Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali – 19

Anyway Gunjan Didi drifted down Radha Bhabhi’s panty and took out her bra from her arms and bought her naked to the bed and then took off her own remaining clothes too, by now I was also stark naked and waiting for the thing to happen.
Gunjan Didi looked at me, into my eyes for a fraction with strange gesture, I don’t know if like me she would have felt scared from worst consequences of our act but she overcame her fearful feeling in a fraction and told me to climb on bed and somewhat told both of us that she will be back just in a moment with a bottle a water.
I knew now what was about to happen, Gunjan Didi was gone out of the room to open the door for both the males and in a fraction my heart started pounding high but I tried my best to control my features and rose to bed and while touching her bare skin with mine lied beside Radha Bhabhi’s naked body and kissed her on her cheek tenderly.
By now Radha Bhabhi was more or less adjusted with me and she unintentionally came closer to me, I could sense her state of mind, after doing once nearly 7-8 days back I felt her desperately waiting to have lesbian sex with Gunjan Didi and as per instructions given to me I was suppose to start kissing her so that she cannot get clue of things happening outside and using my whole potential I just did that.
I turned to Radha Bhabhi and hugged her naked body with my full affection, our heavy breasts got rubbed with each other and I started kissing her over her neck and cheek, unintentionally my hands went to her sagging breasts and I started massaging her milks.

For me it was a strange feeling, certainly it has to be because neither I am lesbian nor I have good control over my mind and desire that like Gunjan Didi I could find pleasure in doing lesbian sex too but somehow I just continued doing that and saw Radha Bhabhi going crazy, “Chaitu….fuck me….meri pussy ko finger se tez tez fuck kar…please”
Radha Bhabhi desperately needed her fuckhole to get invaded with my finger but as per Hemant Jiju’s instructions I was not suppose to penetrate her fuckhole with my finger, just to enhance her desperation and to avoid doing that I kissed Radha Bhabhi deeply over her lips and spoke “bass abhi Gunjan Didi aa rahi hain…fir hum dono aapki pussy ko achhe se fuck karenge…” and I started squeezing her melons roughly.
From Radha Bhabhi’s gesture I could see that even she was not enjoying all this to the fullest may be because I was not doing all that with my full affection or may be because like me she was also not lesbian, certainly Radha Bhabhi was doing all this with us just because she did not had any other option to tranquilize her sexual desire.
Finally Gunjan Didi entered, she was already stark naked when she was gone out and within a fraction she was also on the bed on the other side of Radha Bhabhi. “Chaitu Bhabhi ki Taange khol de achhe se…aaj inko hum aisa gift denge jo inhe poori tarah harra kar dega” and holding her fleshy thigh Gunjan Didi instantly widened Radha Bhabhi’s one leg and without losing even a fraction I too did that.
“Bhabhi samajh low aapki Dobara Shaadi ho gayi hai…wo bhi do mardon ke saath” Radha Bhabhi was flat on the bed on her back and we both sisters were holding her fleshy thighs apart and bit folded into her stomach to give a clear view of her fuckhole to the door from where Hemant Jiju and Manish were about to enter and before Radha Bhabhi would have understood exactly what Gunjan Didi has meant with her words,
Gunjan Didi spoke out again “Hemant…Manish aa jaao… aakar Ghus jaao apni Radha Bhabhi Ki Chut ke andar”. Finally it happened just in a fraction, both the males were waiting just outside the door and as Gunjan Didi ended saying that door opened and both, Manish and Hemant Jiju entered into room and just like we three females they were also stark naked and hard like I never saw them before.
Like I was expecting Radha Bhabhi was shocked till her soul to see Hemant Jiju and Manish in that state, for a fraction she was stunned, mentally and physically she was jammed and muted, she never imagined that this can happen to her, but very next moment she somewhat started screaming along with moving her body to set herself free, but I and Gunjan Didi were prepared for that,
while holding her one leg apart with one hand, Gunjan Didi gave her full weight over her body and placed her other hand over her mouth to control her voice and saying “Chiatu khol ke rakh inki taange…aur kass ke pakdi rah” she told me to keep Radha Bhabhi’s leg apart and hold her hard. Giving my full strength I was holding Radha Bhabhi’s other leg apart, I also gave my body weight to her other shoulder while looking at Radha Bhabhi’s facial expressions.
My God what a moment that was? it was excitement at its worst, Radha Bhabhi was gone freaky, her mouth was almost shut and she could just whimper in husky voice but rest of her body was moving weirdly, she could not resist Manish and Hemant Jiju looking at her fuckhole like that, she was trying hard to set her legs free but we were keeping her legs widely opened,
we were two and good position to jam her body and anyhow we kept on holding her wide and hard, “Bhabhi karne do inhen jo inhen karna hai…ye dono aapse Shaadi karna Chahte hain…. Aap aaj Chudwa low inn se dil khol kar” Gunjan Didi tried to calm Radha Bhabhi by arousing her with erotic words but Radha Bhabhi was impatient and could not decide what to do she was more or less totally blocked by us.
Over there at male’s end Manish was holding white polythene which was full of rose petals and very next moment Hemant Jiju took out red and soft petals and started showering them over Radha Bhabhi’s naked body and all over the bed and spoke “Bhabhi aaj aapki Suhagraat hai…aur hum aapko phoolon par letta kar Chodenge” Hemant Jiju was also trying to arouse Radha Bhabhi with his words.
Those who have not read my earlier post I must tell them that none among Hemant Jiju and Gunjan Didi hesitate in using Hindi slang words and also using erotic words they both have great ability to create erotic statements spontaneously which can easily arouse anybody.
Anyway I was little surprised with whatever was happening that moment as it was not part of the plan, Manish and Jiju were suppose to get Just cake along with the gift which was already bought last evening and idea of rose petals was Hemant Jiju’s creativity and it was really great.
While looking at Radha Bhabhi’s luscious fuckhole my husband Manish kept on holding the packet and Hemant Jiju continued showering Radha Bhabhi with flowers with both the hands while speaking out romantic and erotic together “I love you Bhabhi….I really love you…. and I will fuck you….I will fuck you… aaj main aapko bahut Chodunga” and as expected within a minute along with bed,
Radha Bhabhi was also covered with lot of rose petals, especially her fuckhole on which petals were stuck because of her wetness over there. Soon petals seemed ending to me, though Bhabhi did not stop doing efforts to set her free from us even for a second but by now I could feel that gradually she was losing her strength and I could also sense bit of pleasure in fearful husky voice,
she seemed getting aroused with the things happening in the room. As petals finished Hemant Jiju took out one tiny box from the same packet and climbed on bed and once again Radha Bhabhi went bit restless but we held her better again.
Jiju was holding red color Holy powered commonly known as Sindoor; Hindu married females put it on the edge of her hairs over the forehead as a mark of their marriage and call it “Maang mein Sindoor”. Once again I will say it was not a part of plan earlier, but it also worked great, Hemant Jiju wanted to arouse Radha Bhabhi anyhow and there could be nothing better than this for an Indian homely female,
Sindoor has lot of emotional values for most Hindu females, especially for religious females like Radha Bhabhi. Eventually Hemant Jiju took out some holy power with his finger and thumb, moved across and spread it over Radha Bhabhi’s forehead and spoke “Bhabhi low maine aapki Maang bhi bhar di…, aaj se aap meri wife ho”,
next Hemant Jiju spoke to Manish “le Manish tu bhi bhar de Bhabhi ki Maang….” And Manish followed what Jiju said, he too climbed on the bed and spread the powder over Radha Bhabhi’s forehead, “lo how gayi humare saath aapki Shaadi…ab hum aapko Chod sakte hain” Jiju spoke again and further tried to arouse her.
Truly speaking friends I cannot imagine what Radha Bhabhi was thinking that moment. I agree that she was sexually attracted to Hemant Jiju, even then I will say that she was a kind of a female who could not dare of doing anything with Jiju in real life and apart from Jiju if I will talk about the other male from her perspective,
my husband Manish was nowhere in her relation directly and that instant she was opened like a slut in front of him and could see that Manish was looking at her fuckhole like an hungry dog. We both, I and Gunjan Didi were still holding Radha Bhabhi’s quivering body; by now she was not struggling with us hard and even her mouth was also not shut by but she was restless like I never saw anyone,
she was shivering strangely, may be with some kind of sensation which was making her lose her senses gradually. “Bhabhi aapko Chodne se pahle main aapki Chut peeyunga…bahut maal bhara hua isske andar” …” Chaitu khol achhe se Bhabhi ki Taange” while moving to lower half of Radha Bhabhi Hemant Jiju spoke to her first and then to me and in a instant of saying that I saw Jiju diving into Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole.
Oh…God I cannot forget the way Radha Bhabhi trembled and screamed when Jiju touched her fuckhole for the first time and that is with his tongue. Radha Bhabhi was not touched by male specie since years and suddenly Jiju started sucking her madly from the very first moment, Bhabhi was gasping and panting loud and along with widening her thighs once again Gunjan Didi was trying to control her voice with her hand.
Along with sucking her hard I clearly saw Hemant Jiju chewing Radha Bhabhi’s thick and fleshy outer labia, I was well aware of his sucking ability as I was sucked by Hemant Jiju numerous times and that instant he was at his best in doing that.
Hemant Jiju did not bothered about the rose petals which were stuck to Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole, he simply went on eating her fuckhole along with petals and after opening Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole with his hand he dipped down deeper into her thighs and inserted his tongue into her fuckhole and moved it vigorously and we saw Radha Bhabhi going bizarre in ecstasy,
I think Hemant Jiju was reached to his favorite point of female’s sex organ, that is her clitoris, I could not see it but certainly he was sucking and flicking Radha Bhabhi’s clitoris with his tongue because of which in a fraction Radha Bhabhi’s belly rippled helplessly and she screamed out loud in a husky voice like I was crying when I was getting ragged by them in the swinging event few months back.
As Hemant Jiju went on going wild over her fuckhole and specifically on her clitoris Radha Bhabhi’s shivering went on increasing and we; both the sisters went on holding her harder. “Manish aa jaa…tu bhi Chus….Bhabhi ki Chut” eventually Hemant Jiju stopped and invited my husband to suck Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole and next instant Manish went over Radha Bhabhi’s crotch and started sucking her,
once again Radha Bhabhi shivered with mild sensation and went on gasping and slowly instead of weirdness she seemed panting in pleasure as Manish was not at all passionate in sucking like Hemant Jiju. Radha Bhabhi was looking down and could not believe that a guy whom she has met hardly fewer times in formal get-togethers is sucking her fuckhole like a dog and she is panting in sexual pleasure like a bitch.
Finally Hemant Jiju stopped Manish from sucking her and came forward while jerking his monster and after adjusting himself over Radha Bhabhi told us to release her legs. We did that and next moment Jiju was lying over Bhabhi after adjusting himself over her fuckhole and seemed ready to plunge her.
Bhabhi still could not believe whatever was happening with her and she looked into Hemant Jiju’s eyes closely with strange gesture as if she is trying to recognize if he is the same person and in reaction Hemant Jiju placed his lips over her and started kissing her. Hemant Jiju went on sucking Radha Bhabhi’s lips for couple of minutes, till she opened her mouth.
Ohh…wow they kissed, Radha Bhabhi opened her mouth for Jiju and he moved his tongue all around her mouth, finally I clearly saw Radha Bhabhi getting involved into the act, she wrapped her hands around his bare back while kissing and now there was nothing which could stop them going further and within a minute,
Hemant Jiju broke the kiss, got up a bit and rubbed his monster over Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole and spoke “Bhabhi…I love you…I really love you” Radha Bhabhi moaned like mad, “you are my wife now…aaj se main aapko Bhabhi nahi…sirf Radha kah ke bulaauga” Jiju spoke again and his words clearly enhanced Radha Bhabhi’s desire to get plunged.
I believe that instant she was aroused like never before in her entire life and, Radha Bhabhi needed Jiju inside her fuckhole more than her life and without wasting even a fraction Hemant Jiju slipped deep inside her and started fucking her by moving his monster in and out of her fuckhole with deep screwing thrusts and very next moment gasping loud in pleasure Radha
Bhabhi grabbed Hemant Jiju in her arms and thighs as if he is her loving husband. While screwing her thirsty fuckhole Hemant Jiju’s strong and powerful hips rose and fell over Radha Bhabhi’s crotch steadily in front of my eyes and I saw Radha Bhabhi going crazy in divine pleasure of getting manly love after years.
I must say that instant the way Jiju was fucking her and the way Radha Bhabhi was moaning, I thought that Jiju will bought Bhabhi to her climax within a minute and Manish will not get a chance to fuck her but I must say that Hemant Jiju has a immense control over himself, also has a great ability to read a female on the bed,
he stopped fucking Radha Bhabhi before she would have reached to the point of no return and got up and spoke to Manish “Manish Aa jaa, Chod inko achhe se…jaise Suhagraat par Dulhan ko Chodte hain….ye hum dono ki Dulhan hai”. Hemant Jiju was excited and I could feel his excitement in his words, he got aside and my husband took his place and came between Radha Bhabhi’s opened thighs.
I saw Radha Bhabhi looking at Manish without a flick of an eye while he was adjusting his Penis over her fuckhole, she was breathing very heavy and seemed bit restless but as such there was nothing which she could do in that regard and in a fraction she felt Manish going deep into her fuckhole too.
She grunted nicely at initial the jerk and finally my husband also started fucking Radha Bhabhi. Gradually Manish also lied over Radha Bhabhi and his heavy bottom rose and fell over her in rising pace and Radha Bhabhi grabbed him too while gasping in pleasure.
Now I did not had to hold Radha Bhabhi, more or less she was enjoying getting fucked by my husband and like I am always fond of, I wanted to see fuckhole stuffed with a monster and I moved to their lower half for the purpose. Oh…Wow my husband Manish was crushing Radha Bhabhi’s wet and soft fuckhole with his full strength,
his heavy balls were banging her pussy lips rapidly and I could easily feel the difference in Manish’s fucking passion, he was much more energetic in fucking Radha Bhabhi as compared to me or even Gunjan Didi, obviously after all it was a new fuckhole for him and Manish was going passionate over Radha Bhabhi with every passing moment.
Within a minute of continues fucking I saw my husband going crazy, he started grunting and within a fraction his pace increased significantly and with his rising speed Radha Bhabhi also started screaming more intensely and before anyone would have realized anything, while burying his monster deep inside Radha Bhabhi, Manish squeezed his heavy hips together to spew out his gunk into her with a loud gasp.
My husband was spent but being a female I could see that Radha Bhabhi was yet not over, she needed more and she needed more just from Hemant Jiju. Manish got aside and got up and we all saw his gunk coming out of Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole. Gunjan Didi instantly picked up cloth and cleaned Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole and spoke to her “Bhabhi ooth kar wash kar low…”
Radha Bhabhi was tired at least mentally and she kept on looking roof and did not move from her place. Next Hemant Jiju took her hand and pulled her a bit and spoke “Bhabhi chalo ootho…abhi maine Chodna hai aapko…come on get up” for an instant I thought Radha Bhabhi will not move even now but she moved and got up slowly.
Holding her hand Hemant Jiju took her to the washroom and stood under the shower with her and opened the water flow. Even though door of the bathroom was open and we all could see everything happening inside from the bed but we all moved to the door to see everything better.
Hemant Jiju hugged Radha Bhabhi under water, moved his hands over her bare back till her massive ass and soon started kissing her. Radha Bhabhi responded to Jiju’s kiss and welcomed his tongue in her mouth. Hemant Jiju played with Radha Bhabhi’s sagging milks while kissing her and gradually moved down to suck them.
By now Radha Bhabhi seemed somewhat enjoying whatever Hemant Jiju was doing with her and she fed her milks to Hemant Jiju while moaning and moving her hands all over his bare back. Hemant Jiju brushed his lips over Radha Bhabhi’s neck to pleasure her and slowly started fucking her fuckhole with his finger may be to take out the remaining gunk from her fuckhole and Radha Bhabhi went on holding Jiju harder while gasping.
After a while Jiju asked Gunjan Didi for a towel and after drying their bodies they both came out and went straight to bed. While being over Radha Bhabhi on the bed with lot of rose petals once again Hemant Jiju started with kissing and slowly moved to her milks, he sucked and chewed Radha Bhabhi’s long erect nipples to make her moan and slowly moved down to her fuckhole and started sucking her again.
We all, me Gunjan Didi and my husband Manish were standing off the bed on their lower half, as I mentioned we did not had to hold Radha Bhabhi anymore, she was fully involved into the act, and we all saw Radha Bhabhi opening her fleshy thighs on her own to give better access of her fuckhole to Hemant Jiju and Jiju sucked her well.
Parting her thighs further apart Hemant Jiju moved deep into Radha Bhabhi and invaded his tongue into her fuckhole deep and licked inner walls of her pleasure hole with full affection and watching her state I can easily say that Radha Bhabhi was in intense pleasure, she was gasping and moaning with divine feeling of getting loved by a man of her choice.
Jiju sucked Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole thoroughly and chewed her soft and thick labia with lot of affection and slowly crawled over her to plunge her fuckhole and finally it happened again. We all clearly saw Hemant Jiju opening Radha fuckhole with the tip of his monster and squeezing his entire thickness into her wet fuckhole and slipping deep inside her with a single jerk.
In a moment Hemant Jiju started riding on Radha Bhabhi and like last time once again Radha Bhabhi took him into her arms and thighs. Using his knees Hemant Jiju parted Radha Bhabhi’s thighs further wide, may be to give us better view of her fuckhole getting plunged with his monster and I must say that scene was a beauty in real sense, Jiju’s hips rose and fell steadily and he invaded Radha Bhabhi deep in controlled pace.
Unlike Manish, without showing any hurry Hemant Jiju was fucking Radha Bhabhi with reasonably slow but with long and deep screwing thrusts and Radha Bhabhi was moaning and grunting in intense pleasure continuously, like she did not moaned when she was getting fucked under my husband Manish.
Certainly there is a significant difference in the sizes of their monsters, Hemant Jiju has a thicker and longer Penis as compared to my husband Manish, because of which Radha Bhabhi’s virginal muscles were stretched to the maximum but apart from this Hemant Jiju has good control over his mind and has lot of stamina to fuck homely females like we all are.
While looking at Hemant Jiju’s powerful inward thrusts into Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole I could easily make out that how Radha Bhabhi would be feeling that instant and I was somewhat waiting to feel those thrusts into my fuckhole, I was streaming out my pleasure juices freely and I don’t know unknowingly when I started rubbing my pleasure hole.
Gunjan Didi silently stopped me from rubbing my fuckhole and moved her finger to say no with a naughty smile and almost whispered “thoda sa wait kar…tera number bhi aayega”. I smiled over her words and continued enjoying live porn. Holding his nerves Hemant Jiju went on pumping Radha Bhabhi like a true fucker and soon Radha Bhabhi seemed going to her climax.
She started grunting differently, her moans were turning into shrill cries and her grip over Hemant Jiju went on going tighter. As Jiju felt Radha Bhabhi reaching to her peak he got up a bit on his elbows and increased his pace significantly and started plunging Radha Bhabhi harder and faster.
His massive crusher appeared and disappeared into her fuckhole rapidly, his bulgy balls went on grinding and crushing her swollen pussy lips like a machine and like Radha Bhabhi he too started panting in passion.
Finally Radha Bhabhi shivered erotically while holding Jiju hard in her arms and thighs and orgasmed well, tidal waves started hitting her body and she started trembling in real orgasm while releasing her pressure after years.
Hemant Jiju also reached to his climax just after Radha Bhabhi and squeezed his tight buttocks together twice to release his gunk into Radha Bhabhi’s womb. They remained tied but for while and once again when Jiju got aside we all saw Radha Bhabhi oozing out white paste from her fuckhole which this time belonged to Hemant Jiju.

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