Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali – 22

Gradually dinner ended and we all started to think about sleeping pattern. As it was a two bedroom flat so purposely Gunjan Didi came with an Idea to settle down in two groups, that is males and females, so that like we decided Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju can take over their fronts to arouse Chhaya and Harsh with their erotic conversation about sex and soon we all moved to decided rooms and settle down.
Now here I will try to brief the conversation happened in both the rooms casually in a story format. Certainly I was present in female’s room only but details given by Hemant Jiju and my husband Manish later I know almost everything spoken out in that room by the males and I must mention that from my side I will try my best to write down everything clearly without creating much of confusion
but as I am not a professional writer I may create some kind of mess in briefing the conversation in two different rooms. Anyway I would like to start writing the conversation of males end, all three males, Hemant Jiju, my husband Manish and Chhaya’s husband Harsh were sitting and relaxing after changing in the room where ultimately they were suppose to sleep and somehow
conversation of mobile phone started and my husband Manish casually spoke out “Aapka Mobile bahut achha hai…” to Hemant Jiju while taking his mobile in his hand. In a way Hemant Jiju was waiting for this kind of moment to start the conversation and he instantly replied back saying “biwi aur mobile hamesha dusre ke hi achhe lagte hain…! Kyun Harsh?”

and in the end Hemant Jiju asked Harsh to acknowledge his statement and in response initially Harsh did not uttered anything and just smiled a bit on Hemant Jiju’s words “arre yaar Sharma kya raha hai, bol na haan ya naa?” Jiju somewhat insisted him to speak out and Harsh accepted by saying “haan….” “Chal ek baat bata… tujhe ek ladki ki body mein sabse jayada kya arouse karta hai?”
Hemant Jiju asked Chhaya’s husband one more time and in response one again Harsh did not spoke out anything in hesitation and he just smiled a bit, leaving Harsh for a moment Jiju asked Manish same question “tu batta Manish, tujhe kya achha lagta hai?” Just to behave normal Manish was engrossed into Hemant Jiju’s mobile and as Hemant Jiju asked hi he replied with “patli kamar”
and in response Hemant Jiju instantly spoke out “jo teri biwi ke paas nahi hai”. Next Hemant Jiju asked same question to Harsh again that what does he like most in female body and once again Harsh did not spoke anything and blushed a bit and for his this hesitant gesture Hemant Jiju asked him in teasing gesture “abbey bol na…kahin tujhe ladke to nahi achhe lagte..?”
this time Harsh was somewhat bound to reply and he spoke out “Nahi nahi…!” “To fir bol kya achha lagta hai…sharma kya raha hai…” Hemant Jiju asked him again, Harsh was still hesitant to speak out and next moment in reflex Hemant Jiju asked him in sarcastic tone “chuchiyaan achhi lagti hain…?” “Haan”
Harsh replied yes with blushing smile but Hemant Jiju did not stopped and asked him again “chhoti chhoti ya badi badi…?” “badi badi..” Harsh replied back and Hemant Jiju was ready with another question “Aur Chutadd…? Chuttad kaise achhe lagte hain…mote mote bahar nikle hue ya fir seedhe sapat…” in response to this question Harsh smiled shyly and finally uttered “mote mote…”
and without showing any hesitation Hemant Jiju came out with statement “teri biwi ke pass bhi na teri pasand ki Chuchiyan hain, na tere pasand ke Chuttad” and with a pause he spoke again “hence proved biwi hamesha dusre ki hi sexy hoti hai….”.
Next I received a massage on my number from Manish’s mobile, that moment we three females were also engaged into conversation but it was not at all about sex, Chhaya was trying to explain her work and as I received a massage I understood what I have to do, as instruction given to me and Gunjan Didi by Hemant Jiju now I was suppose to visit males room to ask them if they need
anything and I got up from my place casually and spoke out to Chhaya and Gunjan Didi that I must ask them if they need anything and same instant Gunjan Didi also got up to change her outfit into night wear. I came to male’s room’s door and asked them if they need anything after knocking and opening the door and Hemant Jiju spoke out the demand of water.
I went inside the kitchen took glasses in the tray and filled them and came to their room and served water to all three males including my husband Manish who was engrossed in Hemant Jiju’s mobile.
While standing close to my husband wearing tight leggings with a t-shirt just below my waist I was revealing massive flesh of my thighs and erotically spread ass to Harsh who was sitting somewhere behind me. I turned to go out, just then Hemant Jiju saw Harsh staring at my ass, and caught him and smiled while looking into his eyes, Harsh blushed a bit.
“Chaitu tu moti hoti jaa rahi hai…Chhaya se tips le aur maintain kar apne aap ko…nahi Manish tereko talak de dega” Hemant Jiju spoke out while smiling and looking at Harsh. I turned to see him and made expressions as if I am disappointed from his words and saw Harsh, he seemed bit embarrassed from her facial expressions, certainly because he was caught by Hemant Jiju staring at my massive ass.
After that I moved out and Hemant Jiju slapped Harsh casually on his thigh and spoke out “relax yaar…we all do that…apni biwi ko koi dekhta hai kya?…biwi doosre ki hi taadi jaati hai…”. I reached to my room and coincidently at the same time Gunjan Didi came out of the washroom after changing into a nightwear;
shorts and cut sleeve t-shirt till her waist or bit more and casually spoke out to both of us “mujhe iss dress mein dekh kar…tum dono ke patti mera zabardasti to nahi kar denge na?” and just to support her I giggled a bit on Gunjan Didi’s words and spoke out, “I don’t know about Harsh, Manish to certainly nahi karega…” and my words somewhat made Chhaya to speak out
“Harsh bhi nahi karega…” “Lund to khada ho hi jaayega dono ka…” finally Gunjan Didi got a chance to speak out erotic Hindi word and I somewhat supported her by speaking out in same fashion in sarcastic tone “Kyun Hemant Jiju ka Lund nahi khada hoga kya….?” “Uska Lund to Hamesha hi khada rahata hai”
Gunjan Didi replied to my statement very wittily and before I would have thought about speaking up anything we heard a beep and this time it was Gunjan Didi’s mobile who beeped with a massage alert which she forgot in the washroom and she went inside to get it and came out and started putting the clothes she has just taken off and adjusted her bag for a while and then asked us if we want to have coffee.
I instantly came up with yes as I could sense that it is messaged by Hemant Jiju, next Gunjan Didi asked Chhaya and while saying yes Chhaya tried to get up to make coffee but Gunjan Didi stopped her by saying that she will prepare for all of us and in reflex I pulled Chhaya’s arm to make her sit again and she sat down and as Gunjan Didi went out I casually told Chhaya
not to mind Gunjan Didi’s words as sometimes she goes wild with the words and then brief her few of her vulgar spoken out statements to me. Anyway as I already knew next in the outfit of Shorts and cut sleeve t-shirt Gunjan Didi went to males room and intentionally instead of standing on the door and asking went inside the room to show herself better asked them if they want to
have coffee and this time leaving mobile Manish looked at her a bit and said yes, like him Hemant Jiju and Harsh also said yes for coffee and Gunjan Didi went out to the kitchen and his wife moved away Hemant Jiju spoke out to Harsh in the tone as if he is trying to prove something to Harsh
“see jab isski biwi aayi thi…ye mobile mein ghusa hua tha…aur jab meri biwi aayi to kaise sab kuch chhod ke ussko taadna shuru kar diya…” and after a pause he spoke again “aek baar aur hence proved biwi hamesha dusre ki hi sexy hoti hai….”
Finally after serving males their mugs Gunjan Didi came back to the room with three mugs of coffee and while giving one to Chhaya spoke to her in sarcastic tone “tu Harsh ke saath sex nahi karti kya?” and with a pause spoke again “mujhe aisi bhukhi nazron se dekh raha tha, jaise mahino se sex na kiya ho”.
For an instant I felt that Chhaya might mind Gunjan Didi’s words and to cover up that I giggled over Gunjan Didi’s statement and before Chhaya would have thought about saying anything I spoke out “Didi aap bhi na…ab aap adh-nange(half naked) hokar uske saamne jaaoge to wo dekhega nahi kya…” and after a pause spoke again “I am sure Manish bhi aapko dekh raha hoga…”.
Fortunately Gunjan Didi understood my point of view and spoke out “aur nahi to kya…. Dono sex ke bhukhe lag rahe the…” and to protect our husbands I responded to her words by saying “galti aapki hai…aapko adh-nanga hokar nahi jaana chahiye tha unke saamne…” “Forget that…..tell me when did you had last sex…”
Gunjan Didi asked Chhaya, Chhaya blushed a bit with a smile but ultimately replied by saying “may be ten days back….” “aur teri sex life ka kya haal hai…?” this time Gunjan Didi asked me and I replied casually by saying “theek theek hai…koi khas nahi….more or less humen bhi dus din ho hi jaate hain sex kiye hue” “dus din…”
Gunjan Didi spoke out in the fashion as if she is shocked to hear that and then spoke again “Hemant to mere oopar roz hi chhad jaata hai” and then after a small pause Didi spoke again ““aaj hum alag alag soyenge…nahi to I am sure usne mujhe aaj bhi Chod daalna tha”.
I noticed as Chhaya heard the word Chodna for fucking from Gunjan Didi she smiled a bit. Next Gunjan Didi spoke again ““tum log kuch lete kyun nahi….life ko enjoy karo yaar” “kaise enjoy karen?” I asked her just to support her so that Gunjan Didi can continue speaking out erotic and Gunjan Didi made full use of my question “how can we enjoy?”
and spoke out something which I could not expect that instant, “If you are bored of each other then, switch your partners for six months…”. According to me it was too early spoken by Gunjan Didi and I covered her mistake and expressed gesture as if she is joking and spoke out “very funny” in sarcastic tone and asked her “aap bataao aapki sex life kaisi chal rahi hai…?”
and like I was expecting Gunjan Didi spoke out “we are just made for each other…hum roz sex karte hain….” And before I would have thought about saying anything in reply Gunjan Didi once again spoke out weird and banged on target with her words “and I can easily say ki tum dono ke patti mil kar bhi mujhe satisfy nahi kar paayenge…” and then after a small pause spoke again “aur Hemant akela hi tum dono ko pail dega…”.
Once again it was really much unexpected and for a moment I felt that Chhaya might mind all this vulgar conversation but just to continue I spoke again to Gunjan Didi and that is in sarcastic tone “Didi now you are exaggerating” and in reply Gunjan Didi continued going weird and spoke “ok let’s have a bet” “kya bet? ….saabit kaise hoga”
I spoke out in surprise and Gunjan this time Gunjan Didi touched the height of going to the point “let’s try…” with a loud giggle, though I could easily understand but I behaved natural and spoke “kya try karna hai…” in more shock in arbitrary anger and Gunjan Didi spoke out everything very clearly “ye hi…tum dono Hemant ke saath… aur main akeli Harsh aur Manish ke saath”
and before I would have thought of saying anything Gunjan Didi spoke again “I think hum teeno ko hi haan ya naa mein decide karna hai….I am sure humare husbands try karne ke liye manna nahi karenge”. I was speechless and for a moment could not think any reply, I just laughed and kept on looking Gunjan Didi with strange expression and looked at Chhaya, she was also smiling a bit,
fortunately she was comfortable with whatever Gunjan Didi was saying and did not responded negatively and as I looked at her she looked at me into my eyes without a word and I uttered to her, “See I told you…Didi kabhi kabhi ek dum pagal ho jaati hai….”
“What…? I am just trying to say ki tum dono kuch karo…anyhow improve your sex life… nahi to next do teen saalon mein budhon ki category mein aa jaaoge…” I would say our weird conversation more or less ended there for the time being as Coffee was over and Chhaya got up to go to the kitchen with empty mugs as she went out I literary shrieked over Gunjan Didi in low voice by saying “Didi aap marwa doge…”
“tu chup kar..I know what I am doing…” and after a pause spoke again “aur iss Chhaya ka kuch nahi hone wala…I can read her…iska bhi zabardasti hi karna padega…jaise Radha Bhabhi ka kiya tha…” “Are you crazy….?” I spoke out and just then heard some noise from outside and just then Chhaya entered again in the room and I went to the washroom to give some rest to my mental nerves.
There in the other room where males were having coffee things went boring for sometime as chat about different apps was on between them and to give natural reaction Hemant Jiju participated into that but anyhow once again he rose the subject by asking Harsh “Coffee piker to aur neend bhaag gayi… koi movie hai?” and Harsh replied with
“haan…purani Hindi comedy movies hain like….Chupke Chupke, Angoor and all…” “nahi yaar koi English ki action movie nahi hai kya..?”Hemant Jiju spoke back and tried to express his demand of that kind of movie but once again Harsh did not understood exactly what he meant with action movie and spoke out names of action movies he had
“Haan…hai…ID hai, Air Force One hai, Jurasic Park hai…” and this time in reply Hemant Jiju cleared him what he meant with action movies by saying “wo action nahi…ye action” and moving his punch sideways to say fucking and in reply Harsh said no to it by saying “nahi wo action nahi hai…” with a smile. “now don’t say that you don’t watch such movies”
Hemant Jiju spoke sarcastically and Harsh replied back by accepting and saying “I watch…but very rare” and Hemant Jiju spoke back instantly “ok then it’s a rare day, lets watch” “but I don’t have any right now” Harsh denied that he has any porn movie but Hemant Jiju was unstoppable that moment, he was here fully prepared and he spoke out
“Ok I have…I hope your TV plays Pen drive?” “haan it plays” Harsh accepted. Hemant Jiju got up to take out his pen drive from his bag pack and spoke to my husband Manish “Manish ladies ko puch le if they want to see?” “What?” giving natural reaction Manish spoke out in shock and Hemant Jiju replied sarcastically “movie aur kya”.
Manish still could not believe and he asked him again in shock “adult movie?” and this Hemant Jiju teased him by saying “abbey tu aise bol raha hai…jaise they are kids, they all are adult” “mai nahi bolunga…aap hi bol do” Manish simply denied to do what Hemant Jiju told him to do and I am sure like me he was also in shock with whatever Hemant Jiju was speaking out or you can say trying to do.
Anyway as Manish denied asking us, if we want to watch porn movie Hemant Jiju gave Pen drive to Harsh and walked out to our room and spoke to all of us “tum logon ne movie dekhni hai to aa jaao…”
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