Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali – 26

“Din ki Shuruaat josh bhari…hmmmm..” that’s what Gunjan Didi spoke as she saw Harsh in the living room and even after trying hard Harsh could not resist himself for smiling on that and moved to the dining area where Gunjan Didi was sitting. I moved to the kitchen to get the breakfast on the table and Gunjan Didi spoke again to Harsh
“Sach bolun mujhe lagga tha…you will go away just in few minutes….but you were amazing…aapne faad hi di meri Chut”. Harsh was silent though he was trying to be serious but Gunjan Didi’s words were not letting him serious, he smiled a bit again on her words and asked her same question again “Now please tell me…why you did all this…?”.
“First you tell me aapko meri Chut faadne mein mazza aaya ya nahi…?” instead of replying him, Gunjan Didi asked Harsh notorious question in notorious tone and before he would have replied anything she spoke again “mujhe to bahut mazza aaya…” Harsh was silent and he wanted to avoid replying this question but Gunjan Didi insisted him to speak by saying “come on…speak up…mazza aaya ya nahi?”
“Ok…mazza aaya…now tell me” finally Harsh accepted and asked her the reason why she did all this to him and Gunjan Didi started by saying “well… as I said…hum log yahan aaye hi isi liye the…” while serving breakfast by now I was standing beside them and Gunjan Didi spoke again and tried to clear the effect with mischievous statement
“hum dono ne aapse apni Chut fadwani thi…aur Hemant aur Manish ne Chhaya ki Chut faadni thi…” “What?” Harsh could not digest that, “yes…we are swinger families and we wanted to add both of you in our group” Finally Gunjan Didi spoke out everything crystal clear and after a pause spoke again “mentally Chhaya did not seemed fit to us for this…so we approached you…?”
Gunjan Didi was smiling and as expected Harsh seemed shocked a bit, and to add on to his surprise Gunjan Didi spoke again “and last two days mein jo kuch bhi hua…sex ki baaten, aur aap logon ka mujhe aur Hemant ko sex karte hue dekhna and all was actually part of our plan….”. Breakfast was already served by me but no one was eating,

Harsh was looking at us with a strange mind set, as if he was trying to believe whatever Gunjan Didi has said. And before Harsh would have said anything Gunjan Didi spoke again “now from here it’s up to you….if you want to join us you have to agree your wife” and then after a small pasue Gunjan Didi spoke out something to create instant humor in the tone as if she is
announcing something in her typical Hindi words “aur fir aapko milega meri Gaand faadne ka mauka…” Gunjan Didi’ words bought instant smile on my face and like me even Harsh failed to resist smiling but spoke out “Rubbish” in disappointment for which Gunjan Didi replied casually “Ok..then it’s over here…jo kuch bhi hua usse bhool jaao….but!”
Gunjan Didi paused for a fraction and waited for Harsh to react and Harsh reacted, he was looking down but as Gunjan Didi paused at but he looked up and Gunjan Didi spoke again “but if you will agree….aaj raat ko aapko Chaitu (me) ki Chut milegi faadne ke liye” Gunjan Didi’s words Harsh’s expressions a bit,
I was sitting beside him and in response of Gunjan Didi’s words Harsh looked at me and I smiled shamelessly while looking into his eyes, “isska bahut mann hai aapse Chudwane kaa…” Gunjan Didi uttered again and once again Harsh seemed feeling strange rapture over her words.
Unintentionally I too used the opertunity and moved my hand over Harsh’s thighs close to his crotch over the cloth and spoke “Please Harsh say yes…..” Harsh trembled a bit with my touch and remaved my hand instantly, I smield a bit over his reaction and spoke “kya hua…abhi to maine oopar se hi haath lagaya hai….main to aako andar tak touch kar chuki hun”.
“So now ball is in your coat…you have to decide…” Gunjan Didi spoke again and then after a pause continued by saying “jo kuch bhi aaj hua hai…that is just a trailer….poori movie abhi baaki hai….jo aapko group join karne ke baad dekhne ko milegi”. By now we all were eating but at very slow pace, now from Harsh expressions I could see that he was not reluctant to us,
he was thinking and finally he uttered after a long time and said “it barely depends on me….Chhaya nahi maanegi…” for which Gunjan Didi replied instantly “agar aapko humen Chodna hai to aapko usse manana padega…” and then after a pause Gunjan Didi spoke again and revealed the fact that we have three more females in our group
“not only we two….we have three more females…jinki aap Chut faad sakte ho” and then after a tiny pause continued her nasty words by saying “aur Hemant aur Manish ke alawa we have two more males jo aapki Chhaya ki Chut faadenge”. Gunjan Didi was somewhat enjoying speaking out all that crap but Harsh was interested in talking straight forward and he asked back
“who are they….?””Sorry I cannot reveal their identities until you are IN….” Gunjan Didi replied back and then after a pause spoke again “Chhaya ko mannao aura a jaao, join us….simple” “wo nahi maanegi…moreover how will I speak to her….?” Harsh spoke back in reply, from his gesture I could see that more or less he is ready join us but he was sure that Chhaya will never agree for this.
Once again Gunjan Didi spoke and suggested him a way to agree Chhaya “set her mind in this direction slowly….believe me…it’s difficult but it’s not impossible…” “but you all are going back tomorrow” Harsh asked back, “so what…we will come again…aap ready to karo Chhaya ko apni Chut fadwane ke liye”. “it’s Impossible….”
Harsh somewhat murmured in low voice but it was enough for us to hear “nothing is impossible…” this time I spoke up and after a pause I spoke again “look at me…jab main ready ho sakti hun to wo bhi ready ho sakti hai…it’s just about understanding….between two of you” Harsh looked at me with a strange gesture,
he was unaware that I know his personal problem but my words bought some doubt in his mind and as I realized that I may get caught I changed my expressions and took my words over myself “for me it’s just sex…pyar main Manish se hi karti hun”. Hearing my words Harsh looked down for a moment and finally came out with a truth that relation between him and Chhaya are bit
disturbed by saying “actually hum dono ke beech mein kuch differences hain….that’s why I feel ki Chhaya nahi maanegi”. “Fine….first you vanish those differences then ask her….take your time…we are not in hurry” this time Gunjan Didi picked the words and without asking anything about his problem with Chhaya told him to resolve his matter with his wife and without uttering anything Harsh moved his head in acceptance.
After that we ate our breakfast silently for few minutes and ended eating, we all were still on dining table and I was collecting dishes when suddenly once again Gunjan Didi spoke out erotic while looking at Harsh “waise I must say…mazza aa gaya aapse Chudwa kar…” and in continuation spoke again “I really can’t imagine… mera kya haal hoga jab aap meri Gand maaroge…”
and like it was expected Gunjan Didi’s words bought instant giggle to me and significant smile on Harsh’s face and though with a big smile Harsh spoke out in reflex “waise ye achha nahi hua…” and to his words once again Gunjan Didi spoke out after mending statement wth other meaning “what are you saying… mere hisaab se to bahut achha se hua hai…you fucked me so well”
and once again Gunjan Didi’s reflex statement bought smile to Harsh and he got up to go. “You have whole day to think…give your verdict in the evening…” Gunjan Didi spoke to Harsh and then spoke again in continuation “and even if you will say that you will try…you are eligible to fuck her….aapko aaj raat Chodne ke liye Chaitu milegi…wo bhi uske husband ki presence mein”
Gunjan Didi lured Harsh for me and he looked at me and I saw a lustful blink in his eyes while looking at me “kaise…Chhaya bhi to hogi ghar pe….?” Harsh asked back instantly “let’s see…we will do something…” Gunjan Didi replied back while getting up from the place where she was sitting while having breakfast
“and what if I will not keep my words…I mean aap logon ke jaane ke baad maine Chhaya ko agree karne ke liye try bhi nahi kiya to?” “Then you will prove yourself a fool…” Gunjan Didi paused for a fraction and then spoke out again “we are sluts…humare liye aapke saath ek bar sex karna is immaterial….but it will be a big loss for you…
don’t forget… including me and Chaitu there are three more females in our group….” “Who are they…?” once again Harsh asked about three other females we have in our group but once again Gunjan Didi denied speaking their identities and replied him by saying “pahle Chhaya ko ready karo…tab batayenge”.
After that more or less we ended this conversation and we all took leave, Harsh went to his work place and we two were suppose to meet Hemant Jiju and Manish in one of Delhi’s renowned market. Through phone Hemant Jiju and Manish already knew that up to an extent we have succeeded in our intentions and first statement he spoke when we got face to face with him was
“well done meri Chuddakdon…I am proud of you…” we both, me and Gunjan Didi first hugged each other’s husband and then our own to reflect our happiness and in next one hour while sitting in one coffee shop we explained Hemant Jiju and Manish everything we did and spoke with Harsh and assured them that he is entirely trapped in our lust.
Now it was time to plan further, that what we can suggest Harsh to agree Chhaya and everybody came up with one or another opinion but nothing clicked because we did not wanted to reveal this truth to Harsh that we know the core reason of the differences they were having,
once Manish suggested to reveal this fact that we know everything but Hemant Jiju and Gunjan Didi both denied that suggestion and ultimately we left everything on Harsh’s way of doing it. From the chit chat we all had over this, it was confirmed that in the night I will be having sex with Harsh and with Hemant Jiju too but unfortunately for the time being males were suppose to wait for Chhaya to come to their bed.
After discussing everything in detail we reached to one Cineplex and booked ticket for the show, plan was to reach late at home, purposely not to help Chhaya for the dinner so that she gets tired and sleeps early and it happened like we needed. We reached back home around 8, just before the dinner time, by then Harsh was back home and Chhaya was done with the preparations of dinner.
We casually said sorry to Chhaya for getting late and told her that we suddenly made a plan of watching movie. I looked at Harsh to get a glance of her facial expressions and I must say that he was in the state where he could not take his eyes off from me and Gunjan Didi, he was staring at us with wide open eyes and seemed heavily aroused.
It can be easily assumed that all day long he must be occupied with whatever happened with him in the morning and what all can happen with him in the night and his that mental state was evident to us on her facial expressions.
Anyway we females started setting the dining table for our last dinner in the house, obviously of this trip and Hemant Jiju and Manish casually took Harsh along with them in the room to speak to him. Now I am writing down couple of statements which I know Hemant Jiju spoke in the room where I was not present, “maine suna aaj subah tune bahut pella meri biwi ko”
Hemant Jiju spoke to Harsh on the very first moment as they got alone, Harsh did not replied to his words and kept on looking into his eyes with some blushing and smile, “ab raat ko isski biwi ko pellna…hum bhi dekhenge” Hemant Jiju spoke again and told him that he has to fuck Manish’s wife that is me in the night.
Ultimately both the males, Manish and Hemant Jiju while getting fresh and changing their cloths into nightwear spoke to Harsh about everything and Harsh accepted that he wants to join our group and he will try convincing Chhaya for all this. Eventually all males came out of the room and we all settled down to have dinner.
Occupying all six chairs we all were sitting on the dining table and casual chit chat over the products Chhaya was making for that designer and also about the movie we saw started. Apparently everything was fine, but Harsh was little conscious because I was sitting next to him and his timid gesture was forcing me to behave mischievous with him and I intentionally touched
his hand while passing him bowls and smiled whenever he looked at me, couple of times I touched his bare feet with my feet under the dining table and like this within one hour dinner ended. Time was bit passed to 9 and like we all were expecting Chhaya was very tired with a heavy head but opposite to her we all were quite energetic,
we settle down in the living room with a TV and casual chit chat and intentionally involved Chhaya into it just to increase her desperation for the sleep and like we were expecting she seemed sinking with every passing second. To add on Chhaya’s tiredness after some time Hemant Jiju came up with an idea of playing cards and asked Chhaya if she can make coffee.
Chhaya agreed to that and we two got up to make the coffee and Harsh came up with the pack of cards. By the time we made coffee while standing in the kitchen we saw rest four playing cards, once again apparently everything was moving naturally but deep inside including her husband everybody was waiting for Chhaya to say that she is going to sleep and it happened soon after that.
We two came up with 5 mugs of coffee, intentionally Chhaya did not prepared coffee for herself and when everybody asked the reason she said she wants to sleep and she will not be able to stand for long. Just then Gunjan Didi came up with an idea of playing cards in the bedroom in comfortable postures where males were slept last night and everybody agreed to that.
Chhaya wanted to go to sleep just then but as she said that Gunjan Didi stopped her and told her to wait for 10-15 minutes by saying that she herself is also tired and she too wants to sleep but after couple of games.
Chhaya waited for Gunjan Didi and finally like it was planned by us in the evening itself after couple of hands and finishing her coffee Gunjan Didi got up to go along with Chhaya and she took my son along with her so that all three men including his own father can enjoy his mom on the bed without any hurdle.
Suddenly including my own husband I was alone with three males in the room and now I knew that within few more minutes I will be having zero clothes over my body. Certainly it was just not Harsh who was desperate to fuck me, rather both the other males; my husband Manish and Hemant Jiju were also heavily aroused and as I was the only female available to them to tranquilize there lust and I was assuming that they all will fuck me one by one.
After hardly couple of minutes of Gunjan Didi’s exit we all; I, my husband and Hemant Jiju received text from Gunjan Didi at the same time and it was “don’t do anything until I say yes…she might come back”.
As instructed we continued playing the running hand calmly without showing any hurry but even after a clear warning Hemant Jiju touched me over my breasts and spoke out couple of statement like “Chaitu aaj to tu gayi… raat bhar mein hum tujhe Chod Chod ke laal kar denge” also
“Chaitu tere liye better hai tu change kar le…Gunjan ka sms aate hi humne tere kapde faadne shuru kar dene hain”. Like Gunjan Didi said Chhaya came to the room again just to pick up medicine box, fortunately that instant we were not doing any mischief, rather as Jiju suggested I was gone inside the washroom to change.
Since morning I was wearing formal Salwar-Kameez, intentionally with whole marital make up and ornaments, make up like, Maang mein Sindoor and all and ornaments like Bengals, anklets and Mangal Sutra, which we North Indians consider it proud symbol of marriage.
Anyway Chhaya went back within a minute after taking a box of medicine and by now I was wearing lose Pajama and a t-shirt as a night suit and intentionally I did not thought about taking off my ornaments from my body because it has its own kind of sex appeal and it is very arousing for males,
especially Mang mein SInddor and Mangal Sutra because it gives a direct massage that this particular female is committed and faithful to her wedded husband and. Apparently after I came back we continued playing cards and but virtually no one was interested in that, at least I was somewhat desperate to get out of my clothes but we still had to wait for Gunjan Didi’s signal
and finally once again it came on all three mobiles at the same time and it was just one word “shoo” (often used with dogs to tell them to attack). My god! Truly speaking friends I cannot forget my feeling of that moment, I was wet and dripping in my panties and I can say for any female it was arousal at its height.
I was expecting that as soon as we will get a green signal from Gunjan Didi all three males will attack on me, at least Hemant Jiju will do that and deep inside I wanted them to fuck me like a bitch but it did not happened, Hemant Jiju behaved just opposite to that because he wanted to serve Harsh first.
Hemant Jiju and I both read the massage at the same time, Hemant Jiju told Manish to bolt the door from inside and he himself started collecting all the cards calmly and as Manish was done with the bolting the door, Jiju spoke to Harsh “Harsh Nanga kar issko” Harsh was still bit timid, from his face I could see that his heart was pounding,
he just smiled a bit over whatever Hemant Jiju told him to do, next Hemant Jiju spoke to Manish “Manish aakar Nanga kar apni biwi ko…” Manish came from behind and lifted my t-shirt, I raised my arms and in a moment I was sitting on the bed just in bra on my upper half.
“Harsh bra ka hook tu kholega….” Hemant Jiju spoke to Harsh this time and told me to move to Harsh without saying anything by just moving his head and I followed him, I moved to Harsh and turned around. Finally Harsh unhooked my bra and my massive fruits came out of the tight cage. “tera pajama main uttarunga…..”
Hemant Jiju spoke again and before I would have understood anything he pushed me on bed and pulled down my lower in a moment. Now I was lying on the bed between three males just with a panty on my body and to remove my panty once again Hemant Jiju spoke to Harsh “Harsh…uttar isski kachhi aur bhog lagga isski Chut kaa”
I myself turned my legs to Harsh so that he can take off last cloth from my body and Harsh did that calmly. He extended his hands to my waist and I lifted my bottom to help him. Wearing just ornaments like anklets, bangles and Mangal-Sutra I was stark naked now and as my panty went off from my body intense aroma of my pleasure juices got spread all over the room
and once again it was Hemant Jiju who commented on that, “hmmm….kya khushboo hai…Chaitu mera mann kar raha hai tujhe poora faad dun” “to faad do naa…maine kab manna kiya hai” I replied back. “Nahi…pahle Harsh tera bhog lagayega…fir hum tera Langar khayege (Langer term is used for the food served at spiritual places).
“Manish khol isski taange achhe se….” Hemant Jiju spoke to my husband and told him to spread my legs and then spoke to Harsh “aur tu ghus jaa isski Chut mein…khaa jaa issko” As Jiju said Manish moved from my behind and lifted my legs up spreading my fleshy thighs my wedded husband folded me into my half, now my fuckhole was almost facing roof and Harsh was sitting just in front of my opened treasure.
I was clean shaven, wet and flooding like a bitch in heat and now Harsh has to dive into my love pool to taste my juices, but he was hesitating a bit, even though according to Chhaya he use to love oral sex, may be he was not use to off this much of wetness. “Harsh lagga bhog jaldi…taaki humen bhi Prasad mille” Hemant Jiju spoke again, this time to Harsh and told him to hurry up in his way.
Harsh looked at Hemant Jiju with a mild smile and in a fraction Hemant Jiju red his brain that he is hesitating in sucking my fuckhole and for that he spoke “beta ye Amrit hai Amrit…pee jaa issko…sau saal jiyega…aur to aur… humara group join karne ke baad tu iss Amrit mein nahayega”.
I must say that like Gunjan Didi Hemant Jiju is also a master in making spontaneous statements, which can arouse anybody up to any height. That instant while getting folded into my half with an opened fuckhole I was breathing intense, I was literary dying to get ragged like a bitch and Hemant Jiju’s words were adding fuel to my arousal.
Finally I lost my patience and spoke in sensual voice “Harsh please…jaldi karo…faad do meri Chut ko…ghus jaao isske andar…please yaar….suck me” “Ohhh…..” finally I gasped in pleasure of getting touched by a male tongue at my fuckhole. Harsh started licking my pleasure hole calmly, my god…I was dying to get sucked madly but Harsh was slow and very timid in eating my fuckhole,
in a way his tongue was coming out his mouth, touching my fuck opening and going back, I was grunting in desire of getting sucked like I use to get sucked by Hemant Jiju and Bhanu Bhaiya. I wanted to push Harsh into my fuckhole but it was difficult for me to do, as I said holding my legs from my ankles and keeping my thighs apart my husband Manish was folding my body into half
so that Harsh can get full access of my fuckhole and my hands could not reach to Harsh but somehow after trying a bit I stretched my arms and reached to Harsh scalp and pushed him down into my fuckhole and spoke out in lust laden tone “Harsh suck karo issko….poora ghus jaao isske andar”.
My act of pushing Harsh into my fuckhole and asking him to suck me increased Harsh’s speed a bit and he started licking me better but still he was no way near Hemant Jiju. “Harsh Chut faad ke andar ghus jaa issske…ye Kutia hai…ye aise nahi satisfy hogi” this time Hemant Jiju spoke and called me bitch. Harsh was doing his best but still I was not getting the pleasure I needed.
As Hemant Jiju spoke that or somewhat instructed him how to suck me Harsh stopped and looked at Jiju. “Don’t hesitate… we all do this…suck her hard…muhn ghusaa de andar aur Chus isski Chut jaise aam chuste hain…faad de issko aaj” Hemant Jiju spoke and provoked Harsh in his way and once again Harsh started and this time he was far better.
“ohh…..” I groaned loud this time from the very first moment Harsh was bit rough over my fuckhole with his thick tongue and from his initial gesture I could make out Harsh has got excited. As Harsh tried to bury his face into my fuckhole bit more my husband widened my thighs further apart and I cried in pain of getting stretched more than my ability.
Finally Harsh overcame his hesitation completely and I felt his thick and rough tongue going inside my pleasure hole and in a moment he was rolling his tongue inside my fuckhole madly. I was moaning and trembling like I wanted to and could see that gradually Harsh is behaving like an animal with my fuckhole,
his excitement rose further high and he started eating my fuckhole by chewing my thick and fleshy outer labia and sucked my opening to take out everything I have in my fuckhole. Slowly I was reaching to the point where I could not bear the pleasure I was getting but still I was starving more and more of that pleasure and show my desperation once again I held Harsh’s scalp in my hands and started pushing him deeper into my hole.
My act excited Harsh even more, he held my thighs with his hands and pushed my bottom bit away from him to get better access of my love opening and went deeper into my womb and fenced my inner virginal walls crazily with his rough tongue and went on going sucking me like a hungry dog.
My l husband was holding me hard from my ankles and my legs were pointing roof and I was moaning loud and could not control my gasps. Hemant Jiju instantly kept his hand over my mouth and spoke out in excitement “Harsh aaj maar daal is Kutia ko…aur agar tune chhod diya to main maar daalungaa issko”.
Hemant Jiju’s words aroused me so much that suddenly I started trembling strangely and just in a fraction I was at the verge of explosion and desperately wanted to stop Harsh, I was in the state in which I could not utter anything rather I could not even moan to reveal my pleasure because Hemant Jiju was shutting my mouth.
I tried set myself free but Manish held me harder, I tried to stop Harsh by pushing him with my hands but Hemant Jiju overcame my physical efforts and held my both the wrists tight, one under his knee and other with his hand told Harsh to go on sucking my fuckhole
“Harsh Chusta Jaa….nikal de aaj isski saari garmi” and Harsh did what Hemant Jiju told him to do and he not only kept on sucking and chewing my fuckhole like an animal, he also tried to insert his finger into my pleasure hole.
Certainly I was desiring all this from the very first moment, it was a sexual pleasure which every slut like me dream to get from the male but at that moment that pleasure was going beyond my ability to bear and my own body was out of my control. My thighs were trembling feverishly, my whole body was shivering as if I am feeling extreme cold,
I desperately wanted to release my pressure but Harsh was not ready to stop, rather I would say Hemant Jiju was not letting him stop by provoking him with his erotic words like “Khaa Jaa isski Chut ko….” and just then Harsh somehow dipped down his thick finger into my fuckhole along with chewing thick flesh of my love hole and within few more seconds of desperate digging of my
love hole I felt as if I will die in this pleasure and somehow released my hand from Hemant Jiju’s grip and pulled Harsh’s hairs to stop him. This time Harsh stopped and all three men released me so that I can relax but I went breathless for few seconds, I could not even scream or moan in pleasure and just hummed in a very strange voice for bit long,
Hemant Jiju once again kept his hand over my mouth to control my voice and finally I started to release my pressure while jerking my lower half with sudden jerks. Holding the pillow tight on which I was resting my head I squeezed my fuckhole between my thighs and started feeling my fuckhole discharging river of pleasure juices from deep inside.
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