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Through out the tea Bhanu Bhaiya mostly remained silent and spoke very less and just smiled on whatever Gunjan Didi spoke or asked. She told me that because of me she is getting gold earrings from Bhanu Bhaiya, assuming that I don’t know that. I just smiled and blushed hearing her words as Bhanu Bhaiya was looking at me when she was saying,
“You know, just because ki main tujhe is group mein lekar aayi hoon, Bhanu Bhaiya mujhe gold earrings gift kar rahe hain” then again she spoke in continuation “tune Bhanu Bhaiya ka dil jeet liya hai” and then spoke again “I don’t know what, but you have something, Hemant bhi tera Deewana hai, and I am sure Jeetu bhi hoga hi that is why he was fighting with him to win” “tell me what you liked in her”
Gunjan Didi asked Bhanu Bhaiya this time and the spoke again and made dramatic statement, “Bhaiya iss mein aisa kya hai, jo mujh mein nahi hai” and laughed a bit, Bhanu Bhaiya smiled and just said “I don’t know, per kuch to hai” Soon our tea ended and we lied lazily there for 10-15 minutes and Gunjan Didi spoke lot of things casually about last nights sex and future sex which was going to happen in next couple of days,
then she started discussing that who is going to fuck who’s wife tonight, starting this topic with my that day’s partner “Aaj raat ko Jeetu tere saath rahega, aur Manish Kiran Bhabhi ke saath,……. Bhanu Bhaiya Shilpi ke saath…. Then what would I do,….. main Hemant ke saath karungi kya” we realized that there is a technical problem in matching couples.
Gunjan Didi seemed bit worried on this, I found Bhanu Bhaiya also thinking, finally he spoke after calculating, “see I have only one option, Shilpi because I have done that with both of you” then spoke again, “Kiran also has only one option Manish because she is done with Hemant and Jeetu” pointing me from his eyes Bhanu Bhaiya spoke again,

“she has to do with Jeetu only, because he will not agree staying with you leaving Chaitu for Hemant,…. So you have only one option, your own husband” “no way, I mean this is wrong……, I am sure Hemant bhi nahi maanega” Gunjan Didi replied with bit of irritation. Bhanu Bhaiya somewhat laughed on her reaction and spoke again, “see there are more options,…..”
he started again after a pause, “one if you and Kiran go with Manish and me and Hemant will do with Shilpi… but I don’t want to do that, ….because I don’t like sharing my female with another man at the same time” “second option is Chaitu goes with Hemant and Jeetu,…. Kiran will go with Manish, Shilpi and you will be with me” then after a small pause Bhanu Bhaiya spoke again with a smile,
“I don’t mind having two females together” Gunjan Didi liked that option and said “Even I don’t mind spending one more night with you, waise bhi kal raat ko to aapka focus Chaitu par hi tha” I was looking at Gunjan Didi’s face with an objection and she smiled while looking at me and asked me, “what koi problem hai kya” “kya problem hai” she asked again with a small pause reading my face.
“mujhe nahi karna do ke saath” I replied what I wanted to say. “dono ek saath nahi daalenge, ek ek karke daalege thodi thodi der ke liye,…. Ya pahle ek kar lega fir doosra karega, jaise kal dono ne Kiran Bhabhi ke saath kiya tha” Gunjan Didi tried to convince me to get into bed with two men at the same time,
but I said no again and she spoke again trying to make me understand from another angle that there is no other option because Manish cannot handle two women together saying, “see waise bhi Manish mujhe aur Kiran Bhabhi ko ek saath sambhal nahi paayega, I mean na Kiran Bhabhi satisfy hongi na main, I am sorry to say but your husband is immature for that” then she spoke again,
“and tell you frankly after having such a good time with Bhanu Bhaiya… you will also remain unsatisfied with Jeetu because more or less he is like Manish…., I am sure Hemant hoga to you will enjoy” Still Gunjan Didi could see that I am not convinced and not ready to except having sex with Jeetu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju at one time or one after another, and she spoke again
“waise bhi Bhaiya ne mera asshole lick karne ka promise kiya hai, jaise raat ko tera kiya tha” I knew this I was awake when they were talking about that, “Bhaiya Shilpi ka bhi kar dena, wo pagal ho jaayegi” this time Gunjan Didi spoke to Bhanu Bhaiya, “no way, bahut ghamand (proud) hai usske ander, jakar apne husband se chatwaye apni Gaand ka chhed, I will fuck her ass straight away; whenever she will say yes to it,”.
Bhanu Bhaiya got wild with his words, and postponed that matter by saying, “forget it, dekhte hain kya karna hai, you just get my clothes from Kiran, Jeans and t-shirt, main aur Chaitali nahane (Bathing) ja rahe hain” I looked at him, Bhanu Bhaiya wanted to get into shower with me and he took me for granted and then he spoke again and asked me while looking at me,
“koi problem to nahi hai na” “nahi problem kyun hogi” before I would have thought about saying anything Gunjan Didi replied and then spoke again with a giggle “issko apni Chut ko breakfast to karana hi hai,….. fir sidha dinner milega,…. Aapne Meri Chut ko nashta(breakfast) kara hi diya hai, isski Chut ko bhi karra do bathtub me letakar”
I just got speechless and could not control my smile, rather Bhanu Bhaiya also smiled a lot on Gunjan Didi’s statement while getting up, Gunjan Didi spoke again, “waise Chut ko hamesha kela (banana) hi milta hai, breakfast ho ya dinner ho, alag alag size ka, white sause ke saath” Bhanu Bhaiya laughed aloud on that and I too laughed on Gunjan Didi’s wired sense of humor.
Ultimately Gunjan Didi went out to get Bhanu Bhaiya’s clothes and once again I was getting intimate with Bhanu Bhaiya under the shower. We stood under the flowing water for some time and Bhanu Bhaiya had breakfast of my body by licking and sucking my breasts while rubbing my cunt, after kissing me for a while.
Then he took me to the bathtub which was already half filled with the water. In between Gunjan Didi came to room and opened the door of the bathroom which was just closed not bolted and found us stark naked under the shower. “Kapde (clothes) rakh diye hain, isski Chut ko apna kela (banana) khila ke pahan lena” intentionally once again Gunjan spoke in same format to make fun and spoke again while looking at me
“achhe se khila dena apni Chut ko inka kela(banana), isske baad sidha raat ko milega aur wo bhi isse chota hoga” indirectly she was saying that Bhanu Bhaiya has a biggest penis among all males. I was realizing that whatever Gunjan Didi was saying is true, that after having sex with a person like Bhanu Bhaiya it is very difficult for any female to get fully satisfied with anyone else and especially from Jeetu Bhaiya,
assuming that Gunjan Didi’s words are true that Jeetu Bhaiya fucks more or less like Manish. Anyway we took shower and then got into bathtub, Bhanu Bhaiya sat in the tub resting his back and took me over himself in his arms and rubbed my whole body, which really aroused me, we were laying and kissing in a tub of bit warm water,
and he was tenderly playing with every part of my body in the water with his hands, my breast, my nipples, navel, my cunt and hips. He was such a good lover that he made me feel like heaven on earth again by just using his hands and fingers. With in 5-10 minutes of rubbing and kissing I got so aroused that I started getting itch in my cunt to get stuffed but Bhanu Bhaiya was one of its kind,
he was more interested in plunging my body with his mouth and hands, rather fingers than from his penis. He started fisting me initially and slowly made me sit on the platform above bathtub with my legs spread open, I was leaning back with support of my arms while sitting above bathtub making a big V from my legs and Bhanu Bhaiya was sitting inside the tub and sucking my love hole tenderly to make me moan and shudder in pleasure,
to show me exactly what is sexual pleasure. After some time he took me back in the tub and regained his previous position and told me to suck him, saying, “ Chaitu mera suck karo” now Bhanu Bhaiya was sitting in tub resting his back on wall, I was also in tub leaning over his crotch, and sucking his big penis tenderly with slow movement of my wet tongue over his cock head.
After 2-3 minutes he stopped me and took me on his top and penetrated my fuckhole from my bottom, Bhanu Bhaiya was sucking my breasts and chewing my nipples while holding me from my waist and I was moving to and fro, rubbing his monster in my cunt suiting my pleasure. I could feel that now I was totally into pleasure of this partner swapping concept,
I was enjoying Kiran Bhabhi’s husband without any hesitation moreover without thinking that my husband must be fucking Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife. After 5-6 minutes of fucking in being me on top Bhanu Bhaiya stopped me and told me to turn on my four by saying “Chaitu ghodi (doggy) ban ja” I turned around, he adjusted me in a way that I was on my four and my bottom was in tub, resting my arms on the platform outside the tub.
Bhanu Bhaiya rubbed his penis on my opening just to tease me, I trembled and my cunt twitched to get stuffed again, “Bhaiya please…. Daal do andar” I spoke in puffing voice, I think that’s what he needed, Bhaiya held me from my waist and pulled me further towards him I eased my buttocks towards his hard erect rod my face got twisted in joy as the huge,
hard length of his penis was squeezed into my tight channel again, Bhanu Bhaiya sank his shaft completely in my fuckhole and waited, I wanted him to fuck me, and I impaled myself even deeper to say fuck me and next moment Bhanu Bhaiya started fucking me with slow and deep thrust, I was at the state where I needed him fast but he was teasing me,
enjoying my body and my expressions of being in pleasure, I was somewhat trembling with sudden jerks in between his slow and deep strokes, I was getting closer to the climax but very slowly, Bhanu Bhaiya’s speed was too slow to make me touch my peak, I was suffering in desire of getting a proper fuck and impaled my bottom over his rod and took him deep inside me to give him a hint.
At last, Bhanu Bhaiya moved with some speed, and began pumping his hips in a steady rhythm, driving his huge penis in and out of my cunt with thrilling control. His balls got pressed against my buttocks and his thighs slapping mine. Gradually, he increased the pace, going faster and faster. He dug his hands into my buttocks, held my fleshy hips and began to rock me back and forth, jerking my cunt back and forward on his length.
Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA uhhh hanh! I cried. Yes… UNhhh… Yes! Unhhh… Yes! Unhhhh… Yes! he panted joyously. Bhanu Bhaiya was drilling and pumping me from behind with fast, deep, skewering thrusts, and suddenly he paused for a second, I literary skipped my heartbeat, my body got arched it was a surprise for me and I screamed with a loud moan More!
Please…. Bhaiya please fuck me…… I gasped and trembled with sudden jerk and tried to get him deeper while saying that, He continued Ohhhhh god yes! Ohhhh yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh god yes!” suddenly he began to ram-fuck me savagely with rapid thrusts. I understood Bhanu Bhaiya was closer to his burst.
His buttocks and hips swung furiously back and forth as he drove his enormous penis in and out of the soaking and swollen flesh of my cunt. I tightened my legs and clamped his huge penis in my fuck hole. Ohhhhhuhhh OHhhh uhhh OHhhhhhh! he gasped. Yes… ohhh god yes yes yes! I cried. He took his hand under my belly and fingered my clitoris.
Oh my god I just went crazy and moaned loudly, I went through a violent orgasm. My body got tight by heaving sobs as the dams burst. I was trembling with jerks as stream of pleasure was cumming out of my pubic area with sudden jolts. Bhaiya’s own orgasm was uncontainable now, he screamed and exploded with a shudder and jerked out his white sticky cum deep inside my womb.
Once again we took shower and kissed in flowing water and came out. Bhanu Bhaiya told me to show my dresses which I was carrying and took out one suit of chuddidar pattern and told me to wear it and in continuation said that we are going out for a movie. Actually Suit of chuddidar pattern was Bhanu Bhaiya’s favorite, and that is why Gunjan Did uses to wear that most of the time.
We came out from the room after getting ready in the main living room, and surprisingly no one was ready like we two. Kiran Bhabhi was in nighty wearing just panty underneath, I could see it in light, Gunjan Didi was in gown with a belt tied around her waist, I think she was also wearing just panty underneath,
Shilpi Bhabhi was wearing tight slacks at the bottom and cut sleeve t-shirt which was coming hardly till her waist, she was wearing panty but not bra, I could make out in the tightness of the slacks and t-shirt. Two out of three men, were in pajama and t-shirt except Manish who was wearing shorts and t-shirt.
Time was 11 and breakfast was ready but Bhanu Bhaiya announced that we are going out for a movie and will come back by 4 after lunch. Among all Jeetu Bhaiya was the only one who said “this is not right, today Chaitali has to be with me” but Bhanu Bhaiya replied him by saying, “She will be yours from evening,….. and why don’t you go out with your last night’s partner (that is Kiran Bhabhi his own wife),
Once again Gunjan Didi took benefit of that moment to crack a joke by saying, “Isska to Joint account hai Hemant ke saath” and that recalled us that that last night Kiran Bhabhi was with two men, Hemant Jiju and Jeetu Bhaiya. “Tera account bhi to joint hi hai Chaitali ke sath” Kiran Bhabhi spoke to Gunjan Didi, tried to pull her leg but Gunjan Didi was any day more witty then her and she replied,
“abhi main sirf sleeping partner hoon” and everybody giggled on that. Anyway we came out after having bit of light snacks with a cup of tea; Bhanu Bhaiya took me straight away to one jewelry shop and bought one set of earrings for Gunjan Didi of my choice. Then we had good food and went inside the auditorium for a movie.
Through out this time Bhanu Bhaiya was very casual and nothing like sex came in our conversation, but don’t know why I had a gut feeling that Bhanu Bhaiya will surly do something in the dark, I was sure that at least he will touch me somewhere or everywhere, and he did that but not in a way I was thinking.
He took my hand in his hand tenderly and inserted gold ring into my finger and said, “This is for you” I was surprised I don’t know when he bought that from the same shop, and more surprisingly it just came perfect in my fore finger. I asked him that when he bought this and how come he knew size of my fore finger,
and Bhanu Bhaiya gave a naughty reply of my second question of knowing about size of my finger saying “raat bhar mein maine mujhe tumhare saare sizes naap liye hain”, I blushed on his reply with a smile. After this we hardly saw the movie, through out the movie we were talking in low voice. Whole conversation was not about sex so I am writing which comes in this category.
Holding my hand in his hand Bhanu Bhaiya asked me did I enjoyed sex with him in Hindi “tell me mere saath mazza aaya” I looked at him, he was staring at me in low light, our eyes met “tell me” he asked again I just moved my hand in yes with shyness and looked down. “jo kuch bhi maine kiya, sab achha laga” he asked again, once again I said yes by moving my head without looking at him.
“Remember I was teasing you Did you like that too” he asked again, once again I said yes in same way without looking at him. “Look at me” he spoke again, I looked up, once again our eyes met, “aur wo bhi achha lagga” “kya” I asked back, “asshole sucking” I blushed and looked down without saying anything,
“tell me, jab maine tumhara asshole suck kiya tha to tumhe mazza aaya tha, ya nahi” “hummmmm” once again I moved my hand in yes while humming. “then do remember your promise” he spoke again, I looked up with a question mark on my face, “which promise” I asked back, “yehi ki whenever you will agree for anal sex, you will do it with me first, not even with your husband”
once again I was looking down in shyness, without any words, “you know, Gunjan ki anal virginity bhi maine hi li thi” then he spoke again “and you are the only one who know this truth except we two, even Hemant doesn’t know this”. Once again I looked at Bhanu Bhaiya in dark, his eyes were glowing, “so remember you have promised me” he spoke again,
“but I don’t want to do that” I replied in low voice, “ I am not forcing you, I just want, whenever you will decide to experience that, you will tell me first” then he asked again, “Ok” once again I moved my head in yes, “now tell me, you want to be with me again or not, I mean mere saath dobara karna hai” he asked again, “I looked up paused for a fraction, and finally uttered
“lekin ab to mere saath Jeetu Bhaiya aur Hemant Jiju karenge” “I know, but agar tum dono ke saath aaj raat ko hi kar lo to, kuch interesting karne ka socha ja sakta hai” once again I faced same situation, I was hesitant to get on bed with two men at one time, and Bhanu Bhaiya could read that on my face, he spoke again,
“see nobody is going to harm you, dono ek saath nahi karenge, at least penetrate to ek ek kar ke hi karenge” then he spoke again “secondly for sure Jeetu akela tumhe satisfy nahi kar paayega, …..I am not saying that, Kiran and Gunjan both say this, generally he goes off with in 4-5 minutes” then after a pause he spoke again,
“see tonight if you will stay with Jeetu and Hemant, I will do it with Shilpi, and your husband will do with Kiran and Gunjan both,….then only Hemant and Shilpi will be left for the third day….we can think of doing something interesting like playing something and deciding”. Bhanu Bhaiya waited for me to say yes or no, but I did not uttered anything, I was thinking something and finally uttered, “Jeetu Bhaiya aur Gunjan Didi ne bhi abhi tak nahi kiya hai”.
He realized his mistake of calculation and said “oh yes I forgot….. Everything is so messed up”… “But in any case we two will be free, I mean hamara to sab ke saath ek ek baar ho chukka hoga we can think of doing again” Bhanu Bhaiya tried to realize me benefit of having sex with Hemant Jiju and Jeetu Bhaiya together, “Bhaiya main ek time pe do ke saath nahi kar paaongi”
I replied while looking into his eyes, “think about it, I am sure you will enjoy,…… I know because Gunjan aur Kiran both enjoy a lot while having such threesomes, rather Shilpi also enjoy this now, initially usse bhi ajeeb feel hota tha”, then again he spoke as if some idea has struck him, “ok tell me, will you do if Gunjan will be there with you” “wo kaise” I asked back,
“leave that on me, I make sure ki jab Jeetu aur Hemant tumhare saath sex karenge to Gunjan wahan tumhare paas hi hogi” and then he spoke again, “tell me, now you are ready or not” I looked at Bhanu Bhaiya, he seemed desperate to make me confront with Jeetu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju, “I don’t think Gunjan Didi will agree on this”
“I will talk to her, ……somehow we have to go through all combinations tonight only, I mean jisne jisne jiske saath karna hai aaj raat ko kar lega, then only we can do something different tomorrow”. At that time more or less I agreed for having sex with Jeetu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju together with a condition that Gunjan Didi will be there with me.
Finally we came back after bit of more shopping from the same mall, Bhanu Bhaiya bought four sexy night dresses for all the females. By the time we came back it was 5 and nobody was home but they came back after 10-15 minutes, one after another.
Everyone was out to roam with someone else’s partner, as I was with Bhanu Bhaiya, Gunjan Didi was with Manish, Jeetu Bhaiya took Kiran Bhabhi and Hemant Jiju was with Shilpi Bhabhi. After getting together in living room once again atmosphere started getting dense and lust started rising in everyone, initially when we all opened our night suits bought by the eldest person of the swinger’s gang,
and when just after that photo session started for the memento of this meeting, every female got clicked with every male including her own husband in casual gestures, and while doing that Pizza got ordered and light drinks started and pizza would have delivered couple matching of that night started and every body was having his or her own view and suggestion,
Jeetu Bhaiya was not ready to share me on bed with Hemant Jiju, he wanted to seduce me alone, Gunjan Didi was desperate to get into bed with Bhanu Bhaiya again as she wanted him to meet his promise, again and again she was insisting Jeetu Bhaiya to get along with Hemant Jiju to seduce me,
as Manish was suppose to go with Kiran Bhabhi which was already fixed and she wanted to get into threesome with Bhanu Bhaiya and Shilpi Bhabhi. Hemant Jiju was ready to get along with Jeetu Bhaiya as well as Bhanu Bhaiya to seduce me with Jeetu Bhaiya or to seduce Shilpi Bhabhi with his elder brother but none out of two neither Jeetu Bhaiya nor Bhanu Bhaiya were ready
to share there females with any other male and there conversations for all this were making me horny, couple of times when Gunjan Didi tried to convince Jeetu Bhaiya to share me with Hemant Jiju by saying “Jeetu, tu aur Hemant dono aaj raat ko Chaitu ke saath so jaao, main aur Shilpi Bhanu Bhaiya ke saath so jaayenge, (Manish and Kiran Bhabhi were already fixed),
Jeetu Bhaiya replied to Gunjan Didi by saying “no way, aaj raat ko Chaitu ke saath sirf main karunga”, In between Shilpi Bhabhi was suggesting Gunjan Didi to get into threesome with Manish and Kiran Bhabhi, I think she wanted to get with Bhanu Bhaiya alone for the whole night, moreover I could see that somewhere even Bhanu Bhaiya was interested in getting alone
with Shilpi Bhabhi because again and again he was suggesting Gunjan Didi to get along with me, Jeetu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju in sort of fore some by saying “Gunjan tu, Jeetu, Chaitali aur Hemant ek hi room mein ho jaao, ek saath teen (three) combinations poore ho jaayenge” he meant to say that if Gunjan Didi will come along with me,
Jeetu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju then three combinations will be covered in one night, that is, me and Jeetu Bhaiya, me and Hemant Jiju and Jeetu Bhaiya and Gunjan Didi, but in any case Gunjan Didi was not ready to get into any threesome or four some in which her husband Hemant Jiju will be there and for that she replied
“main Hemant ke saath room nahi share karungi, I am sure ultimately sirf Chaitu ka hi hoga, dono ussi ke saath hi lagge rahenge, aur mujhse sirf apni erection karwainge” everybody laughed on her reply. Among all it was just me and Manish who were not uttering a single word, couple of times Kiran Bhabhi also spoke, addressing Gunjan Didi she said,
“Gunjan tu mere saath aaja, hum dono milkar Manish ka zabardasti karte hain”. Manish seemed excited to me when Kiran Bhabhi said that, may be because he was also interested in getting two females at the same time on the bed. In the end this problem got solved when Hemant Jiju intruded into the matter, actually technically things were never messed like this before,
and somewhere I was responsible for all this, because it was me who insisted Gunjan Didi to stay with me. Ultimately who slept with whose wife or you can say who stayed awake with whose wife, I will write next time. Till then I will just tell (to keep reader’s interest intact) that in next two nights I experienced something which I could not imagine before joining this group.
Who with whom I will write next time, till then bye, and do post your comments, they will inspire me to write again, word to word and moment to moment.

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