Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali – 25

By the time Harsh was in washroom I had tiny chat with Gunjan Didi over whatever we were about to do and I told her that I am not willing to do it and I was expecting Gunjan Didi will certainly listen to me but that instant she was not in mood to consider any ifs and buts given by me, lust was ruling her senses and she ended my argument by saying we don’t have time for any such debate and we have to do it.
That time we both were still in our night wear, I was wearing lose pajama as lower with a t-shirt on the top and same as first night Gunjan Didi was wearing shorts and cut sleeve t-shirt and we both were standing in living room just outside the bedroom whose bathroom was occupied by Harsh and before I would have spoke out anything more to convince Gunjan Didi
for not doing all this we heard a noise of door of washroom getting unlocked from inside and Gunjan Didi instantly reacted to that and went inside the bedroom and I just followed her. As we two entered in the bedroom almost at the same time Hash also came out of the washroom after taking a shower.
He was topless with a towel tied on his waist and without wasting even a second Gunjan Didi moved bit closer to him and spoke out double meaning with a smile “Harsh Chhaya aapko humare liye chhod gayi hai….” I was standing behind Gunjan Didi, just inside the room and my heart was pounding, I knew that now nobody in this world can stop Gunjan Didi from fucking Harsh and within few minutes I may witness a reverse fucking.
Anyway although Harsh got bit conscious we entered in the room suddenly and as he heard whatever Gunjan Didi spoke, but he behaved casual and asked back “Chhaya itni jaldi chali gai….?” “Haan uska ek appointment tha…kisi designer ke saath, somewhere in Manesar…” Gunjan Didi replied back while looking into Harsh’s eyes “Ohh..yes…yes!”

Harsh replied back casually and behaved as if he knew that she has to go early and moved bit towards his wardrobe to get his clothes and along with him Gunjan Didi also moved a bit and reached further close to Harsh and spoke “Chhaya ne jaate hue humeh aapka khayal rakhne ke liye kaha tha…..” “humne socha tha ki aaj aapko hum apne haathon se Nahlaayenge…”
then after a very tiny pause Gunjan Didi spoke again in continuation “par aap to apne aap hi naha liye…”. Gunjan Didi was almost facing away from me and I could not see her expressions but I could see Harsh’s facial expressions changing into shock, for a moment he could not believed whatever Gunjan Didi spoke but he had to believe because next instant while saying
“chalo dobara andar chalo….”Gunjan Didi tried to pull his towel from his waist. In reflex Harsh tussled a bit to save him from getting exposed but because it was a surprise for him ultimately Gunjan Didi won and she took off his towel. Harsh was wearing underwear beneath and Gunjan Didi reacted to it by saying “arre aapne to underwear pahna hua hai….koi baat nahi…issko bhi uttar dete hain”.
Truly speaking friends anyhow I cannot explain Harsh facial expression in words, I could see his face clearly, he was in utter shock over whatever was happening as Gunjan Didi moved ahead a bit he stepped back in reflex to save his dignity but I must say that Gunjan Didi is a kind of bitch who cannot be stopped if once she is on and further just to take off Harsh senses she instantly
took of her top and as she was not wearing any bra underneath just in a fraction her melons were sagging in front of Harsh eyes. My God, I must say it is just Gunjan Didi who could do all this so casually, she massaged her melons with her own hands and smiled killingly while looking at Harsh and from his expressions I could see that Harsh is not a kind of a male who could hold himself,
especially against a slut like Gunjan Didi. As Gunjan Didi became topless his eyes were stuck to her heavy milks and just in a fraction Gunjan Didi was hugging Harsh and her massive melons were touching Harsh’s bare chest, she was moving her hand over his body while kissing his torso and Harsh was humming in pleasure while doing tiny efforts to push Gunjan Didi but from his
overall gesture I could see that now he cannot save his dignity, “Didi aap ye kya kar rahe ho” once Harsh spoke out in shock may be unintentionally and Gunjan Didi replied to him in gasping tone by saying “Harsh please mujhe Didi mat bulaao…main aapki lover hun….mujjhe pyar karo…Chodo mujhe…fuck me” with that Gunjan Didi reached to Harsh’s jockey and caressed
his crotch over the cloth roughly and I could see it’s instant effect over Harsh’s face. He closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure and before he would have recovered from that pleasure Gunjan Didi drifted her hand in his underwear to feel his monster and once again Harsh reacted with a loud gasp.
From behind Gunjan Didi seemed playing with Harsh’s monster and while doing that she bought his underwear to his feet and finally Harsh was standing stark naked in front of two of her wife’s sisters. “Chaitu tu bhi aaja….” Gunjan Didi turned to me and spoke and after a small pause spoke again “Nangi hojaa tu bhi…aur le chal isko andar…isko humare saath dobara nahana padega”.
Finally Gunjan Didi was back in the sulty form and if I will talk about me then I would say although deep inside I was not willing to go ahead but that instant everything was happening so rapidly that I could not decide what to do and intentionally or unintentionally I moved ahead in a flow and copped up with Gunjan Didi and by the time I reached to Harsh I was also topless.
I took off my t-shirt and bra just in couple of seconds and like just Gunjan Didi became bare from my top, like Gunjan Didi was looking I too looked into Harsh’s eyes shamelessly and hugged his naked body while showing my desperation by humming and moaning in pleasure like a real slut and squeezed my heavy milks with his bare chest.
I don’t know what I was thinking that moment; although my mind set was changed a bit after having a chat with Chhaya about her married life with Harsh but that instant I was just trying to follow Gunjan Didi and I continued behaving like a bitch with Harsh.
I can easily say as such there was not much opposition from Harsh’s side rather he was in the state where he could not believe that whatever is happening with him is real or a dream, he was moaning and gasping with closed eyes and in between looking at us with wide open eyes as if he is trying to believe that it is happening in reality and we are same two females who are actually his wife’s sisters.
Gunjan Didi continued massaging and squeezing his balls and jerking his monster back and forward with both the hands and I continued kissing and brushing my lips over his bare skin for a minute or so when Gunjan Didi spoke “let’s go” while holding Harsh Penis and moved a bit towards the washroom and spoke to me “Chaitu ye bhi uttar de…poori Nangi hojaa”.
I did whatever Gunjan Didi said and in a fraction I was totally out of my cloths and we all moved to the washroom to get under the shower. Gunjan Didi kept on holding Harsh from his Penis till we reached to the washroom “Please Didi chhodo mujhe…Hemant aur Manish kahan hain?” once again Harsh spoke and told Gunjan Didi to leave him and in continuation asked where our husbands are?
Harsh’s asking to leave him was just a formality from his side, though he was not comfortable but by now he was flowing with the things happening there and physically he was doing almost nothing to set himself free. Gunjan Didi did not thought about replying him for his first statement and for his know how about Hemant Jiju and Manish Gunjan Didi responded to Harsh’s question by saying
“Hemant aur Manish ghar se bahar gaye hain…taaki aap humari Chut ke andar jaa sako“. I must say that Gunjan Didi is having extra ordinary talent to create spontaneous statements that is something which wins half of her battles and I am sure her this spontaneous statement would have made Harsh bit more hornier.
We reached under the shower and Gunjan Didi also took off her lower along with Panty and finally we all were standing stark under flowing water. Washroom attached to that room was not very big, rather it was kind of narrow passage and there was a shower at the end of it and we three were nicely fitted between the two walls and did not had enough space to move
and that is why our bodies were touching on its own and that was enough on its own for Harsh to get aroused up to maximum limit. Though flow of the water was not very wide to cover all of us properly but it was enough to make us wet and dripping as it flowing continuously with a pressure.
Anyway talking about Harsh I would say we both; as I and Gunjan Didi were totally naked, Harsh was failing to keep his eyes closed to feel the pleasure we were trying to give him, his eyes was wide open and he was looking at the our luscious bodies and we two were busy in pleasure our sister’s husband.
I was rubbing my hand over Harsh’s bare skin, at his chest and thighs along with kissing and sucking his tiny nipples and Gunjan Didi was still playing with Harsh Penis and balls like and expert player and Harsh was gasping in lust, certainly he was surprised and could not understand why we two are doing all this to him but he was surrendered and seemed enjoying whatever we bitches were doing with him.
“Chaitu neeche baith jaa….aur Chus isska Lund achhe se”. Gunjan Didi told me to sit down and suck Harsh’s monster and with that she started kissing Harsh. Harsh was not in state to think anything and in a fraction he responded to the kiss and Gunjan Didi started exploring his mouth like and hungry animal.
Obeying Gunjan Didi I sat down on my knees and took Harsh Penis in my hand and started jerking him nicely, by now I was feeling aroused certainly like all three I was also going through a fever of adding Chhaya and Harsh into the group since long and at females end we were almost done with that as Harsh’s monster was in my hands and excluding my wedded husband Harsh
was forth male of my life and like guys were eager to get Chhaya deep inside I was also waiting to get fucked by Harsh. Anyway while flowing with the moment and without giving a second thought to whatever I am doing I took Harsh’s fully erect Penis in my mouth and using my saliva started sucking him with my full affection.
Harsh is not very long at his size but he was thick, bit thicker than my husband’s Penis, may be of the equal thickness of Hemant Jiju’s monster. As through conversation with Chhaya I knew that Harsh is more or less new to the sucking I did not peeled off foreskin of his monster and continued sucking him calmly and within few seconds I saw impact of my sucking on Harsh’s gesture.
He broke the kiss with Gunjan Didi and started grunting while looking down at me. “Mujhe maloom hai….Chhaya aapka Lund nahi Chusti….! koi baat nahi…hum chusenge aapka Lund” Gunjan Didi spoke erotic to Harsh while standing beside him under flowing water and in continuation spoke again “aur apse apni Chut bhi chuswaayenge…”.
Harsh’s was in intense pleasure, his Penis was appearing and disappearing in my mouth and he seemed getting fascinated with a view and along with that Gunjan Didi’s erotic words took his arousal its peak and he could not speak anything, he was growing harder in my mouth while grunting and gasping without controlling his voice and once again Gunjan Didi tried to shut his mouth by kissing him thoroughly.
Using my warm saliva I continued sucking Harsh till Gunjan Didi stopped me, Didi sat down beside me and spoke while humming in pleasure “ab mujhe Chusne de….” And then spoke in very low voice “pakad ke rakh issko kass ke”. I got up while rubbing my hands over Harsh’s wet and naked body and kissed him over his cheek and chest and spoke
“Ohh…Harsh aap bahut achhe ho…I really like you…mera bahut mann karta tha aapse Chudwane ka” while looking into his eyes. Though I was not as good as Gunjan Didi in making spontaneous statements but my words aroused Harsh a bit and he started humming in pleasure,
also because by now down there he was getting sucked by Gunjan Didi and as Gunjan Didi took him deeper in her mouth once he started grunting in pleasure intensely. Along with sucking Gunjan Didi continued playing with his balls with her hands and I started kissing him and explored his mouth nicely.
Harsh was resting his back with a wall and standing face to face but bit in the side, by squeezing my milks against his chest I was hugging and holding Harsh casually while kissing and brushing my lips over his wet skin and suddenly he started moaning and grunting like crazy may be because down there now more than sucking Gunjan Didi was jerking him and she was jerking him to make him cum and very soon,
hardly within a minute Harsh seemed going to his peak, I could see it from his gesture, and he started screaming and moved a bit may be to stop Gunjan Didi but unintentionally my grip over his body got tighter and giving my full weight I held him harder.
Oh God I cannot forget the way Harsh was screaming in pleasure, he was exploding and he wanted to cum but he failed to say that as he could not do anything except screaming. Like me even Gunjan Didi could sense that Harsh is at his peak and he wants to cum but she did not stopped and suddenly instead of jerking his Penis back and forward she started grinding his
monster by griping it in her both the palms and that is with full speed and that really took Harsh breath and his legs started trembling a bit. I kept on holding Harsh with my full strength and ultimately saw Harsh going bizarre in sexual pleasure; as Gunjan Didi stopped grinding his monster, closing his eyes Harsh came out with a shrill whimper and continued gasping in loud voice.
I could make out that he was about to release his load and down there Gunjan Didi was well prepared for that, leaving tiny opening Gunjan Didi squeezed tip of his monster to get a shower of his cum and finally white sticky Jizz came out with a pressure and got spilled over Gunjan Didi’s breasts and thighs. Harsh almost cried while evacuating his balls and grunted madly after he released his pressure.
In the end Gunjan Didi cleaned his monster by sucking bit of his gunk. “mazza aagaya….” Gunjan Didi spoke while getting up, that instant Harsh was trying holding his breath and before he would have reacted Gunjan Didi pressed Harsh with her massive body against the wall and to give herself some pleasure holding his monster in her hand tried to rub it over her fuckhole.
“chalo ab bed par chalte hain….ab aapka Lund humari Chut ke andar jaayega” Gunjan Didi spoke again while looking into Harsh eyes, “Please tell me what is all this?” Harsh asked her back as soon as he caught his breath back “aap samjh low, hum Dilli aapse Chudwane hi aaye the……” Gunjan Didi replied back to Harsh and then spoke again “baaki ki detail hum aapko baad mein denge…..pahle aapse achhe se Chudwa lein”
We all came out and after drying our bodies within couple of minutes we were on the bed, Harsh was on his back and we two were over him at both the sides. We both loved him with our wet tongue and lips to arouse him and while lying straight Harsh was having our hold over his Penis all the time.
“Bolo pahle kiski Chut Chusoge…meri ya Chaitu ki?” Gunjan Didi asked him while raising her face and looking into his eyes and before Harsh would have replied anything in that concern Gunjan Didi spoke out on her own “pahle main Chuswaaungi….” and then spoke to me while getting up “Chaitu tu Lund Chus isska”.
Next holding Harsh’s hands up Gunjan Didi sat around Harsh’s chest and I moved to his lower half to suck him and initially started by jerking him. I can easily say even after releasing his load once Harsh was excited, though his Penis was not fully erect but it was not limping and because of our continues sluty acts he was humming in pleasure since he was on bed.
On the upper half Gunjan Didi moved up to his face and spoke “Harsh Chuso meri Chut ko” and on lower half almost at the same moment I took Harsh in my mouth and started sucking him to make him hard again.
Gunjan Didi pressed Harsh’s lips with her fuckhole to make him suck and started moving to and fro to rub her fuckhole over his mouth and at his lower half I peeled of foreskin of his monster and after taking out lot of saliva started sucking his pink cock head tenderly.
I can say like it was done by Hemant Jiju and my husband Manish in Radha Bhabhi’s case, Harsh was literary getting fucked by two of us and along with feeling shocked he also seemed enjoying getting sexually used by two of us. Certainly he was in pleasure; along with sucking his penis tenderly I was massaging his balls because of which he was moaning while sucking Gunjan Didi’s fuckhole.
Gunjan Did rode over Harsh’s mouth for couple of minutes and by then because of my tender sucking Harsh was hard enough to plunge any of our fuckhole. Gunjan Didi got up and told me to get my fuckhole sucked by saying “Chaitu aaja…tu bhi Chuswa iss se apni Chut”.
Excitement was ruling my sense too, I got up and like Gunjan Didi sat around Harsh’s face and bought my fuckhole close to his lips and spoke “Harsh please meri Chut bhi Chuso” and like I saw Gunjan Didi I did not waited for Harsh to react and pressed my fuckhole over his lips.
Harsh tried to lick my fuckhole by taking out his tongue and I gave him space to move his tongue and slowly like Gunjan Didi I also started moving to and fro over his lips. Certainly the suck and lick I was getting by Harsh that instant, in that posture was not very pleasurable and it cannot be compared with any of my previous experiences of getting sucked but still it was arousing may be
because apparently we were molesting Harsh and this realization in itself was very arousing for me. I rode over Harsh like that till Gunjan Didi stopped me by chapping my shoulder and by the time I got from Harsh’s face, while holding his monster straight with her hand Gunjan Didi was sitting around Harsh’s waist and she was about to get him inside her fuckhole.
Finally Gunjan Didi looked down to direct Harsh’s length into her fuckhole and shoved his monster slowly into her fuckhole and moaned, with her head lifting up, “Ohh Harsh…. kitna mota Lund hai aapka…? Aaj aap faad do iss se meri Chut” once again Gunjan Didi spoke erotic Hindi in sensual voice to arouse Harsh.“Ohh fuck” Harsh too gasped in pleasure of getting inside a slut like Gunjan Didi.
While sitting behind I saw Harsh’s entire length entering into Gunjan Didi inch by inch and Gunjan Didi moaned in pleasure with closed eyes and felt his hard and thick Penis distending her pussy lips slowly. “Ohh…God… Harsh you are so thick…aapka Lund to Hemant se bhi mota hai” Gunjan Didi gasped while looking at Harsh and spoke out erotic again.
Gunjan Didi was hot and wet inside her fuckhole and her juices flowed down to Harsh’s crouch as she entered his full length deep inside her and stood still for a moment. Harsh was getting this pleasure after a long time, it was evident from his expressions and his bliss enhanced when Gunjan Didi began to fuck herself with deep, skewering thrusts.
Holding or resting her hands over his chest, she started rocking her hips steeply up and down, to and fro and drove his entire length in and out of her wet fuckhole consistently. I don’t know whether Gunjan Didi was pretending to Harsh or she was really in that pleasure,
she bit her lower lip in excitement while closing her eyes and lifting her face to roof and while being on top continued pumping her fuckhole with Harsh’s hard meat. Harsh was also moaning continuously with a feeling of being in heaven and suddenly to and fro movements of Gunjan Didi’s massive bottom in slightly different pattern made him shudder in ecstasy.
Gunjan Didi was rubbing her pelvis on his crouch and now I could see her in evident pleasure. Her moans were turning into shrill cries and within next few seconds as excitement increased her speed also improved significantly. Oh… god I cannot write what all she was doing with Harsh now, while looking into his eyes with lustful gesture and resting her hands over his chest,
keeping lot of her weight on him Gunjan Didi was milking him up to max and now her heavy bottom was rising and falling over Harsh’s thighs painfully fast. In a way he was getting crushed under her massive weight and in between couple of times she changed her movement from up and down to, to and fro to trying rubbing her clitoris with Harsh’s crouch along with fucking herself while being on his top.
Raising his hands up Harsh was crying in pleasure and pain loud, he was somewhat enjoying getting fucked like that. Next moment Gunjan Didi leaned over him and kissed him hard and entered her tongue in his mouth and then looked into his eyes while being close and provoked him by saying, “Come on Harsh… fuck me…Chodo mujhe main tumhari Rand hun”.
Her bare heavy melons were crushing Harsh and above that her words, Harsh moaned loud in pleasure. Gunjan Did was restless and could not stop herself and Harsh too was going crazy and extending his arms, holding her wide ass he too started thrusting up and coordinated with her up and down movement of pumping her fuckhole.
Harsh’s reaction excited Gunjan Didi amazingly and she started banging herself up and down madly and within a minute I felt as if today Gunjan Didi will Kill him in fucking pleasure, but soon she got tired and her movements went slower but deeper, now Gunjan Didi was trying to get Harsh’s length in her flesh as deep as possible while rubbing her clitoris over his pelvis and Harsh was going wild in that feeling.
Ultimately Gunjan Didi stopped and got aside and for a moment I thought now it’s my turn to get Harsh inside my wet fuckhole and I needed him but for me Gunjan Didi had something else in her mind and after getting down from his top she lied on the bed with wide open thighs and spoke to Harsh “Aao Chad jaao mere oopar…Chodo mujhe….Harsh aaj faad do meri Chut apne iss mote lund se”.
Gunjan Didi was trying to excite him as much as possible so that he cannot forget this fucking session, and from Harsh’s gesture I could easily make out he is trapped now. Anyway Harsh instantly rose over Gunjan and came between her fleshy thighs; Gunjan Didi herself guided his monster into her fuckhole and groaned sexily as he flexed his buttocks inward to screw her fuckhole one more time.
Harsh dived deep inside Gunjan Didi with his entire length and she gripped him in her thick arms and thighs and somewhat gulped him into her huge body and spoke out in sensual voice, “Haann…Harsh Chodo mujhe achhe se Chodo….. Fuck me like a bitch…main kutia hun…main Randi hun tumhari”.
As usual Gunjan Didi went on using hardcore Hindi words and it was arousing Harsh. Once again proper fucking started and this time Harsh was on top, his hips started rising and falling steadily over Gunjan Didi, I could see Harsh’s monster appearing and disappearing in Gunjan Didi and could make out that Gunjan Didi was enjoying, she was moaning sexily in incredible pleasure.
Gunjan Didi’s fuckhole was getting stretched with its thickness again and again and that instant realized that whatever Gunjan Didi spoke about thickness of Harsh’s monster was probably right, from that angle Harsh seemed having thicker Penis than Hemant Jiju and this realization made me shiver in strange sensation.
Certainly because I too wanted to feel him in my fuckhole but that instant it was Gunjan Didi who was enjoying a brand new male riding on her and that is with a thicker Penis. While riding on Gunjan Didi with controlled pace Harsh rose bit up and started squeezing Gunjan Didi’s heavy melons and played with her big erect nipple for a moment,
but Gunjan Didi did not wanted him to do that, she wanted him to fuck her hard and to get that she pulled him back and hugged him hard and grip of her thighs over his back rose further high, she wanted to get him deeper and to get me even better in her fuckhole Gunjan Didi folded herself into half and clamped her legs on his back instead of my waist and spoke in bursting voice,
“Harsh Chod mujhe…fuck me…. …tez…..tez Chod mujhe….jaan se maar daal mujhe”. Undoubtedly there was big difference in their body structure, Gunjan Didi was much heavier and fleshier than Harsh and physically he was much thinner than her, but in spite of the difference of body structure, from his speed and energy of the moment I could see that I Harsh can satisfy Gunjan Didi sexually,
though he was already evacuated once but still I could make out that sexually Harsh was not only more energetic then Jeetu Bhaiya but he also seemed better than my husband Manish almost equaling to Hemant Jiju. At my end I was also going crazy to see him fucking Gunjan Didi like a whore and my desperation to get him between my thighs went on increasing with my wetness.
As such there was so much of lubrication between their genitals that it was coming out in thick streams and flowing down to the bed and as Gunjan Didi rose her thighs high over his back Harsh’s inward movement became smother and unintentionally Harsh’s speed rose significantly, and now while going as deep as possible in her womb he was fucking sister of his wife like hell,
and I could see that Gunjan Didi was enjoying while moaning loud and continued gripping him harder and harder. Gunjan Didi was at the verge of explosion so was Harsh, I could make out from their body language, they both were going crazy in lust and Harsh continued fucking Gunjan Didi for hardly few more seconds and tried to fuck her as deep as possible with a strong thrusting strokes
and ultimately shoved down his monster into her huge pot and moaned loud while releasing his gunk into her womb. Gunjan Didi too gasped loud and shivered in evident orgasm, griping Harsh hard in her arms and fleshy thighs she crushed him with her full strength and trembled for few seconds while releasing her pressure.
Both Gunjan Didi and Harsh were totally exhausted because finally it was done although I was used by Gunjan Didi just to suck Harsh to make him hard for her but still I would say it was done wonderfully. Now Harsh was also corrupt, Gunjan Didi or you can say we all were succeeded in making him cheating his wife and truly speaking I was surprised to see Harsh fucking Gunjan Didi with so much of energy,
as I mentioned at first glance from his overall gesture and physical structure I compared him with Jeetu Bhaiya who has almost nil control over his body, but in a way it was proven that you do not have to be necessarily muscular to give female a good time on bed and now after watching Gunjan Didi getting fucked like a slut Harsh’s fucking ability was now luring me to get on bed with
him as soon as possible but unfortunately it did not happened that instant. Gunjan Didi got up after relaxing for couple of minutes and first statement she spoke while looking at Harsh was “mazza aa gaya…it was amazing” Harsh was lying beside her, sweating and totally worn out, he did not replied to Gunjan Didi initially but after few seconds he came up with a question
“aapne aisa kyun kiya….why you did all this?” Now it was time for us to reveal him the truth that why we came here and what all we desired from him and his wife but that instant I and Gunjan Didi left him alone and told him to get ready and come out for the breakfast. We bitches came to the other room and first thing I spoke to Gunjan Didi in sarcastic tone was
“mujhe to aapne sirf uska Lund chusne ke liye saath liya tha…..hai na?” Gunjan Didi giggled a bit on my words and spoke “Pagal tu humara trump card hai” then after a pause she spoke again “hope fully tu aaj raat ko Chudegi iss se…if he will agree to ask Chhaya for joining our group…nahi to thenga milega issko”.
After that Gunjan Didi tried to explain me exactly what is she thinking, she wanted to lure Harsh for me and it was good idea but still I would say that I wanted to get on bed with Harsh as soon as possible because that instant according to me there was a 50-50 chances that I will get chance to get a fuck from Harsh because it was depending entirely on Chhaya, that when will she sleep.
Anyway we both got ready and more or less by the time Harsh came out after taking another quick shower and wearing formal clothes to go to his work place we two were also in fresh clothes.
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