Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali – 21

This is in continuation of my post Couple Swapping Experience of Chaitali-XX, to get the relevance of my current write up I request readers who have not read my previous submissions they must go through them. In this serious of posts I have wrote down after making Radha Bhabhi a slut like we all are how we tried indulged my cousin sister Chhaya and Harsh in our fucking group.
In the beginning itself I would like to mention this fact that this write up might go long and might get divided into more than expected parts, just like it was happened last time. For an introduction for this series of posts once again I would say that most of readers might not feel it a true happening because it is a kind of incident which I don’t think comes in our knowledge very casually.
Believe me friends throughout reading my experience you just have to relate it with your eternal desires of getting on bed with other’s partner and I am sure as you will do that you will start believing on my life experience. Most of males wills certainly agree with this fact that they always feel like having sex with someone else’s wife but I would say this fact is not limited just to males,
females also gets attracted to other males, if not to all it is applicable to me and all the other three females of our group. It is forbidden, but it is true, like our husbands enjoy fucking other three male member’s wife we females enjoy fucking with other’s husband.
It’s all about your understanding with your partner and also with yourself; you just have to feel comfortable with other’s partner as if he/she is your partner. At our end we all believe that our body and sex is just an object to have fun and considering all the members one family we just try to have fun.
Now without wasting any time in reviewing I would say after succeeding in involving simple and religious widow like Radha Bhabhi into slutty act of fucking with two males at the same time, we all were very happy and excited and there was some sort of fever in all the males to see Radha Bhabhi in the group sex event as soon as possible although Radha Bhabhi was yet not aware

of our ultimate intentions that we want to add her into the entire swinging group where two more males were eagerly waiting to fuck her like a slut and to do that Gunjan Didi was thinking something but not it had a second priority. Both Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju were now energetic in the adding remaining couple Harsh and Chhaya into our fucking group.
As mentioned Chhaya is my first cousin from father’s side and because I was directly related to her, as per plan it was me who was suppose to approach her and Hemant Jiju was calling me almost daily to get updates over my chatting with Chhaya and he was pressuring me to act fast as he was planning a joint event after couple of months on a long weekend where he wanted to fuck Chhaya like an animal.
At my end though I was well connected to Chhaya over phone and social networking site, also sometimes we use to talk bit about our sex lives but even then I could not see any safe way to approach her or I can say I was not confident over myself in that regard.
Actually leaving there home town both Chhaya and Harsh were living in NCR and over the phone for me it was not possible to talk to her about all this because anyhow I could not guess there over all gesture. Over viewing all aspects in this regard, like distance and all eventually Hemant Jiju and Gunjan Didi came up with an idea of visiting Chhaya and Harsh for 3-4 days,
just to read their mind set and approach them in safe way and ultimately planned a journey to Delhi. As instructed by Gunjan Didi I spoke to Chhaya and told her that we, I and my husband are planning to come to Delhi to visit Agra for Taj Mahal and as I was expecting Chhaya gladly invited me to her place to stay in the NCR.
In next phase after couple of days I spoke to Chhaya again and told her that Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju has also made plan visiting Delhi with us and casually asked her if she is ok with two more guests at her place and once again like I was expecting Chhaya spoke out that Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju are also heartily invited to her place. Finally after few days we booked our train tickets.
Leaving their son at Hemant Jiju’s brother place Gunjan Did and Hemant Jiju boarded the train and from their town and eventually reached to our town and we two I and my husband Manish joined them after few hours. As we, I and my husband were carrying our son along, also there were few more people around we could not do anything naughty but we somehow kept on
discussing the battle plan to trap Chhaya and Harsh in limited word and indirect conversation in low voice and came to conclusion that it will be Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju who will lead the whole show and try to read the couple first, if they could be added into the group and if they will look like approaching they will try approaching them safely.
Finally after spending a night with jokes and mild indirect naughty statements in the train we reached to our destination early in the morning and as it was fixed, Chhaya and Harsh reached to the station to pick us. Talking about Chhaya and Harsh as a couple I would say my paternal cousin Chhaya has a marvelous figure, she is not thin or skinny,
she has ample thighs and arms but with not even an ounce of extra flesh over her body, certainly she is the only one who could give real completion to Shilpi Bhabhi in that concern. In appearance Chhaya has height equaling to me or may be couple of inches extra but she is fair and very good looking female with flat belly and slender waist,
like ours her ass is also jutting out sexily from her body but she has balanced flesh over her ass mounds, thighs and arms with perfectly shaped milks. Though her melons are much smaller than mine and Gunjan Didi’s breasts but in proportion of her petite body they are any day big and heavy which makes them point of attraction of her seductive body at the very first glance.
For Harsh’s physical appearance I would say, being a female in his first glance he didn’t impress much with his physical structure, apparently he seemed just an average guy who might not be able to satisfy bitches like we all are.
Though in appearance is a good looking male who is not at all thin and does not seem weak from any aspect, any day he is taller than me and also has an average health but unlike all other males of our fucking group he has a small body Skelton with balanced flesh over his shoulder and entire body but certainly he look perfect while standing beside Chhaya as her husband.
Anyway I and Gunjan Didi hugged Chhaya as we met out of the couch and after formal handshakes and Namastey with Harsh we all started to walk out of the platform and Gunjan Didi took charge of her front from the very first moment and started taking to Chhaya casually.
While moving out Harsh, Chhaya and Gunjan Didi were walking bit ahead from us and Chhaya was holding my child in her arms and I, my husband Manish and Hemant Jiju were together, just behind them.
That instant like I was expecting that Hemant Jiju will not hold himself from commenting about the couple we were planning to add in our fucking swinging group and first statement came out of his mouth was about Chhaya and her perfect figure “Hai, kya piece hai yaar, mera to issko dekhte hi khada ho gaya” saying “Haan…bas Chuchiyan thodi aur badi honi chahiyen thi”
my husband Manish acknowledged his words and commented that Chhaya’s breasts are bit small and in reply Hemant Jiju spoke out instantly “arre yaar wo to hum chus chus ke badi kar denge….aaj raat ko ek tu chusiyo ek main chusunga…” I giggled over Hemant Jiju’s reflex statement and in continuation Hemant Jiju spoke again this time to me
“Chaitu tu aur Gunjan Harsh ko sambhal lena” “Hum Dono aur wo akela….?” I spoke out in sarcastic tone and then spoke again “look at him….bechara mar jaayega…..Gunjan Didi akele hi isski jaan le lengi” and Hemant Jiju acknowledged my words in his typical way “sahi baat hai…Gunjan issko pura hi ghusa legi apni Chut mein”
and once again I giggled aloud on his words and just then Chhaya turned back to see us and smiled killingly in males perspective and told us to walk little faster and once again turned back and continued talking to Gunjan Didi. As Chhaya turned back Hemant Jiju looked at me, lust was ruling his senses,
it was evident from his eyes and once again Hemant Jiju spoke out in Chhaya’s concern “Seriously yaar… Agar ye aaj raat ke liye set ho gayi naa….to Issko pahle Chodne ke liye hum dono mein hathapai ho jaayegi…” and in response to this statement my husband Manish spoke out
“koi baat nahi….aap chod lena pahle issko…Chaitu Harsh ko sambhal legi….main Gunjan Didi ke saath sow jaaunga” without moving even a fraction towards our objective my husband somewhat planned the swinging pattern of all three couples and I laughed sarcastically over his assumption and spoke out “Huhm…stop dreaming… it’s not easy…”
and response of my sarcastic words Hemant Jiju spoke out “Chaitu… we have to add her in the group…. I promise jo gift tu bolegi tujhe wo laakar dunga…” I could feel the passion in Hemant Jiju’s voice and just then he revealed even more passion by saying “Issko bas maine kuchalna hai apne niche…isski Cheekhen sun ni hain maine…” “Relax…aap aggressive mat ho… control yourself…”
I spoke out casually to Hemant Jiju. By now we were close to the exit and after that just in few minutes we all got together and reached to the parking yard. After that there was nothing in our conversation which I could detail, it was about the number of days of our stay and plan of our hiring a cab to go to Taj and all that.
Eventually we reached to Chhaya’s home, it was 2 bedrooms flat in newly and well built apartment in NCR region. We all guests settled down in one bedroom with our luggage and started using washroom one by one and in that for a moment I got alone with Hemant Jiju and he utilized that moment by squeezing my ample ass mound and saying “kuch bhi ho tujhe to maine aaj Chodna hi hai…”
I felt good with his touch over my body and smiled a bit over his words and spoke out in bit of sarcastic tone, “let’s see…agar aaj aapko Chhaya mil gayi to aap meri taraf dekhoge bhi nahi…” “kya baat kar rahi hai yaar…tu meri jaan hai…mujhe tere ko Chodne mein jo mazza aata hai na uska koi comparison nahi hai….”
Jiju replied back instantly and tried to reflect his attraction to me and I smiled a bit in same sarcastic tone and got away from him and soon things went busy again and either it was my son or Chhaya who was around us and we maintained natural distance.
We had a plan of moving Agra via road next day and that day after breakfast with casual conversation Harsh went out on his daily schedule to his work place and as Chhaya owns a boutique in the market nearby her apartment she was suppose to go there and we two nasty couple moved out together officially for some shopping and unofficially to plan things to add this couple in our swinging group.
As my son was along we could not do anything naughty with each other’s partners and after roaming in one of Delhi’s good and crowded market we settled down in a good restaurant and as by now my son was sleeping we discussed everything clearly.
According to Gunjan Didi, adding Chhaya and Harsh in our fucking group was not an easy task and as she spoke that on the very next instant Hemant Jiju reflected his desperation for Chhaya by saying “No…we have to add them…mujhe Chodna hi hai iss Chhaya ki bachi ko” and we all somewhat giggled over his desperate reaction and he once again spoke
“kya mast tight maal hai yaar!…I will not go back without fucking her”. Gunjan Didi was nevertheless to add up spice to the conversation of that instant and she spoke about her desperation for the male member of the couple by saying “yaar mujhe bhi Harsh se Chudwana hai…” and then after a small pause she added
“bas ek baar uska Lund mere haath mein aa jaaye…usski cheekh nikal dungi main….mujhe chillate hue dekhna hai ussko” “waise aapko kya lagta hai…wo satisfy kar paayega aapko?” reflecting my perception about Harsh’s sexual ability this time I asked Gunjan Didi and I must say that our thinking about Harsh in the concern was alike,
Gunjan Didi expressed that by replying in bit disappointing tone “nahi yaar…. I don’t think wo humes itna easily satisfy kar paayega…” “but then after a pause she added “but still he is cute….most good looking male among all” “that’s true…” I replied and then added “but at a time hum mein se ek ko hi sambhal le wo hi bahut hai”.
Anyway cutting a long conversation shot we moved ahead in discussion and Gunjan Didi said while talking to Chhaya throughout the way to home and also while standing in the kitchen when they both were cooking breakfast, she felt that Chhaya does not have passion for sex or you can say for fucking,
and also took out the point that why even after five years of marriage Chhaya does not have any child and later in the conversation she said that she is little positive from Harsh’s end, she could see bit of glair in his eyes for females body.
Ultimately after talking on this subject in detailed fashion we came to conclusion that because of Chhaya’s non positive gesture we should not think of doing anything weird at the first instant, like we did with Radha Bhabhi, and we could not even hurry in approaching them and decided to start with erotic conversation at two different fronts, that is male and female.
Editing Hemant Jiju’s words spoken for Chhaya and her physical structure in desperation of fucking her, I would say that after seeing Chhaya he was desperate to get on bed with her at any cost and unlike we all were feeling he was not ready to accept that we might fail to add this couple in our group.
Anyway finally we reached back home in the evening and settled down in the living room in front of the television with tea and soon Harsh also came back from his work place and joined us. It could be physiological at my end that after getting detail of Chhaya’s and Harsh’s gesture I could feel that Gunjan Didi was absolutely right.
I noticed Hash staring at Gunjan Didi’s heavy ass mounds, she was wearing tight jeans with a top ending just below her waist and she was going in and coming out of the kitchen on frequent intervals and on the other hand Chhaya seemed a lot changed to me.
I don’t remember exactly but I think that I have mentioned this fact about Chhaya’s past that before marriage she had two boyfriends over the period of 5-6 years and I am not sure about two but certainly she was involved sexually with one and also as compared when I last met her face to face around 3-4 years back that moment she seemed bit lifeless to me in this concern.
Anyway finally tea came to an end with mild naughty jokes and humorous statements and all males remained settled down in the living room in front of television and we all females thought about going to kitchen to prepare dinner.
While working for dinner Gunjan Didi told me to change my clothes into night wear in solitude and I simply followed what she told me to wear and I came back in cooking area after changing my formal outfit of Salwar-kameez into searchable slacks and t-shirt just below my waist.
My t-shirt was nicely fitted to my upper half because of which size of my heavy melons were evident and under the thin stretchable cloth my massive ass was partially visible in the lower I was wearing as my t-shirt was covering hardly half of my fleshy buns and one could easily feel the ample flesh I carry on my thighs and erotically spread ass.
Before I would have came out after changing Gunjan Didi massaged Hemant Jiju that he has to notice Harsh, if he looks at me that way and then intentionally keep on sending me to living area near the males again and again, couple of times to ask something from males and couple of times to deliver them the snacks she asked for and Hemant Jiju replied positively through SMS,
he noticed Harsh looking at my massive ass indirectly and found him bit uncomfortable in his lower. At our end I and Gunjan Didi were sitting with Chhaya on the four sitter dining table while cutting down the vegetables and our casual conversation was on and after some time Gunjan Didi asked Chhaya why she did not planned a child yet and in response Chhaya gave lousy
excuse that they want to settle down in better financial conditions before getting into the responsibility of parenthood. From Chhaya’s gesture and overall house and their living conditions even a blind could make out that Chhaya was lying, she was in good financial condition and we could see that instant Chhaya was trying to get narrow escape from the conversation.
I tried to get deeper into conversation but Gunjan Didi stopped me from her facial expression and tried to change the subject and I simply followed her. After some casual conversation anyhow matter of our, mine and Chhaya childhood came and I think that was something for which Gunjan Didi was waiting, somehow she wanted to pull sex into casual conversation.
I detailed Gunjan Didi about our time spent together from childhood till our college ended and after listening me for long Gunjan Didi asked me casually with a smile “bade hokar bhi tum dono kuch khel kheli ya nahi?” though I could make out but pretending innocent I asked back with a mild smile “matlab?” and Gunjan Didi tried to explain me what did she mean with her words
“I mean tum dono ne ek dusre ke saath ladkiyon wala koi kaam kiya hai ya nahi?”, once again I pretended as if I haven’t understood and asked her again “kya kaam?” Gunjan Didi looked at Chhaya, she was smiling mildly and in response Gunjan Didi spoke to her with a smile “Chhaya tu samjha issko…ye na tube light hai….”and Gunjan Didi’s words enhanced Chhaya’s smile but she remained silent.
Finally Gunjan Didi spoke again to me and spoke out clear words of what she meant “abbey ek dusre ki Chut mein ungli daal kar, ek dusre ko maze diye hain….? yaa sirf langdi taang… aur rassi hi taapi hai”. As it could be assumed that I knew what she meant but I giggled over her words and came out with a good reply by saying
“wo kaam ye mere saath kyun karegi….isska to boy friend tha…ye kaam isne uske saath karen honge…” and my words really surprised Chhaya and she looked at me with a shock and once looked at the bunch of males who were sitting in living area bit far from us.
As I was not loud in saying that so there was no chance for her husband to listen that and as it could be expected, even after knowing this little detail about Chhaya’s past Gunjan Didi pretended unaware and asked back Chhaya “really…?” in response Chhaya giggled a bit and spoke out “nahi…aesi koi baat nahi hai….she is lying…”
and then spoke again “mera koi boy friend nahi tha….” She tried to ridicule my words completely by saying that she never had a boy friend but just then corrected her in continuation “I mean boy-friend tha…but I have never done such things…before marriage”
Gunjan Didi was somewhat waiting for this and as now subject was on I was sure that she will not stop and as Chhaya finished saying that she asked her instantly “you mean tune apne boy friend ke saath kuch nahi kiya….?” “Nahi…” Chhaya replied back and Gunjan Didi spoke out “kaisa boy friend tha…? I am sure gay hoga….jo tere jaise ladki ke saath kuch nahi kiya” “nahi gay to nahi tha…?”
Chhaya replied back casually and like I was expecting Gunjan Didi instantly asked her back “how do you know…?” for an instant Chhaya was speechless but very next moment she recovered and spoke “I just know….wo gay nahi tha….” Gunjan Didi was nevertheless, she spoke out again and somewhat teased Chhaya by saying
“I am sure usne tere saath kuch to kiya hoga…that is why you are so sure…” and Gunjan Didi’s words made Chhaya giggle a bit but she tried to remain silent but I feel it is really impossible to keep calm for anybody when Gunjan Didi is sitting beside with such kind of conversation and she spoke while looking at Chhaya again
“I am sure tune kissing to ki hi hogi…ho sakta hai…proper sex bhi kiya ho…” and once again Gunjan Didi’s words made Chhaya giggle and she spoke out in requesting tone “please yaar…just close this matter…it’s over now” and in reply of that Gunjan Didi spoke out “Ok…we will not discuss all this again…but just tell us….ki tune apne boy friend ke saath kuch kiya tha ya nahi….”.
Once again Chhaya smiled over Gunjan Didi’s words and somewhat surrendered “Ok…I accept kiya tha….aur maine jo kuch bhi kiya tha…Chaitu ko maloom hai…now I don’t want to talk about all this…” and once again Gunjan Didi spoke, may be just to enhance the end of the first sex talk with Chhaya
“Fine….we will not talk about all this…but just for your knowledge….maine bhi shaadi se pahle bed par BOOMA BOOM kar liya tha…but it was Hemant only…”. After that we all got up and stood up from dining chairs for the final phase of the dinner and once again Gunjan Didi silently told me to remain closer to the living area where males were sitting,
intentionally to keep on charging Chhaya’s husband with my physical appearance. I saw the TV while standing in the living area and reflected interest in whatever males were watching and saw Harsh getting conscious because of me. Not only that next it was just me who was serving food to males at the place they were sitting and intentionally I was moving closely from Harsh, just to arouse him from my body odor.

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