Deepika joined our company as data entry operator for some accounts related work, after few days we started talking with each other & we became close friends she was naughty by nature & liked my sense of humor when ever wewere alone we use to crack non veg jokes & she laughed a lot, she was frank & we use to share our feeling with each other as we both were married, once while we were having lunch she suddenly told that she is on high mood today as she was sitting next to me I hugged her side ways and we kissed for few secs my hands started to explore her body I placed my hands belowher ass & started to feel her but then suddenly she broked the kiss & came into her senses & said we shouldn’t do this & I just looked at her then she said atleast not here, so I let her go & my mind started thinking if not here then where.One fine day I got the chance it was Saturday, our bosses didn’t show up & staff were also in holiday mood so every one started moving around 5 pm only we 3 were left, me deepika & a office boy to care of pantry I asked office boy to sit on reception so he can receive calls & I told him that as I have some work don’t disturb me while forwarding the calls I went to meeting room& asked deepika to come to meeting room with some file to discuss, she came in I locked the door from inside she just looked at me & said what happened, I took file from her & placed it on the table and took hold of her hand and pushed her towards me, I took her in my arms and kissed her on her lovely lips oh let me introduce her she was 5.5 nice long hairs not slim norfat simple marathi girl but her face was very attractive & I am 5.11 little fat having not big tool like others may be around 6 back to story while I was kissing her she first resisted then she started enjoying too I started exploring her body again while kissing her one of my hand was on her ass as I love that very much & other was on her sexy boobs not so big as she was average girl buther nipple were long & erect then I took her tshirt off and bra too what a lovely cute boobs she was having I started licking them & sucking & bitting them she started moaning In low voice as we were in office then I pulled her jeans with panty in one go her panties were already wet with her juices I made her lie on table she was shying she kept her palms on her love hole I openedher thighs with some pressure and kissed her fingers & licked her fingers until she removed by herself then I took a look at her clean shaven pussy she was wet at this age of 34 I kissed her pussy and then inserted my tounge in it taste really good I started licking her from top to bottom she started to moan a little louder I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and started to lick herhard on her g spot she went mad she started to scream I kept licking her hard until she shivered & cummed all over my lips I licked all her cumm she was puffing her breathing became hard then she got up and untied my jeans and under wear she took my dick in her hands and started feeling it I was enjoying her soft touch then she started feeling my balls she kissed them and she sat onchair she kissed my dick with precum she opened it a little and placed her tounge on it it felt really good then she started licking it with her salaiva her mouth was real hot I started enjoying it she was doing it very nice she started taking it more inn in her mouth I was fucking her mouth holding her hairs then she said she want to ride me I sat on chair and she came over me hold mydick and put it in her hole wow she was tight on push it just went half I was thinking may be her huby has not done her in a good way then one more push and it went fully in she just screamed a little with pain she said its very long her hubys is may be around 5 she then started to jump on me I was enjoying every movement of hers but my whole thing was not getting in so I hold her fromher tummy and started to push it in & she started moaning louder with pain I started fucking her fast & hard & she was screaming in enjoyment and started saying sir pls fuck me fuck me hard more hard and we pushing each other deeply after few mins she stopped and started cumming I waited for her until she is comfortable then I ask her to lie down on table and did in missionaryshe started to moan again in enjoyment and I increased my speed as I was about to cum too & finaly I came inside her I rested on her few more mins until my dick came out & then we again kissed each other for long 10 mins then she cleaned herself & me with tissue paper & we dressed & kissed again & moved out of meeting room.

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