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Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 7

Well friends this is in continuation of my experience written earlier about partner swapping published on March 17, 2012 Filed under Group Sex, First of all thanks to all readers who posted comments giving there valuable time and praised my efforts. Undoubtedly last series of stories got very long and got divided into smaller parts than expected.
Being an immature writer and narrator I really cannot make out what to write and what to leave because I feel that every single detail of this incident is arousing especially the conversing words which I have written word to word and for the same reason I don’t know in how many parts my this experience will get published.
Because this incident involves many people or can say characters (total four couples including me and my husband), I am little worried that readers may get confused, so in the beginning only I am writing down the couples, 1. Chaitali & Manish (me and my husband) 2. Gunjan & Hemant (My cousin sister and Jiju) 3. Bhanu & Kiran ( Hemant Jiju’s elder brother and Bhabhi) 4. Jeetu & Shilpi (Gunjan Didi’s cousin brother and his wife).
Anyway just to revise with me it all started when my cousin sister Gunjan Didi somewhat insisted me to try swapping partners for couple of days to get a change from monotonous sex life and finally I spent two nights with my Jiju and on the other hand in those two nights when I was on my Jiju’s bed, my cousin Gunjan Didi was with my husband on his bed.
Finally after two days we came back to our town and slowly life returned to normal but by now my mind was set on fire along with my body. After spending two nights with Hemant Jiju some sort of fire was lit in my body and it was urging more and more sex and as expected my husband Manish was also in this state.

We were supposed to give our decision to Gunjan Didi as soon as possible, whether we want to join them or not in this partner swapping group. As detailed in my previous post at that time this group was having three couples, one is Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju, second is Hemant Jiju’s elder brother and his wife, Bhanu Bhaiya and Kiran Bhabhi, and third is Gunjan Didi’s paternal cousin brother Jeetu Bhaiya and his wife Shilpi Bhabhi.
I knew both the other couples very well and that is why for me it was hard to believe exactly what was going on between them, means I could not believe that Hemant Jiju is fucking Kiran Bhabhi, wife of his elder brother and Bhanu Bhaiya is fucking Gunjan Didi who use to address him Bhaiya, moreover Jeetu bhaiya and Gunjan Didi were first cousins and I could not believe that they will be getting on bed to have fun.
Anyway if I get back to experience for next 10-15 days I continuously faced this question from Gunjan Didi and Manish, rather couple of times Hemant Jiju also called me to ask whether I am going to join them or not, as now it was only me who was suppose to say yes or no because Manish was ready for this.
I was having good collection of pictures in my PC of the three couples roaming at tourist places with each other’s partners, which was sent by Hemant Jiju and I use to see them daily rather mostly twice a day and use to visualize myself with one of the other three males, Hemant Jiju, Bhanu Bhaiya and Jeetu Bhaiya and as a result could not stop visualizing myself getting fucked by one of them in different positions.
Just to make sure I won’t say no to it Gunjan Didi did not stopped calling me daily just to talk to me and detailed her experience with two males other than her husband may be to arose me, Manish was also nevertheless, after getting to bed in the night he use to surf those photographs with me nearly daily in laptop and use to pass naughty and vulgar comments about all three females including Gunjan Didi,
and mostly they use to be in Hindi slang using proper hardcore Hindi words. I nearly remember all of them which can be written here but I am writing just a few, like in one pic Kiran Bhabhi’s cleavage was visible a bit when she was sitting beside Hemant Jiju in some restaurant and for that Manish commented that
“Kiran Bhabhi ki chuchiyan kitni mast hain, Hemant kitna maslata hoga innko, Choddne se pahle” and viewing Kiran Bhabhi’s bottom his comment was “Kiran Bhabhi ke chuttad bhi kafi chowde ho gaye hain, Hemant aur Jeetu se Gaand marwa marwa ke” for Gunjan Didi one of his comment was
“Chaitu (addressing me) main tujhe batta nahi sakta mujhe kitna mazza aaya Gunjan Didi ko choddne mein, especially unki Gaand marke, seriously bahut tight hai unki Gaand ka Chhed” “Gunjan Didi ne mera pura Lund apne andar le liya tha, aur mast hoke marwa rahi thi ” and as Manish use to see Shilpi Bhabhi’s pic he use to get aggressive as she was most beautiful
and maintained and I could feel from his words that he is dying to fuck her and in aggression he use abuse Shilpi Bhabhi saying, “iss saali ko to main nanga karke itnna choddunga ki ye marr jaayegi,…. Saari raat isski taange khuli rahengi aur main isske oopar chadda rahunga, isske chuttadd main chowde karunga isse chodd chodd ke”.
Being his wife how could I be left and somewhere in all this he use to speak about me as well to motivate me to say yes to it by saying, “Chaitu you should say yes to it, Bhanu Bhaiya teri bahut achhe se lenge tujhe pura nanga karke, jaise Hemant ne li thi”…. “Gunjan Didi batta rahi thi ki Bhanu Bhaiya ka lund Hemant se bhi mota hai, teri Choot achhe se khul jaayegi unke saath karke”
and everyday intercourse use to follow all this and I never got a break of even a single night for next 12-15 days. Moreover even while fucking me Manish use to talk about all three females and most of the time about Gunjan Didi, about her fleshy thighs and widely spread ass mounds.
Finally after 15-16 days I formally accepted the proposal to join there group and Gunjan Didi introduced us (on phone) as a new swinging couple to other two couples. Date of meeting got fixed nearly after one month from the day I said yes and before fixing that day I was asked by Gunjan Didi about the date of my menstrual cycle, and reason of this was that all three men,
Hemant Jiju, Bhanu Bhaiya and Jeetu Bhaiya wanted to fuck me without Condom. I had to be in safe period, so that my fuckhole can be filled by gallons of population paste without any tension by three men. Certainly it was Hemant Jiju’s Idea as only he had a taste of my cunt without condom.
Anyway date and venue got fixed and venue was Bhanu Bhaiya’s vacant HIG flat, which was bit far from their city (hardly 2-3 hrs from my home town). After couple of days I got mail from Jiju’s Id, saying that it is a 3 night stay and theme of this occasion was also given, and theme was Indian, CC was sent to all females.
I could sense that why it is 3 nights stay because there were three husbands for every wife excluding her own and one by one all three will fuck all three wives excluding his own. Gunjan Didi told me it was Bhanu Bhaiya’s idea of keeping an Indian outfit as a dress code. It was a long description to explain that all females should look married with proper marital makeup and ornaments like bindi and sindoor,
there was a list of ornaments which all females were suppose to wear, like their wedding ring, Mangalsutra (symbol of marriage), lot of glassware Bangles, silver anklets with ghungroo, and obviously ear rings and was said to carry only Indian dresses like good bright color sarees, or heavy suits which we wear occasionally in parties, with high heel footwear.
Initially I found all this foolish but as I started preparing my sarees and suits for this it started arousing me and most of the time I found my self thinking just about all this. I was having every make up sticks mentioned in the list even then I bought new ones and bought new set of silver anklets and glassware bangles matching my sarees and suit for the occasion.
Days were passing and I was getting hornier with every passing day, and it was all because of Gunjan Didi who never stopped calling me to give me instructions in hornier way using hard core words to prepare my body for the big day, and once her words were “achhe se tel(oil) lagga ke malish kiya kar apni Choot ki, teen din main tu ittna Chudegi jitna poore ek saal mein nahi Chuddi hogi,…. teen din mein tu poori tarah khul jaayegi”.
And she told me to clean my cunt before coming as it has to be hairless on that day, because in Gunjan Didi’s words I will get sucked and licked every time before getting penetrated by any of the three males other than my husband and her Hindi words to say that was, “ Baal saaf karke aaiyo, har bar teri Choot kholne se pahle teri achhe se Chusai hogi”.
Moreover Manish never missed any night in which he did not talked to me about those 3 nights in which I was suppose to be on bed with Jeetu Bhaiya and Bhanu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju. Finally a day came and we already had reservation but my in-laws ( my husband’s parents) were unaware of our plans,
but Manish had something in mind and one night before he came home and lied to his parents that one of his friend’s father has expired who lives in other city and we have to go there and told me to make bags, as according to them we were suppose to leave next morning in whatever train we will get reservation.
Nobody among mom and dad argued and it was obvious that my son will remain at home with his grandparents; moreover my son was not at an issue because we had an old mate who uses to take care of him. We boarded train in the morning as scheduled and reached to my home town.
Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju were already there on railway station and we were supposed to do rest of the journey by road with them. I was ok till I reached to the city but after sitting in car once again I started feeling nervous with a fear of having sex with two other man for the first time. I am sure Gunjan Didi could sense all this and that is why she was talking to me continuously.
Initially she asked me what excuse we have made to our parents and then told me what excuse they have made as her son was also with her in-laws along with Bhanu Bhaiya’s daughter (which was actually Hemant Jiju’s daughter).
She told me that Bhanu Bhaiya and Kiran Bhabhi have already reached there and we will be second to reach there because Jeetu Bhaiya and Shilpi Bhabhi were suppose to reach there early in the evening around 4 and everything will start after that. I was wearing light color cotton saree as officially I was going to place where I was not suppose to wear bright color, but I had a plan to change it after reaching.
Gunjan Didi was once again wearing her favorite out fit simple cotton kurta with Chuddidar Pajami and she was planning to wear heavy suit of same pattern. Finally after lot of chit chatting and non veg jokes we reached to our destination. It was a big apartment and duplex flat on 4th floor at the corner of the corridor.
Gunjan Didi ranged the door bell and we found Kiran Bhabhi on the door. “hi Bhabhi” Gunjan Didi hugged Kiran Bhabhi, I was standing just behind her, Kiran Bhabhi looked at me with a smile while hugging Gunjan Didi. “Namastay” I tried to greet her while holding my air bag. Kiran Bhabhi moved ahead and hugged me as well and kissed me on my cheek lightly and spoke, “andar aa jaao means come in”.
I moved ahead, Hemant Jiju was next to enter and Kiran Bhabhi welcomed him in same fashion and hugged him as well. Manish entered with formal Namastey. “Hi Bhaiya” once again I heard Gunjan Didi, Bhanu Bhaiya appeared just after that and came to main living room from bedroom. Gunjan Didi moved ahead and hugged him as well and it was a proper hug.
Gunjan Didi wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged Bhanu Bhaiya tight, Bhanu Bhaiya’s hand went to Gunjan Didi’s back and slowly moved down to her bumps and he held one of her hip lightly and kissed Gunjan Didi lightly on her cheek and Gunjan Didi responded in same way by kissing him on his cheek.
I was just looking at them the way they were meeting when I heard Kiran Bhabhi addressing me “Chaitali put your bag down” I realized that I was still carrying my airbag in my arm. “Hemant Chaitali ko oopar wala room de dete hain” once again Kiran Bhabhi spoke this time to Hemant Jiju,
“Ok” Hemant Jiju took my bag and told me to follow him but I stayed because Gunjan Didi was introducing us to Bhanu Bhaiya and Kiran Bhabhi formally as a new couple of there swinging group by saying, “waise you know them fir bhi, she is Chaitali and he is Manish, from now they our part of our gang”
Bhanu Bhaiya moved ahead and did shake hand with Manish and then hugged him lightly, and then he looked at me, I did formal Namastay and he replied with same with a big smile while looking into my eyes. By that time Hemant Jiju was back after putting my bag in the bedroom which was upstairs and simply asked for something to eat from Kiran Bhabhi and Kiran Bhabhi went inside the kitchen while saying that she is preparing tea for everyone.
Gunjan Didi told me to follow her as now she was going with me to show my room. It was quit big room, with a huge double bed and wall mounted Elmira with an attach bathroom. Gunjan Didi entered first and turned around and asked me “Ok, this is your room for next few days” “what do mean my room?”
I asked back actually I wanted to know with whom I will sleep here, “hmmm…. Yahan wives ka room fix hota hai, husbands iss room se uss room mein swap hote hain” Gunjan Didi replied with a smile “where is your room” I asked again “let’s see we have two more rooms” Gunjan Didi opened Elmira while saying that and spoke again, “empty your bag and put your clothes here”
“but we are four(total females)” I asked her, “I know let’s see, main aur Kiran Bhabhi ek hi room mein adjust ho jaayenge” Gunjan Didi replied with a smile, “nahi please… aap mere saath raho” I was getting nervous. “no way, right now you are celebrity, I mean you are new to the group aur tere liye to ladai hone waali hai teeno mein” “ladai (fight)?”
I was surprised, “I mean all three men will be desperate to stay with you for tonight” “what are you saying” “ya, dekh lena, especially between Bhanu Bhaiya and Jeetu, because Hemant has already fucked you once so he will be third this time” then Gunjan Didi spoke again, “let’s see with whom you will sleep on this bed,…..balki I am sure you won’t be able to sleep tonight”
Gunjan Didi’s word were making me more nervous. “Do they know that I have already done….. I mean with Hemant Jiju” “Hmmm…. everybody knows everything here” Gunjan Didi replied, “Didi please you also stay with me, I mean….mujhe darr lagg raha hai” I spoke in confused fashion, “no way, you are on your own now” “lets go down” with that Gunjan Didi moved out of room to avoid any sort of further request from me,
“Didi please” I spoke from behind, “come fast” She hardly heard that and thought about it and moved down to the living room. I followed her, snacks were already on center table and tea was about to come, Hemant Jiju was busy in munching while talking to Bhanu Bhaiya about Jeetu Bhaiya’s program.
Manish was also standing there as if he is also in the conversation, while keeping an eye on other two females in the house. I moved inside kitchen following Gunjan Didi, “Bhabhi mera room kaunsa hai?” Gunjan Didi asked Kiran Bhabhi, “hmmm…. hum dono ko master bedroom share karna padega” “Haan Haan, no problem it’s not first time”
Gunjan Didi replied and just then she saw me and spoke again, “ rather main aur Chaitu(me) bhi room share kar chuke hain” Kiran Bhabhi smiled on that and said “I know tune bataya tha” and then asked me, “so Chaitali kaisa lagga hamara group”, I smiled while blushing, and Kiran Bhabhi moved a bit and hugged me again and kissed me again on my cheek and spoke,
“tum bahut cute ho, let’s see out of three aaj kiski kismat khulti hai” “that’s what I was telling her, she is VVIP in this occasion” Gunjan Didi spoke just after that, and then spoke again, “just go and announce, ki jo mujhe jayada gold dega, raat ko mere sath wohi soyega” Gunjan Didi somewhat cracked joke and both laughed on that,
“No no please, right now I have maximum jewelry, Bhanu will give away all to her” Kiran Bhabhi replied immediately and laughter continued. I too smiled on her wit but internally I don’t know what I was feeling, it was really strange, my heart beat was rising and all these things were increasing my uneasiness, but somewhere butterflies were also moving in my belly and I could feel the wetness in my panty.
We came out with a tray of tea cups and saucers and more snacks, chit chat continued for long. Mostly Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju were speaking, though Kiran Bhabhi was also involved at few places. Many times I saw Bhanu Bhaiya looking at me as I was sitting on the extreme corner to his right on the same sofa and Hemant Jiju was sitting between both of us.
Many times I saw Manish looking at Kiran Bhabhi and she too was looking at him with smile. In between Gunjan Didi asked that when is Jeetu Bhaiya reaching, for which Bhanu Bhaiya replied with in two hours. Tea was almost over and snacks were nearly our lunch and now I was waiting for someone to tell what to do now?
Finally Gunjan Didi spoke and told me to relax for a while and then get ready, and Kiran Bhabhi asked me whether I liked the room or not. I said yes to it with bit of smiled and got up to go up stairs and looked at Gunjan Didi as I wanted to talk to her in person and she understood and herself spoke, “you just go and relax I am coming”.
I came to given room and waited for Gunjan Didi, after 4-5 minutes Didi came and asked me, “what?” “nothing” I moved my head in no while saying, “why are you getting nervous?” “don’t know, mujhe darr lagg raha hai” I replied in confusion, “Iss mein darne ki kya baat hai, jaise Hemant ke saath kiya tha waise Bhanu Bhaiya ke saath karna hai aur Jeetu ke saath bhi”…
“moreover jo karna hai wo kar lenge, you just have to enjoy” Gunjan Didi tried to convince me, “Didi please, you have to be with me” once again I tried to convince her to stay with me, “are you crazy, tu sex karegi aur main tujhe Chuddte hue dekhungi, mujhe nahi karna hai kya? Gunjan Didi was getting impatient, “aap kiske saath karoge?” (means with whom you will do)
“don’t know it could be anybody except Hemant” Gunjan Didi replied, and then spoke again, “everything depends on with whom you will do” “what does that mean?” I asked back, “see in any case it will be either Bhanu Bhaiya or Jeetu, who is going to stay here in the night, because Hemant has already fucked you” Gunjan moved punch sideways to say fuck while saying Jiju has already fucked me, and continued, “so I will do with the other one”.
“Actually Manish will do either with Shilpi or Kiran Bhabhi, because he has already done that with me”. Thing was clear in my mind that we two( me and Manish) will be doing it with someone with whom we have not done yet, means either Bhanu Bhaiya will fuck me or Jeetu Bhaiya will fuck me and other side Manish will have sex either with Kiran Bhabhi or Shilpi Bhabhi.
In any case (Bhanu Bhaiya or Jeetu Bhaiya), I was not comfortable doing it with anyone, moreover I wanted to know when it will be finalized that ultimately who is going to fuck me, and more than that I wanted Gunjan Didi with me at that time, and I was continuously trying to convince her for that, and once again I did that by saying
“Didi instead of sharing room with Kiran Bhabhi you can share it with me” “no, it’s not possible” Gunjan Didi spoke while looking into my eyes in somewhat frustrating tone, and then spoke again, “both Jeetu aur Bhanu Bhaiya, tujhe choddna chahte hain” “one will fuck you and other one will fuck me, how can I share room with you, mujhe chhod ke dusra bhi tere saath hi lagg jaayega,
bol sambhal legi do-do Lund ek saath?” Gunjan Didi was looking into my eyes seriously and suddenly smiled a bit and then spoke again, “main to sambhal sakti hun do Lund ek saath, ek aage loongi dusra peeche tu nahi sambhal paayegi” I too smiled as I realized what she is saying that she can handle two cocks at a time, because she does anal sex as well.
“how it will be decided that who is going to stay here?” “that’s what the whole evening is about, masti karenge aur decide karenge kaun kiski biwi ko Choddega?” Gunjan Didi once again tried to relax me, I smiled on her words as I could not see any hesitation in her voice while saying hardcore Hindi words.
Once again she spoke while hugging me lightly, “you just relax and get ready” and then spoke again in continuation while looking into my eyes “and come down,…..take your time, nobody is going to disturb you…… rather Jitna der se aayegi utna dono tadpenge tujhe dekhne ke liye” “aur jitna tadpenge, raat ko uttna jaldi paani chhodenge, …Bhanu Bhaiya to fir bhi achhe se kar lenge, I am sure agar Jeetu aaya to wo do-teen minute mein hi jhhad jaayega”
Gunjan Didi was smiling naughtily while saying that, “but how it will be decided” I asked back, “let’s see kaise decide karte hain” she replied and once again kissed me lightly on my cheek and went out. I bolted my door from inside and took off my saree, used toilet and came to bed. I tried to sleep for a while but I could not for long as I was visualizing my self getting fucked by Bhanu Bhaiya on the same bed.
If I had to define Bhanu Bhaiya in words then I will say that he must be in his mid forties, tall and handsome clean shaven man just like Hemant Jiju with good built and broad shoulders but unlike Hemant Jiju, Bhanu Bhaiya was having bit of tummy and as I mentioned earlier his wife Kiran Bhabhi is good looking lady with pleasant gestures with a boney structure like Gunjan Didi, but she was bit thinner than Gunjan Didi and fairer than her as well.

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