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Bhanu Bhaiya entered into bedroom and rested me on bed and started taking off his clothes and came on bed in a fraction wearing just his jockey and took off his shirt from my body from my neck without undoing its buttons and immediately took me under his body and started kissing me passionately. I was lying naked under Kiran Bhabhi’s husband and he was trying to eat me.
I grabbed his scalp and responded to his kiss properly. While kissing and exploring my mouth with his tongue Bhanu Bhaiya was playing with my naked body, he was fondling my breast and squeezing my hard nipples between his thumb and finger. Slowly his hand moved to my bottom and he inserted two of his fingers in my sodden cunt and stopped kissing me to hear my moan.
I moaned in pleasure and my cry got shriller as he fisted my fuckhole rapidly with his fingers till the root of it. Bhanu Bhaiya was moving his fingers inside my fuckhole, touching and exploring every corner of it and suddenly he touched me roughly somewhere with his thick fingers where I was not touched ever and suddenly I found myself reaching to my climax.
Sensing my shivering Bhanu Bhaiya stopped that, just to prevent me to explode but I hardly got a second to revive from that pleasure, as immediately he buried his face between my thighs and started sucking my cunt as if there is no tomorrow. Bhanu Bhaiya folded my legs and raised them up after widening them to get complete access of my fuckhole.
He started digging and milking my fuckhole like an animal giving me no room to get comfortable. I was screaming and crying in intense pleasure as Bhanu Bhaiya was pleasuring me with his mouth in different ways, apart from sucking my cunt like vacuum cleaner he was rubbing my clitoris in between with his tongue and couple of time took my cunt lips in his lips and pulled it out,
many times he inserted his tongue in my fuckhole and tongue fucked me to make me moan in shuddering pleasure.
With in couple of minutes I was reaching to my climax, and finally I exploded like never before when Bhanu Bhaiya somehow managed to fuck my cunt deep with three of his finger while sucking and squeezing my clitoris.
It was a feeling which has made me shudder in strange pleasure right now, when I am trying to write down that moment. While getting sucked wildly by Bhanu Bhaiya I was already at the stage from where I was getting closer to my climax and suddenly my fuckhole was starched to maximum as Bhanu Bhaiya’s thick fingers were straight and nearly beside each other acquiring maximum area,
along with getting fisted brutally for couple of times I was feeling his tongue over my clitoris and he was sucking that as well with hell of passion, with in a moment of his such harsh treatment over my fuckhole, I felt as if some sort of dam has broken deep inside me and I am streaming out whatever liquid I have in my body.
At that particular moment I was feeling as if I am going to die in this excitement, for me it was really difficult to bear that pleasure of getting down and release my juices from that peak. Bhanu Bhaiya was still holding my folded legs from my ankles very tight and apart, resisting me to join them forcibly. I was trembling and screaming weirdly, my own body was not in my control,
I was at the state where I did not had strength even to push him, my legs my hands moreover my whole body was shivering feverishly but Bhanu Bhaiya showed no mercy on my condition and keeping his mouth over my fuck opening he continued licking and sucking my juices which were coming out.
I shivered for long till orgasm subsided and as long as I evacuated my cunt while getting sudden jolts, Bhanu Bhaiya licked my fuckhole keeping my legs up and apart and gulped every single drop came out of me. My eyes were closed and I was somewhat unconscious when Bhanu Bhaiya loosened my ankles and straightened my legs and came over me and started caressing my forehead.
I knew he was looking at my facial expressions, I could feel his hot breath over my face. “Chaitu” he addressed me with my nick name. I opened my eyes, laying partially over me Bhanu Bhaiya was leaning over me and his face was very close to mine, nearly touching and next moment he kissed me on my lips and tried to insert his tongue into my mouth.
I did not have strength to respond to his kiss, Bhanu Bhaiya continued kissing me till I responded to his kiss. As I opened my mouth Bhanu Bhaiya explored my whole mouth just in couple of seconds, I could smell and taste my cunt juices along with the flavor of soft drink and bit of alcohol in his saliva.
“ho gaya kya?” Next moment Gunjan Didi entered in the room and asked us as she saw us lying in intimate position and threw my panty at the corner. “nahi, abhi to sirf ek peg lagaya hai isska” Bhanu Bhaiya replied while looking into my eyes, without looking at Gunjan Didi, and then turned to see her and spoke again,
“teri bahan kisi bhi Vodka se jayada nasheeli hai” “I know, par poori bottle mat pee jana, Jeetu aur Hemant ne bhi peeni hai” Gunjan Didi replied with a giggle and took off her kurta and then her panty and came on bed after getting naked, closer to us while walking on her knees and forearms.
“abhi tak underwear pahna hua hai” Gunjan Didi asked Bhanu Bhaiya as she saw that Bhanu Bhaiya is still wearing his jockey and then asked again, “abhi tak kya karr rahe the?” “teri bahan ki choot se Vodka nikal raha tha” with that Bhanu Bhaiya lifted his lower part and tried to take off his jockey and Gunjan Didi helped him to take it off completely through his legs and spoke in teasing fashion
“wahan aapka bhai, aapki biwi ki Gaand maar raha hai” “maarne de,…. main usski biwi ki already maar chukka hoon” Bhanu Bhaiya replied casually. Next moment Bhanu Bhaiya lied beside me and took me in his arm, rested my head on his shoulder and turned over me to kiss me and spoke to Gunjan Didi, “let me taste her now, last time to sab kuch bahut jaldi ho gaya tha” once again we started exploring each other’s mouth.
As his hard throbbing penis touched soft skin of my inner thigh I hissed in pleasure deeply. We were lying sideways and kissing and next moment I felt Gunjan Didi behind me, she lied down on bed completely touching back portion of my body with her front portion, her big breasts were touching my back and she started rubbing her wet fuck hole with my bare hips.
Once again lust started rising in my body because of Bhanu Bhaiya’s and Gunjan Didi’s joint efforts, they were playing with my body tenderly using there lips, saliva and hands, touching every corner of my body with it. Using both of her hands couple of times my sister squeezed my hips together, Bhanu Bhaiya parted my thigh and inserted his finger in my sodden cunt couple of more times.
“Cheitu mera Lund suck karegi na?” Bhanu Bhaiya asked me in soft puffing voice while brushing his wet lips around my ear. “Haan karegi” Gunjan Didi replied on my behalf and held my body from behind and rubbed her fuckhole on my ass mounds. “ooth Chaitu aur suck kar Bhaiya ka Lund” Gunjan Didi spoke in excitement while rubbing her fuckhole on my hips and then somewhat made me sit forcefully.
Bhanu Bhaiya remained on his back; Gunjan Didi was sitting beside me, Holding Bhanu Bhaiya’s penis and jerking it up and down waiting for me to take it in my mouth. I was hesitating to do that, “Chaitu, do it” Gunjan Didi insisted me, finally I moved ahead a bit and leaned over Bhanu Bhaiya’s crotch, opened my mouth, at last my face distended, cheeks hollowed as I parted my lips wide to engulf Bhanu Bhaiya’s penis deep in my mouth.
Bhanu Bhaiya groaned, holding my head, he looked down to watch me; he got fascinated by the sight, his enormously swollen penis was emerging and disappearing into my mouth. I took out my saliva and licked his cock-head slowly, sucked it tenderly. The warmth of my mouth, and my soft incessant sucking was setting his desire to blow.
Bhaiya groaned as my head jerked back and forth and I took more than half of his monster and sucked him with my full strength making a big hollow over my cheeks. Bhanu Bhaiya grunted while fucking my face slowly, with exquisite pleasure, moving my head with his hands to suit his pleasure.
Suddenly he stopped me and groaned and spoke in puffing voice “Gunjan tu bhi kar” next moment Gunjan Didi took charge of pleasuring our man of that night. Gunjan Didi opened her mouth and took Bhanu Bhaiya’s penis deep in her mouth; her hands were clenching Bhaiya’s thighs and she was sucking him hungrily.
Bhanu Bhaiya further puffed in pleasure as Gunjan Didi rubbed her tongue on his cock head erotically and immediately got up. From his body language I could see that he was really very aroused and I knew this as well that this time he will blast me. Bhanu Bhaiya stopped Gunjan Didi from sucking his penis and tried to turn me from his hands.
He wanted me on my knees and arms and I turned in front of him and gave access of my fuckhole in doggy style. Holding my hips in his hands he sucked my ass cheeks and moved his hand down to my fuckhole. I moaned in pleasure as he touched my opening with his fingers. Bhanu Bhaiya continued rubbing my love opening with his finger and kissing my ass cheeks.
I was on my four enjoying Bhanu Bhaiya’s foreplay moaning in pleasure. Next moment Bhanu Bhaiya moved bit ahead and held my waist by wrapping his right arm around it and parted my hips and licked my ass crack deep. I trembled in strangely, “Oh…. Mmaaaa ……aaaaaaa……oooohssh..” I moaned heavily with pleasure and shook my ass violently.
Holding and griping my bottom tighter Bhanu Bhaiya departed my hips again and mad fully licked my ass crack again “Bhaiya….aaaaaah……” I desperately moaned again with the pleasurable pain in my sensitive part and tried to get away. “Gunjan pakad issko kas ke” Bhanu Bhaiya told Gunjan Didi to hold me tight, Gunjan Didi reacted immediately and held me from my shoulders.
I tried to get away assuming that Bhanu Bhaiya wants to fuck my ass, but he strongly held my thighs and pulled them and again tried to lick my ass crack again, I collapsed on bed and Bhanu Bhaiya’s grip over my body got tighter. While trying to get rid of him I requested him in puffing voice not to fuck me there,
“Bhaiya please….. wahan matt daliye” Bhanu Bhaiya climbed over my back and took me under his body completely and spoke “Chaitu nahi daalunga wahan, mujhe bass suck karne de” I was still trying to get away from him but Bhanu Bhaiya was holding me tight, once again he tried to convince me by saying,
“Chaitu I promise, nahi daalunga wahan, I just want to lick your asshole” “Bhaiya bass thoda sa suck karenge, penis nahi daalenge” Gunjan Didi also spoke and tried to convince me. Trusting Gunjan Didi’s words I stopped protesting after few seconds and lied still under him leaving my body on Bhanu Bhaiya’s mercy.
I was already collapsed on bed, totally on my front, Bhanu Bhaiya moved down while brushing his lips on my back, making me tremble in fear of unknown pleasure, Gunjan Didi was still holding me from my shoulder sitting just above my head.
My bare hips were laying in front of Bhanu Bhaiya without any protest, I was waiting for him to do something, Finally Bhanu Bhaiya took both of my hips in his hands and gently rubbed them and squeezed them together and then kissed them, bit them lightly with his teeth to make me moan in pleasure and moved again to my waist and licked it using lot of his saliva,
I simply got mad in pleasure and trembled like a fish without water, because of his tenderness, and slowly my sexual desire was overcoming my fear. Bhanu Bhaiya pulled me from my waist upward to make me stand on my knees and arms and I did that.
Once again he held my both ass cheeks, squeezed them and parted them and licked my ass crack from bottom to top “Oh….mmmaaaaaaaa……aaaaaaa…….” Once again I trembled in fever and moaned loud, Bhanu Bhaiya continued parting my hips and licking my ass crack couple of more times after stretching me from my thighs to get better access of my asshole,
and I was feeling something which I cannot explain, it was sort of pleasure which was beyond my capacity to bear, but I wanted to bear it again and again. My ass was completely in Bhanu Bhaiya’s control and next moment he parted my ass mounds to maximum and touched my asshole bit roughly with his tongue just for a fraction, my body got arched and I hissed in pleasure.
I was going crazy, and before I would have recovered from that pleasure Bhanu Bhaiya buried his face inside my ass crack and moved his thick tongue roughly over my asshole for more than 3-4 seconds while holding me tight. “Bhaiya…. aaaaaah……aaa…..maaaaaaa…” that was enough for me to go wild and I shook my ass violently and trembled in strange pleasure.
Bhanu Bhaiya was not less passionate and he further gripped me from my waist, lifted my bottom to suit his comfort and tried to insert his tongue as deep as possible in my asshole. Leaving my shoulders Gunjan Didi moved ahead and parted my hips further apart for Bhanu Bhaiya.
With Gunjan Didi’s help Bhanu Bhaiya got full access of my tiny asshole and he licked it for long and inserted tip of his tongue 3-4 times in my ass hole. I was at the state that I could not even scream, I was just moving violently to get away, that was something which was impossible for me to bear.
I was partially collapsed on bed from my breasts, my bottom was raised up, and Bhanu Bhaiya was holding it high to eat it. I felt Bhanu Bhaiya’s tongue over my asshole several times, he was trying to spread my tiny opening with his tongue, and I was trembling and crying screaming in strange tone.
After few more seconds when he realized that this pleasure is taking my life Bhanu Bhaiya stopped eating and licking my asshole, I heard his voice asking Gunjan Didi to turn me saying, “Seedha kar issko” Both Gunjan Didi and Bhanu Bhaiya turned me on my back and once again Bhanu Bhaiya inserted his main two fingers in my cunt and fucked me with it for a minute while
sitting between my spread legs and continued looking at my facial expressions of being in pleasure, I was screaming in desire to burst and tried to get up, but Gunjan Didi held my wrists and resisted me to lay in the same posture. By now Bhanu Bhaiya was well aware of my body, he knew this very well that when to stop and he stopped at the right moment preventing me
to cum and came over me after spreading my thighs further apart. Instead of straight away fucking me which I desperately needed at that moment, he spoke to me while looking into my eyes, addressing me from my nick name he told me to promise him that if ever I will get ready for anal sex, I will do it with him first, and his exact Hindi words were,
“Chaitu promise me, ki jab bhi tu pahli baar anal sex karegi mere saath hi karegi” I was surprised to hear that, I was at the stage where I desperately needed him inside me, but Bhanu Bhaiya was looking into my eyes, I did not replied to him and just continued puffing in pleasure to give him a hint that I want to get fucked now.
“Bhaiya daal do abb isske andar, kyun tadpaa rahe ho” my sister spoke in my favor, Gunjan Didi was sitting at my head locking my wrists. Bhanu Bhaiya got up a bit, holding his penis in his hands he rubbed my love opening with it, and spoke again, “promise me, Chaitu” I got even more crazy with that rub of his penis over my cunt trembled like anything,
my fuckhole started twitching in desire to get stuffed, and I screamed “Bhaiya fuck me…. Please” while arching my body in excitement “promise?” once again Bhanu Bhaiya asked me and once again rubbed my cunt with his cock head, “Ahhhh…..Promise…. Promise…..” I replied while puffing in desperate need of getting fucked.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I moaned in lust, finally Bhanu Bhaiya squeezed his monster cock-head into my slit. Once again I realized that its huge and very thick, longest and thickest among all three I have taken inside my fuckhole. It distended my cunt-lips painfully wide open, finally with a bit forceful push, once again Bhaiya’s hard cock made his way to the bottom of my love pot,
crushing my clitoris and whatever came in his way, and with in no time his long hard penis was, pulsating and vibrating inside me stretching my fuck hole to the maximum and my cunt clamped and sucked hard on his rod, his long and thick penis was completely gulped by my deep wet fuck hole.
I was in bit of strange pain may be because of excessive foreplay and I was moaning in pain and pleasure together. I was feeling his cock so big, so incredibly huge that I thought it would rip me into two, but I wanted it all. I was never played like this before, Bhanu Bhaiya very well knew that how to make woman desperate to get fuck and no wonder that is why Gunjan Didi was die hard fan of him.
Though he was also very aroused even then he was not at all in hurry; Bhaiya was fucking me with long and deep strokes and every time he impaled his rod inside me, he tried to go deeper and deeper. Every time Bhanu Bhaiya went inside me with those deep throbbing strokes I skipped my heat beat and reached very close to my climax but before I would have touched that peak he drew himself back and then went inside again after a second.
Finally I arched my body after couple of more strokes, I started to orgasm and sensing my condition Bhanu Bhaiya increased his speed and made me shudder in shattering climax, I exploded and exploded like a bomb of fluid. Griping Bhanu Bhaiya’s body tight I cummed like hell and trembled like fish with sudden jerks while releasing endless stream of my love juices.
Bhanu Bhaiya waited for me to revive and then withdrew his penis from my oozing cunt and called Gunjan Didi to come under him, by just saying, “Gunjan jaldi aaja” he was yet not over, Gunjan Didi moved immediately and lied beside me, Bhanu Bhaiya leaned over her and straight away plunged her fuckhole without wasting even a second.
Now my sister was laying beside me, and Bhanu Bhaiya was fucking her like he was fucking me in missionary position. Bhanu Bhaiya fucked his sister in law for long with nice steady speed and finally cummed inside her womb. I think Gunjan Didi also orgasmed because I could hear her moans and they were getting high dense by the end;
for sure Bhanu Bhaiya must be rubbing her clitoris which he knew doing that very well to make her cum along with him. We all were totally exhausted and lied there for some time, then we got up one by one and came back to bed beside each other after using the toilet, I wanted to wear clothes at least my panty but Bhanu Bhaiya stopped me and said that nobody is going to wear anything,
Gunjan Didi appreciated him threw my panty after taking it from my hand. Finally I was one the same bed in Bhanu Bhaiya’s arm and Gunjan Didi was on the other portion of the double bed. I was awake for long time initially Bhanu Bhaiya and Gunjan Didi were talking, then couple of times she spoke to me, I replied to the point. Later I did not realized that when I went into deep sleep.
In the morning when my sleep broke, I felt bed moving with jerks, once again Bhanu Bhaiya was riding on Gunjan Didi behind me as I was laying facing away from them, I could hear Gunjan Didi low lust laden moans. Intentionally remained unmoved without giving an impression that I am awake because I could hear that they were talking to each other while having sex.
Don’t know what they spoke before I got conscious and came out of my sleep but from then I heard everything Bhanu Bhaiya and Gunjan Didi spoke and topic of there conversation was none other than me, Bhanu Bhaiya thanked Gunjan Didi while riding her in pleasurable voice saying,
“Gunjan tu meri jaan hai, thank you very much” “for what” she asked back, “Chaitali ko lane ke liye, seriously mazza aagaya issko chodd ke”, then again he spoke “lagta hai isska paati isski dhang se leta hi nahi hai, abhi tak isski body fresh hai” “haan, he is very impatient, ab har koi to aapki tarah nahi chodd sakta na” Gunjan Didi replied, they were talking about fucking ability of my husband.
Once again Bhanu Bhaiya spoke, rather this time asked her “tell me what you want, tujhe kya gift chahiye?” Bhanu Bhaiya was still fucking my sister and his pace was increasing, I could feel it from the movement of the bed. “You have to suck my asshole, like you have sucked Chaitu’s” Gunjan Didi replied instantly as if she wanted to say that before he has asked her, and her exact Hindi words were “aapko mera asshole bhi suck karna padega,
jaise aapne raat ko Chaitu ka suck kiya tha” “Ok, aur kuch chahiye?” Bhanu Bhaiya agreed and asked her for anything else, and then spoke again “what about gold earrings” Bhanu Bhaiya was riding maternal cousin bit fast now, “Hmmmm…. Wow” Gunjan Didi hummed in pleasure of getting fucked and getting a reward of gold earrings at the same time.
Bhanu Bhaiya spoke again “tu mujhe Kiran se bhi jayada pyari hai, tujhe nahi doonga to kisse doonga” with last words Bhanu Bhaiya’s speed rose up to maximum, he started ram fucking wife of his younger brother brutally and both started moaning loud, loud enough to take out anybody from the deep sleep, moreover bed was moving as if high intensity of earthquake is hitting the town.
I resisted but could not control my self to turn to see them and found both of them at the verge of another blast. Bhanu Bhaiya was fucking her in missionary and next instant Gunjan Didi cummed with a loud cry while looking at me she could see that I am awake. Bhanu Bhaiya also squeezed his buttocks together while hollowing his balls his sister in law.
Both my sister and her husband’s elder brother were exhausted but I was bit charged, I could feel the wetness coming out of my cunt but I remained calm and tried to suppress my desire. Both got up and went inside toilet together after wishing me good morning, and just Gunjan Did came out, and told me to get up while wearing her clothes, just panty and same kurta which she was wearing, she was going down to make the tea.
Bhanu Bhaiya came out I think after finishing basic morning courses and wore few of his clothes while smiling at me and asked me how am I, I replied with ok and went inside the toilet. By the time I came out after finishing my daily courses and wearing my Panty and Bhanu Bhaiya’s shirt, Gunjan Didi was there with a tea and now she was wearing long gown.

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