my cousin Deeksha (name changed). She is my mother’s brother’s daughter. It is happened two months back. My sister is of same age as I am. She just finished her college and was alone at home and getting bored as she didn’t had friends in the city as their family here 6 months back due her father’s transfer.

So she was always asking me to spend time with her and I used to so as she was super sexy. Her figure was I guess 34-28-36. One day I was with her in her room and she was scanning my phone and she just found my hidden folder of porn and she just opened the clip and looked at me with a wicked smile, I was not able to understand it and asked for my phone and I thought I was caught as my family is kind of old fashioned and was against such stuff. I said sorry to her and requested not to tell anyone, she smiled and said okay. I ran away from At night I received a text from her and she was asking me that I watch porn regularly. I was confused and said yes. She said why you like this stuff. I said its gives pleasure. I asked have you ever watched porn. She said yes, once in the hostel but I didn’t like that experience. I asked her to watch this time and forwarded her one of the clip. She didn’t reply me that night.

Next morning when I woke up, I saw a message on my phone and she said me thank for the clip. I never had bad intentions for her in my mind but that thanks just made me rethink. When I went to her that evening I saw a change in her dressing , she was wearing a deep tank top and was flaunting her cleavage, I was just staring at that and got a hard on in my pent and she noticed it and started laughing.

She asked was I a virgin? I said yes and asked her the same question. She said yes. I asked her about boyfriend and she said he was disappointing as he was a terrible kisser. I said I am not a bad kisser as my ex used to say. She said let’s give a try. I was confused and horny at a same time and just started kissing her in flash and slowly and slowly that kissed changed into a smooch and now tongues were getting involved and we exchanging our saliva and I started moving my hand on her back and tried to put my hand in her t shirt but she stopped as her mother and if we got caught as it will attract problems
We were now talking regularly about sex. We started fantasying at every place possible and we both were getting desperate for sex but were not able to find any place foe having sex. We went for long drives for few times but could not get more than boob pressing as it was not same to do sex in car but one lucky day arrived. My parents have to leave because of some problem at my sister’s college, so they have to leave for two days. So we both made a plan of making her stay at my place for a night. She mixed something in her parents drink so one of them were not able to stay my place and she came to stay at my house. She came around 9 with the dinner and we ate diner very quickly as I was waiting for the real sweet dish. She asked me to get fresh and then I can taste the sweet dish. I went in for quick shower and left the door open on purpose. She saw that and joined me in the shower without changing her clothes.

We were kissing like mad dogs and I made her loose her all clothes and was kissing her necks and she was moving her hands on chest and then I moved my lips to her pink nipples and started kissing the right one and was sucking as if a baby was sucking and she was moaning very loudly and started saying,.. bass ab aur wait nhi ho rha aao bed pe chle and I followed her instruction, she was ahead of me and when I was about to go out, she locked me in the bathroom and I was forced to wait for 10 minutes and as I walked outside once she unlocked me, as I came out of the room I saw her wear a near sexy and seducing lacy bra and panties. I got hornier after seeing her in such a hot avatar.

I just jumped on her and started kissing her and then kissing her neck and slowly moving to her cleavage and removed her pink bra in seconds and started sucking her nipple and simultaneously moving one hand over her pussy.

She was going mad and moaning by saying “please do it na I can’t wait for long please do it now”. I went down and she opened her legs wide open and I was kissing her white milky inner thighs and she was oozing out her love juices and I then moved toward her pussy and removed her panties with my teeth and saw a little bush over her pussy, she felt a bit shy and tried to cover it with her hands. I removed her hands and started kissing and licking her pussy and she was now moaning very hard and was pushing my head towards her vagina.

She had her first orgasm after few minutes and then she decided to take the lead and asked me to stand and she went down and started giving me a blow job and it was the best feeling in the world as she was licking it like a pro and she made me come in few minutes and she tried to swallow my cum but was not able to. Then we decided to kiss and cuddle till my penis gets into shape.

As soon as penis got into shape she was me to get inside her and I threw her on the bed and opened her both legs and started to push my penis in her vagina but since we both were virgins, my penis slipped 2 times and entered her in the third attempt and started pushing my 7 inch cock and she was just moaning now loudly as blood was flowing out of her vagina and our room was filled with our moans and sweat smell.

She was taking my name again and again and was asking to increase the speed, I was also sucking her nipple along the same time and she was piercing her nails on my back. I cum inside her after 20 minutes and was nervous but she said she will take a birth control pill next day and we had sex like crazy animals whole night, we tried in doggy style, she rode on my penis and we also tried lotus cutter. We had sex almost 5 times.We never got such opportunity later, till now but we regularly kissing and having sex chats
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