Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 14

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 13 

When we reached to the living room everybody was there except the two who were just fucking, Bhanu Bhaiya and Shilpi Bhabhi. Kiran Bhabhi was making coffee for everyone and Gunjan Didi was preparing something to eat in the kitchen only, I also entered in the kitchen. Just like me both the other females were wearing just panty on our lower half and our fleshy thighs were exposed significantly.
As I said earlier I was wearing t-shirt of Hemant Jiju and a panty, Gunjan Didi was wearing Bhanu Bhaiya’s t-shirt and Panty no bra it could be sensed easily and same as Gunjan Didi Kiran Bhabhi was also wearing Bhanu Bhaiya’s shirt which was having buttons in front and a Panty she was also not wearing bra.
I could see that both Kiran Bhabhi and Gunjan Didi were talking when I entered and as Gunjan Didi saw me she smiled at me and asked “kya dekha?” I too smiled on her gesture while replying “kuch nahi”. “Manish ka zabardasti hote hue nahi dekha kya?” she asked again, I laughed on that and replied “haan”, “ye hum sabke saath karte hain” Gunjan Didi spoke again,
and then in continuation “aur tera kaisa raha…hmmmm….. tera bhi to zabardasti hi hua hai” Kiran Bhabhi giggled on that, I blushed in bit of embarrassment, “koi baat nahi, hota hai, shuru shuru mein hamare saath bhi hua tha” “kyun Bhabhi….. yaad hai na?” “Haan,…. moreover mujhe apne se jayada Shilpi ka yaad hai” Kiran Bhabhi replied.
Before I would have thought about asking them exactly what they did to Shilpi Bhabhi Gunjan Didi spoke herself “Hemant aur Bhanu Bhaiya ne Shilpi ko rula diya tha,……. It was her first threesome aur dono ussko climax pe leja kar paani nahi chhodne de rahe the”. That was exactly Jiju was trying to do with me, he was not letting me cum easily.

“waise ab Shilpi bhi hardcore fucking enjoy karne lag gayi hai” Kiran Bhabhi spoke to Gunjan Didi, Didi smiled a bit while doing what she was doing and spoke while continuing “I know… moreover I think she does not have any alternative, I am sure Jeetu ussko satisfy nahi kar pata, aur jo satisfy karte hain wo ussko pail daalte hain” “hmmmm…….. Bhanu was also saying this,
she goes mad in bed, I mean she is very demanding…aur Jeetu ke bus ka nahi hai ussko sambhalna” Kiran Bhabhi was pouring coffee in mugs “aur Jeetu ko aapse better kaun jaanta hai” Gunjan Didi spoke in a way as if she is completing Kiran Bhabhi’s statement. Gunjan Didi was still busy in making sandwiches, Kiran Bhabhi started helping her,
“Chaitu I must say, I was under estimating Manish but aaj ussne hamare saath bahut achhe se kiya” Gunjan Didi spoke while turning her head towards me, and then spoke again, “first round mein hi, we both cummed…….jo tune Hemant ke saath dekha wo second round tha” I smiled at least my husband was standing on third place among four males in there sexual ability after Bhanu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju.
Anyway we three came out in couple of more minutes with coffee and few types of sandwiches, Bhanu Bhaiya was already there in the living room, he was wearing jeans which he was wearing and undershirt and like Bhanu Bhaiya all males were in the same lower which they were wearing and undershirt or t-shirt on the top.
Further in next one minute Shilpi Bhabhi also came out and she was wearing salwar kameez which she was wearing few hours back, “Shilpi this is wrong” Hemant Jiju spoke from where he was sitting, by then Shilpi Bhabhi was in the middle of the living room, “what” she asked back with bit of smile, as if she knew what is wrong,
“you are not suppose to wear this” Hemant Jiju pointed finger towards her lower, “but mera kurta bahut short hai” Shilpi Bhabhi replied with smile, “whatever, panty to pahni hai na?” Hemant Jiju got up from there while asking that, and moved towards her, Shilpi Bhabhi could make out that why Hemant Jiju is approaching her and she moved back but not very far, she got trapped between wall and Hemant Jiju,
“please…. Jijaji rahne do na” Shilpi Bhabhi screamed while resisting Hemant Jiju to take off her salwar, “no…. I want to see your thighs…. Waise bhi I am your next man so just do what I am saying” Hemant Jiju spoke, we could make out that Hemant Jiju was dominating and with in few seconds Shilpi Bhabhi’s salwar raced down to her feet and like us she was also in just Panty on the lower half and kameez on the upper half.
Her kameez was really very short few inches below her waist and because of that everybody could see her panty when she sat down on the couch. We all had coffee while watching TV, few of us were sitting on the floor on carpet casually and rest were on sitting on couches comfortably, rather Gunjan Didi was laying on three sitter resting her head on arm of the sofa and Bhanu Bhaiya was sitting on the other end of the same sitter.
Like that Hemant Jiju was laying on carpet resting his head on Kiran Bhabhi’s thighs, Shilpi Bhabhi was sitting on the single sitter and Manish was sitting on the carpet resting his back on the same couch on which Shilpi Bhabhi was sitting and Jeetu Bhaiya was sitting very close to me on the carpet.
I could see that as such none of the females were feeling any hesitation including me while sitting like that exposing there thighs while revealing color of there panties, by now like old female members of the swinging group I was totally immersed in this partner sharing concept and I could feel this in myself that I am loving all this.
Anyway we chitchatted for a while with coffee and sandwiches, by then time must be more than 11, when theme or can say fucking plan of third day came in our conversation. And it was Gunjan Didi who started this matter after nearly an hour of coffee break with a casual question while changing the channel,
“so what are we going to do tomorrow”. “now we are four couples, think something different” Kiran Bhabhi spoke, “Different kya hoga, ultimately karna to wohi hai (fucking)” Hemant Jiju spoke while laying his head on his Bhabhi’s bare thighs. “I know, but we can play something before going to bed, as such sab combinations to ho hi chuke hain” Kiran Bhabhi responded,
“abhi do combination baki hain, mera aur Shilpi ka, aur isska aur Gunjan Ka” Hemant Jiju replied while pointing Jeetu Bhaiya, when he said isska which means his. I saw Shilpi Bhabhi was looking at screen and she smiled as she heard name from Hemant Jiju while continuing looking at screen.
“Just go with her and do it, kaam kahatam ho” Bhanu Bhaiya spoke to Jiju, “hmmmm…… thoda mood ban jaaye fir chalte hain” Hemant Jiju spoke while looking at Shilpi Bhabhi, and this time Shilpi Bhabhi looked at Hemant Jiju and smiled while changing channel, as now she was having remote of the TV.
If I had to explain the matter of discussion to the readers in a easier way then I will say that by now nearly all combinations of males with other’s female were done except two, that is Gunjan Didi with Jeetu Bhaiya and Shilpi Bhabhi with Hemant Jiju. Both the couples were planning to go now after some time and now discussion about third and last night was getting started that how to make that night interesting.
Gunjan Didi proposed the game of cards with a condition that on every loss one has to lose on of his/her cloth, but as we were eight so the game may get long and it may bore everyone, like that Kiran Bhabhi suggested something but even that didn’t clicked, like that Bhanu Bhaiya spoke something, Hemant Jiju ridiculed that,
though nothing got fixed but one thing for sure that whole discussion was very arousing not only for me but for everyone as sentences or notes were like, “ye usske kapde uttarega aur wo usske” and “wo oral sex usske saath karegi lekin ussko fuck koi aur karega” like that, once anal sex also came in when Bhanu Bhaiya said ki,
“jo bhi female last aayegi, usske saath, koi bhi kuch bhi kar sakta hai” for which Shilpi Bhabhi objected by saying “anal sex is not included in that” nearly after 15-20 minutes of discussion I could see that all men were adjusting there penis in there under wears, and in females I can say about myself and Shilpi Bhabhi as I was leaking in my panties and I could make out that like me Shilpi Bhabhi was also uneasy,
moreover now she was again and again looking at Hemant Jiju and Hemant Jiju also seemed eager to take her to his bed, and on the other end Jeetu Bhaiya was also looking at his sister Gunjan Didi with that lust, as now she is suppose get on his bed. Finally Hemant Jiju got up while saying,
“I have a brilliant idea, what? I will tell you later” “speak up” Kiran Bhabhi stopped him from getting up from her thigh, “Idea abhi pura grow nahi hua hai, I have to think about it, and right now I can’t think” then he spoke again, “let’s meet here after one hour, pahle maine jiski leni hain le loon, phir discuss karenge” by the end of his statement Hemant Jiju was standing and looking at Shilpi Bhabhi,
“let’s go” Jiju spoke to Shilpi Bhabhi and she got up slowly leaving the remote on the same couch, then Jiju spoke again this time to Jeetu Bhaiya “you also go,…… with your sister(Gunjan Didi)” in the end he teased Jeetu Bhaiya. “I will say lets talk about this tomorrow morning” Bhanu Bhaiya spoke as he saw that Hemant Jiju is planning to go with Shilpi Bhabhi in her bedroom.
“Ok” Hemant Jiju replied and moved into the room and Shilpi Bhabhi followed him and closed the door while looking at the people of living room. By then Jeetu Bhaiya was also up and Gunjan Didi also moved to go with her cousin brother to have sex.
Finally both the couples moved to their bedrooms and before Gunjan Didi and Jeetu Bhaiya went in the master bedroom, Kiran Bhabhi took out few folding cotton mattress with sheets so that bed can be laid in the living room only. Now we four were in the living room, me and my husband Manish and Bhanu Bhaiya and his wife Kiran Bhabhi, which means two real couples which were actually couples and officially married.
Manish was changing channels, Bhanu Bhaiya asked for one more cup of coffee, Manish also said yes for that, Kiran Bhabhi went inside the kitchen to make that, after few seconds I also moved and joined her in the kitchen. Kiran Bhabhi smiled as she saw me there and spoke, “Chaitu tum Bhanu ke saath apne bedroom mein so jaana, main aur Manish yahan living room mein so jaayenge”.
I blushed with a smile, “ab to sharmana(blushing) chhod de, ab to tune sab ke saath kar liya hai”… Kiran Bhabhi spoke casually with a smile and just then spoke again, “tell me mazza aaya, do ke saath” once again I blushed and did not replied her, “tell me, mazza aya ya nahi” I moved my head yes.
“Tell me if you would have gone just with Jeetu, to kya hota” Kiran Bhabhi asked me, and before I would have said anything she spoke again, “to tera kuch nahi hota” “I should not say this but, Jeetu is very bad on bed” then she spoke again, “and I am sure that is why Shilpi has agreed to join this group”….
Then she spoke again after a small pause, “both Bhanu and Hemant say, that she is always hungry, moreover many times she has invited us… in between to come to there place and stay there for the night” Kiran Bhabhi did not stopped talking and she spoke again, “and here Bhanu is just opposite to Jeetu, and I am telling you in advance that he is not oing to sleep till morning,
aur samajh le wo tujhe bhi nahi sone denge” Kiran Bhabhi was pouring coffee into two cups. “jab tak ye coffee pe rahe hain, lets see dono rooms mein kya ho raha hai” Kiran Bhabhi served coffee to the both men and told them that we are going to peep inside the rooms and spoke to me “pahle Shilpi ke room mein dekhte hain” we went there, as expected fucking was on, in that room,
Shilpi Bhabhi and Hemant Jiju were in 69, sucking each other at the same time and I could see that both were really excited, especially Hemant Jiju he was trying to tore of Shipi Bhabhi’s cunt with his fingers, we were standing on his right and watching them sideways and I could see that he was trying to open her cunt with his fingers and trying to eat her from there, by raising his head.
As such Shilpi Bhabhi was sucking Hemant Jiju’s penis, we could see it moving in and out of her mouth but not for very long in continuation as again and again she was screaming in pleasure because down there Hemant Jiju was exploring her cunt cruelly, using his fingers. “let’s see wahan kya ho raha hai” Kiran Bhabhi spoke, she wanted to see things happening in the other room,
in which my cousin sister Gunjan Did was confronting with her own brother, Jeetu Bhaiya. I wanted to stay there as I wanted to see Shilpi Bhabhi getting banged like a bitch by Hemant Jiju but I moved and followed Kiran Bhabhi to the other bedroom. “kya ho raha hai” as we entered living room to go to the other balcony Bhanu Bhaiya asked us, “69” Kiran Bhabhi replied with just one word.
In a minute me and Kiran Bhabhi were standing on Gunjan Didi’s window and here like her husband she was dominating her bed partner, Gunjan Didi was sitting on Jeetu Bhaiya’s face to get herself sucked, we could not see her face as she was facing away from us, neither we could see Jeetu Bhaiya’s face as it was buried between her sister’s fleshy thighs.
In a minute Gunjan Didi turned a bit and took Jeetu Bhaiya’s rod in her hand and started jerking. “ye(Gunjan Didi) peeche(anus) legi” Kiran Bhabhi spoke, and then spoke again, “waise for you information, mera bhi yehi plan hai aaj raat ka, Manish ke saath”. “let’s go” Kiran Bhabhi spoke again after a minute, and moved a bit towards the door to go back,
I was still watching inside the room as by now I could see one sister (Gunjan Didi) was sucking her brother(Jeetu Bhaiya). “Come on, apne aap aayegi ya Bhanu ko bhejun tujhe lane ke liye” Kiran Bhabhi spoke from bit far, I moved from there and we came back in living room.
Both the men Bhanu Bhaiya and Manish were up with there mugs, and as Kiran Bhabhi reached there she started unfolding mattress and prepared bed for two and then spoke to Bhanu Bhaiya, “aap jaao Chaitali ke saath, bedroom mein, main aur Manish yahan so jaayenge” Bhanu Bhaiya got and looked at me and asked me in low voice “chalein?” I blushed and it was understood from that I am ready to go with Bhanu Bhaiya one more time.
We both moved upstairs, fortunately this time I was rising stairs on my own and I was not carried by anyone in semi nude or totally nude condition. As we entered instead of closing and bolting the door Bhanu Bhaiya left the door bit opened and stopped it by putting down a door stopper, I looked at him with a question without a word,
“I want see Kiran doing with Manish,…. If I will open it later then they will come to know” I was realizing that it’s just not me who is interested in watching people fucking, somewhere everyone likes it. “lets just talk for some time, thodi der mein shuru karenge” Bhanu Bhaiya spoke while getting on bed, I could make out why, just because he wanted to see his wife Kiran Bhabhi fucking with my husband Manish, and he wanted to wait for them to start.
We both used toilet and Bhanu Bhaiya took me in his arm, kissed me lightly and spoke, “so you are back in my arms” I blushed, “Hemant ke saath enjoy kiya?” Bhanu Bhaiya asked again, I looked into his eyes, and smiled to say yes, “waise I know bit of whatever Hemant and Jeetu have done with you” Bhanu Bhaiya spoke again.
“So you are enjoying all this,…… wife swapping and all?” Bhanu Bhaiya asked me, “I smiled and moved my head in yes. Next moment he started kissing me and I also responded to his kiss, Bhanu Bhaiya was playing with my breasts while kissing, especially my nipples and in a moment they were hard and throbbing as he was pinching them between his fingers.
Finally after some foreplay he stopped and thought about seeing things happening in living room, between his wife and my husband. Bhanu Bhaiya moved ahead and pushed the door lightly and sat down to see, and called me by waving his hand, I too followed him and went on my knees and tried to see in dim lighted room.
Manish my husband was riding on Bhanu Bhaiya’s wife, both of them were facing away from us, and mainly I could see Manish buttocks and Kiran Bhabhi’s thighs and bit of her lower bottom below my husbands back and forth ass. I don’t know if I will be able to write the exact posture in which they were fucking but let’s try.
Kiran Bhabhi was lying on his stomach and her legs were fully spread, may be she was having a pillow under her belly, and Manish was sitting on one knee and one foot and moving to and fro in bit downward direction inside Kiran Bhabhi. Certainly he was fucking Kiran Bhabhi’s asshole, I knew it because few minutes back Kiran Bhabhi was telling me that she will take my husband in her ass.
Bhanu Bhaiya was watching them with lot of concentration, actually he was trying to find out what I already knew and after few seconds he spoke in low voice, “peeche(anus) daala hua hai kya issne?” “hmmmm….. “ I just hummed to say yes, and then spoke again, “Bhabhi was telling me, ki wo peechhe dalwaangi Manish se”.
We both were watching them while talking and I could see that Manish was trying to fuck Kiran Bhabhi with control but his speed was rising and as he took bit pace we could hear Kiran Bhabhi’s moan, may be it was effect of moans that aroused Manish, and he started fucking Kiran Bhabhi harder and we heard a loud and shrill cry coming out of Kiran Bhabhi after which she stopped Manish and got up and said something with a smile which we could not hear.
She took off condom from my husband’s penis and spoke something; Manish got up to use the toilet, and took that condom along. “let’s go” Bhanu Bhaiya spoke and we moved back to our room. Though Bhanu Bhaiya was trying to control his features but I could see that Bhanu Bhaiya was really very excited, I could understand his condition, he was watching his wife getting ass fucked few seconds back moreover it was my husband who was fucking her wife like an whore.
I could sense that now Bhanu Bhaiya is going to fuck me like anything to get even with Manish and truly speaking I too needed that. Bhanu Bhaiya took off my t-shirt and squeezed my melons roughly, I moaned in pleasure and pain, Bhanu Bhaiya stopped and started taking off his clothes and told me to take off my panty by saying, “Chaitu apni kachhi uttar”
I pushed down my panty and got stark naked in front of Kiran Bhabhi’s husband once again and Bhanu bhaiya also got naked in few seconds. He was already hard and ready to penetrate my soft cunt with his monster, the one which was biggest and thickest of all four rods, including my husband’s penis.
Bhanu Bhaiya took me to one wall just outside the toilet and made me standing up against the wall and bent me bit and then kissed on my bare back and moved his hand to my bottom and squeezed my hips one by one and then murmured in my ear in a low voice, “Chaitu I want to suck your ass hole hmmm,……….Taange khol acche se”.
His words aroused me as by now I was not afraid of that, I was licked there by all three men other than my husband. Bhanu Bhaiya held my both ass cheeks, squeezed them and lifted them to arouse me and I enjoyed that. My ass was completely in his control and he was rubbing his penis on my ass crack along with parting and squeezing my hips together,
to arouse me and kissing me everywhere he could while standing behind me, on my back on my neck and closer to my ears and I was moaning in pleasure as I could make out that what is going to happen with me in few seconds. Bhanu Bhaiya pulled me bit away from the wall to make me lean further against the wall and parted my thighs apart and sat down and buried his face inside my ass crack.
“Oh….mmmaaaaaaaa ……aaaaaaa …… …oooohssh..” I heavily moaned with pleasure and shook my ass violently. I moaned continuously. Bhanu Bhaiya parted my legs further wide and reached to my ass opening and mad fully licked my hole. “Bhaiya….aaaaaah…… maaaaaaa…” I desperately moaned again with the pleasurable pain in my sensitive part.
Spreading my ass cheeks wide with full strength, Bhanu Bhaiya licked me there for few seconds continuously and I went mad. By now I could bear this pleasure of ass licking, moreover I was enjoying. Bhanu Bhaiya parted my ass flesh further and ate my asshole, I moaned loud, my legs started trembling and I felt that in a moment I will collapse, so tried to get away,
as now it was pleasure which I could not bear for long, Bhanu Bhaiya was holding my thighs hard and trying to lick me compellingly but in that particular posture he was not in condition to do anything forcefully and suddenly I don’t know what he thought, Bhanu Bhaiya lifted me and threw me on bed on my back.
And before I would have realized that what is he going to do now Bhanu Bhaiya rolled his tongue over my Cunt. Current flowed through my body. I was flying in heaven. Bhaiya widened my legs as much as possible and started eating my cunt properly. It was a fantastic sight for me seeing Bhanu Bhaiya buried between my thighs and licking my cunt like a dog.
He massaged my cunt with his wet tongue and tasted my juice which was flowing freely now. I kept on moaning…and moaning as loud as possible…..enjoying the pleasure of getting licked by elder brother of my Jiju. Suddenly Bhanu Bhaiya lifted my ass by his hands and lifted my cunt just above from the bed and ate it.
Now my cunt was completely inside his mouth and he sucked my cunt like anything. Oh god I was crying and could not stop myself from screaming, Bhanu Bhaiya’s tongue was traveling all around and inside my cunt and he drank all the juices flowing from it in between he was flicking my clitoris. His fingers were engaged in squeezing and tickling my soft ass.
I was dying in pleasure and started lifting my ass in rhythm and murmured in pleasure, “Bhaiya fuck me….please” Bhanu Bhaiya stopped and suddenly everything changed and once again Bhanu Bhaiya attacked my asshole. Oh God… I cannot forget the way he was trying to explore my ass hole,
my bottom was already well in his control and in that posture it was very easy for him to access my ass opening and suddenly Bhanu Bhaiya’s tongue reached there, I moaned loud and trembled in fever and tried to get away and tried to get up, but Bhanu Bhaiya strongly held my soft thighs and pulled them toward him and again kissed on my ass hole passionately, almost ate it.
My thighs were around his neck and feet were nearly pointing roof and his mouth was above my asshole, trying to dig that tiny opening of my ass. It was a strange pleasure for me, my asshole was not eaten so well till now, Bhanu Bhaiya was having clear access of my asshole without any hurdle and he was making full use of it using his mouth,
I was loosing my breath and can say that pleasure was unlimited, and I could not decide whether to run from there or to give my ass hole to him to eat it. But it was not me who could decide this in any case Bhanu Bhaiya was not in the mood of leaving my sweet ass….his tongue searched my ass hole again and parting my hips completely he sucked me hard over my pot hole.
Oh god….my whole body got arched like a bow as Bhaiya passionately licked my ass hole. Then he departed my ass cheeks further, my ass hole became little big I could feel my tiniest opening getting stretched, I cried loud in bit of pain which I think aroused Bhanu Bhaiya, he made my ass hole open as much as possible and licked my honey hole like dog with a thick and powerful lick.
“aaaaaaaahh….aaaaangggg..” I moaned in different way with uncontrollable pleasure on my butt hole. And tried to get away and succeeded for a fraction, turned and tried to move away but Bhanu Bhaiya pulled my legs and I collapsed on my stomach and once again Bhanu Bhaiya came over me, parted my ass cheeks and kissed on my shivering ass hole.
Oh… God what was he doing to me, this time he licked my asshole even better, raising my head I screamed again in pleasure, I was helpless, in the state where I could not breath even and that was the peak of that pleasure, Bhanu Bhaiya stopped as he realized that I am going to die in this and got up,
and turned me on my back and came over me while jerking his rod and in a moment I got stuffed down there in my cunt by his hard and throbbing penis and next moment he started vibrating inside me. Oh God… I don’t know what I was thinking at that time, I was just getting fucked like an whore,
Bhanu Bhaiya was so powerful and demanding that I could not believe that this was his third session in the same night, hardly an hour back he had fucked Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife Shilpi Bhabhi twice. With every stroke inside my fuckhole Bhaiya was touching me deep inside my cunt and for every stroke he made with his cock, I screamed in pleasure,
oh God… I could not believe the way I orgasmed, I shivered like fish and trembled feverishly like before and cummed like hell, Bhanu Bhaiya was yet not over and he continued fucking me through my orgasm and finally cummed inside me after couple of more minutes and I cummed again with him. I was dead again and got up after 5-10 minutes to clean myself.
By the time I came out of toilet Bhanu Bhaiya was trying, watching his wife into act with Manish, I saw them as well and at that time Manish was sitting on couch and Bhabhi was sitting on carpet on her knees and sucking him.
After few minutes my husband started fucking Kiran Bhabhi in doggy style, Bhabhi was sitting in a doggy way on sofa keeping her elbow on the back of the sofa and Manish was pumping her from behind. We came back as we saw that Manish has cummed inside Kiran Bhabhi and finally went into sleep in each others arms for some time.
I think we slept for 2-3 hours; my sleep broke when I heard voice of water getting flushed and after few seconds Bhanu Bhaiya came out of toilet and one more time he started by sucking my cunt and later told me to suck him as well and we got into 69, this time Bhanu Bhaiya made me sit on his top and told me to lead the session and I tried my best to pleasure him by riding up and down, finally me and Bhanu Bhaiya cummed again in missionary position and once again slept.
Once again in the morning before getting down to living room Bhanu Bhaiya humped me in a doggy style in the bath tub. Anyway by the time I came down program of that day was set, that day we all four females were moving out for shopping and we (all females) were getting 3K from all males other than our own husband, so we all were having individual 9K to spend.
In last two nights all swapping options were done and plan that what we all are going to do that night was also set but it was kept secret for all females at that time and by the evening we four (females) came back whole program of that last fucking night was set.
Finally Hemant Jiju with consent of all males came up with a plan of playing specific game of cards; name of that card game was “switch”. In every round one of us will leave, the one who will lose and there were few punishments written on paper chits in two groups (one for males and other for females) which the loser will pick and follow.
Tell you friends that all punishments were really crazy and hot enough to make anybody horny for the whole night. I will write all that in next post, and before that I would like to read your comments.

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