Cousin sister Kay Saath

Hi sexvex readers this is my 1st experience of sex in my life that to with my sister. This is a real story of sex in a car when we traveled form Bangalore to Chennai.

I’m doing my ug degree at Bangalore. I stay in my cousin sister’s house. She is married there & her husband is working in bank. He travels a lot through out India. She is very friendly with me. We both go for shopping, films, etc, together. This incident happened during pongal festival.

We planned to leave from Bangalore to Chennai in car as there was no train tickets. We three reached Chennai. The next morning v went for purchase. We had good dinner. After pongal holidays I planned to stay in Chennai for a week. As I stayed my sister also stayed with their parents for a week. But her husband had to go to Bangalore so he left in train.

The next day I went 2 my sisters house to chat & spent some time. When I reached there my ant told she in her room. As we where good friends without knocking the doors I entered into her room. To my surprise she was half nude only with her panties on. Her booms where pure white in color with pink arona. Her tits where so beautiful that I have never seen in any porn films. My dick got erected. I realized that she is my sister and so left the room.

So came down stairs & seemed were cool but I was very uncomfortable. She understood my feeling & told me that it was just an accident so don’t bother. On that night this seen was running continuously in my mind & was not able to sleep. The next day I went to her house & ant told that she is taking bath in her room.

I slowly entered in the room. I heard the sound of water that confirmed that she is taking bath. I closed the room door & my cruel mind started to work. My mind said to peep through the key holes. I bend down to peep. Her slim body with that big tits was exposed. She was smoothly soaping her body. I was bit afraid as some one could notice me. So I left the room. I decided to stay in her house because we where leaving to Bangalore the next afternoon.

Through out the night I was planning how to fuck her. The next morning we started packing the things. Around 10am she went for bath. This was another chance to look at her beautiful body. I peeped through the holes she was nude showing her tits to words Mr. Suppenly she sat on the floor & spreeded her legs & started to poke her cunt with a tooth brush. I was surprised what she was trying out with her cunts. After 5 mins she took bath & came out. We decided to leave @ 2pm.

We started from Chennai & our parents told to drive slow & take care. We where chatting in the car teasing each other. She was wearing a pink tops & a skirts. She looked dam sexier. I just kept on talking with her & our talk went on to A-jokes. This made cleared that she did not feel sham to talk all these matters to her brother. Suddenly it started to rain. I started becoming heavier. But we continued our talk, suddenly the wiper did not work. It was a heavy rain, so I was unable to drive. So I parked the car on the road side.

She said that she was feeling sleepy. So she went to back seat, as it was heavy rain she moved to back seat from front seat without getting down from the car. She turned back & raised her left leg to back seat, I saw her pink panties. Her bum also came near my mouth & I smelled her bum for the 1st time. I thought of fucking her in the car, as already our talk moved towards sex. So I asked her weather she likes pink color, she asked y? I told because ur wearing pink color”_______” she understood what I mean & just smiled.

By this time she took her another leg to move back completely, I caught her legs & started to kiss. She was surprised with my move. She first hesitated but I promised not to tell any one. And I also begged her that I need her at least once & told her what I saw through the key holes. She was taken back with my sincerity, truth, affection & started kissing me.

I lifted her pink tops while she undid my pant button & took my dick outside. I screwed her tits & sucked it like lolly pop. It became red. Then she told to take 69 position, her pinky under ware came near my mouth, my heart started beating heavier. With my guts I removed pinky ware & her cunt made me more stronger. I started licking. We where in this position for 15 mins. Rain stopped & we too stopped our nonsense. We reached home by 11:30 & her husband told that he is leaving to Delhi early morning 41am.

As soon as he left the house my sister came to my room & took of the blanket & we started the work of fucking. I inserted my dick into her cunt & started to move , she moaned aaah common fuck me harder, I cummed into her cunts for 5 times until 9am. My cock became painful, she also applied some oil. We still have sex at least 2 times a day & we seem to be the happiest brother & sister. How was my real sex experience. please write me.

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