lot, above that she was almost laying on my top and looking into my eyes. Bit of her hairs were spread over face that gesture was more than enough to get anybody into his full size so as me, and in a fraction I regained my size.

My rod grew in Bhabhi’s hand and she got excited and, started rubbing her cunt more furiously and in puffing tone she again murmured, “Aashu, pyar kar mujhe, jaise ek husband karta hai apni wife ko” and kissed me nicely. I got up and took her down, Tripti Bhabhi’s legs were already spread, I just placed my cock on the love portion and Tripti Bhabhi herself took it to her exact opening and I just slipped in a fraction.

Her cunt was just like a lake of her juices, which was over flowing. It was altogether a different feeling for me, weird and wonderful. I was inside Tripti Bhabhi, my lovely Tripti Bhabhi. Once again I made an eye contact with her, keeping my rod deep inside her tunnel. She looked at me with affection and we kissed again.

Then we made small adjustment of our body and now she was laying on her back with her leg spread and folded in a W shape and I was resting on her completely, with my rod completely inside her love hole. I was holding Tripti Bhabhi’s breast and her hands were firm on my shoulder. After couple of seconds, I made stroke and Tripti Bhabhi moaned as my rod went inside after getting bit out of her tunnel.

I further I came on my knees keeping my dick inside Bhabhi and she further folded her legs and kept them in air, to give me more access of her love hole. And in a moment I started fucking Tripti Bhabhi properly. She was looking so beautiful, laying under me. Bhabhi’s milky jugs jiggled sexily. Tripti Bhabhi closed her eyes to feel the pleasure, I could see her expressions and they were driving me crazy.

From the time she came in my life as my Bhabhi, till that day when I saw her in intimate act with my sister, nothing like this came in my mind, I have always seen her face as my loving and caring elder, but today I was fucking Tripti Bhabhi as a man and her facial expressions while getting fucked were so different from usual gestures and her pleasure moans were showing the level of sexual pleasure she was getting as a woman.

I was rubbing my dick inside her love tunnel and some kind of waves were driving me faster. Faster and faster I went, ramming and reaming my cock deep and hard into her, she lifted her hips a bit to match the rhythm. I was leaning over Tripti Bhabhi, resting my palms on bed, fucking her in good speedy strokes, and apart from our moans there was bit of sound of our bodies collisions with each other which was there in the room.

We both were moaning in pleasure, and in few more strokes, I felt that, I will cum, and I spoke in pleasure, “ bhabhi….. bhabhi…. Ho jayega mera ho jayega.. Suddenly Tripti Bhabhi pulled me and embraced me, her big jugs were getting pressed against my chest and with that, she wrapped her big fleshy thighs around me and rammed my hips with force using her legs and moaned loudly,

she wanted to get fucked faster, and next second she screamed, “fuck me Aashu.. fuck me” I moved faster with my full strength and made 5-6 very fast strokes, and my rod touched deepest corner of her pleasure hole, and next moment I literally busted inside her deep love hole. Tripti Bhabhi closed her eyes, arched her head up and gripped me tight between her hands and legs and hissed loudly and cummed heavily.

Once again I could see her shivering in orgasm as we were griping each other very tight and I could feel every small movement in her body, Tripti Bhabhi was trembling very differently under me, I could feel sudden jolts over her belly, she remained breathless for a fraction and even after that she could not breath properly, she was breathing with breaks,

and those jolts were making her whole body tremble in pleasure, my rod was deep inside Tripti Bhabhi’s love tunnel and as I was releasing my juices in her, I could feel some movement down there in the deepest part of her love tunnel, as if she was also releasing something and somewhere those deep pulsations of my Bhabhi’s cunt were synchronized with sudden jolts which were appearing on her belly and making her tremble in pleasure.

For next few minutes we remained like that and released whatever we had and after that I tried to kiss Tripti Bhabhi. Her eyes were still closed and she was getting normal now, she responded to my kiss and loosened my body from her grip. For next minute or two we were laying beside each other with out a word. Bhabhi’s eyes were still closed, I got up on my elbow and looked at her face, she seemed satisfied to me.

Her expressions were like as if she is in peace and as I have never seen her before. I caressed her hairs which were bit spread and spoke, “Bhabhi….” Tripti Bhabhi opened her eyes, and looked into my eyes, I felt as if she smiled a bit and I hugged her and she too embraced me and spoke, in a very low voice, closer to my ear “Aashu..what have you done?” “ Bhabhi It was beautiful” I replied while hugging her.

“It was, but….” And suddenly Tripti Bhabhi started sniffing and tears started flowing down from her eyes. I was really shocked from this, and got up bit to see her, Tripti Bhabhi covered her eyes with her arm while laying there and continued crying for a while. I tried to talk to her and tried ask her the reason for this, but she remained silent and after few minutes, Tripti Bhabhi got up wore her clothes and went out, to use the toilet.

I too got up, wore my clothes and waited for her to come. After using a toilet, I came back to her room, by that time light was off and it was totally dark. I lied down on the same bed, Tripti Bhabhi was facing away from me, and I could see that she was not sleeping, she was awake, but I did not tried to talk to her don’t know when I went into deep sleep there only.

I got up in the morning when Tripti Bhabhi was trying to make me awake by saying, “Aashu ….. get up and sleep on couch now” time was nearly 5 AM, it was Tripti Bhabhi’s schedule time to get up, and my Mom use to get up around 7. I got up; Tripti Bhabhi was still in her last nights clothes, which were taken off by me. as I opened my eyes and looked into her eyes, she repeated the same,

“Aashu ooth, aut jaker sofe pe so” I think Tripti Bhabhi was worried that if my mom will find me here then she will come to know that we have done that. I got up to go, though I did not wanted to go. Tripti Bhabhi turned to go out, I stopped her by holding her hand and spoke, “ Bhabhi I am sorry” “ok, now go and sleep on couch, thodi der mein mummy bhi ooth jaayengi” Tripti Bhabhi replied without looking at me.

Without leaving her wrist I spoke again “Bhabhi, humne kuch galat nahi kiya” (we have not done anything wrong) “ Aashu get up and go” Tripti Bhabhi to look at me and again told me to go out of her room. I pulled Bhabhi a bit, and she came closer, and I further pulled her and she sat down on the bed.

“Bhabhi, mujhse naaraz ho kya?” means, are you angry with me I asked again and this time she looked into my eyes and spoke, “ nahi” “Bhabhi, I love you….” “Aashu… get up now, thodi der mein mummy will get up” Tripti Bhabhi tried to ignore the matter, “Bhabhi tell me… you love me?” this time Tripti Bhabhi looked into my eyes and spoke,

“I don’t know…. Aashu…” then again she spoke, “mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai” I took her face in my hands and kissed her on lips and spoke, “darne ki koi baat nahi hai, we have not anything wrong” once again I could see water floating in her eyes. Next moment I took Tripti Bhabhi in my arms and kissed her properly like last night and we kissed even better, explored each others mouth nicely and felt each others body.

I tried to pull her up, on the bed, and Tripti Bhabhi stopped, “Aashu…please…..nahi…, we don’t have time, mummy will get up” “don’t worry mummy will get after more than an hour”. Tripti Bhabhi continued staring at me for awhile and I continued pulling her lightly to tell what I want and finally she came on bed and once again I was laying partially on Tripti Bhabhi and kissing,

this time I just lifted her nighty, took off her panty and inserted my rod in her fuckhole after taking off my lower and started making love immediately. Wow what a pleasurable intercourse was that, this time I loved my Tripti Bhabhi the way I always wanted to love my wife. I was fucking Tripti Bhabhi with slow and steady strokes while looking into her eyes,

and in between we were kissing and hugging like true lovers, I was brushing my lips around her neck to give her real pleasure of being a woman. I was continuously fucking her and lasted for really long and I could see that Tripti Bhabhi was really enjoying that, she was getting hell of pleasure after long long time.

As pressure started building inside me, my speed rose and Tripti Bhabhi widened her legs and slowly raised her legs in air to get it deeper and I continued fucking my lovely Bhabhi for few more seconds and finally reached at the point of no returns and made few very fast strokes into her wet fuckhole and busted in pleasure and once again cummed in my Bhabhi.

Tripti Bhabhi too met her peek but her orgasm was not as intense as it was in last night. We lied there for a while and kissed each other like lover. I could see love in Tripti Bhabhi’s eyes for me, which was much different from what she had earlier for me. From that day till now we are living like Husband and Wife, and we have sex very regularly just like married couples.

Though I don’t sleep in her room, or if sometime I sleep then I get up in the morning before rising of my mom. Tripti Bhabhi is using contraceptive pills and apart from that I am using rubber in her unsafe periods. Things are moving like that, we both are earning and living bit comfortably now and enjoying life as a couple, and the only worst part of our life is that we cannot marry.

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