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Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 8  

I really don’t know when I went into sleep and for how long I slept, by the time I got up time was 5, I got up in hurry and started getting ready. Once again my heart was beating very high but my hands did not stopped and I continued getting ready for the big event of my life, I was going through strange sensation and it was a mixed feeling of fear and lust and I could not decide what to think and what not to think.
I could imagine that next couple of nights are going to be most weird sexual nights of my life as in next couple of nights I was going to have sex with three different men. Finally I got down after nearly half an hour or so. By that time everybody was ready including the remaining couple which was yet to come at that time. Jeetu Bhaiya and Shilpi Bhabhi were also there.
Now if I will explain Jeetu Bhaiya then I will say that he is not as tall as Hemant Jiju or Bhanu Bhaiya but any day taller and thinner than my husband and his wife Shilpi Bhabhi was most beautiful and maintained female among all of us. She is also taller than me, bit dusky skinned with sharp features, her body was well maintained and I could make out that she was not having even a single ounce of extra flesh on her body.
Though she is not at all thin rather she was having right amount of flesh on her thighs and arms, with a flat belly and reasonably big firm succulent breasts which seems bit heavy on her body. Gunjan Didi was wearing what she was suppose to wear, heavy suit of metallic color of Chuddidar pattern with tight pajami as a lower with high heel sandals with a beautiful dupptta,
Kiran Bhabhi was wearing nice red and cream sari, and matching blouse, Shilpi Bhabhi was also in sari of net of somewhat copper color with matching jewelry and at the end I was in golden color heavy sari of hand woven fabric with dark green color blouse.

Everybody, especially all males(except my husband) were waiting for me, I could see that because as I appeared they could not take off there eyes from me and Hemant Jiju was smiling while looking at me and he was the first one who gave me compliment that I am looking good. Gunjan Didi moved ahead to stairs and raised her hand to get mine and hugged me once again.
I looked at Shilpi Bhabhi, and we greeted by saying simple hi, Jeetu Bhaiya was also looking at me and silently I wished him too from my eyes and he responded in same fashion with a smile. Once again lot of snacks were kept on the central table with a bottle of Vodka and soft drink and moment I reached I could see that occasion has just started.
“All of us let’s welcome new members of our club Manish and Chaitali” Gunjan Didi spoke bit louder and introduced us formally in all swingers and clapped and with her everybody started clapping to give us an appraisal. Kiran Bhabhi moved ahead and hugged me and kissed me lightly on my cheek and gave me compliment by saying,
“Chaitu, you are looking stunning”, Shilpi Bhabhi also moved ahead and hugged me lightly and looked into my eyes with a smiled may be to see my gesture and I blushed in response and she uttered “you are welcome in our group”. Gunjan Didi took me closer to the dining table where carom board was kept in a way that four can play it,
counters were in the center of the board as they are kept before hitting it first time, and all four men were standing there including my husband. “So this is your trophy for which you are playing today” Gunjan Didi spoke while looking at Bhanu Bhaiya and Jeetu Bhaiya. I looked up at Bhanu Bhaiya, he smiled a bit as I looked at him, I too smiled in response, and Jeetu Bhaiya was also smiling.
Gunjan Didi explained me then exactly what is going to happen. There were two candidates of my first night who desperately wanted to seduce me before the other one, one was Bhanu Bhaiya and other was Jeetu Bhaiya, though Hemant Jiju also wanted to compete but he was kept out of the competition as a candidate forcefully by other two males because he has already experienced me on bed very well.
They were planning five games of black and white format of carom and Hemant Jiju and Manish were playing just as partners of two. I cannot write through what mind state I was going, it was something which can only be felt, I was nervous, scared, and to my surprise happy also and moreover I was feeling really very horny and slowly I was getting aroused.
From the time I got up to get ready I was leaking in my panty and by now I was literary streaming out flood of juices from my fuckhole. Game started, for the first game Hemant Jiju was his brother’s partner and Manish was helping Jeetu Bhaiya to win the game so that Jeetu can lift his wife as a trophy for tonight.
I was looking at Bhanu Bhaiya and Jeetu Bhaiya, there were busy in targeting there counters and I was busy in asking myself, to whom I am supporting. In any case it was a game for the first night, I knew this as well that next night I will be sleeping with the other one so how does it matter when both are ultimately going to fuck me,
even then there was something which was making me shiver in excitement and bit of fear that ultimately who is going to fuck me tonight I think I was getting uneasy because I could see hell of excitement in both the men as they were fighting (not seriously) and laughing while playing. I knew this as well that whatever uneasiness I was having was a matter of one night and I was sure that from tomorrow I will be enjoying all this more than any other female of the group.
Gunjan Didi told me to make drink for all four and to serve them. Once again it was vodka and after serving them I came to the drawing area where game of cards was about to start and this time Gunjan Didi got up to make drinks for us, we were also having vodka and here game was held for Manish between Shilpi Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi.
As such I could not see that excitement or passion to win the game in any one of the two and everything was casual. I was playing in partnership with Kiran Bhabhi and Gunjan Didi was supporting Shilpi Bhabhi for the first game. Drinks were on and by the time first game of carom ended drinks were up at men’s table.
First game of cards were won by us, means me and Kiran Bhabhi and there first game was won by Jeetu Bhaiya, and I could see excitement on his face for me as I reached there with one more set of drinks. Now the other partners were suppose to change but Jeetu Bhaiya argued that he does not want to change his partner and commented “trophy(me) ka husband mere saath hai to trophy ultimately meri hi hogi”.
I don’t know what I was thinking and what I was feeling, I was not at all interested to know that who is going to win at women’s end as my fate was getting decided here. Once again game started and this time once again Hemant Jiju was supporting his brother to win the game as his partner so that his brother can seduce me before Gunjan Didi’s brother.
I came back to cards and we started again, as I said earlier here everything was very casual and smooth. Jokes were on, mostly non-veg and apart from jokes it was me who was at center of all other conversation and mostly it was Gunjan Didi who was starting all this and teasing me in a way and once said as we heard loud noise coming from men’s side
“dekh tere liye ladai ho rahi hai,… dono ko aaj raat ko tere hi saath sona hai” “I mean sona nahi hai, raat ko tere saath jaagna hai” Gunjan Didi corrected her statement and smiled naughtily, and both Kiran Bhabhi and Shilpi Bhabhi also smiled on that and then Gunjan Didi spoke again while looking at me “you can resolve this matter in a fraction”
I looked at her with a question on my face and asked her “how” without uttering a single word just from my expressions, and Gunjan Didi’s reply was “take your decision, tell me with whom you want to spend night, Jeetu or Bhanu Bhaiya………or both” everybody smiled hearing that and I am sure men sitting at the other end were also listening Gunjan Didi,
I blushed as things were getting weird now, I could not imagine two men together with me at the same time and remained silent, reflecting as if I have not taken her seriously, and just then Gunjan Didi asked me again, “speak up, you want both?” I looked up to see Gunjan Didi and finally did not uttered anything just reflected that she is embarrassing me from my expressions.
Gunjan Didi was smiling on my condition, “please tell us if it is yes, we will not waist time then” Hemant spoke from there and everybody laughed on that, he was asking if I am ready to sleep with two together Bhanu Bhaiya and Jeetu Bhaiya then they will not waist time in playing carom to decide.
“seriously think about it, it will be fun” Gunjan Didi asked me again if I am ready to get on bed with two men together, fortunately she spoke that in low voice so that men cannot hear that, “please Didi stop it” I was feeling embarrassed, “ya, I mean…. if I am saying it will be fun that means it will be fun,……. you know we all are much more experienced than you”
Gunjan Didi spoke again in same fashion, I was just looking at her, what was she saying, I asked myself does she meant that she has experienced two men at the same time, “ask Kiran Bhabhi, kyun Bhabhi mazza aata hai na, even Shilpi has experienced that” “what are you saying” I asked back and looked at Shilpi Bhabhi,
she smiled in acceptance and my heart beat went nearly double as I realized that all three females sitting in my front of me have experienced two men together on the bed. Next thing flashed in my mind are they talking about anal and virginal sex at the same time with two men, like we see in blue movies, and I asked back Gunjan Didi,
“but you were saying she (Shilpi Bhabhi) has not done that” “what?” Gunjan Didi asked back, I remained silent as I was feeling hesitation to speak up. “anal sex ki baat kar rahi hai?” Kiran Bhabhi tried to confirm, whether she has guessed right or not and her tone was also low, I looked at her and moved my head in yes in acceptance.
Shilpi Bhabhi smiled on that and spoke, “ya, till now I have not done that, and neither I am going to do” “I didn’t mean that, even we have not experienced that” Gunjan Didi realized what I am thinking, because hardly couple of hours back she was saying this that she can handle two cocks together one in each hole and her words were “ek aage loongi dusra peeche”.
Shilpi Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi were still confused on what I meant and Gunjan Didi explained them by saying, “isska matlab hai, ek aage, ek peeche at the same time, jaise movies mein hota hai” “my god” Shilpi Bhabhi spoke in scary fashion as she was little shocked to hear what I was thinking,
Kiran Bhabhi giggled on that and spoke while laughing “waise, you never know agar yahan takk a gaye hain to wo bhi kar sakte hain” “Bhabhi waise Idea bura nahi hai(means its not a bad idea), it will be all together new experience” Gunjan Didi replied and laughed while looking at me and then spoke again and asked me, “bol karma hai?” “shut up” I replied,
“normal virginal sex karma, dono ek ek karke daalenge thodi thodi der ke liye” Gunjan Didi tried to explain what she meant and then spoke again “seriously we all have done that many times”……. And then spoke again after a pause “I mean ek bedroom mein ek female ke saath do male hote hain, aur dusre bedroom mein ek male ke saath do females” “like….. samjhi ya nahi?”
she asked me whether I understood or not and before I would have said yes Gunjan Didi spoke again and tried to explain giving example, “jaise mere saath Bhaiya aur Jeetu karte the,… aur ye dono Hemant ke saath hoti theen” and then spoke again, “similarly Shilpi has experienced Bhaiya and Hemant and Kiran Bhabhi has experienced Hemant and Jeetu”
Gunjan Didi was not ready to stop and I think intentionally she was doing all this to keep my sexual hormones high and then Gunjan Didi spoke again and it was even more weird, “aaj tere saath teeno karenge, aur Manish ko hum teeno sambhal lenge” “ye to fir bhi bach jaayegi, Manish pakka oopar pahunch jaayega” Kiran Bhabhi cracked joke using her wit and everybody laughed on that.
Fortunately whatever we were talking, it was in low voice, moreover all men were busy in there game and during all these comments and jokes game kept going and drinks were on, and sensation through which I was going from long time was rising and I was getting more and more uneasy.
Soon we all realized that third game of carom has started and second game is won by Bhanu Bhaiya, and next moment our second game ended and it was once again Kiran Bhabhi who won the game in my partnership. Here score was 2-0 Kiran Bhabhi was winning and there score was 1-1, Bhanu Bhaiya leveled the score.
Third game of carom and cards started and moved a bit, and now I was keeping an eye there and could not concentrate here on my cards as a result we lost soon and score became 2-1, Kiran Bhabhi was still leading, at the other end after some time there game ended and once again Bhanu Bhaiya won and there score was 2-1 and Bhanu Bhaiya was leading now.
Like all females I was up with my drink and Vodka was doing its work, nerves of my brain were getting relaxed. I served third drink at carom and it was said that it is last, Females had there second and once again game started at both ends and we lost one more time very soon and score at women’s end became 2-2, at there end forth game was on and it was getting longer,
in the mid of our 5th and final game men’s forth game ended and at there end score was 2-2, Jeetu Bhaiya won somehow and leveled the game. Leaving our game in between all of us were on the carom now, like me all females were keen to know that ultimately who is going to fuck me tonight.
Gunjan Didi was supporting and cheering up her brother Jeetu Bhaiya and Kiran Bhabhi was supporting her husband, and what about me, I don’t know what I wanted, I felt that I cannot hold this excitement and fear and I started sweating. Time was flying and game was running fast, I don’t know who was at scoring position and who was losing as I was lost somewhere,
I was getting nervous and feeling scared and could not decide how to handle this fever and anybody could see all this on my face, but nobody was looking at me, everybody was into the game and I really don’t remember what was going on in my mind at that time, may be I was visualizing myself with Jeetu Bhaiya or Bhanu Bhaiya.
Soon everybody screamed, few in joy and few in disappointment, my fate was sealed for tonight, it was Bhanu Bhaiya who won the trophy called Chaitali (me). Gunjan Didi hugged me and kissed me on my cheek and spoke to Bhanu Bhaiya, “Bhaiya, meri bahen ka khayal rakhna”. I was already wet in my panty and now I was sweating, fear started rising in me and my state became worst.
My heart was beating fast I was really uneasy, now I knew that who is going to fuck me tonight, and I could see happiness on Bhanu Bhaiya’s face, he was smiling while looking at me. Next moment Jeetu Bhaiya asked about the winner of our game, and Kiran Bhabhi replied with Shilpi Bhabhi’s name immediately, though game was yet not over,
she somewhat surrendered and gave Shilpi Bhabhi first chance to sleep with Manish and among all four of us, nobody uttered the truth that game is not over yet. So now everything was clear, that who is going to fuck whose wife, Manish was suppose to fuck Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife, that is Shilpi Bhabhi, Gunjan Didi was suppose to get in bed with her brother Jeetu Bhaiya,
Kiran Bhabhi was once again ready to share bed with the father of her child and younger brother of her husband Hemant Jiju and for that whole night I was won by Hemant Jiju’s elder brother Bhanu Bhaiya. Almost two hours were spent in all this and we all were nearly full with snacks and drinks and nobody had a desire to have anything else except sex.
And I could see excitement on Manish’s face as he was going to fuck most beautiful and sexy female of the group Shilpi Bhabhi, moreover Hemant Jiju was also seemed happy and he was looking at me again and again and smiling, and mentally I was at my worst and once again I looked at Gunjan Didi in dilemma and she sensed my condition and told me to go to my room and in the end said that she is also coming.
I took leave from there and came in my room and just after a minute Gunjan Didi also entered in the room, and straight away asked me “what happened” in caring tone, “Didi mujhe nahi karna” I replied that I don’t want to do it, “why are you getting nervous, Hemant ke saath bhi to kiya tha na?” she asked me, “Didi mujhe darr lagg raha hai” I replied
“darne ki kya baat hai? Sex hi to karna hai”… “aur Bhanu Bhaiya bahut ache hain…. You know why I was supporting Jeetu because mujhe Bhaiya ke saath karna tha” Gunjan Didi replied and tried to convince me, “to fir aap hi kar lo” I replied immediately, “to fir main Jeetu ko bhej deti hoon tere pass, koi problem nahi hai”
Gunjan Didi gave me this option that if I want to sleep with Jeetu Bhaiya then she can send him here in my bedroom, but I was not ready for that as well and I replied with no immediately, “you want to do with Hemant?” once again Gunjan Didi asked and gave me option of Hemant Jiju, I remained silent as I could not decide anything,
“just relax yaar, why are you getting tensed, I am telling you tu Bhanu Bhaiya ke saath bahut enjoy karne wali hai” Gunjan Didi spoke again and tried to convince me for Bhanu Bhaiya. I was still confused and could not think anything, “Cheitu don’t step back now, this is wrong” Gunjan Didi spoke again, I could feel what she was saying, as now it was too late to step back,
and somewhere I had a desire for this as well and it was just a matter of fear of one moment, like it happened earlier when I was swapped with my sister nearly two months back, “come on say something” Gunjan Didi spoke again, I remained silent and kept on staring her, and spoke after few more seconds,
“Didi mujhe darr lagg raha hai, please…please I am requesting you stay with me, aap rahoge to sab ho jaayega”…. I spoke again “last time bhi aap the to ho gaya tha aur please hum aaj Hemant Jiju ke saath karenge ” Gunjan Didi kept on staring me as now she did not had anyway to convince me and finally spoke “Ok,…..I will stay but Hemant ke saath nahi Bhanu Bhaiya ke saath”.
“Please…..” I requested again, “no….it’s not possible” she replied back, “but why” I asked, “Because Manish is going with Shilpi….. and it’s fixed” ….“now if I will come here with Hemant, then Jeetu, Bhanu Bhaiya and Kiran Bhabhi will be left, Jeetu and Kiran Bhabhi is also ok,….ab bache Bhanu Bhaiya wo kya apna Lund khud hillayenge, moreover meri bhi swapping nahi hogi, because I will be with my husband”
Gunjan Didi explained me in brief that technically what I am asking is not possible, and it was almost clear in my mind now even then I insisted her again “Didi please, just try to understand” I spoke in requesting tone. “Listen if you want me to be with you then there is only one option, we both will stay with Bhanu Bhaiya,….. Hemant aur Jeetu Bhaiya dono Kiran Bhabhi ke saath soyenge” Gunjan Didi replied in a way as if there is no other option.
“ok” finally I accepted, “Ok sabko explain karke, I am coming back in few minutes, you just relax and stay calm, …. Aur tu pahli baar nahi Chuddne waali jo itna nervous ho rahi hai, aur swapping ka experience bhi hai tujhe, mujhe maloom hai tune Hemant ke saath kitna enjoy kiya tha” Gunjan Didi was somewhat scolding me for my behavior.
With that Gunjan Didi left the room and I heard here voice saying “Ladies and Gentlemen raat ke arrangement mein thode se changes hain” as she spoke loud from the stairs while clapping couple of times. I don’t know what she said next and how she managed to convince everyone to accept changes for me because by that time she was back in living room.
Gunjan Didi came back after 5-6 minutes, I was standing where I was on her exit, she straight away took off the safety pin from my shoulder which was holding pallu of my sari and spoke, “ for tonight I am staying with you, but for next two nights you are on your own”
by that time her hands were down to pleets of my sari as she was taking off safety pin from there, and after taking off both the safety pins she looked into my eyes and spoke with a smile, “baaki ki sari Bhanu Bhaiya uttarenge, abhi do minute mein aa rahe hain”.

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