Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 16

From there gesture I could make out that males had decided what they have to do with us, if they will win as Hemant Jiju asked Manish to get the dining chairs close to this area and he did that immediately with Jeetu Bhaiya and placed them opposite to mattress in an arc.
Hemant Jiju himself bought pieces of cords which we put in salwars to tie it around our waist and next we all were said to remove our Bras which we were wearing underneath and we all did that and now all females were just in nighty and Panty. Hemant Jiju gave all males 4-5 pieces of cords and told them to tie up their wives on chairs tightly.
I could not believe whatever was happening there in the room, but it was really very arousing and we all females were more or less in same state; that is hungry to get fucked like bitches. Manish took me to one chair and tied my hands at the back and my legs with the legs of chair and like him, all three men did this to their wives.
All females, Gunjan Didi, Shilpi Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi and me were tied to chairs and next was, that we had to suck all men except our husband one by one and to say that what Hemant Jiju spoke was “ab tum sab hamara LUND Chusoge, aise hi”, none of us had any problem in this as like me all of them were feeling this nothing as punishment.
Anyway then Hemant Jiju asked Bhanu Bhaiya to choose his female as he was the ultimate winner of the game and he chose me by saying my nick name, “Chaitu” next was Hemant Jiju himself who was second last to loose, and he choose his elder brother’s wife Kiran Bhabhi by saying, “main Bhabhi se
chuswaaunga”, next was Jeetu Bhaiya who had one choice for that instant,
that is Gunjan Didi as the other female who was left was his wife Shilpi Bhabhi, and he went to his sister to get a suck and then it came to Manish who had only Shilpi Bhabhi to get himself sucked, and soon it started, while getting tied on the chair we all were sucking Penis and Bhanu Bhaiya started squeezing my milks carelessly while getting sucked and like mine all females were getting a proper mouth fucked and soon after around 3-4 minutes,
men started switching their positions and at my end it was Jeetu Bhaiya whom I sucked next and like me Hemant Jiju was fucking Shilpi Bhabhi’s mouth and Bhanu Bhaiya entered his rod in his younger brother’s wife Gunjan Didi and Manish went to Kiran Bhabhi and after few minutes of sucking Jeetu Bhaiya,
Hemant Jiju came to me and like his brother he too started playing with my luscious milks and pinched my nipples to make me shudder in pleasure and pain. Leaving me, now Jeetu Bhaiya was with Kiran Bhabhi and my husband was fucking my sister’s mouth, that is Gunjan Didi and Bhanu Bhaiya was vibrating his monster in Shilpi Bhabhi’s mouth and like he was handling my breasts, now Shilpi Bhabhi’s milks were getting squeezed.
All in all everything happening there was somewhat like orgy (that’s the term Hemant Jiju used for this sort of sex) and like me all females were enjoying as it was really very arousing and slowly I was getting desperate to get laid with anyone out of three men. Finally in 12-15 minutes sucking session ended and once again Hemant Jiju asked Bhanu Bhaiya to choose the female of his choice by saying,
“Bhaiya bolo pahle kisko pailna hai?” and Bhanu Bhaiya immediately spoke “Shilpi Ko”, hearing Shilpi Bhabhi’s expressions changed and she felt bit scared and Hemant Jiju spoke to Jeetu Bhaiya while looking to at her, “chal khol kar Nanga kar apni biwi ko, aur bistar pe le aa”.
Soon Shilpi Bhabhi’s hands were free and Jeetu Bhaiya was taking off her clothes and I could see that Shilpi Bhabhi was really scared and just then she spoke what she was thinking while looking at Bhanu Bhaiya, “Bhaiya please aap log mere peechhe mat daalna” Bhanu Bhaiya smiled on that and said, “nahi daalenge….” And then Hemant Jiju spoke in continuation to assure her,
“don’t worry…..Gaand sirf Gunjan aur Kiran Bhabhi ki hi maari jaayegi…. Tum dono ke liye humne kuch aur soch rakha hai”. Finally Jeetu Bhaiya took Shilpi Bhabhi in the middle and like me and other two females she wearing just sandals and ornaments and she was told to take off all clothes of all the males, which she started doing without any hesitation,
and within few minutes she was standing naked between four naked and fully erected men, as now Jeetu Bhaiya, her husband was also naked. Next, Jeetu Bhaiya pushed his wife down to mattress to lie her down and like it was happening to me some time back; all three men started eating Shilpi Bhabhi at the same time.
Shilpi Bhabhi was resting her head on her husband’s lap and Jeetu Bhaiya was holding her wrists, my Husband Manish was sucking her fuckhole, down there between her thighs and other two men, Bhanu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju were sucking her melons and kissing her thoroughly one by one.
Shilpi Bhabhi was moaning in pleasure as her one nipple was getting chewed by Hemant Jiju and Bhanu Bhaiya was pinching other between her fingers and thumb, down there Manish was sucking her without any hesitation. I am not sure about other two female’s state who were tied beside me, but watching Shilpi Bhabhi getting explored like this by three men at a time, I was at something wildest mental state of my life.
I was leaking heavily and could feel stream of my juices flowing down. To tranquilize my urge I was somehow trying to move my thighs in and out to squeeze my fuckhole between them, but could not do it properly because my legs were tied to legs of chair. Certainly both Kiran Bhabhi and Gunjan Didi were also getting mad in lust, I could see them humming in pleasure in low voice while talking to each other.
Mainly it was Gunjan Didi who was speaking as we two, me and Kiran Bhabhi were just watching Shilpi Bhabhi in intense pleasure, and like me I could see that Kiran Bhabhi was also trying to rub her cunt somehow using her thighs. “Bhabhi….. aaj ye log bahut buri tarah maarenge hamari ” “hmmmm….” Gunjan Didi spoke to Kiran Bhabhi,
while looking at bed where Shilpi Bhabhi was handling three men at the same time and Kiran Bhabhi just hummed to say yes and then spoke again, “aur jaan boojh ke humen tadpa rahe hain”. By now Bhanu Bhaiya was planning to fuck Shilpi Bhabhi’s mouth while sitting around her face he instructed Hemant Jiju to go down to her fuckhole by saying,
“Hemant tu niche jaakar Chut khol isski achhe se, dekhna kahin jhadd na jaaye” Bhanu Bhaiya did not wanted Shilpi Bhabhi to cum, that’s what he said to Hemant Jiju. Hemant Jiju went down and started sucking Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife’s fuckhole and at her top we could see Bhanu Bhaiya’s monster going in and out of her mouth. He was sitting and fucking her face properly.
Anyway Manish came up to her mouth and after couple of minutes Bhanu Bhaiya took out his penis from Shilpi Bhabhi’s mouth and spoke to Manish while looking at him, “hmmmm… daal de muhn ke andar” and Manish did that and now my husband was fucking Shilpi Bhabhi’s mouth while sitting at one side of her face.
Shilpi Bhabhi was in the worst state of pleasure, she was moving weirdly in strange sensation as Hemant Jiju was going wild with her fuckhole using his mouth and finger at the same time, he must be crushing her clitoris again and again that is why Shilpi Bhabhi was going wild continually, but Jeetu Bhaiya was holding her tight from her wrist and her lower half was in Hemant Jiju’s control.
I could feel Shilpi Bhabhi’s state as I too had experienced all this during my punishment but for very less time. As such I could not see Shilpi Bhabhi in any trouble, she was sucking my husband nicely, giving her best and down there more or less she was enjoying whatever Hemant Jiju was doing with her fuckhole.
At my end I was feeling stream of my juices flowing down freely from my fuckhole and more or less, Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi were also in same state and we all were getting eager for our turn, moreover once I heard Gunjan Didi saying, “Hai….meri baari kab aayegi…” when we all we all were just looking at Shilpi Bhabhi getting explored.
Slowly Bhanu Bhaiya moved down to Shilpi Bhabhi and looked at Hemant Bhaiya who was playing with her cunt brutally and spoke something to him, I think he said, “shuru kar” I though they are thinking about fucking her now but I was wrong, they turned Shilpi Bhabhi around in bit sideways position and widened her thighs first and then suddenly Hemant Jiju widened her hips apart by holding her ass mounds and buried her mouth in her ass.
Suddenly Shilpi Bhabhi shivered with jolt and screamed in pleasure as she felt Hemant Jiju’s tongue over her ass crack and she tried to get away but by then Bhanu Bhaiya was holding her one thigh apart keeping his weight on her. Now I could guess what they were doing to her and exactly what she was feeling at that particular time as I was gone through all this in last two nights.
Hemant Jiju tried again and this time he touched his tongue closer to her asshole, I could make out from Shilpi Bhabhi’s reaction, she was trembling like anything and moving weirdly to set herself free. I looked at Gunjan Didi as she was trying to say something to Hemant Jiju while calling him from his name, but he was not at all bothered about Gunjan Didi.
“yeh log Shilpi ke peeche daalne waale hain kya?” Kiran Bhabhi spoke in confusion in low voice, “I don’t think… sirf suck karenge…. Bhaiya Chaitu ke saath kar chuke hain” Gunjan Didi replied in same tone and then spoke again, “maine hi kaha tha Bhaiya se… Shilpi ke saath ye karne ke liye”(mentioned in previous part).
“Hemant Jiju aur Jeetu Bhaiya bhi mere saath ye kar chuke hain…kal raat ko” I spoke to tell them that other than Bhanu Bhaiya other two men have already sucked my asshole, “mera to abhi tak kisi ne nahi kiya…. Aur mujhe karwana zaroor hai….. wo bhi Bhanu Bhaiya se” Gunjan Didi spoke in excited fashion, “hum dono ke saath jo hone waala hai na… wo mujhe achhe se maaloom hai…..”
Kiran Bhabhi spoke to Gunjan Didi in reply while sitting tied on chair and then spoke again in continuation, “I think Teeno ek ek karke…hamaare peeche daalenge….” And she spoke again, “mujhe to bahut dard hota hai jab initially andar jaata hai…” “dard to mujhe bhi bahut hota hai….lekin jab Bhanu Bhaiya tez tez andar bahar karte hain to literary jaan nikal jaati hai” Gunjan Didi replied and somewhat criticized Bhanu Bhaiya’s way of fucking ass.
“I know Bhanu bahut buri tarah andar bahar karte hain….Hemant is still better…” I was listening Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi talking about their husband’s ass fucking ways and looking straight where men were struggling to control Shilpi Bhabhi’s body as she was terrified with a though that men are going to fuck her ass.
Anyway Hemant Bhaiya continued trying reaching Shilpi Bhabhi’s ass hole with his tongue, which was hidden between her heavy ass buns and all other three men including her husband were holding her tight and finally jammed her movement. Jeetu Bhaiya was holding her from her shoulder as she was almost on her front, bit sideways and she was screaming very differently,
Manish was holding and pressing her from her back and down to her bottom, Bhanu Bhaiya was holding her one thigh keeping it straight and once again lifting one thigh away from other Hemant Jiju dipped her mouth into Shilpi Bhabhi’s ass and licked her ass hole and this time he succeeded in touching her asshole with his tongue.
Once again Shilpi Bhabhi screamed and it was shriller whimper then the last one. By now way to her asshole was more or less clear and Hemant Jiju did same once again and this time his tongue moved well over her pot hole, I could make out this from her cries and shivering. “please… please…..ahh…. aaahh…. Jeetu….Jeetu….. Leave me…..please… wahan….nahi please…please…..” Somehow Shilpi Bhabhi spoke in unbearable pleasure.
“Kuch nahi karenge…. Sirf suck karenge achhe se oos hole ko… karne de……” Jeetu Bhaiya spoke to his wife and tried to convince her. Once again after parting her ass mounds Hemant Jiju sucked her ass hole and this time it was much better, I could see Hemant Jiju going deeper and deeper in her fleshy ass buns.
Once again Shilpi Bhabhi arched her back and screamed with a dry throat in weird sensation and spoke again, “No….please….please…. pleasee…aaahhh…. aahhhh… chhod do…mujhe…please…” ……. “aise kaise chhod dein…pahle achhe se chaat to lene de humen…apni GAAND dobara aisa mauka kahan milga” Hemant Jiju spoke in bit low voice,
but it was enough for us to hear, but we could not do anything except looking at each other, certainly Shilpi Bhabhi would have missed those words as she was screaming and puffing in fever. “Shilpi….tere andar nahi daalenge……. sirf suck kar rahe hain…..asshole ko” once again Jeetu Bhaiya spoke to his wife, but she was not in state to listen anything as Hemant Jiju was continuously trying to part her hips to make clear way to her asshole.
After 2-3 more dives into her ass Hemant Jiju slowly got bit aside while holding her in the same posture and Bhanu Bhaiya went to Shilpi Bhabhi’s ass and this time he dipped into her pot and licked ass hole. Once again Shilpi Bhabhi screamed in pleasure as it was different tongue or it would have gone deeper into her ass because Bhanu Bhaiya was keeping her legs jammed with his weight
and his hands were free and he was parting her hip to get more access of her ass hole, and after that Bhanu Bhaiya did not stopped and moved his tongue continuously over her ass hole and somewhat licked her whole ass crack from top to bottom along with Shilpi Bhabhi’s tiny ass opening very comfortably.
Shilpi Bhabhi was still screaming and could not even request them to leave and then Bhanu Bhaiya called Manish by saying, “Aaja….tu bhi suck kar thodi der” Manish hesitated a bit to do that as he could see that they were doing all this forcibly to Shilpi Bhabhi and he looked at Jeetu Bhaiya in confusion.
“kar na..yaar….kya soch raha hai… she is perfectly fine aur main bhi teri biwi ke saath ye sab karr chukka hun?” Jeetu Bhaiya gave him permission and my husband moved and came to bottom, now Bhanu Bhaiya was holding Shilpi Bhabhi from the middle and Hemant Jiju was at her bottom to jam her hips and now Manish started licking Shilpi Bhabhi’s ass.
I could see that Manish was hesitating doing that and now Shilpi Bhabhi was getting calm, though she moaned every time Manish licked her ass hole. And like me, Hemant Jiju too noticed that and after 2-3 minutes he stopped Manish and told him to set aside while saying, “Manish… side ho jaa and give her to me, main dikhata hun kaise chaat te hain GAAND ka chhed ”
and next moment Hemant Jiju stood up on his knees and held Shilpi Bhabhi from her waist and lifted her bit up in the same posture and then just in a fraction widening her hips apart he dipped bit down and buried his face brutally in her ass and licked her without mercy.
Once again Shilpi Bhabhi arched her back started screaming in full voice, her bottom was bit up from rest of her body and it was totally in Hemant Jiju’s control. Her legs were behind Hemant Jiju going to his back under his arms and he was holding her waist tightly while eating her asshole, and we could see her legs trembling behind him while being in air, wearing nice High heel sandals.
As such I could not see that Shilpi Bhabhi’s cries were making any impact on Hemant Jiju and gradually Hemant Jiju was getting deeper and deeper in her buns and could easily make out that his tongue was flicking her ass opening very well, that‘s what I could see from her condition, she was trembling like a fish without water.
As such there was no way for her, to set herself free, as apart from Hemant Jiju who was lifting her bottom while eating her ass, three other men were holding her tight, including her husband Jeetu Bhaiya. We three were just looking at them, how they were toying Shilpi Bhabhi’s body and at my end I was bit scared now.
Suddenly I realized that along with eating and licking her asshole, they were fisting Shilpi Bhabhi’s fuckhole. It was Bhanu Bhaiya who was doing to her fuckhole as now her bottom was bit more in air and he could easily access her cunt and he was doing that brutally, I could make out Bhanu Bhaiya’s hand and fingers moving on her fuckhole rapidly and all this was terrifying me more and more.
Hemant Jiju and his brother Bhanu Bhaiya very well knew the technique of playing with female’s clitoris and certainly he was humping her clitoris with his finger as Shilpi Bhabhi’s condition was going worse and worse every second, I could see that she was at the verge of explosion and holding her husband tight she was crying in pleasure like a bitch…
““Aaaaahhhhhh……. Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please stop…… stop….. Jeetu Aaaaahhhhhh……. Bhaiya ……..Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please…… please…..” Now I could expect there next step and Bhanu Bhaiya spoke what I was thinking “isski dono jaanghe(thighs) pakadd ke dur dur rakhana bahut kass ke” Bhanu Bhaiya spoke to Hemant Jiju,
leaving her asshole Hemant Jiju held her even tight and suddenly Bhanu Bhiya stopped and withdrew his hand from her fuckhole and Hemant Jiju kept on holding Shilpi Bhabhi thighs in air as tight as possible. I could make out that dam inside Shilpi Bhabhi was broken and next moment her condition got even worse,
she was going through intense orgasm and being a female I could sense that she wanted to tighten her thighs to squeeze her cunt between them to release her liquid with ease. But Hemant Jiju was holding her tight while keeping her thighs apart and Bhanu Bhaiya too supported him to do that, she was screaming like a bitch to set her free but there was no way for her to do that.
Her condition was arousing them, especially Hemant Jiju and Bhanu Bhaiya, Shilpi Bhabhi was trembling in their hands and they were not ready to leave her. I could see that she could not breathe for few seconds, could not even scream and just hummed in a very strange voice, I wanted to help her and like me Gunjan Didi also tried to get up but we both failed and now I could make out one reason of tying us like this.
Anyway if I will go back to things happening in front of my eyes, Shilpi Bhabhi wanted to press her cunt tight to prevent the liquid flowing out but she could not close her legs, all four men were holding her tight including her own husband. Shilpi Bhabhi started getting strange jerks as orgasm started hitting her body and she was trembling from top to bottom with sudden shocks,
still she could not breathe and her moaning voice was really very strange, and after few jerks I felt that she was getting calm, could guess that some sort of liquid stream had started flowing from deep inside her fuckhole, and I heard Hemant Jiju’s voice talking to Jeetu Bhaiya “Hmmmm…. Dekh Teri Biwi paani chhod rahi hai” Shilpi Bhabhi was releasing liquid from her love tunnel and I could see even the minor shivering through which she was going while cumming.
Slowly every one released Shilpi Bhabhi as her orgasm subsided and she lied on her front for a while to regain her breath and Hemant Jiju and my husband Manish went into two separate toilets, to pee and came back in few minutes. By that time Bhanu was resting his back on wall and looking at us with a smile.
Gunjan Didi was smiling as well while looking at him and finally she uttered, “mere saath kya karne waale ho.. aap log” “abhi….thodi der mein patta chal jaayega” Bhanu Bhaiya replied and got up to go as he saw Hemant Jiju coming out of toilet. Jeetu Bhaiya too went inside the toilet as Manish came out and Hemant Jiju tried to straighten Shilpi Bhabhi,
by now she was bit normal and looking at us as it is tied on chair through her spread hairs which were coming on her face. Hemant Jiju removed her hairs from her face and leaned over her and kissed Shilpi Bhabhi and while doing that he adjusted her under his body and straight away went inside her after widening her thighs and started vibrating his penis in her fuck hole.
Hemant Jiju was already hard and he started fucking Shilpi Bhabhi rapidly and slowly Shilpi Bhabhi started wrapping her arms and thighs around him and started moaning in pleasure. “ Shilpi …. I love you….baby….I really love you hmmmmmm….” Hemant Jiju spoke while fucking her and tried to kiss her and she hungrily replied to his kiss.
That was too much in a way, just few minutes back she was screaming to set herself free from the torture and now she was enjoying the fuck from the same person who was torturing her. Hemant Jiju’s heavy buttocks were rising and falling continuously and I could see that Shilpi Bhabhi was in extreme pleasure.
After hardly a minute, Hemant Jiju stopped and spoke to Manish “aaja…. Karr achhe se isske saath….. bahut garam ho chuki hai ” and next moment Manish lied over Shilpi Bhabhi and started riding her and gradually she took my husband in the grip of her arms and thighs. “Jeetu….. Chaitu ko khol” Hemant Jiju spoke to Jeetu Bhaiya and now it was my turn,
all men were heavily charged I could see that from there erect penis as they all were totally naked, especially Hemant Jiju who was bit over charged then others, as he could not wait for Jeetu Bhaiya to release my hands and he too started releasing me. Both the other females, Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi were looking at me
“Chaitu tu to gayi aaj….ye log pagal ho gaye hain” Gunjan Didi spoke and I could feel excitement in her voice and hearing her my heart beat started rising even more. Finally both Jeetu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju released me and started taking off my clothes and in a fraction I was stark naked Hemant Jiju pushed me on my knees and told m to suck his penis by saying,
“Chaitu Lund Chus mera pahle tu…. Fir dekhte hain tere saath kya karna hai” I sat down near my chair and took Jiju’s penis in my mouth and started making in and out movement while sucking. I could easily feel the taste Shilpi Bhabhi’s cunt Juices as just a minute back Hemant Jiju was fucking Shilpi Bhabhi, it was filthy but I was not in condition to think about all this I was aroused of my life with with bit of fear.
At the corner, near wall I could see that my husband Manish was fucking Shilpi Bhabhi steadily while lying on mattress. Within in couple of minutes Manish came closer to me, Hemant Jiju called him, I realized that now Bhanu Bhaiya was riding over Shilpi Bhabhi at that corner, while keeping her one thigh on his shoulder and other under knee and truly speaking from the place I
could see her and for the short span I saw that she was enjoying getting fucked by multiple men, and certainly she would have cummed in between changing men. Anyway Hemant Jiju told Manish, to hold me for him and he obeyed him in the way he said. “Manish issko ulta kar, aur aage ko Jhuka de”.
My husband turned me around and told me to bend so that Hemant can access my bottom and his words were, “Chaitu Jhuk jaa aur mujhe pakad le” I obeyed, now I was standing on floor wearing just my high heels and my husband Manish was holding me firm from the portion few inches below my breast as I was bent almost in 90 degrees beside my husband’s right arm,
Hemant Jiju sat down on his knees behind me after adjusting my body as required and told me to spread my legs even more, saying, “Chaitu tange thodi aur khol” I knew what all was going to happen with me next, and I did that too, widened my thighs further apart to give Jiju access of my asshole,
next moment I felt Hemant Jiju’s one hand on my back just over my hips and his fingers on my love opening and he rubbed my cunt nicely to arouse me, I started moaning and moving bit strangely as the rub over my fuckhole was getting brutal. Manish Held me even harder to jam my movements, and within one more minute,
down there on my fuckhole things went out of my control as while sitting behind me Hemant Jiju was literary crushing and mashing my clitoris while fucking me with 2-3 his fingers. Within few seconds I would have busted in orgasm but just then Hemant Jiju stopped leaving me in desire of meeting my climax and I trembled feverishly in unfinished ecstasy.
Now it was my asshole’s turn and I could see that the way all men have sucked Shilpi Bhabhi’s asshole, they are going to do same with me and more or less I was prepared for that. Once again it was Hemant Jiju who started with me after parting my plump ass mounds.
He was licking my ass crack from top to bottom and gradually his tongue and hands were making way to my tiny ass opening, as such he was not facing any protest from me for this, certainly I was moaning and moving bit weirdly in intense pleasure which I could not control.
Once again Hemant Jiju touched my asshole with his tongue and I moaned thickly in that instant, slowly he started licking my pot and way to my asshole was clear to him. I realized that now Bhanu Bhaiya was standing near me and he told Manish to go to Shilpi Bhabhi by saying, “Manish jaakar Shilpi ko sambhal….”
and with that Bhanu Bhaiya tried to take me from my husband’s arm and for a fraction I got chance to look at Shilpi Bhabhi, she was lying totally exhausted and certainly would have cummed at least twice in all this mess. Anyway instead of holding me in the same posture Bhanu Bhaiya told Hemant Jiju to take me to bed, it was sign of relief for me as I was standing in very uncomfortable posture.
Next moment they took me to mattress and I saw that Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi were still tied on chairs, rather I remember Gunjan Didi’s hands were released and Jeetu Bhaiya was fucking his sister’s mouth with his penis while standing beside her and at the other corner Shilpi Bhabhi was sitting and sucking My husband’s penis and I could see his rod going in and coming out of her mouth.
Now I was realizing that everything was moving randomly and I could see that males had no plans of sequence of fucking us, they just wanted to abuse Shilpi Bhabhi and me for a while or may be everything was messed up in their (males) excitement. Anyway soon I was lying straight on mattress and once again my asshole was there target.
Hemant Jiju folded me into my half and took my bottom up as much as possible and from my heads side Bhanu Bhaiya held my thighs and pressed them against my breast and finally my legs were closer to my face and heels of my sandals were pointing roof and the main thing my pot, that was also opened to roof.
Bhanu Bhaiya kept on holding me in the same posture and Jiju came forward and finally leaned over my pothole; and once again my asshole started getting licked and sucked and this time it was in much better way, as it was clearly parted wide and I could feel that it was opened a bit then normal.
I could not think or see anything happening around, moreover Bhanu Bhaiya’s balls were hanging in front of my eyes as she was standing on his knees close to my head and I was just moaning and crying in strange pleasure, I tried to move myself to set myself free but Bhanu Bhaiya was handling my body easily and I could not move even a fraction.
I could feel that my tiny asshole was bit more open now as Hemant Jiju was inserting tip of his tongue in my big pot again and again and the breeze of cold air which was touching my opening to make me shiver erotically was certainly it was Hemant Jiju’s breath. Finally Hemant Jiju stopped as he was also out of breath because of continues efforts to suck my asshole and now it was Bhanu Bhaiya’s turn to open my pothole with his tongue.
“Jeetu Gunjan ko khol kar yahan le aa” Bhanu Bhaiya spoke to Jeetu Bhaiya who was standing where Gunjan Didi was sitting on chair with tied legs and then he spoke to Hemant Jiju while addressing him “Hemant…..Jeetu se Gunjan ka peeche ka chhed(hole) chattwa…..Chaitu ko main sambhal lunga” Bhanu Bhaiya took Hemant Jiju’s place on my asshole without changing his place,
rather he turned me in his direction easily and for a fraction I got chance to see around, or I must say when Bhanu Bhaiya was turning me around I got a glance of whole room and by now my husband Manish was fucking Shilpi Bhabhi comfortably in missionary position and it seemed proper love making to me as they were kissing and moaning in pleasure of getting intimate.
Both Hemant Jiju and Jeetu Bhaiya were releasing Gunjan Didi’s legs which were tied to chair and last but not the least Kiran Bhabhi was still there where she was in the beginning, on her chair, still tied with the back and legs of the chair. Once again my ass hole started getting tongue fucked and now it was Bhanu Bhaiya who was holding me in same way and licking my ass crack from top to bottom,
till the beginning of my fuckhole, which was twitching in desire of getting stuffed with his monster. Everything was moving so fast that I did not got much time to think what all is happening, certainly it was filthy and really very dirty but I could see that everyone was enjoying including me. I moaned loud every time Bhanu Bhaiya licked my asshole, while parting my ass crack using his tongue,
and finally he stopped and looked into my eyes and spoke, “Chaitu ek na ek din teri GAAND zaroor maarunga main….dekhte hain tu kitne din bachati hai apne aap ko” I was speechless rather I was not in state to speak anything, I was just puffing in pleasure after getting hardcore anal licking and now Bhanu Bhaiya had a plan to continue with me,
and he spoke to his younger brother while making me sit on the mattress, “Hemant….. Jeetu ko karne de jo use karna hai Gunjan ke saath……..tu apni Bhabhi ko khol aur shuru kar usske saath….main Chaitu ke andar dal raha hun” his sentence cleared me their next step, and I saw that just few minutes back the way Bhanu Bhaiya was holding me by folding me into half,
Hemant Jiju was holding his wife for Jeetu Bhaiya and Gunjan Didi’s brother was licking her asshole and she was moaning fully in pleasure. Anyway I did not got much time to see around, as Bhanu Bhaiya stood up on his knees and bought my mouth to his crotch and asked me to suck him and I started that. In background I heard Hemant Jiju saying,
“Bhabhi….meri pyari Bhabhi….bass aagaya aapka devar aapke pass….aapki sewa karne” he was gone to Kiran Bhabhi and started releasing her hands and legs, I tried to turn to see them but Bhanu Bhaiya took me back and spoke, “Chaitu….chus issko achhe se” and I continued. “ab yaad aai hai tujhe teri Bhabhi….hmmmm… jaldi khol….aag laggi hui hai mere andar ”
I heard Kiran Bhabhi saying this in low voice to Hemant Jiju and I could feel her eagerness of getting manly treatment through her voice. After a minute or so Bhanu Bhaiya pushed me on bed on my back and once again I got chance to see around. Gunjan Didi was sucking her brother’s hard penis at one corner,
Shilpi Bhabhi and my husband Manish seemed exhausted and spent as they were just lying tied with each other, Shilpi Bhabhi was holding him tight between her thighs and arms, I got a glimpse of Hemant Jiju sucking her Bhabhi’s ass hole, in somewhat posture, he sucked my asshole in the beginning,
wearing high heel sandals Kiran Bhabhi was leaning against the dining table keeping her thighs as broad as possible and widening her fleshy ass mounds with his hands Hemant Jiju was licking asshole of his elder brother’s wife like a dog, moreover Kiran Bhabhi was moaning in humming voice as Hemant Jiju was getting deeper and deeper with his tongue in her ass.
I could see that some type of phobia of licking our asshole was driving all men, especially Bhanu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju. From the beginning of the event Hemant Jiju was focused on parting hips of all females and licking them on their ass openings, he was liking our cries and shivering over sensitive spot, moreover he was the only one who had licked all females, excluding his wife Gunjan Didi.
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