Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali – 27

While lying almost in the middle of the bed I was feeling exhausted and including my wedded husband Manish all three men were sitting around me and smiling on my state. For an instant I would say I was really very surprised from the way Harsh sucked me in the end, he conquered his hesitation very fast and sucked so madly that I could not believe it and like morning,
once again he proved that as far as passion for sex is concerned he is nevertheless than other two best fuckers of our group. Anyway seeing me puffing Hemant Jiju spoke to me, “abhi to Harsh shuru hua hai…isske Chodne ke baad hum dono bhi tujhe udhedenge” and then after a pause he spoke again “raat bhar mein teri ye Chut gatar ban jaayegi”
I smiled a bit on Hemant Jiju’s words and just then we got a knock over the door. We all got conscious, Jiju asked who is it and Gunjan Didi spoke out from the other side. Collecting my clothes I instantly ran to washroom. Jiju opened the door when he saw that I have reached to the washroom.
Fortunately it was just Gunjan Didi and heard her asking about me “Chaitu kahan hai…?” and after hearing Jiju’s voice addressing me I came out of the washroom. Without wearing any undergarments by now I was back in my clothes and as Gunjan Didi saw me in clothes she asked me in surprising tone
“arre tu single piece mein hai… aur kapde bhi pahne hue hain?… Mujhe to lagga tha aab tak in teeno ne tujhe beech mein see faad diya hoga” “abhi to Harsh hi over nahi hua…ye dono to abhi baaki hain….” I replied to her with a smile, “tu Harsh aur Hemant ke liye hai…Manish ke liye main hun…” Gunjan Didi spoke back in somewhat informing tone “aap bhi aa rahe ho?”
Manish asked her back “haan…thoda sa aur wait karke…Chhaya has taken a pill to sleep” Gunjan Didi replied back to Manish and then looked at Harsh and asked him “does she take it very often…?” “haan…from last 2-3 months” Harsh replied back “do something this is not healthy…”
Gunjan Didi spoke back to Harsh with serious gesture and then after a pause spoke again “she seems going into some kind of depression” and suddenly atmosphere in the room started changing. “I request you jo bhi differences hain…unko khatam karo, it’s up to you…not to her” Gunjan Didi spoke again to Harsh and from her gesture I could make that now she has realized Chhaya’s mental state.

“I assure you humara group join karne ke baad tum dono ki life mein se depression word vanish ho jaayega…” this time Hemant Jiju spoke and tried to relax the atmosphere by speaking up in the continuation “bhai tu Chut se bahar aayega tab to depress hoga…” and then added “aur Chhaya ko bhi rest karne ke liye khud ko toilet mein band karna padega….nahin to koi na koi Lund usske andar ghussa hi rahega”.
We all smiled a bit on Hemant Jiju’s words, his words changed our mood a bit and next just to end the subject of conversation and to resume my fucking Jiju raised his hand to Harsh and asked him to promise by saying “forget everything…jo ho chukka ussko bhul jaa… just promise ki you will try your best….” And in response Harsh placed his hand over Hemant Jiju’s palm.
Next while holding his palm Hemant Jiju spoke to Harsh again “chal abb Chaitu ka Langar karte hain…ab hum doni hi hain….ek candidate kam ho gaya hai” next once again he spoke this time to my husband Manish “chal le aa apni biwi ko dobara Nanga karke…” Manish followed what Hemant Jiju told him to do and took off my top, I myself drifted down my lower and got stark naked again.
“abb aap Nanga karo apni biwi ko mere liye” this time Manish spoke to Hemant Jiju, he told him to make Gunjan Didi stark naked for him for which Hemant Jiju replied “abbey wo tujhe Nanga karegi….jaise hum Chaitali ka Langar kar rahe hain wo tera Langar karegi” and as Hemant Jiju ended Gunjan Didi spoke “abhi nahi…thodi der baad….I think now I should go back…”
with that Gunjan Didi left the room to stay with Chhaya for some time, just to assure that she is in deep sleep. Manish bolted the door from inside and Hemant Jiju spoke to me “aaja jaldi…nikal bahar isska Lawda aur Chus…jaise issne teri Chut chusi thi…..” “aap dono bed se hatt jaao…. Bed par sirf main aur Harsh rahenge” I spoke while climbing on the bed,
Manish was already off from the bed and as I said that Hemant Jiju got up and sat down on the chair which was kept in the corner. Now it was just me and Harsh who were on the bed and including Hemant Jiju my husband was watching me fucking with a new projected member of our group. I started taking off Harsh clothes and just in couple of minutes like me he was also stark naked.
Harsh was on his knees and I was sitting in front of him on the bed to serve him oral pleasure. Because of serious conversation over his personal life by now his erection was lost and he was having almost limping Penis. I took his shrunk monster in my hand and started moving to and fro and at the same time started massaging his heavy balls with the other hand and just in a fraction
Harsh started grunting in pleasure, he closed his eyes to feel the pleasure till his soul. Harsh started gaining a bit and I felt him leaking, tip of his monster was wet and dripping and to taste his gunk I slowly took him into my warm and wet mouth and started sucking him tenderly. I was confident about what I was doing, after all being a slut more than a year was past and I knew what fresh male like Harsh would love in this.
I did not tried to peel of foreskin of his thick Penis and while sucking it with lot of warm saliva I pulled out bit of its skin up with my lips and sucked that too with lot tenderness and Harsh started gasping in extreme pleasure, slowly he was growing hard in my mouth and now I could clearly feel that he has thicker Penis as compared to Hemant Jiju.
I sustained focusing on Harsh’s monster tip and continued pulling it out with my lips and rubbed my tongue over that repeatedly and very soon impact of my tenderness was visible over his gesture and he started moaning intensely in delight.
Slowly I increased my saliva and started taking his thick monster deep in my warm mouth and sucked him tenderly while moving and out of my mouth and felt him growing harder and harder in my mouth with his pleasure gasps.
Along with sucking him tenderly my hands were jerking his penis, I was somewhat moving his skin up and down while taking care that it will not get down completely and like that I continued sucking Harsh with my full affection.
Harsh was still on his knees but unknowingly I don’t know when while sucking him I took doggy posture and my massive was facing Hemant Jiju and it is really difficult for him to keep his mouth shut. “Chaitu kisi din maine teri Gaand ki seal todni hai….” While looking at my fleshy ass mounds or probably also its tiny opening Jiju spoke from behind.
I heard that and stopped sucking Harsh’s Penis and turned around to see Hemant Jiju, after taking out his monster from his lower he was moving it up and down with his own hand. At my end it was just fraction of moment when I thought about replying him and without realizing anything spoke out whatever came in my mind and it was
“Main apni Gaand ki seal aapse nahi khulwaaungi, iss mein pahla Lund Harsh ka jaayega…. jab wo Chhaya ko manna kar humare group mein le aayega”. Oh God still I can’t believe how I spoke that, rather I did not stopped even there and spoke again this time to Harsh while looking up into his eyes “Harsh main pahli baar apni Gaand aapse marwaaungi …bus aap Chhaya ko le aao humare group mein”.
Those who do not understand Hindi much I think I must detail them at least this statement. I don’t know how in rising lust I committed to Harsh that I will give him my anal virginity to him if somehow he will agree Chhaya to join our group. Suddenly my words made Harsh going bizarre and he groaned bit louder, I was still holding his monster in my hand and I felt him going hardest of life.
I started sucking him again and slowly I pushed him a bit to make him lie down on his back and spoke “late jaao…aur lene do apna mota Lund mujhe apne andar… main subah se taras rahin hun iske liye”. As I said Harsh lied down on his back and I climbed over him and holding his thick monster straight I sat down on him, “ahhhh….”
I groaned loud and raised my head in pleasure as his thick penis touched wet my opening, I rubbed him over my fuckhole “Ohh…….God” this time Harsh gasped in extreme delight and arced his back a bit. I further sat down and moaned loud as I felt his monster searing into my desperate fuckhole.
Finally I was sitting on Harsh’s thighs after taking his entire length in my flesh and pleasure was incredible for both of us. We both were highly aroused and with I a minute I started seducing my sister’s husband. By now while being an audience of my fucking, along with Hemant Jiju my wedded Husband Manish was also jerking his Penis after taking it out from his lower.
I was moving up and down, to and fro over the husband of my cousin sister and we both were moaning and grunting in pleasure while looking at each other shamelessly. Initially it was me who was milking Harsh’s monster by fucking myself with it but soon Harsh also came in rhythm and holding my waist he started moving my body slowly to suit his pleasure.
I don’t know what I was feeling at that time; I was riding on Harsh like he was desiring, with very gentle pace, just to deliver my best to Harsh with a hope that in compensation, even if he will not able to convince Chhaya for swinging, keeping his ego aside he will at least keep my sister Chhaya happy.
I leaned over him and tried to invade his mouth and Harsh instantly welcomed me, we kissed like lovers for long and exchanged our saliva. “Harsh promise karo mujhse…kuch bhi ho jaaye…aap Chhaya ko khush rakhoge….Hamesha” I spoke to him while looking into his eyes closely after breaking the kiss and continued moving my massive bottom up and down to drive his thick erection in my wet fuckhole.
“I promise…main aap logon ke jaate hi uss se baat karunga…I promise…sab theek ho jaayega” Harsh spoke in rising excitement and continued jerking himself up and down in the rhythm. While locking his hands around my back Harsh was holding me close and my immense milks were getting crushed with his torso and as he promised me that I started kissing him again and again it was a deep and passionate kiss.
We ate each other nicely and I invaded my tongue his mouth again while getting myself fucked from behind. I was getting excited, so was Harsh, our moans and gasps were clearly telling our state and gradually excitement rose so much in me that once again I started taking driving seat and started moving myself over him rapidly.
I got up and resting my hands over his chest began to fuck myself with deep, skewering thrusts while rocking my own fleshy hips steeply up and down, to and fro and drove his thick inflamed erection in and out of my wet fuckhole like a bitch.
My heavy, hot and swollen, breasts were moving erotically with my up and down thrusts, my long and thick nipples were getting stiffer and stiffer in excitement, my golden Mangal-Sutra, holy symbol of my marriage and faithfulness for my husband was rocking on my bare breasts and my bangles were also making sound in the rhythm.
I and Harsh were going crazy with everything happening between us that instant. My speed of fucking myself was increasing and as his thick monster went on rubbing inner walls of my fuckhole after stretching my virginal muscles to maximum again and again I went on going bizarre,
it was a kind passion which I never experienced in me while fucking any of the four males of the group not even Bhanu Bhaiya who was best fucker among all four. “Yes, Harsh, yes…hanh… uhhhh hanh uhh…. Oh yes… oh God yes…” I was grunting and expressing my pleasure, I was going crazy in lust so was Harsh, he tried to pull me and I leaned over him,
we kissed again for few seconds and then Harsh started controlling my movements, extending his arms he griped my ass mounds tightly and slowed down my to and fro movement to suit his pleasure. I wanted to make him cum in this single stretch and in the same posture but Harsh killed my passion by slowing down my speed and in a moment I fell over him like a dead body.
Neither Harsh was over nor I was up with a releasing my pressure but we remained tied with each other for a minute. Finally Harsh moved a bit and I rolled down to bed on my right and looked around, while jerking his Penis back and forward my husband was sitting on floor and Hemant Jiju was still at the corner of the room, on the chair with his monster in his hand.
He was jerking himself fast and seemed as if he is reaching to the peak of excitement “Chaitu tujhe aaj main Chod Chod ke maar daalunga … Saali Kutia…aaj tak tune kabhi mujhse nahi Chudwaya iss tarah” Jiju was getting aggressive, his tone of abusing me was telling his state. Just then we got a light knock on the door and we all heard a whispering voice saying “kholo…”
It was none other than Gunjan Didi and she wanted to come in to join us in fucking party. Though Jiju did not stopped jerking his monster but he slowed down his pace and continued looking at me. Manish opened the door and Gunjan Didi entered in the room, “kya hua…Chod diya Harsh ne issko?”
Gunjan Didi asked as she saw me and Harsh lying tired beside each other and once again it was Hemant Jiju who spoke out to reply her with same sort of words “Gunjan teri bahan ko aaj main maar daalunga….Saali Raand…! tujhe maloom hain na main kitna pyar karta hun iss se…? aaj tak mujhse nahi marwai iss ne iss tarah….Kutia Saali…Gaand bhi Harsh se hi marwaayegi apni”
and with that once again Jiju’s excitement rose and he regained his pace of jerking his monster and within a minute he seemed going far from the point where he could control his discharge. “Ohhh….” Finally it happened, Jiju squirted out his load with a loud moan, leaving a tiny opening he squeezed tip of his monster and we all witnessed massive amount of white jizz coming out of his monster in thin and powerful stream.
For an instant Hemant Jiju was spent, because of my passionate love making with Chhaya’a husband he was feeling envy and that made him going beyond his control. Truly speaking since then I never saw him losing his control over his desire and it happened just because of me.
Raising and resting his head on the back Jiju was puffing with closed eyes and after regaining a bit as he opened his eyes, resting my head on my elbow he saw me smiling while lying naked on the bed and now once again I was expecting something of his kind from him and he uttered “galti ho gayi…ye saara maal mujhe tere muhn ke andar chhodna chahiye tha”
I smiled bit more over his words and anger spoke back “I love you” and kissed in the air to reveal my feeling to him and he replied to me with a word “shut up”. “So now it’s just me and Manish?” Gunjan Didi asked us, “No we are not over…main thak gayi thi…” I replied to her question. “Chhaya sow gayi?” this time I asked her, “haan… now she will not get up” Gunjan Didi replied confidently.
Next I turned around to Harsh who was lying beside me on the same bed and covered his body partially and once again without bothering presence of three more people in the room we started kissing. Slowly while exploring his mouth my hands reached to his monster, though it was not limping but it was not even erect and I continued jerking him with some pace, just to make him harder.
Gradually Harsh started turning and ultimately took me under his body and we kissed for really long. He tried to explore my mouth and I gave him full access and took his saliva into me. Slowly he moved down over my body and started brushing his lips over my neck and breasts.
I was moaning and grunting with the touch of his wet lips over my sensual zone and slowly he started sucking my long and erect nipples. I fed him as if he is my child and really enjoyed the way he played with my enormous breasts. I extended my hand to his Penis to check out level of erection and he was better than before. He was hard enough to enter inside me but I needed him hardest.
“laao thodi der Chus deti hun….aur achhe se khada ho jaayega” I spoke to him while looking into his eyes. Harsh released his weight from me and I got up to suck him again “69 karte hain” he spoke again. I looked around before getting into sucking posture with Harsh, all were watching me having fun and finally we; I and Harsh were lying sideways with folded legs inwards.
While taking around half of his length again and again in my mouth I was sucking Harsh’s thick Penis and slowly he was gaining more and more hardness and resting his head on my fleshy thigh Harsh was buried in my fuckhole like a dog.
He was doing his best to suck me and the place where I could feel his tongue moving inside my fuckhole I could easily make out that his face must be disappeared into my massive thighs and in a moment I heard that from Hemant Jiju “ye to sach mein ghus gaya poora isski Chut mein”.
I must say that particularly in that posture Harsh was doing great job with his tongue, his tongue was moving all around my fuckhole, sometimes he was licking me over my thick labia and sometimes he was sucking my juices from deep inside.
At my end I was also giving my best and like last time I focused over the tip of his Penis and kept on simulating his monster by pulling out its skin along with massaging his balls. I can say within five minutes of nonstop sucking in position 69 we were up with the things, Harsh was at its maximum and now once again it was time for proper fucking.
Hemant Jiju was sitting where he was but by now Gunjan Didi was sitting beside my husband on the floor, though I could not see them doing anything, I don’t know if while watching us having fun if she was jerking my husband’s Penis to pleasure him.
Harsh got up and did what he was suppose to do, he crawled over my overweight body, holding my thick fleshy thighs he tried to spread my legs by widening them and holding his thick, rigid and throbbing Penis guided himself to my opening and squeezed his monster into my flesh and pushed himself instantly deep into me and in a fraction I felt his balls pressing my fuckhole.
I moaned erotically in uncontrollable pleasure, once again he was inside me and now it was time for me to feel the pleasure of getting fucked while lying under him. Distending my fuckhole wide open Harsh kept on going deeper and deeper with every thrust and with in no time his long and thick monster was pulsating and vibrating inside me with very good pace.
Because of oral sex in posture 69 we both were heavily aroused and slowly I could feel pressure building inside me. Harsh banged himself on my fleshy body steadily. His powerful hips flexed again and again to take my senses off “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” and I moaned again and again in a low lust-laden tone to express my pleasure.
Now I could feel the sensation in which Gunjan Didi was crying while lying under him in the morning and it was divine. Along with the new and good looking male face which I could see while getting fucked, I believe Harsh was having thickset Penis among all males and I wanted him all, every little bit of Harsh and I grabbed him in my ample arms and fleshy thighs,
widening my thighs I raised my legs till his waist to get him deeper in my flesh and crushing my huge melons with his hands and under his chest Harsh kept on going, his hips kept on rising and falling on my plump bottom and he continued fucking first cousin of his wife like a thirsty animal.
I was moaning erotically and I was not at all in condition to look around, including my husband all three must be watching me getting fucked like a bitch and continued enjoying passionate fucking of my sister’s husband like a slut. Harsh kept on kissing my face and licking my neck while fucking my wide open fuckhole and suddenly I started to gasp differently,
my fuckhole started to contracting over his monster, I was rising to the verge of explosion and sensing my state Harsh started moving in and out of my fuckhole even more rapidly “OH… OHh… uhh OHhhh.. Harsh…..Harsh ….Please……” As he started riding on me fast unintentionally I started chanting his name, I was not in state to bear more pleasure and I desperately wanted to explode.
From his pace and passion I could sense that Harsh was also more or less in same state, our gasps and moans were getting intense and we were reaching to our climax. At last Harsh shoved down hard with a long and intense cry and his entire monster sank down deep between my fleshy thighs into my fuckhole and I just swallowed his whole length and thickness smoothly till the very end.
Harsh simply fell on me and held me hard and I immediately grabbed his body tight between my arms and wide open legs and tried gulp him into my fleshy body. As orgasm thundered through my body my body got rigid with tension. I orgasmed hard and trembled erotically while releasing my pressure.
Harsh also gasped erotically and kept on holding me tight while quivering in fucking pleasure and sighed in satisfaction as heat started erupting from his monster and in a moment I felt the hard spasm of his rod and ultimately he shivered in few short jerks and spewed out his hot gunk deep inside my womb.
Finally I was fucked by Harsh; husband of my another sister and as I mentioned he was fifth male of my life with whom I confronted on bed and certainly it was one of the best fucks I ever got and truly speaking friends at this particular moment when I have somewhat finished describing my first fucking experience with Harsh I am feeling wet and heavily aroused and feel like going to bed with him.
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