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Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 11 

This is in continuation of my experience written earlier about partner swapping published on…Filed under Group Sex. Tell you frankly that I could not imagine that how come I have wrote this much long, I am sure many of the readers were bored now from this but for me it is something which I don’t want to stop,
even writing after thousands of words I am still willing to write, moreover now I am writing all this for myself because through this I am living those lustful moments again and it is keeping my moral high for our next swingers meeting which is fixed on the date after one month.
Anyway if I will start from the point I stopped then I will say that after having evening snacks including pizza and couple of mild Vodka drinks we all were prepared for action again, but ultimately who will sleep or you can say who will seduce who’s wife was yet not decided as everyone had his or her own opinion (can be read in previous post).
Finally all this ended when Hemant Jiju intruded, he convinced Jeetu Bhaiya to share me with him initially by saying that he will not touch me till he will be done with me and his words in Hindi were, “Jeetu tune Chaitu ke saath jitna karna hai kar lena pahle, jab tak tu nahi kahega main issko haath bhi nahi laggaoonga”,
then he made Jeetu Bhaiya understand that if we will go through all partner swapping combination then we can try something new and interesting on the third night. As Jeetu Bhaiya said yes to it strange sensation passed through my body and I shivered in lust, I realized that now it’s confirmed that tonight I will be sharing bed with two.

Anyway with the same logic Hemant Jiju convinced his wife Gunjan Didi as well, and insisted her to share bed with Manish and Bhanu Bhaiya’s wife Kiran Bhabhi in threesome. And somehow Gunjan Didi agreed to share my husband Manish with Kiran Bhabhi.
At the end bed partners of second night got fixed. Manish my husband was going with Bhanu Bhaiya’s wife Kiran Bhabhi and my sister Gunjan Didi together, once again that night Kiran Bhabhi was wearing saree, and unlike yesterday Gunjan Didi was also in saree. Bhanu Bhaiya was going to seduce Shilpi Bhabhi, Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife,
who was in salwar kameez at that time and she seemed happy when ultimately she found that she will not be sharing his man of the night with any other woman of the group moreover she knew this very well that Bhanu Bhaiya is the best man for this job among all men I knew it because I had experienced Bhanu Bhaiya sexually last night and once in the morning in the bath tub.
Anyway tonight I was going on bed with Jeetu Bhaiya, Shilpi Bhabhi’s husband and Hemant Jiju, my sister Gunjan Didi’s husband together. Among all Gunjan Didi was the one who did not got what she was looking for, that is Bhanu Bhaiya one more time, but she seemed ok with whatever got finalized in spite of the fact that she had this in mind that Manish my husband will not be able to satisfy her and Kiran Bhabhi at the same time.
Among all males it was Jeetu Bhaiya who did not got he needed, he wanted to be with me alone for the whole night but now he had to share me with Hemant Jiju, Manish was happy, I could see excitement on his face he was going on bed with two females at the same time, moreover after realizing this fact that both Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi both do anal sex he must be more happy.
Bhanu Bhaiya was also happy as he was going to fuck most beautiful and maintained female of the group that is Shilpi Bhabhi. Nearly 3 hours were spent in all this and time was just less then 8 when Shilpi Bhabhi and Bhanu Bhaiya went inside their bedroom in front of my eyes, Shilpi Bhabhi closed the door while looking at me with a smile,
leaving Hemant Jiju, Jeetu Bhaiya and Manish in the living room as they were planning to have one more drink, Gunjan Didi took me along to master bedroom and Kiran Bhabhi also came in with us and as we entered Gunjan Didi asked me for her earrings, I handed over that to her, and showed her my ring, “wow” Gunjan Didi spoke and then spoke again,
“tujhe pahli baar mein hi Gold ring mil gayi” I smiled on that, Kiran Bhabhi also saw that ring and smiled and spoke, “mujhe, mere anus mein lene ke reward mein ring mili thi” “I know, wo to mujhe bhi mil chuki hai, but issko to Choot mein lene pe hi mil gayi” Gunjan Didi spoke after Kiran Bhabhi and then spoke in continuation,
“Chaitu tu Bhanu Bhaiya se apne peeche bhi dalwa le, tujhe necklace mil jayega” “mujhe nahi chahiye necklace” I replied. “tujhe nahi chahiye to mujhe de dena, par dalwa to le” Gunjan Didi replied immediately with a giggle. After changing her earrings while looking into the mirror Gunjan Didi once again spoke to me,
“bhej de apne patti ko andar, dekhte hain kitni der tikta hai hamare saath” “itna bhi bura nahi hai, kal Shilpi ke saath to bahut achhe se kiya hai ussne” Kiran Bhabhi spoke in between, “how do you know?, Shilpi ne bataya kya?” Gunjan Didi asked her, “haan, raat ko teen baar kiya tha aur fir subah ek baar” Kiran Bhabhi answered,
“hmmmm….. good lets see humein satisfy kar pata hai ya nahi” Gunjan Didi spoke in naughty fashion while smiling at me. “Let’s watch Bhanu and Shilpi, I think shuru to kar hi chuke honge” “Aap jaao aapka husband hai, I will prefer taking a shower instead of watching them, aur Manish ko bhej dena, if he is also interested in that(shower)”
Gunjan Didi replied and started taking off her sandals and then immediately started unwrapping her saree. “Ok” Kiran Bhabhi replied and then spoke to me “chal Chaitu let’s see Bhanu aur Shilpi kya kar rahe hain”. We both came out, my husband Manish was sitting along with two men who were suppose to fuck me that night that is Hemant Jiju and Jeetu Bhaiya.
“Manish… Gunjan is calling you in the shower” while conveying Gunjan Didi’s massage Kiran Bhabhi moved out in the passage to peep inside the Shilpi Bhabhi’s room. “aap kya live show dekhne jaa rahe ho” Hemant Jiju asked her, “Haan” Kiran Bhabhi replied and moved out, I followed her.
Finally we were standing on the window and looking things happening between Bhanu Bhaiya and Shilpi Bhabhi. Bhanu Bhaiya was laying on Shilpi Bhabhi wearing just his jockey, Shilpi Bhabhi was topless and her big milky jugs were getting sucked by Kiran Bhabhi’s husband who was standing beside me at that time, watching her husband having fun with Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife.
Shilpi Bhabhi was still wearing salwar and while sucking her breasts Bhanu Bhaiya was rubbing her cunt nicely over the cloth. I and Kiran Bhabhi could see them sideways; I could see Bhanu Bhaiya was trying to take Shilpi Bhabhi’s big breasts in his mouth and biting her nipples and because of that Shilpi Bhabhi was trembling in pain in between.
“Husband ko kisi aur ke saath sex karte hue dekhne mein mazza aata hai na?” Kiran Bhabhi looked at me for a fraction and asked me, “hmmmm…. “ I just hummed to say yes, “in between tum bhi try karna, jab Manish hamare saath kar raha hoga” Kiran Bhabhi spoke again and told me to try if I can come in between to watch my husband fucking them(Kiran Bhabhi and Gunjan Didi).
“maine kal dekha tha, Manish aur Shilpi Bhabhi ko karte hue” I replied in low voice, “I know but beech mein Bhanu tumhe ootha ke le gaye the” I blushed. “Tell me,.. mazza aaya Bhanu ke saath?” she asked me, once again I blushed and said yes in low voice and moved my head in yes as well, “by the way Gunjan has told me everything, bahut tease kiya na Bhanu ne tumhe?” Kiran Bhabhi asked me,
“hmmm……” I hummed to say yes, “humne aapko bhi dekha tha, Hemant Jiju ke saath karte hue” this time I spoke to her, “I know, Bhanu bhi the wahan, aur waise ye curtain isi liye se off rakha jaata hai aur lights hamesha on, so that anybody can see anyone while having sex”
Kiran Bhabhi already knew that last night we all were watching her having sex with her brother-in-law including her husband Bhanu Bhaiya and told me that intentionally curtain of the room is kept off and lights of the room are kept on so that anybody can see anybody having sex. “I wanted to see you getting fucked by Bhanu, jab wo tumhe ootha ke oopar leja rahe the, but it is not possible in your room” Kiran Bhabhi replied.
That was true my room was an exception for this, it was on first floor and it did not have any window which could be accessed to see the things happening in the room. There in the room Bhanu Bhaiya was taking off Shilpi Bhabhi’s salwar and in continuation he took off her Panty as well and now Shilpi Bhabhi was laying stark naked in front of Bhanu Bhaiya and with in a fraction Bhanu Bhaiya was on his stomach,
and his face was buried between Shilpi Bhabhi’s fleshy thighs sucking her cunt flesh and Shilpi Bhabhi was enjoying laying straight on her back and her legs were somewhat wrapped around Bhanu Bhaiya’s neck. We saw Bhanu Bhaiya sucking Shilpi Bhabhi’s cunt nicely and I could feel the pleasure through which Shilpi Bhabhi was going.
“Bhanu sucking bahut achhe se karte hain” just then Kiran Bhabhi spoke while looking inside, and then asked me “hai na?” means isn’t it. I blushed again and just hummed while looking down. “Hemant bhi achhe se karta hai” Kiran Bhabhi spoke again, “Jeetu is ok ok in that, aur Manish kaisi karta hai wo mujhe aaj raat ko patta chal jaayega” Kiran Bhabhi continued talking about the cunt sucking ability about all the men of the group.
“Chaitu” I heard my name, Hemant Jiju was walking towards us slowly, and in a moment he was there and saw things happening inside, by then Shilpi Bhabhi was sucking Bhanu Bhaiya’s rod, he was on his knees on the bed and Shilpi Bhabhi was leaning a bit on his crouch to take him inside her mouth and from there we could see Shilpi Bhabhi’s beautiful face inflamed my the size of Bhanu Bhaiya’s monster.
I could feel Shilpi Bhabhi’s condition as that how difficult it is to take that massive meat completely in the mouth as last night I was doing same act with Bhanu Bhaiya’s penis. Many times Shilpi Bhabhi got filled by his big and hard penis till the hilt of her neck.
“Yahan aakar dekh teri biwi kya kar rahi hai, mere bhai ke saath” Hemant Jiju called Jeetu Bhaiya who was standing bit far from there at the entrance of the passage, “let’s go yaar,…… get her” Jeetu Bhaiya replied from there, he was not interested in watching his wife sucking someone else’s penis, he just wanted me to come that’s what he said to Hemant Jiju, “get her”.
“Let’s go” Hemant Jiju looked at me with a smile, Kiran Bhabhi was also looking at me, I turned to see her, she was also smiling, “go and have fun, and I am sure you will enjoy, kal main inhi dono ke saath thi” Kiran Bhabhi spoke with a naughty smile. I walked towards the door to get in the house and Hemant Jiju was walking beside me keeping his arm around my shoulder.
We entered in the living room and till we reached to the stairs Jeetu Bhaiya was walking ahead, my heart was beating strangely, thinking that I was going to get fucked by two now. Holding my wrist Hemant Jiju stopped me going up and said, “Chaitu kapde yahin uttar de” I was shocked he told me to take off my clothes there only, “kya?” I replied,
“haan” with that Hemant Jiju tried to lift my kurta to take it off, I resisted and moved back but Jeetu Bhaiya was standing on my back, he wrapped his hands around my waist and tried the same thing. I resisted and tried to get away, “what happened, oopar jaakar to utarne hi hain, yahin pe uttar de”
with that Hemant Jiju trapped me between him and Jeetu Bhaiya and succeeded in lifting my kurta, I resisted a bit but then raised my arms with a thought that my expensive dress may get tore in this, “Jeetu Pajami khol” Hemant Jiju spoke to Jeetu Bhaiya and next moment I found Jeetu Bhaiya’s hands around my waist looking for the cord of my Pajami,
and he took out that I sat down, to resist that, by then my kurta was off and I was just in bra on the upper half. Jeetu Bhaiya sat down with me and wrapped his arms around my thighs and tried to pick me up, “sofe par le chal” Hemant Jiju helped him while saying that, after throwing my kurta aside, and both of them took me to the 3 sitter couch of the living room and made me lie there.
Holding my wrist and arms Hemant Jiju resisted me to protest and somewhat ordered Jeetu Bhaiya to take off my Pajami and my sandals before that by saying, “Jeetu khol Pajami ka naala(cord), pahle sandals uttar” I was trying my best to resist but Hemant Jiju was holding me firm though Jeetu Bhaiya was facing problem in doing whatever he wanted to do.
“Chaitu kholne de ussko, ultimately kapde to uttarne hi hain tune” once again husband of my sister, Hemant Jiju tried to convince me to stop struggling, “Jiju please oopar jaa kar uttar lena” I tried to convince him in the same fashion, “nahi, hum tujhe yahin pe nanga karke le jaayenge” by then my sandals were off from my feet and cord of my pajami was pulled,
loosening my pajami from my waist Jeetu Bhaiya was trying to take off my pajami as it is little difficult to take off chuddidar pajami in hurry because of its tight fitting over thighs, after a minute or two Jeetu Bhaiya succeeded in that and took off my tight pajami from my lower half. Now I was just in bra and panty, “Jiju please kya kar rahe hain”
I somewhat cried Hemant Jiju was trying to unhook my bra by extending his hand on my back while sitting on his knees next to couch, I was still resisting, Jeetu Bhaiya held me tight from my thighs to stop my lower movement “please oopar jaakar uttar lena” once again I tried to stop them.
Hemant Jiju tried to unhook my bra but failed and finally said “ok, let’s go up, in the bedroom” with that Hemant Jiju pulled me from my arms to make me stand, I got up and just then Jeetu Bhaiya tried to pull my panty down, I tried to sit down to resist that but Hemant Jiju was still holding me from my shoulders and resisted me to sit down and said,
“jaldi uttar ab” finally Jeetu Bhaiya took my panty down to my feet, I was just in bra in front of two men and heavy ass mounds were exposed in the living room of the house. Hemant Jiju hardly took anytime to take off my bra as well and I was stark naked my heavy breasts were sagging in front of Jeetu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju in highly lighted room.
“Let’s go now” Hemant Jiju spoke and tried to pick me up, once again I resisted for a while but finally stopped struggling as I could see that there is no use of doing that; Hemant Jiju picked me up on his shoulder the way Bhanu Bhaiya picked me up yesterday and started climbing stairs. Once again just then Kiran Bhabhi entered in the room and she saw me naked on Hemant Jiju’s shoulder while going into my room.
She smiled while looking at me and waved her hand to say bye, Jeetu Bhaiya moving ahead on stairs and opened the door of the bedroom and started taking off his clothes and by the time Hemant Jiju rested me on the bed Jeetu Bhaiya was nearly in his undergarments.
“Chaitu for your kind information, hum dono ek saath tujhe enjoy karenge it will be a proper threesome” Hemant Jiju also started taking off his clothes and spoke while taking his lower off. I was laying stark naked in the middle of the bed and soon both the men who were suppose to seduce me that night were on bed and by now they were also naked.
Laying beside me on my right and holding my both the wrists raising my hand up Hemant Jiju started kissing me, I responded to his kiss as by now lust was playing its role and I was getting aroused. Before I would have felt Hemant Jiju’s tongue exploring my mouth properly, I felt two hands parting my thighs and next moment Jeetu Bhaiya rubbed my soaked cunt with his thumb and immediately started licking it.
I shivered in excitement, and moaned stopped kissing Hemant Jiju, Hemant Jiju looked down, I too raised my head to see, Shilpi Bhabhi’s husband, Jeetu Bhaiya’s face was buried between my fleshy thighs, and he was sucking me, moving his tongue over my sodden slit. My god just then Hemant Jiju started sucking my nipples, I was going crazy and moaning loud in pleasure.
Both men were eating my body at the same time, one was husband of my cousin sister and other one was cousin brother of my that sister, means my brother as well in away, Hemant Jiju was chewing my nipples as if he will eat them and down there Jeetu Bhaiya was licking my cunt digging out my love juices.
Hemant Jiju did not sucked my breasts for long, he was more interested to get down to my lower half as he was again and again looking down at Jeetu Bhaiya who was licking my fuckhole while laying on his front. Hemant Jiju extended his hand to get something; it was a duppta of one of Gunjan Didi’s suit which was left out on the bed somehow.
Hemant Jiju used that to tie my wrist tight, I was surprised with that and tried to get away from it but Hemant Jiju was strong enough to do that, moreover Jeetu Bhaiya also helped him to control my movement. “Jiju please kya kar rahe hain, what are you doing?” I asked him couple of times as I could not understand what he was up to.
But Hemant Jiju did not utter a single word till he was up with what he was doing. My hands were totally locked and unmovable now as the other end of that duppta was wrapped and tied around one small wooden pillar which was part of bed’s design.
Hemant Jiju got up and looked at me, “ye kya kar rahe ho?” I asked him again, “kuch nahi, iss se terrko control karne mein aasani rahegi”….. “Hum dono aaj achhe se teri izzat lootne wale hain” Hemant Jiju spoke again after a pause. As I heard that I tried to free myself and told them to release my hands saying,
“Please Jiju mere haath kholo” “nahi” while saying no Hemant Jiju parted my thigh a bit and spoke to Jeetu Bhaiya, “ achhe se Chuss issko tange khol ke” once again Jeetu Bhaiya started sucking my cunt, Hemant Jiju was sitting on my right near my breasts, leaning and holding my thighs apart to give Jeetu Bhaiya full access of my fuckhole and I was moaning in pleasure and getting crazy from the way both men were handling me and my body.
After a minute Hemant Jiju further leaned over my crotch from the place he was sitting and before that he pushed Jeetu Bhaiya’s head lightly to get him away from my fuckhole. Jeetu Bhaiya stopped and Hemant Jiju started, my God what they were doing to me, I was shouting in strange voice, holding my thighs apart to maximum my sister’s husband was sucking me vigorously,
he was crushing my cunt lips with his lips and tongue roughly and parting them again and again with it. Moreover couple of times he flicked my clitoris and tried to suck it to make me moan loud. I started trembling in pleasure, sensing my condition Hemant Jiju stopped and hummed to Jeetu Bhaiya to tell him about his turn to suck me.
Sitting beside me opposite to Jeetu Bhaiya, Jiju parted my thighs further wide and raised up making a big V from them to give Jeetu Bhaiya better access of my cunt flesh and said, “let her scream, cheekhne de isse, …tu achhe se suck kar aur issko jhadne de, make her cum”, I was already in bad state and there words were making me more horny.
My feet were somewhat pointing roof, Jiju was holding them and once again Jeetu Bhaiya started sucking me, I could make out the difference between the two men from there sucking. Hemant Jiju was doing in much better way, Jeetu Bhaiya was just licking my cunt, though it was also very pleasurable but Hemant Jiju’s tongue’s treatment over my cunt was something which was out of this world,
he was rough and hard and Jeetu Bhaiya was doing it bit slowly somewhat hesitating in doing. Soon Jeetu Bhaiya stopped and once again Hemant Jiju started, I was going crazy while looking at them, I was stretched to maximum, they were holding my thighs wide and tight and one by one two men were sucking me, resisting me to move my body.
I am not sure who was it, as I was not in condition to see, my eyes were closed and I was moaning and gasping loud, it must be Jiju only who started flicking my clitoris with his finger, certainly at that time Jeetu Bhaiya was sucking me. Jiju’s rub over my clitoris suddenly took me too far, I was reaching to my climax, my bottom was lurching in rhythm,
I think Hemant Jiju could sense that is why he stopped Jeetu Bhaiya and started sucking me himself, “khol achhe se isski taange” he spoke to Jeetu Bhaiya and Jeetu Bhaiya followed him, he parted my thighs further, oh…. God I was not in condition to bear that treatment over my cunt again, Hemant Jiju was sucking me like a mad dog, he literary ate my cunt and crushed my clit between his lips.
I trembled like fish, as I wanted to cum but Hemant Jiju was not ready to stop, he was sucking me continuously moving his tongue roughly on my fuck opening. Tone of my pleasure moans were changed now, I was suffering, breathing with difficulty while sobbing in harsh voice, and I could not do anything my hands were tied,
my legs were jammed as they were held tight by Jeetu Bhaiya and Jiju was leaning on my pelvis in a way that he was using his body weight to overcome my upper half as well. Hemant Jiju was realizing my condition and he raised my excitement as much as possible using his mouth over my cunt and then suddenly pressed my clitoris hard, I screamed like hell, Jiju ultimately made me cum,
though he did not stopped but slowed down his pace, giving me some room to release my stream and I exploded like a bomb with sudden joggles, Jiju was still licking my cunt gulping whatever was coming out and he licked till my orgasm lasted and his lick during my release was making me shiver as well.
Once again like last night I touched highest sexual peak before getting shattered into a powerful orgasm. I was spent but both the men were charged, “daal dun ab?” holding his rod and while jerking to and fro Jeetu Bhaiya asked while getting up on his knees, “nahi abhi ruk jaa” Hemant Jiju replied while raising his head from my crotch.
My hands were tied up and I was still breathing high, Jeetu Bhaiya was standing on his knees and looking at me, as I saw him into his eyes he moved ahead and lied beside me on my left and started kissing me, initially I did not responded to his kiss but with in few seconds we both were exploring each other’s mouth.
Hemant Jiju also came beside me on my right and after a minute Jeetu Bhaiya stopped and Hemant Jiju started kissing me, I could taste flavor of my own juices in his saliva. Wow what were they doing to me, one by one they were kissing me and that thing was so arousing in itself that once again lust started raising his head in my body and I started responding them hungrily.
Both started playing with my breast with there hands while kissing me, both of my juggs were getting fondled by two different hands, by then I was highly charged and being tied by hands was adding up fuel to the fire now, the thing that I can just moan and cry in excitement and could not move at all was really erotic.
By now both of my lovers were laying partially on me, resisting me to move even for an inch. Jeetu Bhaiya was kissing me and Jiju was trying to lick my neck, I was moaning erotically and excitement in my body was rising with every passing second. Just then Hemant Jiju started sucking one of my breasts, seeing him sucking Jeetu Bhaiya came down bit and took my other melon in his mouth started sucking.
Oh my God what was that, for the first time in my life both of my melons were getting sucked at the same time and that is by two different lovers and I was enjoying getting sucked by two lovers. Just then while sucking my nipple, Hemant Jiju moved his hand down to my belly and then on top of my love hole… Oh God I cannot forget that moment through out my life.
I was highly charged and as Jiju touched my soft fuck hole I moaned bit more in excitement. He was rubbing my fuck hole while sucking one of my breasts and other melon was getting loved by Jeetu Bhaiya, he was also partially on me and we both of my lovers were covering my body completely, next moment Hemant Jiju inserted his finger in my slit, though I was expecting that even then my body got jerked and I trembled with a shock.
Jiju continued fucking me with his finger for few seconds before giving that work to Jeetu Bhaiya by saying, “pahle ungli se khol issko achhe se fir daal dena”. Hemant Jiju an Jeetu Bhaiya both remained busy in sucking both of my nipples at the same time and continued rubbing and digging my cunt one by one for a while, by this time I was heavily charged and flooding intensely through my fuckhole.
“hmmmm.. dal de ab” Hemant Jiju permitted Jeetu Bhaiya to fuck me after realizing my excitement, and without wasting a single second Jeetu Bhaiya inserted his penis in my fuck hole in somewhat missionary position, my hands were still tied and raised up, Hemant Jiju was resting beside me and he started kissing me while caressing my forehead with affection.
Jeetu Bhaiya was on his knees leaning a bit on me and fucking me down there in my fuckhole, I could see that he was really very excited as from the very first moment Jeetu Bhaiya started fucking me with reasonably fast strokes and his pace increased with in few seconds, he was trying to control himself but he seemed out of control, suddenly he stopped and withdrew his penis from me and just hummed to Jiju to say take it.
Hemant Jiju got up and firstly cleaned my cunt with his cloth as it was dripping wet, and then holding his rod in his hand he guided it into my fuckhole. Wow it was so pleasurable to get him inside, his hard meat crushed my clitoris on the way on the way of my tunnel. And soon my sister’s husband covered my whole body with his own body and started fucking me steadily.
It was a proper missionary position and soon he was exploring my mouth with his tongue along with exploring my fuckhole with his long and hard penis. Jeetu Bhaiya was standing on his knees waiting for his turn but truly speaking I did not wanted him to fuck me at that time as I was rising to my peak,
Hemant Jiju was well in his control and after a minute or may be more he withdrew himself and gave away my fuckhole to Jeetu Bhaiya, and once again Jeetu Bhaiya started fucking me. I was experiencing two men at the same time of totally different temperament. I could make out who is better, certainly it was Hemant Jiju, Jeetu Bhaiya was over excited,
nevertheless believe me friends it was altogether a different experience, watching a man waiting for his turn to fuck you while getting fucked by the other one is arousing in itself and at that time Hemant Jiju was waiting for his turn and Jeetu Bhaiya was riding on me very fast and the way he was fucking me I could see that he will not last for even one more minute and it happened next moment,
Jeetu Bhaiya took out his rod and hollowed his balls on my belly with a loud moan. He was spent but I was set on fire. Hemant Jiju cleaned my belly with the cloth and took charge to fuck me and, “now you are all mine” Jiju leaned over me while saying that and inserted his rod in my fuckhole. Wow that was heaven, Jiju started vibrating inside me and showed me exactly what is love making,
he was exploring my whole body, kissing and licking my neck while fucking me and slowly he came down and licked my armpits, as my hands were tied and raised up it was very easy for him to lick them. And as his tongue flicked there I moaned loud, it was something which I could not bear and I trembled violently and tried to push him but how I was totally jammed.
Jiju crushed me under his weight and held my arms tight and raised them bit more and again licked my armpits, I screamed in strange sensation and tried to turn but failed, he was so heavy. Jiju was crushing my fuckhole with his massive crusher and along with that he was licking my whole body to make me shudder in lust and he focused just on my armpits.
He licked both of my armpits and one by one and I was trembling violently, I must say that for me it was not pleasurable anymore, I started skipping my breath, the way he was moving his wet tongue over soft skin of that portion it was taking my life and I could not enjoy getting fucked by him down there but my cries were arousing Jiju and he started fucking me fast and stopped torturing me as he realized that I am suffering.
With in few more seconds I could feel that Hemant Jiju was also getting excited and was getting closer to his peak. By now I was recovered from that torture and enjoying getting fucked by husband of my sister. Next moment as the excitement increased Jiju got up and raised my legs and kept them on his shoulders and then leaned further and folded my body into half and continued fucking me like an animal with deep and sudden jolts.
Pressing my thighs further down against bed which made my legs pointing roof, leaning over me completely Jiju was fucking me with deep and fast strokes and I was enjoying that, and finally Jiju’s movement changed and it became short and got faster, I easily sensed that Jiju is closer to his burst,
I was also at the verge of explosion and I after couple of more strokes I just got shattered when Jiju stopped fucking me after burring his rod in my fuckhole and squeezed his buttocks to spew out his junk in my pot.
My hands were still tied and I was not more than dead at that time, I was fucked like a bitch by two at the same time, just like we see in porn movies and it was altogether a new experience, which really made me explode like hell at that time and even today when I am writing that moment I am aroused like anything.

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