Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali – 28

Anyway anyhow it is not possible for me to get on bed with Harsh at this moment because I am just back from my second trip to Delhi and just to maintain the interest of readers for my further posts I would like to mention that on me second trip I was in Delhi for seven days and I have not only had plenty of sex with Harsh in Chhaya presence but I have also lost my anal Virginity to him.
Whatever while getting back on track to our first visit to Delhi at Harsh and Chhaya’s place I would say after having a blasting climax we both, me and Harsh were exhausted and when I looked around to see other things happening in the room I saw Hemant Jiju looking at me,
he was little calm because using his hand he was up with releasing his load once and I knew that soon he will be humping me like an animal and might fuck me for really long because once he was evacuated and usually second is more lasting for males as compared to first. On the other side Gunjan Didi and my husband were in confronting state.
I must say that our fucking session was so arousing for Gunjan Didi that she could not wait for us to end, so that she can get on bed with Manish. As I mentioned Manish was sitting on floor with his monster out in his hand and Gunjan Didi just started sucking his Penis while leaning on his crotch.
Though she was not sucking Manish from long but Manish was hard and more or less ready to plunge her fuckhole. I and Harsh got off from bed and I spoke to Gunjan Didi “bed par aa jaao”. They both; my wedded husband Manish and Gunjan Didi got up instantly and before they would have climbed bed both of them were out of there cloths.

Manish lied over my sister and they started with kissing, gradually Manish moved down over Gunjan Didi body and after sucking her big melons he reached to her fuckhole and buried his face between her thighs. As Manish started sucking Gunjan Didi I went inside the washroom to clean myself while Harsh wore his jockey and remained there to see everything happening.
It took me few minutes and when I came out Manish was still in same posture, doing his best he was sucking and chewing Gunjan Didi’s fuckhole. I was hardly at the door of the washroom when Hemant Jiju extended his arm and held my wrist and pulled me towards him and made me sit over his crotch.
By now Hemant Jiju was also out of his clothes and he was somewhat waiting for Gunjan Didi and Manish to end. While watching my sister and my husband in action hardly few feats away from me on the bed I somehow settled on Hemant Jiju’s lap and holding me lightly from my waist Jiju started caressing my milks with his hand.
Harsh was standing and watching both the couples, I could see that he also wanted to go to the washroom but he did not want to miss any action too. Gunjan Didi and Manish both were heavily aroused and could not control their desire, like Manish was eager to get inside Gunjan Didi;
she was also desperate to feel his monster in her fuckhole and without spending much time in oral foreplay they decide to fuck and we heard Gunjan Didi saying “Manish daal de abb…and don’t rush….achhe se Chod mujhe….”. Finally after licking her fuckhole for few more seconds my husband climbed over Gunjan Didi and Gunjan Didi instantly reached down to his Penis and guided it into her Fuckhole.
“Fuck me Manish… fuck me hard and long” Gunjan Didi like she use to, she hissed through clenched teeth while saying that. She was somewhat dying to get fucked like a bitch. Sensing Gunjan Didi’s state deep inside I was little worried for Manish, I wanted him to satisfy Gunjan Didi but somewhere I was scared that he might not be able to last for long in Gunjan Didi because excessive arousal.
Anyway Manish widened Gunjan Didi’s thighs with his knees and paused and rubbed his Penis tip over Gunjan Didi’s opening to make her shudder in pleasure and then flexing his heavy buttocks he went down into Gunjan Didi in one smooth piercing stroke.
Gunjan Didi gasped in delirious joy while tightening her fingers on Manish’s bulging arms and here at my end I felt Hemant Jiju trying to insert his finger in my fuckhole. We both; me and Jiju were stark naked and I was sitting on Hemant Jiju’s lap on the same chair from where I was watched by him having sex with Harsh.
While looking at couple in action I adjusted myself a bit on Hemant Jiju’s lap and widen my legs a bit to make space for him to insert his finger in my fuckhole and in front of my eyes Gunjan Didi grabbed my husband between her arms and fleshy thighs. Manish went on plunging his penis into Didi’s wet fuckhole deeper and started plowing Gunjan Didi’s love tunnel with steady speed
and Gunjan Didi started gasping erotically as she started getting fucked properly by husband of her younger sister. Fortunately Manish continued riding on Gunjan Didi steadily and seemed in his control and it was Gunjan Didi who was grunting intensely.
As they were facing away from me and Manish was stretching Gunjan Didi’s thighs wide apart with his legs I could clearly see her hot and wet fuckhole convulsing miserably on Manish’s throbbing rod. Soon Manish grunted and began fucking Gunjan Didi with deep, skewering thrusts, plunging his big penis steeply in and out of her cunt,
his hips were snapping smartly with each thrust, his buttocks were flexing and unflexing in a powerful squeezing rhythm. While sitting behind them on Hemant Jiju’s lap I was also moaning mildly with rising desire of fucked again as now Hemant Jiju was moving his finger in and out of my fuckhole bit faster,
standing bit far from us while rubbing his semi erect Penis over the cloth Harsh was enjoying watching Manish and Gunjan Didi having great time on the bed and there on the bed I could see Manish’s heavy balls pressing Gunjan Didi’s thick and swollen cunt-lips again and again as now he was burring his hard penis into my sister till the root of it.
Within a minutes time Manish rose up with his fucking pace and started fucking my sister with hard and short jerks and Gunjan Didi’s body started jerking and lurching rapidly on the bed under his thrusts, like mine with Harsh her large breasts were wobbling and jiggling furiously, I could not see them clearly but like mine her long nipples must be rigid and quivering.
Bed was quaking and whole room was filled with their combined cries, though their gasps were not loud but they were intense and I could easily make out that now things are going out of their control and they will not last for long.
Manish fucking pace went on increasing, may be Gunjan Didi’s rising cries were aggravating him to go crazy over her and finally I saw Gunjan Didi’s fuckhole spamming on my husband’s monster cock helplessly, her thighs tremble and Manish flung his head back and groaned and somewhat tried control his climax but orgasm swamped over him too.
Gunjan Didi shivered helplessly while getting shattered in powerful orgasm and my husband also dived deep into my sister’s pot to spew out his gunk and squeezed his heavy hips twice to release his load into her womb.
While crushing him in her arms and thighs Gunjan Didi moaned and whimpered in delight of getting a desired fuck from my husband and Manish released his entire weight over Gunjan Didi while puffing and tried to catch his breath. Done; Gunjan Did and Manish were also done now and at my end I was once again ready to get on bed with Hemant Jiju.
Hemant Jiju was hard and I was wet and now I could make out that he will be fucking me with all his passion because few minutes back apparently he was reflecting that he is little angry with me, to be precise he was annoyed from the way I fucked with Harsh.
Gunjan Didi and Manish moved away from bed as there climax subsided and now I was expecting that Hemant Jiju will throw me on the bed but he looked at Harsh and spoke “chal aaja mil kar khaate hain issko”. Hemant Jiju invited Harsh to have three some sex with me and for me it was totally unexpected. “arre nahi aap karo…” Harsh replied back in bit of hesitant voice
“chal na yaar…sharma kya raha hai…” Hemant Jiju spoke out while trying getting up from the chair, “humari dictionary mein Sharm jaisa koi word nahi hai” while collecting her cloths this time Gunjan Didi spoke to him.
I understood what was Hemant Jiju trying to do, as such it was just Harsh who could bought Chhaya on bed for him and all other male members of the group and that instant Jiju was trying to lure Harsh as much as possible and in a moment I too reacted on his way and reached to Harsh and while saying “Chalo aao na Harsh” I tried to touch his crotch over the cloth,
Harsh hesitated a bit and held my hand but I continued and inserted my hand in his jockey and handled his semi erect monster and spoke in continuation “Jiju ke saath to main karti hi rahti hun…mujhe aapke saath enjoy karna hai” and then spoke again, “jaao washroom ho aao…aur achhe se wash kar lena apne Lund ko…mujhe Chusna hai issko”.
Finally Harsh went inside the washroom to clean himself to join me and Jiju again on the bed but I must say that the way Harsh reacted to me and my words I could see that he still had bit of shame in his gesture but I was sure soon he will be also like we all are, totally shameless.
Harsh went inside washroom and I got a moment to speak to Jiju about his rude behavior over my intense love making with Harsh “aap Gussa ho kya mujh se?” “Nahi…to…! tu to meri jaan hai” he replied back while taking me to the bed and spoke again “rather I am really happy…Harsh abb kahin nahi jaane waala…tune poori tarah fassa liya hai usse apne husn ke jaal mein”.
I smiled over his words and before I would have replied anything Harsh came out of the washroom after peeing and washing his monster properly. I was already on the bed with Hemant Jiju and he was playing with my luscious melons. “jaldi aajaa…ye intzaar kar rahi hai tera….” Hemant Jiju spoke to Harsh.
Harsh came to bed and just then Gunjan Didi announced that she is going back to Chhaya. Now it was just my wedded husband who was off from bed and Hemant Jiju called him too by saying “tu bhi aajaa…humari help kar apni biwi ki izzat lutne mein …” Manish bolted the door from inside and came to bed and like some time back I was all alone on the bed with three stark naked males.
My wedded husband took a place over my head as usually he gets a job of holding me and widening my fleshy thighs apart Hemant Jiju buried himself into my thighs and started sucking my fuckhole like a thirsty dog. Raising my arms I called Harsh close to me like a real slut and we started kissing.
Harsh was aroused; more than sufficient time was passed from his last evacuation and in that span, he witnessed Gunjan Didi and Manish fucking each other like animals and now he was getting ready for another session with me.
He kissed me nicely, licked every corner of my mouth and released his saliva in my mouth and from his overall gesture I could feel that gradually things like shame and hesitation was disappearing from his gesture too and and like we all use to, he too was enjoying having group sex.
Slowly I bought Harsh to my milks and by saying “Harsh innko Chuso…mera doodh piyo” I told him to suck them and Harsh started sucking my melons like a child. Down there Hemant Jiju was trying to suck me hard, I was moaning in intense pleasure, after really long time two males were enjoying me at the same time and slowly I could feel pleasure rising up to my soul as along
with getting sucked at my milks by Harsh I was getting a great licking over my fuckhole and along with that Hemant Jiju was invading my fuckhole with his finger. “Harsh Neeche aaja…isski Chut ka operation karte hain….” “Manish pakad ke rakh issko” Hemant Jiju called Harsh at my lower half to explore my fuckhole and in continuation told my husband to hold me.
Now I knew what all was going to happen with me, Hemant Jiju has a some kind of fever of exploring a female fuckhole, he really enjoy watching females trembling in unbearable pleasure and exactly that happen with me within 5-10 minutes. Initially when Harsh reached down Hemant Jiju after widening my thighs painfully wide told him to suck me and Harsh started doing that nicely.
After a minute or bit more Hemant Jiju stopped him and started exploring my fuckhole with two of his finger and moved it all around my fuckhole. I was moaning in pleasure with bit of fear of getting explored like before in which Hemant Jiju was somewhat gone wild with me. “ye dekh ye Chaitu ka Clitoris hai….” Hemant Jiju spoke to Harsh while showing sensitive part of female genital and rubbed it with his finger.
“Oh….” I trembled crazily and tried to free myself and somewhat succeeded in that but my husband Manish held me again and Hemant Jiju continued showing his research on female gentile over my fuckhole and spoke “abb main issko Chusta hun…dekhio ye kaise pagal ho jaayegi”
and with that once again Hemant Jiju started sucking me and now his focus was just over my clitoris and like he said to Harsh with in a minutes time of getting sucked and flicked there I went crazy and started trembling with sobbing gasps. Jiju stopped and next he told Harsh to suck me there,
I was in bad state and Harsh could see that and he was hesitating a bit to torture me that way but Hemant Jiju insisted him by saying “tadpne de issko, …tu achhe se enjoy kar, ye jhadti hai to jhadne de issko”. Next my feet were once again folded inward and somewhat pointing roof, Jiju was holding them up and wide for Harsh and once again Harsh started sucking me and he sucked my clitoris this time.
I trembled again and gasped continuously but Hemant Jiju insisted him to keep on sucking me and soon I started trembling and could sense that I will not be able to last for long. Jiju stopped Harsh from sucking and widened my thighs, kept one under his knee and other on his shoulder and spoke “bus abb meri Chaitu ko wahan par thodi so rubbing Chahiye…..aur ye fat jaaygi”
and before I would have reacted to his words Jiju started rubbing my clitoris vigorously and ultimately squeezed it between his thumb and finger and in a moment I reached to my climax and started trembling while trying my best not to utter anything in loud voice.
I wanted to bring my thighs together but I could not, they were wide apart and Jiju was pressing one with all his weight to keep it apart with the other. Ultimately I exploded like a bomb with sudden joggles and started gasping in harsh voice for a moment it was breath taking for me but I can say during last event I was somewhat adjusted to it.
Jiju did not stopped playing with my fuckhole but he slowed down his pace of rubbing me there and in a moment kneeled down and sucked my fuckhole to have my pleasure juices till my orgasmed lasted and his lick during my release also made me shiver in strange pleasure.
I was spent but both the males were charged, especially Harsh who has surly never seen a female trembling in pleasure in such an erotic way and I would say that was the only reason why I did not even requested Jiju for not doing all that to me, I knew that in males perspective watching female in divesting pleasure is a most erotic view and I wanted to give that view to Harsh, just to enhance his desire to join us.
“Bus abb hum issko ek-ek karke pyar se Chodenge…..” “ye bahut achhi bachi hai…hum sabko apni Chut ka poora mazza deti hai” Hemant Jiju spoke out in continuation and from his words and gesture I could make out that he was aroused and feeling bit pity for me. He lied beside me and started kissing me nicely and explored my mouth completely and spoke to me after breaking the kiss,
while looking into my eyes closely “Chaitu I love you….tu bahut achhi hai…..” and then after a pause asked me “bol kisska andar lena hai pahle…mera ya Harsh ka?” “aap daalo pahle…..” I replied back and in a moment I found that Hemant Jiju was riding on me, he invaded my fuckhole and started fucking me nice steady pace.
I was already spent few minutes back so I just have to enjoy getting fucked by two different men one by one. Hemant Jiju fucked me in typical missionary posture and explored my mouth for a while and after a minute or so stopped and by saying “aaja daal de” Jiju gave away my fuckhole to Harsh.
Harsh was excited and somewhat waiting for that and in a moment like Hemant Jiju he inserted his monster into me started riding on me. like this they gave each other my access one more time and for me it was incredible pleasure, I was experiencing getting fucked by two different men with almost similar fucking ability as Harsh and Hemant Jiju both were steady and did not seemed going to climax very soon.
“Chaitu Ghodi ban jaa” After fucking me couple of times in missionary position Hemant Jiju told me to get up and get into doggy posture and I simply followed what Jiju told me to do. In a moment while giving access of my fuckhole from behind I was on my four, “dekh kya mast chuttad hain isske”
while saying this to Harsh Jiju slapped my massive ass couple of times in excitement and told him to insert his Penis into my fuckhole from behind, “chal daal ab isski Chut mein peeche se”. “Ahhh….” I moaned loud as Harsh stood and touched his Penis over my opening from behind.
Ultimately I guided his monster into my fuckhole with my own hand and once again was I was moaning in pleasure getting fucked by one of my Sister’s husband with a steady pace. “Pail acche se issko…main isska muhn band karta hun” Hemant Jiju spoke to Harsh and moved on his knees to my upper half and inserted his Penis in my mouth.
My wedded husband was just an audience of my fucking session with two men at the same time, one was invading me from behind and other was fucking my face with his long monster. With a passing minute Harsh’s pace improved and holding my waist with both the hands Harsh started fucking me bit faster now and from his gesture I could see that he was getting excited
“Aa jaao ab aap” he called Hemant Jiju over my bottom to fuck me in that posture “nahi tu kar le…chhod de apna paani isske andar” Hemant Jiju told him to continue fucking me till his release in my fuckhole and in a fraction I felt Harsh going faster. While pumping my fuckhole with all his passion Harsh slapped his crotch over my bottom again and again and finally with a intense groan
he buried his thick Penis in my heavy pot and released his seed into the depth of my womb. Harsh was spent now and including morning’s session with Gunjan Didi it was his third and last evacuation of the day. “Chaitu jaa khali karke aa apni Chut” Next Hemant Jiju told me to wash out the gunk released by Harsh and I followed him like a good girl.
I came back to the bed and as Hemant Jiju said once again I took same posture and this time Hemant Jiju inserted his monster into me and fucked me like an animal for really long. I can say till then I could not feel any pressure building inside me but still I would say I was enjoying getting fucked with his hard and long Penis but extending his hand to my crotch once again Hemant Jiju
tried to find out my clitoris and ultimately rubbed me there while pumping my fuckhole from behind. Once again I got a rub over my sensitive area I got excited and simply collapsed on bed but Jiju somehow continued fucking me along with rubbing my crotch which ultimately bought me to mild climax. After a minute Jiju also climaxed and hollowed his balls in my womb.
In a way that was the last fuck of our first tour to Delhi, but still I would like to write more because night did not ended there and very interesting thing happened after that. We all cleaned our self and wore back our clothes and mutually decided to eat something. Particularly at that hour of night we had an option of having fruits and to eat that we all came to living room and I started cutting it.
While lying beside Chhaya in the other room as Gunjan Didi heard some noise from outside; she also came out and joined us. Can say after 5-10 minutes when we were sitting casually on the couches while eating and laughing, suddenly Chhaya appeared in the living room, she stood bit far, near the dining, she was still in sleeping mode and could barely open her eyes in the bright light.
I must say fortunately particularly that instant none of us were in any objectionable state unless couple of minutes back, including Harsh we both the sluts were feeding males while sitting on their laps. Because of intense light Chhaya looked at us with partially opened eyes and then at the wall clock and then asked us that why didn’t we slept till now.
In response Gunjan Didi invited her to eat some fruit, she denied for that but tried to come closer to us but suddenly stopped and held the dining table to stood still, it was the effect of sleeping pill had taken and among all of us it was her husband Harsh who reacted to that instantly and reached to her in a moment and ultimately while holding her in his arm took her inside the bedroom.
“abb ye andar jaakar isski legga kya?” Hemant Jiju spoke out as they both disappeared from there and we all giggled on his words. “waise badi pyari lagegi ye neeche late kar Chillati hui” Jiju spoke out another nasty statement in regard of fucking a beautiful female like Chhaya.
Finally after spending around 5-10 more minutes in the living room we all decided to go to sleep in the other room as everybody with mutual consent decided to leave Chhaya and Harsh alone in the room. But as my son was sleeping in that room I wanted to get a glance of him and when I casually opened the door to see it I saw Harsh and Chhaya kissing.
“opps..I am sorry” I closed the door again and while standing on the door told Chhaya to take care of my son, that anyhow he does not go to the edge of the bed. Chhaya acknowledged my statement and somewhat assured me that she will take care of him. I moved back to the room where all three members of my fucking family were getting ready to sleep.
I gladly gave them and latest update that I have seen Chhaya and Harsh kissing and it bought smile to everyone’s face. Things changed remarkably over night at their end. As I knew because of some sort of ego clash Chhaya was not in physical touch with her husband from last six months,
in the morning when I asked Chhaya about knowhow of last night’s incident she told me that last night first Harsh said sorry to her and then kissed her and ultimately they slept in each other’s arms. With a naughty smile I asked Chhaya if they had sex before sleeping and she denied for that and told me that Harsh just took her in his arms, caressed her body and kissed her couple of times with lot of affection.
Apparently I showed bit of disappointment over her no for sex in last night but deep inside I already knew that even if he wanted to fuck her he would have failed in that because he was evacuated in me twice in the same night.
Just to give her a possible reason of change in Harsh’s attitude I told Chhaya that he must be feeling jealous from we two happily married couples and Chhaya accepted my point of view and thanked me for coming to Delhi and to her house.
Finally we boarded the train in the afternoon and left the town with more or less happy ending. Apart from this fact that he failed to fuck Chhaya on this trip Hemant Jiju was disappointed with another fact that instead of him it will be Harsh who will ultimately break the seal of my asshole.
For an instant just to keep reader’s interest alive for my next series of posts I would like to mention that after we all reached back, things changed surprisingly at Harsh and Chhaya’s end and ultimately we succeeded in corrupting Chhaya too.
Without going into much detail I would like to tell readers, once again to maintain their interest for my further posts that at this particular moment when I am almost up with writing my first trip to Delhi, I am just back from my second tour of Delhi and on this tour I have lost my anal virginity to Harsh.
Surely I will write all about my second trip to Delhi, because now mentally I cannot get away from writing my swinging experiences but I must mention this again that like last time I don’t know when my write up will get published on the blog and you all might have to wait for another year to read my anal experience with Harsh.
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