Cousin ko teacher ne chod diya – Indian sex story

Hello friend this is my first story and it is 100% true. This happened when I was in 12th standard. I am from West Bengal and I have a hot cousin sister. Her name is Roopa, she is so beautiful and she is one year elder to me. We both were really frank with each other and she lives only 5 minutes walking distance from my house.
One day she called me up and she was crying. She told me I am in deep shit brother, please help me. I asked he what happend? To this she asked me to come to her house. I quickly went to her house. She was all alone at her home. I went to her ouse and she started crying again looking at me.
I asked her what happened? She was not able to tell me. I forced her and she started revealing. She told me she had a lots of bleeding from her vagina and she wanted to go to doctor. At first I thought it was periods problem. She showed me her salwar which was all wet due to her bleeding.
And then I realized it was all due to sex. I quickly brought my papa’s bike and took her to a lady doctor. Doctor checked her up and scolded me badly. I listened to the doctor with calm mind. Then doctor gave her an injection and prescribed few medicines. We took medicined from medical and went to her house. Her pain was relented due to injection and she told me her parents were out and will be back in the evening only.
Then I asked her how come this happened? She told me everything as we were very frank. She told me this all happened because of her physics teacher. She had no good teacher in her area. And this teachr was coming to her house to teach her physics. He is 45 years old which is why her parents did not doubt much on him.
In the beginning this physics teacher did not do anything naughty. But then he started to touch my waist and thighs. But I did not give much attention to it.
One day when we were all alone at our hosue he said to me that I have headache. I said to him its okay sir we can have off today. To this he said to me no no, please be seated her. He was lying in the bed and I sat beside him. Then she asked me to give him head massage. And without waiting for my answer he placed his head in my thigh. I could not do anything and started to rub his head. He was deliberately touching my boobs with his head. I felt bit odd but could not say a single work as I was very afraid of my teacher.
Then suddenly he stood up and grabbed me and pulled in the bed alongwith him. I was really frightened and he started to kiss me. Before I could say anything he ordered me to shut up and be laid on the bed. He said me if I don’t obey his commands he will make my life really miserable. He now started to kiss me like anything and I had pain in my lips. But he did not stop even for breathing and kept on kissing me really hard.
After kissing me like husband he went to my tits and started to fondle them. My t-shirt was still on and he was pressing boobs really hard. And then he started to bite my boobs with t-shirt still on them. He fondled and groped my boobs for 10-15 minutes just like that. I was feeling bit odd and asked him that I want to go sir.
He left me and went. I could say anything to my mom because of fear. I removed my t-shirt in my bedroom and looked at my boobs. I was really afraid to see lots of love bites on my boobs and nipples. It was paining a lot and I could not even touch them. I did not sit for tuition for next two days and told my mom that I am not well.
And this teacher called my mom and scolded that I won’t come to your house now. If you want physics tuitions send her tom my house. I said to mom that i won’t go alone. Mother scolded me a lot and said that your teacher is a good person and takes care of you and you don’t give a damn about it. You must go for tuition at his house tomorrow.
I was frightened a lot. Next day my mom dropped me at sir’s house. I was in salwar. I was on chair and writing. He came from behind and grabbed my boobs in his hands. My boobs were still paining.
I told him sir they are paining. He held my hand and took me to the room upstairs. There was a big bed in that room. He opened my salwar and pulled it down. I tried to stop him but he did not stop at all. And then he slapped me. I kept quiet and he undid my salwar. Next he also removed my bra as well.
He made me lie flat on the bed and he came on top of me. He started to lick my nipples and he was doing it so hard. And he was biting them as well. After about 10 minutes of boobs sucking he removed his own pajama and I saw his thick and long dick. It was about 8 inches in length. I told him I can’t handle that big. But he did not listen to me and said, you will enjoy it.
Then he said to me, just take it in your mouth. I tried to lick it but it was so big. I had only sucked my boyfriend’s dick twice before this, but his dick is much smaller than this giant cock.  I somehow managed and took half the cock in my mouth and sucked it. Teacher was pushing his dick in my mouth. I was feeling nauseated due to the bed smell of his dick. He exploded all his cum in my mouth and made me drink it.
And this started to happen daily now. One day he took some nude photos of mine and told me if you don’t let me fuck you I will show them to everyone. So I had no other option but to accompany him in sex. Then he came to my house when no one was there. He fucked me like a pornstar and he made me unconscious.
And then when I became conscious he fucked me again. He was applying oil on his dick and fucking me over and again. He fucked me 5 times and in last round I was too tired of fucking and could not take his dick anymore. My boobs were also paining really hard. Then he massaged my asshole with oil and had anal sex with me. I had a lot of bleeding and so I asked you to take me to hospital. Thanks to the injection pain is gone now!c
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