Desires Exfoliated

Shweta entered the elevator standing there thoughtless. Her growing fascination had put her in many such absent minded situations. Realizing she had been standing in the lift she hit the 12th floor button. She forced her mind to dwell on the dinner plans for her family.
‘Veg or Non – Veg……. Veg or Non – Veg……’ she asked herself.
On reaching her floor she opened the door and entered her vacant house. Tossing her gym gear on the nearby desk she walked towards the window. She lined her sight to the building across the road to the 7th floor and saw that her husband was still in his cabin working. She could make out that his tie was loose and a couple of buttons undone to get some extra oxygen.
‘As usual he is going to be late tonight’. She thought.This had been the case for months now. Rohan had immersed himself deeply in his work. He worked late and sometimes he would just sleep in his office if he got too tired, late and had a lot of work. He was a great provider but recently he had lost his sexual desires. At least that is what Shweta thought.
Shweta pulled her sweaty top over her head and untied her lycra-track. She guided her tracks down her silky smooth legs until they piled at her ankles. She stepped out of them and bent downwards to pick them up.

For any guy that was a sight to behold. Shweta stood in her hallway in her sports bra and panties. She ran her fingers over her pussy. Her prolonged arousal had made her panties wet even more than her sweat did to her top. She needed a release. Removing her sports bra and panties she entered her bathroom. She entered the glass cubicle in her bathroom and started the water in the tub. Adding the salts and the soap she immersed herself in the warm water.
Shweta’s mind wasted no time for her bodily desires as it guided her right hand to her crotch. She guided her palm though her closed angled thighs and reached her pussy. Her left hand lay across her chest on her right breast while her left elbow gently cupped her left breast. Her fingers gently tweaking her hard nipples. Shweta’s pussy was in heat. She started moaning as soon as her right hand rubbed her engorged lips. While massaging her pussy lips with her forefinger and ring finger she parted her lips to raise the hood of her clit. With her middle finger Shweta frantically rubbed her clit. It was not going to take her long. She bit her lower lip, tightly closing her eyes her thoughts drifted off to her recent obsession. Her right hand, underwater, rubbed involuntary on her pussy in small circles. The warm water and the salts worked miracles on her body. She quickly approached her orgasmic bliss.
Shweta came hard in the water of her bath tub. Her legs clasped each other as her thigh vice gripped her right wrist at her pussy under the warm water. Her left hand clenched her right boob till her knuckles went white. Shweta’s head fell back in content as she steadily came down from her orgasmic high. Once content she quickly bathed and got ready.
Shweta prepared the dinner and called up her daughter at her in-laws on 11th floor below. Richa her daughter was 5 yrs. old. She mostly stayed with Rohan’s parents whenever Rohan and Shweta were at work or when Richa was not with her parents.
After her daughter had her dinner and went off to sleep, Rohan came home. After her orgasm in the bath tub, Shweta had released some pent-up pressure but she needed a cock in her pussy. She needed to feel a cock penetrating and plowing her pussy. After dinner Shweta literally dragged him to the bed and rather, she fucked Rohan enthusiastically. Rohan came in his wife’s pussy.
Rohan had established himself very well in recent years. He owned a designing business. He had brought up a complete floor on a commercial complex across the road. Shweta worked as a consultant and then later joined her husband business. She worked for just couple of hours before returning home. After taking care of her daughter’s needs Shweta would be free as a bird.
At late evening Shweta would head off to her gym. The gym was at walking distance so she never took transport. Shweta always had a very high libido. Her cravings were and wild and crazy. During the years after her marriage Shweta curbed her instincts. But old habits die hard. She loved the attention she got from her younger counter parts. She loved to look around, especially Raj.
Raj was from Shweta’s gym, she had developed a crush on him in last few weeks. In recent times her crush had transformed into obsession. She had fantasized fucking him many times. She just wanted to have him somehow.
Raj worked in a software company. He had noticed Shweta stealing stares at him many times but was not sure of confronting her. He knew she was married so he did not want to mess things up. Besides, his girlfriend would certainly not approve of it. Vidya and Raj liked each other. It seemed their relationship was heading towards the right direction.
In the gym Shweta seemed to find an opportunity to be with Raj. But even when she did all she could do was smile at him.
It was Diwali. Rohan was as usual in office while Shweta was returning from her gym. She came to a four way cross road and to her luck saw Raj on his bike parked aside and talking on his cell phone. Raj ended his conversation and turned around. Unexpectedly he saw Shweta coming towards him.
“Hi”, she asked
“Hi”, Raj replied.
Shweta was actually very happy to start the conversation with him.
“What are you doing here?”
“Oh I got locked out. My family has gone out and will be coming either late midnight or tomorrow morning and I forgot to get my set of house keys before I left for the gym.”
“Oh! That’s terrible. What are you going to do tonight then?”
“My friend should be back home by 11 or 12. I’ll crash at his home later then.”
“It’s still 2 ½ hours to 11. What are you going to do till then? You can come to my home and stay till then. I am sure you would be hungry too after the workout.”
“Actually yes I am and today seem to be my bad luck day. I didn’t carry any money too as I don’t bring my wallet to the gym. But thanks for the offer. I think I would be bothering you’ll if I accept it”
“You are in a pickle alright. And no, it would not be a problem. I insist that you come.”
“Okay. Where do you stay?”
“Oh just down the road, in the Everest skyscrapers.”
“Really? Which building? I stay in the same complex in ES2. It is strange that I never saw you.”
“Really. I stay in ES4.”
“Oh that’s why we never met. You must be taking gate 1 for exit while I mostly use the gate at my end.”
“Yes. That’s a funny little coincidence.”
Raj and Shweta walked towards their colony. Their buildings were located around 200 meters apart with a play-park in between. But the entrances to their respective buildings were located on the opposite side of the park. As a result privacy was maintained efficiently.
Raj and Shweta walked down to her building. Shweta’s glee was like a college girl but she hid it well. Raj parked his bike and followed Shweta to the elevator. Trying to avoid the awkwardness he asked started another conversation.
“Who stays with you?”
“My husband and my daughter. My mother-in-law and father-in- law stay a floor below us.”
“Nice. That’s convenient.”
“As a matter of fact is convenient for all of us.”
The elevator hit the 12th floor and both of them got out. Shweta opened the door and let Raj in.
“Please be comfortable and make yourself at home. No formalities at all. I’ll just check something out” she said.
Shweta went to her bedroom and first called up her in-laws. Her daughter loved to spend time with her grandparents as they spoiled her very much and like most of the time her daughter wanted to stay with her grandparents. She slept with them and Shweta or Rohan would then pick up her the next morning. Fortunately for Shweta, her daughter seem to be spending the night with her grandparents today.
Secondly Shweta called up Rohan and informed him about the situation. She asked him to some early hoping otherwise. Rohan didn’t seem to mind it at all. In fact he joked to Shweta.
“What are you afraid of him?”
“Afraid of whom? That boy.”
“Boy? How old is he”
“He must be around 4 – 5 yrs. younger than me.” Shweta said relaxing Rohan’s curiosity if he had any. She was just taking precautions.
“Oh! Really? I am rather busy today honey. It will take me at least 11 to be home.”
“Okay then. Try to come early. Bye.”
Shweta couldnt believe her luck. An hour ago she was hesitant to talk to Raj and right now he was sitting in her living room with no one home. Shweta was nervous but extremely excited. Just the prospect of being with Raj gave her a tiny orgasm. She went out in the living room again to Raj.
“Would you like something to drink Raj? Would you like some wine?”
“Yeah okay. That would be fine.”
Shweta poured him some fine red wine which they kept specially for guests.
“Raj would you mind if I take a shower?”
“Oh no! Not at all. I know exactly how you feel. I too always need a shower at the earliest after the gym.”
“You can have one after I am done.” Shweta had put her plan to action. Despite having a perfectly good extra bathroom in the house Shweta told Raj to use her own. She took her fresh garments and entered the bathroom. Her towel fell on the ground and she bent at her hips to pick it up hoping to give Raj a good view of her shapely rear.
Raj did get a good view but he quickly turned his sight showing that he didn’t care.
Shweta entered the bathroom and started the shower. The wine had loosened Raj’s inhibitions and Shweta’s naïve yet effective gimmick with her rear did trigger him up. As he heard the shower run he imagined Shweta’s naked body wet under the shower. He imagined her boobs getting wet as the water cascaded down her body onto her pussy and down her well-formed legs.
Raj’s dick certainly became hard as it caused him a lot of discomfort down there. His dick was yearning to be free from the confinements. Had it not been for his jockstrap, his erection would be sporting a prominent tent in his tracks.
Shweta had finished her shower. She wore her bra and a tight top which would show her curves and have an effect on Raj. Down below she just wore cotton shorts and choose to go commando.
She came in the living room. Raj readjusted his seating trying to find a comfortable position which would give his aching hard rod some relief in his gym gear.
“Raj would you like to take a shower?”
“I would but I am not sure. I don’t want to cause any inconvenience to you guys.”
“There is no inconvenience at all Raj. I don’t mind it and I am sure Rohan would also not mind it. Please feel free and be absolutely comfortable to use it. I meant it when I said make yourself at home.” Shweta said with a smile.
“Okay, if you say so. Thanks.”
Raj always kept a spare t-shirt and a fresh boxer in his gym bag just in case if he decided to shower in the gym itself. He picked them out. Shweta guided him to the bathroom. Raj did have a slight idea about what was going on but he wasn’t sure himself and decided to play along. He removed his clothes and gave breath of relief when he let his hard cock free from his jockstrap. He gave it a few quick jerks before he got into the shower. The wine had loosened up him a bit but the warm shower felt even better.
Meanwhile Shweta was getting nervous and excited outside. She was aroused to know that the guy she was hot for, for the last couple of months, is bathing in her house. Like Raj, she too imagined her him naked. Her imagination got better as she imagined his cock. Shweta just hoped that takes up all the bait she had laid out for him.
Raj finished showering and was drying himself. As he dried his hair he saw Shweta’s panties and bra on the platform of the basin. He knew she had left them on purpose. He picked them up and they were moist. They were still a bit warm. His dick sprang to life again. His temptation got the better of him as he smelt them. Raj composed himself and got dressed. He wore his tracks over his boxers and his t-shirt. He got out of the bathroom drying his hair.
“Wow. That feels good. Thanks for letting me use it.” He said to Shweta.
“No problem.” She replied. “Sit down and have something to eat. I’ll just come back”
Shweta went to the bathroom. She saw her undergarments stirred out of the position she had set. She knew Raj had held them.
Raj and Shweta had a light dinner.
“Thanks for the dinner Shweta. It was lovely.”
“Would you like to have some more wine Raj?”
“Sure.” Raj replied shrugging his shoulders.
She poured out some wine again and started talking to him.
“So Raj, are u a student or working somewhere.”
“I am working for a software company. What about you? Are you working somewhere or busied yourself with the home chores.”
“I assist my husband in the financial handlings of his company. I work for just a couple of hours tough. Most of the day I am free. Spend my time with my daughter and then you see me at the gym.”
“Yes I do see you at the gym. But I think you see me more at the gym.” Raj quipped.
Raj realized what he had said. He didn’t know whether it was the mood or the wine or the sexiness of this beautiful wife in front of him. Raj didn’t deter. In fact he decided to test the waters.
Shweta was too taken aback by this sudden comment. But she liked the turn their conversation was taking.
“I do?” she asked acting innocent. “Well you are a good looking man. And I am sure it’s not just me looking at you. There are other girls as well.”
“Yes, there are. But not the way you look.”
Shweta moved in closed to Raj. She had tried to seduce Raj this whole time. She decided to take the leap of faith. She asked him. “What if I do stare at you Raj? Does it turn you on?” Raj was not going to back out. He too moved in closed to her. He moved in closer to her. Their breathing became heavier. He could feel Shweta’s breathing on his lips. It made him horny to feel her body heat radiating.
Till now Shweta had much control of the situation where in Raj was unsure of the unfolding. He decided to take control. It was the moment of truth. Either both of them get to have their way with each other or nothing never. Raj signaled Shweta to advance. She leaned forward as Raj began to passionately whisper into her ears.
“Yes Shweta it does turn me on. Right now too I am very tuned on. So much that I just want to suck your lips into mine right now. I want to rip off that top and bare your breasts. I want to hold you right now and suck your nipples. But I am not sure whether you want me to, Shweta. Do you? Tell me Shweta do you want to feel my lips on your nipples? Do you want to feel my tongue running on your nipples?”
Raj’s whispering into her ears and the wine made her weak. She was herself not sure what she wanted. Whether she wanted to go the distance or never feel what she had been obsessing about for the past few months. Her desires had overpowered her thinking. Her nipples were hard underneath and her body craved for a male touch. It didn’t matter to her who it was but she needed it. All Shweta could muster up was a muffled approval.
Raj again confronted her. “Then say it Shweta. Tell me what you want.”
Shweta whispered back to Raj. “I want to kiss you Raj. I want to feel your touch. I want to feel you inside me. Please fuck me Raj. Please fuck me.”
Raj needed no further saying. He backed off a bit to make a piercing eye contact with Shweta. He wanted to make her know the sinister boundary she was about to cross. And he knew from her breathing that she wanted to cross it ever so eagerly. Raj’s left hand slid behind her neck. His thumb was gently but firmly massaging the cusp of her neck and head. He brought her towards him, tilted her head a bit and placed his lips on hers. Shweta gave in completely at his first touch. She surrendered herself to Raj letting him take control.
Raj sucked in her lower lip like a candy and sucked on it. He smothered his lips onto her. Their kissing made sloppy slurps and they contested to devour each other. Raj’s’ tongue wandered into Shweta’s mouth. Her tongue wrestled back with his.
Raj took his wine glass and brought it to her lips. He gave her a sip and then trailed the edge of the glass from her cheeks to her neck. He tilted his glass and trickled the wine on her neck. It streamed down her neck, through her cleavage dousing her top at stomach. Moving downwards Raj splashed some wine over her boobs. The top became translucent and clung to her contours. Raj emptied his glass on Shweta’s crotch. Her pussy lips were outlined notifying Raj that she was bare below.
Raj placed his glass down as he moved over Shweta. She slid down along the left hand rest of the couch. Raj hovered over her as she continues kissing Shweta all over. He nuzzled her neck as with light strokes he licked of the remaining wine off her neck. He moved over right breast. Shweta’s chest was breathing heavily bobbing prominently. On her way up he caught her right nipple in his lips. He sucked on it thought the cotton fabric. He sucked in the wine from the fabric. His tongue could feel Shweta’s hard nipples poking. Slowly his right hand moved south between her legs. He tracked his fingers along the length of her pussy lips. He ran his middle finger lightly over her slit. He teased her as Shweta tried to get more of his contact on her pussy. She raised and twirled her pelvic regions to find more of Raj’s hand.
Raj trailed his tongue up her neck trying to lick off all of the wine and then back down. His mouth rested on her left nipple. He proceeded to suck on her left nipple, sucking her fabric dry. Raj guided his right hand through Shweta’s right leg of her shorts. Raj’s fingers spent some time rubbing Shweta’s nub. And then with a sudden intrusion, Raj inserted his middle finger knuckle deep in her pussy. Shweta was taken aback by this as she breathed into Raj’s hair which she pressed against her left breast while he nursed on her nipple.
Slowly and steadily Raj slid his finger in and out of her pussy. Shweta’s pussy was very wet by now. Raj pulled out his finger. Shweta could see it glistening with her juices. As Shweta made an eye contact with Raj she felt a little embarrassed to see herself so wet for someone other than her husband. And the bit of embarrassment aroused her even more. Raj sucked in the finger as if to show Shweta that he was having a sweet candy.
“Wow! You are sweet.” He said.
With a swift motion Raj removed his t-shirt and loosened his tracks. He stood there in his boxers. His dick was hard forming a tent. Shweta was longing to feel Raj’s dick. She moved up from the couch and reached for his boxers. She slid it down and there it was. Shweta was proud that she had such an effect on Raj. She pulled sown Raj’s boxers and held his hard cock. Her stomach tingled as she felt his hot rod in her palm. She gave a few short jerks as her face approached his manhood. Her sexual instincts took over and she guided its head in to her mouth. It felt naughty and dirty as she realized that she has a hard dick of a young guy in her mouth which did not belong to her husband. Shweta’s mouth engulfed Raj’s dick in her mouth. Her tongue ran over the surface of his cock. She licked the underside feeling the veins of his hard on. Her hands cupped his balls and she tried to take him deep.
“Look at me.” Raj said.
Shweta looked up at Raj. No sooner did she make an eye contact with him she felt a torrent of different emotions run through her. Without breaking her eye contact with Raj, Shweta bobbed on his manhood.

It was getting too much for Raj to bear. This sexy hot wife who many fancied to be with was sucking his dick in her own living room. His hot hard dick felt so good in her mouth. Her eyes were piercing when she looked at him but were yet subtle. Raj knew he could have his way with Shweta. He was getting close to his climax. He did not want to this to end so early. He lightly held Shweta by her hair and pulled his cock out of her hot moist mouth. He bent downwards and gave her a kiss. He reached the bottom of her top and lifted it over her head. Reaching behind her Shweta unhooked her bra to reveal her boobs. Raj was quick to vacuum in her tit in his mouth. He sucked and gobbled in as much as he could. Raj rolled his tongue over her hard nipple feeling the shape back against his tongue.
Shweta’s nipples were sensitive and she groaned with pleasure as Raj suckled on them. After Raj spent enough time devouring her breasts he lifted Shweta. He took her into his arms hugging her. He gave her a boost of the floor and Shweta instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. Raj carried Shweta to her bedroom. As Raj carried her, his dick was pressed against her pussy lips. The movement rubbed Shweta’s pussy as she grew impatient to feel his dick inside her horny pussy. She closed her eyes with pleasure. She bit her lip and nuzzled into Raj’s neck.
Raj reached the bed and laid Shweta down on her back. He pulled down her shorts as they slit effortlessly over her smooth legs. Raj bent between her legs caressing her right calf and slowly and steadily moved upwards planting kisses and delicate bites on her thighs. Raj could smell Shweta’s arousal along with her body wash she used during her bath. Her pussy radiated heat on his face.
Raj could see her engorged pussy lips with wetness dripping between them. Her clit was erect with arousal. Raj tongued Shweta’s pussy lips and gave light pulls on her pussy with his lips. He licked her wet refusing to lick her clit or insert his tongue into her snatch. He teased her for some time and then suddenly buried his whole tongue into her pushing in deep as far as he could. He explored her insides and fucked her pussy with his tongue. He ate Shweta expertly and brought her to the verge of an orgasm. He plunged his tongue deep again and shoveled her clit on the way out. He caught her slit in his lips and sucked hard on it rubbing his tongue vigorously over it.
The buildup was already too much for Shweta and when Raj debased her clit in his mouth she went off the edge. She came hard and her hands pushed Raj further into her pussy while her thighs clamped around his neck. Her hips buckled and her eyes rolled back. Raj did not stop his attack on her clit and Shweta went through another throe of orgasm. Her clit had become sensitive and she could take no more. She pushed Raj back holding her pussy as she quivered from the post orgasmic bliss.
Raj climbed on the bed and onto the sexy wife. He snuggled himself in between her legs and kissed her passionately. He bucked his hip and guided his dick into Shweta with his right hand, still kissing her sloppily.
Shweta moaned into Raj’s mouth as she felt him intrude her pussy. Raj was quick to find his tempo. He set himself into a rhythm fucking Shweta’s quim. Shweta was into wonderland as Raj kept on pounding her. She approached another climax with his fucking. The situation made her feel very naughty. Her daughter was downstairs with her grandparents, her husband was in the building across the width of the road working and here she was, in her bed, getting fucked and violated by a younger guy on whom she had developed a crush on.
Raj ploughed Shweta’s pussy mercilessly. He pulled out just enough for the head to stay in and then plunged in back with a force. Each time their bodies met, it made a prominent slapping sound. Shweta could feel Raj’s ball sack on her asshole while her pussy felt the veins on his dick. Her hands stretched across his back pulling him more onto her boobs which Raj was sucking. Her legs were crossed across his hips onto his lower back and pulled him deeper whenever his cock descended into her.
Shweta was again close to an orgasm. She took a deep breath and held it in as her eyes widened and then closed while her neck and back arched as she felt herself erupting. Her pussy muscles clenched hard on his cock as she came. Her legs came loose of the interlock they were in and lay bent on either side of Raj.
Raj felt her exploding on his dick. He had never felt a grip like this on his cock, not even when he fucked Vidya. He too was about to reach his orgasm. With a last thrust he buried himself deep into Shweta’s pussy. His cock pulsed as he came deep into her. Shweta felt Raj releasing his hot cum deep into her.
They both bucked their crotches together rubbing them getting out every possible pleasure with their forbidden act. Shweta’s pussy made sure it sucked in every drop of his cum.
Raj lay there over Shweta kissing her neck with his dick still buried in her pussy.
“Raj, I need to get ready. My husband would be home soon.” She said.
Raj pushed himself up and got up as his now softened cock slipped out Shweta’s pussy. He walked to the washroom and cleaned himself up and got dressed. Shweta did not want to soil her sheets. She plugged her pussy with her palm as she held Raj’s cum in her snatch from dripping out. She walked to the washroom cleaned herself up. She got dressed and cleaned off the living room.
It was still half an hour for Raj’s friend to arrive.
“Where does your husband work?” Raj asked.
“Come here.” She said as she stood by the windows. “So you see that guy on the 7th floor on that building?”
“Well that’s my husband.”
A grin spread across Raj’s face as he grew on the kinkiness of the situation. The same thrill Shweta was feeling a few minutes ago.
“When will he be back?”
“He should have left by now. So anytime soon now.”
Raj went back and sat on the couch. Shweta followed him and sat beside him. She sat on his lap facing him and kissed him. Subconsciously thanking him for the wonderful fucking he had given her.
The doorbell rang and both of them straightened themselves. Rohan entered home and greeted Raj completely unaware that this guy had just fucked his wife. They talked about general and professional topics as Rohan had his dinner. Soon Raj’s phone rang and his friend called him. He bid Rohan goodbye as Shweta escorted him to the door.
“Raj, I don’t know what you think of me but I am still a married woman with kids and love Rohan very much. I loved what happened between us and I am not sure whether it will ever happen again.” She said.
Raj held her face and gave Shweta one final passionate kiss.
“Shweta I know you love Rohan and your family very much. It’s your desires that took over you. Don’t mix love and sex. It’s not just you but many women have such desires and most of them do fulfill it. I assure you your family will not get disturbed but I am not sure whether we will never meet again.” Raj grinned as he said the last words. He entered the elevator and descended downwards.
While she closed the door behind her, Shweta hoped that whatever Raj said would become true. She was already waiting for their next encounter hopeful of another good fucking from Raj. She suppressed her cheeky smile as she went inside to Rohan.

The next few days went uneventful. Raj and Shweta crossed path many times but he did not acknowledge her presence. Raj did not even make an eye contact with her. Shweta found it very weird but thought that he was at least keeping things discreet. On the other hand a sensation of violation crept up her spine. She felt that Raj was done with her after he had fucked her the last time. She felt abused. But she also felt relaxed that things were not going haywire after her act of infidelity.
A tingle still went off whenever she imagined Raj’s first tongue flick across her clitoris as his lips suckled on her. Her pussy was on fire when she imagined the picture where Raj’s hard cock made the first contact with her pussy. The moment when another man’s cock was about to enter her married pussy. She felt the heat inside her panties but could not touch herself to relieve off some pressure. The few days after her encounter with Raj were torturous as Rohan as usual came home late night after work. She craved for her pussy to be plugged but there was no one to plough it. She had become desperate. She decided to herself make a move and leave Raj some trails and signals which would lead him to her bed once again.
She made conscious efforts to confront Raj “accidentally”. But they were in vain. The only common place she would be able to find him was in her gym. She matched his timings and saw to it that she worked out in front of him. She left sometimes just as he was about to leave for the men’s locker. Her timing didn’t match always and she missed him couple of times. Raj did show up in the gym for the next whole week. Her plans didn’t work out and she felt a bit dejected. Though her husband did gave her a fucking on the weekend but it wasn’t the same. She felt dirty as she recapitulated the images of Raj fucking her the other night when her husband’s cock was sliding to and fro inside her.
The following Monday she headed off to the gym hoping to see Raj. To her delight Raj was working out in the gym. Her glee was like a teenage girl who saw a very cute boy. And at the moment she was indeed one rather than a mother of a kid. Raj’s approach was the same. He still ignored Shweta’s presence. After sometime Raj left for the locker room and so did Shweta. She hurriedly packed her gear in a hope to catch Raj. As Shweta reached the elevator she saw it descending downwards with Raj. She knew by the time she would get down, Raj would have already left. Disappointed, she called for the elevator for herself. Shweta opened the door and entered the elevator.
“I assume that disappointed look on your face is because you thought you missed catching me.” To her surprise Raj was still in the elevator and had returned back up with it.
“No. I wasn’t looking for you. I was just disappointed to miss the elevator going downwards.” Shweta quickly replied. In a sudden rush, Raj grasped Shweta’s wrist and pulled her in. He closed the door behind her. He pushed Shweta’s back and hands against the wall of the elevator and held them there flat. Shweta was humbled by Raj’s aggressive and bold action. Any other day she would have never taken such actions kindly. But for Raj she had let out a red carpet. She gave in far too easily without any resistance. It was a very different feeling as she felt his control over her.
He said staring directly into her eyes. “Oh really? So what you are telling me is that you were not looking for a chance to talk to me? So what was with you circling around me in the gym? Why did you leave the gym when I did? You were in the gym barely 10 minutes ago and you have hardly broken any sweat.” saying Raj gently nuzzled her neck and sniffed her hair. “And you still smell fresh and great.”
Shweta’s breathing quickened. Her breasts rose up into Raj’s face as she inhaled. She could feel his breath on her chest. Raj had worked out for an hour and Shweta could smell his muskiness along with his deodorant, and it was intoxicating in a wonderful way. It made her even more aroused as her pussy became wet and her nipples stiffened like pebbles under her clothes.
Torrents of emotions were running through her. Her pride of a wife and a mother had gone down the drain as this young guy toyed with her. He was toying with her body and emotions. Shweta was a mature woman and she felt vulnerable to Raj who was sniffing her hair intimately. She felt powerless but somehow also felt safe as she submitted herself to this young guys advance.
Shweta did not want to fell so open and so conjured up some lame excuse. “I remembered I had to go somewhere and that is why I left early.” “Now, do not lie because when you do so you challenge my intelligence and I do not like that. Besides I can see that you are aroused by my presence here.” “No really. I have to go somewhere and I am not aroused please.” “Ok. Let’s see if you are or not.” Saying Raj released her left hand and lifted her t-shirt from her right side above her breast. He unhooked the upper side of her sports bra which contained her left breast. With a strong but slow tug he pulled down her bra. Shweta’s left breast came out in open. It protruded out in a vice like grip between her bunched up t-shirt and the elasticity of her bra. It was as if it presented out itself to Raj to play with, to fondle with and to do whatever he liked to do with it.
Shweta was dumbstruck. She did not know what was happening. The thrill of the situation was too much, for her brain had stopped working. The door could open up any moment and there she was, a respected wife with a young man in an elevator with her left boob exposed in the open by him as he held her against the wall and his right hand playing with her erect nipple.
“Well, now look Shweta you are aroused. Look as your nipples all hard and erect.” Raj lightly glided his right thumb over her erect nipple. “So you were lying. Let’s check out some more.” Raj simply wriggled his hand through the waistband of both, her tracks and her panties, and rested his fingers against her smooth pussy lips. Shweta’s eyes widened at his actions. The fear of getting caught had the adrenaline running while Raj’s fingers pressed against her most private part had her on fire.
“You insist that you are not aroused. So if I dip my fingers inside your vagina then I should not find it wet and slippery. Isn’t it?” Without waiting for her answer Raj spread open her lips and slips I his middle finger inside Shweta. “Yep. I thought so. You are all turned on and horny. Your pussy is on fire Shweta. Look at this.” Raj pulled out his finger from inside of her and brought up his hand between their faces showing Shweta the middle finger which was slick with her juices. She was in despair when Raj withdrew his finger. She felt empty. Her body had started to enjoy this precarious position. Teasing her more Raj licked her juices off his finger. “You taste great too.” He taunted her.
Raj pressed the ground floor button and the elevator started to descend. Shweta was still in a daze at what had just happened. With sarcasm, Raj alerted her. “I think you should put your bare chest back in.”
It was then Shweta realized that her left boob was still hanging out in the open. Shweta readjusted her clothes just as they stopped at the ground floor. As soon as they were out in the real world Raj was again ignoring Shweta’s presence around him.
Shweta started walking alone towards her home. Her mind filled with emotions. The way Raj had caught her off guard and taken her, embarrassed her to the core. Her mind was seeking answers.
‘How could I let him take me like this? How could I let him touch me like this? He did not even bother asking me. And why did not I object to any of his actions? How could he plainly remove my clothing’s and make my chest bare? How could he just push his hand inside my pants and fiddle with my pussy? And how could I take all this without any hesitation? Why did I like getting toyed from another man besides my husband moreover a much younger guy than me?’
Without knowing Shweta had even reached her building. The scenes of her recent violation kept flooding her mind. She entered the elevator and tried to recreate the feeling by touching herself, but no good. His touch was different, firm yet gentle. His every action showed that he owned her and the dominance he had over her. The slut inside her craved for a dominant touch. She felt humiliated but like it too and wanted to again feel Raj’s hands all over her.
Shweta immersed herself in the tub and ran the hand shower over her body. The warm water ran over her breast which Raj had just touched. She pinched her nipple. The sensation turned her on more giving her a mild orgasm. Her eyes closed as her teeth bit her lower lip. Her mind was racing to form an image of Raj’s hands cupping her breasts, his thumb caressing her nipple, getting out a deep moan from her. Her hand slipped between her legs. The warm running water heightened her sensations even more. Her fingers rubbed her lips in parallel direction. She occasionally flicked her hood to get an unprompted surge of sensation. Her middle finger slipped in and out of her. Her orgasm was building up. She pictured Raj fucking her and that was it. For a moment she realized the situation. There she was a married woman in her bathtub, fingering herself, thinking about a young guy who was about 5 years younger than her, and how he had fucked her behind her husband’s back and how he had played with her in the elevator. The humiliation pushed her over the edge. She came hard. She always came hard whenever she thought about Raj. It was no way near the climax she had with her husband, if she had one that is. This was something out of this world.
She got out of the water and stood in front of the mirror. She looked at her body and admired it. Her breasts looker firm and full. Thanks to her pregnancy. Her skin was smooth and soft. Her pussy was clean shaved and she ensured that it was smooth and soft as well. She dabbed herself dry and could see her pussy tuned pink in the recent gratification.
Shweta put on some shorts and a tank top. She went to the kitchen and started cooking. Her husband, Rohan, was unusually early from his office. They had dinner early today and her daughter went off to sleep. Shweta hoped her husband might fuck her today since they had time today. But Rohan rather decided to sleep early. Shweta was furious. Her husband had been ignoring his duties more often, lately. She wasn’t sleepy. She coaxed Rohan to give her some action. But Rohan was too tired. Shweta actually sympathized with Rohan, as she knew he was indeed tired working.
Just then her cellphone rang. Shweta wondered who it could be as she did not recognize the number. She answered the phone. “Hello.” “Hi. I see you have finished your dinner early. And those yellow shorts look great on you. It outlines your ass wonderfully.” “Oh. Raj? Is that you? How do you know what I am wearing?” she looked puzzled. “Oh! Didn’t I mention I can see your bedroom and your living room through my window? But I had to buy a binocular to see you. Before that all I could make out was a person in the room. But now I see what I like.” “How did you get my number?” “Oh come on. I have been inside your house and inside you as well Shweta. How hard could it be to get your number?” he joked. “Besides it was Rohan who gave me your number.” “What? Why did he?” “That is not important right now Shweta. What is important is for you to satisfy your sexual needs and your horniness in you right now. That titanic scene surely seems to turn you on. I could see where your hands were while watching it.” Shweta felt a bit embarrassed. She felt like a little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar.
“What do you want?” “Watching you has made me horny as well. Go to your husband and tell him that you are going for a walk. The way he is sleeping, I don’t think that he would mind you going by yourselves. Come down and enter my building. The watchman will not stop you nor take in your entry if you let him know that you are coming to meet me. Enter the elevator and come to the rooftop.”
“What?” Shweta said shocked at his straight and direct comment. “I can’t do that. My husband is home. I can’t come right now. And why do you think I want to be with you.”
“Hmm. So it seems you are still bent on playing hard to get. Ok let me put it straight. This is the moment of truth. I can either blackmail you into giving yourself to me or you can yourself accept what you really want. Although I may seem a cruel person to you right now, I do not wish to destroy your family. I have a personal life of my own and I do not wish to destroy it either. You are a sexy gorgeous woman with a wonderful body and great pussy, which I wish to fuck from time to time. And I know how bad your sex life is, I have been watching you for the last few days. I know how bad you feel the need. Well it was quite obvious when I played with your boob and pussy in the elevator, what you wanted. So I leave it up to you. As I said it’s the moment of truth. Either you take it and have fun or leave it and remain frustrated.”
What Raj said did make Shweta thinking for a few moments. “What do you mean fuck my pussy from time to time? You want me to be your personal slut? You want me to be your whore?” she quipped back. “Of course”. Taking a pause he said “YES.” “What the hell are you saying? Have you gone mad? You are a complete idiot. I will tell you my answer. I am not coming to you anywhere.” “I wouldn’t be that hasty, Shweta. Nor would I disappoint me if I were you. I know you need time to think so I’ll be on the roof for 10 minutes and if you don’t come then it’s never going to happen. But do remember once you enter my building there is no turning back. Once you enter my buildings elevator you will be my slut. Even better, since you called me an idiot, I want you to say something when you come to me. I want you to say, ‘I want to be your slut.’
Before Shweta could say anything further, the call was disconnected. She sat there thinking. She went towards the window to see if she could spot Raj, but her efforts were futile. It was not possible to look at the rooms opposite to her without any visual enhancement. Raj seemed to have had a good vantage point. Her mind calculated all the possibilities of her life and her emotions. The fear of cheating on her husband with a younger guy churned her stomach. The thrill was exciting. It caused her humiliation that she was even thinking about taking a decision whether she should submit to another man. Even if it meant she will be used for his sexual pleasure. It made her feel cheap. But it made her even hornier when she thought herself as Raj’s personal slut.
Shweta was a dignified woman. She had her reputation of a role model wife and mother. She was at a respectable position at her husbands’ office. She never took crap and was impervious and invulnerable woman. Yet for some reason she felt the need to be dominated by someone. She wanted that one man in her life, who could control her and the thought that she was letting another young man treat her like a slut made her feel humiliated but really excited. Her morals and desires were at war. Raj had injected himself deep in her psyche for good and was playing with her. She was his toy and he was playing with her the way he wanted to.
It had been five minutes since Raj had called. Shewta was in turmoil. Alas! she took the decision. She switched off the lights. She went to her bedroom. She kissed her sleeping husband on her forehead. Next, Shweta grabbed the keys slipped in her sneakers and left the house.
She crossed the park between her and Raj’s building and reached his staircases. The watchman asked her destination on which she told him she was going to meet Raj. The watchman had a straight face. But it was hard to make out whether it was due to any surprise. Shweta wondered whether the watchman knew why she was going to Raj. Was she the only one or did Raj have a harem of woman coming to him? She didn’t care much for that. If at all she felt lucky to be a part of his harem if there was any.
Shweta comforted herself while going up in the elevator. ‘Alright. This is it. There is no turning back now.’ Shweta entered the roof through the door. It was pitch dark except for some moonlight. It was hot weather yet her feet were cold. It was hard for her to believe that she had complied with Raj’s demands. Her sexual drive had driven her legs to Raj without stopping at the red signal of her marriage. But she was excited thinking that she was about to cheat on her husband. And not just cheat but be Raj’s pet.
She scanned the rooftop. Raj didn’t seem to be in sight. Suddenly she felt two arms engulfing her from behind. She knew from the touch whose they were. Raj’s hands encased Shweta’s as her held her close to his body. He could feel the heat from her. Shweta too felt Raj’s breath on her neck. He whispered in her ears. “So you did come after all to be my slut. You did come to offer me your married pussy. But now I still have to decide whether I take your offer.” ‘What did he mean by that?’, she thought. ‘Was he really going to make me say that I want to be his slut?’ “You were thinking right Shweta, I want you to say it.”
Shweta was puzzled. It was as if he had entered her mind and read her thoughts. She knew there was no way out now. Raj had accurately played her through. He knew what he was doing and she was caught like a fish in a net. Her desires had let him have this control over her. Although she loved the fact that she was about to submit herself to a much younger guy than her.
Gathering her composure she said, “Raj, I want to be your slut.” Overwhelmed, she continued. “Please make me you whore and fuck me whenever you want. Use me the way you see fit. I want to be your slut.”
Shweta could not match his eyes but she was glad she said it. It lifted a burden off her chest. Raj was pleased with her response. He took her earlobe in his mouth from standing behind. He sucked her soft flesh till Shweta started moaning. He then continued giving soft gentle bites in her neck. Shweta was already on cloud nine. At this moment all she wanted was to feel Raj all over her. But Raj took his time. He led to the concrete railing of the roof. He placed her hands on it.
Shweta felt Raj’s hands on her ass. He cupped her buttocks in his hands feeling the fullness of it. He ran his fingers through her ass crack over her shorts. She felt his palm massage her pussy. Every touch of him on his body was giving Shweta new rounds of pleasure. Without any intimation Raj then pulled down her shorts till around her mid-thigh.
“Bend down.”, was his command. Shweta readily found herself obeying him. Now there she was, bend over with her bottom exposed to Raj, on his roof top, away from her sleeping husband and daughter, waiting for her new found master to have his way with her. The position itself was demeaning, but yet she felt excited by her own violation.
Raj took his own sweet time. He admired her rear from a distance. He loved the fact how this wonderful creature was in his control. The elastic of her shorts had clamped her thighs together and so it gave a brilliant shape of a heart with her puffed up pussy lips pouting though it. He was tempted to take a bite of it but he had other plans.
Raj by now had his dick out. He was hard and was stroking it enjoying the sight before him.He made her wait in her anticipation. He made her yearn for his touch. Moreover, Shweta was further humiliated when she was made to wait for him in such a disgraced situation. The night breeze flowed over her butt, as she realized the time Raj was making her wait. Shweta could do nothing but wait. Her mind was anticipating Raj’s next move. Then with a sudden movement she felt the contact of Raj’s body. She felt his thighs on hers. He held his dick in his hands and stroked its head across her lips. Shweta was dripping wet by now and her lubrication coated Raj’s dick.

“Look at you slut. You are dripping wet for me. You really want to get fucked badly, don’t you?” He teased her. “If you want me to fuck you then I want you to ask for it.” Shweta’s mind and body were really getting tormented. Raj had almost broken her completely and so she readily complied with his demands. “Please Raj. Please fuck me. I need to feel you inside me. My pussy is craving to be filled by you. Please fuck me like never before. I can’t take it anymore. Please put that lovely cock inside my cunt.”
Raj lined his cock with her pussy. Her pussy was slick with her juices and felt tight as her thighs were clamped together. His head parted her lips. She felt Raj’s journey inside her about to begin. Her mind shouted with excitement and wanted more of him. Raj still lingered at her entrance. She thought he was going to tease her more when with a sudden jerk Raj impaled deep inside her married pussy.
Waves and waves of pleasure surged though her body. She felt complete. She felt full. She felt the thrill of cheating and she felt dirty. She felt humiliated and she loved every bit of it. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth was open as she felt him inside her. She felt like a woman.
Rather than being tender, Raj started fucking Shweta’s pussy with a feverish pace. He was relentless in his strokes. He was hard and fast, deep and strong. His thighs slapped with hers and made a prominent slapping sound. It was music to Shweta’s ears. Raj bunched her hair and tugged it lightly as she emphasized that he was riding her and she was at his mercy. His balls slapped across her clit at every stroke he impaled her with. It sent Shweta into several mini orgasms. She felt herself erupting on a wonderful young dick. Her cum coated his sex tool and offered more lubrication. The squishing sound made from their union embarrassed her even more.
Raj tugged her t-shirt up and exposed her breasts. He squeezed them and occasionally played with her nipples. He pinched her nipples in between to get a moan out of Shweta. She loved the way Raj was toying with her sensory points. He did what he wished with her. He tugged her hair lightly, pinched her nipples, nibbled on her neck and back, played with her ass cheeks and even rubbed her asshole with his thumb. Tough he was humiliating her fucking her hard, he was good at it. His actions gave her tremendous pleasure she had never experienced before.
Shweta was approaching towards a big orgasm. The several mini ones had built up a big one in her. She squealed to Raj. “I am going to cum….please dont stop…I want to cum on your cock. Oh god….yes yes yes. Ye….ss…..yesssss” Shweta hissed as her orgasm hit her. Her clit had become sensitive but Raj’s cock continued to pummel her pussy. He rode her through her orgasm. The friction between Raj’s piston cock and his balls smacking against her clit was too much for her at that moment. Her hips jerked forward to stop his onslaught trying to get Raj out of her privates. But Raj was already prepared for her actions. His left hand grabbed her left shoulder and his right held her right boob. He made sure she didn’t move or go anywhere. He held her in position as he continued to hammer her pussy without any lack of enthusiasm.
Shweta’s body had formed a sheen of sweat from the fucking Raj was giving her and from her recent orgasm. It was getting hard for Raj to maintain his grip on her right breast. It slipped out anyway so Raj then grabber her right shoulder. Now both his arms on her shoulders drove Shweta onto his cock for every inwards thrust. Every stroke was getting hard and well defined. It made a thud sound every time their bodies met. The sex was steamy between them. Shweta’s boobs which hung below her bent form, swayed madly in every possible direction on every thrust Raj gave her from behind.
Animal instinct took over both of them. Raj was about to cum and he fully intended to deposit himself inside her. It was as if he was marking her as his own. Shweta too wanted to be his, at least sexually. She felt his cock swelling inside her. She felt him twitching. Raj let himself go. With one final thrust he buried deep inside her and held her down tight by pushing his shoulders down onto him. He stayed that way as he released spurts of his cum inside her body. He felt Shweta’s pussy clamp tighter and so he felt every spurt quite vividly. Shweta too felt him deep inside her. She felt his hot cum release inside her. She felt another man’s cum invade her martial territory. The act of adultery and infidelity was complete and it excited her to no bounds. She felt satisfied at her humiliation and that to at the hands of guy who was 5 years younger than her.
Raj made Shweta stay in that position for a moment. He had cum inside her and was still buried inside her. He wanted to feel the heat of her pussy on his cock till he was soft. He gradually grew soft and his slick cock slipped out from her hot pussy. It was coated with their mixed juices. A few drops of their cum seeped out of her pussy and fell on the floor. He looked at her. “You know what’s next. Come on go ahead.” Without any hesitation Shweta dropped down to her knees and took now Raj’s soft squishy cock in her mouth. She licked it dry. His every action and request seemed like a demand. It shamed her and yet she loved it.
“You are a wonderful fuck Shweta. I have no idea why your husband wouldn’t fuck you every hour of the day. Now go home and take this with you. I will call you tomorrow and tell you what it’s for.” Saying he handed her a Pouch.
Raj sucked on her nipples and pulled them between his lips one last time as he smacked her ass, directing her to go.
Shweta pulled her shorts up her pussy still full of Raj’s cum. The fabric of her shorts soaked in most of it that was dripping out if her and formed a wet patch. She knew no one would be able to see her at this hour of night. She went home and luckily she didn’t come across the watchman this time.
She sneaked into her house and slipped into a fresh pair of shorts with remain of Raj’s cum still inside her. She slowly stroked her used up pussy with a huge smirk of satisfaction on her face. She put away the pouch in a safe place and slipped into the bed besides her husband. She fell into a deep satisfied sleep as her mind replayed night’s event. 

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