Depravity Money

It was a hot Sunday. After intense fucking session, both Varun and I laid on the bed. Varun fixed himself on my flat slender tummy and playing with my bosom with both his hands as I stretched my hand and stroking his dick.

“Dear, as I already told you I have applied a contract in your name” Varun said.

“Yay! What happened to it?” I inquired.

“Your application is short- listed as one of the three eligible contractors.” “That’s great news! You have to give me a nice gift” I squeezed his dick with full force.

“But there is a problem,” he said gloomily. I gestured what it is.

“Two IAS officers have to select the final winner of the contract, which is worth twenty millions and would fetch us four million rupees.” “That’s what I already know.” I quipped.

“Today the agent of the officers’ met me.”

“What did he tell? Why are you so bleak? Tell me the facts.”

” It is painful to tell you. OK leaves it.” Varun sadly replied, “We can have another one, no problem.”

“But, tell me what happened? Why are we loosing this contract after being culled so close?”

” We were not culled so close because of our worth. The two officers selected our firm after seeing your photos in the application.” Varun revealed in a lugubrious low tone.

” One is Abhishek Sharma, the deputy collector and another is Imthequab Ahmed, the Joint collector and both are womanizers and so they have tagged your name to assay whether they can set you on their bed or not. The broker told me that otherwise the contract will go to one of the three who would fetch them a bribe of 4 million rupees.”

I was in deep shock and took time to digest what I heard.

Varun continued “Both ways it is not possible for us. If we fetch 4 millions we cannot get any thing from the contract but a loss. There is no scope that you would accept the proposal of having them in your bed. So I wish to leave the proposal altogether.”

That was more shocking for me. Varun feared that I might not accept this immoral proposal, which means that it was acceptable to him. As a man possessing me in all aspects he should have refused, kicked the person who brought it and should not have revealed this to me at all. Nevertheless, he was not only informing me of the proposal but also telling in a despairing and crestfallen tone. This hurt me a lot. I recovered quickly.

“What if we get this contract? And What if we loose this?” I asked sternly and bent down to take his cock in to my mouth.

“We’ll become rich and with 4 millions. We can get more contracts and more money. Even though I am doing a good Government Job, the people are not respecting us because of our caste. If we earn more money, we can get that respect irrespective of our caste. More over having money will enable us to help our people.”

Being busy with his huge erected lollipop, I did not answer. Dear hubby also changed into 69 position, dragged my thighs over him and clamped his lips on my clit. “oooooooohhhhhhhhh,” I moaned.

His tongue is going deep in to my puss and I am sucking his shaft. His tongue is exploring my puss and he is biting and licking my clitoris and I cum immediately and moaned loudly.

I crawled over him in the prone position and reached his foot and my love pond is hovering above his pole. I saddled on his body, my feet were in his armpits and my face is between his shins. I lowered my leaking hole on his pole, lifted my upper body from my waist straight and brought it back in an arch. Hubby’s hard knoll filled my love-crack. I arched back my upper body and bent in a semi circle. The head reached his chest so that he could reach my lips by slightly elevating him up.

In this position, I moved my body up and down to thump on his shaft. His hands landed on my tits, which were in the air, and he was kissing lip lock with frenzy.

I was looking like O in this position and he was like a straight line. The rock hard tool was riving the soft and slippery lips and was drilling fully into my chasm and I was kissing my dear hubby as he was tweaking my tits. I reached the zenith of orgasm and cum again and again. My darling hubby also reached his climax and jets of his sperm hit deep in my gorge like a fountain. We both moaned loud to the top of our voices. We drooped on the bed and relaxed. He snuggled me and slept with his head on my breast.

Having two men at a time is my favorite fantasy before my marriage with this monster cock. However, after the marriage I do not have any time or gap to have fantasies because he is filling me always in all the holes. Before marriage, there are many suitors for me and all of them treated me like a queen. If I accept to go to a cinema with them, they feel like they got a boon.

Once I was invited to cinema by Brahmin boy. I invited another boy friend, took three tickets and waited for them. They both were angry to ogle at one another. They could not speak because if they show their anger I may cancel the programme. Such is my charisma in my college days.

In the theater, both of them compromised and sat on either side of me. Even before the picture began, they had started groping my tits under my dress. Each one was slapping the others hand and I warned them if they quarrel any more I would go away. They kept quite until the film began. After film began they un-buttoned my shirt and in compromise each owned one tit and pressed with both hands on one tit. Four hands were caressing my boobs and they bent their heads and sucked as if calves milk the udder. Meanwhile, I stroked their dicks each in one fist. They ejaculated in my hands but did not stop sucking my mammary and mauling my tits with both hands. After some time I stroked their dicks again for second ejaculation.

They sullied my hands four times each before the film ended. If one calls this as threesome that was my first threesome. I never tried to make these fantasies happen. The fantasies are just dreams. I never allowed any one to enter any of my holes until I marry this debonair called Varun. My dear hubby has a huge monstrous shovel and it is digging me deep every night. Therefore, I do not have any fantasies.

As I am swimming in my fantasies and nostalgia there was movement on my chest. Dear Hubby woke up and sucking my mammary. I hugged his head with both my hands ” Is it sure that we would get the contract if I lose my chastity.” asked as if I was countenancing his proposal.

“Don’t talk about chastity. Think of our ancestors your grandmother is a fuck slave of a Brahmin and actually, she was born to a Rajput, so you got this color from the north Indian Brahman and structure from a Rajput warrior. Our fore fathers and mothers are oppressed and used filthily by these caste people. What we are doing now is to get ourselves rich and teach them a lesson,” Varun harangued angrily.

“OK my dear imp fucker, when will they come?” I conceded without saying “yes.”

Hubby mounted on me and kissed me deep in lip lock and I understood he was relieved from pressure with my acceptance. He started fucking me wildly.

Next day the broker of the IAS officers came to our home to talk the terms with Varun. I served him a coffee. He was stunned by looking at me and was amazed. It was 8 AM and I was in the middle of house chores and sweating profusely in the nightgown. The sweat made the gown a little transparent, more over it is very tight, and showing all the assets, I had.

“Oh! Varun you are extremely lucky to have such a fucking hot wife!” he exclaimed and continued, “I wonder why these people are after a fuck in lieu of money? Now I understand why it is so, and how was your application short listed?” He winked at me lewdly and did not take his eyes from me.

“Ok… tell me what’s the deal and when?” Varun asked seriously.

“They both will come to your home on next Saturday and leave your home on Sunday evening. While leaving they will sign on your sanction papers and you decide what would you give me for arranging this deal?” the pimp winked again at me. I sneered at him.

“Why both of them at a time?” Varun posed a stupid question.

“Hee! Haw! Great question! Who would like to let the other man fuck this sexy siren first? Both of them are already on dispute who would fuck your hot wife first. I think there may be a quarrel between them for the first fuck with your hot wife. That is why; I arranged it in your home because this is an independent house. You and your wife can manage and compromise them. If it were in a hotel their quarrel about first fuck of your wife may attract the media persons.” the broker gave a speech, looking at me nefariously.

I was very angry and wanted to slap this pimp and kick him with my legs. Alas! “When accepted to slide, one has to slide where it reaches, we do not have a choice in the level of sliding” I told myself and nodded to Varun.

“OK it’s a deal and I will pay you one lakh as soon as the officers signed on my papers.” Varun finished.

“Yes, one lakh is not a big thing for you because you have perfect investment in your home as your wife.” he chortled at me and showed a sign of fuck with his fingers.

I felt bad and humiliated when a pimp like him is also commenting me in a filthy way. The language he used is highly offensive and insulting, but what to do? When one is greedy, one does not have any choice to retort. Therefore, I went in leaving the deal to Varun. After 15 minutes, Varun came into kitchen.

“Did that pimp go away?” I asked angrily. “Ya he went.” Varun replied.

“Therefore, the days fixed to decide our fate are next Saturday and Sunday!” I exclaimed. Varun nodded pretending sadness.

“Don’t pretend to be sad” I said curtly “Your heart is beaming with joy for you are going to achieve what you aim”

“OK dear, let us plan what to do on those fateful days.” he replied.

“It’s alright; go ahead with your plans.” I flouted and concentrated on the work I had. Varun silently went to his office thinking about the strategy to be followed on Saturday and Sunday.

I the night after the wild fuck, during which I was very aggressive, I asked, “So what did you plan.”

Varun was supine and I rested my head on his chest and my breast on his tummy and my thigh on his thigh and tightly embraced him.

“I collected some information about both the officers.” Varun continued, “Abhishek Sharma is a Brahman and pure white in color. Imthequab Ahmed is a Muslim and brown in color. Both are notorious for their corruption and womanizing ways. Both are working in their present positions for two years. Because of the corruption cases against them they were not promoted otherwise, they would have been District Collectors by this time. Sharma is 35 and not married Ahmed is 45 married. If one of them liked a woman in their offices or any visitors on their offices, they discuss and plan how to get that woman in their bed and they both would share that woman on the same bed. To get a woman in their bed they will not hesitate even to blackmail. Both of them had to sign on the sanction papers of our contract and they were attracted by your photos submitted along with your application and short-listed our application. Otherwise the first time application of a contractor would get the least consideration.”

“Therefore, I have to satisfy them simultaneously.” I inquired.

“Yee, obviously, I will buy a sexiest dress for you because the first impression must be the best.”

“OK, then?”

“They are drunkards, so I have to get some foreign whiskey bottles and a few beers. If they insist, you also have to drink with them.”

“Pch, once ready to yield to depravity we cannot stop where we want to stop. Only the destiny will decide what encompass us.” I said pathetically.

“It’s true, my dear Suzzi, but I love you the most, even than myself, come what may?” he continued, “As long as we love each other destiny cannot harm us.”

“It’s true my dear imp fucker, I love you and I can’t live without you.” I took his dick in my fist. His nine-inch pipe got ready immediately as soon I touched it. He got ready within seconds and reached the monstrous size. This time I lay on my left side and lifted my right leg up in the air and he also turned on right side and I guided his tool in to my love-pot and he fucked me vigorously in that position, sucking my tits. I thought that the prospect of his wife being fucked by two at a time might have turned him also.

Next day he went for shopping and bought a white chiffon saree with black beads, red lace and gold color embroidery and the saree was totally transparent and see- through material. He bought a blouse made of elastic leather, which is looking like a bra. Two padded cups in front and an inch back strap with a hook. It is sleeve less, no shoulder straps and the back was covered with only a strap. He intentionally bought a small size. My cups are 34D whereas he bought 32 D size. The cups covered only the pinnacles of knockers. The bases of the mounds were nude and the V shape blouse revealed large cleavage. The low cut blouse is studded with a shining stone in the thin joint of the cups. The material was leather and padded. Only support, the blouse had, was the back strap and no shoulder straps. If one pulled the cups down my boobs would be exposed totally and no need to unhook or unzip.

The saree is Rs. 10,000/- whereas the blouse is Rs. 7,000/-. He also bought mini skirt made of jeans to wear instead of petticoat. It just covered my ass cheeks in back and crotch in front. The pleats of the saree have to be tucked into the mini skirt and the transparent saree will show off the thighs and legs.

“So,” I paused, “You are investing a lot to transform your dear wife into a slut.”

“Oh, no, don’t make such cruel comments, my dear imp.” Varun kissed me and hugged me tightly.

“OK, my dear imp fucker, what else to do.” I questioned, “The blouse cups are pointed too much even for a slut what to do?”

Varun took the scissors, cut the small pointed part and made a hole there. “Now they will be sexier and not embarrassing. Is it OK now?” It seems that in place of pointed cups, my nipples will protrude from the blouse and I can imagine what it will look like from the transparent saree.

“I will follow whatever you plan to get our goal,” I continued, “and what about food for two days. I cannot cook because my concentration will be elsewhere. So arrange food and breakfast from a hotel. I don’t think these drunkard bastards will take tea or coffee.”

“OK, done.”

The fateful Saturday arrived silently. I took head bath and cleansed every part of my body thoroughly. I removed the hand shower and cleansed the ass and puss with jets of water so that there was very little smell in those parts. I look at myself in the mirror. My tits were a good size and I liked the way they swung slightly as I move and bounced if I walk. My nipples were hard and standing out like organ stops.

“I reckon I could hangout any man on them,” I told myself.

In-spite of the constant use by Varun there is no sag in my boobs. They are smooth, slender and tight and they are milky white color, aureoles are pink and nips are pale black. My tummy is flat and toned, mainly because of my regular yoga practice and my running. I am very flexible. I bent forward to touch my head to my knees and enjoyed the stretch of my spine as I did so. I can bend my body to even impossible positions to commons.

As I stood up again I looked at my cleanly shaven, silky and smooth pussy. I parted my legs, tilted my pelvis upwards and could see my secret lips, moist, now beginning to spread apart. The labia are pink and the vertical lips are red. The bud is hidden under the soft rosy petals. I touched the clitoris.

“Yes,” I said to myself, “I could be a slut.”

I came out of the bathroom at 9AM and Varun was ready with the dress. At first, he wiped my boobs thoroughly and applied honey on them and he asked me to lie down on bed and poured honey deep in my pussy also. He wore me the bra like leather jacket on my boobs and took care that nipples came out of the holes he made, then the shorts and finally the saree.

He wrapped the saree twice around my waist, tucked the pleats into the mini-skirt and wrapped the remaining saree around my chest and onto the shoulders. The part of the saree, which covered the chest and shoulders, is called “pallu.” He arranged the pallu as an expert. The saree material is very smooth and it is very difficult to keep the pallu in place because the blouse does not have the sleeves or shoulder straps. My dear hubby got me ready as perfect slut to be fucked by two fiends.

Varun wore a cream color suit he looks elegant and decent, but I look like a costly slut. I laughed to my self but did not comment.

At exactly 10 AM, a car entered our premises and blew a horn. A car pulled up our driveway, “Here we go, I bet you that’s our ride,” Varun said.

I straightened up, “Are you sure about this?”

Varun looked at me, “Are you changing your mind?”

I shook my head, “No, no. Just nervous, I know how much you wanted this…”

“Only if you want it too,” Varun cut me off, “You know I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll try!”

“You really look sexy,” he said as he opened the door. I knew that we were entering uncharted waters and I wondered to myself if it would last here or!!!!

Varun went to receive them. I got a tension in the body and shivering at the same time, as an unknown excitement crept in. Within 5 minutes all, the three came in. Sharma wore brown suit and Ahmed wore a white suit. Ahmed’s head is bald and Sharma has thick hair on head. Their mouths and eyes were wide open when they saw me; it seems I am looking 10 times sexier they imagined from my pic. They leered at my body and I saw raw lust in their eyes.

Varun introduced me to them. I said “Namaskar” and joined both hands. However, Ahmed stretched his hand straight to me and said, “Glad to meet you young lady.”

I joined my right hand with him and he did not leave my hand even after I said, “Thank you, sir; I am privileged to meet you, sir.”

Sharma also stretched his hand and greeted me, but as Ahmed did not leave my right hand, I offered my left hand to Sharma. Both of them felt the smoothness of my palms for a long two minutes and then took their seat on sofa leaving me. It was very difficult for me to hold the pallu for two minutes from falling down. We arranged two sofas opposite each other and a round table between the sofas. Varun and I sat in the sofa opposite them.
Their eyes were peering deeply, lustily into my bust, which was peering through the transparent pallu showing off the blouse and cleavage.

“Is there any difficulty for you because of us?” Sharma inquired.

“No, sir, not at all, our home has become pious with your entry.”

((“You are dirty rogues and your entry depraved my home,” my inner mind is shouting.))

“It’s good to hear,” Sharma and Ahmed, giggled as if it was a joke. “Sir, any tea, coffee or,” Varun asked Sharma.

“No, No,” saying so Sharma took the phone and ring to his driver” Bring the suit case and basket to the main door” he ordered.

Both of them lit cigarettes. As Varun does not have the habit of smoking this is the first cigarette smoke in my home.

Varun understood why he called the driver and told, “Sir, I have two full bottles of Johny walker black label for you.”

“Oh its good, but our brand is VAT 69” and both of them cackled again as if it is a joke.

I understood why he stressed the word 69 and giggled and praised him ” You are very witty, sir.”

They laughed loud again. They could not take their eyes from my bust and I observed crude lust in their eyes.

Sharma told to Ahmed in a low voice, “She is fucking hot and sexy siren. A lot sluttier than I expected.”

“Yee” Ahmed chuckled “I told you already that she is a perfect whore when I see her pic.” They both pretended that they were muttering secrets in low voice but not low enough. I blushed a lot on hearing this, in spite of the humiliation, my pussy was wet and nipples stood erect. Their eyes now glued on my legs and thighs, which were shown off by the transparent saree without petticoat.

The doorbell rang. “It’s the driver” Sharma said and looked at me “Go and take the basket and suit case from him, Soozi.”

“He is advancing quickly by calling me Soozi,” I thought and went to open the door. The driver was standing away four feet from the door with suitcase in one hand and a large basket on other hand. I went out to him to take them from him. I bent to take the things from his hands as he only 5″ and odd high and I am 5″-8′ high. The driver also like his bosses opened both his mouth and eyes wide and looking at me as if he is in a trance. As I bent the pallu, (the saree part around the chest and shoulders) fell down. My huge mammary, naked shoulders and protruding nipples were all on show. Luckily, the portico had hanging plants around, so no by passer on the road could see what was happening in our portico.

By the time the pallu fell down, I took the suitcase and basket from the driver’s hands. Therefore, the driver immediately bent down to help me by putting the pallu in its place. When he took the pallu and stood again, his eyes were again wide open in disbelief as he saw my nipples protruding from the holes of the blouse and his head is even with my chest because of his height.

The driver is very lean, short, and untidy and the odor of cheap cigar was emitting from him. Then in sudden jerk he moved his head and licked my nipple and then another. My mind was blank and I do not understand what to do. I waited for him to adjust the pallu and could not shout because of the guests inside should not know this. Taking lenience of my silence the driver pulled down the cup of the blouse and started licking my breast and biting. I was dumbfounded with shock. I wanted to shout, but nothing came out of my mouth.

I would have killed him with one kick because he is insulting me by doing so. Immediately one incident of past flashed to my mind. In buses, I had had bitter experiences during my college days. So I used to go in taxis only. However, once when the taxis are on strike, I was forced to travel in a city bus.

The bus is fully loaded. I was wearing decent salwar, Kameez, and chunny… Even then, I attracted many men in the bus. I stretched one hand to hold the bar. Then a man, standing before me, turned back to me and held my boobs on the Kameez under the chunny. I put my free hand in to my chunny and on his hand and pressed it. He thought that I was encouraging him. I just took his index finger in my fist and bent it back with force. He squealed and the pressure and strength used by me must have fractured his finger. When I left his finger, he ran to the door of the bus, asked the driver to stop the bus and literally jumped out of the bus, before it stopped.

I did not know that there were three rowdies in the bus. They took that my action as an insult to the manhood, and surrounded me to teach me a lesson. One was in front, one was on the back and one was on my side. The person stood by my side removed my chunny and the rowdy behind me took my both hands into his and held them tightly on my back. The rowdy in front of me started pressing my boobs harshly. Then I bent my leg and my knee landed between the legs of the rowdy standing in front and in same velocity, my foot was descended upon the scrotum of the rowdy standing behind me. Both of them fell unconscious and the people in the bus started cursing them and shouted at them. Then the third one gave me back my chunny, carried his friends and got down the bus. All the passengers supported me and praised me a lot. The balls of the rowdy bastards must have been ruptured forever due to heavy blows.

While I was in these thoughts, the driver, who was very lean, weak, and short and who would be killed with a kick, had completed licking one tit and then he was licking the other tit. “Mmmuuu” I squealed in a low voice to show my anger.

The situation did not allow me to shout or kick him. If I kicked this wonky bastard, there would be a commotion and his bosses would know that their driver used the tits for which they were longing to use for several days. My image would tarnish and for which task, I stooped down, may not turn out in my favour.

I thought the officers would not leave me without fucking me even if they know that their driver licked their trophies. However, they would never give me contract even after fucking me. Therefore, the chastity will go and the contract will go. It would be a debacle. If I shout, I would lose at both ends.

This nasty driver understood my dilemma and completed licking my second breast. He bit the nipples and the tits and then with satisfied look kept my pallu in its place. He did not push up the cups of blouse. In spite of such an insult, my nipples are hardened and my pussy is wet. The crooked driver consumed all the honey applied over my breast. My boobs are coated now with his smoke smelling saliva instead of honey.

“Thank you ma’am,” he said, “I could not even dream about an angel like you in my life. For your kindness, I could lick your titties with honey. Thank you once again ma’am for the honey and for the licking.” I felt ashamed to ask him to push the cups up or to put the suitcase down and adjust the cups myself before him. So I turned back to go inside giving him a scorn look. He clenched my boobs over my saree, licked my naked back and drooled over my back. He dashed his crotch to my saree-clad ass and I am sure he got a hard-on of his life.

“Any thing else, sir,” he shouted to his bosses and whacked on my ass with his both hands.

I hitched through the door. Sharma instructed the driver to go and sit in the car. I silently went in, put the suitcase on the side of sofa, put the basket on the table and immediately went behind the sofa, where Sharma and Ahmed were sitting, and adjusted the cups of my blouse. I am worried if Sharma or Ahmed could find the smell on my tits, what will happen. I thought to go to bathroom and to clean my tits and apply some spray.

“Come on Soozi, come and pour 69 in the glasses” said Sharma and laughed. Going to bathroom is ruled out and I went to the table, opened the basket, took out the VAT 69 bottle and poured in three glasses. Both of them lit cigarettes again, so I stopped worrying about the cigarette smell from their driver’s saliva on my tits. The smokers, particularly after smoking could not recognize the cigarette smell. I served one glass to Varun and one glass each to Sharma and Ahmed.

“Come Soozi sit here and feed us the glass,” Sharma commanded. As commanded, I sat between them, took one glass and put it at the mouth of Sharma, he drank half of the glass and I put the glass on the table. Ahmed tapped on my naked back. I looked at him and he gestured to feed him his glass, so I took his glass and lifted it to his mouth. He gulped the whole glass. I took the glass of Sharma and lifted it to his mouth. He completed his glass. Varun did not complete the glass and he was taking drink very slowly.

Sharma told me to pour two glasses for them. I bent forward to pour Vat 69 in to the glasses. As I bent forward the Pallu, part of the saree fell down. Sharma took my pallu in his hands and said ” The texture of the saree is very nice, Soozi, where did you buy this.”

Until now even though transparent, the pallu covered my nipples. The whole of my pallu was in hands of Sharma; Ahmed was looking at my nipples and my back less blouse and the base of my boobs with wide eyes with crude lust. The nipples are shining with the saliva of their driver. Sharma was also looking at my nipples with wide eyes.

Meanwhile Varun answered Sharma ” I bought it, Sir, for 10,000/-.”

“Very nice saree,” Sharma exclaimed and commanded me to feed the glasses to them.

As I am feeding the glass to Sharma, Ahmed suddenly put his hand on my blouse and asked,” The blouse is also very nice how much is this?” It is clear that they do not need answers.

He started rubbing over the blouse and brushed the glistening nipple. Looking at this Sharma completed his glass, started rubbing another cup of the blouse and felt the nipple. I took Ahmed’s glass and fed it to him while both of them were rubbing on my blouse and feeling the nipples. Both of them are thoroughly enjoying but a little modesty is obstructing them as Varun is there.

“Soozi, let’s dance for some time, Varun, put a slow number.” ordered Sharma.

I stood and tried to take my pallu from his hands but he tucked it around my waist and took my hand to dance. We both swayed in the hall, I put hands around his neck and he put his hands around my waist. After two minutes, Ahmed completed another glass, stood and asked Sharma that he would dance with me.

Immediately the broker’s words came to my mind. He told us that they might quarrel for the first fuck. The tone of Ahmed is very harsh and I thought if Sharma did not oblige Ahmed would beat him. Nevertheless, brushing aside my fears Sharma obliged and left me for Ahmed and sat on the sofa to take another glass of liquor.

Glass after glass the inhibitions had gone and Ahmed hugged me, feeling my ample ass on my saree while dancing. Varun is looking with excitement and taking his drink very slowly. Sharma completed another glass and joined in dance. He did not ask Ahmed to vacate but tugged my hind and feeling my naked back. As Sharma occupied my back, Ahmed took back his hands from my ass and put them on blouse. Sharma put his both hands on my ass and groping on my saree. It was not a dance under any standards but we three are just swaying to the advantage of men to explore my body.

Varun sensed it’s time for undressing and stood to go out. Ahmed was crushing my boobs over my blouse, pinching my nipples and Sharma was licking my back removing his drivers drool from my back and replacing it with his saliva.

Varun stood behind Sharma “Sir, I will go out on some work and come back after an hour. Do you need anything else?”

Sharma left me and turned to Varun “We don’t need anything. The hospitality of your wife is great. You take your own time to come back. If you come after 1-00 PM, kindly, bring lunch for all of us from a star hotel.”

” Sir, its good. I will come back with lunch. I had a lock, so lock inside and take rest in bed room and have a nice time.” Varun left.
The inhibitions had gone with liquor and modesty had gone with Varun, Sharma started stripping me. He lunged and grabbed me in a tight embrace from rear. He pulled the “pallu” of my sari. He unraveled my saree by taking out the pleats and I am in my skirt and blouse. Sharma rolled up the skirt and bunched it around my waist. He began feeling my ass cheeks, licking my naked back, which is very smooth and tight.

Ahmed had pulled my blouse cup down and licked my left boob. He removed the drool of his driver from my left breast and replaced it with his. Sharma also moved in front, towed another cup, lashed his tongue on my right breast and he removed the drool of their driver and replaced it with his on my right boob. As I hoped, they did not recognize the cigar smell from my tits.

“Oh God… look at how firm they are, in spite of being so huge, no sag at all and they are very smooth and tight!” Sharma exclaimed.

“They are not properly used at all,” Ahmed rudely replied and smacked on my left breast.

Here was I, an innocent happy homemaker, standing between two strangers, with my blouse cups tottered and my breasts exposed, my skirt was rolled up and my ass and pussy divulged. The embarrassment and excitement quickly stimulated my nipples. My nipples were taut as the bosses were sucking licking and biting my tits, nipples and aureoles.

I resolved myself to accept what is happening, not to worry any more, and to enjoy equally as my lovers enjoying me. Pathetic mood will not solve any problem. “When the rape is inevitable one has to enjoy it.” I told myself, “At this stage I should not think that what was going on was scurrilous and taunt. However I was on a mission and it must be executed perfectly.”

“Let’s go to bed room,” I begged them.

I was almost naked between the two men whom I never saw before. Both the fully dressed men had lead me to our bedroom. We walked to the bedroom. I was in the middle and both guys have their arms around me, one palm each on my hips. I felt awkward, as I was the only one who is naked. I was sure both the leprechauns were watching my breasts jiggle as we walked down the hallway. Feeling proud, I held them out as far as I can.

“Oh! We forgot the drinks,” said so Sharma went back to bring the bottle and glasses.

Ahmed grappled fondling, very hard, my breasts and me from behind. I feel his crotch hunching against my naked butt. He leaned over and kissed me roughly on the neck. Ahmed now had sole access to both my boobs, and he started smacking them from the sides one by one, and pinching my nipples. He took each one of my breasts covered by his large palms and squeezed my breasts very harsh, to the point of being painful.

“Handle with care, sir, Oh … not so hard … they’re tender,” I turned my head back and urged him.

“This is the real way to handle a whore’s tits, Soozee.” Ahmed kissed me on my lips and continued to crush my tits.

Sharma emerged with the basket and a glass filled drink. “You must drink this.”

“No, sir, I never drink.”

“You have to, bitch, you have to,” commanded Ahmed and with that, he grabbed my hair from behind, made my face upwards. Sharma put the glass at my mouth. I tried to say something in protest, but Sharma started cramming the scotch down my throat. I had no choice but to gulp it down. Yet, Sharma was pouring the drink so fast that a lot of it spilled and dribbled out side of my mouth and ran down to my chest. Finally, Sharma had emptied the whole glass, half of it down my throat and half of it down my chest. He mixed it very strong, so it had its effect on me immediately.

Sharma licked the scotch from my chest and then put the basket in bedroom and came out to join us. Two lovers flanked my sides in full dress and we moved unison to the bedroom. Their hands are around me one hand each on my ass and one hand each on my chest. We entered the bedroom.

“Don’t call us Sir, from now, its sounds awkward. We are your lovers call us with some kinky nicknames. That turn us more,” Sharma, informed.

“OK. Why don’t you undress my boys?” I responded in a husky voice.

Sharma immediately started undressing and Ahmed removed his coat and ordered, “It’s your duty to undress me, you slut.”

“I”ll do my Imthicock.” I rejoined and tried to unhook my dangling blouse first.

“Keep it like that and also the skirt. You are looking slutty with them. I like it.”

The blouse cups were dangling down, the skirt was bunched up, and nudity was better than this obscenity but I have no other go except to accept.

I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pant and dragged down his pants and underwear in one motion. Ahmed was not huge, but circumcised. This is the first circumcised cock I ever saw. He had a normal amount of pubic hair. His dick was thin. It was about five and half inches long and smooth with a nice thick head. It was half-erect. I kissed on it and stood again and I reached for the buttons of his shirt and undid them.

He removed his shirt and dragged me roughly by my tits to the bed and he sat on the edge of the bed and wrenched my tits to him. “Suck it, bitch.” he adjured.

“No, Imthibaby, I never suck any cock.” I acted so that they should think that their cocks are the first ones I sucked, ever.

“You have to; if this is first time I’ll instruct you how to do.” Ahmed snapped.

I kissed him on his bald head and replied, “I’ll obey whatever my lover orders but I inform you, I did not suck till now. Don’t forget that I was an innocent house wife till today morning.”

Ahmed’s face shone with glaze. He was satisfied with my answer and entreated, “You are going to suck me as I tell you to.” “Yes, sir,” I answered submissively as I bent over to his cock and kissed on its bulbous. Once he heard me say it, he slapped my face with his cock. I looked down at his cock, the head moist with wetness, my hand wrapped around the base and waited for Ahmed’s instructions.

“Lick my shaft first and then all over the head” He said in a gruff voice. “Do it nice and slow. Use the tip of your tongue.”

I gently pumped his dick with hand and licked his shaft with my tongue. The moment my tongue touched his cock he shuddered. “I’ve been wanting this mouth for so fucking long,” he said crudely. I felt him swell against my tongue. I licked up the shaft then rolled my tongue all over his bulbous head. I kissed the tip and gently licked his pre-cum.

“Oh yea, that’s the right way to do it.” Ahmed moaned encouragingly, running his fingers through my hair.

“Now lick down one side and up the other,” he said, pushing my hair out of my face so he could see.

As Ahmed held my hair and cumbered my head down on his dick, I could not see what Sharma was doing and I wondered where he was! I bent on par with the bed and my ass is high in the air. As soon as I thought of Sharma, I felt his breath on my ass. He started licking my fannies. I tried to look back leaving Ahmed’s dick and Sharma knelt behind me and licking my buttocks vigorously.

Ahmed caught my hair tightly and pulled my head back to his cock. I felt Sharma’s hands on my rear; he was spreading the cheeks of my ass. I felt his tongue pushing into my hind hole; his hand moved between my legs and reached my soaking pussy.

“Now take it all in,” his voice rough, “I want to see my whole cock disappear in your mouth!” Ahmed croaked.

I fellated him using just my mouth with all the skills I’d learned. He was appreciative, at least in action. He had his hands on my head and was holding me softly, caressing my hair as I was basically make-shift glory-holing him.

As I slid him deeper and deeper, Ahmed let out a groan as I took his cock in all the way to the base and fluttering my tongue on bulbous.

“Your curves of the body and your arse up there are fucking hot, my dear slutty house wife.” Ahmed commented lewdly.

I felt his cock swell up more in my mouth. The smell of his cock and the tongue in my posterior hole aroused me a lot. My tongue licking the base of his cock, as it slid deeper and deeper. Fighting off the gag reflex when the head of his cock touched my throat, I took a deep breath and inhaled his pubic smell.

Sharma inserted his tongue into my dorsal hole and licked all over. “The bitch’s retral hole is incredibly hot. oooooohhhhhhhhh she stored honey here.” He informed Ahmed.

“Oh! It’s a real whore, check what the slutty house wife stored in her pussy,” Ahmed inquired.

The musky scent and the tongue in my retral hole aroused me to a high degree. I felt my pussy twitch and squeeze out my pussy juices down my leg. I loved every second of this; feeling the veins of Ahmed’s shaft fill with blood in my mouth and Sharma’s tongue in my ass. Now Sharma shifted his focus on to my love pot and he was twirling his tongue in my cunt.

“This filly’s cunt too is filled with honey, it’s so sweet.” Sharma exclaimed, and was whirling his tongue in my anterior hole. He was skiving in the soft folds of my vaginal lips with his rough tongue, and inserted two fingers in to my butt-hole. I constricted my cunt muscles and made it very tight for his tongue to move. Ass muscles also made the entry of his fingers difficult.

Sharma spreads open my engorged lips and was investigating my slit. He bent over and kissed my downy pubic area. His kissed the erectile between my outer lips and my wet opening. His tongue slowly dipped inside me again slowly and tightly! It feels great.

“The slut’s cunny is very tight, Ahmed, I never lick such a tight cunt.” Sharma yelled in joy, started brushing my clitoris with his tongue and tried to open my cunt with the fingers on his free hand. My body tingled with his double-pronged attack, one hand in puss and one hand in ass.

“I told you this slut is not used much.” Ahmed smacked on my back.

“Now suck my cock fast and hard, let me see just how a cock hungry slut sucks cock,” Ahmed directed.

I wasted no time and was pumping and stroking his wand in my mouth, making it wet and moaning as I sucked with the slurping sounds, my mouth and lips were making. I paused a moment to lick his balls before swallowing the whole cock again. I picked up speed, pumping his rod with my hand and sucking it at the same time. The imbibing sounds from my puss with the licking and sucking of Sharma were also increasing. Sharma was an expert in licking the pussy. His manipulations with his tongue and fingers and tongue on my cunt ignited huge orgasm. His tongue and lips fluttered all over my sensitive privates.

Ahmed’s hands were kneading my tits each in one hand as though he is milking them. “Your melons are fucking smooth and tight and your mouth is hot as kiln, aaaaahhhh,” approved Ahmed, “Bitch, your body is a trophy.”

Ahmed was also praising my body and my hot mouth.

“Oooohhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh,” he moaned and screeched in joy “You have learned very quickly, AWAWAWAW, Sooozeee, my dear slutty house wife of yesterday.”

I thought I have succeeded in satisfying this bald headed boor also. Sharma was already gripped by my charisma. Ahmed, who was harsh on me in the beginning, also started praising me.

Sharma’s tongue slid inside my slit. I felt it like a thin cock as it probed my rosy, silky petals of my love flower. His soft, full lips closed over my anterior internals as he caressed my whole pussy with his tongue. He slid one hand up my firm ass to rub my sphincter hole. Removing his tongue, he slipped one finger between my pouting folds, and began rubbing the ultra sensitive area behind my clitoris. He locked his lips on my clitoris while massaging the protruding bud with his warm tongue. The combined action, of his mouth and finger, another hand on my ass, a finger in my hind-hole, a dick in my mouth and two hands crushing my tender boobs, created a new sensation that I had never felt before.

The sensations of orgasm were wild and my mouth was stuffed with Ahmed’s cock. I shrieked out during my orgasm. Obviously, the shriek was muffled by Ahmed’s dick that was full in my mouth. I sped up my bobbing action on his cane. I tasted his hot sticky juices on his cock and sucked with even more lust. Two strokes later, he shot his entire cum into my mouth. With a loud moan, Ahmed ejaculated directly in my throat and I was gasping for breath. I gulped whole of his sperm. As the orgasm and the alcohol took the toll on him at a time, Ahmed fell on the bed like a log.

I bent there like that because Sharma’s action down there is going on in full stream.

He was continuing his enthusiastic swordplay with his tongue inside my pudenda. Sharma sucks my clitoris into his mouth and moves it in and out…in and out…in and out… squeezing tightly on it each time it passes between his wet lips. Sharma’s expert tongue and fingers caused another huge orgasm built in me. My orgasm shook me to my core. Whole of my body shuddered. My love pot leaked huge amount of juices and he drank all my nectar, as though he were dying of thirst. I screamed in ecstasy, moaned loud and came.

“Please, no.more…it’s…too…too…much” I managed to utter.

“OOOHHHHHHHHHAaahhhhh iiiiiii” I groaned loud as I cum and cum over the mouth of Sharma. He sucked all the pussy juices and stood. I also stood leaving the limp dick, turned to Sharma and hugged him tightly and my nipples pressed to his nipples as he was one inch less than my height. He kissed on my lips and his erect dick is now on my belly. I did not see his dick until then. I held his dick in my hand and looked down. It is also not huge and may be roughly 6 inches but thick. I wrapped my fingers around it and began stroking. His cock felt like a white-hot iron rod in my hands. I loved the way he licked my orifices and made me come. So, with gratitude I wanted to give him a blowjob of his life. I knelt before him.

“Abhi, your piston is very hot and hard. I love your muscular body, your balls. Your dick is very thick,” I was on my knees praising his hard, thick and hot dick, his hairy balls and his muscular thighs.

Took his cock in my hand, peeled the foreskin down, moved it to my mouth, opened my lips and slide them over his swollen purple bulbous head and began slurping it like a lollipop. I relish the moisture on its tip. I savor the musk of his shaft. Cupping his balls in my hand, I squeezed them gently. All the time my hands are massaging his firm butt. I placed his shaft in my mouth again and sucked it as hard as I could.

I gently licked around each sac, taking each softly between my lips as Sharma held my head tightly. I kissed my way up the length of the pole, until I reached the throbbing head. Ever so slowly, I eased my mouth over his erection. I heard him gasp, and his cock twitched as I wrapped my tongue around his sensitive spots on the phallus. My wet mouth took more and more of this beautiful instrument, until the big head hit the back of my throat.

Sharma groaned loudly, his eyes hooding, his head arching back as the heat of my hot, wet tongue enveloped his throbbing penis. His buttocks flexed taut, his chest heaved, and I cuddled his Fannies with both my hands tightly and poked his hindquarters with a finger as I was burying his cock deep in my mouth.

Sharma held my head tightly, “Ooooooooooohhhhhh! Oh! Bitch, nobody has ever taken so much of me like that before,” and urged me on, “Please don’t ever stop, it feels so good!” “Awawawawawawaww.”

I had no intentions of stopping. I want to give him a treat of life for the way he worshiped my apertures front and back.

“It’s the suck of my life, bitch, your mouth is scorching.”

I palmed the warm milky white globes, and wrapped them around Sharma’s glistening cock. Gripping the soft flesh around his cock, I began to fuck his cock with my tits. I moved my milky white melons up and down with his dick wrapped in them. Sharma could not bear it.

He screeched, “aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhiieeee, and bawled, “My dear, slutty putty, your mounds are so soft and your tits are the best set I ever fucked.”

I bent my head down, so I could lick his cock head as it appeared between my full breasts and could see that this was making him frantic. The piston is twitching. I could tell he was ready to let go any second. I only had to use my melons up down 6 times and he let looses a cry of pleasure and spurted the jets of his sperm all over my tits and face. I continued to suck his tool until it went soft in my mouth.

I stood and embraced him tightly and he rested his head on my shoulders as he was in frenzy. “You have learned the blow job and tit fuck on the same day, my dear slutty house wife.” between gasps he chuckled.

I giggled and said, “I did it for you, my dear lover.” I spanked on his ass, yanked it to my crotch and flattered, “I am obliged for the way you worshiped my cunny and fanny and I am bound to pay you back as I got the orgasm of my life.”

As we could not stand any more due to exhaustion and liquor, we reached the bed, where Ahmed is snoring. I sat on the bed and Sharma sat next to me with his hands around me asked “Is Varun not fucking you daily.”

“Don’t think much about him, my dear lover, you are the best licker and I can’t forget your licking for my life.”

“Don’t think that I am a licker or sucker only, I am a better fucker than the hubby of my bitch,” He crushed my tits.

I lip locked with him to avoid embarrassing questions. He slips his tongue into my mouth and it is a long wet kiss. His load and Ahmed’s load were still fresh in my mouth, but he did not seem to care. I twirled my tongue in his mouth and he sucked my tongue. Then he kissed down my slender neck to my boobs, where he buried his face in my ample cleavage.

“We’ve been dying to see these beauties since the first time we saw your photo on your application.” Sharma gripped my tight buns. “You don’t know how much we’ve lusted after you,” he whispered, “This is a dream comes true, you are a sexual enigma for us!” I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him fanatically.

((I know I have to act innovative and have to tell as many lies as possible to win over these male chauvinists.))

“This is a fantasy comes true to me too;” I told him.
I saw crude hanker in his eyes for me. It was very clear that Sharma became my fan and I won over him. Nevertheless, I have to win over the bald headed sexist who was very harsh on me verbally and physically. Therefore, I left the embrace of Sharma and lowered myself mashing my boobs against Ahmed’s wide chest. Sharma followed me and rested his head on my back and his limp dick is touching my ass cheek. I licked Ahmed’s nipple, clasped his limp cock in my hand and stroked it. Ahmed woke lazily and kissed my lips passionately. First time I saw passion with love in his eyes and not lust with authority.

Our bodies were sticky and smelling from the profuse sweat as the power went off. My lovers did not notice it as they are in heaven when their dicks were in my mouth.

“Why is it sweating so? Why didn’t you switch on the AC?” Questioned Ahmed as his hand reached my breast, which is sticky with sweat and sperm of Sharma.

“The power is off and will come within an hour, my dear cockey, Let’s have shower meanwhile and the first fuck under air-conditioner will be very nice,” I kissed on his chest and quipped “I shall be referee for your fight for first fuck.”

“oooooooooohhhhhhhhh!,” Ahmed whimpered, “Soozee bitch is cooing!”

“I have a fantasy of fucking you in shower. Let me fulfill it,” Sharma got up and spanked me, “Come on, let’s go,” he commanded. I got down from bed and stood.

“No it’s my dream, let me go with her,” objected Ahmed.

“So the quarrel starts for the first shower and not for the first fuck.” I joked. They both giggled.

I continued, “Why not both of you get shower with your blooming slut.” I smiled radiantly.

“Lo! The referee’s decision is final.” Ahmed admitted and got down from bed.

“You both sit here for a while. I’ll go and check the shower and heat of the water and call you.” I started walking to the attached bathroom as they sat on the edge of the bed and watching me gleefully. I discarded the vulgar out fits the pushed down blouse and the raised up skirt. I became emerge as stark naked and Lo! My Valentines did not allow me to wear any piece of cloth until they left in Monday morning.

“See the sashay of the slut, how fucking hot her buttocks are moving!” The first panegyric remark passed by Ahmed.

“I love to fuck that ass,” Sharma replied.

“I never knead such delicate and yet tight knockers before!” Ahmed wheedled me.

“Yea, verrry tight buns she had up and down.” Sharma complimented.

I turned my head back, acknowledged their encomiums, grinned at them triumphantly and entered the bathroom elegantly. I turned the knobs of hot and cold jets of the shower, checked the heat and checked the towels, soap and shampoo. I called them to come.

With their flaccid cocks dangling, they almost jumped into the shower room. I opened the shower and all of us stand beneath the shower. We were under the spray, groping and pressing together and deluged our selves. Then I stopped the shower and started applying soap to Ahmed’s body. I applied soap to his face, neck, hands, armpits, tummy, and then to legs and finally I held his wand which is half-erect by now. I rubbed it with soap and stroked it.

Meanwhile, Sharma applied soap to my back and to my bum. I turned back to soap Sharma. Ahmed clung to me from rear and soaped my boobs and front part, while I am soaping Sharma thoroughly. I stood straight, turned to Ahmed and kissed his lips. Ahmed rubbed soap and inserted his two fingers in my vulva to clean it with soap. Simultaneously, Sharma infused two fingers with soap between my fannies.

I constricted my ante and post muscles and made it difficult to move even the soap soaked fingers in and out. By that time both the tubes were loaded with blood and fully erect and looking up. My tormentors turned to priests for worshiping my Angelic assets.

I took Ahmed’s hot rod in my hands and exaggerated, “Ohhhhhhhhhh! Its sssooo big, my dear lover, your tool may tear my twat.”

“I wanna fuck my slut’s slit, right now; I can’t wait till shower is over.”

“Sure, the soap will provide the lubrication; otherwise I can’t withstand your massive shaft in my tiny love hole.” I acted fear.

“What about me? My shovel is also ready. I also can’t wait to dig till shower is over,” inquired Sharma.

“First is my Imthicocky and then your turn,” I replied to Sharma.

“Lift your hands up and hold the pipe up there. Fuck me in standing position, my dear, lover.” I instructed Ahmed.

Obediently he stretched both his hands and held the pipe as his fully erect cock was firmly wrapped in my fist. I moved to him. As our heights are same, his dick was on par with my twat. I rubbed his cock on my pussy lips and tried to implant it in my hole. This was the first of many fucks I was to receive this weekend from both of my fuckers. It was a fuck marathon.

The circumcised shaft slowly invaded my tight wet box and I took its base in my fist and rotated the bulbous in my vulva. Sharma could not withstand any more and he moved to my back. He attempted to insert his penis in my sphincter hole by separating my fannies.

“Oh, dear, wait for some time. I’ll give you my puss to fuck hard,” I requested Sharma.

“I can’t wait any more, bitch. You go on fucking Ahmed and I’ll fuck from rear.”

“Oh! No, no fuck in my anus, please listen to me, it hurts. I never had it.” I pretended.

Sharma separated my hind globes and entered his cock head in my rear hole.

“Hey you are deflowering my hind flower.” I warned Sharma. He was exulted on knowing that my ass is virgin.

“Then I must deflower your rump flower at any cost. Ahmed is having first fuck of your anterior flower and so I’ll have the first fuck of your virgin posterior flower simultaneously.” Sharma acclaimed and pushed a little forward.

I acted that I agreed reluctantly and nodded my head. I felt Sharma’s erection poke into my hole behind. I reached between, gripped his hard cock in my soapy hand and rubbed it up and down the crack of my tight ass. I held Ahmed’s shoulders for balance. Sharma inserted his cock head in my ass with much difficulty and I groaned as if it is paining a lot.

At the same time, I rubbed and inserted Ahmed’s dick head in my vulva slowly. “Your spears are piercing my twats, its paining both sides,” I pretended “your dicks are enormous.”

I saw Ahmed’s face was glowing hearing me praising the size of his cock and crude lust was emitted through his eyes. I felt his hard cock probe my dripping cunt. I reached between my legs to guide his cock into my cunt. His tool gently nudged against my opening, feeling the heat, the wetness. I ground his hot and hard shaft up and down my folds.

Sharma also entered the folds of hindquarters ever slowly and held my boobs for balance. He felt the tight silky folds very, very hot.

I wiggled my lower body back and forth to accommodate both the dicks in my holes. I was double penetrated for the first time in my life. I am enjoying it equally with my paramours. This was first double penetration I received which lead to many more during that fateful weekend.

I warned my admirers to stand steady and not to let go their rods out of my holes. I was now sandwiched between the two lovers and having my two most intimate holes stuffed by their dicks. I started shoving my lower body obverse to have Ahmed’s cock in and immediately reverse to have Sharma’s cock penetrate in my butt-hole. Gradually, I increased the speed and started thrusting back and forth to have one stud each at a time. Due to my muscle manipulations, my fuckers felt my holes very tight and they stood like poles. My waist was churning between them taking the toll of both the twigs each at a time. I did not move my upper part. As Sharma held them tight, my globes were impeded from flapping.

There prevailed silence tentatively as my lovers were astonished and dumbfound to see my talent in moving only waist part to ram on their fully erected twigs. The squelching sounds my ravines were making, front and back, dominated the air in the bathroom for a brief period.

I was jostling against my lovers erect rods, in alternate strokes, obverse and reverse. My efforts made both my paramours squawking in seconds out of intense pleasure. I began to piston myself back and forth on their dicks. The feeling was so intense on my now ultra-sensitive pussy. My juices were dripping down Ahmed’s cock as I was picking up speed with my thrusts. Falling into ecstasy, I felt my pussy contract, tight and hot as a fist, opening and closing to grip and release on Ahmed’s shaft. My ass hole pulsed, taking languid tugs at Sharma’s cock. Ahmed and Sharma were amazed and mesmerized by the pleasure my gulches were giving to their knolls.

Ahmed groaned, “Ooooaahaaoiioghhhoo,” and shouted in joy, “Chink puss of this whore must be a virgin, oooohhh… I never felt even a virgin’s cunt so tight and hot, Shaarmaa, how do you feel?” I felt the shudders of pleasure in their bodies.

“I feel the back door of this slut is hotter than any pussy, I fucked till now. I love this chink bum-hole.” Sharma screeched and continued, “I am in heaven… oooohhhhh…,”

I was getting it from both sides, I was helpless, stood between, being used in two holes.

“Your hot and hard rods are hurting my holes, its paining much.” I pretended and groaned aloud, and without stopping the movement praised, “Your rods are incredible.”

Suddenly the room is filled with the squawks we are making in joy and pleasure. I was hurtling between the shafts. My lovers’ daggers were in and out of my scabbards as my lower body is thrashing on them. In their sheer excitement, both my lovers could not last long.

“Fuck, you whore, fuck, fuck fuck,” he groaned as he shot off in my ass in repeated long spurts.” I was sobbing even in my ecstasy. Sharma spurted first and filled my ass with his juice. The jets of his warm sperm in my ass ignited the orgasm in my puss and I shrieked, shuddered and shouted at the top of my voice,


I hustled my puss on to Ahmed’s rod and hitched on it. Two strokes!! And he spewed his seed in my puss and the combined juices flowed in streams on my thighs. Ahmed also cried aloud and shrieked a lot. I looked in to his eyes. His eyes are glowing in languid pleasure.

I squirted their dicks with muscle contraction in both my chink holes. Both my lovers squeaked and hugged my both ends tightly as their cocks are limping gradually in my anterior and posterior holes. Ahmed lowered his hands and hugged my neck and lip locked with me. His eyes were showing turgid love on me as he was kissing vigorously and swirling his tongue in my mouth.

“It felt heavenly. There could be no better place to be in the world than to be in hug of this slutty siren.” Sharma whispered.

“Yes. We owe a lot to Soozy floozy for the raw pleasure she gives us.” Ahmed muttered leaving my lip lock.

“It’s my privilege, my dear wooers, I am mad after your mast poles,” I squeezed their poles in my holes. My sheaths ejected their daggers. Each penis fell out of respective hole as they are debilitated.

“I have done all this because I love you both and I know you both love me a lot.” I boasted, “But the pain your rods inflicted on my holes is unbearable.” They showed sympathy and kissed me all over.

I opened the shower, we three went under the shower and wiped the soap on our bodies and I rinsed their dicks and cleansed them. Both my lovers cleansed my holes thoroughly. They were treating me like an angel. While wiping my body with towel they groped all over my body again.

We entered the bedroom and I switched on the air conditioner. I lead them to the bed holding their flaccid dicks in my hands. I climbed the bed and sat in the middle of the bed. They came up and sat on either side. Ahmed puts his hand on my breast and pushes me back to a reclining position.

The room is cool now and our bodies feel good compared to sultry and torrid situation before the shower. The room was aerated and pleasant.

Both of my paramours slid to my sides. Each one of them fondled a breast. Sharma felt the right one gently and tenderly. Ahmed, in contrast, was unrelenting in kneading the left one. Sharma took my right hand and placed it on his scrotum. Ahmed put my left hand on his member too. I am stroking two dicks with each of my hand. Four hands were kneading my tits like dough. They both slid on to my chest and latched their mouths on my nipples. As if two calves suck the udder, they both butted my mammary.

Their cocks were half erected by now because of the activity in bathroom and the cool environment in the room.

“I want to fuck my slut’s ass flower, now.” Ahmed owned me by calling “my slut” Ahmed’s rod in my hands is hard and hot.

“She is our slut,” Sharma disagreed aggressively. My valentines are ready to fight again.

“I belong to you both, my dear, fuckers,” I yanked their rock hard tools and suggested, “Trade your places this time.”

Sharma got down the bed and brought back the honey bottle, which Varun emptied half in the morning to smear my tits and to pour in my holes. He poured honey in my vulva and then made me on all fours to lift my ass high in air and filled my butt hole with honey. Then he asked me to set down on my side He lifted one leg in air and clamped his mouth on to my vagina. Ahmed followed suit and clamped his mouth on my keister hole. This time it is double penetration with their tongues in my privates. Ahmed spun his tongue in my fanny hole and caused tingling sensation all over my body. Sharma’s tongue goes deep in the folds of my pudenda and exploring deep. They consumed the honey from my holes.

“Sharma, I never licked a back door, but this hole is very special and I could not take out my mouth from this slutty keister.” Ahmed commented.

“Yea, Ahmed, these holes are different I never licked such a delicate pussy flower. I bet even virgin pussy is as tight and slender as this bitch’s pussy.”

“It’s true.” Ahmed agreed.

They were almost talking through my holes it seems, they were mumbling but busy with their tongues in my holes. I was meddling with their dicks one in front and one in back by stretching out my hands. I lay on my side with one leg up in the air to open my holes wide for my lovers’ onslaught with tongues.

“Her chest mounds are tight and smooth; I had a tit fuck of my life.”

“Muooommm,” squealed Ahmed, “You fucked her tits!!!”

“Yee, while you are taking rest after blowjob.” Sharma informed and left my pussy.

Ahmed also left his hole and with his new obsession of tit-fuck, his rod was hardened and erected fully. Sharma’s wand was also quivering with lust in anticipation of fucking my pussy, he made me lie down on my back on the bed and I positioned myself in with my legs in the air and spread them sideways. Sharma adjusted himself between my legs and sat on his ankles. He took his shaft in hand and put it at my lips down under. He separated the vertical lips with his bulbous head and tried to bang in. However, his shovel dug in only half of it in my tight furrow. More than half of Sharma’s cock was still outside my cunt. An inch or so more, and Sharma seemed to have decided this was how deep he would go.

“Ooooohhhhh!” He moaned and exclaimed, “What a tight hole!” Having established this penetration level, Sharma then started banging me gradually.

“You both are stretching my holes a lot.” I cajoled my paramours, “Your Soozy has become your floozy.” I twisted Ahmed’s cock with my hand and yanked it to my tits. He saddled me on my chest, with one knee of either side of my chest. He bent and kissed me with passion.

“My Soozy, floozy, I am going to fulfill my fantasy since the first time I saw your boobs in the morning,” he said as he moved his staff forward, placing it between my milky white globes. The contrast of his black dick on my white globes is conspicuous. He then grabbed my melons with both his hands and wrapped them around his dick. He pressed his thumbs on my nipples and pushed my boobs with other four fingers, creating a cozy gutter for his cock. He started rocking back and forth with his waist, fucking my tits. I observed that he took care that he did not put his weight on me.

“I am being touched and poked in places; I don’t know could even be reached!!” I exclaimed, “This is absolutely divine.”

Sharma started pumping his cock gradually in and out, my pussy walls snuggled Sharma’s cock and my cunt muscles cuddled it as he kept drubbing my frontal hole. He increased the tempo as if in a rhythm. After a lot of slow strokes, Sharma withdrew his cock, until his head was just holding open the entrance of my pussy, stayed like that for a couple of seconds as he raised my knees even higher making most of my ass lift off the bed, and hammered me harder. That sent a spasm of pleasure through my body and I let out a bawl of raw animal delight.

Ahmed was moving fast between my tits and enjoying the tit fuck of his life. The smooth, tender and warm flesh wrapped around his black shaft made him frantic. His junior hit my chin every time he thrust him forward. I inclined my head forward and stretched my tongue to lick his bulbous emerging through my mounds. He smiled at me delightfully, at this innovation I had undertaken voluntarily, and thrashed between my mounds with his knoll harder. With each stroke, the tip of my tongue poked in to the eye of the circumcised bulbous. Ahmed moaned and squawked a lot at the top of his voice and crushed my knockers against his scorching knocker. He could not withstand the pleasure any more, his muscles tightened, and he is wheezing.

Sharma was thumping between my thighs and cramming the engorged cock into the silky folds of my pudenda. He pierced through soft, wet bright flesh of my inner pussy. My cunt was hot, steaming, as tight as a vice. He drilled in steadily, burying himself inside of me. Sharma’s waist is bobbing and his dick is banging my pussy, feeling the tightness of my cunt muscles gripping him, began to thrust faster into my hole, moaning deep in his throat.

Both my wooers were shagging out my titties and puss vigorously and growling a lot. “Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” both the fuckers shrieked at a time.

“Ahmed, our floozy queen Soozy’s puss is as tight as virgin’s hole. What you said is right. This hole is fucking tight.” Sharma whooped between gasps as he was thumping vigorously.

Ahmed mumbled as he was enjoying the tit fuck of his life, “Yee.”

My cunt convulsed on Sharma’s cock, sucking him deep into my vortex. Both my suitors came simultaneously. Ahmed shot copious amounts of load on my tits and face. Sharma spewed his seed in my puss. Warm jets of their juices inflamed another huge orgasm in my love pot. I shrieked and my wooers shrieked. The room was filled with huge noises and with heat. My lovers’ faces flushed like glowing full moon. I saw extreme satisfaction and carnal bliss in their glowing eyes.
We laid on the bed as my lovers rubbed their limp cocks on my face and tits and smeared their last drops of sperm on my face and tits. The phone rang. It was Varun. I lay between two men, my tits were in their hands, their dicks were slathering the sperm on my boobs and cheeks and I was talking with my dear hubby. What an irony. Varun told me that he brought lunch for all of us. While I was talking to Varun, Ahmed brought his dripping tube to my lips and I licked it while the phone was still on.

“Tell him to wait for half an hour,” Sharma instructed and poked his dick on my cheek.

I licked it also and informed Varun to wait and hang up the phone. I took both cocks in each hand and sucked them alternately. The dicks exhausted because of the intense sex they had in quick succession. They were slack and did not get ready even after stimulation.

“I never have come thrice in a row within two hours like this,” said Ahmed in a palatable tone.

“Me too, what a sexperience!” Sharma exclaimed, tweaking my nipples.

“It will take at least one hour even with virgins to get ready again. With hags, in my office it will take two hours.” Ahmed informed.

“This dainty sexy siren squirted our conduits with her divine holes,” Sharma flattered.

“Sanju, you are exaggerating,” I continued, “It’s my privilege to have champion fuckers with magnificent tools.”

“It’s not exaggeration, my darling,” said Ahmed.

“We never fucked such tight holes even when we fucked virgins,” Sharma flattered.

“We never quarrel for first fuck of any chick. Your divine beauty dominated us and I could not leave you to Sharma even for five minutes.” Ahmed adulated, “The obsession is eternal.”

Their dicks erected for the fourth time due to my oral manipulations. While I was on all fours and was sucking Sharma’s lollipop, was having my back in a slanting position with my rump as pinnacle. Ahmed took position in the rear to fulfill his desire of fucking my virgin ass and spanked my butt cheeks.

He rubbed his piston on my keister hole, “Sharma, is this hole still virgin after you fucked once,” asked lewdly.

“Yes, my boss, for the whole of this day the hole is called virgin. You are deflowering her virgin bum-hole now.” Sharma replied, “This dame will remember us both as her ass-openers.”

My head was bobbing between the thighs of Sharma. Ahmed banged in to my rear hole but it went only half. He tried slowly to push the remaining rod by separating my haunches with his hands. He impaled into my hind hole in slow long strokes, closing the gap between us firmly. He had pushed in and rolled his hips before pulling back out again. He did this while constantly either massaging my tits, squeezing my ass, or sensually running his hands somewhere along my body. They continued their unified assault, my entire body was tingling and they just kept on pumping away at either end of me.

Sharma inclined and firmly gripped my boobs and squeezing them. Both my fuckers were at a zealous pace slammed into me and held, I felt cum splashing inside my hind-hole and in my throat simultaneously. Ahmed was writhing his hips as he splashed his orgasm inside my hind hole and smacked with both hands on either side of my keister. I tried desperately to swallow Sharma’s load that he was shooting into my throat and I felt fluid gush and spurt down my thighs and onto the bed. They fell on bed like logs.

“Go and bring lunch in here for us three, our slut queen.” Ahmed ordered. I got down the bed, took a nightgown from my wardrobe and tried to wear it. Sharma jumped from bed and obstructed.

“Let me wear it, I have to go to hall and Varun is there so allow me to wear the gown and I’ll remove it as soon as I come back.” I assured him.

Ahmed, sitting at the edge of the bed, gestured to come to him. I stood near him with my breasts dangling on his face.

“As long as these lions are here, our slutty lioness must be naked.”

“But,” I muttered. “Your fear is that your hubby will see how you are being used and you are scared to go to him with our sperm smeared on your body,” inquired Sharma from my behind.

“Your husband should know we are best in using our slut and I will brand you so that he will know how things are going on in here.” said so Ahmed took my right breast in his mouth and bit it harshly and I cried aloud in pain. As soon as he left, Sharma took my left breast and bit it very harshly. My eyes are filled with tears. I rubbed my boobs as they left them. There was a deep tooth mark round my aureole on each titty.

“Now go and show him your bosom. He will understand everything,” commanded Ahmed caressing on the round dent created by his teeth. Sharma followed suit and said, “The blemish will show that this slut is owned by us.”

I came out of the room and closed door behind me. Since Varun left in the morning, these two swains never have permitted my tits to be un-occupied even for five minutes. Both of them had their hands or mouth on them always. The continuous chafing of my tits turned them scarlet from milky white. There was a lot of pain as my breasts were sour. The ass cheeks were also sour with scarlet hand prints through spanking. The only consolation is that their dicks are not large and I enjoyed the double penetration of relatively smaller dicks compared to Varun’s dick. I would have to run away of home, if the wands of officers were equal size of Varun’s dick. Above all, of this pain and humiliation, I was happy that I had almost accomplished the task. I made them to believe that my ass is virgin, my puss is very tight and my knockers are not used much. This may be enough to win them over and the contract. I checked the scars formed by the teeth of my screwers on my tits. The dents are black in contrast to the reddened melons. The incisors of these beasts were very sharp. I worried whether the wounds would septic. I cursed the corrupted officers for corrupting my breasts. As I was in my thoughts, I heard the main door creaked.

I trembled to see who was entering in to the hall. It was bizarre to see my tormentor in the morning was emerging from the front door of my home. Perhaps, Varun might have called him to take his lunch. The peccant driver saw me nude and smirked at me and reached where I stand and greeted me, “Hello, Madam, you are looking gorgeous like an angel, thank you very much for showing me your nude avatar.”

I scowled at him and turned my face away. His hands landed on my sticky boobs and I slapped his hands away and started walking to dining room, where Varun was sitting. He followed me closely feeling my butts with both his hands. Varun was astonished to see me stark naked and opened his mouth wide and tried to say something.

“See, this bastard is annoying me.” I showed him the driver who is behind me.

Varun stood “What are you doing here. Go out, I’ll call you later,” shouted acrimoniously.

“No, no, Sir, please sit down, I am not going to fuck this Angel,” the bastard assured and continued, “I know that my bosses are screwing your slut wife to give you the contract. If you make any noise they would know what’s happening here.” He further warned, “If you don’t keep quite and let me grope her I’ll let the media persons know this.” The lecherous driver was blackmailing us in rude tone.

When depravity stalks, the prey has to succumb and bow down.

Varun sat down disgustedly. “Don’t make it a mess or I would kick your loins,” he stammered in anger.

“Good,” said the driver and followed me to the fridge. I opened the fridge and took chilled water bottles and other things. The nasty fellow is behind me and scrabbling on my rump and grabbling my naked back with his rough hands. My naked back must be a scene of his life.

I leaned forward to arrange the water bottles and food items in two bags. I would be looking like a horse on its four legs to the driver, who stood behind me. My croup is high in the air as I bent forward. The silence of Varun provoked this obnoxious little brat to be brave enough. He stopped groping my buttocks and unzipped his pants, took his cock out and rubbed it on my croup. He aimed his small, but hot and hard rod to my hind orifice and attempted to poke it in. Even though tiny, it did not go in as I flinched my rear muscles. He tried thrice and Lo!!!! He ejaculated all over my back. He daubed liquid all over my back.

He felt relieved and hold my boobs from rear when I stand again.

I turned to go in to the room where his bosses are awaiting and craving for me with appetite. The libidinous driver followed my feet kneading my tits with both his hands from rear. I had a basket each in my hands and stopped near the door. I turned back and gestured him to open the door. He is flaunting his limp tool, oozing the cum, thorough his trousers. His head is just up-to my tits. He licked my nipples and lashed his tongue all my boobs, greedily. In the process, he tasted and cleaned the sperm of his bosses from my chest.

“My angel’s tits taste like honey in the morning and why are they salty now?” He wondered, “May be because of perspiration occurred through intense fucking! ” answered to himself and I kept quite.

He ordered me to kneel down and I obeyed, as there is no other go. I guess I was not quick enough, as he grabbed my hair and pulled me to my knees in front of him and pushed his groin into my face.The lecherous driver smeared his oozing dick all over my boobs and asked me to lick his dick. I dislike the hostile urine and musky aroma emitted from this unkempt man’s tiny dick.

I tried to pull back and he just pulled my hair harder, as I did so he forced his cock into my mouth. It tasted unclean and nasty, yet I licked his dick all over. He left out with satisfied look in his face. I am sure it is the most exultant day of his life.

I opened the door and went in to feed and please the lascivious bosses, with the booze of their trusted driver smeared all over my front and back. Both the bosses and I completed lunch. The mashers munched my mangoes along with food and did not leave them at all. In the process, they licked the sperm of their driver from my tits.

The drunken kingpins did not recognize it because they themselves smeared their juices on my knockers. We took another shower after lunch and cleaned ourselves. My fuckers were thoroughly exhausted due to the sexual activity and liquor they consumed and slept with me in the middle. They did not leave my boobs even while sleeping. They made my mounds as pillows, rested their heads on them and slept until the evening.

When I woke up groggy, it was 7PM. The officers were still snoring on my chest. The triumph of depravity started at roughly at 10AM in the morning and continued until it was 1 PM. These predators had their prey four times and gulped full bottle of scotch. They poured at least half bottle on my body and licked and I gulped three pegs. Their dicks were still in wilting state. They look very small when limp.

As I moved, they woke up. After freshened ourselves we sat on the couch, as usual, naked. Ahmed yanked my shoulders and laid me on his lap, Sharma dragged my legs onto his lap. I lapped my thighs on his thighs. He immediately started twisting and massaging my thighs while Ahmed was kneading my boobs and massaging my belly.

Ahmed gave me mobile and said, “Ring phone to your hubby and tell him to bring the suit case in.”

“No, please, do not let him in. I will go and bring,” I suggested to avoid humiliation.

“No, do what I say.” Ahmed insisted.

It was extreme humiliation to see ones wife in such obscene and vulgar position for any man. Nevertheless, Varun deserved it.

((“Why should I only bear all the humiliation and insult to achieve his goals? He also should know how painful it to bear the degradation is! How pinching it would be to face the insults!” ))…… I thought to myself and called Varun to bring suitcase in.

((Imagine, how humiliating and degrading to see ones beloved wife lying on the thighs of two brats!!! That too for a person who is not a cuckold and who is strong in body and mind!!!))

Varun entered into the room with suitcase and kept it by the side of the couch. Our eyes met. I could see the sorrow, humiliation, degradation and excitement to see me in the awkward position I was. He was careful not to express his feelings and stood there before them with innocent face.

Sharma infused his thumb into my puss and index finger into my derriere hole and moving lewdly while Ahmed was nibbling my tits and poking my belly button with his finger. The scene is lewd and awkward for any husband to face.

Money makes many things to happen.

The incident that was happening was possible just for greed of money. Otherwise, it is impossible in any happy home where husband and wife are healthy physically and mentally.

“Are you enjoying the stay at my home, sir?” Varun posed a stupid question, which should not be asked. That ignited some degrading remarks from the bosses.

“Yes, Varun, we are having the fuck of our life. Your wife is extra ordinary slut.” Sharma remarked thwacking my thighs to make a scarlet hand mark.

Ahmed laid me back on his lap leaving my nipple with a slurping sound and said, “Your wife is a trophy. I bet one can sacrifice anything in lieu of her holes.” He crushed my mounds, “It seems that you didn’t use her properly, see, there is no sag in tits, see, how tight they are!”

“Her holes down here are also not used much; anyways they are kept for us to use them fully!” Sharma exclaimed.

Ahmed turned me to him so that I was facing his dick now and my back and ass turned to Varun. He guided his dick to my mouth, “This floozy soozy is a quick learner and she is best blow job queen, now.”

Sharma spanked and separated my heinie cheeks “See this, we deflowered this virgin hole and the front hole is also very tight like a virgin cunt.”

In spite of the profanity and insult, the conversation was hilarious to me and I couldn’t control the laughter and so I stuffed my mouth with Ahmed’s cock and started gyrating it’s circumcised bulbous with my tongue. I had also been feeling really turned on.

((These brats are boasting that they deflowered my ass hole to a person who was banging it, black and blue, every day at least twice. Varun’s innocent expression on hearing this was more amusing. Was it cachinnating? Was it irony? I found no words to describe the situation.))

To control the cackles coming out I took whole of Ahmed’s cock in and bobbed on it.

“OK, Varun, our Soozy floozy earned the contract with her tight holes. We wish to keep this slut for us. We screw these holes every month and award as many contracts as possible.” Ahmed assured, “Now take the contract sanction papers and agreement out of the suitcase.”

Varun obeyed and took out the sanction papers and agreement from suitcase.

“Sit,” commanded Sharma by whacking on my butt cheeks.

I left the dick with slurping sound and sat between them. Sharma gestured me to sit on his dick, which is fully erect now.

I stood and lowered my back on his dick and with few wiggles; I adjusted his dick in my vulva and sat on it with my back to him and facing Varun. The innocent expression on Varun’s face ignited giggle that I controlled with much difficulty. I forgot to constrict the pussy muscles and Sharma’s cock went in full.

“Ooohhh,” Sharma moaned, “My dick dug in full of your furrow.”

I leaned to rest my back on his chest and turned my head to him, “mmmch, your rods are stretching my holes a lot, my dear fucker.” I whispered in his ear.

“HEE-HAW,” he laughed out loud, “Anyways its comfortable now for my junior in your pussy.”

Ahmed stood before me with his tool now fully erect and I looked at him. He yanked my head by my hair and guided my mouth to his dick. I gave a surreptitious lick followed by a quick suck of the head my back was in a slanting position and my both ends are stuffed with erectile rods.

Sharma took the sanction papers from Varun and kept them on my slanting back and started signing on each paper as I was convulsing my pussy muscles on Sharma’s dick, held the base of Ahmed’s cock in my hand and licking around the circumcised bulbous with my tongue. I took care not to move my back because of my activity on either end. After completion of his signatures, both my paramours traded their places. Ahmed sat at the end of couch and stuffed his tool in my ass and Sharma stood before me to have his rod in my mouth. Ahmed kept the papers on my back and signed while I was pleasing his cock with my duff muscles.

No contract in the world might have been sanctioned like this…The contractor’s orifices were stuffed with the officers’ dicks and they signed on the naked back of the contractor.

“This is the time for Soozy floozy to sign on agreement,” Ahmed said.

My lovers carried me to the bed. Sharma lay on his back and his pole was looking at the ceiling. I climbed up the bed and saddled him and guide his dick to my pussy and bent forward. He started biting the nipples hovering over his face. Varun kept the agreement papers next to the head of Sharma to get my signatures. Ahmed impaled his spear in to my back nether opening, bent forward a little and took hold of the base of my boobs.

“The backdoor is stretched now!” exclaimed Ahmed. I turned back and kissed him, “Your tools are so big that they are elongating my holes, dear.”

I saw into the eyes of Varun directly but his face was blank without any expression and it was sure that his tool would be fully erect and swelled to full extent.I controlled myself from opening his zip and take his huge monster into my mouth and suck it to my satisfaction. As I know the consequences I constrained a lot.

Ahmed banged down, Sharma crammed up in my holes, and I signed on one paper. Between the biting and crushing of tits and banging up and down of my holes, I signed on the agreement papers. As I completed to sign on twenty papers, both my holes were filled with their spunk. Varun took the papers and went out.

What an innovative way to sign on an agreement!

My fucker officers left me on the Sunday evening. As they drank more and more the wear and tear of my holes was lessened. My buns up and down swelled a lot and became scarlet because of their spanking, whacking and crushing. It took two days for the boobs and butts to come to normal. Varun brought medicines and ointments and treated them carefully.

That was how my happy home was turned into debauchery house. We earned a lot after that but chastity is not a thing to buy. Once lost its lost forever. Both the officers could not visit my home again because of the inquiries going on against them but they awarded two more contracts in my name and added my name in A1 contractors list.

This is my story but many of such incidents are happening though out India because of corruptive officers and leaders. Because of the ever-growing corruption and ever-growing greediness among the middle class people, to earn easy money, hundreds of incidents of this kind are happening throughout India in every city. Once stepped on the stone of depravity one has no control on sliding.

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