Cuckold Indian Couple With Hot Negro In Kerala Resort

Hi everyone i am suresh a 26 year old married bhramin guy. i used to fantasies cuckolding rit from wen i was it started? i was generally abused in college because of my fat body and hairless smooth body. People generally call and tease me hey booby boy, or your boobs and ass really look sexy. some of the hot hunks use to tease more saying after ur marriage better allow your wife to work so that she gets hot men for fun. i used to be very angry initially, but later on i started fantasizing the cuckolding part more and started loving it. So wen i was 25 i got married to a gal, akshara. i was in a well settled IT job and had many financial assets. so finding a bride was quite easy. akshara was 22 just completed college and was placed as HR in a private firm. i had wantedly searched for sexy/modern girls rather than homely ones. akshara has 38 sized boobs and 36 hips, quite chubby , fair and cute. she had a small round belly. so during our honeymoon in kerala, i wanted to make my cuckold things come true, so i asked her to come in a swim suit which was sexy and come to the pool and swim when some bachelors where there. i was there inside the pool and she came, many of them started ogling at her 38 sized boobs. My cock started to raise a little seeing this.
When she came inside the pool, i saw a negro man standing there and ogling her. WOW , this was my ultimate moment. i always prefer negro men to Indians. I went near akshara and asked her to lift her hands and relax wen she takes rest , and do it in the seat which is close to that negro. she was really surprised and asked why. i had initially told to her tat i love wen other men admire my wife’s beauty and makes me proud. so i said her the same and said lets play little game and tease our black man here. she smiled naughtily and went outside the pool as per my instruction. she sat on the chair near him and streched her both legs and arms in a relaxed portion. it revealed her sexy armpits with small hairs and tight boobs pumping thorugh her cleavage. the man was really watching her this time ogling her helplessly.

I was enjoying this sight very much, i cud see his sexy large cock ready to explode under his undies. he couldn’t resist anymore, he came near my wife and smiled and started talking. “are u new to kerala” he asked smiling she smiled back and said yes and looked at me as if asking my approval to proceed. i nodded my head slightly signalling her. he then started casual talk about the resort and place stuff. his name was Thomas. they both introduced and shook hands. he was wearing just undies and had a great muscle packed body. then he started “your dress is sexy akshara” , my cock was real erect now hearing those, i walked out of the pool and interrupted “guys i think we can have some tea together in our place” he smiled at me and asked “you are her husband?” i said blushing “yes”. then we walked into our place and ordered some coffee and biscuits. all of us were still in our swim suits.i was feeling kind of girly with my soft hairless moobs in front of his gym built chest and fit abs. we were sitting in sofa and chatting.
I noticed aksharas eyes ogling his arms,chest and his big cock bursting under his underwear.i took the opportunity and said lets have some wine . both of them agreed and we started having. Thomas said after a few rounds “hey suresh, your wife is damn sexy man, your lucky ” and started laughing. my wife started blushing and said “Thomas even u look sexy with your large cock and chest” and laughed . i smiled and said ” Thomas why don’t u remove your underwear and show my wife your cock” , Thomas was surprised “oh , are u serious, i mean i don mind, if u guys are serious, am used to showing my cock to lot of gals” and winked , and then asked again “u really wanna see akshara?” she shyly agreed and nodded her head.
Immediately he stripped in font of us and exposed his large black thick 9 inch, my fantasy cock. I felt like sucking it that instant, but akshara din know me being a bisexual, hence i controlled.worst thing it was cut. Akshara on the other hand was so wide eyed feasting his cock. i asked “Akshara u seem to like it a lot” and smiled. she said “sorry honey , i really love it, i knw its the wine inside us, but still do u want this to continue? i mean this is our honeymoon and u had sex with me just 3 times so far. i know where this is taking us. You want this?” I said “do u like it honey, if u like we can proceed, theres nothing wrong in this, all is for fun, no strings attached. Thomas will be knowing about this more. if u like , we can do this fun” akshara starred at me for sometime and then said smiling “ok da, remove your underwear” i stripped it and exposed my 5 inch cock. she held his cock looking at me and started rubbing it on her cleavage. then she started undressing, i said “Stop, Thomas , please undress her with care “, Thomas was very happy now, as he was just watching us all this time. he removed her top and started kissing her back and neck , ears.he started licking her neck and cleavage. i was rubbing my cock and precum strted flowing.
He started caressing her boobs and started sucking them, he sucked and squeezed her boobs for nearly fifteen minutes, i cudn resist anymore. i came beneath thomas and started caressing his cock. Akshara was surprised and asked moaning “Honey , wat are u doing ?” I said “sorry akshara, i cat help it anymore, this guy is an Ox. i love his cock.” Akshara was very surprised now but Thomas meanwhile started licking her clit and stomach back and forth, so she was lost in him now she moaned “honeyyyy oh ur a bisexual b****, this man is fucking hot da”, ” ask him not to stop”. Thomas was all the way licking her clit and bellybutton. I loved Thomas cock and said “Thomas, let me suck your wonderful manhood and lubricate it for my wife.” he said “go ahead da” i started sucking and licking his balls first and then his cock from top to bottom. Akshara was meanwhile wet seeing me doing this and being licked continuously for 20 mins in her clit.
She said “Thomas come and lick my armpits” Thomas immediately came up and started licking both her armpits and kissed them more and more. i started licking and tongue fuck akshara now, she was jumping slightly due to excitement. i said “Thomas dear, i think u can fuck my wife now, hope u hold on long” he said “don’t worry suresh, your wife is my guest tonight, il give u guys nice time.” then akshara lay on bed with her legs wide. i took thomas’s cock in hand and inserted into aksharas pussy.”aaaaaaaaaaaaaah wooooooooppppppppwwww” she screamed in joy , “My god u sissy husband, his cock is so real man aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, cant take it u b***** suresh , i should have had him before”He thrusted more and more inside “WOOOww www aah fuck me man , ur my dildo tonight , oh god..keep fucking me ” My cock was almost leaking hearing these.
I licked his balls while he fucked her , he kept fucking on and on on.she started feeling pain at a point, “Thomas pls stop dear, ur manhood is too much , ufffffff, pls don cum in me, come in my belly button pls” thomas immediately took his cock slowly “ouuuuuuufff , wow , u worthless surest , look at this, his cock is real tool da” i said yes honey ” i love his cock, i love u so much honey”. He then quickly masturbated his entire load on my wife’s belly button screaming “oh u B***********”. i couldn’t resist anymore i unloaded my cum beneath them masturbating. Thomas was tired now of fucking for long time and hugged my wife, she hugged him back and said “come to my arms u bad tiger , sleep on my breasts” and she hugged him tighter and rolled over to take sleep,then she said “suresh clean this mess dear and then u can join us by licking my ass and his cock and sleep near our bottom itself” .i obediently cleaned everything and started licking her ass and slept at the end of the bed, resting my head between her ass and his monster cock. Later Thomas woke up and thanked both of us for the company and left. we both were delighted and returned to our normal status. we both knew it was for fun , those words and everything at that point of time.

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