Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 13

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 12 

Finally Jiju released my hands and I got up to use the toilet and came back, after me Jiju and Jeetu Bhaiya also used the toilet and by the time they came back I was back in new set of bra and panty, the one I was wearing half an hour back was laying in living room along with other clothes as I was bought here with not even a single thread on my body by Hemant Jiju and Jeetu Bhaiya.
Anyway as Jiju saw me wearing Bra and Panty he somewhat ordered from there “Chaitu uttar issko, tu jab tak kamre mein rahegi Nangi rahegi” and before I would have said anything in response he was there to take them off, I tried to resist by saying, “jab karna ho uttar lena” “nahi, jab karna hoga tab karenge, par tu kapde nahi pahnegi” he replied, “please Jiju mere saath aisa kyun kar rahe ho?”
I requested again, “hum bas enjoy kar rahe hain, aur waise bhi thodi der mein sab kuch dobara shuru hone wala hai what is the use” by that time my bra was unhooked and Jiju took it off, and spoke to Jeetu Bhaiya, “Jeetu uttar isski kachhi” once again it was Jeetu Bhaiya who exposed my heavy ass mounds by pulling my panty down to my feet.
I was bought into bed again, Hemant Jiju took me in his arm, resting my head on his left shoulder and Jeetu Bhaiya was laying on the other bed on my left. Jiju caressed my forehead and looked into my eyes while asking did I liked or not, “mazza aaya ya nahi?” I looked down without uttering a word, “achha nahi lagga kya?” he asked again, I looked up and remained silent as I was confused what to say,

certainly it was good, a big change from routine sex and from last night’s sexual intercourse, getting fucked after getting tied, it was somewhat like getting fucked by two. I was little hesitant to say that I liked it because it may inspire them to treat me more roughly. “come on tell me, I am asking you” Hemant Jiju asked again,
and without waiting for me to reply he started kissing me while caressing my heavy juggs and then slid his hand to my buttocks and squeezed my hip, I responded to his kiss and Jiju explored my mouth completely. Next moment I felt Jeetu Bhaiya’s hands on my back and he touched his lower half on my ass mounds and started kissing on my shoulders and rubbed his semi erect rod on my bottom to pleasure himself.
As Jiju stopped kissing me Jeetu Bhaiya tried to turn me towards himself and Jiju co-operated with him and turned me towards my other lover of the night. Next moment I was In Jeetu Bhaiya’s arm and he was kissing and exploring my mouth and now Hemant Jiju was playing with my back, kissing and brushing his wet lips on my shoulder and licked my entire back.
I was getting crazy in there love making both of my lovers were eating me like anything, along with kissing me Jeetu Bhaiya was squeezing my juggs bit hard he was somewhat crushing them along with my nipples and on my back Hemant Jiju was holding my bottom in his hands and caressing them, he was squeezing and parting my hips again and again and I could not resist myself to moan loud in pleasure.
After a minute Hemant Jiju lifted my one leg and kept it over Jeetu Bhaiya’s leg to access my fuckhole. Initially he moved his finger over my slit which made me further moan but the moment I felt his tongue over my cunt I trembled in fever and tried to squeeze my fuckhole between my thighs by bringing them together, but I failed, Hemant Jiju parted my thighs further and tried to suck my cunt more powerfully.
I screamed in pleasure and moved violently as I could feel Hemant Jiju finger as well, he was trying to crush my clitoris. “Jeetu pakad issko kass ke, aur isski ye taang oopar kar” Hemant Jiju instructed Jeetu Bhaiya to hold me tight and raise my leg which was above his thighs, and Jeetu Bhaiya once again obeyed him and gripped me tight in his right arm and lifted my leg holding it from my knee joint with his other hand to part my thighs.
I could feel that now my thighs were open enough for Jiju to explore my cunt in his own way. Jiju buried his mouth between my thighs and I moaned loud, my God what were they doing to me again and again, once again I was in the state where I could just scream and do nothing else.
I was jammed nearly like a statue as my one leg was straight and pressed by Hemant Jiju to keep it unmoved and other leg was stretched to nearly 90 degrees with other one in the posture as if I am rising on stairs and it was held tight by Jeetu Bhaiya, more over Jeetu Bhaiya was holding my upper half in his arm so that I cannot move much and down there between my thighs Hemant Jiju
was eating me from my cunt without any care he was chewing my cunt lips with his lips like anything, pulling them out and trying to insert his tongue into my fuckhole, my moans were turning into shrill cries as Hemant Jiju was not ready to stop, he opened my cunt with his fingers and sucked my inner labium feverishly and tried to pull it out using his lips,
My god I was dying in pleasure he continued exploring my cunt and made me scream like hell in unbearable pleasure, I was getting violent and trying my best to set myself free and Jeetu Bhaiya was doing his best to hold me tight so that I cannot move and he was any day more powerful than me.
Suddenly Hemant Jiju stopped, he was also breathing heavy I could feel his breath on my fuckhole. For a fraction I though that he has stopped as he is also puffing but Jiju had something else in mind and before I would have started recovering Jiju parted my hips and licked my asshole.
Once again I screamed in strange voice and trembled with sudden shock, I was not at all in condition to bear that thing but Jiju did not stopped and once again spoke to Jeetu Bhaiya, told him to hold me more tight saying “Jeetu aur kass ke pakad, abhi ye aur chillayegi” and Jeetu Bhaiya gripped me further hard, I screamed and requested them in same tone saying,
“please… please….. nahi Jiju please…. Mujhe chhod do please…. ” as I could guess that now I am going to go through something weird just like last night, but Jiju hardly bothered my request and parted my hips wide to get a clear access of my pot opening and licked me there roughly.
It was something which I could not bear; my whole body got arched and rigid in Jeetu Bhaiya’s arm and I cried in strange voice while griping him tight from his shoulder. Hemant Jiju did that again, moved his tongue over my ass crack from bottom and licked my ass opening completely pressing his tongue against it,
my God I was skipping my heat beat and just then he parted my hips further apart buried his head in my hips and literary tried to eat my asshole like a dog, moved his tongue over my asshole several times and tried to open it with his tongue, my grip over Jeetu Bhaiya got tighter and I moved ahead over him pressing myself against him to get away from Hemant Jiju who was exploring my asshole down there on my bottom,
but Hemant Jiju’s tongue followed my ass hole and this time he somewhat succeeded in digging my asshole with his tongue tip. Oh God I was not in condition to scream even I was losing my breath. “hmmm…. Mazza aagaya” Hemant Jiju stopped as he saw that I may die in this if he will keep on doing this.
Finally Jiju got up and took me from Jeetu Bhaiya’s arm and rested my head on his lap, he further drifted me up over him and lifted my legs while spreading them and spoke to Jeetu Bhaiya “hmm… Chus thodi der tu bhi”. Both Hemant Jiju and Jeetu Bhaiya were playing with my body they way they needed and I could not do anything.
Jeetu Bhaiya leaned and came on his knees and elbows and started sucking me, he was exploring my cunt with his tongue nicely, once again I started enjoying and moaning in pleasure, Hemant Jiju was staring at my facial expressions of being in pleasure while holding my legs from my knee joints, keeping them apart, and I was also looking into his eyes shamelessly while moaning, and enjoying getting licked and sucked by Jeetu Bhaiya.
“Chaitu tune bahut tadpaya hai humen kal raat ko”… Hemant Jiju spoke, and then spoke again, “kal raat ko Bhanu Bhaiya ne bahut majje liye hain tere,….ab Hum bhi to lenge” with that Hemant Jiju lifted my legs bit more and spoke to Jeetu Bhaiya “neeche bhi chaat” and once again Jeetu Bhaiya obeyed him and licked my crack which was joining my cunt and ass mounds,
ohhhh….. God it felt so good, I trembled in pleasure and moaned louder, Jeetu Bhaiya did that again ohhhh… I moaned loud again, Jiju further lifted my legs and spoke again “dekh, neeche wala chhed dikh raha hoga, ussko bhi chaat” Jeetu Bhaiya obeyed him and parted my hips with his hands and licked my asshole, “Ahhh… Ahhh….. “ I trembled and moved my legs violently in that pleasure again.
“aur chaat” Hemant Jiju made Jeetu Bhaiya lick my asshole once again and trembled, Jeetu Bhaiya stopped licking my asshole and came to my cunt again and continued licking that. “Jiju please….. ab bass karo” I requested Hemant Jiju to stop it as I was flooding from my fuckhole and my inner labia was in bit of pain, moreover I wanted to get fucked now.
“Hmmm… ab andar daal dein kya?” “Haaan…. Please stop teasing me now” Jiju asked me if I want to get it inside and I said yes to it. “abhi nahi,….. abhi tune hamari sucking karni hai” Jiju released my legs and Jeetu Bhaiya stopped licking me and got up, and moved ahead on his knees, Jiju made me sit on his thighs.
Jeetu Bhaiya was jerking his rod in his hand and now I was suppose to suck Jeetu Bhaiya’s penis and I was at the state where I did not hesitated to do that, I simply took his penis in my mouth and started sucking him, continued jerking skin of Jeetu Bhaiya’s rod and uncovered his cock-head using my lips.
“Ahhhhh…..” Jeetu Bhaiya groaned in pleasure while arcing his head in air. Jiju wrapped his arms from behind around my back and started fondling my breasts and kissed closer to my ear, I moaned in pleasure. I sucked Jeetu Bhaiya very well, and he enjoyed a lot, I could feel it from his condition he was moaning in pleasure and in between I could see bit of shivering on his belly.
Soon Jeetu Bhaiya stopped me at the point from where he could not bear that pain and pleasure. Hemant Jiju pulled me a bit and made me lie on my back on the bed and spoke to Jeetu Bhaiya, told him to penetrate me by saying, “ Daal de ab andar”, once again Shilpi Bhabhi’s husband started fucking me while sitting between my legs,
and soon my Jiju turned my face to his convenience and told me to open my mouth, I opened and next moment I was sucking my sister’s husband, oh… God they were literary milking my whole body at one time, once was fucking my cunt and other one was fucking my mouth, the scene in the bed room at that time was not less then any porn movie.
Hardly after a minute Jeetu Bhaiya stopped, I could feel that he was excited and was getting closer to his burst, that is why he stopped to give my fuckhole to Hemant Jiju, but Hemant Jiju did not took that option and told him to continue fucking me and cum inside me by saying “tu kar achhe se aur andar hi chhod de” and then spoke again “le peeche se daal” and with that he changed my posture into doggy for him.
Now I was on my four and once again Shilpi Bhabhi’s husband entered in my fuckhole from behind, “Ahhh….. “ I moaned in pleasure as I got stuffed from behind, Hemant Jiju got up on his knees and inserted his penis in my mouth, once again I got stuffed in my cunt and mouth at the same time.
Jeetu Bhaiya was fucking me from behind holding flesh of my hips tight, soon his pace increased and with in next one minute Jeetu Bhaiya buried his rod in my fuckhole as deep as possible and released whatever he had in his balls. Leaving Hemant Jiju’s rod I moaned loud as I felt heat of his white sticky cum inside my tunnel.
Once again Jeetu bhaiya was spent and like last time I was at the state when I needed a fuck very badly. Hemant Jiju took me to toilet and told me to wash my fuckhole. I followed his instructions and watered my cunt to take out whatever Jeetu Bhaiya has injected inside me and turned to come out to the bed but Jiju stopped me there only and turned me against the basin, and told me to lean on it by saying,
“Basin ke oopar jhuk ja” I leaned as he said on the basin, Jiju came behind me and rubbed his rod on my ass crack and told me to part my legs further apart, “taange aur khol” I parted my legs further so that my sister’s husband can penetrate me from behind. But Jiju was in mood to tease me and he moved his hand in front and rubbed my cunt and asked me,
“Daal dun andar ya pahle thodi der chuswani hai”, “nahi please…. daal do” I lurched my bottom back in excitement over his crotch and spoke in puffing voice, “aag laggi hui hai na andar… Hmmmm……” Jiju continued teasing my cunt and asked me while rubbing my cunt over my clitoris,
“Ahhhhh…… “ I moaned loud and once again pushed myself back in desire to get fucked, “please…… kya kar rahe ho” I cried like a bitch in heat and looked back, Jeetu Bhaiya was standing in the room closer to the door and watching me that how I am begging my Jiju to get fucked.
Next moment Jiju took his penis to my fuckhole and rubbed my opening with it, Ohhh…… God my condition got worse, I screamed in pleasure and trembled for a fraction and reached to the verge of explosion. “Chaitu tere andar bahut garmi hai, abhi tereko thanda karta hoon,… abhi ek minute mein teri saari garmi nikal jaayegi” with that Jiju pushed himself inside me from behind,
“Oh…. God” I moaned in delight of getting stuffed after a long tease. Jiju was fucking me so powerfully that it with in 30-40 seconds I was at the state that I wanted to cum but from Hemant Jiju’s way I could see that he was no way near to his climax, he was pumping me from behind with lot of power and with every push he was touching his penis deep in my fuckhole,
certainly he was having bigger penis than Shilpi Bhabhi’s husband who was watching me getting fucked like a bitch. Holding my waist Jiju was pumping my fuck hole with good speed and it was getting higher and higher, Jiju’s every thrust inside my fuckhole was taking out a shrill cry of pleasure from my soul and like me Hemant Jiju was also moaning in pleasure and slowly our gasps and moans were rising and we were screaming loud in pleasure,
Jeetu Bhaiya was watching me, I could see him in the mirror and his eyes were down at my bottom on my fuckhole, he could see that how fast Jiju’s massive crusher is getting in and coming out from my fuckhole, Oh….. God I cannot forget that moment, I got so aroused when I saw that Jeetu Bhaiya is jerking his rod while watching me getting screwed like a whore.
I was reaching to the verge of the orgasm Hemant Jiju could sense that from my body language as my body was getting tighter, I wanted to explode and certainly I would have cummed comfortably if Jiju would have slowed down at that point, but he had something else in his mind, suddenly I felt his fingers over my clitoris and it just took my breath away.
I cried out loudly, trembled and moaned passionately. It was the pleasure which I could not bear. I tried to push Jiju away, and tried to join my legs together to squeeze my cunt between my fleshy thighs but I failed in both, Hemant Jiju held me tight and continued rubbing my cunt with his fingers and tried to hold my clitoris between his finger and thumb keeping my thigh apart using his other hand while trying to move his penis in and out of my fuckhole.
Jiju brutally continued fucking me while crushing my clitoris with his fingers for few more seconds till I started crying and screaming in strange pleasure. Finally Jiju slowed down his pace and stopped so that I can cum, I cummed like hell while skipping my heart beat several times, I was shaking feverishly screaming helplessly and my legs were shivering,
tidal waves started hitting my body and I was trembling in sudden jerks rising from my pelvis going till my breast through my belly, oh God I could not believe the way I was bought to that climax, Jiju was holding my tremulous body tight, and somewhat enjoying my state, and finally proper stream of my cunt juices started flowing down, and I started cumming,
Jiju touched my cunt when I was cumming and he could feel the twitching of my love opening, he stood behind me holding me, he was waiting for me to get normal and as he saw that I have recover a bit from orgasm, he took me to bed and came over me and once again started fucking me and spoke after kissing me for few seconds, “Bass ab mera bhi hone wala hai, ek aur minute”
Hemant Jiju fucked me steadily in missionary position comfortably for his pleasure while kissing and caressing my breasts and finally buried himself deep inside me and released his seed in the depth of my womb.
After getting normal Jiju got up from me and lied beside on the same bed, Jeetu Bhaiya was standing at the place from where he could see my fuckhole stuffed with Jiju’s penis and my cunt started oozing out Jiju’s junk which he spewed out in my fuckhole, I could feel it going down to bed as it was really good in quantity, and could see Jeetu Bhaiya looking at my cunt,
which was totally filled with population paste. Jeetu Bhaiya started wearing his undergarment and then wore his lower and spoke to Hemant Jiju while going out that he is going down, “Kahan jaa raha hai, apni biwi ko Chuddte hue dekhne?” Jiju asked him casually, Jeetu Bhaiya smiled on that and replied in same fashion, “aapki biwi ko Chuddte hue dekhne jaa raha hoon”.
At my end I could hear them but physically I was nearly dead and could not think of getting up for few minutes and I lied there with Jiju. Jiju got up first and used the toilet and came out with wet towel and cleaned my fuckhole from his junk properly, and then looked at me asked me, “jayada ho gaya kya” I was in the state where I could not decide that whether it was good or bad,
certainly it was something new for me and far better then my regular sex life which I was living from last few years. Jiju waited for my reply while smiling and looking at my face but I remained silent. After a minute Jiju took me to bathroom and we stood under the shower, He watered my body properly and fondled my breasts and ass mounds for his pleasure.
Once again Hemant Jiju started exploring my cunt with his fingers and cleaned my love tunnel properly under the water to wash it from his junk. I was just standing and enjoying whatever my sister’s husband was doing with me under the flowing water, and could not stop moaning in post orgasm foreplay.
“Chaitu mazza aaya ya nahi?” Jiju asked me while fisting my fuckhole slowly, “hmmmmm……. Par bahut ajeeb tha” I replied, “I know…. par yehi to adventure hota hai” he replied, Jiju was playing with my body and his hands were doing magic to me, apart from playing and opening my cunt from his fingers he played with my ass mounds under the water by moving his fingers up and down in my ass crack and rubbed my tiny ass opening with his fingertip couple of times,
Ohhhh… ishhhh…I went through strange sensation and trembled like fish. My God what was that night, and what was my that whole three night stay, my body was explored sexually by all three men especially by two, Hemant Jiju and his elder brother Bhanu Bhaiya in a fantastic way, even after five years of marriage I was feeling as if I am new to the sex.
Anyway we came out and wore our clothes, once again I wore t-shirt of my one of my that night’s man that is Hemant Jiju and Panty, still I was not suppose to wear bra and anything other than panty on my lower half. We came down in the living room, Jeetu Bhaiya was surfing TV while having something.
As I reached to the living room, I started collecting my clothes which were lying there on the carpet, and tug them into a small bundle. Jiju immediately took that from me and opened one drawer the big cabinet and threw that bundle into the drawer. “kya chal raha hai andar” Jiju asked Jeetu bhaiya while pointing the room in which his elder brother and Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife were making love.
“kuch nahi, chuma chati kar rahe hain aur kya?” Jeetu Bhaiya replied, “hmmmm….. aur idhar” Jiju asked him about the other room in which my husband Manish was confronting with two, Jiju’s wife and my sister Gunjan Didi and Bhanu Bhaiya’s wife Kiran Bhabhi. “Hmm….. Manish Kiran Bhabhi ki le raha tha,….. Gunjan Didi bhi active thi, shayad over ho chukka ho” Jeetu Bhaiya replied casually and detailed the activity which was going on in that room.
“hmmmm…. Kisko dekhna hai…. apne husband ko ya isski biwi ko?” Jiju asked me, I moved my hand towards my husband’s room and we moved to the window of that room via thin passage. Scene in the room was really erotic, certainly it was there second round, because more than one hour was spent from the instant we all started.
Anyway things happening there in the room was like real threesome Both the females were milking my husband as much as possible, Gunjan Didi was fucking Manish as she was on top and riding on my husband’s penis and Kiran Bhabhi was sitting on his face and she was also moving to and fro, must be rubbing her fuckhole on his mouth to make him suck and certainly Manish will be sucking her.
We were standing nearly behind them or you can say bit sideways as well, both Kiran Bhabhi and Gunjan Didi were facing away from us, we could see bit of Manish’s rod moving in and out of Gunjan Didi’s fuckhole under her heavy ass mounds, I could not even see Manish’s face, it was not possible as it was buried between Kiran Bhabhi’s fleshy thighs.
After around minute of up and down movement Gunjan Didi got up, and immediately took Manish’s penis in her moth and started sucking it passionately. From his body movements I could see that Manish was in extreme pleasure, I could hear his moans even when Kiran Bhabhi was sitting on his face,
his legs started trembling and he tried to fold them to stop Gunjan Didi but Gunjan Didi kept her weight on them and resisted him to move them, there on upper half I could see that that Kiran Bhabhi was holding Manish very tight to resist his movements, “dono millkar tere patti ka fuck kar rahi hain” Hemant Jiju spoke, “kya” I asked back in shock, “just see” he replied with just two words,
by then there in the room Manish’s condition was not good, he was trembling like anything, he was trying to get up but Kiran Bhabhi was sitting on his upper half on his chest and holding his wrists and leaning over him a bit, to resist him and down there Gunjan Didi was not ready to stop, though she was not sucking him now, she was just jerking his penis up and down very fast without any halt,
giving her full weight on his legs so that he cannot move them, Manish was crying I could hear him, moreover the way he was trembling and trying to get away it can be seen that he was close to the burst but Gunjan Didi was not letting him cum, she was not giving him any room to release his junk rather I could see that instead of slowing down her pace increased even more as she saw that Manish is exploding,
and now Didi was rubbing Manish’s penis between her both the palms, she was rubbing her hand together keeping my husband’s penis between them and her speed was really very fast. Manish was moving and trying his best to stop them I could see that he was going through real sexual torture and seemed as if he will die in that pleasure,
he wanted to cum massively but they were not ready to leave him, and surly with in next few seconds his penis would have busted, but just then on the right moment Gunjan Didi stopped so that he can cum, he cried even louder as Didi stopped suddenly, Manish banged himself with his full strength on the bed after lifting his buttocks to some height and exploded like a bomb.
I must say that Manish was at his worst, I have not seen him crying like that, he was screaming and shouting loud, and his body was moving weirdly and he was shivering and trembling like anything while cumming. Finally white sticky cum popped out of his rod, I could not see it as before it would have came in vision Gunjan Didi wrapped her lips around his penis and sucked it and certainly would have swallowed whatever junk Manish released.
“pail diya aaj dono ne issko ko…..” Hemant Jiju spoke and then spoke again, “aaj fuck ho gaya Manish ka”. I recalled that’s what Kiran Bhabhi was saying to Gunjan Didi in the evening “hum dono milkar Manish ka fuck karenge” when the discussion was on that who is going with whom. Both Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi got up,
they were talking which we could not hear but both the females were smiling, Manish was also smiling a bit while puffing, and replying with tearful eyes. We moved from there as we saw that both Kiran Bhabhi and Gunjan Didi went inside the toilet, we could see that now both of them will come out to living room as well because Manish was not at all in condition to do anything now.
We came back in the living room, Jeetu Bhaiya was still watching TV, “kya hua.. kuch mila dekhne ko” as he saw us coming back, “Haan… pail diya aaj dono ne Manish ko” Hemant Jiju replied, “new students ki ragging to hoti hi hai,….. humne bhi to Chaitu ki ragging li hai” Jeetu Bhaiya saw me while saying that and smiled and then spoke again,
“like Manish meri bhi hui thi, aur I can’t forget, in dono ne jo Shilpi ka haal kiya tha, I was watching them, and literary she was crying” “andar abhi chal raha hai?” Hemant Jiju asked Jeetu Bhaiya whether sex is going on in the other room as well in which his wife Shilpi Bhabhi was confronting Hemant Jiju’s elder brother Bhanu Bhaiya.
“Haan, but must be at the end, I was there only, just abhi aaya hoon” Jeetu Bhaiya replied, “let’s see” Hemant Jiju spoke to me and we moved to other window to see Bhanu Bhaiya and Shilpi Bhabhi having sex. Jeetu Bhaiya was right, they were nearly at the end, Bhanu Bhaiya was fucking Shilpi Bhabhi furiously and if I had to detail exact posture in which Bhanu Bhaiya was fucking his female of the night then I will say that Shilpi Bhabhi was folded nearly into her half,
basically it was missionary position turned into other position in excitement. Shilpi Bhabhi’s legs were folded and raised high just below his shoulders, as expected her feet were pointing roof, Bhanu Bhaiya was leaning over Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife in a way that he was crushing her folded body under his and because of his broad built Shilpi Bhabhi was stretched painfully wide, but I could see that she was enjoying getting fucked like that.
Bhanu Bhaiya was pumping Shilpi Bhabhi energetically and stretching her legs further wide to make her cry in pleasure and pain together. With in few more seconds Bhanu Bhaiya buried himself in Shilpi Bhabhi and Shilpi Bhabhi pulled him further close and began to tremble in fucking pleasure.
Shilpi Bhabhi orgasmed violently, she shivered for long, squeezing his buttocks together couple of times Bhanu Bhaiya also spewed out his junk into her womb. “yahan Bhaiya ne Shilpi ko pail diya” Hemant Jiju commented about the live show we just saw. Bhanu Bhaiya got up and went inside the toilet, Shilpi Bhabhi lied there only unmoved, facing away from window,
we could see her back and ass cheeks and I must say that she was just perfect in figure, right amount of flesh at right place, like me Hemant Jiju was also looking at her perfect figure and unlike me he was excited again but this time for Shilpi Bhabhi, I saw him jerking his penis over the cloth and just then he uttered nearly in continuation of his previous statement, “issko to abhi maine bhi pelna hai”.
He was right now only two combinations were left to happen, Hemant Jiju with Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife Shilpi Bhabhi and second is combination of brother and sister, which are Gunjan Didi and her cousin brother Jeetu Bhaiya. Finally Shilpi Bhabhi also got up to use the toilet and Bhanu Bhaiya started wearing his clothes, we moved from there as we could see that now Bhanu Bhaiya will also come out to the living room.

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