cousins friend

One of her friend name was Juthi. She was like a girl of wander to me, as because she was too much beautiful among her all friends and cute also. But later I got close to her and make her as my sex partner. Here is our sex story how I get close to her.

Days was passing I don’t get any one as a sex partner, one day after the college finished I found Chaya outside the college with her husband Piklu. I was astonished to see her. She introduced me with her husband for the first time as her one of the best friend.

Oh am I really her best friend or best fucker. Whatever we sat the near by coffee shop and talked about for sometime. Piklu give me his visiting card and tell me meet him in his office one day. I asked him why I have to go to his office for meeting him.

He then told me that every year they have an annual program for their office. This year they will have a cultural show and he wants my band to perform at their program. He also said Chaya said that your band is good.

So I said to him that I’ll meet you tomorrow if you be in office tomorrow morning. He said he will be there. At that time I got a good amount of money to perform such programs. It was my only income at that time and obviously, it’s a good income for me as I’m a student.

So the next morning I went to Piklu’s office it’s a nice office. First I have to talk to the P.S. of Piklu. She is about 23 nice figure holders and much sexy and nice get up. So she took me to Piklu’s rooms.

I guess Piklu have sex with her as the businessmen as such quality does this with their p.s. What a decorated office. Then we take tea together, having chat about the program. We talked about budget, time, sound system, lightings, and others requirements and I left his office.

After 7 days, one weakened evening the program time comes and our total band setup went to a five star hotel, as Piklu’s company program was arranged there. We meet their Piklu and his P.s. whose name was Shimu, and she was the announcer of the program.

I suddenly found on the back-stage Juthi, as my cousin’s friend I know her a little. I ask her why are you here she replied that I’m gona perform some solo songs as Shimu bring her here, she is her neighbor. I even don’t know that she sing songs.

So we performed together we played the instruments for her. Then we have a good understanding from that day. Sometime we meet in the road, as our college is nearer to their college. Day by day, I mark her she had gorgeous figure, and hot obviously.

Then one day I found her alone in the road going to college. I proposed her a cup of coffee. We then went to the near by fast food. She said I don’t drink coffee and I want to have a ice-cream. I ordered ice-cream for her and the wetter bring us one coan ice-cream and one coffee.

Then I told her do you know it’s taste good eating ice-cream after ice-cream? She said what it means. I replied I have to show you how, but you have to close your eyes first. She closed her eyes, I look around us, we were in booth of that fast food,

then I told her to bite on the ice cream but not to eat it keep it in your mouth, she did what I said. I then straightly caught her face with my both hand and kiss her but she tried to keep away from me but at that moment,

she couldn’t abele to do so and I gave her a French kiss for 30 seconds. She was shocked and astonished for 2 minutes and run away from the fast food with out any word. After that day, I tried to talk with her but couldn’t get her alone to talk. She was always with her friends.

Two days left and in the third day I got her alone on her way to college. She tries to avoid me but I said please don’t avoid me and listen to me. She looked like a rock and didn’t know what to say. I told her I’m extremely sorry please forgive about the incident.

I’m very much sorry about it and I couldn’t sleep for the last two nights to feeling guilty about that incident. She didn’t say any thing first then said okay. I told her please don’t avoid me as I’m lonely and very much upset about that I have no good friend and will you be my friend?

She didn’t say a word. I then tell her will you go with me one place. She asked me where? I said it’s near from here in the Dhanmondi lake. She replied are you made I said why please, I’ll believe you forgive me if you go with me.

She replied if any of my relatives see with you what will, I answer. I said nobody will see us we will be careful. She replied okay. Then we went to the place there were lot of couples around the lack. We have lot of chat together about various subject,

we spend there a lot of time near about 4 hours then went a fast food to have our lunch. While eating I asked her would I ask you one thing? Will you tell the truth? She was now frank with me and said ask. I asked her how do you feel eating ice-cream after ice-cream.

She just nodded first, I think she will go again away but with a great surprise, I found that she is laughing, and then replied telling you the truth I feel shocked eating ice-cream after ice-cream, as I never have something like it in my life.

I said with naughty look in my eyes would I order an ice cream for you. She just smiled didn’t say any thing. I think this is my opportunity to propose her, I just think a little and said you know one thing? She said what?

I like you from the beginning and I don’t know how I fall in love with you, she just blushed and said nothing. We have our food finished and take a rickshaw for return, she suddenly asked, “Give me your phone number” I give it to her she said I’ll call you.

I said you didn’t say any thing about that matter she replied I’ll but not now in the phone to night at 8:00 p.m. So I reached my home within evening and at correct 8:00 I got her phone call. She said do you have affairs ever,

I replied never ever and not even like any body like you in my life (that’s a great lie). So what happened next! She agreed to my offer. Days were going on, we went many places for having time together but I just kissed her once but not got the chance to fuck her but I was waiting for

only that. Then after about one month of our affairs I told her will you go some where, where only you and me nobody else. She asked me with smile in her face where is that haven? I replied my home now there is nobody. She seems like confused and then said okay let’s go.

We take a rickshaw as my home was near our college. On the way I stopped our rickshaw and took a packet of condom from a medicine shop and 1 liter of ice cream, she thinks that I went to purchase a ice-cream, then we reached our home.

I took her straightly to my room, and start my deck set with soft songs. She was hearing songs, I was seating close to her, and I never got this chance before to site as close to her. Slowly I got her one hand with my one. She didn’t say any thing.

I asked her would you want to have some ice cream. She smiled and said yap. So I give her some ice cream in a plate with spoon, she asked why don’t you take some? I replied you would feed me from yours. She smiled and gave me one spoon full of ice cream.

I said no. she asked why? I replied I wana ate ice cream after having ice cream. She was wordless for a while and then said okay but no more, I said okay. Then she said close your eyes first, I do that without any word and feeling she is coming towards me,

her mouth is just in front of me, I’m feeling her hot breath on my face. Then the beautiful thing happened. She kissed on my lips. I took her mouth in my hands and starts to kiss her deep, she was breathing heavily now and I just put my tongue inside her mouth,

starts to suck her tongue and taking all her salvia in my mouth, she starts to do so. The kiss last for 5 min and I feel she is hot I could feel it. She was in a nice cute green dress. She came closer to me and was breathing heavily.

I again kissed her and she just hugged with my body I could feel her hot boobs in my chest. I continued kissing her deeply. Let me describe her, she is 16 then. Sweet 16 as everybody says. She had a gorgeous figure, it’s 30-26-32 I believe,

she was wearing a green dress made of silk not so tight fêting. I just put my one hand on her shoulder while kissing her, then slowly moved it to her boobs she just tried to protest me but her lips was inside my mouth. So she just sound ‘ummm’.

I didn’t stop kissing her not even move my hand from her boobs I just said to her ears don’t worry. Slowly I increased my presser in her boobs and start to squeeze them softly over her dress. She was loosing her protection and starts to moan softly.

I wana fuck her so I started kiss her hardly and put my left hand around her waist. Slowly I started to press her cute buttocks and kiss all over her face. On her closed eyes, her forehead, ears. I’m felling her getting hot, but I know as she was having her first sex experience

and as she is virgin and younger in age it gona tuff to make her agree for fuck. Now I start a new trick, I start to lick her ears, neck as I learn it from Lina that it makes girls erected. Now she is moaning a little bit more ommm….ommmm…hss..

And I now feel she hold me hardly with her booby. Her boobs were smashed with my chest; umm I’m feeling those nice boobs hotness. Now I move downwards and kissing, licking her chest from her neck this makes her more erected I believe.

She was moaning and squeezing my hairs with her two hands. I move forward and start to squeeze her boobs over her dress with my head; she got a lot of pleasure then, as she was pressing my head on her boobs. Oh what a soft feeling and charm.

Now I start touching her buttocks with my left hand, first softly then hardly, with my right hand I opened one button of her dress as it was on the backside. Then another, then the rest two. She was moaning not protesting me.

But when I tried to put off her camiz she didn’t let me she caught my hand but I could feel her bra stripe on her back and unhooked the bra. She said no, please no. I said nothing just start kissing in her lips hardly again. She was already erected and wet.

I feel my left hand was wet as my hand was around her waist. Now I begun to suck her face, eyes, ears, neck and finally put off her camiz. Her bra was unhooked and she tries to protect herself with hand softly but I didn’t wana stop now.

So I took her hands down and open her beautiful breasts. Oh let me describe those sexiest soft round boobs. Her breast is 30 in size, perfect round, nipples are in the middle, there were brown border around the nipples and the erected nipples are black in color.

I now start to suck them and in that position, I laid her on the bed. Sucking those beautiful nipples, those didn’t fall down as she was lying and her breast also not changed in shape in that position, whmm what a gorgeous boobs. I starts to suck them very hardly and bite on them,

I’m Harney for fucking and I don’t wana spend a more time for it. I am pressing and squeezing her cunt area over her silk pazama with my erected, hard dick, I use moving it up and down over her clothes. She was in haven I believe and I could see her boobs were getting red with my

licking, then I move down first her naval she moaned ….ommm…sshshh………. and I wana foreword more under her bally but she doesn’t wana lose her virginity but I’m a perfect playboy to fuck her. So I didn’t stop and start licking her bally downwards and open her pazama as it was

stripped with a dore. I found there a cute panty in reddish color and a sign of love just over her cunt, her panty was already wet with her love juice. God knows how many times she cumed and slowly I opened her panty and put my one figure in that love hole.

She was moaning more loudly as I start finger fucking her. The cute virgin pussy was clear, as like shaved and some thin hair I could count in my hand, it was look red in lips and very much sleepy and oily with her cum. I couldn’t resist my self just start to lick it.

First, the lips then parted her lips with my two fingers and entered my tongue inside her pussy. Ommm…….oh……oma…….isshho……..ommmm she was moaning and hold my hairs tightly and pressed my head towards her pussy I enjoyed the total thing, and sucking it, leaking it.

Wham it’s very hot inside, juices were coming out and out with a flow and it’s too much testy and a sweet smell of her juice. She was moaning and holding my head tight as never gona stop this, moving her ass upwards for more sucking. I fucked her with my tongue for a while.

My hard dick was about to burst under my pant and it wants’ to get inside an oily, slippery pussy. Oh, I can’t wait, so I got up from that position and open my pant, she was on the bed lying naked, and eyes were closed.

I open the pack of condom and put one of it on my hard dick. My 8-inch dick was shining with precum covered with a condom. But when I lied over her to set my dick in her pussy she screamed and said, “no please no, I’ll be pregnant” I said “no you will not,

I’m wearing a condom”. She said, “No it’s too big I’m gona die” looking at my 8 inch cock with 2.5 inch thickness. I replied “no darling it will take you to haven”. At that time, she couldn’t protest as she was fully erected and her pussy is waiting for a hard rock long stick,

which could satisfy her needs. So I set my dick in her pussy lips, she cried out “ah”. But I have to press it to give her a great pleasure and also fill up my lust. So I pressed my dick she cried, “no it will not enter please leave me, don’t try, I’ll die”

I didn’t said any thing press it again with little more presser, this time it’s enter about three inches and her virgin wall burst and a flow of blood came out. She cried, “Please I’m feeling horrible pain,” she said but I didn’t answer just start to kiss her lips deeply again and with my

hands pressing her boobs hardly, I just smashed the erected nipples with my fingers. She was now feeling well as she start to move her ass and my dick inserted more as the pussy becoming smooth with her love juices and slowly I start to move my dick,

stroking her softly and within a few stroke she hold my west tight and press hardly to her pussy and she cum again and I’m feeling her pussy mussels are screaming, shaking inside, flowing her juices and biting my hard dick, but I will need more time to cum as I was wearing a condom.

So I started stroking her faster her pussy is getting more smooth now full of her juice now, she was moaning again ……ommmm…fast…fast….fast…ommmm …oh…fast ……..darling….ommm….it’s ……amazing……ommm.

A virgin getting her fast fuck in her 16 years life. So I was getting faster and faster and she had her orgasm again within 5/6 minutes but I am not. So I am stroking her deep and faster, whoop what a speed and this time she also moving her ass ups and down with my speed and moaning

too, but her pussy is still now tight. After more five minutes, I’m feeling my sperm is coming out and my dick started jerking inside her pussy and wants’ go more inside I just fall on her having my load out.

Hmmm I am in haven now, after a long time I’m having sex with a virgin and fucked a tight pussy. We leave there in that position for more 15/20 minutes, holding her, my head is over her sexy boobs and my dick inside her tight pussy.

When I started to suck her nipples again she just hold me tight, and said “that’s enough no more please, I’m feeling pain inside there (pussy).” As I wana fuck her more in the future so I stopped and we both got up and having a nice French kiss she get dressed.

It’s the first time I fucked a girl once at a time. But thinking about the future I let her go. It take me long time of chatting with her to regularly fuck her but I finally convinced her to make love regularly, this goes for two months. I teach her sex in every possible position missionary style,

doggy style, back to front, legs on shoulder, even standing and sitting position on sofa and chair. I teach her to blowjob and sucking cocks, and to fuck in safe period without any protection. But after two months I got closer to another girl,

and I started having sex with her also. In a weak I fuck three fourth days to Juthi and left days the new one but that I’ll describe in my next episode. Until then bye.