Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali – 23

Leaving my son sleeping in our room we all females came to the other room where males were residing and Gunjan casually asked “kaunsi movie hai” and Hemant Jiju replied “group sex hai”. Unintentionally my sight flew to Harsh who was standing the screen and his eyes were stuck to Gunjan Didi’s fleshy and bare legs.
“You mean porn?” once again giving a natural reaction Gunjan Didi asked her husband with bit of surprise and to reply her question Hemant Jiju spoke out in bit rough tone “haan…Porn…hai….nahi dekhni to mat dekho… Jaao yahan se” in response Gunjan stared into Hemant’s eyes once again just to give natural reaction, and Hemant Jiju spoke again “what…? nahi dekhni to jaao yahan se”.
Next Gunjan asked me “dekhni hai” I said “ok” in low voice next Gunjan saw Chhaya and asked her “what do you say…?” and cleverly before Chhaya would have replied with yes or no Gunjan spoke again “dekh lete hain…koi problem nahi hai…after all we all are couples…”. Movies were already played and initial casting was on and very soon we all settled down in the room in two blocks, males and females.
Here I must praise Hemant Jiju for his foresightedness; he first made an environment of playing and watching a porn movie together, not only came up with a XXX movie from his place, but also the kind of movie which was perfectly suiting our situation.
There were 4 males and 4 females in the movie and as usual things started with sucking of genitals, few sluts were sucking males Penis few were getting sucked at there fuckhole by the males, soon fucking started all the four fronts and along with fucking females with all their passion males were switching sluts in regular interval.
Soon whole room was filled with loud moans which were coming out of mouths of four sluts of the movie. Our husbands, mine and Gunjan Didi’s were engrossed into that movie, and instead of movie me and Gunjan Didi were more interested in sensing our target couple’s expressions.
Chhaya was sitting beside us and she seemed little uncomfortable sitting in the room with a nasty movie running on the screen and Harsh, he was wearing a lose pajama and I could see him getting uncomfortable with every passing moment.

Considering Harsh’s and Chhaya’s nil passion towards sex, specially Chhaya’s cold attitude I can easily say things happened in such a short span, which ultimately bought all of us together in the same room with a porn playing on the big screen was really unbelievable and the one who did all this single handedly;
Hemant Jiju was yet not ready to stop going weird and soon after hardy five minutes of fucking started, he suddenly spoke out “ladkiyan agar gilapan mahsoos kar rahi hon to, Apne apne patti ke paas aa sakti hai…” including Chhaya we all smiled over his witty comment and before any would have thought anything Hemant Jiju looked at Gunjan Didi and spoke to his wife “Gunjan tu to aa hi jaa mere pass….I need you”.
Gunjan Didi looked at me and from her expressions I could make out that Hemant Jiju’s words have surprised her too. I don’t know what I was thinking, for me everything was running very fast and for a moment I could guess what Hemant Jiju was thinking to do and as Gunjan Didi tried to get up I stopped her by holding her hand and spoke out “Aap Didi ko kyun bula rahe ho apne paass?”
for Hemant Jiju, Gunjan Didi and my husband Manish I was trying to act normal but deep inside I was not at all acting and I was scared Hemant Jiju might start fucking Gunjan Didi then and there to aggravate our target couple sex hormones and I really did not wanted that to happen.
Hemant Jiju saw me stopping Gunjan Didi and replied to my words bit rudely and somewhat scolded me “why you stopped her, tune aana hai kya?…mujhe koi problem nahi hai… aaja” over his weird words I was just speechless and could not think of replying anything and Hemant Jiju spoke again “Gunjan Aaja…Chhod inko…ye sab budhe ho gaye hai… just we two are young”.
Finally Gunjan Didi got up to go, my husband Manish got away and gave her space to sit beside Jiju and Hemant Jiju took Gunjan Didi in his arm. I don’t know what was running in my mind, it was a time for Manish or me to react and I was confused of my life and I could see that Manish was also in the same mind state.
Next moment Hemant Jiju teased me by showing her tongue and spoke “tu budhi ho gayi hai…hum to abhi bhi young hain”. Unintentionally Hemant Jiju’s words and act of teasing me bought smile to my face and I felt that he wants me to react on that and I reacted by getting up and moving to Manish and sat beside him and wrapped his hand around my shoulder,
Like Hemant Jiju was wrapping around Gunjan Didi. Like I was expecting once again Hemant Jiju spoke out a comment and in a way gave an appraisal by saying “Good…that’s like a young couple”. Chhaya and Harsh were still apart and now I was expecting Hemant Jiju to speak to them and it happened very next moment ”tum dono sach mein budhe ho gaye ho…come on sit together like a couple”.
Chhaya smiled a bit on Hemant Jiju’s tease and finally that too happened, Harsh moved to Chhaya and sat beside her and once again we all engrossed into movie. For me everything happened till then was too much and now I did not wanted Hemant Jiju to do anything but deep inside I somewhat knew that it is really very difficult to stop him now and hardly after 5 more minutes of movie playing Hemant Jiju spoke again
“I need that room” and before any would have understood anything he spoke again this time to me “Chaitu apne bache ko yahan laakar sula de”, “what…?” Gunjan Didi spoke out in shock; either she was pretending shocked or possibly this time even she could not believe over Hemant Jiju’s demand and in reply Hemant Jiju spoke to her “haan… mujhe kuch kaam hai tumhare saath…”
and Gunjan Didi spoke back in bit sarcastic tone “I know kya kaam hai tumhen mere saath?” Hemant Jiju hardly bothered about Gunjan Didi’s sarcastic tone and replied by saying “good…then let’s go” “Jiju behave…!” this time it was me who spoke that, once again I played my part and spoke out in bit loud and dominating voice, for me it was not at all difficult to act real as I was not at all acting, I was behaving normal.
“Kya behave?….she is my wife and I want to fuck her…what is wrong in this” Hemant Jiju reacted reluctant to me and for a moment I was speechless but ultimately I spoke out in same angry tone “yahan karna zaruri hai…jo karna hai apne ghar jaakar karna….” My words aggravated Hemant Jiju even more and he spoke out “why…?…mujhe bhook abhi lagi hai…aur main khana char din baad khaunga….”
He paused a bit and then spoke again “and who are you to say all that….tune karna hai to tub hi karle apne patti ke saath….” And before I would have thought about saying anything he moved from his place to go to the other room and spoke again to me “get up…apne bache ko le jaa aakar…kahin wo apni maasi ko Chudte hue na dekh le”.
Hemant Jiju went out and like I was expecting Chhaya and Harsh were shocked of their life, from her expressions Chhaya seemed as if she was feeling that she is stuck in strange situation but I could sense hell of arousal on Harsh’s expressions, again and again he was trying to adjust his Penis in his underwear.
Just then Manish’s mobile beeped, I was somewhat sure this is none other than Hemant Jiju. That time I could not guess what was it, Manish read that massage in a moment and deleted the massage giving expression as if it was useless sms and spoke to Harsh “I want to ask you something?”
Harsh moved his hand as if he is saying “what?” instead of saying anything in front of us Manish took him out in the balcony to speak to him in solitude and for a minute we three females got alone in the room and behaving natural Gunjan Didi utilized that moment and spoke to us, “see I told you…Hemant roz chhadta hai mere oopar” “now what…?”
I asked Gunjan Didi back in Chhaya’s presence and Gunjan Didi repeated my words in sarcastic tone “now what…main jaa rahi hun Chudne aur kya…” Gunjan Didi paused a bit and then spoke again with a mild smile “tell you frankly mera bhi mann hai karwane ka…” and surprisingly Chhaya smiled on her naughty gesture.
“tere pass Condoms hain” next Gunjan Didi asked Chhaya for Condoms and Chhaya reacted bit positively by saying “may be…dekhti hun…”. After Chhaya’s reply as such I was not expecting anything from Gunjan Didi.
I thought she has asked for condoms just for the heck of it, just to add up spice and I was expecting that she might wait for Chhaya to get her condoms but before Chhaya would have moved or spoke out anything in that concern Gunjan Didi spoke again while looking at me and in very low voice “Kahin Hemant Peeche daalne ki zid karne lagge”
and then spoke again “wahan bina Condom ke nahi dalwana chahiye…” “Peeche…?” this time it was not me who spoke that, it was Chhaya who could not keep her mouth shut after listening word peeche and she repeated the word in shock “Haan…Peeche…you just give me Condoms” “agar honge to uss room ki Elmira mein blue jacket ki pocket main honge…”
Chhaya spoke back and gave Gunjan Didi location exactly where she might condoms, that is in the pocket of blue jacket hanged in Elmira of the bedroom where she was about to get fucked by her husband and next instant Gunjan Didi took leave from there.
We; I and Chhaya looked into each other’s eyes and smiled a bit and like I was expecting Chhaya asked me back “peeche daalne se kya matlab hai…” I smiled a bit over her question and spoke out “peeche…anus mein….Didi was telling me ki Jiju kabhi kabhi unke Anus mein bhi daalte hain…” “ohh…God” Chhaya reacted like it was expected
“waise please mind mat karna par Jiju aise hi hain…” I spoke to Chhaya and just then Gunjan Didi came back while carrying my child in her arms and spoke “sambhal issko…kahin sach mein na dekh le ye mujhe Chudte hue”. I took my child and adjusted him on the bed.
In a fraction Gunjan Didi was back in the room to get fucked and I continued my conversation with Chhaya and not whole incident, rather up to the required extent detailed what all Hemant Jiju did with Gunjan Didi sometime back when I and Manish were also staying with them in the same room during one out station marriage. (Mentioned in my first series of post, in which I was trapped into this swinging pattern).
Anyway Manish and Harsh were out in the balcony and I did not had any clue over what he was told to do by Hemant Jiju through Sms, without mentioning me getting trapped during that incident I was telling edited story to Chhaya when Manish came back to room from balcony and asked me “gaye dono..?” I said “haan” to him and tried to read my husband’s expressions but failed.
He went back to the balcony and next instant both Harsh and Manish came in and went out of the room, but before disappearing from the door Manish turned and spoke to me “tum log yahin raho bahar matt aana….hum living room mein TV dekhne jaa rahe hain”, I don’t know how but for a fraction I felt Manish has told us to stay in the room intentionally and he actually wants me to follow them.
I hold my breath, everything happening around me was weirdest of my imagination and as such nothing was planned and I was somewhat tired of all that and did not wanted to act any more but at that stage I could not step back and saying “let’s see ye dono kya dekh rahe hain…TV par”
I took Chhaya along and saw both the males sitting down on their knees in front of other bedrooms door to see through the keyhole into the room where Hemant Jiju as fucking Gunjan Didi. I behaved natural and spoke out “ye kya ho raha hai…?” that instant Manish was looking inside and as he heard me from behind he told me to keep silence by putting his finger over his lips and spoke
“Gunjan Didi Hemant ka suck kar rahi hain…” I saw Harsh, from his expressions I could see that he was conscious of my presence but from Manish’s expressions he was not at all bothered about Chhaya being present there. “Manish…what is this…?…behave yourself…!”
I spoke out giving a natural reaction but my words hardly made any difference to Manish and he leaned again and saw things happening inside via key hole and spoke in low voice “Wow…Gunjan Didi Kitne achhe se Chus rahi hain Hemant ka Lund…” and then looked back to me and spoke again “aao dekh kar tum bhi… kuch seekh low” and Manish’s words bought instant smile on mine and Chhaya’s face.
I must say in Hemant Jiju’s and Gunjan Didi’s absence it was Manish who was leading the show now and I could guess that’s what he was told to do by Hemant Jiju through SMS and I was absolutely right, later I came to knew that the text Manish received from Jiju was “watch me fucking her and take a charge to arouse them, do not depend on Chaitu, let her behave natural”.
Anyway Manish went on behaving shamelessly and saw things happening inside one more time and typically using Hindi slang words explained us that both, Hemant Jiju and Gunjan are stark naked, Hemant Jiju is standing on his knees on the bed and while being on her knees and elbows Gunjan Didi is sucking her husband’s monster very effectively and his exact words were
“Hemant aur Gunjan Didi dono poore Nange hain…Hemant bed par ghutno par khada hai aur Gunjan Didi doggy style mein uska Lund Choos rahin hain”. On the other hand Harsh was bit conscious because of us and he stood up on his feet.
Manish insisted him to see inside couple of times and when he did not succeeded he somewhat screamed on us in low voice and told us to go away by saying “tum log jaao yahan se…don’t disturb us” I smiled a bit over Manish’s reaction and I found that moment just perfect to change my temperament according to the environment and spoke in a low voice “mujhe bhi dekhna hai….”.
I think that instant Manish was not expecting that from me but he behaved natural and made space for me and spoke “aao dekho aur seekho Gunjan Didi se kaise Chuste hain…” I looked at Chhaya and smiled mildly and asked her “let’s see…koi problem to nahi hai na….?” and Chhaya moved her head in acceptance with a mild smile.
As compared to very first moment I could see significant change in Chhaya’s gesture but still she was not fully engrossed into sex, even her husband Harsh was also not fully engrossed but still he was in much better state in our perspective and I could make out we do not have to do much efforts to trap him now I could see him hard in his lower and he was adjusting his Penis again and again.
Anyway I moved ahead and tried to peep inside the room where my sister was getting fucked by her husband and saw Hemant Jiju squeezing her melons roughly and Gunjan Didi moaning in lust. “Kya ho raha hai….?” Manish asked me from behind “Jiju breast dabba rahe hain Didi ki…” “hmmmm…Wow” Manish reacted by humming in pleasure, surely to arouse Harsh and Chhaya.
I looked at Manish and reflected arbitrary anger over his reaction and then looked at Harsh and Chhaya one by one “I think ab Hemant Chusega Gunjan Didi ki Chut ko” Manish spoke and tried to get closer to the key hole and looked inside and spoke “abhi to Chuchiyaan Choos raha hai…” and then after a pause Manish spoke to Harsh with a smile “aaja tu bhi dekh…live porn hai aur kya”.
Harsh wanted to see but he was hesitating, he looked at Chhaya and once again I felt it is a time for me to react and I got up a bit and holding Chhaya’s wrist pulled her lightly and spoke “tu bhi aa jaa, just forget ethics and all… sab dekhte hain…”.
From Chhaya’s expressions of that instant I felt somewhere deep inside Chhaya also wanted to see it and she slowly came forward after bit of my persuasion and kneeled down to see through key hole and I saw her smiling a bit when she was looking inside. “kya kar rahe hain dono…?”
I asked Chhaya, and instead of replying Chhaya got away and stood up, she was hesitant to speak up and when I asked her again “kya dekha….?” She replied with a smile “tu khud hi dekh le” I moved a bit and once again saw through key hole and found Hemant Jiju’s face buried into Gunjan Didi’s fleshy thighs.
I must say that as far as their position on the bed was concerned Hemant Jiju and Gunjan Didi were just at the right place, I am sure it was intentional from their side; they purposely chose a portion of the bed which was just in front of the key hole so that we all can enjoy their fuck session live.
Anyway I was sneaking inside and Manish asked me while standing beside me on his knees “kya ho raha hai…?” and I replied with “Jiju sucking kar rahe hain….” While glancing inside “hat mujhe dekhne de…..” Manish pushed me aside and saw inside one more time and once again hummed in pleasure and spoke “khaa jaayega aaj ye Gunjan Didi ko…” “tum bhi seekho kuch….”
Using my wit this time I spoke to Manish and both; Chhaya and Harsh smiled a bit on my witty statement. Once again Manish insisted Harsh to see inside and this time Harsh moved ahead and kneeled to see because Chhaya has already seen through and ultimately saw Hemant Jiju sucking his wife’s fuckhole like a dog.
After a while he got away and I moved ahead and saw inside and saw Gunjan peeling off wrapper of Condom. I pulled Chhaya’s wrist to get her closer and spoke “dekh…” once again Chhaya kneeled down and looked inside and I spoke again but intentionally in very low voice “Didi condom lagga rahi hai… Kahin Jijaji unke peechhe to nahi daalna waale?” and then himself went forward to see it.
My voice was low but more than enough for Manish to hear and Manish reacted naturally over my statement spoken to Chhaya and asked me in surprising tone “peechhe matlab…Gaand mein daal raha hai…?” once again Manish’s Hindi hardcore word Gaand for Ass took Chhaya’s attention and she looked at Manish for a fraction with a strange gesture.
That instant we all were on our knees and I was looking inside the room and it was somewhat clear to me that the posture Hemant Jiju and Gunjan Didi were trying to attain, they want to show Chhaya and Harsh anal fucking.
Gunjan Didi was somewhat folded into her half by Hemant Jiju and he was holding her thighs tight keeping her asshole facing roof and seemed about to plunge Gunjan Didi’s asshole just in few seconds and I spoke again “arre haan yaar…ye to Gunjan Didi ke peechhe hi daal rahe hain….”
With that I got aside and pulled Chhaya a bit from her wrist and Chhaya peeped inside, I looked at Harsh, he was excited and I could see a prominent tent in his lower, he saw me looking at his pelvis, I used the opportunity and smiled a bit while looking into his eyes and as our eyes met he blushed on my nasty smile.
From his expressions I could make out he also wanted to see inside but that instant his wife was stealing a look of the things happening inside their own bedroom. I looked at Manish to convey that he should let them see it and moved my eyes balls in the direction of Harsh while looking into Manish’s eyes and Manish smiled a bit may be to express that he has understood
what I am trying to say or on the success we have achieved so far and asked me, may be just to speak up something “Hemant Gaand maar raha hai kya Didi ki?” and before I would have replied anything we all heard shrill cry of Gunjan Didi and Chhaya spoke out “Ohh…God…” “kya hua…?” I asked her instantly in reflex, she got away and looked at me with a mild smile,
but from her expressions I could read her mind, her heart was pounding and she was bit terrified. As Chhaya got away Manish took position to see inside and before I would have asked Chhaya again Manish spoke “issne to sach mein Gunjan Didi ki Gaand mein daal diya hai….” and before I would have moved ahead to see it to give an hint to Manish that he has to let see Harsh and Chhaya,
while saying “aa dekh” Manish pulled Harsh’s wrist to get him closer and now it was Harsh who was sneaking inside to see a real ass fucking happening in his own bedroom. I and Chhaya were standing beside each other on our knees and next Manish looked at me and spoke “Hemant bahut buri tarah pail raha hai Didi ko”.
For a moment I could not think about saying anything, I looked at Chhaya and smiled a bit and in response she also smiled mildly, Harsh was looking inside and he was not ready to get away from there to give any of us chance to see and then suddenly we heard Gunjan Didi gasping louder, though it was not very high-pitched like we see in blue movies but still we could hear her groans while standing just next to the door.
“Harsh please humen bhi dekhne do…” I spoke to Chhaya’s husband from behind, Harsh turned and looked at me and once again I got a chance and smiled a bit and unintentionally my sight flew to his crotch where there was a prominent erection.
As Harsh got away I moved forward to the door and holding her wrist took Chhaya along to peep inside and saw Hemant Jiju was at his best in plunging his wife and must say that Gunjan Didi at her worst. Jiju was ramming Gunjan Didi’s asshole with his full strength and Gunjan Didi was grunting in pleasure and pain and while being close to door we could hear her erotic cries and gasp.
After looking inside for hardly 5 seconds I gave space to Chhaya and she also glanced rough anal fucking happening live and that is in her bedroom. I was expecting that Chhaya will get away from glancing very soon but surprisingly she continued looking inside for a while and seemed getting aroused a bit and for us it was a kind of achievement.
“Hemant aaj Gunjan Didi ko Maar daalega Chod Chod ke….” While looking at Harsh once again intentionally Manish spoke out erotic to give more arousal to the atmosphere and once again I saw Harsh adjusting his rod in his lose Pajama.
Once again Chhaya got away and like I desired Manish pushed Harsh a bit to tell him that he can peep inside and Harsh took the opportunity and saw final phase of Gunjan Didi’s asshole’s fucking. After few seconds he stopped sneaking and got away from the door and spoke to Manish “ho gaya…” “chhod diya paani?” Manish spoke out, somewhat asked him to confirm,
I instantly moved ahead and looked inside and saw Hemant Jiju removing Condom from his monster and behaving natural and aroused I too spoke out in surprising tone, “Jiju ka Penis kitna mota hai…aur lamba bhi….”, certainly I was pretending as if I am looking at Hemant Jiju’s monster for the first time and next moment pulled Chhaya closer and told her to see.
Don’t know why this time Chhaya hesitated a bit but I insisted her and she sneaked inside and saw size of Hemant Jiju’s monster and got away in few seconds. Next Manish saw inside through keyhole and saw Gunjan Didi sitting on the bed and spoke “Halat kharab kar di Hemant ne Gunjan Didi ki…” and then after few seconds he suddenly got up on his feet and spoke
“let’s go away…they might come out now” and next moment we all got up and moved aside. Manish took a seat on the couch in front of TV and told Harsh to switch on the main switch and I and Chhaya moved to the bedroom. For the instant last word spoken by Manish to Harsh, we; me and Chhaya heard just before going into the bedroom was “mazza aa gaya Gunjan Didi ki Chudai dekh kar”
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