Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali – 20

Finally it was done, as far as fucking of Radha was concerned, our plan was accomplished; Radha Bhabhi was fucked by Manish and Hemant Jiju both but I knew that things will not end here, rather it was a time to handle the matter in real sense and I did not had any clue about what all we have to do next.
I don’t know exactly what I was thinking; certainly I was wet and streaming out my pleasure juices since long and certainly I too wanted to get fucked by Jiju since I was here but that instant things happened in the room were so fast and weird that I did not got any time to think about myself.
For an instant I was scared with a thought what will happen if Radha Bhabhi will not accept all this and speak out everything we did to her to our elder. But eventually after getting fucked by Hemant Jiju, Radha Bhabhi got up and went inside washroom, Manish went out may be to collect his clothes,
wearing her panty Gunjan Didi also went off from the room, with his semi erect penis Hemant Jiju was somewhat waiting for Radha Bhabhi to come out, he looked at me with a smile and spoke “Chaitu aaj teri bhi leni hai maine…” I smiled at his words and wore my panty,
just then Radha Bhabhi came out and looked at her clothes to pick up but Hemant Jiju took her wrist in his hand and just then both Manish and Gunjan Didi entered again in the room, wearing just jockey Manish was holding a cake with an unlit candle and Gunjan Didi was holding Radha Bhabhi’s birthday gifts and we all started clapping and singing birthday rhyme.
Like Radha Bhabhi, Hemant Jiju was still naked rests of us were covering our lower half. Gunjan Didi gave Hemant Jiju match-box and he lit the candle and asked Radha Bhabhi to blow it but Radha Bhabhi was not comfortable and while saying “please mujhe kapde pahan ne do” she tried to pick her clothes but Hemant Jiju stopped her and spoke
“nahi…hum sab aise hi Nange khade rahkar aapka birthday cake khaayeenge” but suddenly he realized that three of us are not totally naked and saying “tum teeno uttaro isse” he told us to take off our inner wears,
Manish handed over the cake to Jiju to take off his jockey and in a moment we all were stark naked again and waiting for Radha Bhabhi to blow the candle but I could see that Radha Bhabhi was not comfortable at all, she needed to talk about whatever we did with her but that instant Hemant Jiju insisted her to blow and she did that.

We all clapped, Gunjan Didi gave her plastic knife to cut it and she did that too while standing naked. Gunjan Didi fed her first and gave her gift wrap and fed all of us with her hand. Instead of opening gift Radha Bhabhi started collecting her clothes but once again Jiju stopped her and insisted her to open the gift and took the wrap of bra and panty from her hand,
unwrapped it and gave it to her while saying “low isse pahno” Radha Bhabhi was bit reluctant to Jiju and she tried to avoid him but Hemant Jiju very well knew what all he has to do calm her down, he took Radha Bhabhi in his arms and started kissing her and explored her mouth like a true lover.
Within a minute Radha Bhabhi also started responding to his kiss and things seems bit better to me. By the time Hemant Jiju broke the kiss Gunjan Didi was standing beside Radha Bhabhi and she asked her “gift kaisa lagga?…” and while giving other wrap to her Gunjan Didi spoke again “wo gift Manish aur Hemant ki taraf se tha…ye mere aur Chaitu ki taraf se hai”.
Radha Bhabhi was still timid; certainly she was embarrassed over whatever we all did with her and could decide how to react in this situation. Deep inside she knew that she has enjoyed getting fucked and we all have seen that.
Like me certainly Gunjan Didi was also sensing her mind state but before starting convincing her she wanted to relax her “Manish Bhabhi ko bra tum pahnaao….Hemant tum Panty pahnaao” while giving new bra to Manish and panty to Hemant Jiju she spoke to both the males.
Manish wore Radha Bhabhi new bra and hooked it in the front, in the middle of her milks, next Hemant Jiju wore her panty, by that time Gunjan Didi unwrapped the wrist watch and gave it to her and spoke “ye sirf chhoti si wrist watch hai….actually mein, maine aur Chaitu ne aapko apne husbands gift kiye hain” except Radha Bhabhi we all smiled on Gunjan Didi’s words,
she looked up to Gunjan Didi and finally uttered “tumne ye achha nahi kiya…Gunjan” “Bhabhi kya achha nahi kiya….?” Gunjan Didi changed her expressions replied back in bit sarcastic tone and spoke again “Bhabhi I cannot see you suffering….kab tak akele rahoge…?” Gunjan Didi paused and then spoke again in continuation
“You needed this….sex life ki basic need hai…maine dekha you have enjoyed…and believe me aapne kuch galat nahi kiya….” I can easily say that it is just Gunjan Didi who can convince anybody for anything and it is immaterial that fact she say is wrong or right.
Anyway Gunjan Didi did not stop speaking and continued “Bhabhi…. I just know ki life main khush rahna sabse important hai…”…. “This is just body…and nothing else…” except Radha Bhabhi who was wearing new set of bra and Panty we all were standing stark naked and also muted and it was just Gunjan Didi, who was speaking out everything.
“We must tell you that we are swingers….” this time Hemant Jiju uttered told her about our relation and Radha Bhabhi looked at him with mild surprising gesture as if she has not understood, “I mean…we swap partners and fuck” in a way Hemant Jiju detailed her what does swinging means and then spoke again may be to enhance his statement in regard of sex
“main Chaitu ke saath sex karta hun…aur Gunjan Manish ke saath” in reaction Radha Bhabhi looked at me and Manish once and then at Hemant Jiju “and we are enjoying…aap bhi life ko enjoy karo…” while saying that Hemant Jiju went closer to Radha Bhabhi and tried to hug her, thought with some hesitation but Radha Bhabhi went into his arms and just then Gunjan Didi waved her hand to Manish,
somewhat told him to come closer to Radha Bhabhi and Manish did that, while using her hand silently as Gunjan Didi said Manish hugged Radha Bhabhi from behind. As my husband Manish touched Radha Bhabhi from behind with his hands and crotch, for a fraction Radha Bhabhi felt strange and moved a bit to avoid him but Hemant Jiju held her and started kissing her
and Manish kept on holding her naked body from her waist from behind and kissed her on her shoulder. Once again both Hemant Jiju and Radha Bhabhi kissed well and explored each other’s mouth thoroughly and next after breaking the kiss Hemant Jiju turned Radha Bhabhi to Manish and told him to kiss her from his expressions and Manish followed,
though after a minute but Radha Bhabhi opened her mouth for Manish too and they also kissed well and explored each other’s mouth. Things were getting settled slowly but Radha Bhabhi was still timid, certainly it is impossible for any female to get normal after such a nasty incident and like me all could see that she needs time to accept all this.
Finally we all started wearing our clothes and came out of the room and had cake as a snack along with a cup of tea and few other snacks which were actually prepared by Radha Bhabhi for just Gunjan Didi.
As excepted Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju anyhow continued talking to Radha Bhabhi to ease out her stress and without speaking out anything about our whole swinger group of two more families Hemant Jiju detailed Radha Bhabhi how swinging started between two of us.
Slowly things seemed going smooth and after some more chit chatting once again Hemant Jiju asked Radha Bhabhi if she is still angry with us “sach bolona…humse gussa ho kya?” Radha Bhabhi looked into Hemant Jiju’s eyes for a fraction, gave a thought to his question and moved her head in no.
“Good…” Hemant Jiju replied back and then spoke again “let’s go to bed again…humen aapko dobara Chodna hai…” Radha Bhabhi was not at all expecting that from Hemant Jiju and she seemed surprised with his statement but Gunjan Didi interrupted and using Hindi word Chodna she spoke back “no let’s go home now…tum dono ab kal Chodna inko…”
“Manish is going back tomorrow morning…” Hemant Jiju replied back to his wife instantly, “No….he will not go back tomorrow morning….ye evening mein jaayega…Radha Bhabhi ko Chodne ke baad….!” Gunjan Didi was nevertheless she spoke back in same fashion and then asked Manish in continuation “koi problem nahi hai na?” “Nahi koi problem nahi hai” Manish replied to her.
“please Gunjan abhi nahi…give me some time…” Radha Bhabhi uttered after very long time “haan haan…don’t worry…we are not forcing you…take your time….I will call you tomorrow” Gunjan Didi spoke out to comfort Radha Bhabhi. “ok…let’s go…” Hemant Jiju spoke out in acceptance and then spoke to me “chal Chaitu…guest room khaali ho gaya hai…aaj main raat bhar tujhe pelunga”
I smiled on his words, that’s what I was dying to hear, I desperately wanted to get fucked by Hemant Jiju and it was about to happen that night, relative couple who was staying in Hemant Jiju’s house yesterday was gone now and guest room of his house was vacant. After that more or less we all took leave.
Hemant Jiju and Manish were sitting in front seats and we all females were on rear seat. After showing the pack to Radha Bhabhi, I saw Gunjan Didi putting contraceptive pills in her hand bag, “this is for you…le lena…” Finally we bought Radha Bhabhi to her home and before she got down, saying “Bhabhi…please don’t feel guilty, we have not done anything wrong”
“…and don’t worry…it will always be a secret” Hemant Jiju spoke with small pause and tried to comfort Bhabhi one more time and when she got down he spoke again, “I love You..” he paused again after saying that and then spoke again “aaj Chaitu ko palena hai….I will fuck you tomorrow”
for a instant we could easily expect this from Hemant Jiju but the best part was that in response to his words we all noticed Radha Bhabhi smiled a bit, though it was very mild but certainly she smiled on Jiju’s nasty statement. Anyway we dropped Radha Bhabhi and moved from there.
“Finally we did it…” Gunjan Didi spoke in loud rapturous tone and raised her hand in air specifically for the purpose and we all clapped on her palm one by one for our victory. But we all knew that job was not finished yet, because at that time Radha Bhabhi was in very delicate mind state and over the night she could take any decision and to retain her in the group it was really
important for us to agree Radha Bhabhi for next day too, moreover she was totally clueless about our ultimate intentions, that we want to add her to the swinging group in which there are two more males, Bhanu Bhaiya and Jeetu Bhaiya who were eager to fuck her like a slut and that’s what we all discussed throughout the way to my mom’s place and ultimately decided to leave this matter for the time being.
As mentioned earlier, by now guest from Gunjan Didi’s house were gone and we had a plan of swinging for the night so after spending some time at my mom’s place, along with my son we all took leave to Gunjan Didi’s place with one pair of fresh clothes for the next day and intentionally I did not picked up any night wear for myself because I knew that I will not be able to wear it.
I was sure that throughout night Hemant Jiju will not let me wear anything except panty. Anyway we reached at Gunjan Didi’s home and settled down in the guest room and spent some time in the living room while watching television with two oldies who were totally unaware of the nasty act which we were about to do in the night;
their son Hemant Jiju was eager to fuck me and Gunjan Didi apparently for them who was idol Indian wife and daughter in law in all aspects was set to get fucked by my husband. Anyway Gunjan Didi fed the children, mine and hers and finally within next two hours both oldies and both the kids were on bed and in sound sleep.
We settled both the kids in the guest room and decided to do whole fucking together in the same room. While cutting a long story short of that nights fucking I will say after putting our kids in the cot in the guest room,
when I and Gunjan reached to their bedroom Hemant Jiju was sitting on the single sitter couch at one corner of his bedroom and resting his back against the wall my husband was partially laying on the bed. addressing my nick name, Hemant Jiju called me there “Chaitu idhar aa” and after bolting the door Gunjan Didi straightaway started taking off her clothes on her own.
We all were more or less in the same mind state, eager to eat each other’s partner and that’s what happened for the whole night. As I reached to Jiju, he made me sit on his lap and squeezed my heavy milks brutally and then started kissing me.
On the other end after taking off all her clothes Gunjan Didi reached to bed and took off Manish’s clothes too and after laying him on the bed straight on his back, she sat down around my husband’s mouth get her fuckhole sucked. Jiju also took off mine and his own clothes and told me to sit on the floor and made me suck his monster for a while.
After some time things changed again, soon we both me and my husband were lying on the double bed side by side on our back and both husband and wife, Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju were eating us like animals. My sister was sucking my husband’s Penis like crazy and Manish was moaning in pleasure like he never moaned when I sucked him and same as Gunjan Didi,
Hemant Jiju was buried into my fleshy thighs while sucking and licking my fuckhole passionately as if he is going to eat my fuckhole completely and I was gasping intensely like I never did when my husband sucked me.
Finally both the males penetrate we two sisters while keeping us under, My husband lied over Gunjan Didi and invaded her fuckhole with his Penis in typical missionary position and Hemant Jiju kept my both the legs over his broad shoulders and crushed my fleshy body into my half before entering his monster into my fuckhole.
Oh…Wow I cannot forget that moment, after a long lasting wait when my fuckhole got stretched to the width of Hemant Jiju’s monster size; I was delighted with the feeling of getting plunged at my fuckhole while looking at his face. Without changing posture both the males, my husband Manish and Hemant Jiju hollowed their balls in our fuckholes.
Eventually Manish climaxed lot before then Jiju but we both, me and Gunjan Didi reached to our climax comfortably. While resting and chit chatting after first fuck we kept an eye on the children and soon second session started.
This time after sucking Manish’s monster Gunjan Didi rode over him on the bed but Hemant Jiju turned me around over the single sitter couch and before entering into my fuckhole from behind he slapped my ass twice like we see sluts getting slapped in porn movies and uttered “Chaitu….kisi din teri Gaand maarni hai maine”.
Gunjan Didi went on banging her massive ass up and down over Manish mercilessly and Hemant Jiju pumped me from behind with hell of power and treated me like a bitch. That night we had one more fucking session and third time while being on top I rode on Hemant Jiju and Manish Fucked Gunjan Didi’s ass after putting on Condom over his monster.
Altogether by the time me and my husband reached to guestroom to sleep time was bit passed to 4 A.M. I must mention that ultimately we slept with our partners just because Hemant Jiju’s mother has a habit of getting up around 5 in the morning and we could not take any risk. Our swinging night with Hemant Jiju and Gunjan Didi family ended there only but we had a task for the next day too.
Instead of calling Radha Bhabhi after finishing basic works at home, around 12 I and Gunjan Didi reached to Radha Bhabhi’s place to sense her mind state and later had lunch with her and tried to convince her for the evening.
Fortunately Radha Bhabhi was very much in her senses and did not had any plan to reveal whatever happened with her to anybody but initially she was not willing to go further into sexual relation with Hemant Jiju and Manish. I got dishearten but Gunjan Didi did not stopped pursuing her, maybe because she was in her contact from last few months and she could read Radha Bhabhi’s mind better.
“Bhabhi kya rakha hai iss Ideology mein…nothing” “sex has very important role in our life….” “I cannot see you getting into depression…you cannot live alone” “we assume you our sister… and we cannot see you dying in depression” “Sex is a only cure in your case….nahin to aap pagal ho jaayoge…aur aap ko kuch ho gaya to Tanmay(Radha Bhabhi’s Son) ka kya hoga?”
“You have to be happy and strong to grow up your child…and it’s a long journey…you cannot live like this…” “Don’t suppress your desires…you cannot marry but you can have sex….. That is why we have shared our husbands with you…because we care for you” “life ko enjoy karo….jaise hum log kar rahe hain…we want to see you happy”
I was more or less mute and that’s what Gunjan Didi was saying to convince Radha Bhabhi. We sat there with her till long and slowly with passing time I could see that Radha Bhabhi was listening whatever Gunjan Didi was saying to convince her and slowly somewhere in her gesture and deep in her eyes I could see that she has a desire to feel the real pleasure of life again.
Next which I could not guess and Gunjan Didi could sense in Radha Bhabhi’s gesture since yesterday that she was not very comfortable with Manish, with my later conversation with Gunjan Didi, according to her if Hemant Jiju would have approached her separately then Jiju would have agreed Radha Bhabhi for sex relation a lot before,
certainly then situation would have been very safe but also very different and they did not wanted to do that. Manish and mine involvement from the very first moment was necessary, as mentioned we all wanted to engross Radha Bhabhi in the main swinging group where she has to get on bed with multiple males; maybe at the same time or one after another, so it was important for us that we involve Radha Bhabhi sexually with at least two males from the beginning.
Anyway gradually while sensing Radha Bhabhi’s mind state Gunjan started turning the conversation into different direction and somewhat detailed her about my husband’s casual and fun loving nature and also added that though he is shy but like Hemant Jiju Manish is also very caring and she can trust him without any fear and also told her that we four consider each other family
and we do not hide anything with each other and that is why she has involved me and my husband in this. Once again here I will say that Gunjan Didi has hell of patience and extra ordinary talent to read and convince people, she tackled Radha Bhabhi like it was required and not at all like she handled me in this regard and ultimately succeeded.
After really long when Radha Bhabhi uttered in this concern it really made me happy because this time she did not said that she does not want to do it again, rather she expressed insecurity that what will happen if anybody among our elders will come to know about all this.
I can say as I and Gunjan Didi heard this from her we assumed that we have won the battle and like we knew it took us hardly few minutes to make her feel that she secure with us and finally after some time we both took her along and reached to her vacant flat and like we planned on the way on phone Hemant Jiju and Manish also reached their directly to get on bed with Radha Bhabhi again.
Once again both Manish and Hemant Jiju seduced Radha Bhabhi together one after another; rather this time we sisters remained off from the bed and they helped each other by holding Radha Bhabhi’s luscious body for one another.
After taking off Radha Bhabhi’s cloths together and also their own in the living room itself, Hemant Jiju and Manish picked up Radha Bhabhi in their arms and bought her to bedroom. Keeping her head over his thigh firstly Manish held Radha Bhabhi’s fleshy thighs apart so that Hemant Jiju can suck her fuckhole and then Hemant Jiju widened Radha Bhabhi’s legs and my husband Manish sucked her well.
Manish fucked Radha Bhabhi first in missionary position but like I was expecting failed to bought Radha Bhabhi to her climax and released his gunk in her fuckhole and like last time Hemant Jiju first cleaned Radha Bhabhi fuckhole with flowing water and then fucked her in doggy way for a while and ultimately took her under his powerful body and fucked her till she climaxed and just after that he too released his seed deep in her womb.
Finally it was done again and as compared to yesterday we all could see significant change in Radha Bhabhi’s gesture, she was enjoying while getting handled by two males at the same time, moreover slowly she seemed getting comfortable with Manish too.
Eventually they all wore their clothes after sexual intercourse and we sat in one coffee shop for a while and chit chatted casually and did not even tried to speak to Radha Bhabhi about our entire swinging group which has two more males who are eager to fuck her and ultimately dropped Radha Bhabhi at her place again.
Leaving the subject of talking to Radha Bhabhi about entire group pending after that soon we, me and my husband with my child also took leave for our town by road and reached back home very tired and late in the night but certainly we had sex where Manish addressed me Radha and I behaved timid like Radha Bhabhi was behaving while having sex with Manish.
So friends here I would like to end my post describing making Radha Bhabhi a slut like we all are and before describing that how we tried and involved my paternal cousin sister Chhaya and her husband Harsh into this fucking I would like to read your comments.

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