Desperate wife Keerthi getting fucked

Pinky and I had good sex when my wife and her husband were out of town. For few days we didn’t get any chance to have sex… It’s difficult to maintain extra martial affair. It gets screwed when your desperate level goes up. We should never be desperate and possessive, this is the lesson I learned.
If your affair is known to some one, your life gets screwed and every one will take their time to treat you in bad ways. It’s sadism of people.. to be frank they are jealous about your luck to fuck other women. Every(99.9%) would like to fuck another beautiful pussy than thy wife’s. But bastards pretend as if they are next to “Lord Rama”.
But in my case, I was lucky that I got another pussy after my affair got exposed because of desperation. To remind you, Pinky has 34D-28-38. She has excellent curves and I love the ass. Awesome when she walks. In office/apartment I walk behind her just to get view of her beautiful ass. Big eyes, big boobs.. I love them.
When ever we get a chance, we kiss and hug, I press her boobs. She sucks my dick. For more than a month, I didn’t get any chance to bang her ass. She was very desperate to take my dick in her pussy. Her Mother In Law was staying for few days. I was required to go another branch of my office. All these days we couldn’t meet and kiss.

She was requesting me everyday, but couldn’t make any time. I didn’t want to be desperate. I knew that desperation is root cause for screwing my life. Now let me describe what I got as result of my affair exposure.
There was a lady in our apartment named Keerthi. She is a good looking lady and is a wife of a businessman who is double to her age. She is very silent and calm. Though she is kannadiga she speaks very good telugu, tamil. Everybody tries to get a chance to talk to her in a double meaning way. There was a party in one of our apartment house.
That is the first time I saw both Keerthi and her husband. I pity that girl. He is old man with big tummy with lot of jewel on. She came in a blue mysore silk saree and was looking gorgeous with free hair. She is fair and have 38-28-38 stats. My looks were fixed to her boobs. Suddenly my wife and pinky came. Pinky winked at me and signaled me to close my mouth.
My wife told that Keerthi is his second wife and her sister is his first. After her sister committed suicide, this guy married Keerthi. Adding to that Pinky told “can you imagine, she is a mother of a kid” and gave a naughty smile(I could understand her meaning.) My wife went to get some dish, mean while pinky kept saying “look at her boobs, you love to fuck them, don’t you?” I said “yessss”.
Keerthi is actually from a poor family with all troubles shown in movies, her sister couldn’t give birth because of infertility. Both have one kid and is just 3 months old. Her apartment was a specially made one. and is in the same floor as mine.
One day my wife and I went to a hotel nearby. Keerthi was also there with her father. I went to wash my hand and was waiting my turn as other guy (let’s name X) was washing. Before me one girl was waiting. She had huge boobs and was standing diagonal to me. The guyX he dashed the lady and boobs were pressed and bounced. I widened my eyes.
Keerthi saw this and gave a small smile as if I didn’t notice. This guy X he was coming towards keerthi, who was standing next to me, with an intention of dashing and pressing boobs. I stopped this fellow and protected. We smiled and departed.
One day there was a processing going on in front of our apartment. Keerthi was also outside the apartment. We same the same guyX. He was dashing all girls. He was going in opposite direction and was pressing boobs of ladies. He was pressing like an auto driver presses his horn. I uttered “what the hell he is doing?”, after few seconds one lady caught this guy X and all people beat him.
He was having blood all over his face and broke his teeth. I saw keerthi, she smiled at me. We both reminded the hotel incedent and laughed. After few days, I couldn’t stop Pinky’s desperation and started to be bold. When my wife is in kitchen, she holds my dick, gives a smooch and does a lot.. Generally I don’t wear underwear while at home.. I’ll be wearing boxers..
This gives lot of freedom for pinky.. Once we were having dinner, pinky and her husband sat opposite in the dining table. While eating pinky extended her leg and was rubbing to mine. I had no option to move closure. Since I placed a napkin on my lap, my wife couldn’t observe.. Pinky and I moved close to the dining table so that she her leg can touch..
She was massaging my dick.. after finishing dinner, I still couldn’t control. My dick was rock hard and tent is easily visible as I was not wearing underwear.. Every body left the table except me because of tent. Pinky understood my position and brought a big and thick towel. I covered my tent with towel and pinky also covered me In an angle that my tent is not visible to my wife and her husband.
I immediately went inside the bedroom and wore underwear and come, it’ll cover a little bit and I wore a loose shirt to cover the tent.. When I came out Pinky gave a naughty smile and winked me. While leaving she gave a pat on my dick.
Once she came in a t-shirt which has big zip. My wife, Pinky and I were playing cards. My wife went to bathroom, right after my wife closed the door, Pinky opened her zip and pulled my face towards her. OMG!! She was not wearing anything.. I kept sucking those soft boobs.. her nipples were very hard..tasted beautifully.. We sucked each other tongues like dogs.
I inserted my right hand and massaging pussy, she was massaging my dick.. I inserted my finger and was finger fucking.. after we heard the flush sound we separated, Pinky closed her zip. She covered her boobs and wetness with pallu. I covered my tent with a pillow. I couldn’t hide my hard-on. I went to bathroom immediately and shagged off.
When I came out Pinky was smiling and winking. She signalled that her pussy is wet and gave experssions with tounge as sucking cock and licking pussy. Like this, she was very desperate. Pinky and I were desperate to have a nice fuck. All these incidents made my dick very desperate, but I was controlling my feelings, but Pinky couldn’t.
One day we both started same time for office(though to different branches), with hoping that I’ll take her in my bike and she will hug me all over. When we entered the lift, there was no one. As soon as doors closed Pinky jumped on me and gave me a lip kiss. Suddenly the lift doors opened(Because some one pressed the door). It was Keerthi. We all 3 were in a shock.
My heart came to my pants.. same is the case for Pinky. She entered the lift. We simply stayed silent in the lift. I couldn’t look in to Keerthi’s face and left on bike and Pinky left by an auto. I wasn’t able to concentrate on my work, was in a shock thinking that my married life will get screwed. Meanwhile Pinky called me many times, but didn’t pick the call.
Pinky finally came to my branch and we both left for a long drive. We stopped at some place away from the city. Pinky started crying. I went and kissed her. She was surprised and stopped crying.
I said let’s leave and go home. I’ll try to talk to the lady to save our lives. She is good and I’ll try to convince her. We both headed to our homes back. She sat hugging with her boobs pressing over my back.
We went to respective homes. That night I couldn’t sleep, so is Pinky. Morning I decided to go Keerthi’s home and convince her. I went till her house, rang the door bell. But I couldn’t get the courage and escaped from that sight before she opened the door. Pinky didn’t even see me. She started to office very early. I also started to my office at regular time.. few days went and I couldn’t get a chance to speak to Pinky.
One day when I was entering the lift, I saw Keerthi, but pretended as if I didn’t notice. Before I closed the lift door, Keerthi stopped the lift from outside and asked sarcastically that where is my partner. I said I don’t know, then started to blabber that it was an accident. She asked me to come to her home as she wants to speak.
She started giving me lecture. Before I start telling you that scene, I must tell how she came, she came in a nighty without wearing any bra. She was very sexy with those big melons hanging firmly. We entered her home, her husband was not seen, but maid was working in bathroom(probably cleaning the bathroom). We both sat on the sofa.
She went inside and came out with laptop. She asked me to open and pretend as if I’m repairing it(I didn’t understand why). Then she started giving all gyan(I was pissed off with all those bullshit) meanwhile I was staring at her huge tits. Her baby started crying, she went inside and brought the baby. She opened her zip in front of me, I doubled my eyes to not to miss.
She opened her zip completely, kept her hand inside the zip and lifted her bare boob and brought it out. It was white, huge with black erect nipple. She inserted the nipple into baby’s mouth and baby started sucking it. I was in a dumb shock with my mouth wide open. It was an excellent view. though it was for just 3~5 seconds.. it replayed in my mind for many hours later.
I was having full erection and kept the latop on my dick to cover. I wondered why she didn’t cover her boob with a towel(generally ladies cover their boobs with towel/pallu while feeding their babies). I was constantly gazing her bare boob, I wished I were the baby. Suddenly door bell ranged.
She stood carrying the baby and holding tight to the nipple and covered it with towel and went inside bedroom. From room she called maid to open the door. It was uncle(Keerthi’s husband). I felt both sad and happy. sad-because I missed a chance to see a huge milk tanker, happy-because I escaped that bullshit nonsense lecture from her.
I greeted uncle and kept acting as fixing the laptop. In few mins after my dick was softened, I stood up and gave laptop and bid bye to both uncle and keerthi. I saw a different expression on Keerthi’s face, both angry and disappointment.
I went straight to my office(Pinky’s branch) and was waiting to meet her. She was in meeting and I waited for some time. After some time I went and took her out. Pinky was wearing jeans and t-shirt. I took her to a movie theater and said want to talk. Went to a flop english movie in PVR. We took a vacant seat in the corner.
She was asking the reason, After lights were off I kissed her on lips for few mins and kept pressing boobs. I said I wanted to release my pressure and wanted to suck your boobs. I lifted her t-shirt and kept sucking while pressing other one. She was holding my dick with hand on pants and slowly strocking it. It was rock hard.
She said it’s my turn and opened my zip and kissed my dick forehead. Slowly she kept sucking the dick.. pinky increased the speed and I said I’m cumming… she swallowed my entire cum and didn’t spill even a bit. She cleaned her mouth and then it was interval of the movie.
We came out of the movie and went to McD. There was a full satisfaction and heavenly feeling on my face. Pinky asked whatz the reason. I explained the entire story of Keerthi’s. Pinky was still scared and was planning to go on vacation to her home town.. I told I’ll stay here and stop the damager further.
Few days after Keerthi caught me while going to office(even though I changed my office timing, Pinky escaped and went to her native). She was wearing a saree and on top of that one sweater as it was cold. I went inside and said Hi.. I was standing at the door(blocked the entrance). She went inside the room and came out. I was shocked to see her in a very thin wardrobe wrapped.
Her nipples were poking out and was very sexy in that. I couldn’t control and as my eyes widened, Keerthi: “what?”.. Me: you are beautiful..Keerthi: You have a beautiful while, why are you hanging around with that northie(Pinky)? Me: Nothing like that.. I was about to explain and cover up with baba-black sheep kinda story.
Suddenly maid entered and I changed the topic, keerthi covered top with a towel..and I covered my tent with laptop bag.. immediately asked “I came for uncle, when will he be back”?, meanwhile maid entered the house with rubbing her boobs on my back(it was purely accident).. Keerthi said with an innocent face “uncle has gone to a business trip and will not come back for few days and you can call him if you have any urgent work”.
I said thank you and left. I couldn’t concentrate on work bcoz of both maid’s action and Keerthi’s boobs and her robe. She was having big boobs. Nipples and shapes were clear visible on the robe. As it was cold, her nipples were erect. Same scene was rewinding the entire day. I could hardly do my work. I masturbated twice in the office.
But still had the hard on almost the entire day. That night I had my dream sex with my wife and satisfied. I had a dream that I was fucking Keerthi’s tits while she was lecturing me. It made my dick hard in the morning. I told my wife that I’ll be working from home today. She made lunch and left for the office. I couldn’t concentrate on work and called Pinky.
I wished she was here to give me a tit fuck. Mean while my door bell ranged. I ended the call and opened the door. It was Keerthi.. was wearing a very transparent black saree and applied lip-stick. With very low neck blouse her clevage and navel are clearly visible. As I was in my boxers I couldn’t control my hard-on and exposed it.
She entered house and shut the door. She said in loud and anger tone “where is your wife, I want to speak to her, I’ll tell everything.. the way you kissed Pinky and the way you ogled at me etc etc”. I was speechless for a second.. Many thoughts were running in my mind. All my thoughts are mentioned below.
(though it takes time to read and write my thoughts, they just flashed my mind, may be because I was in full mood and made thoughts in +ve erotic direction) – At this time no lady will come with that make up and such an attire. – She closed the door by herself. – She was shouting loud and asked spoke a big dialouge. If she was to complian, she will just ask where my wife is and will not speak that she is going to complain.
– Recalled her previous actions when she invited to her house to give gyan. – She opened her nighty, pulled her big boob infront of me and covered when uncle came. – She wore a robe, when she already had bath and was in saree. – It’s more than 2 weeks and hasn’t yet complained me about the incident. – She gave me a hint that uncle is out of town.
With all those thoughts went.. Keerthi was speaking some non-sense and trying to make me afraid of her. She yelled “I’m shouting like a dog and you are hardly responding?” All of a sudden(I don’t know how I got courage), I went to her, pulled her towards me kissed on her lips and shut them out. I held her tightly that boobs are pressing hard against my chest.
After a minute or so, she pushed me. Said “what are you doing?” I said “darling don’t act smart.. You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” I went and grabbed her again and kissed. She opened her mouth and gave way to lips.. I was then relaxed and kissed passionately. She said “how dare you are? I came here to complain to your wife and you are kissing me..”
I said “If you wanted to complain, you would have done on day one.. you won’t wait and seduce me like this..” by saying this I hugged her.. Keerthi said “you naughty”.. Then Keerthi said, I like you, but I was disappointed that I wasn’t in the place of Pinky. I was hardly listening to her.. I was constantly looking at her boobs. Both were pressing against my chest.. they were very soft and smooth.
She pushed me and took my hand.. Kissed on the hand and slowly kept it on her left boob.. wow.. my dream come true.. she was so beautiful.. smooth boob and difficult to cover with one hand. I was pressing smoothly and slowly. I pulled her saree.. saw two big globes standing infront of me. She turned around.. I hugged her from back and started removing removed hooks one by one slowly.
she was moaning as my hands were rubbing her side of boobs while I was removing her hooks… mean while I was pressing my hard cock against her ass.. she was applying extra pressure.. those were very smooth.. finally I removed all hooks and undid her jacket.. I kept my hand over bra and was slowly massaging them.. kissed all over her face, back and navel and every bare part of her.
She was moaning.. I took her to my bedroom with hands inside bra and my fingers on her nipples..I opened her bra hoooks and released those beautiful boobs.. that sight was awesome.. Very huge and round boobs.. those were soft and firm.. though they are huge, they were not shaggy. I like it alot..
She slowly came and sat in my lap and offered her right boob towards mouth.. I took the nipple and was sucking it.. milk was oozing out of her nipples.. I was enjoying it.. she was moaning.. I asked her, if I drink the entire milk, then her baby will cry. She said, “I’ve fed him few mins ago and filled bottles for backup.
This is all yours.. I get lot of milk and some times it pains because baby doesn’t drink all.. now you can drink every drop”.. I changed to left boob and started sucking like a baby.. I liked the taste of the milk.. Keerthi was moaning a lot and pushing my head on her tits.. I saw both of us on mirror and that excited me a lot..I kissed multiple places.. then I asked her to remove petticoat (langa)..
I removed the knot and dropped it on the floor.. Now she is only in underwear.. it was like a dream.. two huge boobs and good shapes.. I pulled her on the bed and inserted my hand in the underwear.. Her pussy was already wet.. I removed the underwear and my cloths as well.. I kissed her on pussy and inserted my finger in to her wet pussy..
She was moaning and took other hand to place it on boob.. I lied sideways and started to suck boobs while finger fucking.. She couldn’t long and cumm.. Then she stood up and took my rock hard dick into her hands.. she was new and never tested a cock before.. she was shy.. She said “my husband’s doesn’t erect.. even if it erects it’ll be few mins.. I wont get time to suck..
I told her she will now on will not miss a chance to suck… She opened her mouth and slowly kept sucking.. She was tasting with tongue.. I asked her “I badly want to fuck your boobs” she said ok and placed my boobs.. those are really soft.. she held her boobs and I stroked them.. she opened her mouth and was trying to catch my dick while I fuck those tits.. It was heavenly feeling..
I asked her to lie on the bed.. I kissed her pussy and opened it.. she moaned.. “darling… what are you doing.. I can’t.. pls insert your dick..” Then I inserted my finger and started to lick aggressively.. She was moaning a lot and was begging to insert my dick.. I inserted my dick and gently gave strokes..
She was moaning a lottt… aaahhh fuck me harder baby.. fuck me harder.. Slowly I increased my speed and fucked.. after few mins I removed my dick.. “why did you remove….. I want more”.. I said.. you have very big ass.. I want to fuck in doggy style.. She was new.. said “do it slowly” and bent down like a dog.. I slowly inserted my dick in to her pussy and gave a stroke..
She said “aaahhhh…. it hit me some where.. wowww…. give me.. give me more….” I kept fucking for more.. then we went back to missionary.. while fucking, I kept watching those tits and was playing with them with my fingers.. after few more strokes, she said.. “i’m cumming…” then asked me to stop.. I wasn’t done..
I said “no.. I want more”.. then gave few more strokes and I came.. she asked me to cum in her pussy.. then I released my cum.. and lied on her.. it was like lying on two soft titties.. She didn’t let me remove my dick out.. after few mins I removed and came out.. that was a real hard fuck I was missing for so long with Pinky.. It was much more satisfying..
I kissed her deeply and said thank you.. she said.. “no I’ve to thank you a lot for fucking me and satisfying me.. this is the first time I’ve enjoyed sex.. I LOVE YOU.. I liked you the day you saved me from that Mr.X in the hotel” I said “don’t worry you will have more good relation ship..”.. we spoke for sometime..she reveled that her baby was because of artificial techniques and her husband is not biological father..
Then I helped her wearing dress.. Finally she gave me a tight hug and after few mins smooch, she left the house.. I slept till afternoon.. In afternoon, she came back with some gulab jamoon and icream and knocked my door.. I welcomed her with a smooch.. This time she came in salwar kameej..
I kissed all over.. and removed her dress, placed ice cream on her belly and licked.. our session started again.. we had few more fucking sessions till evening.. After this, I fucked her many times till Pinky came back from vacation.. I promised her that I will keep fucking her when ever I get a chance..
Of course.. we both are excited to share our experience.. I’m writing this story with her permission.. Hope you like it too.. please post feedback in the comments.

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