Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali – 24

We both females reached to the bedroom and I giggled in enthusiasm and Chhaya also reacted normally by laughing and spoke out “I can’t believe…” and before she would have spoke anything I acknowledged her partial statement and spoke out what I was thinking that instant “even I can’t believe….kaise Gunjan Didi ne itna mota Penis apne asshole mein le liya….?”
And completing what she wanted to say Chhaya spoke again “I can’t believe…what all we have done…un dono ko patta chalega ki humne unhen sab kuch karte hue dekha hai to kya sochengen…” “abb patta chalega to chalega…I don’t care…” I replied back to her words and after few seconds spoke again “ab to mera bhi mann kar raha hai….karne ka”
Chhaya smiled on my words and spoke out “Go ahead….main bahar chali jaati hun…tu Manish ko bulla le…” and using my wit I replied back to Chhaya by saying “nahi….nahi…mujhe nahi dikhani aapni blue film tum logon ko…” and Chhaya giggled over my words nicely.
In a way Harsh was already in our desired mode and from Chhaya’s overall gesture I could see that she was also affected by what all we have done around them. Though I know more or less whole conversation Manish and Harsh had in the living room in our absence but I would like to avoid detailing that because it was just about what all they saw happening in the room,
but specifically I would like to mention Manish spoke to Harsh about anal fucking and expressed him that he also has a desire to fuck my asshole as it gives extreme pleasure to the male because of its tightness. He was intentionally talking about anal fucking with Harsh because he could sense him getting aroused over that and anal fucking can be used to lure him for accepting partner swapping.

At my end sensing Chhaya’s and all normal female’s mind set I did not tried to get into detail of anal fucking because I was sure that the imagination of pain of anal fucking might affect her over all arousal and she might react negatively when ultimately we will approach her for the swapping. I particularly spoke to Chhaya about the size of Hemant Jiju and saying,
“waise Jiju ka Penis kaafi lamba tha naa?” asked her about her opinion about that. As such Chhaya did not replied anything over my statement and just smiled a bit and I spoke again or you can say asked her “Harsh ka kitna bada hai….” Once again Chhaya did not replied and just giggled over my question and spoke “shut up yaar….?” “arre bol naa yaar sharma kya rahi hai…”
I proved her to speak and then after a pause asked her again “Hemant Jiju se bada hai ya chhota….?” Once again Chhaya smiled over my words and finally spoke “I don’t know…but I think Chhota hi hai….” “aur accha mota hai…ya patla hai….?”
I asked her again about the thickness of her husband’s Penis to go deeper into the erotic conversation and could feel myself leading to the mind state of Gunjan Didi who could go up to any extent in shamelessness.
Once again Chhaya did not replied to my question and hesitated a bit but I insisted her to speak and in continuation detailed her size of my husband’s Penis by saying “Manish ka Hemant Jiju jitna Lamba nahi hai….but I think mota hai….” Chhaya smiled a bit over my description and finally uttered “Harsh ka bhi jayada lamba nahi hai…but it’s quite thick”.
Like this we two females chit chatted for a while and unexpectedly Manish came and spoke from the door step “Suno…wo dono fir kar rahe hain….” And I asked him back in excitement “kya kar rahe hain…?” I wanted Manish to speak erotic and Manish did that by saying “Gunjan Didi Lund Chus rahi hain Hemant ka…” and then after a pause spoke again
“I think ab wo Chut maarega unki” and then spoke again before leaving “dekhna hai to aa jaao…”. I got up instantly and spoke to Chhaya “let’s go” Chhaya was aroused and wanted to see things happening but still she was holding her-self and she spoke “Dono ko patta chalega to bahut bura maanenge” and I replied to her words carelessly “maan ne de bura….I don’t care….let’s go”.
Gradually even I started behaving like rest of the three and now I could feel myself going crazy, may be because for me things happened so far were quite unbelievable, I never expected that we could reach up to this extent so fast and I would say it was all because of Hemant Jiju. Finally once again we four were on our knees in front of the door,
this time to see Gunjan Didi’s fuckhole getting pumped by her husband and this time as such there was not much hesitation in us, we calmly kept on giving each other chance to sneak inside and particularly when Chhaya was sneaking inside I looked at Harsh, into his eyes and gave him naughty smile while looking at his crotch and slowly saw his blushing reducing.
Truly speaking friends, today when I am trying to writing down everything I still can’t believe how it all happened and how I participated in all this so effectively, since evening I was behaving like a slut with Harsh, initially by wearing an arousing outfit and moving around him and that instant by giving him inviting smiles and from my side it was not much planned,
everything was happening on its own in the flow of conditions and I would say it was Hemant Jiju who was responsible for all this. Certainly from the time we were preparing our self to come to Delhi to meet Chhaya and Harsh for the specific purpose, sex was ruling our senses, and being a male Manish was nevertheless desperate to plunge Chhaya but I must say Hemant Jiju
was dying to fuck her like an animal and up till here it was just him who was single handedly responsible for all the things happening that instant and Gunjan Didi was supporting her completely because like him she was also desperate to add Harsh in the group, his innocent and timid gesture was arousing her and like I mentioned she wanted to make him scream in sexual pleasure.
It was a kind of passion for sex which just Gunjan and Hemant Jiju were having in them and we both, I and my husband were trying to get it from them. Anyway Hemant Jiju fucked Gunjan Didi in missionary posture at the same portion of the bed and we all saw him plunging her with his monster and it was me and Manish who were giving comments over whatever was happening inside intentionally to arouse the couple up to certain extent.
By the time Hemant Jiju ended fucking Gunjan Didi and we once again got away from the door things seemed moving in our desired direction, Harsh was heavily aroused and he was looking at me into my eyes and at my body with not much of hesitation but Chhaya was still unconquered, certainly she was also aroused and must be wet but still there was some kind of reluctance
in her gesture because of which she was not looking at males with such gesture, not even at her husband. Finally one again we two females came back to the bedroom and Manish and Harsh stayed in the living room with the hope that Hemant Jiju might fuck Gunjan Didi again but it did not happened. They both did not come out of the bedroom in the night.
After chit chatting for a while we two; I and Chhaya slept on the bed with my son in the middle, Manish and Harsh came to the bedroom very late and after putting a cotton mattress on the floor they slept in the same bedroom. As mentioned we had a plan of going to Taj in the early morning and after a such sleepless night we got up very late and none of us had any desire to go,
obviously we all wanted to stay and work further on our mission of adding Chhaya and Harsh in our fucking group but sensing the environment we decided to follow our schedule. Initially as per schedule it was just Chhaya who was accompany us and Harsh had a plan of attending his work place normally but somehow Manish and Hemant Jiju agreed him too.
We moved from their and because of presence of driver covered the distance by road with casual conversation of current issues and ladies gossip about our in laws. As such there were no instructions for us from Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju; they were just behaving pleasant and casual while smiling at us and I was responding to them naturally.
Eventually we reached to the city of Agra and visited TAJ and roamed around casually while talking and I stayed connected to Chhaya because among all it was just she who was little hesitant and not indulged much into the humor which Hemant Jiju and Gunjan Didi were creating.
Eventually I can say it was lap of more or less 15-20 minutes when it was just me and Chhaya with my son in solitude which really changed my temperament of that tour and bought me out of my aroused mind state instantly. Actually Chhaya was not letting my son go anywhere; she wanted him to be with her.
As she loves kids, from the time we were here she seemed very attracted to him and when once again I saw her hugging and kissing my son I casually asked him why is she does not plan a child and first instant she casually said “let’s see…we will think about this after some time”.
Last time I was stopped by Gunjan Didi to get into detail over this but this time I could not stop myself and I somewhat spoke out in sarcastic and scolding tone “kya let’s see…?? budhe hokar bacha paida karoge kya?” Chhaya reacted at my reaction with an artificial smile and tried to keep silence but I could easily make out that she has something to share and I insisted her to speak by saying “kya hua….koi problem hai kya…?”
Chhaya looked down to avoid looking into my eyes but I insisted her to look up into my eyes by straightening her face and saw her eyes getting dewed. Once again insisted her to speak and after few seconds of silence finally Chhaya spoke out something which I could not expect in my weariest imagination and her initial words were “tell you frankly we are not planning for a child” “why?”
I asked her an obvious question and after a long pause and stare into my eyes Chhaya spoke again “Chaitu I am sharing it with you…. please don’t talk to anybody about this…” in response I moved my head lightly in acceptance and she spoke again “Harsh is otherwise normal…but he is not fertile….”.
Hearing her words suddenly my heart started pounding high and for a moment I could not believe what she said and I could not utter anything in response and first thing came in my mind was that it is a height of coincidence. Chhaya and Harsh were facing same problem in their marital life which Bhanu Bhaiya and Kiran Bhabhi were facing (Hemant Jiju’s elder brother and Bhabhi)
and it was Hemant Jiju who solved this matter by making Kiran Bhabhi pregnant by fucking her and that was how exactly all this swapping was started for the first time (mentioned in my first serious of posts). Unintentionally I was about mention this fact to her that Hemant Jiju’s brother also has this problem but fortunately I controlled my tongue to slip and just kept myself into the conversation and suggested her to adopt a child.
To my this suggestion of adopting a child Chhaya reacted positively by saying that even she wants to adopt a child but Harsh is not agreed to do that because it will prove him infertile among whole family tree including his parents and younger brother and his wife who has already entered into their parenthood more than a year back and he does not wanted to happen that as for him
it was matter of shame and he would prefer to die before that thing to happen. I was silent and could not utter anything, by now my mind was totally out of the way from my objective. Chhaya calmly continued sharing his trouble with me on its own, may be because she also needed somebody to share her sorrow and detailed me about her in-laws behavior to her.
Being typical Indian in-laws and also because they were totally unaware of this fact that actually it is their son who is not capable producing a child, they were setting Chhaya responsible for that and considering her infertile. Later in the conversation Chhaya told me that from last 5-6 six months they both are going through some sort of cold war and slowly she getting frustrated with her routine life.
She detailed that at Harsh‘s end he is not ready to open the truth to his parents at any cost and not only this, he is not much supportive to her in that concern and never tried to defend Chhaya in front of his parents and it was just Chhaya who was facing all the bitter words and that was the core reason of their conflict.
Later when I asked her bit about the medical treatment suggested by the doctor, she mentioned few things using technical words which I could not remember and what I understood was, although Harsh is taking medicine but he is not serious about that as doctor has said that in present scenario it is matter of sheer luck for him to make his wife pregnant and in continuation
when I asked her about her sex life with her husband, I mean how often they have sex for luck to play it’s role and I was really very surprised from the information she gave me in this concern; Chhaya and Harsh were not in physical touch from last 6-7 months from the time they had a serious fight over this matter and it was Chhaya who was not willing to have sex with him,
because of depression she was losing her interest in sex and all other recreations of the life and she was trying to indulge herself into work as much as possible and being an egoistic male even Harsh was not taking a step ahead to settle down the matter.
Ultimately by the time I and Chhaya ended this conversation, when everybody came around us, mentally I was not in state to think anything and could not cop up myself with the whole gang. We all had lunch in a good restaurant and after some shopping from the town decided to move back to Delhi.
In this time span neither I thought about talking to Gunjan Didi about the facts of Chhaya married and sex life nor I got a chance to speak to her in solitude, moreover after going through Chhaya’s personal life I could not decide how to react on that, sensuality which was dwelling in my mind since I was here was disappeared although once I thought about talking to Chhaya in solitude about an idea of making her pregnant through Manish,
for which I was ready to get on bed with her husband Harsh, like it was done in the case of Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi (mentioned in my first serious of post) but that instant anyhow I could not dare to take this decision without involving rest of the three members of my fucking gang and I just kept my mouth shut tried to give rest to my brain muscles and like me Chhaya
was also almost silent and throughout the way we spoke whatever was required. We reached back home little late in the evening and as everybody was tired from the journey after eating light dinner we decided to sleep in the pattern like it was decided for the first night, males in one room and females in the other.
I don’t Chhaya was asleep or not, she was lying facing from me at the other end, I could make out Gunjan Didi was awake may be she was waiting for Chhaya to get asleep so that she can talk to me and I was also awake because I was in dilemma whether I should reveal this fact of Chhaya’s life to Gunjan Didi or not?
Finally I decide to speak to Gunjan Didi and because I was not sure that Chhaya is sleeping or not got up from the bed while giving excuse of getting water and signaled Gunjan Didi to come out of the room. After couple of minutes Gunjan Didi came out and while sitting in the living area I detailed her everything Chhaya spoke to me.
Although Gunjan Didi was somewhat sure that relation between Chhaya and Harsh is not healthy from long even then she was surprised to hear the piece of information I gave to her about Chhaya’s personal and sex life with her husband and once even she thought about quitting adding this couple in our swinging gang.
She massaged Hemant Jiju and like it was expected he came out to the room and I and Gunjan Didi detailed him everything and for few minutes even he could not think of any solution of this. Certainly before getting into partner swapping, couple has to be very strongly bounded with each other,
mentally as well as emotionally just like we all were unless swinging might break the marriage and in present state we all could realize that Chhaya and Harsh were just in opposite mental state. Hemant Jiju was disappointed and he calmly gave a thought to the situation and finally spoke to we two, to me and Gunjan Didi
“abb yahan aaye hain to kuch to Karen?…..let’s take a chance….forget Chhaya…! Anyhow tum dono Harsh ke saath ek baar sex kar low…and tell him the truth….that why we were here?” I don’t know up to what extent Gunjan Didi got him at first instant, at my end I could understand what Hemant Jiju was asking us to do but I could not understand why he wanted us to get laid with
Harsh when he is hopeless from Chhaya and after bit of debate with me and Gunjan Didi he made us understand that luring Harsh is the only way through which we can get Chhaya in our group.
According to him after having sex with me and Gunjan Didi or any one of us and also after knowing that we want to add him and his wife in our swinging group where including Radha Bhabhi we have three more females for him to fuck, Harsh might start adjusting with Chhaya with a hope that he might agree her for the partner swapping and if he will not do that even then he will not speak out the truth to Chhaya that we two;
I am Gunjan Didi have fucked him and given him proposal of joining us in swinging group and even if Harsh will try to do that Chhaya will not trust him. As such Hemant Jiju was not bothered about this fact that his sacrifice of getting his wife fucked by Harsh, just to take a chance might get waist and he might not be able to fuck Chhaya in compensation and for that he also took Manish
for granted because that moment he was not available to say yes to it and told us to look for an opportunity to get on bed with Harsh in next twenty four hours because day after tomorrow we all were leaving for our respective towns. Even though Gunjan Didi was not fully convinced with whatever Hemant Jiju was expecting us to do but I can say anyhow Gunjan Didi agreed to him
but I was not willing to do whatever Hemant Jiju was asking me to do, may be because it was me to with whom Chhaya shared her problem and I was very worried about her and her marital life and I could sense that any wrong step from our side might end there relation and I tried to convey my point to Hemant Jiju and for my argument he gave me counter statement that there is a
bright chance that our this bold step can take their married life back on track. Certainly I was not convinced even after getting many arguments mentioning many probabilities from Jiju but like Gunjan Did I also kept silence on that subject for a while and now there was question that how we could fuck Harsh in Chhaya’s absence for which Hemant Jiju said that we have to seek
opportunity for that and doing a height of being crazy Jiju asked us if we want to do it right now because that instant Chhaya was sleeping in the room where we females were lying and Harsh was in the other room with Manish. Hemant Jiju was serious over that and once he said that he is calling Manish out of the room so that we two I and Gunjan Didi can go and seduce Harsh then
and there but neither I nor Gunjan Didi were mentally prepared to do that and we totally ridiculed his idea of having sex with Harsh on the same night. Eventually after few naughty statements we all went back to our rooms, Hemant in the room where Manish and Harsh were sleeping and we two females in the other where just Chhaya was sleeping.
While going into the room to sleep I was thinking that I will discuss few things with Gunjan Didi; whatever Hemant Jiju has told us to do but as we entered I realized that Chhaya was not asleep yet and she was somewhat waiting for us to come back.
She asked us the matter and after giving her lame excuse of drinking water and eating fruit, we had few casual words about the trip and all for some time and once again everyone said good night. I don’t know about other two females but I was awake for long, I could not speak to Gunjan Didi because I was not sure that Chhaya is asleep.
Thoughts went on dwelling in my mind, although deep inside I was not agreed to do whatever Hemant Jiju suggested us to do, that anyhow we have to have a fuck with Harsh before going back to our native towns but somewhere in my filthy mind I started visualizing all that and started feeling aroused.
Certainly like all males were desiring fucking Chhaya I was desiring Harsh fucking me, from the time when we all were thinking about adding Chhaya and Harsh in our group and especially after succeeding involving Radha Bhabhi in fucking with two males at a time up to an extent we all were assuming that we will be able to add Harsh and Chhaya too and in a way since then I was fantasizing
Harsh Fucking me while being on my top and that night I was somewhat visualizing all that although after knowing everything about Chhaya and Harsh there was very dull hope of happening all that.
Anyway finally night ended uneventful and time was bit passed to seven when Gunjan Didi awaked me up from the deep sleep, that instant Chhaya was missing from the room, rather she was working in the kitchen and Gunjan Didi told me that in relation of some fashion show Chhaya has an appointment with one renowned designer very far from this place,
almost at the other edge of the town somewhere place named “Manesar” and she will be leaving within one hour and might not come back home before 4 in the evening and we two have an opportunity to seduce Harsh in the morning itself because he never leave home for his work before 9:30 because his office was not very far from their residence.
Mentally I was yet not convinced with Hemant Jiju’s idea and deep inside I was not willing to go for it but by now Gunjan Didi was mentally prepared to execute the plan of fucking Harsh and after awakening me she went to woke up Hemant Jiju and told him to go out of the house just after Chhaya’s exit along with my husband Manish and our son,
intentionally to leave two of us alone in the house with Harsh and Hemant Jiju instantly agreed to that without making much noise woke up Manish and started getting ready to leave the house. At our end too things moved rapidly after that and I did not got much time to speak to Gunjan Didi over whatever we were about to do; whether we should do it or not?
Gunjan Didi helped Chhaya in the kitchen so that she can leave as soon as possible and I woke up my son and told him that he is going out with his father to buy new clothes and toys. Deep inside me unintentionally while getting my son ready and doing my morning courses I once again started visualizing whatever was about to happen in next few hours.
Truly speaking apart since last night from feeling unwilling to do all this, I was hopeless for getting an opportunity of getting alone with Harsh for such a long time. None among us were aware of Chhaya this appointment and I can say it was sheer luck that we got this chance so easily.
Anyway by the time Chhaya was about to leave, my son was almost ready and we both the bitches were done with our morning courses except bathing and after doing all their morning courses Hemant Jiju and Manish were on the table for quick breakfast and Harsh was yet in mild sleep in the room.
As expected when Chhaya saw Hemant Jiju and Manish ready to go out she asked them exactly where are they going and Jiju told her, along with my son they both are going out meet one of his old friend who lives bit far from here somewhere in central Delhi and they might come back home in the afternoon around 1.
Totally unaware of our intentions that her cousins (me and Gunjan Didi) are about to fuck his husband in her absence Chhaya took leave after requesting us to serve breakfast to Harsh and after her exit Hemant Jiju gave us just one instruction that we have to seduce Harsh in a way that he could not resist himself to get involve with us in the swinging and after that leaving Harsh alone
in the house on our disposal they two along with my son also left and by the time Hemant Jiju and Manish took leave Harsh was already off from his bed to do his morning courses. Certainly he was in little hurry because he was little late on his schedule to go to his work place but we two, especially Gunjan Didi had a plan to make even later to reach to his work.
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