Dark Side

Hema was her name, a very sexy name. Demure, coy and traditional, this south Indian Iyengar Brahmin girl was married but a vivacious flirt. Being an early bird at marriage she really was thirsty for both, men and their ways to woo her total charms. Whether it was her boss’ reports at work who would offer her red roses and other seductively suggestive gifts or her brother in law who fucked her in broad daylight and made her eat her own cum from his hands, male companionship was always welcome. 

But of course hide she may, but desire she could not curb was the want of a bisexual fling once in a while. 

Ananth her brother in law and Meekri the servant girl were too much for her.

There are enough stories around them and it will be a decade of writing and reading but it all started some 2 years after her marriage on a lovely Monday morning at Chennai where they used to live with her in laws. Ananth used to be at Coimbatore and was working there. He as it is normal in all Indian families would visit his parents’ once every month. And in one of those visits he got a solid jolt in his loins one Sunday evening when he was witness to his sis in law practice lewd cock sucking. The fortunate recipient was the 25 years old servant Selvam and this was going on in the cool confines of the restroom. 

It was a different story that Selvam had made her suck his cock even on his wedding night with his wife waiting in the nuptial bed. In fact the bizarre relationship was such that Meekri the soft-spoken wife of Selvam was Hema’s first conquest at lesbianism and experimentation with bisexuality. But on this night when Ananth was rushing in to the restroom to relieve the bladder pressure, little did he expect to see what he did and he caught both in the act red handed. The pay out to keep him silent were of course the ever willing pussy of his outrageous sis in law and the ass of Selvam’s wife much against the latter’s wishes.

The Torrid affair begins and life was never the same for Ananth hereafter: 

Ananth slammed the door on both of them and returned to his room wetting his pants thoroughly for obvious reasons. After changing into something better he decided to confide to his mother and got up to walk up to her room. Before he could cross the door of his room, a wave of aroma hit his nose and standing in front of him was Hema with a tumbler of South Indian coffee and dressed in a very traditional Tamil customized sareee. Covered from all sides was this bundle of calisthenics in bed. She looked in to his eyes and stretched the coffee towards him, which he was about to refuse and in no time found the same spilling over his shirt down to the crotch. She lost no time and before he could scream covered his mouth and put the other hand on his crotch, squeezed the object, got some juice of coffee out and in front of his eyes licked at the fingers lewdly and slowly removed her other hand from his mouth only to shove these naughty fingers and whispering into his ears “ Wait to see the real thing till tomorrow and for now masturbate memorising these moments “. 

Ananth was to leave in another hour to reach Chennai station and was to leave for Coimbatore. His internal self and conscience were still pitching a battle with all the satanic cloak his character was about to wear but in vain. The pleasure he derived from the ‘touch’ and later’ taste’ were just too much and like most of the sex starved males in this part of the world, decided to embark on a different journey, feigned a splitting headache and told Venkaji (his brother and Hema’s husband) to call his office and inform them of his inability to join work the next day. What an irony. Venkaji! Poor soul. He always was made to believe that Hema was a goddess and could never look at a male ant with an intent and here he was collaborating in an entirely unknown manner to a torrid affair about the begin. He was never to know anyway. 

Hema knew how to keep things away from him. 

She was a seasoned slut and in all ways, mean and hungry. She got what she wanted without wanting anything else but pleasure between her legs. 

Leaving the brothers busy, Hema went down fast to the mezzanine and told Selvam to keep Meekri out of bounds for the next couple of days, she planned to enjoy the virgin Ananth at the servant house in the mornings after Danny and Venkaji would have left for the Montessori and work respectively.

The poor mother in law would be told she has gone to practice music at West Mambalam in a friend’s place, little knowing that the demure Hema was playing the flute and the violin just a floor below with a band whose instruments were boneless and only 6-7 inches in length, when full blown. Meekri came out of the kitchen in the servant house hearing the madam blabbering and could smell trouble on hand. She was in her usual dress, which covered a lot but left the boobs erecting out in the blouse, uncovered by the saree. It is natural for a male to get diverted to such objects but Hema was no natural bisexual, she was an extraordinary sexual animal. 

Upon seeing Meekri in that position, she lost all her mental balance, reacted quickly to close the main door from inside. Hema was possessed, caught hold of Meekri to french kiss her and fondle her boobs there and then, Selvam watched the scene passive to the whole incident and was left to do nothing but hold his crotch. 

Meekri resisted the frontal attack for sometime, gave in and reacted by catching the back of Hema tightly with her dough soaked hands resulting in further aggression from Hema.

She lifted Meekri’s face only to bite at her cheeks and nose, lick her lips with her own and salivated the whole face of the poor servant girl in no time. Meekri was no stranger to all this and was willing to go along with it since it allowed them access to quite a few luxuries including a joy ride for the family in Hema’s car once in a while. 

Somehow the duo got into the makeshift servant bedroom where Hema quickly in a very shameless manner undressed to her bare self tossing all her clothes at Selvam who was very happy to receive the same. He quietly slipped the undergarments under the Wardrobe to be made use of at a later date. He was privy to needs of the rich and the nefarious of Chennai’s needs and would make use of this proximity to Hema at a time prudent enough for the big leap to become richer by a mile instead of a ‘cm’ every now and then. For now He watched the two perspiring bodies fused together. Meekri was on the floor and lying on her back with her saree bundled and thrown around her waist, cunt exposed to every body in the room. Hema was squatting on her face with Meekri drilling her nose into Hema’s ass and licking the woman’s cuntal outer lips slowly. Hema could not continue squatting and collapsed on Meekri with her face between Meekri legs. She grunted for a while at the unclean pussy but the urge to get orgasmic plunged her tongue into the servant girls’ pussy. She physically separated the lips and lined the hair full of pungent dried up urine on both the sides before snaking her tongue into the crevice. Meekri enjoyed it, this was one moment she could never forget in their frequent bouts. At this point of time she felt a victor because Hema a born Iyengar rich and famous was licking the pussy of a down caste woman and that too ‘ a dirty unhygienic and a smelly pussy’. By this time Selvam started undressing and in no time started patting Hema’s face with his cock. Hema caught hold of the same and gave it a lick on the tip clearing away the pubescent drop of cum emerging out of the cock, slowly started massaging the balls and let loose a tirade of saliva laden smooches on the two jewels. 

Selvam was thoroughly excited, even though this being the 2nd round with the lady.

In the bathroom of her bedroom, a few hours back Hema and he were enjoying a nice copulation, helping him to ejaculate a wad of cum onto her boobs, a moment of for Ananth.

Ananth at this point of time was busy shagging and jacking his cock in the bedroom common to him and his mother’s room. Ananth was worried, did not really know how to take it the next morning. But the sweet pleasure of the unknown made him look forward to the same. 

Hema sucked on Selvam’s cock and kept grinding her pussy into Meekri’s mouth. 

Meekri was out of breath in no time, could not take it any more. Her mouth was over flushed with Hema’s cum and she started breathing heavily. At this point, Hema did the unpredictable. She further ground her pussy into Meekri’s nose and simultaneously shoved Selvam well lubricated with Hema’s saliva and a raging cock into Meekri’s pussy, which was equally wet. 

Selvam was always a fan of his wife’s pussy, they were just 6 months into marriage and this was a real thing for them. But surprises in a sexual bout make the nostalgia of the same later throb your cock more vigorously. This is what happened to both husband and wife. Suddenly Hema withdrew Selvam’s dong and gave it a full-length lick, which was too much for both Selvam and Meekri. The cock was glistening with Meekri’s juices and had an aroma not unknown to Hema, not experienced by the couple till date. 

Selvam could not hold him self any more and started cumming. Hema true to her sluttish background took the stuff in her mouth and licked him to the finish. Totally exhausted and satiated, Selvam stood up and took a few steps backwards and suddenly his eyes bulged open. Hema poured the entire load from her mouth on to Meekri’s pussy and started licking the gash again and filled her mouth with the same, quickly turned around removing Meekri’s mouth from her pussy and dropped the whole load into Meekri’s mouth. Meekri was stunned and had no chance to spit it out since Hema had locked her mouth with her own lips. Meekri drank the whole load and for a minute or two fainted out of total abandonment to lust and depravity. This was debauchery and not seen ever. Truth was stranger than fiction. 
Hema returned to her room in a visibly altered condition. Besides the orgy which had lasted 45 minutes, she also was accosted on the way by Selvam who refused to give back her bra and panty, chilling her with ‘ You will not get these and if you want them, let us discuss sometime along with Ashimendu. ‘

Ashimendu was a local Casanova, a close friend of Venkaji from his childhood days. Hema, for all she was did not dare incite or tease ‘Ash’ (as he was popularly known). She was intelligent enough to know that sex was good in private and enjoyed in a non-committal manner between like-minded people, but Ash was different. He was running a college of sex and most of the inmates were ‘loving wives of doting husbands’ and these husbands who were his friends had no clue that the ladies’ of the house were royal bed partner to Ash and his chosen clients. This was a fact known to Hema, as she was a witness to one of the graphic displays while visiting Geeta one day, who happened to be her neighbor, last house on the same street. 

On that day Hema while going to pick up her son from School, strayed away from the road to give back the latest erotica by Kushwant Singh to Geetha. Upon reaching the house, she was about to press the bell when she found the door opening up slowly and she was ushered in by Geetha’s sister Radha. Radha, true to her name was a very sexy girl of around 21 years, and very much resembled the erstwhile cine actress by the same name who in the late 80s and early 90s made the youth of the entire south India lust for all the holes in her body. 

One would, in those days bet on every part of Radha’s body to be gold. All the college going youth would drool over her posters and movie Tzars used to make movies with her enacting a sex scene to enhance the value of the movie. One classic example was a movie in Telugu, where in she played a cameo and literally stripped off all her clothes in a song. 

Well this Radha was no different and she was a good friend of Hema. In fact she was being thought of as an ideal marriage mate for Ananth and we will talk of it in our later episodes. ‘Geetha is currently having a ball of her life with Ash, do you want to see it?’ Hema was stunned to hear this from Radha but had no choice but to reluctantly and of course, expectantly nod. 

She was intrigued about how it was possible since they were in the living room and to get to see something what Radha just described, meant snooping or peeping. In an instant on the Home theatre TV screen in front of them loomed the king sized bed of Geetha’a house and lying on that, prostrate were Ash and his friend Rajam ( a local Don in Chennai). They could not see Geetha in the room but what surprised Hema was the fact that this was Geetha and Suresh’s (Geetha’s husband) master Bedroom. 

Radha was a smart girl. She could quickly read the question in Hema’s mind and told her ‘ Ash is at his best and makes you cry for more when he is fucking you on your own master bed. That is how he creates interest and is really different from the traditional Casanovas who believe in screwing the women of their dreams in a palace of their own’. 

This was too much for Hema to digest. She could feel her nipples turning turgid and pussy developing misty fluid. Hema started panicking, Danny would be waiting at the college gate and she was getting late. She got up and quickly adjusted herself and begged excuses of Radha and left the place as quietly as she has been ushered in and while returning back home in the auto rickshaw, she really felt embarrassed holding the Kushwant Singh book, still in her hand. Of course she also felt naughty, thinking of Geetha who had already begun serving clients and was doing very well.

Screwing in her own bed with an alien man was unthinkable for Hema, come what may. She was hungry for sex but wanted it to be very secretive and absolutely private, done in places, which would not allow her to get and feel guilty. She suffered from this tug of war between assumed morality and gay abandonment. She was not very sure of either being correct and was swayed by the need of the hour.

Looking at her either at work or in public places, it was very difficult to make out that behind that soft dusky and innocent face, there resided a volcano of sexual talent. She was a woman who could teach Vatsayan a few more tricks enriching the evergreen ‘Kamasutra’ a bit more. 

Let us move back to the night scene and returning to her bedroom, Hema went to the bathroom to tidy herself but was not her usual self. She was worried and was upset about Selvam and the unflinching faith she had reposed in him. She also understood without being naïve, his designs. He was also a greedy mongrel as many others and was not happy with just a bout of sexual pleasure with a high caste Hindu woman, after all what is there after those savored moments get over? You are back to the true life, which in the case of Selvam wasn’t very rewarding financially. But Hema also did not want to ruin her own life at the hands of Ash. She knew it would be pleasurable to get fucked by him but was sure of the consequences and as said earlier was not all in favor of commitment based flings. She loved to have sex in her own way not guided by someone else. She had to get out of the Selvam plotted treachery. 

Meekri belonged to a very traditional low caste but extremely custom driven and chaste family. Her father was the local panchayat clerk at Gummudipundi and she was his only daughter along with 4 sons. Meekri also had 4 maternal Uncles, all of them upcoming local politicians at Tiruttani. Meekri was a pure virgin at marriage and at her wedding, one could notice the principles and ethics displayed by the Bride’s family all through the proceedings. Mani, one of the maternal uncles was jailed for 6 months on charges of murder last year. His supposed crime was killing a neighbor who was casting an evil eye on his daughter. He came out on bail and now the case was closed for want of witnesses. 

Hema was aware of the same and had all plans now in place to check mate Selvam.

Venkaji was getting ready when she came out of the toilet and told her ‘ I am going to the office, received a breakdown call, will be back in couple of hours’. Hema saw this as a chance not to be lost. She quickly retorted with a feign of anger’ I am very tired serving your mother and all of you all the day. Please don’t disturb me in the night and come only in the morning’. Venkaji had no issues on the front. He could easily sleep at the Guest House. So without much of a whimper or protest, he walked away to the door and gave a parting nod to Hema from the door. 

After making sure his car had left the premise, Hema tip toed down to the servant quarter and pulled Meekri out of the room and instructed her to shave the pussy and spray it with good freshener. Meekri went into the bedroom to wake up Selvam and Hema stopped her saying ‘ Go to my bedroom and get ready in 10 minutes’. I will tell him and come. After bolting the door from inside Hema quickly dropped 2 tablets of ‘Restyl’ into a tumbler and poured honey into the same. She woke up Selvam and greeted him in a shocking manner, he was not expecting her in this manner at this time. He looked into her eyes and quickly started warming up, ‘ do you want to suck my pussy or would like to drink my urine juice’ asked Hema. Selvam was addicted to Hema’s urine and especially mixed with honey. 

She lifted her nightie and put the glass below her cunt, filled it with her urine and stirred the same with her finger. She took the finger to his lips and told’ Sample it and I will serve you the real thing ‘. Selvam took her finger in his mouth and licked it for a minute leaving it sore and paining. Hema would not mind all that, she was already dreaming of killing two birds with one stone. ‘Checkmating Selvam’and ‘enjoying Ananth. 

Selvam took the tumbler and drank the contents without a grimace. She in the meantime put his hands on her boobs and he started massaging them with a lot of gusto. Hema was a heavy woman but extremely sexy, 38-28-38. Her boobs resembled those of Nagma another cine actress who created lot of stir in the loins of youth of mid 90s. Selvam went beyond pawing and tore of the buttons at the top so that he could have a bite on her turgid nipple. Hema saw what he wanted and shoved the same towards him. Even before he could salivate the aureole properly, he lost his mind and slowly started sinking into what was to be a long sleep. Hema quickly reset herself and returned to her room to find Meekri half-naked lying on the floor shaving her pussy. Hema took out the portable Braun hair remover from the wardrobe and quickly shoved it between her own legs. She was planning a long night with Meekri and Ananth and obviously wanted the virgin Ananth to get the best of the two women. After satisfying her self she dressed herself in a Kanjeevaram silk saree, applied typical south Indian perfume all over her body especially in the crevice between the boobs, ass and cuntal spread. . 

Asked Meekri to wear the nightie, which she had just removed from her own body, Meekri obliged without any questions. ‘ Wait for a second and I will back’ saying so Hema rushed towards the room which housed the beds of Danny and her ma in law. She sneaked in to find all quiet and serene. She quickly sprayed the room with a chloroform-contained spray and closed the door from outside. 

Now she was ready to make Ananth a MAN. 

Along with Meekri she tiptoed to Ananth’s room and knocked slowly on the door and quickly pushed Meekri to the front. Ananth woke up with a jolt and hardened up cock, which was held tightly by his hands. He looked at the watch ” 12:30 am”. He was not too sure whether he heard a knock or was it a dream. He waited in the bed for a while, half-perspiring. After a while, the knock returned and this time he started getting naughty, he was sure this is pleasure beckoning him. Started to move towards the door and put his left eye to the peephole. Was very disappointed to see the dull Meekri standing there, thought may be to attend to some errand. Opened the door to speak to her and lo behold, got the shock of his life when he saw a 5 ‘ 5″ tall silk saree clad and the ‘mangalsutra’ hanging on the bodice, Hema holding Meekri. 

They both got inside quickly and pushed him on the bed making sure he lands on his back. Meekri locked the door from inside. ‘ You….u.uu…uu..said, tomorrow morning ..nnnnooonnooo ‘ blurted Ananth and was met with a eerie laughter from Hema ‘ Ananth, I love sex and want it from men who I want. I cannot wait till morning, for me sex is something which I must have every 4 hours’. 

‘ You are my chosen man for this night. I will not disappoint, you will have a bride like behavior from me but of course it will not be a virgin cunt, if you want I can fake it’.

She laughed again, rubbing the well manicured and scented finger on her lips and just below the nose, occasionally touching the nose ring and definitely making Ananth pant for breath as he watched her giving jolts to his cock with just the dimpled smiles and expressive physical movement of her hands. 

Meekri got up on the bed and lifting her nightie, came close to Ananth, caught hold his left hand and deftly placed it over her right boob. Ananth became hostile and started shaking on the bed, Hema cautioned him’ It is just about to start, don’t move nor make any attempts to shout. You will be the loser. Just lie back and leave the rest to us, we have not come only to give you pleasure, we have come to also have pleasure and are sure you will also have equal majaa’. 

Ananth saw this as a virtual rape and gave up.

He decided to obey to his sister in law who at this point of time was in total control. He did think of his mother and brother but knowing Hema, was pretty sure they were not an issue and what was going on in his room was all safe and ‘in camera’. 

While talking of camera, Hema had quietly sneaked in the Sony Handycam into the room. She left Meekri to take care of Ananth who by now was over the hill and had given him self totally to the servant woman. His mouth was salivating on the boob and he was immersed totally in serving that one right boob of Meekri. Meekri was playing really coy. She had very deftly concealed the left boob inside the bra and ensured it did not come of the nightie. Hema was filming this scene from a corner and neither of the participants was interested in what was going on. They had full faith in Hema and though visible to them, the filming did not cause much flutter. Hema had a different plan in mind and she told Meekri, ‘ Meekri, open the naada of his pajama, take his Lund out. Don’t strip any further, I want to see you like that only.’ Meekri obeyed the command and for a moment, disturbed Ananth’s pleasure with her right boob and opened his pajama’s naada. Out sprung the Cock like a released spring and one could see clearly that Ananth was not wearing underwear. 

Adjusting the camcorder on its stand and making sure it covered all possible movements, Hema totally dressed returned to the bed and stood in front of the couple on the bed. By this time most of Ananth’s pajama was out of his body and hanging to one of the toes and Meekri was completely nude. Obviously she was wearing nothing besides the bra and the nightie. Ananth was still not able to divert himself from the dove pair of Meekri’s 32″ boobs. His tongue was busily snaking in and out of the between crevice when suddenly he felt a warm cover on his dick and looked up startled. Hema’s pallu was on it and she was standing biting her lower lip with her teeth and watching him ferociously. 

Ananth left Meekri and lunged towards the coveted Hema, ‘Na Na Na NA, you will get your chance, for now focus on the apples in front of you’ was the response he received. 

This marked the beginning of the slavery of Ananth at the mistress Hema’s hands. It was a virtual bind and little release. He lost his first job at Coimbatore after a few months because of 3 continuous days of UN informed absence from office. As you guessed it, Hema was keeping him busy between her thirsty and sweaty thighs at his small home in Coimbatore all those days. 

Poor Ananth! 

Back to this night at Chennai, Ananth shifted his focus to Meekri’s lusty midriff and stomach, which was as flat as a tabletop. Ananth slowly descended towards her pussy. In the meantime his attention was drawn to his crotch area and was surprised to see Hema applying shaving lather on his balls and the entire rod area. She was licking her lips profusely while doing all this, the clock on the table was flashing ‘1:35 am’. Hema deftly shaved off the entire hair from his pubic area, cock and the two precious jewels. She washed them warm water soaked towels and applied fair and lovely cream, followed by some drops of After-shave lotion.. Ananth was not prepared for this and start-ejaculating sperm, which Hema took in her palm and quietly, closed the same. She knew this would happen. Ananth was yet a beginner. She reached for her bag and pulled out a small empty injection bottle and squeezed the entire sperm into the same. It was going to be kept for future use. Ananth was watching all this and really could feel a surge in his loins so quickly once again, when he saw Hema licking away the remaining part of the palm without losing a single drop. He thought of the millions, which went away into the drainage over last 7-8 years. Hema could have really savored all that and maybe substituted regular food with Ananth’s sperm food. 

Hema was now in a dishelved state. Her pallu was on her lap and boobs were pointing out from the blouse. One could clearly see that there was no bra beneath. Hema removed the blouse and wiped the cock with the same and tied it around the crotch area leaving some air for the balls. She finally began her exploration of Ananth. Her mouth descended on to his balls and tongue became vigorously active around them. In no time Ananth was back in form and his cock sprung back to the 7 inches full length. Hema licked the balls for a long time and could relish the taste. They were still fresh; Ananth was just 23 years old. They had not started accumulating the pungent coloring and the dirt, which come with age. And the just concluded shaving was a bonanza. It made the jewel acquire a very tasty cover. 

(Hema for a moment thought of Venkaji. He never got this treatment from Hema and whatever sex they had was plain and missionary straight. He even in his dreams could not think that his wife was capable of all this.).

Ananth became bold now and descended on to Hema. He caught hold of her face and ‘ Saali maadar chut, tere naam pe mene roj muth maari hai, laundiya randi jaat ki pur rehti hai mehel ki raani ban kar’ saying so, planted his mouth on her mouth and started biting her on the lips. Hema was consumed. Ananth was now hers’ and she knew that the conquest was complete. She allowed him to suck her mouth, which he did for nearly 6 full minutes. After that she laid him on the bed and slowly put his prick between her boobs and asked Meekri to suck both the prick and the cock touched part of the insides on the boobs. That was a very erotic sight for Ananth and he once again ejaculated but this time on the boobs and in between. Meekri did the honors of licking it entirely and as it happened during the evening, Hema sucked out the same from her mouth and planted it back in a shared mode. Left both eating Ananth’s cum for this time. 
The night was still young for Hema and Meekri. 

They were used to such long nights along with Selvam and were getting prepared towards the couple of hours left for dawn and get their cunts rammed with this young and virile 7″ long dick of Ananth. Ananth was tired and not very enthused but had to make use of this opportunity, he knew this was the beginning of a long sexual odyssey for him. His bathroom antics, where he had masturbated vigorously, dreaming of all the beautiful women were getting real. Hema was an incarnation of all those wishful damsels. She was pretty, dusky, charming, long hairdo, traditional and above all bold and willing. 

Ananth watched the scene where the two women exchanged his cum, really felt he to be in the seventh heaven. For him touching of his own hand on the cock was enough to ejaculate and here it was dreams come true. And more than anything else, he was enjoying his own sis in law. He had also been watching her with her friends and was pretty mesmerized by some of them, one of them of course the fairly well stacked Radha. 

Meekri stumped him out of his reverie by planting her pussy on his mouth and Ananth did not know where to start. 

Lying flat on his backside and Meekri lying above him, this was becoming a bit uncomfortable. Hema could read the signs of discomfort and also wanted to make him taste her pussy first. She knew it was coming and he wanted to nestle his mouth on the wanting inner lips of his sis in law’s wanton pussy. 

She glanced at Meekri asking her to get off the torso, and for the first time laid herself next to her lover and in front of Meekri who was left standing next to the bed, Hema started the journey for Anath into a bliss of sinful love and sexual calisthenics. 

She applied a small smooch on his forehead, ‘ My little b-I-l is now getting ready to ram his prick into his big sis in law’, saying which she lifted herself and shoved her boobs onto his face. The mangalsutra came in the way and Ananth felt really erotic to see the sign of marriage dangling like that. 

He put the gold plates on either of her aureoles on both the boobs and started licking them along the flesh causing flutter down between the legs for both Hema and Meekri, Ananth was alternating on the boobs dexterously. 

He was picking up fast, for a young man fucking and sexual diligence come like swimming to a dog. It takes little time. After all a male in this part of the world spends more than 10 years post puberty dreaming and fantasizing, this is what they want to do and want to make those dreams come real. Ananth was receiving which is not very common. Not all men have the luck of Hema offering herself in the cool confines of one’s own house. He was on the verge of losing his virginity, in a short while before dawn he would have sunk his virgin cock into both the pussies. ‘Aaah, what a feeling’. He could not believe it and was looking forward to those moments when his cock would be in the hot enclosure of the cuntal sheath. 

Hema slowly brought him over him and for the first time that night, Ananth was on the top. He did not leave the twin globes and was profusely tracing the tongue on both the boobs, of course enjoying the mangalsutra too. He asked Hema why she did not remove it, to which she giggled and seductively swayed the hair off her forehead, ‘Ananth, I am your bride this night and Meekri our attendant. In the olden days rajas used to have the same pleasure, where on the first night a female attendant used to assist the bride and give pleasure to the married couple, now if I do not wear the saree and this mangalsutra, how do get that feeling.’ ‘ Married or not, I wanted to make your first fuck look like what it would be on your wedding day, I promise if you marry Radha it will be better than this and that day the maid will be me and not Meekri’. 

Hearing to all this, Ananth of course a mere mortal could feel his cock rising. He got over her body and started rubbing the edge of his prick in the pubic area and in no time felt a hand on his dick guiding it into Hema’s pussy. Little did he realize that the transportation into the nether world of sexual ecstasy was over and he was now like any other fulfilled man, his cock was in a woman’s tight pussy. Danny was her stepson. Hema was not a natural mother and here she was lying below Ananth offering him her tight and expensive pussy. Ananth started grunting giving both the women shivers of yet another pre ejaculation. But Hema knew how to handle this, she asked Ananth to think of meadows, the back yard of their house, his mother and slowly he came back to normal and the pumping became rhythmic. She was too much and knew how to handle men, especially in bed. Her fingers were on his thighs, very near to the balls but not touching the jewels.

Hema spread her legs far and lifted her pussy to an inclined position, and beckoned Meekri to the shallow fusion area and gave some signals. Meekri knew what to do and got down to the ritual. She got in between the legs of both and placed herself down with the eyes now transfixed on the magnificent ‘in out’ going just above her eyes. She was lying with her head down and Ananth’s balls above her, cock going in and out of Hema’s pussy. Thee moment she felt Ananth was reaching a climax, Meekri would remove the cock from the pussy, wipe out a drop or two of ananth’s sperm, hold it in the air and give it some breath. Then she licked the cock tasting Hema’s juices too mixed well with Ananth’s and shoved it back into Hema. Ananth had not left Hema’s boobs right from the start and now it was 25 minutes since his suckling began and it looked as if it was not going to end. 

It was not easy for any man in his state.

After all he had been eyeing those boobs day in day out over the last 2 years all the time, whether it was over the dining table or in the garden where she sat with Danny and Venkaji, carelessly allowing the pallu to shift and expose the twin globes. ‘ Why did you shave my cock and balls, it is really nice especially when you run your tongue over the jewels’ blurted Ananth.

Again with the naughty smile on her face, Hema twitched her lips and glided her fingers over her lips,’ It allows deeper access into the pussy, I feel more filled up’ saying so she touched his balls with the end of her long nail making him twitch too and grunt more into her chest.

Hema was sweating all over and the crevice between her boobs resembled a bed of sex. Ananth busied himself snaking his tongue around that whole area and licked up all the sweat and felt he had achieved ‘nirvana’. ‘Ma’am, I need to satisfy my pussy, please allow him to fuck me’ whispered Meekri from down below. 

Hema could feel Meekri on the edge of her thighs and suddenly remembered that the saree was still around her waste. 

The 10,000 rupees Kanjjevaram Silk saree, maroon in color was at this point of time rumpled up and rolled up getting crushed between the three bodies. 

Hema slowly removed the cock from her pussy, ‘ Suck it and keep it hot and long’. Saying so, she lifted herself from his body and slid Meekri all the way from where she was to her own erstwhile position. It was all over even before he could realize and in front of his eyes, rested the twin globes of Meekri and his cock was now facing her well lubricated spread pussy below, Hema reached for the cock and greased her palms with the fluids on the rod sighing to herself. She wanted him to come in her pussy but that could wait. She needed Meekri in this position, after all in all the lust and passion for sex and virgin Ananth, Hema had a score to settle with Selvam. She looked towards the camcorder and could see the shine of the lens facing her, satisfying her further. 

Hema pushed the cock into Meekri’s pussy and so began Ananth, his fucking of the second pussy in the same night. Hema decided to give him a bonus at the same time, knowing fairly well that will sound the climax on the poor guy for the third time in a row and this time it would be the culminating one for the night. She lifted her self on to his face facing him just below, allowing him access to her frontal body all over. Slowly moved her towards his face, Ananth tugged at the saree to be amazed at the absence of the petticoat. 

Hema this time laughed abundantly and in the silence of the night, it made Ananth really lose his cum but somehow he controlled. ‘ I do not wear bras, panties and petticoats when preparing for fucks of this magnitude’. 

Lifting her body a bit above touching his torso, she showed him the strain of coupling which kept the 6m long saree together and in front of his wanton lustful eyes removed the strain and became totally nude for the first time.

Ananth caught hold of her waist with his left hand and brought the cock ravished pussy to his mouth, and for the first time tasted the ever-elusive sis in law’s pussy.

It tasted bitter for sometime but soon became tangy and salty. Ananth had read a lot and seen quite a few 3X movies to know that this was really a very interesting part of a sexual bout. He kept tasting her outer pussy and darting his tongue in and out of the insides of the cuntal spread. 

In no time his tongue was met with a wad of viscous nectar which just kept pasting on to his tongue. He knew from his knowledge, Hema was cumming and gobbled up the juice. His nose, lips and all the face was drenched with the aroma and leak of heavenly nectar coming out of Hema’s hole. Hema has finally delivered yet another load, on a new face and felt really victorious. 

Ananth was lost and had no idea what was happening to him.

He lost total control and finally came in Meekri’s cunt. It was like a long cycle of pistoning but all got over and he collapsed on Meekri’s chest who in turn was sucking the edge of Hema’s ass just above her.

Hema lifted herself away from both and reached between the legs of the two and scooped the mingled juices. She looked towards both who were staring at her, wide eyed. She forwarded the palm to Meekri who darted her tongue around the fingers of Hema and licked out the viscous leak, and the rest Hema licked off with her own mouth and this time she drank it all. ‘ I am not going to waste this moment, mingling of a virgin cock with a servant pussy’.

Saying so she quickly glanced at the clock on the table. ‘ 5:00 am’. She was happy. Another 2 hours before Venkaji would return and she can always give him the regular chore of dropping Danny at School feigning splitting headache. 

Thinking so, she climbed out of the bed, draped the saree around her in a disorderly manner and asked Meekri to get into the nightie. Both the women left Ananth to himself and sneaked out of the bedroom into the creeping in daylight of the dawn. 

Ananth was not to forget this night. Thus began his dangerous journey into the world of sex and sex. He would realize how it affected his life in the coming months. 
Hema was sounding asleep when Venkaji came in at around 7 am.

Hema was sleeping in the nightie and the saree was well folded and kept inside the almirah. Hema had not forgotten the handycam, in fact after leaving Meekri at the door she quickly went back to retrieve the same from Ananth’s room. There were 3 tapes of 90 minutes each.

Ananth was absolutely gone into bliss of his own and did not have a clue when she came and how she went. To make sure there were no traces left of their fuck and orgy, Hema quickly cleaned up the place and made up the room to look as normal as possible. Before leaving the room she bent upon Ananth and kissed him on his lips and pressing her fingers into her pussy, applied the pungent smell on his nose before finally departing. 

Venkaji left for his office at 8 am of course taking care of dropping Danny at the college. He had no idea of what really happened the previous night and on his way down was accosted by Radha who needs no introduction to the readers. She bumped in to him and profusely excused herself before getting into the house. Venkaji told her that Hema was asleep, Radha smiled at him and told him that she had come to pick up a book and spend time with his mother. 

Radha came on to the servant floor and could see Selvam stretching his arms early morning, and understood he had got up a little while ago, must be getting ready to do the morning regulars. Radha had a fetish for raw sex and ‘raw’ meant unclean. She knew men were untidy early morning, she just loved that feeling. She had fucked with her brother in law couple of times early morning and what made the intercourse real interesting was the mingling of saliva which was raw and coarse that early in the day. 

As she was still staring at him, Selvam got into the house again and fortunately did not see Radha, who walked up rapidly to reach Hema’s room. She found Hema sleeping and coyly curled up next to her in the bed. Within a few minutes Hema woke up startled, only to realize the arrival of the ‘neighborhood fuck queen’. 

It was too early for Hema to get up, she had barely slept for 2 hours. Shrugging away the incessant pull of Radha’s hand to get up, Hema dozed back and was fast asleep in no time. Radha got bored with this reaction and started wondering what could be the reason for this damsel’s (Hema) yearning sleep. Her eyes fell on the handycam through the slightly ajar door of the almirah, Radha got naughty and pouting her sexy lips, she moved towards the object. She was not surprised to see a tape inside but was with the state of the camcorder. Though off, it still showed itself in ‘camera’ position, Radha switched on the camcorder and programmed it to ‘play’ and rewound the tape. 

And what she saw was real interesting. 

She quickly took the tape out and went to her friend Bashir in the next lane, ‘ Bashir, make a copy of this tape immediately, VHS will do’, and saying so let the chuni of her salwar fall on the floor, giving Bashir a glimpse of her crevice between the tits. 

Bashir was one of her ex-lovers and it was quite a while since she had given up on him. This was her second visit to his house in 6 months. From the time they met Rajam, Bashir was nearly sidelined and was just left with his hands around his own dick savoring the oldie moments, Radha lying on his body as naked as the new born but also as luscious as a green apple on the US west coast.

He quickly went in side the house and after an hour returned with both the tapes. Unknown to Radha, Bashir had made a copy of the same for himself too, he was desperate for her pussy and knew why she had ditched him. She wanted to go up the corporate ladder at ‘The Hindu’ a newspaper company in Chennai, if anybody could help her to achieve it, nobody less than Rajam could do it. Rajam was close to the influential in the newspaper office. 

Besides this, Radha had no reason to give up on him. 

In fact in the innumerous fucks these two enjoyed, Radha never tired herself of sucking on or getting sucked by Bashir. She personally confessed to their mutual friend Saira, that if any cock could satisfy her pussy it was the circumcised tip of Bashir’s dick. 

Radha quickly returned to Hema’s place and though the time was well past noon, Hema was still sleeping. Radha slipped the cassette into the camcorder and returned to the bed. Hema turned around and started breathing through her mouth, which came ajar. Radha kept watching the same and also could see the remnants of the vermilion marks on the forehead and the callous hanging of the mangalsutra. Radha got excited and though she rarely took on a woman, this was too much. Before she could do anything, ‘When did you come Radha, how is Jayanti (Radha’s sister’s ma in law)?’ inquired Hema’s ma in law who was standing at the doorway with a small casket of flowers, cinnamon and other religious articles. ‘ I am going to the West Mambalam temple and will come back in 1 hour, please wake her up and have a nice coffee before you go’ saying, she departed. 

Radha needed no further courage. This was godsend and she quickly closed the door from inside and returned to the bed and slowly started running her fingers on Hema’s lips. Hema closed her mouth and started breathing normally but Radha continued, she wet the fingers with her saliva and again started running them on Hema’s lips, and slowly traced them up to her nose and nose ring. She too found the nose ring really erotic. Seeing no retaliation from Hema, Radha became bolder. She quietly undressed to her panties and bra and started rubbing her bra-clad boobs on Hema’s face. Hema woke up but maintained the stupefied pose only to gain some more pleasure. She knew her body’s ache for a soft and silky feminine body and after the gains she had made with Meekri, Radha was going to be some thing special. 

A full blew 5’7” of sexual odyssey, Radha was a slut par excellence. At home she would wear all traditional clothes and once at work or in the college earlier, change into the skimpiest of briefs and tops. Of course never wear bra or panty. She believed in women w/o underwear were the purest of all for sex. 

Radha made her name in the sexual world with one of the wildest orgies – 12 male gang banging her 3 holes. She participated in a competition where all the sluts were filmed separately and the best film got the award, guess what, a weekend with Kamal Haasan and Simran. 

Radha went on to get the prize and she got the prized prick of Kamal and hot pussy to suck that of Simran. 

(We will have the escapades of Radha in a separate series and this current series is dedicated to Hema and let us not divert attention. I promise all my readers- a 20 episode series on Radha, with a promise that they will masturbate on every page. ). 

Hema kept her lips tight and did not allow any scent of her enjoyment reach Radha. Radha started getting frustrated, she started rubbing the black bra more vigorously but in vain. Then she did the inevitable, released the straps and out fell the globes –36” tits on to Hema’s face. Hema knew the smell, it was an overnight left over from a tit fucking by Radha’s brother in law. Hema had used Geetha’s handkerchief a couple of months ago and was told the smell was a leak from Suresh’s pounding in the early hours of that day. 

Both the sisters savored their fucks and did not clean for days. They would bathe just before an orgy or on incessant request from partners who wanted them clean. That was the other side of erotica, dirty but very inviting. Hema let the secret out and ‘ So had a tit fucking bout from Suresh a couple of hours back?’ Radha was not all surprised, ‘ Well he was bored watching one of the old Geetha-Ash bouts and wanted some change, I let him come on my tits’.

And saying that, Radha slowly raised her body to a neat high and slowly flexed her thighs to let the pussy land a few mms of Hema’s nose and mouth. Just above her head Radha discovered a metal rod, and really did not know what it meant to be doing but at this point of time helped to clutch on that while Hema would suck on her pussy. Hema surprisingly found Radha pretty clean between the legs and through the panty did not smell any pungent. Radha was wearing a panty since she was at home, this was news to Hema. She started licking the pussy on the panty and in no time drenched the pussy with her saliva and Radha’s incessant leak. Radha was in the seventh heaven and after a while nearly fainted when she saw in front of her the panty neatly cut in two, dangling from one of Hema’s hands. This was a neat job done, Hema who was ready for all occasions had used the scissors meant for Venkaji’s mouche to cut the panty. Radha could not control herself and flexing her legs adroitly bent inside onto her thighs and balancing on them removed the two hands from the rod. 

The twin fingers of 1 and 2 on both hands dexterously separated the outer lips of her own pussy and while the wide eyed Hema was left to watch the acrobatic calisthenics, Radha slowly planted the new finding on the round but pointed nose of Hema, drowning the object completely. Hema was nearly dead and felt a discharge of a liter of Radha’s cum. She desperately removed the same from her nose and thrust her thirsty tongue into the gash. Radha went back to holding on to the rod and was tired in the legs. She was getting bewildered. All her earlier escapades were coming to a naught and she convinced her self that the best sex partners are the demure innocent housewives hiding behind the Kanjeevaram pallus all over Chennai. 

She just fainted and slowly but surely fell on Hema. Hema was nearly crushed but had no option to enjoy the sweat laden body of Radha. She licked Radha all over and in no time the whole king size bed of the Venkaji couple bore all signs of a bed in a whorehouse. Hema’s own resolve of not using her own bedroom came under attack. 

She consoled herself, ‘that is true if I fuck men not women. So many times Meekri has stripped in this very room’. 

Radha removed the hair strands from Hema’s pouting lips and stood up by the side of the bed and started dressing, Hema looked at her seductively and said ‘ What about this’, pointing to her own pussy, ‘This also needs a quick eat’. “Excuse me Hema, I am very exhausted, 5 am was the time when Suresh downed his dong on my tits and I just came to see you and get the Kush book back, anyway will take it later. Need to get to work. I have to work for a living yaar’. 

Hema laughed’ You can make a million a night by just flashing your tit’. Radha was not amused. She glared at her and retorted ‘ Yes and you can too, Ananth can find you all the clients’. 

Radha stormed out of the house leaving Hema gaping at the ass and the vacuum behind – trouble, trouble trouble…Hema’s day started with trouble. She opened the Almirah to get something decent to wear and saw the positioning of the Handycam had changed. She understood that something was fishy. The tape was rewound. 

Hema smiled at her self. This tape did contain some scenes but none of the juicy ones, this was in the handycam during the final stages. The actual stuff was all in the other tapes.
Hema lay back on the rumpled bed thinking of the days gone by especially her new found relationship with Ananth. It was working out well, they both had enjoyed a few more sexual bouts after that night full of orgy with Meekri and were nearly in know-how of all the birth and wound marks on each other’s bodies.

The last fuck session for the lovelorn couple was at Coimbatore a few weeks ago and lasted two full nights and days in the cool confines of his house. The landlady became very suspicious and in fact questioned the relationship between Hema and Ananth, by the time Hema left for Chennai this lady had more or less understood the situation.

Hema came back to Coimbatore within 2 weeks again since the issue was serious Ananth had lost his job. The reason was ‘prolonged leave of absence w/o notice’. It happened on her previous visit, Hema’s lust was taking its toll on poor Ananth, it was her silly mistake.

She really felt bad about it and wanted to help him out, though she had ulterior motives too behind this 1) She was still infatuated with Ananth and his youthful dick and 2) She had to get him to marry Radha. 

With her breast jutting out from her chest and one hand across her sperm-filled stomach, she was watching her brother in law getting ready for the office, the man who had just sucked and fucked her with his clothes on.

She had come by the early morning train, was received by Ananth at the station, they both sneaked into his house not knowing that the landlady had noticed it, strangely once again.

Once inside the house which was a one room accommodation with an attached kitchen and bathroom both the lovers stripped to their nudity once again and Ananth had little choice but to dip his fiery rod in to the always ready pussy of his sis-in-law.

After they arrived home it was another round of intrigue for Ananth as Hema remained an enigma and was so coy in her sluttish behavior that at times he really did not know how to take control of the sexual combat. For all practical purposes Hema controlled the act and the sequences with little or no choice for Ananth, so much so that even the copulation and orgasms happened as if defined and dictated by her highness.

Today was a day to be bold and Ananth began pretty well, ” Darling Hema…can I ask you something, will you show me your pussy? I’ve been with you all these times but haven’t had the pleasure of exploring and delving into your pussy at length. I really am interested to see it all as never before. And now that that we’re exotic lovers, can I see yours?”

Hema was burning with lust from inside when he said that, “Of course you can, silly. You just have to take down my salwar and the panty after that, then you can look at my pussy all you want and you can touch it, you are my good lover, I’ll let you kiss and suck it.”

Hema raised her ass to help him remove the garment, which quickly fell around her ankles and then on the floor, her hips were still covered with the pair of flimsy white panties, which he rolled and pulled down the well oiled thighs and finally away from sight.

Darling Hema on the rumpled dirty bed raised both her legs straight up in the air in a jack knife position, allowing him to pull her body towards him who was kneeling on the floor in front of her.

“There’s my cunt, or what you call as a pretty pussy, it’s all naked just for you, do anything that you want with it,” saying Hema’s thighs moved with her legs and hips shaking at the same time.

Ananth touched the curly soft red hair feeling the spongy moss move and started running his hand over the smooth skin of her belly and back to the dark hair of her cunt, his fingers continued caressing the warm curly hair and kept at her hidden cunt.

Hema moved the thigh of one leg slightly, opening the thigh enough to let Ananth see the dark red top of her pussy through the hair.

Hema let her fingers move between her legs into her cunt pressing sharply on her clit.

“This is my clit, also known as clitoris, it gets very sensitive and almost hurts, if it’s touched too roughly, kiss me on the cunt, stick your hot tongue inside me and suck on me,” shrieked Hema, finally losing all control this time and wanting Ananth to drill into her night long unwashed pussy.

Hema’s voice really sounded as if imploring and this pleased Ananth who didn’t really need any more prodding, he bent forward into her pussy and started licking as if he had been eating pussy all his life. 

His tongue he speared deep into her wet open cunt as he began to taste and suck the juicy wetness, it flickered and explored the rising love nest and around the Vee, he clasped her sexy ass pulling her tighter to his seeking lips.

Hema’s hands held his head deeper into her heated pussy and pointed his nose firmly against her rising clit and suddenly she began on his tongue and nose and mouth profusely, while his tongue continued fucking and sucking the elusive vortex of pleasure and sexual combat.

Hema started expending her peaking orgasm in multitudes of tidal pleasure, his powerful sucking was secreting more of the oily, lubricating juices from her pussy which was going down his gullet through his mouth which he eagerly swallowed, taking all the copious juices coming out the dirty but sweet cunt.

Shortly after that Ananth seized her by her hair and shoved his prick into the lubricated pussy, the copulation lasted full 30 minutes, Hema climaxed 4 times and by the time Ananth came to the end, she was totally in a delirious state fumbling to speak coherently. 

Ananth sprayed the entire cum into her cunt but the last drops were dropped into her mouth in a strange manner this time. He came up on the bed and straddling her chest, opened her mouth with his hands and dipped his dick into the hollow cavity only to make her get the taste straight on her tongue. He was behaving different.

She looked at him from the depth of her dark eyes, infatuated and wanting him more and more, strangely Venkaji never appealed to her so much.

Ananth buttoned his shirt carefully and glanced at the voluptuous young Hema lying on the bed, her thighs sprawled, still open and wet, and desperately wanted to go back to her and this time put his prick into her ass.

Thinking about it was anyway only a dream for now, since time was running out and he had to reach RS Puram as early as possible, he reached inside the underwear and adjusted his still half erect prick so that it was where it should be and then took up his trousers and put them on, buttoned the same turned to face her.

“Hema, you can help me out of this mess and that is one reason why I wanted to rush you here, look,” he hesitated talking down to her on the bed.

“You are a real vixen in bed and I know you enjoy fucking like a rabbit, my boss Dayal is a lusty character and will be willing to save my job if you could get him over after I leave, pacify him in your own inimitable style. Do it just for me, you know what I am saying, you will have to make it look like he is getting to force you a little at first.”

She did hear him but looked into his eyes as if it was a void, it did really matter to Hema that Ananth held his respectable job, in fact Venkaji was still not aware of the same and they both wanted to somehow reveal it to him only after the whole issue displayed a polished outlook.

Though it shocked her and that too coming from Ananth, Hema knew it did not really matter, he obviously had to think of some desperate solution and if this worked, let it.

Of course for Hema, sex was okay only with people who appealed and just hoped that this ‘Dayal’ guy was somebody who would be good in bed but the scales were reversed in this case, it was he who had to be satisfied.

This was somewhat not pleasant to Hema but she decided to make the most out of the situation.

Not only had he got her here but apparently was planning to use her as he had just done, and also in a more perverse way shortly for some more time. The shy boy had come of age.

Mr. Dayal the MD of Tractors Ltd had called Ananth for a final hearing and later to give him his final settlement. Ananth gave a last look at the bitchy body lying on the bed,’ You know what you will do, call him and tell him exactly why you are here and what you expect’, saying he started to leave for the office. 

Hema was left on the bed long after he had gone thinking and devising the action plan. She got up naked from the bed and took out the shaving and the antidote cream. She picked up the latest Braun series hair removing razor and came back to the bed and lying on her back reached between the legs only to find the cunt still wet and tingling. She felt very erotic and was eagerly looking forward to sawing the crack with the razor while it removed the left over pubic strands and bush.

Her concentration was intact for the next 10 minutes and she shaved the entire pubic area to a clean spotless hairless surface and then went into the bathroom, took a tumbler of hot water from the tap and washed the cunt thoroughly. 

‘Aaaaahhhh…Ooohhhhhhh’ she exclaimed for a while, the feeling was too good to be given up in a haste. Hema finally got under the shower and took a luxurious bath, shampooing her self with the latest lube from Pantene and used the sexy lingering and erotically sensuous soap ‘Sundar Madhuri’ to wash herself.

Her thoughts went back to the morning, to the beginning of the day, her arrival at the house and all the events that followed. She was now very clear that Ananth was becoming smart and was planning to use her. Hema smiled, Ananth was a kid on the block if he thought so, she will get him to retain his job but on her terms.

Returning to the bedroom she reached for her bag and pulled out the sexy sleeveless kameez and the shimmering Salwar. This set was sold without any ‘chuni’ and the kameez was not only sleeveless but also with thin straps which went around the ‘naked’ shoulders, reason being that area on the kameez was without any cloth, a latest design in women wear.

She looked at herself in the mirror and fairly knew that this was going to cause quite an eye to flutter at the office and could even spark a riot. She quickly applied her usual makeup but made sure the Iyengar mangalsutra was dangling on the bodice and applied makeup to the eyelashes for the final time and sprayed the erotic spray between the legs before getting out of the house. 
Hema’s dark life really begins- pleasure is replaced by fear and betrayal…

Hema excited the auto driver, who for most of his time was eyeing the dusky slut through the rear view mirror while driving her to the RS Puram office of Tractors Ltd, he was sure she was a high priced whore.

He somehow suppressed his inner desire of propositioning to her with rich clients, only because of the ‘mangalsutra’. 

Anyway, he knew where she stayed and since he belonged to the same area made up his mind to track her down soon, either today or whenever possible. He had not seen this pussy earlier so was sure she had come new to the town and was not very conversant with Coimbatore, a town famous for the ultimate in cases of ‘wife swapping’ and ‘illicit sex’.

If Guinness Book had to do a study in this subject, they could straight away descend on Coimbatore. In the days gone by the town was agog with a hot topic that the elite of Coimbatore rich had fucked the famous actress south Indian actress Bhanupriya for four long days and nights, without a cloth on her body.

Hema reached Dayal’s office, it was on the first floor and his secretary Suma ushered her in to the chambers, Hema could not trace Ananth who would be upset that she came all the way instead of making a telephone call to Dayal and calling him over to their home.

Hema treated her sexual life differently and took adventure real seriously.

She was not in the least surprised when told to go straight through his office into the private apartment at the rear. She had heard of Ash having such arrangements in Chennai from Radha, upon entering the plush room she saw Dayal for the first time, standing in a silk dressing robe and she knew from her past experience with men that he was naked, quite naked beneath it. 

She really felt disappointed, he was a horrible looking man, balding with thick eyebrows that made a mockery of his 35 years of age, she started trembling when she saw how he ogled her legs, eyes piercing through the shimmering salwar as soon as he saw her.

“Nice to see you Mrs Venkaji, Ash recommended I meet you in person” he greeted her, shocking the wind out of Hema’s sails who nearly fainted upon hearing this statement, “Have a drink, let me see if I remember correctly, you’re a teetotaler right?”

She nodded, and he closed the door behind her, and went to the cocktail bar and poured a soft drink with a slice of big lemon and handed the glass to her, his other hand touched the naked shoulders over the silk straps, as he stood close.

She sipped at the potent drink and tried not to show her displeasure of the way his hand had moved to caress over her rounded corners on the shoulders, that entire stretch on both the sides was naked, Hema had dressed for a kill and she was getting it.

“Has Ananth come in.?” blurted Hema darling to Dayal, who sneered at that name, ‘ Bastard, should have known better than fucking you in his house and telling all of us that he is in Chennai attending to his sick mother”, she nodded apologetically, ‘I am sorry, please don’t punish him for that mistake’.

‘ Madam, Main to use hee nahin, tumhe bhi nahin chodoonga, teri chut ka main bhosda to banooanga hii..par tujhe randi banake chodunga’ thus spoke Dayal in chaste Hindi, Hema understood the essence of it, she had very poor knowledge of the language.

He pointed her towards the very comfortable and expensive sofa and Hema moved across to it and settled herself down.

He brought a footstool and couched down in front of her, ” I will fuck you and suck you and then again fuck you, after that you have a surprise pack of the day, Ash will be coming here at around 2pm, he will take you to the Club and the rooms there are really made for fucking wives of other men, that is exactly what he will be doing. He wanted a king size portrait of Venkaji, you know why…Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha…’ laughed Dayal, ‘he wants to keep it in front of the bed while he fucks you, by the way the chul buli chut Radha is with him, so you can resume your bisexual interest while he reams your ass and creams your pussy’.

Hema was getting too much on a single day. Her jet set erotic private life, full of sexual odyssey was going over the trees crashing into oblivion. She felt like a trapped kitten and was absolutely without escape. She pleaded with him to leave her and told him to do whatever he wanted with Ananth.

Just then Ananth entered the room, “You did real good work there Bhabhi, that shows your true character’, he said softly.

“I am so pleased with you that I’ve got your little reward over there.” and he nodded towards an envelope kept on the table.

Hema was not able to guess but whatever it maybe, she did not deserve to be treated like this, it now looked clear to her that she was being thoroughly betrayed by Ananth.

She opened the envelope and out dropped more than 200 photographs of all her fuckings with Ananth and Meekri including the one she had in the early part of today immediately upon her arrival from Chennai.

She winced, this was pure betrayal, ‘Brother will divorce you in 2 seconds and I will sell you to a brothel immediately after that, bitch, do you deserve to wear that Mangalsutra,’ saying he was about to snap the ornament off her body when Dayal pinched him.

‘ Bhayya majja lootne ke liye rahne do na, hum isko issike saat chodhenge’, and this brought weakness to her knees and she started fainting, Ananth’s hands slid unto her top and helped her back to the sofa.

Dayal started moving his hands slowly over the salwar, she had to please this man or she would not get that envelope at all, his strong hands slid up to the tops of her salwar, paused for a moment or so to grip at the strong bind of the ‘nada’. The hot palms slid on to her bare flesh below it resulting in snapping of the rope and letting the garment come off her legs easily. 

Her pussy was nude, after all Hema was not wearing a panty. 

She saw his face turn devilish, Hema knew she had the best pair of legs and she also knew exactly how much a man enjoyed touching her thighs thoroughly.

Dayal moved his hands down and gripped her slim legs and stretched her legs well apart, then he placed her sandals firmly on the corners of the stool and with slow deliberate care he raised her legs higher and higher until all her delicious pussy in its pristine glory was revealed.

Then the inevitable happened which startled Hema, Ananth came from behind to catch hold of her boobs and started pressing them through the kameez and without warning snapped at the straps on the shoulders. 

Hema was left with a garment that had no use now, Dayal immediately grabbed the kameez over both her boobs and shoving Ananth away from the body, he made sure the kameez was rolled down to her navel. It was left there as a proof of a garment Hema had worn and she was expected to keep that on through the morning, into the late afternoon, as long as they fucked.

Ananth once again descended on her boobs instructing Dayal,’ Dayal, kiss her pussy and suck hard on the clit, spread the fuckin cunt with both your hands and press the tongue on her clit and keep it like that for some time, she will ooze cum in seconds. She is a pro and always ready, once she starts leaking, there is no going back. By the way that bastard Manjit is on his way, the surdy wants to fuck her ass. Last time as a voyeur he had watched us enjoying ourselves and promptly reported to you,’

‘Only then we realized you are resourceful, don’t worry, you retain your job and we get this pussy to compensate for what you don’t bring to the job anyway’ said Dayal, while his fingers were gently separating the outer lips of Hema’s pussy.

The pussy was black in color but very shiny, for that matter Hema was shimmering all over her body.

Hema was sweating in parts even with the AC on, but overall she looked the classic beauty who deserved this treatment from men. She was a sexy woman and had everything ripe on her body, very attractive and was full at the right places. Her boobs were glistening between the alternating teeth of Ananth who was laving them with his saliva while kissing and sucking on them. They were big and bouncy, 38″ of course. 

Her midriff though covered by the rolled up cloth showed the curvy sensuality at its best, the navel was but a masterpiece and for some reasons, Hema had got the point just above the spot pierced with a gold ring a few weeks ago which made the whole supple flesh look more erotic.

Dayal could not stand the metal playing hide and seek beneath the garment and tore the garment away from her, kameez was now in smithereens. 

The lewd strangeness of his nature began to show itself, Dayal’s face started contorting and he was taking deep breath at an uneven pace. His hands roamed slowly and carefully all over the shaven area of her pussy and around the pubic area, she knew men loved to roam their hands over the naked flesh of a woman.

It always was a major portion of their plans whenever they got hold of a woman alone.

Slavishly he fondled her knees, her calves, her ankles, and slowly back upwards again to the pussy while she looked down at his kneeling form. 

Whatever he did, seemed obscene to her and could not understand how a man could do this, what strange pleasure would he get from feeling a woman’s legs as he was doing.

She wanted to slap him or better still kick him with her high sandals and yet she knew she dared not.

Now, he continued kissing her pussy and legs alternately making her hate him more than anything else, suddenly she screamed, he had swiftly descended on her pussy and inserted the tongue right into the gap and lay it below the clit with all pressure on the love button. 

Hema started squirming and in no time was filled with ecstatic pleasure as she felt the tongue sawing in and out of the hole, gracefully at first and easily a few minutes later and very luxuriously but joyfully now.

Her cunt was well lubricated and was oozing juice at a very fast pace, Dayal’s tongue was in an unrestricted area, and a woman’s pussy usually renders a tongue hopeless especially if it is that of the wife of the house.

It was natural knowledge that housewives do not give in to their husbands as much as they do to their paramours. In this case Hema was giving it to a man whom she met just a few minutes ago, lying on her back with nothing to hide on her body Hema looked a masterpiece of a slut. 

She looked like one of those ‘blue movie’ heroines and Dayal was tempted to start his video recorder.

She looked ‘jaan leva’ and real mind blowing she was sex, pure sex. The bitchy cat purred and she had it in her to raise a dead man’s cock, no doubt that Venkaji was getting all favors from Ash.

Ash would not mind to do whatever for Venkaji as long as this pussy remained desirable and today the reward of his 2 year long patience was waiting, being enjoyed by Dayal right now.

Ananth was sweating and shaking. “Come on baby,” he mumbled to her. “Come on, you know what to do, honey.”

She took his hanging prick in her hand and started massaging Ananth in front of the leering eyes of Manjit who had just come into the room, her hands shook as she started to unfasten the fly and draw down the zipper, lying on the sofa with him standing in that position, she knew what she had to do, she lowered her face to Ananth’s rampant cock.

Meanwhile Dayal was gripping the backs of her thighs just below the overhanging swell of her buttocks, as he started to drill his tongue more sharply inside the young woman’s pussy. She knew when men did this, she had to keep her thighs wide apart and enjoy it as much as possible, only if Venkaji knew all this- poor man had not even once touched this bitch on her cunt, forget about all these acrobatics. 

That was the carnal secret of his Iyengar bride, now a slut.

Hema came back to her mouth on Ananth’s prick, she had to let him do the actioning with his cock, she had to let him use her mouth as he would have used her cunt … pushing inwards, withdrawing almost to the tip of his rock-hard cock, then plunging in again to the back of her throat, almost making her choke.

Manjit was getting restless during the going on in front of him, slowly strode up to the trio and very hesitantly, taking advantage of the light started fondling the young woman’s lovely 38″ tits, it was too much for him.

Manjit was a 45 year old man and was unmarried, he was still a bachelor and his only sexual experience was with his sister whom he fucked when he was 21 at her in laws place. It was a sin to commit oneself to incest but she was his first cousin so the impact was that much less.

Here back to the sofa with his hands massaging the oily boobs and with Hema showing her relish at such petting, he ran his hand down onto her body and his hand met the metal on the navel. He felt himself to be on cloud nine and quickly descended onto the button and started sucking on the same. 

Basically Hema was a dirty girl and here it was proven without doubt. Manjit encountered only muck in the beauty spot, around and inside the navel but for him who had seen all of the orgy which this bhabhi-devar put up a few weeks ago, really enjoyed the dirt and literally ate all that with relish.

Hema started enjoying the afternoon, it was 12:15 and she knew this was not going to end so soon. Three men were attacking her from all sides. He mouth was busy, boobs and navel were alternatively between two men well shared and taken care, pussy was still getting grilled and drilled by Dayal’s tongue for more than 30 minutes now. Dayal rarely got a pussy to taste and this was a rare occasion, which he did not want to let go without having the best of the hole in front of him, of course with his mouth.

There was a long afternoon in front of them and in the course of the same, he may get to do everything but would not get to suck on her pussy again. She would become untouchable down there shortly, after every one fucks her one by one.

Hema would be reamed, fucked and screwed. She will get loads of sperm on her boobs, navel, face and into her pussy, thinking of all this Dayal grabbed more of her pussy and this time he had most if it in his mouth. If one peeped at the junction, the triangle between Hema’s legs was well placed inside his mouth.

Hema’s body was becoming a real torment for Manjit, she knew the effect it was having on him after all it was luscious and ripe. 

Manjit got up from her navel and started gaping at her, Hema left Ananth’s cock and swayed up to the 45yr old tilting her face to his and started unbuckling his trousers and slipped her hand into his crotch, fondling his thick prick.

“I want you, my darling Manjit,” she murmured. “I want your cock. Fuck me.”

His trousers rustled to his feet as he kissed her hard on her mouth with his hands squeezing the breasts eagerly, Hema was enjoying all this with her nipples already turgid turning stiffer in his fingers. She slid on to her side on the sofa without many disturbances to Dayal who was still busy with sucking of her pussy. 

She started nuzzling Manjit’s crotch and took his cock out, which was hard and erect, a sizable nine inches long and really thick.

She flipped back the foreskin and with a soft moan swirled her tongue lasciviously around the bulging knob making Manjit really groan loudly, she slipped her lips around his cock-head and part of his shaft with an increasingly loud noise of slurping and pumping. 

Hema’s head started rocking to and for on his dick and also started jerking and pumping the cock in her fist, watching both of them had its effect on Ananth who really got turned on.

The sight of her slender fingers curled around the base of the dark cock moving in and out of her mouth was very erotic and the icing on the cake was the beautiful gold ring on her navel, twinkling in the soft light of the room.

“Yeh … oh fuck yes!” Manjit started shouting, his face contorted with excitement and lust. “C’mon … suck my cock … suck it, you bitch Hema, suck it, you mother fucker, you raand, you bhabhi of that bastard Ananth, suck my cock, bitch, … yes … suck harder!” and he kept blabbering.

“I want to fuck your ass,” Manjit gasped. “I want your butt to fuck you!”.

Finally Manjit pushed her head away and she got up, leaving Dayal gasping for air and left with nothing to lap. 

Even before anyone could realize, Manjit sat on the sofa and Hema surprised the entire audience by going across to him and lovingly kissing him on his beard while straddling his lap with her back to him.

That was pure sex never seen before for Ananth. 

He was surprised at the performance she had reserved in the hands of Manjit, the old Sikh was really fortunate, getting it from a 25-year-old pussy and that too so easily.

Leaning forward over the front with her arms stretched out in the open, Hema lifted her hips slightly, and quickly lowered her cunt onto Manjit’s upright erection and with a soft, shuddering gasp, biting her lower lip in an exquisite tension released a very infectious smile to Dayal and Ananth.

After a while Manjit started grunting and both these guys reached out to her chest and started licking her on both the breasts at the same time. ‘Manjit! If you’re going to fuck her ass, do it now!” Ananth snapped. .

Hema eased herself off Manjit’s throbbing cock and spread her buttocks open as she lowered them so that his cock-head was at her anus, Manjit heaved while arching his hips, spearing her ass well and cleanly, he was surprised that it was neatly lubricated and ready for his dong.

But Hema felt the pain and her face twisted in an agony for a while, she did not feel any joy and cried out, impaled on Manjit’s penis. She kept crying in a high-pitched voice as she continued to rock her ass up and down on his cock.

“OHHH uhhh OHHHHH uhhh OH ma uh Ohma uhh OHH!” she cried. “Oh uhh OHHH uhhh OHHHHHH!”

“Yeh … oh fuck yes … c’mon whore, c’mon! … c’mon … take it!” Manjit was shouting deliriously, he buggered her peacefully for several minutes, with Ananth and Dayal fondling and sucking her breasts while her own hands were busy dilating and playing with the cunt and clitoris, Manjit gripped her buttocks to move her ass up and down the length of his penis, her anus convulsed helplessly on his throbbing erection bringing her to verge of an orgasm when suddenly Hema stopped and moved the cock out of the ass to put it back into her cunt again.

“Quickly now!” she cried,”C’mon! Quickly! OHHH uhh yes uhh OH uhh yes uhh OHMA uh yes … c’mon … c’mon … c’mon, Manjit, c’mon!”

She jerked and rocked furiously on his cock, her breasts bouncing, her mangalsutra tossing and slapping on her brown skin, and soon began to cum while biting her lower lip in sheer ecstasy, just below her Manjit moved his hips rapidly up and down, pushing into her over and over again till, at last, his end too came and with a loud noise, he lost himself into her, holding her hips and ramming her cunt on his cock.

He came violently, shooting thick volumes of sperm deep into her smelly but juicy pussy hole.

Hema had the first taste of cock in her cunt and ass this morning, with lot more to come she got up from the Sardar and went to the adjoining toilet in the apartment.

” Come fast, she is already on a high but can lose her peak soon.’ blurted Ananth to Ash in the phone,’ Bring that bitch Radha, she thinks I will marry her, I want to fuck her in front of everyone. That will close the chapter forever’ saying all of them laughed while Ananth closed the mobile phone’s lid.

He was a grown up now. Wry and smart, he knew what was to be done with Hema and her sexy future.
While Hema was getting fucked in Dayal’s office, out there in a plush sprawled out room at the ‘Coimbatore High rise club’ was being enacted a more serious erotic stuff, there in the room were Radha and Ash. 

It was Ash’s birthday and he chose to celebrate it out of Chennai in the cool confines of Coimbatore, joining him shortly was his best friend from Delhi, Ripu.

Ripu and Ash enjoyed a very interesting relationship, both had common interests and were from the same college, studied together at Delhi’s Kirori Mall. Their first fuck in life was together at Delhi when they got to screw a high society housewife but in bed a real slut in those days, Monika Gill- mother of Sonika.

Ash was talking to Ripu on the phone giving him directions to reach the club.

Radha heard the name ‘Hema’ and walked out of the room to Ash in the balcony who looked at her discreetly, ‘Your friend is in town, right now at Dayal’s office, her putty secret is out, this could be a nightmare filled morning for her’. Saying this, Ash with his bare chest and the gold chain around his neck turned around and kissed her fully on the lips.

The sky was full of dark clouds and it was bound to rain, Radha turned on the lights in the room and stood at the balcony looking out at the downpour, a cool wind started up and she shivered as it breezed through the sleeveless Salwar.

She could feel her nipples jumping erect, barefoot she stepped out into the pouring rain and walked across the balcony and stepped down out into the open terrace adjoining the balcony.

She shook her hair loose and turned her face to the driving rain, holding her arms wide, her eyes closed and enjoyed the sensation of the water streaming over and between her breasts, down her back, between her ass cheeks, over her navel, thighs, legs and of course between the precious cunt lips. 

The atmosphere made her feel horny, filled with arousal she went back to the room and laid back on the carpeted floor, y down on her back, she gasped at the cold twitch sensation from the wet clothes on her naked body beneath, her nipples were stiff, her breasts swollen, her aureoles taut and hard.

Lying back in that pose, Radha continued to caress her breasts and slowly spread her legs and forked her knees drawing her fingers on both the hands down to her body, right into her groin, her buttocks flexed and her hips shaped up as she continued to gasp with her back arching. 

She began to twist and turn the fingers inside herself as she enjoyed the hard bites of the wet cloth on her nipples as folds of the same tauntingly scraped against her inflamed clitoris inside the dress, she soared high and free toward an orgasm, her hands moving the fingers faster and faster, jerking it furiously in and out of her cunt through the salwar. 

She climaxed with her back rubbing furiously on the floor, her hips bucking and writhing frantically and she plunged the fingers into herself and hit the orgasm.

Suddenly she heard voices and looked up to find two faces looking into her and on her body intently that of Ash and Ripu. They stood at the door of the room, grinning at the sight of her masturbating out on the carpet in her rain soaked clothes.

“Couldn’t wait for us, My darling Radha?” Ripu smiled at her, he always will have a special place in her life after all took her cherry a couple of years ago at the resort while Sonika and Ramya watched the fun. .

Ripu and Ash started taking off their clothes, laughing and grinning with excitement as they crossed the floor, . She slid the wet salwar off her legs and rolled over and got to her knees, waiting for them. 

She lifted her breasts inside the kameez and squeezed them gently with gay and wild abandonment.

They stood looking down at her naked and with their penises thickening before her face, Radha blitzed in pleasure, she began to caress them simultaneously, jerking and stroking their cocks, kissing and licking them alternately and after sometime began to suck them off, first taking one in her mouth and then the other. Ash and Ripu fucked her face one after the other and sometime simultaneously, shaking their hips back and forth, moving her head back and forth on their pricks. 

Radha got wild with erotic pleasure and took both cock-heads in her mouth and began to lick and suck them in combo, The big guys were filled with delight.

Suddenly she slipped back on the carpet, down on her back with Ripu’s cock in her mouth who twisted himself, kneeling over her face on all fours, he fucked her mouth deeply, his buttocks going up and down and cock sliding in and out of her mouth, Ash lay on the carpet thrusting his head between her pussy lips, her hips jerked as she felt his tongue swirl into her slit.

She moaned deep in her prick-holed gullet and slurped harder and harder on Ripu’s cock, Ash’s tongue was smooth but gritty and she shook ecstatically when he began to flick her clit with his tongue, sucking and nibbling it gently. 

Half an hour later of getting her to enjoy and be enjoyed, Ripu and Ash took the other hole for a change and darling Radha got filled up with different pricks in her two holes. She was fully blown up now and there was no looking back, ‘ Ananth is being proposed to be your marriage partner, are you keen’ said Ash while she was intensely excited, having a different cock in her mouth within minutes of the first along with a different tongue in her cunt. 

She writhed and danced on her back against the carpet as Ripu slid his finger into her cunt and started frigging her.

She allowed them their pleasure, t fucked her in turns with Ash getting the first chance, after all it was his birthday and she was here for the occasion so he fucked her first, she lying on her back, and he ramming his hard prick hard into her cunt, making her run her fingered nails at his back while Ripu encouraged his friend to fuck her harder. 

She whimpered and her legs wound tight around Ash’s torso and his buttocks, trying to get more of his cock into her. He began to pound her, gradually increasing speed, driving her breath away and clutching her throat that made her arch, her face flushed and inflamed with erotic joy. She looked the epitome of sexual pleasure and ultimate target for a man’s yearning demand for an enjoyable pussy.

Ash fucked her for a long time and as if it was an understanding, got up without ejaculating, giving his place to Ripu, who took her straight away, ‘ Kitne din ho gaye mere raani, paise to milte rahe hain na, kal hi mainne ek lakh ka money transfer karvaya hai tere account mein, aaaaaaaaaahhh, kya chut hai, aaaaahhh, majjaa aaa gaya, meri jaaannnn, jara apni bahen Ramya ko line pe laannnaaaaaa’ saying Ripu kept thrusting in and out at a furious speed.

She sank down into the delirious fucking with a shuddering moan, and began to burn and shake in a frenzy,’ Ash, shove your cock in my mouth’ as she lifted her buttocks to accommodate more of Ripu’s dick. Ash was more than pleased and put his cock in her mouth as he grinned while doing so, fucking her face with pleasure as Ripu speared hard into her cunt.

Both the friends took good turns on all parts of her sexy, luxurious and steamy body. She was fucked from behind, on all fours, her breasts swinging through the kameez as they thrust hard into her cunt, their cocks running in deep, burning and throbbing inside her. 

Finally the orgy had to get on to the trios, they were enjoyed by her together, with one in her cunt and the other in her mouth, and this combination kept changing positions till she was climaxed multiple times and ran out count as to who fucked her in which hole and how many times.

She came repeatedly.

Sitting on the sofa watching her catch breath and finally get up to remove the kameez from her svelte body, “Now,” Ash said softly. “Now we will fuck your cunt and ass together!”

That was not to be rebuked or rejected, it was next to heaven, and moaning with pure pleasure, Radha turned on her side in willing surrender to her paramours’ demand. 

Ripu slid down and went behind her, lifted her leg up enabling him to press his cock-head into her hole between the ass cheeks, she became tentative for a while and then finally succumbed as he flexed his buttocks to push his cock forcefully into her anus. 

One could her cry out thinly experiencing an alternating series of pain and lust, Ripu was in the seventh heaven and was groaning with delight while his cock began to rock and jerk rapidly in and out of her anus, his hands crushing her breasts. 

At this point of time, Ash obviously could not keep quiet and slowly laid down in front of her and pressed his cock to her cunt, Radha moaned, her hand between his legs, guiding it to her hole. 

As Ash’s prick went into her cunt, Radha nearly fainted with pleasure, she had two cocks plugging both cunt and anus, both these guys went about their act in a clock work precision, forward and backward thrusting their cocks into her simultaneously. 

Radha enjoyed the pleasure and pain together, she was made for men’s pleasure and their pleasure gave her pleasure. Her body twisted and her face twitched in pleasure and erotic ecstasy. Both these guys had heavy and real good pricks, pungent smell erotically interesting and extremely attractive, both were pounding her hard, separated now by the a thin cartilage of flesh as they began to fuck her asshole and cunt together, groaning and gasping, taken over by excitement. 

They moved faster and deeper into her two holes, she writhed and whined and thrashed between them and her cries were loud and erotic as their pricks sawed into her cunt and ass together, running in deeper and deeper making Radha to start her second round of climax.

She started to bite Ash with her cunt on his cock and he shivered and ranted by ramming his prick deeper into her and finally shot his load, his cock spurting hot sequences of cum and scum and sperm into the pussy, a few minutes later, dear Ripu drove deep into her ass and finally delivered his load too making Radha fully complete, she was hot and felt real hot. Her body really was weary but mind still desiring more of the callisthenics as she felt the searing heat of his sperm flooding her other hole.

They split apart slowly and lay on the carpet, the willing maid and her two masters, slowly but surely she took both the pricks back into her mouth by turn, sucking them steadily till they were erect again. On one cock she tasted her cunt, on the other her ass.

She sucked and sucked, till they could hold back no more and each came in her mouth, splashed the sperm on her full blown boobs, face, eyes and all over her belly.

Radha’s body was all spunk and looked the real slut, a real high priced slut. If there was a stock market in this world she was the highest priced scrip or ‘whore’.

She sat back and smiled gently at them and told her thanks.

Ash and Ripu grimaced, they like enjoying a pussy but this time it looked like they had performed a ‘gigolo’ on her.
Ash felt her body squirming and thrusting against his with a lot of action, it was not at all a new thing but did give him a mild surprise.

He didn’t expect this married pussy to be so easy on his meat and the way she choked herself on his cock was too much, the sequence of events was really too erotic to be lived in any kind of past, forget the recent one.

It was nothing short of a sudden stormy encounter to arouse such deep explicit passions in both of them, passions that could not be chilled by any dousing whatsoever. 

He kissed her with her eyes gazing at the huge portrait of Venkaji in the room and shutting her eyes thought what had become of her.

This day, she was no more or no less than ‘A class Iyengar whore’ and it all happened in a space of 8-10 hours since 6 am in the morning.

She just thoughts of all the pricks which had ravished her since that time. there was Ananth who started the day for her, then it was Manjeet followed by the 2-in-1: Ananth and his boss Dayal and finally Ash.

She was now supposed to service Ripu who was waiting in the other room after a long rest since the early part of the day when Ash and he got together to screw Radha darling. 

Radha was sprawled on the bed near to Ash’s groin and her lips gently grazed the pubic hair making the sensitive jewels just below quiver, the foreskin on the prick was partially covering the cockhead and the coital juices of the just concluded trios fuck between her, Ash and Hema darling was visible, the shimmering liquid still oozing out of the prick hole gave it away, amply.

Ash kissed her again and this time on the lids of her wide-set eyes, then he pulled away from her and bent his head, his hand coming back to her cheek. “I know you,” he whispered into her ear, “I know you so well … even though we’ve just met. I have fucked many women but none have been like you. Demure but sexy, elusive but available finally and last but not the least, married and still tight between your legs”.

Hema felt ashamed.

She did not want this, fucking Ash and she dreaded this moment.

She knew that this was going to be a tough call and there will be no going back after this, he was a knight and had all blue blood in his prick veins. They sang a beautiful song, the prick played the violin while the cunt was juicily getting milked giving the feel of ‘jal tarang’.

Radha was stunned when she saw Hema clasp the face of Ash around her legs and suck his cock – while he was seated on the sofa with Hema lying on him, it was a scene which one can concoct but not enact. How could she balance her self? 

Without Ash catching her anywhere on the body and to be in that acrobatic position for 16 minutes was anybody’s guess. 

The only answer probably ‘Passionate clutches of peaking sex’.

With this single act, Hema’s debauchery and entry into the real world of sexual slavery and business was sealed.

The next round was well negotiated and she was promised 50 lakhs for that one fuck which Ripu was to have with her. Ripu had heard enough and he was prepared to go that far. This was nearly 30 times what he paid to get the cherry from Radha – a couple of years ago.

Times had changed and also tastes, virgin pussies were a craze that time and now it was for married pussies. 

Hema quickly got up and logged into her Citibank account over the phone, it showed up ’25 lakhs’ already.

The remaining was to be transferred after Ripu got back to Delhi. Ripu was floundering money over pussies, he had enough to do all this and a lot more. Hema learnt a lot of all this while spending time with Geetha and Radha, this was not news to her, the only hitch was when and where to start, today flipped that inhibition ‘phut’ and it was all for grabs. 

She dressed quickly for Ripu and wore a shimmering Nylex saree for a change- Ripu was a Northie, would not appreciate or find Kanjeevaram silks alluring. She took special care to wear a low neck with a low back blouse. Of course no bra or panty and of course no petticoat. 

(Readers- All my heroines are same when it comes to their distaste in the word ‘undergarment’. It could be anything.)

Radha knocked on the door and was led straight into the cool confines with no delay, in fact Radha as naked as a bird shooed her in and greeted,’ Ripu darling- this is the latest in our menu for you and we know it will not be the last, she will come to Delhi whenever you want, she is a member of the club now’.

‘Main jaanta hoon raand, paise bhi to maine hee diye hain iske membership ke, ab to phoot, mujhe iske har purje ka muyana karna hai’, saying Ripu, obviously noticed that Hema was watching.

He stopped worrying about Radha who quietly went out of the room and locked it from the other side, Ripu started rubbing and unzipping his pants.

He moved off the chair slightly as he pulled down both his pants and his underwear and immediately his long, hard cock which stood a good size came out as if to breathe fresh air, Ripu was very shameless and continued rubbing it with his hands for Hema’s viewing.

Hema watched him and his doings with fascination, and to tease him out of his wits, she licked her lips as a drop of pre-cum formed on the cock tip. “What should I do?” She asked him very innocently.

“Suck it my Tamil Iyengar darling, after tasting Radha my taste for the Tamil Iyengars pussies has really gone up. I am planning to start a farm of Iyengar beauties in Delhi, would you like to manage that for me?” Ripu shouted, very sarcastically.

Hema shrugged, she did not like his depiction of the community and the women but then it was her mistake and doing too, she was doing what was not right for the community. Anyway, she figured, why bother as long her bank balance improved and she kept moving forward.

She moved towards Ripu and with all the clothes still on her sexy body bent down and knelt on the floor as Ripu watched in fascination when she took his manhood and started caressing it and the balls with her skillful hands.

He really fainted when she suddenly moved forward and licked the tip, tasting the drop that had formed there. “Well?” she said, “Is this what you want me to do?” . 

Ripu quickly moved her out of the ways and completed undressed and rubbed the dick slowly against her very sexy cheeks and really got aroused much more when she rubbed her scented fingers across the lips and nose in a very erotic manner while smiling and again started licking Ripu’s prick.

Then she took the head of it into her mouth, moistening it with her tongue and tickled at it a little while sliding her lips slowly down the shaft, then she slid the foreskin off the cock head slowly and gently back and forth. The cavity area of the cockhead really was smelling and very dirty.

Hema was an expert in such situations and sucked the entire accumulation from there and before he realized, Ripu felt clean and extremely wet because of her saliva.

She continued to tickle Ripu’s shaft with her tongue, running it up and down the underside and began sucking in earnest, her head bobbing up and down on the stranger’s cock, this was too much for Ripu and was sure that there was little to compare between the other 2 (Sonika, Radha) and this one when it came to cock sucking. It was becoming unbearable and for the first time Ripu did nothing to stop the descending avalanche of pleasure and started cumming.

Hema started to remove her mouth, but realized that if she did, Ripu would squirt all over her Nylex saree, so, instead, she took all of his juices into her mouth, Ripu was a tarzan when it came to ejaculating and juicing and he came so much that a small trickle started to flow down from the corner of her lips.

Finally, the flow subsided, and Ripu’s cock started to go down and became small. 

And quick it was. Within half an hour of her entry into the room, he began squirting his load into her mouth and his first orgasm was complete. 

Hema on her part sucked and sucked, swallowing his load until he was dry. 

Hema was wearing a Very light dress, a simple braided gold chain hung around her neck and there was the black beaded mangalsutra. Her huge breasts and the stiff nipples were clearly visible through the cloth.

As Ripu watched from beneath her grinning and chuckling softly. He opened the buttons of her blouse and slid his hands up her slender, superbly curved body to cup her breasts.

They were more than his hands could weigh and filled his palms as he was marveled at their perfection, Ripu pinched the hard nipples making the 25-year-old Hema shudder in pleasure.

Her sari was still on her clinging to her body just by the hook at the waist and was all rolled up onto her midriff. Her hips started sinking lower and lower. 

Ripu was patiently waiting and snorted, bending his knees and arching his hips, and thrust his thick but long cock deep into her hot, wet cunt. It was very tight he could feel the sinews contracting on his throbbing prick. 

The moment was too much as he watched in the mirror just above both of them, Hema’s face radiating with lust, her lips parted showing her tongue well placed within- wet and sexy tongue moving inside between the shining white teeth with abandoned, shameless slowness over her sexy upper lip.

In the mirror, it was very sexy to watch and he started to hurry up and gripped her buttocks.

“Slowly, Ripu darling- I am yours, enjoy me otherwise you will again ejaculate, I can give you pleasure as long as you want. I know how to please men” she whispered, “Don’t be in a rush.”

Ripu strained his neck and somehow managed to reach one of her nipples with his tongue, and started snaking the same around it, Hema was enjoying all this and in response started biting her lower lip, moaning softly.

“OHHHHHH UH OH UH OH OH A OH A OH OH RIPU! NO… UHHH NO NO NO FUCK FUCK FUCK ME…………….. OHHHH OHHHHHH!”, Hema started crying as he squeezed her breasts and moved his hips under her. 

Hema started enjoying this more and more and began rocking back and forth over him. 

Ripu could feel and see the wave of lust on her face and he had no doubt that she had a really lovely face, really sexy and extremely erotic that he had ever known, with her nostrils flared up and her mouth open, and her dark eyes which were wet with desire. 

Hema was now on her hands and knees over him, and moved her body up and down, back and forth, sliding her cunt along the length of his prick, her cunt was burning hot and wet and tight, s again moaned softly, her face arched while the mangalsutra around her neck made her look more sexy.

Ripu gripped her buttocks and moved his dick inside matching her torso’s up and down,.,this was well synchronized.

Her breasts bounced and swayed freely in the wild display of sexual pleasure.

“Ohhhhh uhhh yes! Oh god yes! Oh that’s so good, Ripu … uhh Ripu uhhhh Ohhh fuck yes! Oh ma OHHHHH yes! Oh yes!” Hema cried out.

The bitch was fucked in this position for more than an hour by Ripu who gained a lot of strength in this round and did not want to look stupid in front of the slut. 

Hema allowed him to spray his entire spendings on her cuntal lips, waist and breasts and last but not the least, sizeable portion of the cum was delivered on her sexy face and eyes and some managing to slip into her ears.

Hema was looking a true slut what with, some of the cum shining on the gold necklace and also on the ‘mangalsutra’. 

Venkaji should have been here, his portrait was in the other room.
Hema returned to Chennai and was unable to face Venkaji, she got to know right at the airport from Selvam that things were not too good at home. While she was performing for Ripu that night, Ananth had quietly left for Chennai by the night ‘Nilgiri’ express and was at home a day before. 

Hema who was paid 50 lakhs by Ripu, for that all the three lusty characters Ripu, Ash and Radha all through the next day of course enjoyed fuck till her cunt started dripping blood – drilled it.

Radha and Hema performed an exclusive lesbian show for the duo, which was joined by Dayal and Manjeet that evening. 

This morning Ash, Radha and Hema returned to Chennai in Ash’s private jet. In those 30 odd minutes Hema was allowed some sleep while Ash was busy with some accounts issue back in his office. 

Selvam was pretty thrilled to see his ‘babe’ back in town. His mouth was watering and also feeling very juicy. After all he enjoyed the feel of this woman in the house and knew what he will get shortly. 

Venkaji and Ananth made it very clear to her that divorce was a natural result and there was no going back. Hema had all cards well in place, she picked up the phone and just uttered ‘ Speak to the bloke’ and gave the receiver to Venkaji. ‘ Venka, do not get down to doing anything stupid, your wife is a very important friend of mine,’’ What about me, Ash, you know me since childhood, my first wife was your own sister in law’, ‘ Yes Venka that is all fine. Hema is also my sis in law’ saying there was a loud laughter at the other end. 

‘ Venka, just let life be as usual, okay, you have seen me fucking so many women but yes this time it is your wife, don’t get worried, let her enjoy herself and forget the rest’. 

‘ No, Ash. Ananth and I are not going to allow our family name and cultural past to get depraved like this’. 

‘ Ananth is a big bastard, I know you still carry the male superiority but anyway. If Hema is divorced, we both will need to split, think about it’ and every one in the room could hear a click at the other end. ‘ Hema why did you do this to me, what is my mistake. Even though I was aware that half your class had fucked while in the college, I went ahead and married you because your father was very insistent that it would change you’. 

Hema was unrepentant. She had learnt in these few days what it meant to be an ‘original’. She walked up to Ananth and in front of his brother gave him a loud slap and spat on him. ‘Bastard, I gave you what no bhabhi would have in her life time and this is what you have done to my married life, I will not divorce Venkaji and he will suffer because of you’. 

‘ By the by, Ananth, you will also lose your job. I gave the incentive which Dayal wanted and am meeting Gregory from Deutsche Babcock next Thursday at the Chola Sheraton. I will have to spend the night with the American, which I have agreed. My only worry is the 10 inches of his prick, which I will need to accommodate. It gives me 10 Lakhs for that one night and also a promise from Dayal that you will be finished’ ‘ Ananth will be finished’, saying she turned around like a whiff in the wind leaving a scent of sexual aroma floating in the air. 

Venkaji was caught in a quagmire. Ananth started pleading and turned towards his brother, ‘ Get out of my house and never show up again’ retorted Venkaji. 

The whole day Hema was fast asleep and in the night was woken up by Meekri,’ Ma’am Mr. Dayal is on the line and handed her the mobile’. ‘ Yes Mr. Dayal what can I do for you, it is next Thursday though, am I right? ‘. 

‘Yes, I called for a different issue. Ananth has some insight into a project coming my way and is blackmailing me. I believe you told him about the termination and he is playing this back on me, can you please handle it. There is a woman called Sheila who is very influential and her husband does whatever she says. Ananth and that guy are good friends and in this case she is listening to him, the project value is 3 crores’. 

Hema kept the phone and started thinking of a plan to get Ananth to give her the name and address of this Sheila’s husband. 

She had to screw Ananth and make his life miserable.

She called up Radha and told her the problem. Radha was watching the road in front of her room and saw Ananth drive down the kerb and would cross her house in another 5 minutes, she told Hema not to worry and explained what she is going to do and rushed to the door. She had to make this look ‘matter of fact ‘ and did not want Ananth to get suspicious and knowing his lust for a quick fuck with her, she knew what to do and make him come running after her. 

She got into the porch of her house, which was fairly visible to anyone on the road.

Ananth saw her standing looking in the other direction and got a jolt in his loins. She was wearing a sleeveless transparent shirt and nothing inside, which was totally wet. Her nipples were fairly visible and were really puckering out of the shirt and as he kept watching through the car window he suddenly applied breaks to avoid going over a small girl crossing the road at that point. Radha turned on the screeching noise and saw him still trying to navigate and negotiate on the road. 

Sexy Radha and as of now his queen of dreams came out of the gate to be face to face. They were the only two people besides the small girl on the road and seeing her walking up to him was too much for Ananth. 

He did not notice when she got into the front of the car and sat next to his seat, Radha picked up the mobile and sent a message to Hema, ‘Come to my house and reach my room in another 20 minutes, am wetting your car right now with my pussy juice’. 

Ananth had got down from the car and was busy taking care of the small girl who was standing at the other side of the road and did not notice all this and when he turned around found Radha holding the steering wheel edge with her hand and pouting her lips, smiling in her usual sexy style. Right in front of her own house with the windows of the Zen pulled up, Radha leaned over, putting one hand on the top of the dashboard, grinned and looked at him once again.

“How you doing?” she asked and kept grinning while her tits reached out toward Ananth’s face inside the car. They were nice and big, though not as big as Hema’s tits but were more firm and gorgeous, Ananth was able to make out the shape of her nipples, too. 

Ananth breathed hard as Radha continue to smile seductively and licked her lips. Before long, Radha suggested taking the CAR inside the compound of the house and once they were out of sight for people on the road, she came close to him and kissed on the lips but pulled away fast before Ananth could make the kiss mean something. 

She took a step back and tore her top shirt all the way.

Radha looked the slut he knew her to be and today at this hour she looked real alluring and of course was willing. She took hold of her shorts and began to pull them down slowly over her sexy legs. She got her panties in one swipe at the same time, so when she stepped out of the clothes, she sat there next to him, stark naked and inviting. 

Ananth was breathing hard, going wild with desire.

Radha parted her lips as Ananth watched her, but she also put her hand out to catch hold of his cock through the trouser. She pressed Ananth’s lips against hers and started sliding her tongue out while her fingers curved around his prick inside the trouser and gripped it tightly.

Radha unzipped the fly since her hands were too strained on the fold and got the prick out of his opening, once it was out she started stroking it up and down, feeling up the entire length and in a minute pressed her thumb against the head of his cock and spread the juicy pre-cum over the top of his cock head.

Radha was tall, so she had to bend over to get her mouth near his cock, but it was long and hard and stood up straight so she didn’t have to bend over too far, she closed her eyes and moaned softly as she inhaled the musk aroma of his crotch. Then she closed her lips and began to run her tongue around the head of the dick, licking off the loose droplets of cum which had formed there and she licked harder, running her tongue all over the thick head and finally closed her lips around the head and sucked on it for a second.

After that Radha moved up and down the shaft with her lips closed around the lower art, nibbling her way down the entire cock and slowly inched to close on his balls and started licking them, this drove poor Ananth crazy and practically wild with lust, in no time she started licking her way up again.

She licked the cockhead again before closing her lips around the shaft and lowering her head down and accepted the whole thick cock into her mouth. 

Ananth was drooling over the oral experience from this bitch in the heat, not only was she a great hooker, but she loved to take cock in her sexy mouth. He desperately wanted the mouth to suck and lick his balls, they were suddenly feeling orphaned and were drying up on the saliva left behind in her last travel to that place. Radha knew his predicament and she was going to use it to the advantage, she turned back on her journey and reached the edge of the rod and before descending on the jewels spat on her hand and applied the saliva from there on the skin just above the anus and slowly eased her finger into his anus. Ananth was finding this unbearable and still lusted for the tongue to go to the balls. he wanted them to get laved and splashed by the tongue. Radha’s removed the fingers from his anus and dipped it into her mouth and this was too much for Ananth, who started shuddering at this sight. A lovely creature like Radha was doing all this for him, he was really excited and felt blessed. 

Radha resumed the reaming of the ass and was waiting for him to cry out for pleasure and lick on his balls, which he finally did. She ran the finger diligently on the balls and grazed them with her long fingernails. Ananth jumped on the car seat and was about to hit the steering wheel in front of him. ‘ You know Sheila, Ananth Sheila Nagraj?’ feigned Radha while reaching his balls with her mouth. Ananth was watching her with a keen desire to make her suck his balls and just blurted ‘ Sheila Rajesh Nambiar’ and just then the tongue touched the balls again and this time Radha had a whole wad of saliva which just dripped all over one of the balls making it very sticky and frothy. Ananth was thrilled with the tongue laving his balls with so much of saliva and felt ‘nirvana’. 

Radha continued the slush disposal of saliva on the other ball and it was real wonder that her mouth had so much of the stuff in it, she kept oozing saliva on his prick and balls for 3-4 minutes. She started running her nails again on the underside and before they reached the ‘anus’, Ananth led out a loud cry and start cumming, ‘ I will eat your juice now Ananth, so where does Sheila stay’ and lowered her mouth to the prick and picked up all the cum with some dripping from the corners on to her boobs and neck line.

‘ 101 Beach Road, Near Adyar’ saying Ananth collapsed. 

Radha quickly got out of the car wearing the left over and sneaked into the garage in front of the parked car and fast lunged for her room. Suresh, her brother in law would reach any moment. 

Hema was waiting in the slut’s room, ’20 minutes? You have taken more than 1/2 hours.’ 

Radha retorted ‘ I know, that bastard was to be taken care so was trying all tricks, any way his name is Rajesh Nambiar and stays somewhere on the beach road near to Adyar. ‘ saying she rushed into the bathroom for a quick wash.

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